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NAME:_________________________________________________________________________D ATE:____________ INSTRUCTION: Encircle the letter that corresponds to the correct answer of your choice. MULTIPLE CHOICE: 1. The modulus of elasticity in shear for ordinary steel usually falls at pounds per square inch. A. 10 x 106 B. 11.5 x 106 C. 12.6 x 106 D. 13 x 106 2. The number of pounds required to deflect a spring at 1 inch is called. A. spring index B. spring rate C. Wahls factor D. stress concentration factor 3. Type of bolt commonly used in the construction that is threaded in both ends. A. coupling bolt B. machine bolt C. stud bolt D. automobile bolt 4. Steel containing large amounts of mild nickel and chromium. A. stainless steel B. carbon steel C. alloy steel D. cast steel 5. A steel shaft transmits 40 hp at 1400 rpm. Considering allowable shearing stress based on pure torsion to be 5000 psi, find the shaft diameter. A. 1 in B. 1-7/16 in C. 2-7/16 in D. 1 in 6. A steel shaft transmits 40 hp at 1400 rpm. Considering allowable shearing stress based on pure torsion to be 5000 psi, find the shaft diameter. A. 0.246 deg B. 0.256 deg C. 0.266 deg D. 0.276 deg 7. If the ultimate shear strength of steel plate is 45,000 psi, what force is necessary to punch a 0.9 inch diameter hole in a 0.5 inch thick plate using a factor of safety of 3.5. A. 63,617 lbs B. 61,567 lbs C. 65,378 lbs D. 69,345 lbs 8. A cable has a length of 100 m and stretch to 5 cm when the load is applied at both ends. If tensile stress is 50 psi, find the modulus of elasticity of the steel. A. 100 ksi B. 120 ksi C. 110 ksi D. 130 ksi 9. A 19 mm stud bolts is used to fastened on a 250 mm diameter cylinder head of diesel engine. If there are 10 stud bolts, determined the pressure inside the cylinder if bolt stress is 50 Mpa. A. 288.8 kPa B. 2888 kPa C. 3426 kPa D. 4828 kPa 10. A vertical loads at 400 N acts at the ends of a horizontal cantilever beam 2-m long and 25 m. If the allowable bending stress 130,000 kPa, find the depth of the beam? A. 34.83 mm B. 38.43 mm C. 39.44 mm D. 40.4 mm 11. Two 30 mm thick plate is fastened by two bolts, 25 mm in diameter. If the plate is subjected to 50 KN tension, find the bearing stress in bolts. A. 333.33 Mpa B. 444.44 Mpa C. 555.55 Mpa D. 55.555 Mpa 12. In a 2.0 m cantilevered I-beam, 2 metric-ton weight s applied at free end. If the allowable stress in beams is 110 Mpa, determine the section modulus. A. 18.54 in3 B. 21.77 in3 C. 26.83 in3 D. 24.28 in3

13. A 6 mm steel wire is 5 m long and stretches 8 mm under a given load. If modulus of elasticity is 200 Gpa, find the load applied. A. 7 KN B. 8 KN C. 9 KN D. 10 KN 14. An iron rod 4 m long and 0.5 cm2 in cross-section stretches 1 mm when a mass of 225 kg is hang on it. Compute the modulus of elasticity of the iron. A. 176.58 GPa B. 169.81 GPa C. 160.41 GPa D. 180.26 GPa 15. Determine the load in kN on a 25 mm diameter steel shaft at length of 1200 mm. The maximum elongation exceeds 1 mm A. 83 B. 125 C. 103 D. 234

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