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TtT Train the Trainer

2-4 March 2012, Lviv (Venue in Novoyavorivsk)

National AIESEC Ukraine Conference

Facilitator Application Guide

How to apply as facilitator:

Four Tracks:
MC Elect Track: Audience: MC team 2012-13 (required) Purpose: to prepare for high quality presentations during future national conferences of AIESEC Ukraine Advanced Track: Audience: LCVPs 11-12 and LCVPs 12-13 candidates (preferred) Purpose: to give an advanced training theory and practical exercises for current and future LCPs and LCVPs Basic Track 1: Audience: OCs; OCPs; LTT members (preferred) Purpose: to give a basic ideas and exercises on training skills Basic Track 2: Audience: OCs; OCPs; LTT members (preferred) Purpose: to give a basic ideas and exercises on training skills

Create your own application form up to your taste In the application you should reflect the answers for the questions you find below Design application as you like Send your application in maximum 2 pages file (PDF preferred) to serhiy.stepanenko@aiesec.net The deadline for sending the application forms is February, 10 till 22:00 GMT+2

The questions to answer:

Give your Personal Information:

Once your application is received you will receive a confirmation letter from TtT conference manager. February, 11 - Faci announcement If you are selected the following dates can be useful:

Name Birth Date Skype ID Mobile number City, Country In AIESEC since? List your all faci positions at local & national level Current position All positions experienced in AIESEC

13.02.12 - agenda is ready and Mailer 1 is sent 15.02.12 - faci skype meeting (session distribution) and Mailer 2 is sent 21.02.12 - outlines deadline 23.02.12 - feedbacks for the outlines 28.02.12 - presentations deadline 29.02 - 01.03 - faci and conference team pre-meetings

Give answers: Why do you want to be a facilitator at the TtT? What are your three personal strenghts and weaknesses? What track are you applying for? What training methods do you know? Which one do you prefer? Describe one of your best performance as faci? Why do you think you were successful?

Food and room expenses will be covered. You will have to pay for the tickets from your city to Lviv and from Lviv to the conference venue (10 uah). This transportation takes 30 minutes. The first day of the pre-meeting (29.02) will be in Lviv and its second day will be at the venue in Novoyavorivsk so also plan 10 uah for the way back to Lviv. Additional information and further instructions you will find in the Faci Mailers 1 and 2.

Serhiy Stepanenko Conference Manager E: serhiy.stepanenko@aiesec.net T: +3 8 097 163 2231 www.aiesec.org.ua

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