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2011 20112012 Restructuring Plans

Public Hearing
Presented by:
Charles Chernosky Executive Director Federal and State Accountability Jean Hunter-Batty Director Federal Accountability

Restructuring Requirement
For AYP, Stage 4, Year 1 campuses, a major reorganization or restructuring of the campus must be reflected within a two-year Campus Improvement Plan based on their performance in either reading, mathematics, or graduation/attendance rate. The purpose of restructuring is to improve student academic achievement in reading and mathematics, as well as graduation/attendance rate and enable the campus to meet acceptable AYP standards as defined by the States accountability system.

Restructuring Option
The campus must carry out restructuring based upon one of the five choices provided by the SIRC. Lincoln High School chose to: Develop reform solutions that best meet the needs of students in the school and community Seagoville Middle School chose to: Reconstitute the school into smaller autonomous learning communities to better address the needs and interests of various groups of students

Lincolns Plan of Action

Developing three smaller learning communities:
Humanities/Communications Magnet Academy of Engineering
Academy of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship

Extending the school day 8:30 AM 4:15 PM

Each period will consist of eight 75 minute content specific classes and an immediate 25 minute session of advisory, intervention and enrichment
Core classes focus SE specific Non-core classes focus Enrichment (i.e. AVID Methodologies, Relationship Building, MY Access!, etc.)

Lincolns Plan of Action

Adding additional classes in reading and mathematics for 9th and 10th graders Reassessing school staff and their effectiveness
Value added
Failure Rates/Passing Rates Evaluation Involvement in Extra-curricular Activities Attendance

Monitoring operational effectiveness

Seagovilles Plan of Action

Providing research-based professional development on building effective learning communities Creating effective student groups for each learning community Developing procedures to evaluate the effectiveness of each learning community

Seagovilles Plan of Action

Developing a coaching model that will assist teachers in becoming reflective in their teaching practices Establishing campus procedures for monitoring teacher performance based on student achievement

Events in the Public Hearing Process

December 2011
Restructuring Team Meetings

January 2012
Restructuring Team Meetings Continue

January 23, 2012

Community Meeting at Seagoville Middle School to seek input

January 30, 2012

Community Meeting at Lincoln High School to seek input

Events in the Public Hearing Process

February 2012
Restructuring Team Meetings Continue to refine the CIP with Restructuring Plan

February 23
Public Hearing and Board Approval of the Restructuring Plan

March 2, 2012
Submission of CIP with Restructuring Plan to SIRC

20112011-2012 Public Hearing Restructuring Plans