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The Key of Solomon

(Clavicula Salomonis)
Edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers
Revised by Joseph H. eterson!
"opyright # $%%%! &''(! &''). *ll rights reserved.
INTRODUCTION by Joseph H. Peterson.
The Key of Solomon is the most famo+s and important of all Grimoires! or handboo,s of
Magic. *s *.E. -aite has stated .BCM! pg. )/0 1*t the head of all! and! 2ithin certain
limits! the inspiration and the so+rce of all! stands the Key of Solomon. ... Mr. Mathers3
presentation of the Key of Solomon! 2hich is still in print! tho+gh the 2or, of an
+ncritical hand! m+st be held to remove the necessity for entering into a detailed acco+nt
of the contents of that c+rio+s 2or,. ... The Key of Solomon can scarcely be 4+dged
acc+rately in the light of its English version! for the translator! preternat+rally regarding it
as a highly hono+rable memorial of la2f+l magic! has e5cised as m+ch as possible the
Go6tic portions! on the gro+nd that they are interpolations! 2hich is of co+rse arbitrary.1
Mr. -aite3s harsh criticism is hardly 4+stified. 7n fact! Mathers e5cised very little.
*ct+ally! three of the fo+r significant e5cisions are operations dealing 2ith love magic
."olorno! chapters $$8$9: The e5periment of Love! and ho2 it sho+ld be performed; The
e5periment or operation of the *pple; <f the operation of love by her dreams! and ho2
one m+st practice it. The fo+rth e5cision is chapter $(: <perations and e5periments
regarding hate and destr+ction of enemies.0
7t is tr+e that the Mathers edition 2o+ld not be considered critical by modern standards of
scholarship .b+t -aite3s editions of vario+s esoteric te5ts leave far more to be desired
than Mathers30. Especially 2anting are a proper critical apparat+s! an analysis of the
relation bet2een man+scripts! and better +tili=ation of the Latin and 7talian man+scripts.
>evertheless! this edition has stood the test of time.
<f co+rse! none of the man+scripts +sed by Mathers ?+alify as 1ancient1 or even
1medieval1; the oldest is probably $@th cent+ry. There are ho2ever precedents going bac,
f+rther! on 2hich see Richard Greenfield3s Traditions of Belief in Late Byzantine
Mathers3 translation is almost entirely dependant on Arench "olorno man+script
e5emplars dating $/th cent+ry. These are represented by the Kings &//! Harley 9%/$! and
Sloane 9'%$ man+scripts. Kings &// and Harl. 9%/$ indicate they 2ere translated by
*braham "olorno! 2hich phrase is missing from Sl. 9'%$. <f these Sl. 9'%$ and Kings
&// are easier to read. *braham "olorno! a Je2ish engineer of Mant+a .fl. $)B/8$)%/0!
translated it into 7talian. Kings &// incl+des some phrases 2hich are missing from Harley
9%/$! so the former is probably not a direct ancestor of the latter. Sl. 9'%$ li,e2ise has
some phrases missing from the others! and reg+larly replaces 1*men1 2ith 1*insi soit8il1
.so be it0. *ltho+gh Mathers felt Sl9'%$ 1has many errors of transcription!1 7 have
generally fo+nd it to be the most correct of the "olorno gro+p .i.e. bet2een Sl9'%$!
H9%/$! K&//! and L$&'&.0
7n addition! Mathers made significant +se of Lansdo2ne $&'&! even tho+gh he
prono+nces it 1more concise in style.1 7ts title page reads: 1LES CR*7S "L*C7"DLES
ED R<7 S*L<M<> *R *RM*EEL.1 The 2ording in Lans. $&'& often coincides
e5actly 2ith the "olorno man+scripts! 2hich convinces me that it 2as based mainly on a
"olorno ancestor. Ho2ever the fre?+ent deviations and elisions s+ggest to me that the
editor 2as trying to ma,e a more concise and readable edition! 2hich of co+rse ma,es its
a+thority less reliable. Lans. $&'& displays simple mista,es in some of the Latin
passages. 7t also reg+larly replaces 1*men1 2ith 1*insi soit8il1. -here K&// differs from
H9%/$! L$&'& generally seems to follo2 the latter. -here Sl9'%$ differs from the others!
L$&'& generally follo2s it. Ho2ever! L$&'& can3t be a direct ancestor of Sl9'%$ since it
contains elements missing from the latter! s+ch as the missing salm and 1*nefeneton1
from boo, & chapter $B. >onetheless! it is safe to say that L$&'& is derived from a closely
related man+script.
*lso heavily +sed by Mathers 2as LES V!"T#BLES CL#V"C$LES DE S#L%M%&'
Traduites de l()e*reu+ en langue Latine ,ar le !a*in #B%-&#.#! .Lansdo2ne MSS
$&'9.0 7ts incl+sion by Mathers is p+==ling beca+se it is +tterly different in content from
the other man+scripts .aside from a fe2 of the pentacles at the end of the man+script0 and
really sho+ld stand alone as a separate te5t. *nother copy can be fo+nd in ms. franF.
&)9$( de la GibliothH?+e nationale.
*dditional $'/@& is primarily 2ritten in Latin! altho+gh the descriptions of the pentacles
are in 7talian. 7t 2as 2ritten ca. $Bth cent+ry. Mathers considered it his oldest and sole
Latin so+rce! b+t ma,es only limited +se of it. "ontrary to 2hat Mathers 2rote! 7 did not
find it partic+larly diffic+lt to read once 7 got +se to the orthography; li,e2ise it has very
fe2 abbreviations: Gesides +sing 1I1 for 1per1 .particle and prefi50 it fre?+ently +ses
abbreviations for 18t+r1 and 18b+s1 2hich are sometimes indisting+ishable. 7t doesn3t
disting+ish bet2een + and v! and +niformly +ses an archaic form of the ae8ligat+re .e8
ogone,0. 7t is some2hat more s+ccinct than the "olorno man+scripts! so may preserve
some earlier stage in the evol+tion of the te5t. There are also fre?+ent variations from the
other man+scripts! many of 2hich are clearly errors. The nat+re of the mista,es leads me
to believe that its archetype 2as diffic+lt to read. The pentacles are labelled 2ith the
appropriate colors. The Latin sometimes corresponds closely 2ith that in *+b. &(!
ho2ever some of the te5t differs considerably.
*rticle & of *d. $'/@& is an 7talian man+script titled .ecor*enei' overo Clavicola dal re
Salomone. This is no do+bt a version of the .e/er*oni .also compare 1Jecorbeni1 in *+b.
&(0 and ascribed to eter Mora .a/a ietro Mora or ierre Mora0. 7n !itual Magic .$%(%!
pp. $9) f.! p. 9$'0 E. M. G+tler describes Mora as an 1alchemist! blac, magician! said to
be a Satanist and poisoner 2ho lived in Milan early in the seventeenth cent+ry! and b+rnt
there after having confessed .+nder tort+re0 to those crimes...1 "asanova seems to have
possessed a version of the same 2or, +nder the name .ecor0*en or .ecor*en. .G+tler!
loc1 cit1! "asanova! )istory of My Life! translated by -illard Tras,! Col+mes 777 I 7C!
$%@B! p. &''0.
Sloane $9'B is in 7talian! and is also ca. $Bth cent+ry. rayers and con4+rations are in
Latin. 7t has m+ch material not fo+nd in other man+scripts. Some of the material ho2ever
can be fo+nd in *d. $'/@& art. & .1Jecorbeni10 mentioned above. 7t is hard to read! e5cept
for the mystical names 2hich are caref+lly done. 7t shares a lot of readings 2ith Sl. &9/9
.see belo20. Sl. $9'B only has thirteen pentacles! and m+ch of the lettering in them is in
Roman letters instead of the Hebre2 fo+nd in most other man+scripts.
Aor more details on the individ+al man+scripts! see the Gritish Library Man+script
catalog+e. *lso! see M#-"C #&D E2,E!"ME&T#L SC"E&CE by Lynn Thorndi,e!
"hapter KL7K: Solomon and the *rs >otoria.
Since Mathers3 edition 2as p+blished! many more man+scripts have been +ncovered!
incl+ding the follo2ing:
Harl. 55!. Gritish Library! Harleian MS. ))%@. Aifteenth cent+ry. <ne of a n+mber of
Gree, man+script of a te5t referred to as T3e Magical Treatise of
Solomon. The complete te5t has been p+blished by *rmand Eelatte in
#necdota #t3eniensia .LiLge! $%&B! pp. 9%B8(().0 7ts contents are very
similar to the Clavicula! and it may be the prototype of the entire genre. 7t
has been described in Richard Greenfield3s Traditions of Belief in Late
Byzantine Demonology .*msterdam: Ha,,ert! $%//0. This man+script is
also described in some detail by Eennis E+ling in the introd+ction to his
translation of the Testament of Solomon! as it also contains an incomplete
version of the Testament. .in "harles2orth! T3e %ld Testament
,seude4igra43a! Col. $!>e2 Mor,! Eo+bleday! $%/9! pp. %9)8%/B.0
Sl. $%&%. Gritish Library Sloane MS. &9/9. $Bth cent+ry. Titled Clavis li*ri
secretorum. >ot +sed by Mathers. @9 folios. This man+script has no
pentacles. 7t is a small vol+me .abo+t ) in 2ide0 2ith large lettering and a
lot of 12hite space1. -riting varies from very neat and legible to
scra2ling. <nly part of the second boo, of Clavicula Salomonis is
represented. 7t shares many elements 2ith Sl. 9/(B .see belo20! incl+ding
some "hristian elements not fo+nd in the other man+scripts .s+ch as the
Te Ee+m0. 7t also lac,s some of the "hristian elements fo+nd in Sl. 9/(B!
so is important in +nderstanding the "hristiani=ation .or de8
"hristiani=ation0 of the te5t. The Latin of Sl. &9/9 does not agree 2ith that
of Sl. 9/(B. 7t is not clear to me at this time 2hy. erhaps it is also an
independent translation. Sl. &9/9 also shares many elements 2ith Sl. $9'B.
A'b. $(. The Godleian Library! *+brey MS. &(. Eated $@B(. Titled .ecor*eni sive
Claviculae Salomonis li*ri "V in 5ui*us " De ,rae4arementis' "" De
E+4erimentis' """ De ,entaculis' "V De #rti*us. -ritten by John *+brey
2ho noted: 1* MSS never yet printed! that 7 co+ld heare of. S+m *+brey
$@B(! May %. The boo, from 2hence 7 transcribed this 2as 2ritt by an
7talian! and in a very good hand.1 $'9 folios. 7n Latin and English. The
2ording of this is often identical 2ith *d. $'/@&! b+t lac,ing many of the
mista,es fo+nd in the latter. The te5t is also f+ller than in *d. $'/@&! and
is some2hat closer to the "olorno man+scripts. The te5t is rearranged in a
more logical order. 7t is evident that the man+script he 2as copying from
preserved an earlier orthography! since he fre?+ently preserves and is
occasionally even seen to correct the older forms: Aor e5ample! fol /$v he
2rote 1adi+ro1! then corrected it to 1ad4+ro.1 He also fre?+ently preserves
the old e8ogone, form of the ae ligat+re! and other archaisms.
M#)h. $*!. Godleian Library Michael MS. &B@. @& folios. The title reads Clavicolo di
Salomone !e d("srael figlio de David. Go+nd 2ith Hebre2 MS. rayers
and con4+rations are in Latin! b+t fre?+ently e5hibit simple mista,es .e1g1
1sine mona1 for 1sine mora10. There are other places 2here it seems to
represent the original te5t more acc+rately than *+b. &( or *d. $'/@&! for
e5ample the list of Sephiroth in chapter ). The te5t is m+ch abbreviated
compared 2ith the other man+scripts.
A-. %!!*(. Gritish Library! *dditional MS. 9@@B(. Titled T3e Key of Kno6ledge.
Mid8 to late8$@th cent+ry.
Sl. %!(5. Gritish Library! Sloane MS. 9@B). $Bth cent+ry. Seems to be based solely
on *d. 9@@B(.
Sl. %&(*. Titled The "lavicle of Solomon! revealed by tolomy the Grecian. Eated
$)B&! ma,ing it one of the earliest man+scripts of the Key of Solomon. 7t
contains a prolog+e 2hich corresponds 2ith Mathers3 7ntrod+ction .of
7ohe Grevis0 from *d. $'/@&. This man+script also has strong "hristian
elements. rayers and con4+rations are in Latin.
A.!55 Eated $@)). rinted edition titled Clavicule of Solomon! ?+arto! $&)
pages. Mentioned in &ouveau+ M7moires d()istoire' do Criti5ue' et de
Litt7rature! par M. l3*bbL d3*rtigny! Col. $! aris! $B(%. p. 9@89B. "ited by
-aite! G"M! p. @'! n. $.
Aacsimile p+blished by Gollanc= as Se43er Ma43tea3 S3elomo3 (Boo/ of
t3e Key of Solomon) .<5ford! $%$(0. The man+script dates to aro+nd
$B''. G. Scholem edited the te5t in 3Some So+rces of Je2ish8*rabic
Eemonology3! in 8ournal of 8e6is3 Studies! 5vi .$%@)0. 7t contains a large
n+mber of Gree, .s+ch as Sabaoth0! Latin! and 7talian elements. *lso has
"hristian elements! s+ch as the +se of a cross p+t in holy 2ater .fol. 9Ba!
cited by Rohrbacher8Stic,er in 3* Hebre2 Man+script of Clavicula
Salomonis! art 77. in the Gritish Library Jo+rnal! Col. &$! $%%)! pp. $9&.0
7t is probably .as Scholem p+ts it0 a late adaptation of a 3Latin .or rather
7talian0 "lavic+la te5t of the renaissance period3 .ibid p. @.0.
Or. !%!2. $Bth or $/th cent+ry. Eescribed by "la+dia Rohrbacher8Stic,er in
3Maphteah Shelomoh: * >e2 *c?+isition of the Gritish Library3 in Je2ish
St+dies N+arterly! vol. $ .$%%9O%(! p. &@98&B'.0
Or. .(*5. Gritish Library <riental MS. $(B)%. )9 folios. roved to be a contin+ation
of <r. @9@'. Eescribed by "la+dia Rohrbacher8Stic,er in 3* Hebre2
Man+script of Clavicula Salomonis! art 77.3 in the Gritish Library Jo+rnal!
Col. &$! $%%)! pp. $&/8$9@.
Ros. .$. Gibliotheca Rosenthaliana in *msterdam. $/th cent+ry transcript from a
copy by J+dah ere= .London! $B&%0.
GibliothH?+e de l3*rsenal! no2 incorporated into GibliothH?+e de >ationale. $/th
cent+ry. Title reads Les Clavicules de !a**i Salomon. Mentioned by Grillot de
Givry in 9itc3craft' Magic : #lc3emy! .>e2 Mor,: Eover! $%9$! esp. pp. 9(& and
fig+re 9$).0 *lso mentioned by -aite! G"M p. )% n &.
GibliothH?+e de l3*rsenal! no2 incorporated into GibliothH?+e de >ationale. $/th
cent+ry. Title reads Livre de la Clavicule de Salomon' roy des )7*reu+. This is
another e5ample of the "olorno class of man+scripts. Mentioned by Grillot de
Givry in 9itc3craft' Magic : #lc3emy! .>e2 Mor,: Eover! $%9$! esp. pp. $'98$'@
and fig+res B)! $@&! 9$$! and 9$(.0
GibliothH?+e de l3*rsenal! no2 incorporated into GibliothH?+e de >ationale. $/th
cent+ry. Title reads Les vrais Clavicules du roy Salomon' traduitte de l(37*reu 4ar
#rmadel. This seems to be related to Lans. $&'&. Mentioned by Grillot de Givry in
9itc3craft' Magic : #lc3emy! .>e2 Mor,: Eover! $%9$! esp. pp. $'98$'@ and
fig+res B@! /$! and plate facing pg. $'/.0
GibliothH?+e de l3*rsenal! no2 incorporated into GibliothH?+e de >ationale. $/th
cent+ry. 7t too contains a prolog+e corresponding 2ith Mathers3 7ntrod+ction .of
7ohe Grevis0 from *d. $'/@&. This time the variation of the name is To=grec. 7t
also calls the pen,nife 1*rthame1 and conflates it 2ith the rit+al ,nife. Mentioned
by Grillot de Givry in 9itc3craft' Magic : #lc3emy! .>e2 Mor,: Eover! $%9$!
esp. pp. $'98$'@ and fig+re B(.0
GibliothH?+e de l3*rsenal! no2 incorporated into GibliothH?+e de >ationale. $/th
cent+ry. Titled Les vrais Talismans' 4entacles' et cercles1 Mentioned by Grillot de
Givry in 9itc3craft' Magic : #lc3emy! .>e2 Mor,: Eover! $%9$! p. 9($ and fig+re
GibliothH?+e de l3*rsenal! no2 incorporated into GibliothH?+e de >ationale. $/th
cent+ry. Titled .e/er*oni .compare 1Jecorbenei1 in *d. $'/@& art. & and
1Jecorbeni1 in *+b. &(0 and ascribed to eter Mora .a/a ietro Mora or ierre
Mora0. *lso gives a version of the Seal of Solomon. Mentioned by Grillot de Givry
in 9itc3craft' Magic : #lc3emy! .>e2 Mor,: Eover! $%9$! pp. $$'! $/B! 9&)! and
fig+re /&.0
GibliothH?+e de l3*rsenal! no2 incorporated into GibliothH?+e de >ationale. $/th
cent+ry. Titled Livre Second de la Clavicule de Salomon' ou le v7rita*le -rimoire.
Mentioned by -aite in BCM! p. )%! n. &.
* partial stemma probably loo,s li,e this .2here is a Latin prototype! is an 7talian
translation by "olorno! and a Arench "olorno prototype0. is a "hristiani=ed Latin
P.!(. *nother Arench version 2as recently p+blished in aris! titled Clavicules
de Salomon .aris: G+tenberg! $%/'0. 7SG> &B$(($9'B&. $B$ p. : ill. en
noir et en co+l.! co+v. ill. ; &9 cm P introd+ction par AranFois Ribadea+
E+mas : $@ p. Reprod. en fac8sim. d+ man+scrit intit+lL 1La "lavic+le de
Salomon1! $@($! ayant apparten+ Q la bibliothH?+e de Stanislas de G+aRta.
P.&$5 *nother Arench version 2as recently p+blished in aris! titled Clavicules
de Salomon' ;<=> .aris: Tra4ectoire! $%%B0. 7SG> &/($%B'9&%.
Dnfort+nately it has no information 2hatever regarding the original te5t. 7t
is not dependent on Mathers3 edition! and seems to be closely related to Sl.
9/(B. 7t contains a prolog+e 2hich corresponds 2ith Mathers3 7ntrod+ction
.of 7ohe Grevis0 from *d. $'/@&. This time the variation of the name is
Ao= Groec .compare To=grec0. 7t has no pentacles. 7t calls the pen,nife
1*rthame1 .p. //! %'0; compare this 2ith K&// 3artave3 corresponding to
3artav+s3 in the Latin man+scripts. *lso li,e Sl. 9/(B! orations are in Latin
2ith similar 2ording! pl+s it has strong "hristian elements.
Shah 7dries Shah p+blished a partial edition in his Secret Lore of Magic .>e2
Mor,: "itadel ress! $%)/0.
De "a'ren)e 7 cannot begin to convey my contempt for L.-. de La+rence and his
bootleg edition of this 2or,! 2hich he retitled T3e -reater Key of
Solomon ."hicago! $%$(0. Gesides ta,ing credit for Mathers3 2or,! he has
made many alterations to the te5ts in order to promote his mail8order
b+siness. *s an e5ample! he altered the spell in chapter % by inserting
1after b+rning one8half teaspoonf+l of Tem4le "ncense.1 He even inserted
ordering information directly into the te5t. artic+larly ironic is his -reat
Boo/ of Magical #rt' )indoo Magic : "ndian %ccultism .$%$)0 2hich is a
rip8off .again 2itho+t ac,no2ledgement0 of Arances Garrett3s T3e Magus'
or Celestial "ntelligencer .$/'$0! 2hich in t+rn is a rip8off of *grippa3s
%ccult ,3iloso43yS
Titre(s) : Clavicules de Salomon [Texte imprim] /
[La Grande clavicule travers les es!
introduction par "ran#ois $i%adeau &umas]
'u%lication : ['aris] : '( )el*ond! +,-.
/mprimeur / "a%ricant : 0+12len#on : impr( Cor%i3re et
&escription matrielle : +-+ p( : ill( 5 .6 cm 7 *asc(
d8introduction (.. p()
Collection : Sciences secr3tes
9ote(s) : $eprod( en *ac1sim( du ms( de +0:+ intitul:
;La Clavicule de Salomon<(
= La couv( porte en plus: ;ou le >rita%le rimoire
secretum secretorum<( = $el(: :,!?@ "
2utre(s) auteur(s) : $i%adeau &umas! "ran#ois(
Titre(s) : Clavicules [Texte imprim]de Salomon
[ A ]! vrita%le secrets [BsicB] des secrets!
rvlation des oprations maiCues
'u%lication : 'aris : ['ertDuis!]! +,00
&escription matrielle : /n1+0 (+? cm)! ,0 p(! ill( +E
"( [&( L( E0.:100]
Th#s e-#t#on
This edition is still a 2or, in progress! and feedbac, is 2elcome. 7 am especially
interested in hearing of additional Latin and 7talian man+scripts.
7 have omitted Mathers3 diagrams from this e8te5t! since they are available in a lo2 cost
paperbac, edition from -eiser. 7 have ho2ever! s+pplied e5amples from vario+s
man+scripts for comparison p+rposes.
The corrections to Mathers3 translation are based on my research; these have all been
doc+mented in the footnotes. Some of the lists of mystical names are fairly arbitrary! b+t 7
have tried to sho2 eno+gh e5amples from m+ltiple man+scripts in order to demonstrate
the 2ide variability. This variability ma,es it diffic+lt to constr+ct a more complete
stemma 2ith the man+scripts available to me.
7n ,eeping 2ith all of the man+scripts! 7 have e5panded the fre?+ent lists of salms to
incl+de the opening 2ords. Since different editions of the salms have different
n+mbering schemes! this is less s+b4ect to misinterpretation.
Ainally! 7 have removed all of the material from Lans. $&'9! since it does not belong to
the Key of Solomon proper! and is available in its entirety 88 and in conte5t 88 in a separate
The pentacles are perhaps the biggest p+==le on the te5t+al tradition of Clavicula
Salomonis. Dnfort+nately Mathers does nothing to el+cidate or even ac,no2ledge the
p+==le. The order of the pentacles varies 2idely from man+script to man+script. The
oldest man+scripts only identify some of them 2ith the planets! and it is apparent that
attempts have been made in later man+scripts to identify the rest 2ith planets too! and to
reorgani=e them accordingly. Gollanc=3 Hebre2 man+script sho2s nine pentacles in a
section titled 1"oncerning the sanctity of the nine Kandariri .talismans0! .revealed +nto
King Solomon01 .(/a8(%a0. erhaps these are the nine mentioned in the te5t 2here the
spirits are con4+red 1by the nine medals or pentacles 2hich 2e have among o+r symbols.1
These nine do not appear in the <riental man+script. There is a series of &( pentacles in
the Gree, man+script; they are reminiscent of those in Gollanc=! b+t by no means
identical. Some of the pentacles fo+nd in the man+scripts +sed by Mathers are also
reminiscent of the Gree, and Hebre2 ones! b+t many are clearly late inventions based on
*grippa! #rc3ido+es! and other so+rces. Mathers seems to have narro2ed those in his
edition to e5cl+de most of these clearly later ones. To give some sense of the state of
these pentacles 7 have incl+ded many e5amples in my editions of Lans. $&'& and Lans.
*nother area of conf+sion is the proliferation of rit+al implements. The Gree,
man+scripts seem to only have a single ,nife. Some of the proliferation of 2eapons is no
do+bt d+e to errors in transcription and translation. Aor e5ample! 2here the Latin
man+scripts mention a pen,nife .artav+s0! the 7talian translator glosses this as a small
pr+ning hoo, .lTartavo o falcetto0! 2hich Mathers mistranslates as 1scimitar *>E sic,le.1
7t is clear from the dra2ings that only one implement is being referred to.
"onspic+o+sly absent is the Ring of Solomon! 2hich fig+res prominently in fol,lore! as
2ell as the Testament of Solomon! the Magical Treatise of Solomon! and the Lemegeton
or Lesser Key of Solomon. *ltho+gh it is mentioned in one of the con4+rations! its
constr+ction and +se is not other2ise mentioned.
*nother c+riosity involves the magical 2and. *ltho+gh prominent in most Clavicula
man+scripts 88 not to mention fol, literat+re and the -ree/ Magical ,a4yri 88 it is
conspic+o+sly absent from the Gree,! Hebre2! and English man+scripts.
The 6ey o5
Solo7on the 6#n,
(Clavicula Salomonis)
>o2 first translated and edited from ancient
man+scripts in the Gritish M+se+m
S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers
George Red2ay. $//%.
Revised edition by Joseph H. eterson!
copyright &'').
4OO6 .
reface .by editor0
7ntrod+ction from *dd. MSS. $'/@&
Table $: lanetary ho+rs
Table &: Magical names of the Ho+rs
and *ngels
Table 9: *rchangels! *ngels! Metals!
$$. E5periment of love! and ho2 it
sho+ld be performed .omitted by
$&. E5periment or operation of the
apple .omitted by Mathers0
$9. The operation of love by her
Eays! and "olors for each lanet
$. "oncerning the divine love 2hich
o+ght to precede the ac?+isition of
this ,no2ledge
&. <f the days! ho+rs! and virt+es of
the planets
9. "oncerning the arts; constr+ction
of the circle
(. The confession
). rayer and con4+rations
@. Stronger and more potent
B. *n e5tremely po2erf+l con4+ration
/. "oncerning the pentacles
%. E5periment concerning things
$'. E5periment of invisibility
dreams! and ho2 one m+st practice it
.omitted by Mathers0
$(. E5periment of see,ing favo+r and
love .UMathers chapter $)0
$). E5periments to be made
regarding hatred .omitted by
$@. <perations of moc,ery and scorn
$B. E5traordinary e5periments and
$/. "oncerning the holy pentacles or
entacles of Sat+rn
entacles of J+piter
entacles of Mars
entacles of the S+n
entacles of Cen+s
entacles of Merc+ry
entacles of the Moon
4OO6 $
refatory note
$. *t -hat Ho+r after the reparation
of *ll Things >ecessary! -e Sho+ld
Gring the E5ercise of the *rt to
&. 7n -hat Manner the Master of the
*rt Sho+ld Keep! R+le! *nd Govern
9. Ho2 the "ompanions or Eisciples
of the Master of the *rt <+ght to
Reg+late and Govern Themselves
(. "oncerning the Aasting! "are! and
Things to be <bserved
). "oncerning the Gaths! and Ho2
They *re To Ge *rranged
@. <f The Garments *nd Shoes <f
The *rt
B. <f laces -herein -e May
"onveniently E5ec+te The
E5periments *nd <perations <f The
/. <f the ,nifes! s2ord! pen,nife!
iron pen! short lance! 2and! staff! and
$9. "oncerning the precepts of the art
$(. <f the pen! in,! and colo+rs
$). <f the pen of the s2allo2 and of
the dove
$@. <f the blood of the bat! pigeon!
and other animals
$B. <f virgin parchment! or virgin
paper! and ho2 it sho+ld be prepared
$/. <f 2a5 and virgin earth
$%. "oncerning the needle and other
iron instr+ments
&'. "oncerning the sil,en cloth
&$. "oncerning astrological images
&&. "oncerning characters
&9. "oncerning sacrifices to the
spirits! and ho2 they sho+ld be made
Aragment from Elipha= Levi
Nabalistic invocation of Solomon
from Elipha= Levi
other instr+ments of magical art
%. <f the formation of the circle
$'. "oncerning incense!
s+ff+migations! perf+mes! odo+rs!
and similar things 2hich are +sed in
magical arts
$$. <f the 2ater! and of the hyssop
$&. <f the light! and of the fire
7n presenting this celebrated magical 2or, to the st+dent of occ+lt science
some fe2 prefatory remar,s are necessary.
The Key of Solomon! save for a c+rtailed and incomplete copy p+blished in
Arance in the seventeenth cent+ry! has never yet been printed! b+t has for
cent+ries remained in man+script form inaccessible to all b+t the fe2
fort+nate scholars to 2hom the inmost recesses of the great libraries 2ere
open. 7 therefore consider that 7 am highly honored in being the individ+al to
2hose lot it has fallen to +sher it into the light of day.
The fo+ntain8head and storeho+se of Nabalistical magic! and the origin of
m+ch of the ceremonial magic of mediVval times! the 3Key3 has been ever
val+ed by occ+lt 2riters as a 2or, of the highest a+thority; and notably in o+r
o2n day Elipha= LLvi has ta,en it for the model on 2hich his celebrated
3Dogme et !ituel de la )aute Magie3 2as based. 7t m+st be evident to the
initiated reader of LLvi! that the Key of Solomon 2as his te5t boo, of st+dy!
and at the end of this vol+me 7 give a fragment of an ancient Hebre2
man+script of the Key of Solomon' translated and p+blished in the
,3iloso43ie %cculte! as 2ell as an invocation called the 3Nabalistical
7nvocation of Solomon!3 2hich bears close analogy to one in the Airst Goo,!
being constr+cted in the same manner on the scheme of the Se43irot3.
The history of the Hebre2 original of the Key of Solomon! is given in the
introd+ctions! b+t there is every reason to s+ppose that this has been entirely
lost! and "hristian! the p+pil of LLvi! says as m+ch in his )istoire de la
7 see no reason to do+bt the tradition 2hich assigns the a+thorship of the 3Key3
to King Solomon! for among others Joseph+s! the Je2ish historian! especially
mentions the magical 2or,s attrib+ted to that monarch; this is confirmed by
many Eastern traditions! and his magical s,ill is fre?+ently mentioned in the
#ra*ian &ig3ts.
There are! ho2ever! t2o 2or,s on blac, magic! the -rimorium Verum! and
the Clavicola di Salomone ridolta! 2hich have been attrib+ted to Solomon!
and 2hich have been in some cases especially mi5ed +p 2ith the present
2or,; b+t 2hich have nothing really to do there2ith; they are f+ll of evil
magic! and 7 cannot ca+tion the practical st+dent too strongly against them.
There is also another 2or, called Lemegeton or t3e Lesser Key of Solomon
t3e King! 2hich is f+ll of seals of vario+s spirits! and is not the same as the
present boo,! tho+gh e5tremely val+able in its o2n department.
7n editing this vol+me 7 have omitted one or t2o e5periments parta,ing
largely of blac, magic! and 2hich had evidently been derived from the t2o
goetic 2or,s mentioned above; 7 m+st f+rther ca+tion the practical 2or,er
against the +se of blood; the prayer! the pentacle! and the perf+mes! rightly
+sed! are s+fficient; and the former verges dangero+sly on the evil path. Let
him 2ho! in spite of the 2arnings of this vol+me! determines to 2or, evil! be
ass+red that evil 2ill recoil on himself and that he 2ill be str+c, by the refle5
This 2or, is edited from several ancient MSS. in the Gritish M+se+m 2hich
all differ from each other in vario+s points! some giving 2hat is omitted by
the others! b+t all +nfort+nately agreeing in one thing! 2hich is the e5ecrable
mangling of the Hebre2 2ords thro+gh the ignorance of the transcribers. G+t
it is in the pentacles that the Hebre2 is 2orse! the letters being so vilely
scribbled as to he act+ally +ndecipherable in some instances! and it has been
part of my 2or, for several years to correct and reinstate the proper Hebre2
and magical characters in the pentacles. The st+dent may therefore safely rely
on their being no2 as nearly correct in their present reprod+ction as it is
possible for them to be. 7 have therefore! 2herever 7 co+ld! corrected the
Hebre2 of the magical names in the con4+rations and pentacles; and in the
fe2 instances 2here it 2as not possible to do so! 7 have p+t them in the most
+s+al form; caref+lly collating thro+gho+t one MS. 2ith another. The chapters
are a little differently classed in the vario+s MSS.! in some instances the
matter contained in them being transposed! Ic. 7 have added notes 2herever
The MSS. from 2hich this 2or, is edited are: 88 *dd. MSS.! $'!/@&; Sloane
MSS.! $9'B and 9'%$; Harleian MSS.! 9%/$; King3s MSS.! &//; and
Lansdo2ne MSS.! $&'& and $&'9; seven codices in all.
<f all these $'!/@& *dd. MSS. is the oldest! its date being abo+t the end of
the si5teenth cent+ry
; 9%/$ Harleian is probably abo+t the middle of the
seventeenth cent+ry
; the others of rather later date.
$. The Gritish
Library catalog+e
entry lists this as
$Bth cent+ry.
&. Harley 9%/$ is
cent+ry. 8JH
*dd. MSS. $'!/@& is 2ritten in contracted Latin! and is hard to read! b+t it
contains chapters 2hich are omitted in the others and also an important
introd+ction. 7t is more concise in its 2ording. 7ts title is short! being simply
3The Key of Solomon! translated from the Hebre2 lang+age into the Latin.3
*n e5act copy of the signat+re of the 2riter of this MS. is given in fig+re %9.

The pentacles are very badly dra2n.
9. Man+script
title reads
"lavic+la! e5
idiomate HebrVo
in Latin+m
trad+cta1. The
signat+re appears
to read 37ba+
*braham.3 7t 2as
2ritten ca. $Bth
cent+ry. 7t is
bo+nd 2ith an
second copy in
7talian titled
overo "lavicola
dal Re
Salomone.1 8JH.
3#,'re %1 5ro7 A-. .2&!$1 5ol. &29.
9%/$ Harleian MSS.; &// King3s MSS.; and 9'%$ Sloane MSS.! are similar!
and contain the same matter and nearly the same 2ording; b+t the latter MS.
has many errors of transcription. They are all in Arench. The con4+rations and
2ording of these are m+ch f+ller than in $'!/@& *dd. MSS. and $&'&
Lansdo2ne MSS. The title is 3The Key of Solomon King of the Hebre2s!
translated from the Hebre2 Lang+age into 7talian by *braham "olorno! by
the order of his most Serene Highness of Mant+a; and recently p+t into
Arench. The pentacles are m+ch better dra2n! are in colo+red in,s! and in the
case of 9'%$ Sloane MSS.! gold and silver are employed.
$9'B Sloane MSS. is in 7talian; its title is 3La "lavicola di Salomone Redotta
et epilogata nella nostra materna ling+a del dottissimo Gio eccatri5.3 7t is f+ll
of blac, magic! and is a 4+mble of the Key of Solomon proper! and the t2o
blac, magic boo,s before mentioned. The pentacles are badly dra2n. 7t!
ho2ever! gives part of the introd+ction to $'!/@& *dd. MSS.! and is the only
other MS. 2hich does! save the beginning of another 7talian version 2hich is
bo+nd +p 2ith the former MS.! and bears the title 3Jecorbenei.3
$&'& Lansdo2ne MSS. is 3The Tr+e Keys of King Solomon! by *rmadel.3 7t is
bea+tif+lly 2ritten! 2ith painted initial letters! and the pentacles are caref+lly
dra2n in colo+red in,s. 7t is more concise in style! b+t omits several chapters.
*t the end are some short e5tracts from the -rimorium Verum 2ith the seals
of evil spirits! 2hich! as they do not belong to the Key of Solomon proper! 7
have not given. Aor the evident classification of the 3Key3 is in t2o boo,s and
no more.

(. This additional
material is titled
Livre Troisieme
.1Goo, 910 and
Livre ?uatrieme
.1Goo, (10. 8JH
$&'9 Lansdo2ne MSS. is 3The Ceritable Keys of Solomon translated from the
Hebre2 into the Latin lang+age by the Rabbin *bogna=ar .W*ben E=ra0.3 7t is
in Arench! e5?+isitely 2ritten in printing letters! and the pentacles are
caref+lly dra2n in colo+red in,s. Tho+gh containing similar matter to the
others! the arrangement is +tterly different; being all in one boo,! and not
even divided into chapters.
Mathers probably
had in mind the
great Sephardic
scholar 37bn E=ra
a+thor of the
Sefer )as3em.
The attrib+tion
2o+ld of co+rse
have to be
since *bogna=ar
is heavily
dependant on late
so+rces. 8JH
The anti?+ity of the planetary sigils is sho2n by the fact that! among the
Gnostic talismans in the Gritish M+se+m! there is a ring of copper 2ith the
sigils of Cen+s! 2hich are e5actly the same as those given by the mediVval
2riters on magic.
-here salms are referred to 7 have in all instances given the English and not
the Hebre2 n+mbering of them.
7n some places 7 have s+bstit+ted the 2ord *J<TH for 3*lpha and <mega!3
e1g1! on the blade of the ,nife 2ith the blac, hilt! @igure @&. 7 may remar,
that the magical s2ord may! in many cases! be +sed instead of the Knife.
7n concl+sion 7 2ill only mention! for the benefit of non8Hebraists! that
Hebre2 is 2ritten from right to left! and that from the consonantal nat+re of
the Hebre2 *lphabet! it 2ill re?+ire fe2er letters than in English to e5press
the same 2ord.
7 ta,e this opport+nity of e5pressing my obligations to Er. -ynn -estcott for
the val+able assistance he has given me in the reconstr+ction of the Hebre2
London! <ctober! $///.
@rom #dd1 MSS1 ;A<B=' (T3e Key of Solomon' translated into
Latin from t3e )e*re6 idiom1(
$. This introd+ction is also
fo+nd in Sl. $9'B! Sl.
9/(B! and the printed te5t
titled La Clavicola del !e
Salomone .Airen=e! $$/'0
a/a -rimorium Verum.
Mathers inserts the
reliminary Eisco+rse
from Lans. $&'9 before
this. 8JH
Treas+re +p! < my son RoboamS the 2isdom of my 2ords!
seeing that 7! Solomon! have received it from the Lord.
Then ans2ered Roboam! and said: Ho2 have 7 deserved to
follo2 the e5ample of my father Solomon in s+ch things! 2ho
hath been fo+nd 2orthy to receive the ,no2ledge of all living
things thro+gh .the teaching of0 an angel of GodW
*nd Solomon said: Hear! < my son! and receive my sayings!
and learn the 2onders of God. Aor! on a certain night! 2hen 7
laid me do2n to sleep! 7 called +pon that most holy name of
God! 7*H! and prayed for the ineffable 2isdom! and 2hen 7
2as beginning to close mine eyes! the angel of the Lord! even
&. Sl$9'B: 1<madiel1;
Sl9/(B: 1Ra=iel1. 8JH
appeared +nto me! spa,e many things co+rteo+sly
+nto me! and said: Listen < SolomonS thy prayer before the
most high is not in vain! and since tho+ hast as,ed neither for
long life! nor for m+ch riches! nor for the so+ls of thine
enemies! b+t hast as,ed for thyself 2isdom to perform 4+stice.
Th+s saith the Lord: *ccording to thy 2ord have 7 given +nto
thee a 2ise and +nderstanding heart! so that before thee 2as
none li,e +nto thee! nor ever shall arise.
*nd 2hen 7 comprehended the speech 2hich 2as made +nto
me! 7 +nderstood that in me 2as the ,no2ledge of all
creat+res! both things 2hich are in the heavens and things
2hich are beneath the heavens; and 7 sa2 that all the 2ritings
and 2isdom of this present age 2ere vain and f+tile! and that
no man 2as perfect. *nd 7 composed a certain 2or, 2herein 7
rehearsed the secret of secrets! in 2hich 7 have preserved them
hidden! and 7 have also therein concealed all secrets
2hatsoever of magical arts of any masters; any secret or
e5periments! namely! of these sciences 2hich is in any 2ay
2orth being accomplished. *lso 7 have 2ritten them in this
Key! so that li,e as a ,ey openeth a treas+re8ho+se! so this
.Key0 alone may open the ,no2ledge and +nderstanding of
magical arts and sciences.
Therefore! < my sonS tho+ mayest see every e5periment of
mine or of others! and let everything be properly prepared for
them! as tho+ shalt see properly set do2n by me! both day and
ho+r! and all things necessary; for 2itho+t this there 2ill be b+t
falsehood and vanity in this my 2or,; 2herein are hidden all
secrets and mysteries 2hich can be performed; and that 2hich
is .set do2n0 concerning a single divination or a single
e5periment! that same 7 thin, concerning all things 2hich are
in the Dniverse! and 2hich have been! and 2hich shall be in
f+t+re time.
Therefore! < my son Roboam! 7 command thee by the blessing
2hich tho+ e5pectest from thy father! that tho+ shall ma,e an
ivory cas,et! and therein place! ,eep! and hide this my Key;
and 2hen 7 shall have passed a2ay +nto my fathers! 7 entreat
thee to place the same in my sep+lchre beside me! lest at
another time it might fall into the hands of the 2ic,ed. *nd as
Solomon commanded! so 2as it done.
*nd 2hen! therefore .men0 had 2aited for a long time! there
came +nto the sep+lchre certain Gabylonian philosophers; and
2hen they had assembled they at once too, co+nsel together
that a certain n+mber of men sho+ld rene2 the sep+lchre in his
.Solomon3s0 hono+r; and 2hen the sep+lchre 2as d+g o+t and
repaired the ivory cas,et 2as discovered! and therein 2as the
Key of Secrets! 2hich they too, 2ith 4oyf+l mind! and 2hen
they had opened it none among them co+ld +nderstand it on
acco+nt of the obsc+rity of the 2ords and their occ+lt
arrangement! and the hidden character of the sense and
,no2ledge! for they 2ere not 2orthy to possess this treas+re.
Then! therefore! arose one among them! more 2orthy .than the
others0! both in the sight of the gods! and by reason of his age!
2ho 2as called 7ohL Grevis
! and said +nto the others: Dnless
2e shall come and as, the interpretation from the Lord! 2ith
tears and entreaties! 2e shall never arrive at the ,no2ledge of
9. 7 thin, this is correct!
b+t the name is very
indistinctly 2ritten in the
MS.! 2hich is diffic+lt to
decipher. 7n another copy
of the "lavicle it is 2ritten
7roe Grecis! b+t 7 thin, this
is an error. 8SLM.
*d. $'/@& act+ally seems
to read 17oH Graec+s1 .7oe
the Gree,0. GC reads 1Jroe
Greco1; 7n Sloane Ms.
9/(B it is clearly rendered
as 1tolome+s the
Grecian1 This section is
also given in $/&). 8JH
Therefore! 2hen each of them had retired to his bed!
indeed falling +pon his face on the earth! began to 2eep! and
stri,ing his breast! and said:
(. Lat. c+bic+l+s
.bedroom0. 8JH
-hat have 7 deserved .above others0! seeing that so many men
can neither +nderstand nor interpret this ,no2ledge! even
tho+gh there 2ere no secret thing in nat+re 2hich the Lord
hath hidden from meS -herefore are these 2ords so obsc+reW
-herefore am 7 so ignorantW
*nd then on his bended ,nees! stretching his hands to heaven!
he said:
< God! the ceator of all! tho+ 2ho ,no2est all things! 2ho
gavest so great 2sdom +nto Solomon the son of Eavid the
,ing; grant +nto me! 7 beseech thee! < holy omnipotent and
ineffable Aather! to receive the virt+e of that 2isdom! so that 7
may become 2orthy by thine aid to attain +nto the
+nderstanding of this ,ey of secrets.
*nd immediately there appeared +nto me!
the angel of the
Lord! saying:
). 3Mihi3 in MS.! b+t
probably a slip for 3+nto
him!3 3ei.3 8SLM
Eo tho+ remember if the secrets of Solomon appear hidden
and obsc+re +nto thee! that the Lord hath 2ished it! so that
s+ch 2isdom may not fall into the hands of 2ic,ed men;
2herefore do tho+ promise +nto me! that tho+ art not 2illing
that so great 2isdom sho+ld ever come to any living creat+re!
and that 2hich tho+ revealest +nto any let them ,no2 that they
m+st ,eep it +nto themselves! other2ise the secrets are
profaned and no effect can follo2W
*nd 7ohL ans2ered: 7 promise +nto thee that to none 2ill 7
reveal .them0! save to the hono+r of the Lord! and 2ith m+ch
discipline! +nto penitent! secret! and faithf+l .persons0.
Then ans2ered the angel: Go and read the Key! and its 2ords
2hich 2ere obsc+re thro+gho+t shall be manifest +nto thee.
*nd after this the angel ascended into Heaven in a flame of
Then 7ohL 2as glad! and labo+ring 2ith a clear mind!
+nderstood that 2hich the angel of the Lord had said! and he
sa2 that the Key of Solomon 2as changed! so that it appeared
?+ite clear +nto him plainly in all parts. *nd 7ohL +nderstood
that this 2or, might fall into the hands of the ignorant! and he
said: 7 con4+re him into 2hose hands this secret may come! by
the po2er of the creator! and his 2isdom! that in all things he
may! desire! intend and perform! that this treas+re may come
+nto no +n2orthy .person0! nor may he manifest it +nto any
2ho is +n2ise! nor +nto one 2ho feareth not God. Geca+se if
he act other2ise! 7 pray God that he may never be 2orthy to
attain +nto the desired effect.
*nd so he deposited the Key! 2hich Solomon preserved! in the
ivory cas,et. G+t the 2ords of the Key are as follo2s! divided
into t2o boo,s! and sho2n in order.

@. Mathers inserts the
7ntrod+ction from Lans.
$&'9 at this point. The first
of these tables is fo+nd in
the .ecor*eni man+script
bo+nd 2ith *d. $'/@&! in
M&B@! Sl$9'B! and the
Lans. MSS. The second
table 88 names of the ho+rs
88 is fo+nd in L$&'9 .p.
$B0! and is apparently
based on )e4tameron.
"ompare 2ith the lists of
angels and demons in the
Magic Treatise of Solomon
.Harleian MS. ))%@0 8JH
S'n-ay. Mon-ay. T'es-ay. ;e-nes-ay.
Th'rs-ay. 3r#-ay. Sat'r-ay.
Merc. J+p. Cen. Sat. / $ S+n. Moon. Mars.
Moon. Mars. Mer. J+p. % & Cen. Sat. S+n.
Sat. S+n. Moon. Mars. $' 9 Mer. J+p. Cen.
J+p. Cen. Sat. S+n. $$ ( Moon. Mars. Mer.
Mars. Mer. J+p. Cen. $& ) Sat. S+n. Moon.
S+n. Moon. Mars. Mer. $ @ J+p. Cen. Sat.
Cen. Sat. S+n. Moon. & B Mars. Mer. J+p.
Merc. J+p. Cen. Sat. 9 / S+n. Moon. Mars.
Moon. Mars. Mer. J+p. ( % Cen. Sat. S+n.
Sat. S+n. Moon. Mars. ) $' Mer. J+p. Cen.
J+p. Cen. Sat. S+n. @ $$ Moon. Mars. Mer.
Mars. Mer. J+p. Cen. B $& Sat. S+n. Moon.
S+n. Moon. Mars. Mer. / $ J+p. Cen. Sat.
Cen. Sat. S+n. Moon. % & Mars. Mer. J+p.
Merc. J+p. Cen. Sat. $' 9 S+n. Moon. Mars.
Moon. Mars. Mer. J+p. $$ ( Cen. Sat. S+n.
Sat. S+n. Moon. Mars. $& ) Mer. J+p. Cen.
J+p. Cen. Sat. S+n. $ @ Moon. Mars. Mer.
Mars. Mer. J+p. Cen. & B Sat. S+n. Moon.
S+n. Moon. Mars. Mer. 9 / J+p. Cen. Sat.
Cen. Sat. S+n. Moon. ( % Mars. Mer. J+p.
Merc. J+p. Cen. Sat. ) $' S+n. Moon. Mars.
Moon. Mars. Mer. J+p. @ $$ Cen. Sat. S+n.
Sat. S+n. Moon. Mars. B $& Mer. J+p. Cen.
Ta*le of t3e Magical names of t3e )ours' and of t3e angels 63o rule t3em' commencing
at t3e first 3our after Midnig3t of eac3 day' and ending at t3e ensuing Midnig3t
Ho'rs. S'n-ay. Mon-ay. T'es-ay. ;e-nes-ay. Th'rs-ay. 3r#-ay. Sat'r-ay.
$. Mayn . . Raphael Sachiel *nael "assael Michael Gabriel Jamael
&. Manor . . Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael
9. >asnia . . "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael
(. Salla . . Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael
). Sadedali . . Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel
@. Tham+r . . Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel
B. <+rer . . *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel
/. ThainL . . Raphael Sachiel *nael "assael Michael Gabriel Jamael
%. >eron . . Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael
$'. Mayon . . "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael
$$. *bai . . Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael
>athalon . .
Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel
$. Geron . . Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel
&. Garol . . *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel
9. Than+ . . Raphael Sachiel *nael "assael Michael Gabriel Jamael
(. *thor . . Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael
). Mathon . . "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael
@. Rana . . Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael
B. >etos . . Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel
/. Tafrac . . Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel
%. Sass+r . . *nael "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel
$'. *gla . . Raphael Sachiel *nael "assael Michael Gabriel Jamael
$$. "Xerra . . Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael "assiel Michael
$&. Salam . . "assiel Michael Gabriel Jamael Raphael Sachiel *nael
Ta*le of t3e #rc3angels' #ngels' Metals' Days of t3e 9ee/' and Colours attri*uted to
eac3 ,lanet1
Days1 Saturday1 T3ursday1 Tuesday1 Sunday1 @riday1 9ednesday1 Monday1
*rchangel T=aph?iel T=adi?el Khaniael Raphael Haniel Michael Gabriel
*ngel "assiel Sachiel Jamael Michael *nael Raphael Gabriel
lanet Sat+rn J+piter Mars S+n Cen+s Merc+ry Moon
Metal Lead Tin 7ron Gold "opper Merc+ry Silver
"olo+r Glac, Gl+e Red Mello2 Green
+rple or Mi5ed
These tables have been collated and compared 2ith vario+s
e5amples of both MS. and printed. They are to be +sed th+s: 88
S+pposing the st+dent 2ishes to discover the properties of the
ho+r from $& to $ o3cloc, p.m. on a T+esday! let him loo, in
B. Removed from this
edition. 8JH
the 3Table of the lanetary Ho+rs!3 and having fo+nd the ho+r
mar,ed $ in the col+mn headed 3Ho+rs from Midnight to
Midnight!3 he 2ill see in the col+mn headed 3Ho+rs from
S+nset to S+nset!3 on the same line the fig+re /! sho2ing it to
be the eighth ho+r of the day; and in the col+mn headed
T+esday! the name Mars! sho2ing that it is +nder the dominion
of the planet Mars. <n cons+lting the 3Table of the Magical
names of the Ho+rs!3 etc.! he 2ill find +nder the n+mber $! the
name Geron! and in the col+mn 3T+esday!3 the name of the
angel Jamael over against it on the same line! sho2ing that the
r+ler of the ho+r is the angel Jamael! and that its Magical
name is Geron. A+rther! on referring to the third Table he 2ill
see that T+esday is +nder the r+le of the planet Mars! 2hose
*rchangel is Khamael! angel Jamael! metal iron! and "olo+r
Red. Similarly it 2ill be fo+nd that the ho+r from $' to $$ p.m.
on Sat+rday is the si5th ho+r of the night! +nder the dominion
of the S+n! that its Magical name is "Xerra! and that the angel
Michael r+les it; 2hile Sat+rday itself is +nder the dominion of
the *rchangel T=aph?iel! of the angel "assiel! of the planet
Sat+rn! and that the metal lead and the colo+r blac, are
applicable to it.
The ens+ing te5t is ta,en from the follo2ing MSS.! collated
and compared 2ith each other.
Sloane MSS. $9'B; Sloane MSS. 9'%$; Harleian MSS. 9%/$;
*dd. MSS. $'/@&; King3s MSS. &//; Lansdo2ne MSS. $&'&.
E5tracts have also been made from Lansdo2ne MSS. $&'9!
2hich differs considerably from the others in general
arrangement! tho+gh containing very similar matter.

7n cases 2here the MSS. varied from each other 7 have ta,en
the version 2hich seemed most li,ely to be correct! in some
cases mentioning the variant readings in footnotes. 7 have also!
2herever it 2as possible to do so! corrected the Hebre2 names
in the incantations! for these 2ere in some cases so marred as
to be hardly recognisable; e.g. .enard! 2ritten for Tza*aot3!
etc. 8SLM
TH+ 6+: O3 SO"OMON
4OO6 I
Solomon! the son of Eavid! King of 7srael! hath said that the
beginning of o+r Key is to fear God! to adore him! to hono+r
him 2ith contrition of heart! to invo,e him
in all matters
2hich 2e 2ish to +nderta,e! and to operate 2ith very great
devotion! for th+s God 2ill lead +s in the right 2ay. -hen!
therefore! tho+ shalt 2ish to ac?+ire the ,no2ledge of magical
arts and sciences! it is necessary to have prepared the order of
ho+rs and of days! and of the position of the Moon! 2itho+t the
operation of 2hich tho+ canst effect nothing; b+t if tho+
observest them 2ith diligence tho+ mayest easily and
thoro+ghly arrive at the effect and end 2hich tho+ desirest to
$. $&'& Lansdo2ne MSS.
omits the concl+ding part
of this sentence. 8SLM
tho+ 2ishest to ma,e any e5periment or operation! tho+
m+st first prepare! beforehand! all the re?+isites 2hich tho+
2ilt find described in the follo2ing chapters: observing the
days! the ho+rs. and the other effects of the constellations
2hich may be fo+nd in this chapter.
$. This first paragraph is
omitted in $9'B Sloane
MSS.! and in $'/@& *dd.
7t is! therefore! advisable to ,no2 that the ho+rs of the day and
of the night together! are t2enty8fo+r in n+mber! and that each
ho+r is governed by one of the seven planets in reg+lar order!
commencing at the highest and descending to the lo2est. The
order of the planets is as follo2s: ShGTh*7! Shabbathai!
Sat+rn; beneath Sat+rn is T=EN! T=ede?! J+piter; beneath
J+piter is M*E7M! Madim! Mars; beneath Mars is ShMSh!
Shemesh! the S+n; beneath the S+n is >CGH! >ogah! Cen+s;
beneath Cen+s is KCKG! Ko,av! Merc+ry; and beneath
Merc+ry is LG>H! Levanah! the Moon! 2hich is the lo2est of
all the planets.
7t m+st! therefore! be +nderstood that the planets have their
dominion over the day 2hich approacheth nearest +nto the
name 2hich is given and attrib+ted +nto them 88 vi=.! over
Sat+rday! Sat+rn; Th+rsday! J+piter; T+esday! Mars;
the S+n; Ariday! Cen+s; -ednesday! Merc+ry; and Monday! the
&. The concl+ding part of
this sentence is from Lans.
$&'&. K&//! H9%/$! and
Sl9'%$ end the sentence
2ith 1et ainsi des a+tres1
.and similarly for the
others0. 8JH
The r+le of the planets over each ho+r begins from the da2n at
the rising of the S+n on the day 2hich ta,e its name from s+ch
planet! and the planet 2hich follo2s it in order! s+cceeds to the
r+le over the ne5t ho+r. Th+s .on Sat+rday0 Sat+rn r+les the
first ho+r! J+piter the second! Mars the third! the S+n the
fo+rth! Cen+s the fifth! Merc+ry the si5th! the Moon the
seventh! and Sat+rn ret+rns in the r+le over the eighth! and the
others in their t+rn!
the planets al2ays ,eeping the same
relative order.
9. The rest of this sentence
is in L$&'& only. 8JH
>ote that each e5periment or magical operation sho+ld be
performed +nder the planet! and +s+ally in the ho+r! 2hich
refers to the same. Aor e5ample: 88
7n the days and ho+rs of Sat+rn tho+ canst perform
e5periments to s+mmon the so+ls from Hades! b+t only of
those 2ho have died a nat+ral death. Similarly on these days
and ho+rs tho+ canst operate to bring either good or bad
fort+ne to b+ildings; to have familiar spirits attend thee in
sleep; to ca+se good or ill s+ccess in b+siness! possessions!
goods! seeds! fr+its! and similar things! in order to ac?+ire
learning; to bring destr+ction and to give death! and to so2
hatred and discord.
The days and ho+rs of J+piter are proper for obtaining
hono+rs! ac?+iring riches; contracting friendships! preserving
health; and arriving at all that tho+ canst desire.
7n the days and ho+rs of Mars tho+ canst ma,e e5periments
regarding 2ar; to arrive at military hono+r; to ac?+ire co+rage;
to overthro2 enemies; and f+rther to ca+se r+in! sla+ghter!
cr+elty! discord; to 2o+nd and to give death.
The days and ho+rs of the S+n are very good for perfecting
e5periments regarding temporal 2ealth! hope! gain! fort+ne!
divination! the favo+r of princes! to dissolve hostile feeling!
and to ma,e friends.
The days and ho+rs of Cen+s are good for forming friendships;
for ,indness and love; for 4oyo+s and pleasant +nderta,ings!
and for traveling.
The days and ho+rs of Merc+ry are good to operate for
elo?+ence and intelligence; promptit+de in b+siness; science
and divination; 2onders; apparitions; and ans2ers regarding
the f+t+re. Tho+ canst also operate +nder this lanet for thefts;
2ritings; deceit; and merchandise.
The days and ho+rs of the Moon are good for embassies;
voyages; envoys; messages; navigation; reconciliation; love;
and the ac?+isition of merchandise by 2ater.

(. M+ch of these foregoing
instr+ctions is omitted in
the $'/@& *dd. MSS.! b+t
given in a different 2ay in
the ens+ing paragraphs.
Tho+ sho+ldest ta,e care p+nct+ally to observe all the
instr+ctions contained in this chapter! if tho+ desirest to
s+cceed! seeing that the tr+th of Magical Science dependeth
The ho+rs of Sat+rn! of Mars! and of the Moon are ali,e good
for comm+nicating and spea,ing 2ith spirits; as those of
Merc+ry are for recovering thefts by the means of spirits.
The ho+rs of Mars serve for s+mmoning so+ls from Hades!

especially of those slain in battle.
The ho+rs of the S+n! of J+piter! and of Cen+s! are adapted for
preparing any operations 2hatsoever of love! of ,indness! and
of invisibility! as is hereafter more f+lly sho2n! to 2hich m+st
be added other things of a similar nat+re 2hich are contained
in o+r 2or,.
). 7n the Arench 3des
Enfers!3 in the Latin
37nferis.3 8SLM.
So L$&'&. 7n K&//!
H9%/$! and Sl9'%$ this
sentence reads 1Les
He+res de Mars a apeller
Les ames de ce+5 ?+i ont
LtL t+Ls1 .The ho+rs of
Mars serve to s+mmon the
so+ls of those 2ho 2ere
,illed0. *+b&( and
*d$'/@& read 1Horae
a+tem Sat+rni s+nt
appropriatae ad evocandas
animas ab 7nfernis! eor+m
tant+mmodo! scilicet ?+i
na+ali morte def+ncti s+nt1
.G+t the ho+rs of Sat+rn
are s+itable for evo,ing
so+ls from Hell! that is to
say! only those 2ho died a
naval death0. 8JH
The ho+rs of Sat+rn and Mars and also the days on 2hich the
Moon is con4+nct
2ith them! or 2hen she receives their
opposition or ?+artile aspect! are e5cellent for ma,ing
e5periments of hatred! enmity! ?+arrel!
and discord and other
operations of the same ,ind 2hich are given later on in this
@. "on4+nction means
being in the same degree
of the Jodiac; opposition
is being $/' degrees! and
?+artile %' degrees apart
from each other. 8SLM
B. Lat. LisOLitis also means
legal action or litigation.
The ho+rs of Merc+ry are good for +nderta,ing e5periments
relating to games! raillery! 4ests! sports! and the li,e.

The ho+rs of the S+n! of J+piter! and of Cen+s! partic+larly on
the days 2hich they r+le! are good for all e5traordinary!
+ncommon! and +n,no2n operations.
/. K. &// adds: 1et de
choses ?+i paraissent
admirables! observant
premierement to+t ce ?+e
no+s dirons d3+ne telle
matiere dans les chapitres
ici bas1 .and things 2hich
appear admirable! first
observing all that 2e 2ill
say on the matter in the
chapters belo20. 8JH
The ho+rs of the Moon are proper for ma,ing trial of
e5periments relating to recovery of stolen property! for
obtaining noct+rnal visions! for s+mmoning spirits in sleep!
and for preparing anything relating to 2ater.
The ho+rs of Cen+s are f+rthermore +sef+l for lots! poisons! all
things of the nat+re of Cen+s! for preparing po2ders
provocative of madness; and the li,e things.

%. Lans. $&'& inserts the
tables of the ho+rs of the
day and night at this point.
MS. pp. B8/. 8JH
G+t in order to thoro+ghly effect the operations of this art! tho+
sho+ldest perform them not only on the ho+rs b+t on the days
of the planets as 2ell! beca+se then the e5periment 2ill al2ays
s+cceed better!
provided tho+ observest the r+les laid do2n
later on! for if tho+ omittest one single condition tho+ 2ilt
never arrive at the accomplishment of the art.
$'. H 9%/$ omits the rest
of this sentence. 8JH
Aor those matters then 2hich appertain +nto the Moon! s+ch as
the invocation of spirits! the 2or,s of necromancy! and the
recovery of stolen property! it is necessary that the Moon
sho+ld be in a terrestrial sign! vi=.: 88 Ta+r+s! Cirgo! or
Aor love! grace! and invisibility! the Moon sho+ld be in a fiery
sign! vi=.: 88 *ries! Leo! or Sagittari+s.
Aor hatred!
discord! and destr+ction! the Moon sho+ld be in a
2atery sign! vi=.: 88 "ancer! Scorpio! or isces.
$$. Lans $&'& has this
paragraph and the
preceding one 4+mbled. 8
Aor e5periments of a pec+liar nat+re! 2hich cannot be classed
+nder any certain head! the Moon sho+ld be in an airy sign!
vi=.: 88 Gemini! Libra! or *?+ari+s.
G+t if these things seem +nto thee diffic+lt to accomplish! it
2ill s+ffice thee merely to notice the Moon after her
comb+stion! or con4+nction 2ith the S+n! especially 4+st 2hen
?+its his beams and appeareth visible. Aor then it is good
to ma,e all e5periments for the constr+ction and operation of
any matter. That is 2hy the time from the >e2 +nto the A+ll
Moon is proper for performing any of the e5periments of
2hich 2e have spo,en above. G+t in her decrease or 2ane it is
good for 2ar! dist+rbance! and discord. Li,e2ise the period
2hen she is almost deprived of light! is proper for e5periments
of invisibility! and of death.
$&. i1e1 >e2 Moon. 8SLM
G+t observe inviolably that tho+ commence nothing 2hile the
Moon is in con4+nction 2ith the S+n! seeing that this is
e5tremely +nfort+nate! and that tho+ 2ilt then be able to effect
nothing; b+t the Moon ?+itting his beams and increasing in
Light! tho+ canst perform all that tho+ desirest! observing
nevertheless the directions in this chapter.
A+rthermore! if tho+ 2ishest to converse 2ith spirits it sho+ld
be especially on the day of Merc+ry and in his ho+r! and let the
Moon he in an airy sign!
as 2ell as the S+n.
$9. 7n *dd. MSS. $'/@&;
3or in an earthy sign! as
hath been before said.3
*+b. &( reads li,e2ise.
tho+ then +nto a secret place! 2here no one may be
able to see thee or to hinder thee! before the completion of the
e5periment! 2hether tho+ sho+ldest 2ish to 2or, by day or by
night. G+t if tho+ sho+ldest 2ish to 2or, by night! perfect thy
2or, on the s+cceeding night; if by day! seeing that the day
beginneth 2ith the rising of the S+n .perfect thy 2or, on0 the
s+cceeding day. G+t the ho+r of inception is the ho+r of
$(. The follo2ing
paragraphs to the end of
this chapter are only fo+nd
in the Latin version! *dd.
MSS. $'/@&. 8SLM
7t is more acc+rate to say
Merc+ry. that these paragraphs in
*d. $'/@& correspond to
the opening paragraphs of
the ne5t chapter. *d.
$'/@& contin+es 2ith 1the
constr+ction of the circle.1
7t isn3t fo+nd in *+b. &(!
b+t most of this material is
covered in boo, &. 8JH
Cerily! since no e5periments for converse 2ith spirits can be
done 2itho+t a circle being prepared! 2hatsoever e5periments
therefore tho+ 2ishest to +nderta,e for conversing 2ith spirits!
therein tho+ m+st learn to constr+ct a certain partic+lar circle;
that being done s+rro+nd that circle 2ith the circle of art for
better ca+tion and efficacy.
7f tho+ 2ishest to s+cceed! it is necessary to ma,e the follo2ing e5periments and arts in the appropriate days
and ho+rs! 2ith the re?+isite solemnities and ceremonies contained and laid do2n in the follo2ing chapters.
E5periments! then! are of t2o ,inds; the first is to ma,e trial of 2hat! as 7 have said! can be easily performed
2itho+t a circle! and in this case it is not necessary to observe anything b+t 2hat tho+ 2ilt find in the proper
chapters. The second can in no 2ay be bro+ght to perfection 2itho+t the circle; and in order to accomplish
this perfectly it is necessary to ta,e note of all the preparations 2hich the master of the art and his disciples
m+st +nderta,e before constr+cting
the circle.
Gefore commencing operations both the master and his disciple; m+st abstain 2ith great and thoro+gh
continence d+ring the space of nine days from sens+al pleas+res and from vain and foolish conversation; as
plainly appeareth in the Second Goo,! "hapter (. Si5 of these nine days having e5pired! he m+st recite
fre?+ently the prayer and confession as 2ill be told him; and on the seventh day! the master being alone! let
him enter into a secret place! let him ta,e off his clothes! and bathe himself from head to foot in consecrated
and e5orcised 2ater! saying devo+tly and h+mbly the prayer! 3< Lord *donai!3 etc.! as it is 2ritten in the
Second Goo,! "hapter &.
The prayer being finished! let the master ?+it the 2ater! and p+t +pon his flesh raiment of 2hite linen clean
and +nsoiled; and then let him go 2ith his disciples +nto a secret place and command them to strip themselves
na,ed; and they having ta,en off their clothes! let him ta,e e5orcised 2ater and po+r it +pon their heads so
that it flo2s do2n to their feet and bathes them completely; and 2hile po+ring this 2ater +pon them let the
master say:88 3Ge ye regenerate! rene2ed! 2ashed! and p+re!3 etc.! as in Goo, 77.! "hapter 9.
being done! the disciples m+st clothe themselves! p+tting +pon their flesh! li,e their master! raiment
of 2hite linen clean and +nsoiled; and the three last days the master and his disciples sho+ld fast! observing
the solemnities and prayers mar,ed in Goo, 77.! "hapter &.
>ote that the three last days sho+ld be calm 2eather! 2itho+t 2ind! and 2itho+t clo+ds r+shing hither and
thither over the face of the s,y. <n the last day let the master go 2ith his disciples +nto a secret fo+ntain of
r+nning 2ater! or +nto a flo2ing stream! and there let each of them. ta,ing off his clothes! 2ash himself 2ith
d+e solemnity! as is rehearsed in Goo, 77. *nd 2hen they are clean and p+re! let each p+t +pon him garments
of 2hite linen! p+re! and clean! +sing the prayers and ceremonies described in Goo, 77. *fter 2hich let the
master alone say the confession. The 2hich being finished! the master in sign of penitence 2ill ,iss
disciples on the forehead! and each of them 2ill ,iss the other. *fter2ards let the master e5tend his hands
over the disciples! and in sign of absol+tion absolve and bless them; 2hich being done he 2ill distrib+te to
each of his disciple the instr+ments necessary for magical art! 2hich he is to carry into the circle.
The first disciple 2ill bear the censer! the perf+mes and the spices; the second disciple 2ill bear the boo,!
papers! pens! in,! and any stin,ing or imp+re materials; the third 2ill carry the ,nife and the pen,nife
magical art! the lantern! and the candles; the fo+rth! the salms! and the rest of the instr+ments; the fifth! the
cr+cible or chafing8dish! and the charcoal or f+el; b+t it is necessary for the master himself to carry in his
hand the staff! and the 2and or rod. The things necessary being th+s disposed! the master 2ill go 2ith his
disciples +nto the assigned place! 2here they have proposed to constr+ct the circle for the magical arts and
e5periments; repeating on the 2ay the prayers and orations 2hich tho+ 2ilt find in Goo, 77.
-hen the master shall have arrived at the place appointed! together 2ith his disciples! he having lighted the
flame of the fire! and having e5orcised it afresh as is laid do2n in the Second Goo,! shall light the candle and
place it in the lantern! 2hich one of the disciples is to hold ever in his hand to light the master at his 2or,.
>o2 the master of the art! every time that he shall have occasion for some partic+lar p+rpose to spea, 2ith
the spirits! m+st endeavor to form certain circles 2hich shall differ some2hat! and shall have some partic+lar
reference to the partic+lar e5periment +nder consideration. >o2! in order to s+cceed in forming s+ch a circle
concerning magical art! for the greater ass+rance and efficacy tho+ shalt constr+ct it in the follo2ing manner:
Ta,e tho+ the ,nife or pen,nife!
consecrated after the manner and order 2hich 2e shall deliver +nto thee in
the Second Goo,. -ith this ,nife or pen,nife
tho+ shalt describe! beyond the inner circle 2hich tho+ shalt
have already formed! a second circle! encompassing the other at the distance of one foot therefrom and having
the same centre.
-ithin this space of a foot in breadth bet2een the first and the second circ+mferential
tho+ shalt trace to2ards the fo+r ?+arters of the Earth!
the sacred and venerable symbols of the holy letter
*nd bet2een the first and the second circle!
2hich tho+ shalt thyself have dra2n 2ith the instr+ment
of magical art! tho+ shalt ma,e fo+r he5agonal pentacles!
and bet2een these tho+ shalt 2rite fo+r terrible
and tremendo+s names of God! vi=.:88
>3#,'re $. Ma,#) )#r)le 5ro7 7an's)r#pt A-. .2&!$1 5ol .(r.?
>C#r)le 5ro7 M$*!.?
>C#r)le 5ro7 The Magical Treatise of Solomon1 Delatte1 op. cit.1 p, $5.?
Get2een the East and the So+th the s+preme name 7HCH! Tetragrammaton;88
Get2een the So+th and the -est the essential Tetragrammatic name *H7H! Eheieh;88
Get2een the -est and the >orth the name of po2er *L7C>! Elion;88
*nd bet2een the >orth and the East the great name *LH! Eloah;88
-hich names are of s+preme importance in the list of the Sephiroth!
and their sovereign e?+ivalents.
>The Hebre/ letter#n, per A-. .2&!$1 5ol .%r.?
A+rthermore! tho+ shalt circ+mscribe abo+t these circles t2o s?+ares! the angles of 2hich shall be t+rned
to2ards the fo+r ?+arters of the Earth; and the space bet2een the lines of the o+ter and inner s?+are shall be
half8a8foot. The e5treme angles of the o+ter s?+are shall be made the centres of fo+r circles! the meas+re or
diameter of 2hich shall be one foot. *ll these are to be dra2n 2ith the ,nife or consecrated instr+ment
art. *nd 2ithin these fo+r circles tho+ m+st 2rite these fo+r names of God the most holy one! in this order:88
the East! *L! El;
*t the -est! 7H! Mah;
*t the So+th! *GL*! *gla;
*nd at the >orth *E>7! *donaR.
Get2een the t2o s?+ares the name Tetragrammaton is to be 2ritten in the same 2ay as is sho2n in the plate.
.See @igure &.0
-hile constr+cting the circle! the master sho+ld recite the follo2ing salms:88

.s&UKJC&0 N+are frem+er+nt gentes .-hy do the heathen rage....0

.s)9UKJC)(0 Ee+s in nomine t+o salv+m .Save me! < God! by thy name....0

.s$$&UKJC$$90 La+date p+eri Eomin+m .raise ye the Lord. raise! < ye servants of the Lord0

.s@@UKJC@B0 Ee+s misereat+r nostri .God be mercif+l +nto +s....0

.s(@UKJC(B0 <mnes gentes pla+dite manib+s .< clap yo+r hands! all ye people0

.s@BUKJC@/0 E5s+rgat Ee+s et dissipent+r .Let God arise! let his enemies be scattered....0

Y.s)'UKJC)$Z Miserere mei Ee+s sec+nd+m magnam .Have mercy +pon me! < God! according to
thy loving,indness0Z
<r he may as 2ell recite them before tracing the circle.
The 2hich being finished! and the f+migations being performed! as is described in the chapter on f+migations
in the Second Goo,! the master sho+ld reassemble his disciples! enco+rage them! reass+re them! fortify them!
and cond+ct them into the parts of the circle of art! 2here he m+st place them in the fo+r ?+arters of the Earth!
enco+rage them! and e5hort them to fear nothing! and to ,eep in the places assigned to them. *lso! the
disciple 2ho is placed to2ards the East sho+ld have a pen! in,! paper! sil,! and 2hite cotton! all clean and
s+itable for the 2or,. A+rthermore! each of the companions sho+ld have a ne2 s2ord dra2n in his hand
.besides the consecrated magical s2ord of art0! and he sho+ld ,eep his hand resting +pon the hilt thereof! and
he sho+ld on no prete5t ?+it the place assigned to him! nor move therefrom.
*fter this the master sho+ld ?+it the circle! light the f+el in the earthen pots! and place +pon them the censers!
in the fo+r ?+arters of the Earth; and he sho+ld have in his hand the consecrated taper of 2a5! and he sho+ld
light it and place it in a hidden and secret place prepared for it. Let him after this re8enter and close the circle.
The master sho+ld afresh e5hort his disciples! and e5plain to them all that they have to do and to observe; the
2hich commands they sho+ld promise and vo2 to e5ec+te.
Let the master then repeat this prayer: 88
-hen 2e enter herein 2ith all h+mility! let God the *lmighty <ne enter into this circle! by the entrance of an
eternal happiness! of a divine prosperity! of a perfect 4oy! of an ab+ndant charity! and of an eternal sal+tation.
Let all the demons fly from this place! especially those 2ho are opposed +nto this 2or,! and let the angels of
peace assist and protect this circle! from 2hich let discord and strife fly and depart. Magnify and e5tend +pon
+s! < Lord! thy most holy name! and bless o+r conversation and o+r assembly. Sanctify! < Lord o+r God! o+r
h+mble entry herein! tho+ the blessed and holy one of the eternal agesS *men.
*fter this! let the master say +pon his ,nees! as follo2s:
< Lord God! all po2erf+l and all mercif+l! tho+ 2ho desirest not the death of a sinner! b+t rather that he may
t+rn from his 2ic,edness and live; give and grant +nto +s thy grace! by blessing and consecrating this earth
and this circle! 2hich is here mar,ed o+t 2ith the most po2erf+l and holy names of God.
*nd thee! 7
con4+re! < Earth! by the most holy name of *SHER EHE7EH entering 2ithin this circle! composed and made
2ith mine hand. *nd may God! even *E<>*7! bless this place 2ith all the virt+es of Heaven! so that no
obscene or +nclean spirit may have the po2er to enter into this circle! or to annoy any person 2ho is therein;
tho+gh the Lord God *E<>*7! 2ho liveth eternally +nto the ages of the ages. *men.
7 beseech thee! < Lord God! the all po2erf+l and the all mercif+l! that tho+ 2ilt deign to bless this circle! and
all this place! and all those 2ho are therein! and that tho+ 2ilt grant +nto +s! 2ho serve thee! and rehearse
nothing b+t the 2onders of thy la2! a good angel for o+r g+ardian; remove from +s every adverse po2er;
preserve +s from evil and from tro+ble; grant! < Lord! that 2e may rest in this place in all safety! thro+gh
thee! < Lord! 2ho livest and reignest +nto the ages of the ages. *men.
Let the master no2 arise and place +pon his head a cro2n made of virgin paper!
on the 2hich there m+st be
2ritten .2ith the colo+rs and other necessary things 2hich 2e shall describe hereafter0! these fo+r names
*GL*! *GL*7! *GL*T*! *GL*T*7. The 2hich names are to be placed in the front! behind! and on either
side of the head.
A+rthermore! the master o+ght to have 2ith him in the circle! those pentacles or medals
2hich are necessary
to his p+rpose! 2hich are described hereinafter! and 2hich sho+ld be constr+cted according to the r+les given
in the chapter on pentacles. They sho+ld be described on virgin paper 2ith a pen; and in,! blood! or colo+rs!
prepared according to the manner 2hich 2e shall hereafter sho2 in the chapters on these s+b4ects. 7t 2ill be
s+fficient to ta,e only those pentacles 2hich are act+ally re?+ired! they sho+ld be se2ed to the front of the
linen robe! on the chest! 2ith the consecrated needle of the art! and 2ith a thread 2hich has been 2oven by a
yo+ng girl.
*fter this! let the master t+rn himself to2ards the eastern ?+arter .+nless directed to the contrary! or +nless he
sho+ld be 2ishing to call spirits 2hich belong to another ?+arter of the Dniverse0! and prono+nce 2ith a lo+d
voice the con4+ration contained in this chapter. *nd if the spirits be disobedient and do not then ma,e their
appearance! he m+st arise and ta,e the e5orcised ,nife of art
2here2ith he hath constr+cted the circle! and
raise it to2ards the s,y as if he 2ished to beat or stri,e the air! and con4+re the spirits. Let him then lay his
right hand and the ,nife +pon the pentacles or medals! constr+cted of! and described +pon virgin paper! 2hich
are fastened to or se2n +pon his breast! and let him repeat the follo2ing con4+ration +pon his ,nees:88

< Lord! hear my prayer! and let my cry come +nto thee. < Lord God *lmighty! 2ho has reigned before the
beginning of the *ges! and 2ho by thine infinite 2isdom! hast created the heavens! the earth! and the sea! and
all that in them is! all that is visible! and all that is invisible by a single 2ord; 7 praise thee! 7 bless thee! 7
adore thee! 7 glorify thee! and 7 pray thee no2 at the present time to be mercif+l +nto me! a miserable sinner!
for 7 am the 2or, of thine hands. Save me! and direct me by thy holy name! tho+ to 2hom nothing is diffic+lt!
nothing is impossible; and deliver me from the night of mine ignorance! and enable me to go forth therefrom.
Enlighten me 2ith a spar, of thine infinite 2isdom. Ta,e a2ay from my senses the desire of coveto+sness!
and the ini?+ity of mine idle 2ords. Give +nto me! thy servant! a 2ise +nderstanding! penetrating and s+btle
heart! to ac?+ire and comprehend all sciences and arts; give +nto me capacity to hear! and strength of memory
to retain them! so that 7 may be able to accomplish my desires! and +nderstand and learn all diffic+lt and
desirable sciences; and also that 7 may be able to comprehend the hidden secrets of the holy 2ritings. Give me
the virt+e to conceive them! so that 7 may be able to bring forth and prono+nce my 2ords 2ith patience and
h+mility! for the instr+ction of others! as tho+ hast ordered me.
< God! the Aather! all po2erf+l and all mercif+l! 2ho hast created all things! 2ho ,no2est and conceivest
them +niversally! and to 2hom nothing is hidden! nothing is impossible; 7 entreat thy grace for me and for thy
servants! beca+se tho+ seest and ,no2est 2ell that 2e perform not this 2or, to tempt thy strength and thy
po2er as if in do+bt thereof! b+t rather that 2e may ,no2 and +nderstand the tr+th of all hidden things. 7
beseech thee to have the ,indness to be favorable +nto +s; by thy splendo+r! thy magnificence! and thy
holiness! and by thy holy! terrible! and ineffable name 7*H! at 2hich the 2hole 2orld doth tremble! and by
the fear 2ith 2hich all creat+res obey thee. Grant! < Lord! that 2e may become responsive +nto thy grace! so
that thro+gh it 2e may have a f+ll confidence in and ,no2ledge of thee! and that the spirits may discover
themselves here in o+r presence! and that those 2hich are gentle and peaceable may come +nto +s! so that
they may be obedient +nto thy commands! thro+gh thee! < most holy *E<>*7! 2hose ,ingdom is an
everlasting ,ingdom! and 2hose empire end+reth +nto the ages of the ages. *men.
*fter having said all these 2ords devo+tly! let the master arise! and place his hands +pon the pentacles! and let
one of the companions hold the boo, open before the master! 2ho! raising his eyes to Heaven! and t+rning
+nto the fo+r ?+arters of the Dniverse! shall say:88
< Lord! be tho+ +nto me a to2er of strength against the appearance and assa+lt of the evil spirits.

*fter this! t+rning to2ards the fo+r ?+arters of the Dniverse! he shall say the follo2ing 2ords:88
These be the symbols and the names of the creator! 2hich can bring terror and fear +nto yo+. <bey me then!
by the po2er of these holy names! and by these mysterio+s symbols of the secret of secrets.
The 2hich being said and done! tho+ shalt see them dra2 near and approach from all parts. G+t if they be
hindered! detained! or occ+pied in some 2ay! and so that they cannot come! or if they are +n2illing to come!
then! the s+ff+migations and censings being performed ane2! and .the disciples0 having ane2! by especial
order! to+ched their s2ords! and the master having enco+raged his disciples! he shall reform the circle 2ith
the ,nife of art! and! raising the said ,nife to2ards the s,y! he shall as it 2ere stri,e the air there2ith. *fter
this he shall lay his hand +pon the pentacles! and having bent his ,nees before the most High! he shall repeat
2ith h+mility the follo2ing confession; the 2hich his disciples shall also do! and they shall recite it in a lo2
and h+mble voice! so that they can scarcely be heard.

< L<RE of Heaven and of Earth! before thee do 7 confess my
sins! and lament them! cast do2n and h+mbled in thy presence.
Aor 7 have sinned before thee by pride! avarice! and bo+ndless
desire of hono+rs and riches; by idleness! gl+ttony! greed!
deba+chery! and dr+n,enness; beca+se 7 have offended thee by
all ,inds of sins of the flesh! ad+lteries! and poll+tions! 2hich 7
have committed myself! and consented that others sho+ld
commit; by sacrilege! thefts! rapine! violation! and homicide;
by the evil +se 7 have made of my possessions! by my
prodigality! by the sins 2hich 7 have committed against Hope
and "harity! by my evil advice! flatteries! bribes! and the ill
distrib+tion 2hich 7 have made of the goods of 2hich 7 have
been possessed; by rep+lsing and maltreating the poor! in the
distrib+tion 2hich 7 have made of the goods committed to my
charge! by afflicting those over 2hom 7 have been set in
a+thority! by not visiting the prisoners! by depriving the dead
of b+rial! by not receiving the poor! by neither feeding the
h+ngry nor giving drin, to the thirsty! by never ,eeping the
Sabbath and the other feasts! by not living chastely and pio+sly
on those days! by the easy consent 2hich 7 have given to those
2ho incited me to evil deeds! by in4+ring instead of aiding
those 2ho demanded help from me! by ref+sing to give ear
+nto the cry of the poor! by not respecting the aged! by not
,eeping my 2ord! by disobedience to my parents! by
ingratit+de to2ards those from 2hom 7 have received
,indness! by ind+lgence in sens+al pleas+res! by irreverent
behavio+r in the Temple of God! by +nseemly gest+res thereat!
by entering therein 2itho+t reverence! by vain and +nprofitable
disco+rse 2hen there! by despising the sacred vessels of the
temple! by t+rning the holy "eremonies into ridic+le! by
to+ching and eating the sacred bread 2ith imp+re lips and 2ith
profane hands! and by the neglect of my prayers and
7 detest also the crimes 2hich 7 have committed by evil
tho+ghts! vain and imp+re meditations! false s+spicions! and
rash 4+dgments; by the evil consent 2hich 7 have readily given
+nto the advice of the 2ic,ed! by l+st of imp+re and sens+al
pleas+res; by my idle 2ords! my lies! and my deceit; by my
false vo2s in vario+s 2ays; and by my contin+al slander and
7 detest also the crimes 2hich 7 have committed 2ithin; the
treachery and discord 2hich 7 have incited; my c+riosity!
greed! false spea,ing! violence! malediction! m+rm+rs!
blasphemies! vain 2ords! ins+lts! dissim+lations; my sins
against God by the transgression of the ten commandments! by
neglect of my d+ties and obligations! and by 2ant of love
to2ards God and to2ards my neighbo+r.
A+rthermore 7 hate the sins 2hich 7 have committed in all my
senses! by sight! by hearing! by taste! by smell! and by to+ch!
in every 2ay that h+man 2ea,ness can offend the creator; by
my carnal tho+ghts! deeds! and meditations.
7n 2hich 7 h+mbly confess that 7 have sinned! and recognise
myself as being in the sight of God the most criminal of all
7 acc+se myself before thee! < God! and 7 adore thee 2ith all
h+mility. < ye! holy angels! and ye! children of God! in yo+r
presence 7 p+blish my sins! so that mine enemy may have no
advantage over me! and may not be able to reproach me at the
last day; that he may not be able to say that 7 have concealed
my sins! and that 7 be not then acc+sed in the presence of the
Lord; b+t! on the contrary! that on my acco+nt there may be 4oy
in Heaven! as over the 4+st 2ho have confessed their sins in
thy presence.
< most mighty and all po2erf+l Aather! grant thro+gh thine
+nbo+nded mercy that 7 may both see and ,no2 all the spirits
2hich 7 invo,e! so that by their means 7 may see my 2ill and
desire accomplished! by the sovereign grande+r! and by thine
ineffable and eternal glory! tho+ 2ho art and 2ho 2ilt be for
ever the p+re and ineffable father of all.
The confession having been finished 2ith great h+mility! and
2ith the in2ard feeling of the heart! the master 2ill recite the
follo2ing prayer:88
< Lord all po2erf+l! eternal God and father of all creat+res!
shed +pon me the divine infl+ence of thy mercy! for 7 am thy
creat+re. 7 beseech thee to defend me from mine enemies! and
to confirm in me tr+e and steadfast faith.
< Lord! 7 commit my body and my so+l +nto thee! seeing 7 p+t
my tr+st in none beside thee; it is on thee alone that 7 rely; <
Lord my God aid me; < Lord hear me in the day and ho+r
2herein 7 shall invo,e thee. 7 pray thee by thy mercy not to p+t
me in oblivion! nor to remove me from thee. < Lord be tho+
my s+ccor! tho+ 2ho art the God of my salvation. < Lord
ma,e me a ne2 heart according +nto thy loving ,indness.
These! < Lord! are the gifts 2hich 7 a2ait from thee! < my
God and my master! tho+ 2ho livest and reignest +nto the *ges
of the *ges. *men.
< Lord God the all po2erf+l one! 2ho hast formed +nto
thyself great and ineffable 2isdom! and co8eternal 2ith thyself
before the co+ntless ages; tho+ 2ho in the birth of time hast
created the Heavens! and the Earth! the sea! and things that
they contain; tho+ 2ho hast vivified all things by the breath of
thy mo+th! 7 praise thee! 7 bless thee! 7 adore thee! and 7 glorify
thee. Ge tho+ propitio+s +nto me 2ho am b+t a miserable
sinner! and despise me not; save me and s+ccor me! even me
the 2or, of thine hands. 7 con4+re and entreat thee by thy Holy
name to banish from my spirit the dar,ness of 7gnorance! and
to enlighten me 2ith the Aire of thy -isdom; ta,e a2ay from
me all evil desires! and let not my speech be as that of the
foolish. < tho+! God the Living <ne! 2hose Glory! Hono+r!
and Kingdom shall e5tend +nto the *ges of the *ges. *men.
< L<RE God! Holy Aather! *lmighty and Mercif+l <ne! 2ho
hast created all things! 2ho ,no2est all things and can do all
things! from 2hom nothing is hidden! to 2hom nothing is
impossible; tho+ 2ho ,no2est that 2e perform not these
ceremonies to tempt thy po2er! b+t that 2e may penetrate into
the ,no2ledge of hidden things; 2e pray thee by thy Sacred
Mercy to ca+se and to permit! that 2e may arrive at this
+nderstanding of secret things! of 2hatever nat+re they may
be! by thine aid! < Most Holy *E<>*7! 2hose Kingdom and
o2er shall have no end +nto the *ges of the *ges. *men.
The rayer being finished! let the E5orcist lay his hand +pon
the pentacles! 2hile one of the Eisciples shall hold open before
him the Goo, 2herein are 2ritten the prayers and con4+rations
proper for con?+ering! s+bd+ing! and reproving the spirits.
Then the Master! t+rning to2ards each N+arter of the Earth!
and raising his eyes to Heaven! shall say:
< Lord! be tho+ +nto me a strong to2er of ref+ge! from the
sight and assa+lts of the Evil spirits.

$. "ompare 2ith salm
@'.( .KJC s@$.90: 1Aor
tho+ hast been a shelter for
me! and a strong to2er
from the enemy.1 8JH
*fter 2hich let him t+rn again to2ards the fo+r ?+arters of the
Earth! and to2ards each let him +tter the follo2ing 2ords:
Gehold the symbols and names of the creator! 2hich give +nto
ye forever terror and fear. <bey then! by the virt+e of these
holy names! and by these Mysteries of Mysteries.
*fter this he shall see the spirits come from every side. G+t in
case they are occ+pied in some other place! or that they cannot
come! or that they are +n2illing to come: then let him
commence afresh to invo,e them after the follo2ing manner!
and let the e5orcist be ass+red that even 2ere they bo+nd 2ith
chains of iron! and 2ith fire! they co+ld not refrain from
coming to accomplish his 2ill.
&. There is an 7nvocation
bearing the title of 3The
Nabalistical 7nvocation of
Solomon!3 given by
Eliphas LLvi! 2hich differs
in many points from the
one given above! tho+gh
resembling it in some
partic+lars. LLvi3s is more
evidently constr+cted on
the plan indicated in the
3Siphra Et=enio+tha!3 c.
777.; *nnotation [ )! s+b. [
/! %; 2hile the one above
more follo2s that laid
do2n! i*id. [ )! s+b. [ 9. 7
see no reason to s+ppose
that LLvi3s is +na+thentic.
7t 2ill be noted by the
Nabalistical reader! that
the above con4+ration
rehearses the divine names
attached to the ten
Sephiroth. 8SLM
< ye spirits! ye 7 con4+re by the po2er! 2isdom! and virt+e of
the spirit of God! by the +ncreate divine ,no2ledge! by the
vast mercy of God! by the strength of God! by the greatness of
God! by the +nity of God; and by the holy name of God
EHE7EH! 2hich is the root! tr+n,! so+rce! and origin of all the
other divine names! 2hence they all dra2 their life and their
virt+e! 2hich *dam having invo,ed! he ac?+ired the
,no2ledge of all created things.
7 con4+re ye by the indivisible name 7<E! 2hich mar,eth and
e5presseth the simplicity and the +nity of the nat+re divine!
2hich *bel having invo,ed! he deserved
to escape from the
hands of "ain his brother.
9. 7n the Arench! 3merita
d\Lchapper.3 8SLM.
M&B@: 1?+od etiam *bel
nomina+it et mer+it
e+adere man+s fratris s+i
"aim.1 *+b. &(! reads 1...
?+od etiam nomina+it
Seth! et mer+it evadere
man+s fratris s+i "aim1
.2hich SETH having
named! he 2as fo+nd
2orthy to evade the hand
of his brother "ain.0 *d.
$'/@& reads 1... ?+od
etiam Leter .W0 nomina+it!
et mer+it e+adere man+s
atris s+i "aim1 .2hich
Leter .W0 having named! he
2as fo+nd 2orthy to evade
the hand of his father
"aim.0 8JH
7 con4+re ye by the name TETR*GR*MM*T<> EL<H7M!

2hich e5presseth and signifieth the grande+r of so lofty a
ma4esty! that >oah having prono+nced it! saved himself! and
protected himself 2ith his 2hole ho+sehold from the 2aters of
the del+ge.
(. *+b&( reads 1Jeo+a
Elohim1; M&B@: 1Jeo+Q
Eloym1; Sl9'%$: 1Jehova
Eloym1; K&// and L$&'&:
1Jehovah Elohym1; *d.
$'/@&: 1Je! Ho+a! Eloia.1
7 con4+re ye by the name of God EL strong and 2onderf+l!
2hich denoteth the mercy and goodness of his ma4esty divine!
2hich *braham having invo,ed! he 2as fo+nd 2orthy to come
forth from the Dr of the "haldeans.
7 con4+re ye by the most po2erf+l name of EL<H7M G7G<R!
2hich sho2eth forth the strength of God! of a God all
po2erf+l! 2ho p+nisheth the crimes of the 2ic,ed! 2ho
see,eth o+t and chastiseth the ini?+ities of the fathers +pon the
children +nto the third and fo+rth generation; 2hich 7saac
having invo,ed! he 2as fo+nd 2orthy to escape from the
of *braham his father.
). Lat. gladi+s.
7 con4+re ye and 7 e5orcise ye by the most holy name of
EL<*H C*8E**TH!
2hich Jacob invo,ed 2hen in great
tro+ble! and 2as fo+nd 2orthy to bear the name of 7srael!
2hich signifieth van?+isher of God; and he 2as delivered from
the f+ry of Esa+ his brother.
@. *+b&( reads 1Eloha
Cangaadat1; M&B@: 1Eloha
+angadet1; K&//! Sl9'%$!
and Lans $&'& read 1Eloha
Cangadat1; *d. $'/@&:
1Eloa Cagadat1. 8JH
7 con4+re ye by the most potent name of EL
TJ*G*<TH! 2hich is the God of armies! r+ling in the
B. More +s+ally the name
Heavens! 2hich Joseph invo,ed and 2as fo+nd 2orthy to
escape from the hands of his brethren.
TJ*G*<TH is attrib+ted
to the seventh Sephiroth.
*+b&( reads: 1*donay
Je+aoth1; K&// and
Sl9'%$: 1El *donay
Jevaod1; L$&'&: 1El!
*donay! Jenard1; *d.
$'/@&: 1*donay Je+ahot1.
This paragraph is not
fo+nd in M&B@. 8JH
7 con4+re ye by the most potent name of EL<H7M
2hich e5presseth piety! mercy! splendo+r! and
,no2ledge of God! 2hich Moses invo,ed! and he 2as fo+nd
2orthy to deliver the eople 7srael from Egypt! and from the
servit+de of haraoh.
/. *+b&(: 1Elohym
Je+ad1; Sl9'%$: 1Eloym
Jevaoth1; K&//: 1Elohym
Jevaod1; L$&'&: 1Elhoim
Jenard1; *d. $'/@&:
1Eloim Je+ord.1 8JH
7 con4+re ye by the most potent name of SH*EE*7!
signifieth doing good +nto all; 2hich Moses invo,ed! and
having str+c, the Sea! it divided into t2o parts in the midst! on
the right hand and on the left. 7 con4+re ye by the most holy
name of EL
"H*7! 2hich is that of the Living God! thro+gh
the virt+e of 2hich alliance 2ith +s! and redemption for +s
have been made; 2hich Moses invo,ed and all the 2aters
ret+rned to their prior state and enveloped the Egyptians! so
that not one of them escaped to carry the ne2s into the Land of
%. K&//! Sl9'%$! L$&'&!
*+b&( read 1Saday1; *d.
$'/@&: 1Siday.1 8JH
$'. Goth this name and
3Shaddai3 are attrib+ted to
the >inth Sephira! and $
have therefore p+t the t2o
invocations in the same
paragraph. 8SLM
7nstead of 1EL "H*71
*+b&( and *d. $'/@&
reads 1Eloy1; M&B@:
1Elo+m1; K&// and
Sl9'%$: 1Elohym1; L$&'&:
Elhoim.1 8JH
Lastly! 7 con4+re ye all! ye rebellio+s spirits! by the most holy
name of God *E<>*7 MELEKH! 2hich Josh+a invo,ed! and
stayed the co+rse of the S+n in his presence! thro+gh the virt+e
of Methratton!
its principal 7mage; and by the troops of
angels 2ho cease not to cry day and night! N*E<S"H!
N*E<S"H! N*E<S"H! *E<>*7 EL<H7M TJ*G*<TH
.that is! Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God of Hosts! Heaven and
Earth are f+ll of thy Glory0; and by the ten angels 2ho preside
over the ten Sephiroth! by 2hom God comm+nicateth and
e5tendeth his infl+ence over lo2er things! 2hich are
$$. The *rchangel! 2ho is
called also the rince of
"o+ntenances. 8SLM
*+b. &( .fol B)r0 reads
1Mittatron1; Kings &//
and Lans. $&'& read
Mitraton; *d. $'/@& reads
1mitati+m1 or
1ermitati+m.1 8JH
$&. This passage ill+strates
the degree of corr+ption of
the man+scripts! as none
of the copyists seems to
have any grasp of the
Kabbalah. M&B@ seems to
be the most correct here:
1"heder cochmQ bin]
Ghed+l] Ghe++rQ tifered
ne=ach hod Jesod e
Malc+d1; *+b&(:
1Heoeder! Hoema! Giria!
Ghed+la! Ghe++ra!
Tiphered! >od! >e==ac!
Jessod! et Mali+d1;
*d$'/@&: 1Y...Zeder!
Hoema! Grica! Ghed+lat!
Gherc+ra! Tifired!
Hadmer=ael! 7essod! et
Mal+id1; H9%/$: 1Heder!
>oema! Giria! Ghed+la!
Thipheret! >od! >e==ac!
Jessod! et Malchove1;
Sl9'%$: 1Heder >oema!
Giria! Ghed+la! Thipheret!
>od! >e==ac! Thessod! et
Malchove1; K&//: 1Keder!
>oema! Giria! Ghed+la!
Tipheret! >od! >e==ach!
7hessod! et Malchore1;
L$&'&: 1Heder! Rosina!
Gria! Glad+la! Thiphera!
>od! >e==iac! "hessod!
Malehove1. M&B@
reg+larly red+ces do+ble
consonants! so it seems
li,ely that the ninth
originally read 1Jessod1.
7 con4+re ye ane2! < spirits! by all the names of God! and by
all his marvello+s 2or,; by the heavens; by the earth; by the
sea; by the depth of the *byss! and by that firmament 2hich
the very spirit of God hath moved; by the s+n and by the stars;
by the 2aters and by the seas! and all 2hich they contain; by
the 2inds! the 2hirl2inds! and the tempests; by the virt+e of
all herbs! plants! and stones; by all 2hich is in the heavens!
+pon the earth! and in all the abysses of the shades.
7 con4+re ye ane2! and 7 po2erf+lly +rge ye! < Eemons! in
2hatsoever part of the 2orld ye may be! so that ye shall be
+nable to remain m air! fire! 2ater! earth! or in any part of the
+niverse! or in any pleasant place 2hich may attract ye; b+t
that ye come promptly to accomplish o+r desire! and all things
that 2e demand from yo+r obedience.
7 con4+re ye ane2 by the t2o Tables of the La2! by the five
boo,s of Moses! by the Seven G+rning Lamps on the
"andlestic, of Gold before the face of the Throne of the
Ma4esty of God! and by the Holy of Holies 2herein the
K<HE> H*8G*EDL 2as alone permitted to enter! that is to
say! the High8riest.
7 con4+re ye by him 2ho hath made the heavens and the earth!
and 2ho hath meas+red those heavens in the hollo2 of his
hand! and enclosed the earth 2ith three of his fingers! 2ho is
seated +pon the Ker+bim and +pon the Seraphim; and by the
Ker+bim! 2hich is called the Ker+b! 2hich God constit+ted
and placed to g+ard the Tree of Life! armed 2ith a flaming
s2ord! after that Man had been driven o+t of aradise.
7 con4+re ye ane2! *postates from God! by him 2ho alone hath
performed great 2onders; by the Heavenly Jer+salem; and by
the Most Holy name of God in Ao+r Letters! and by him 2ho
enlighteneth all things and shineth +pon all things by his
Cenerable and 7neffable name! EHE7EH *SHER EHE7EH;

that ye come immediately to e5ec+te o+r desire! 2hatever it
may be.
$9. M&B@: 1Eheye esser
Eheye1; Sl9'%$ and K&//:
1Eheyetsser Eheye1;
L$&'&: 1"heye! *ssereye.1
7 con4+re ye! and 7 command ye absol+tely! < Eemons! in
2hatsoever part of the Dniverse ye may be! by the virt+e of all
these Holy names:88 *E<>*7! M*H! H<*! EL! EL<H*!
EL<H7>D! EL<H7M! EHE7EH! M*R<>! K*HD! ES"H!
7>><>! *CE>! *GL*! H*J<R! EMETH! M*77!
*R*R7TH*! M<C*! H*8K*G7R! MESS7*"H! 7<>*H!
by all the Holy names of God 2hich have been 2ritten 2ith
blood in the sign of an eternal alliance.
$(. 7 have made these
names as correct as
possible; as in all the
original MSS. the Hebre2
is m+ch m+tilated. These
names are some of them
ordinary titles of God;
others Magical and
Nabalistical names
compo+nded from the
initials of sentences! etc.;
and others perm+tations of
other names. 8SLM
Regarding MT=T= .or
M*J*J0! see Gollanc=!
Boo/ of ,rotection!
7ntrod+ction! p. 555. This
name also occ+rs in Goo,
& as an alternate reading in
Sl. $9'B.
*+b&(: 1*donay! Jah! El!
Es! Eloha *ghelion! >a!
Eloym! Eheie! Maron!
"aph+ 7nn+m! E+en! *gla!
Joy! Emed! Jeia! *racita!
Ja+a! 7ss+! Haca+a!
Messiah! 7sma Maleche!
Ere=! K+=+! Maspal! El
Saday1; M&B@: 1adonay
Jah Cah El Eloa Elion h^
Eloym Eheye maron
"aphec Jes+ssim+m a+em
*gla e5orh emaeim Jeya
arania ia+a hocha+no
mesiatema melche ero=
a+=+ malp+= El sadai1;
Sl9'%$: 1*donay! 7ah! H+!
El! Eloha! >gelion! >+!
Elohym! theye! Maron!
"aph+! 7ss+! 7mn+m!
Even! *gla! E=or! Emoed!
7eya! *rarita! 7ova!
Hacavo! Messiah! Soma!
MalchL! Erel! E,+s+!
Malpar! El! Saday1;
*d$'/@&: 1*donay! 7ah!
Hoel! El! Eloh! *gtelion!
>a .W0! Eloin! Eheie!
Macon! "apha! 7nn+m!
E+re_! *gla! Jor! Emet!
"era! *nacio! La+t! 7ss+!
*ca+t! Massiah! 7sma
Malechi! Erey! G+=+ .W80!
Ma=pol! <ssaday1; K&//:
1*donay! 7ah! H+! El!
Eloha! >gelion+! Elohym!
Eheye! Maron! "aph+!
7ss+! 7nm+m! Even! *gla!
E=or! Emoed! 7eya!
*rarita! 7ova! Hacavo!
Messiah! 7omas! MalchL!
Erel! Esc+sa! Maspar! El!
Sada`1; L$&'&: 1*donay!
Ja+! H+sset! Eloha!
>ghelion! >+! Elohim!
Eheye! Maron! "aph+!
7ss+! 7mm+m! Eve+! *gla!
E=or! et par les >oms de
Eie+ Lcrits avce YsicZ d+
sang en signe dT*lliance
?+i sont Emoad! Jahia!
*varita! Jova! Hacavo!
Messiah! Joma! Malche!
Eret! Ello=a! Malpa= I
Saday.1 8JH
7 con4+re ye ane2 by these other names of God! most holy and
+n,no2n! by the virt+e of 2hich names ye tremble every
day:88 G*JD"! G*"DR*G<>! *T*"EL! *L"HEGHEL!
*ND*"H*7! H<M<R7<>S! EM! *GG*T<>! "HEC<>!
"EG<>! <M! J<MM*S! "*ME! EHE7EH! *GG*M*"H7!
that ye come ?+ic,ly
and 2itho+t any delay into o+r presence from every ?+arter
and every climate of the 2orld 2herein ye may be! to e5ec+te
all that 2e shall command ye in the great name of God.
$). 7 give these names as
they stand! they do not all
appear to be Hebre2;
some of them s+ggest the
style of the barbaro+s
names in the Graeco8
Egyptian Magical apyri.
M&B@: 1ba=+ch!
bac+rebon! patariel
alchaeghel! a?+ar+s!
homorions! ey! abbaton!
che+on! cebore oy!
=oymas! caye eec
abb+machi ertag+nale
helech Je=e1; *+b&(:
1G+=+c! Gar+bason!
atha+l! *rchighel!
*?+echay! Homorions! Ey!
*bbaton! "hi+on! "ebeon!
<5! Joymas! "aye Ee+!
*b+machi! <rtag+! Ha=a!
Helec Je=e1; *d$'/@&:
1Ge=++! Gac+b+rs!
athah+l! *rchighel!
*?+echay! Ei! *bbator!
"hi+or! "ebeor!
<y=orimas! "aye! E+e!
*bbimachi! <rbayri! a=a!
Hebec! Tere1; Sl9'%$! H:
1Ga=+c! Gac+rabon!
atacel! *lcheegel!
*?+acay! Homorions! Ey!
*bbaton! "hevon! "ebon!
<yJoymas! "ay! EeL!
*lbamachi! <rtag+! Male!
Helech! 7e=e1; K&//:
1Gar+c! Gac+rabon!
atacel! *lcheeghel!
*?+aca`! Homorion! Ey!
*bbaton! "hevon! "ebon!
<y=oymas! "ay! EeL!
*lbamachi! <rtag+! >ale!
Helech! 7e=e1; L$&'&:
1Ga=+r! Garabon! atacel!
Etheogeliel! *gnaci!
Homorion! E+! *bbaton!
Ethenon! "ehon! <y!
Jemas! "ay! "ec!
*bbamalhi! <rtagiel!
>alche! Seche==e.1 8JH
Mathers: G*RD"!
H<M<R7<>! EHE7EH!
*GG*T<>! "HEC<>!
"EG<>! <MJR<MM*S!
"H*7! EHE7EH!
*LG*M*"H7! <RT*GD!
>*LE! *GELE"H .or
7f they then immediately appear! it is 2ell; if not! let the master
+ncover the consecrated pentacles 2hich he sho+ld have made
to constrain and command the spirits! and 2hich he sho+ld
2ear fastened ro+nd his nec,! holding the medals .or
pentacles0 in his left hand! and the consecrated ,nife in his
$. *d$'/@& and Sl.9'%$:
1a some2hat elevated
voice.1 8JH
right; and enco+raging his companions! he shall say 2ith a
lo+d voice:88

Here be the symbols of secret things! the standards! the
ensigns! and the banners! of God the con?+eror; and the arms
of the almighty <ne! to compel the aerial potencies. 7
command ye absol+tely by their po2er and virt+e that ye come
near +nto +s! into o+r presence! from 2hatsoever part of the
2orld ye may be in! and that ye delay not to obey +s in all
things 2herein 2e shall command ye by the virt+e of God the
mighty <ne. "ome ye promptly! and delay not to appear! and
ans2er +s 2ith h+mility.
7f they appear at this time! sho2 them the pentacles! and
receive them 2ith ,indness! gentleness! and co+rtesy; reason
and spea, 2ith them! ?+estion them! and as, from them all
things 2hich tho+ hast proposed to demand.
G+t if! on the contrary! they do not yet ma,e their appearance!
holding the consecrated ,nife
in the right hand! and the
being +ncovered by the removal of their consecrated
covering! stri,e and beat the air 2ith the ,nife as if 2ishing to
commence a combat! comfort and e5hort thy companions! and
then in a lo+d and stern voice repeat the follo2ing
&. Lat. 1gladi+s1; 7tal. 1il
coltello1; Ar. 1le co+ta+1.
9. *+b. &( and *d. $'/@&
add 1in the left1. 8JH
(. This con4+ration is
almost identical 2ith one
given in the Lemegeton' or
Lesser Key! a different
2or,! also attrib+ted to
Solomon. 8SLM
Here again 7 con4+re ye and most +rgently command ye; 7
force! constrain! and e5hort ye to the +tmost! by the most
mighty and po2erf+l name of God EL! strong and 2onderf+l!
and by God the 4+st and +pright! 7 e5orcise ye and command
ye that ye in no 2ay delay! b+t that ye come immediately and
+pon the instant hither before +s! 2itho+t noise! deformity! or
hideo+sness! b+t 2ith all manner of gentleness and mildness.
). Mathers is follo2ing
K&// and H 2hich read!
1avec to+tes sorte de
do+ce+rs et de "ivilitL1;
Lat. 1omni affabilitate1 .all
affabilityOco+rtesy0. The
2ording in L$&'& and
Sl9'%$ again agree: 1to+te
sorte de civilitL et
co+rtoisie1. 8JH
7 e5orcise ye ane2! and po2erf+lly con4+re ye! commanding ye
2ith strength and violence by him 2ho spa,e and it 2as done;
@. *+. &(: 1Cos iter+m
e5orci=o at?+e potenter
and by all these names: EL SH*EE*7! EL<H7M! EL<H7!
2hich signify God the
high and almighty! the God of 7srael! thro+gh 2hom
+nderta,ing all o+r operations 2e shall prosper in all the 2or,s
of o+r hands! seeing that the Lord is no2! al2ays! and for ever
2ith +s! in o+r heart and in o+r lips; and by his holy names!
and by the virt+e of the sovereign God! 2e shall accomplish all
o+r 2or,.
contestor! ac valde impero
per e+m ?+i di5it! et
fact+m est ...1 .7 again
e5orci=e yo+! and potently
con4+re yo+! and greatly
command yo+ thro+gh him
2ho spo,e! and it 2as
done...1 8JH
B. This passage presents an
interesting p+==le. Mathers
is basically follo2ing the
"olorno class of
man+scripts! even tho+gh
the phrase 1the God of
7srael1 implies the original
Hebre2 incl+ded 1EL<HE
7SR*EL1. The complete
phrase 1God the high and
almighty! the God of
7srael1 .Lat1 Eomin+s
Ee+s e5cels+s omnipotens
Ee+s 7srael0 might be
rendered in Hebre2 as
1*E<>*M! EL7<>! EL
*+b&(! *d$'/@&!
*d9@@B(! and Sl9/(B are
all closer to the p+rported
*+b&(: 1*donay! <ghelio
.8eW0! Saday! 7srael! ?+od
est Eomin+s Ee+s
e5cels+s omnipotens Ee+s
7srael1; *d$'/@&:
1*donay! <ghelion! Saday!
7serael! ?+od est Eomin+s
Ee+s e5cels+s <mnipotens
Ee+s 7srael1; *d9@@B(:
*E<>*M! *L<E!
*L><>! S*G*<TH!
S*E*M .correct to
*E<>*M! EL<HE!
EL7<>! S*G*<TH!
S*E*M0 Sl9/(B:
1*donay! heloe! heloym!
Sabaoth Saday! ?+od est
domin+s de+s e5cels+s et
omnipotens re5 7srael.1
The prototype of the
"olorno class of
man+scripts probably read!
1EL SH*EE*7!
M&B@: 1et saday Eloym
Eloa Je+aod Eheye esser
Eheye Jah tetagramaton
saday ?+od est domin+s
de+s e5cels+r omnipotens
de+s israel1; Sl9'%$: 1El!
Saday! Elohym! ElohL!
Jevaoth! Elym! *sser!
Eheye! Jah! Tetagramaton
Saday1; L$&'&: 1El!
Saday! Jah! Elohim! Eohe!
Jenard! Elein! *sser! Eche!
Tad! Tetragrammaton!
Saday1; K&//: 1El! Sada`!
Elohym! Elohe! Jevaod!
Elim! *sser! Eheye! 7ah!
Tretragrammaton! Sada`1;
H9%/$: 1El! Sada`!
Elohym! Elohe! Jevaod!
Elym! *sser! Eheye! 7ah!
Tetagramaton! Sada`1.
"ome ye at once 2itho+t any hideo+sness or deformity before
+s! come ye 2itho+t monstro+s appearance! in a gracio+s form
or fig+re. "ome ye! for 2e e5orcise ye 2ith the +tmost
vehemence by the name of 7*H and <>! 2hich *dam spa,e
and heard; by the name EL! 2hich >oah heard! and saved
himself 2ith all his family from the Eel+ge; by the name 7<E!
2hich >oah heard! and ,ne2 God the *lmighty <ne; by the
/. Some MSS. add! 3et
f+rent p+rifiLs.3 8SLM
*+b. &( adds 1et
comp+traer+nt1 .and
rotted0; *d. $'/@&
misreads 1compos+er+nt1
name *GL* 2hich Jacob heard! and sa2 the Ladder 2hich
to+ched Heaven! and the angels 2ho ascended and descended
+pon it! 2hence he called that place the Ho+se of God and the
Gate of Heaven; and by the name EL<H7M! and in the name
EL<H7M! 2hich Moses named! invo,ed! and heard in Horeb
the Mo+nt of God! and he 2as fo+nd 2orthy to hear him spea,
from the G+rning G+sh; and by the name *7> S<H! 2hich
*aron heard! and 2as at once made elo?+ent! 2ise! and
learned; and by the name TJ*G*<TH! 2hich Moses named
and invo,ed! and all the ponds and rivers 2ere covered 2ith
blood thro+gho+t the land of Egypt;
and by the name 7<E!
2hich Moses named and invo,ed! and stri,ing +pon the d+st
of the earth it became gnats infesting men! cattle! and beasts of
b+rden of Egypt;
and by the name! and in the name
2hich Moses named and invo,ed! and there fell
a great and severe hail thro+gho+t all the land of Egypt!
destroying the vines! the trees! and the 2oods 2hich 2ere in
that co+ntry; and by the name 7*H*R! 2hich Moses heard
and invo,ed! and immediately a great pestilence began to
appear thro+gh all the land of Egypt! stri,ing and slaying the
asses! the o5en! and the sheep of the Egyptians! so that they all
died; and by the name *G*EE<> 2hich Moses invo,ed and
sprin,led the d+st to2ards heaven! and immediately there fell
so great rain +pon the men! cattle! and floc,s! that they all died
thro+gho+t the land of Egypt; and by the name EL7<> 2hich
Moses invo,ed! and there fell so great hail as had never been
seen from the beginning of the 2orld +nto that time! so that all
men! and herds! and everything that 2as in the fields perished
and died thro+gho+t all the land of Egypt. *nd by the name
*E<>*7! 2hich Moses having invo,ed! there came so great a
?+antity of loc+sts 2hich appeared in the land of Egypt! that
they devo+red and s2allo2ed +p all that the hail had spared;
and by the name of *THE<>!
2hich having invo,ed! there
arose so thic,! so a2f+l! and so terrible dar,ness thro+gho+t
the land of Egypt! d+ring the space of three days and three
nights! that almost all 2ho 2ere left alive died; and by the
name MES<E! and in the name MES<E! 2hich Moses
invo,ed! and at midnight all the first8born! both of men and of
animals! died; and by the name of MESH7M<>! 2hich Moses
named and invo,ed! and the Red Sea divided itself and
separated in t2o; and by the name HES7<>! 2hich Moses
invo,ed! and all the army of haraoh 2as dro2ned in the
2aters; and by the name *>*G<>*! 2hich Moses having
heard +pon Mo+nt Sinai! he 2as fo+nd 2orthy to receive and
obtain the tables of stone 2ritten 2ith the finger of God the
creator; and by the name ERMG7<>! 2hich Josh+a having
.they have composed 0
%. So *+b&(. 2hich reads
1et perc+tiens p+lverem
terrV factV s+nt cinifices
in homines! et boves! et
i+menta *egyptior+m1.
This reading is also
s+pported by M&B@ and
*d. 9@@B(. This is based
on E5od+s /:$B: 1et
e5tendit *aron man+
virgam tenens perc+ssit?+e
p+lverem terrae et facti
s+nt scinifes in hominib+s
et in i+mentis omnis p+lvis
terrae vers+s est in scinifes
per totam terram *egypti1
.and *aron stretched o+t
his hand 2ith his rod! and
smote the d+st of the earth!
and it became gnats in
man! and in beast; all the
d+st of the land became
gnats thro+gho+t all the
land of Egypt.0 The Arench
man+scripts misread Latin
1cinis1 .ashes! Ar.
1cendre10! instead of Latin
1cinifes1 .gnats0. Mathers
reads 1and stri,ing +pon
the d+st of the earth both
men and beasts 2ere
str+c, 2ith disease.1 8JH
Some MSS. s+bstit+te! 3les
hommes f+rent red+its en
cendre! comme a+ssi les
boe+fs! betail! et tro+pea+5
des Egyptiens.3 8SLM
$'. So M&B@! *+b&(!
Sl9'%$! H9%/$! and K&//.
*d. 9@@B( reads
1haicon1. This sentence
invo,ed 2hen he fo+ght against the Moabites! he defeated
them and gained the victory; and by the name H<*! and in the
name H<*! 2hich Eavid invo,ed! and he 2as delivered from
the hand of Goliath; and by the name M<E! 2hich Solomon
having named and invo,ed! he 2as fo+nd 2orthy to as, for
and obtain in sleep the ineffable 2isdom of God; and by the
name M7*7! 2hich Solomon having named and invo,ed! he
2as fo+nd 2orthy to have po2er over all the demons!
potencies! po2ers! and virt+es of the air.
is missing in *d. $'/@&.
Mathers follo2s Lans.
$&'& in reading
1R7MEDM*T<>1. 8JH
$$. This is often 2ritten
*THTDM<> in similar
con4+rations! b+t the MSS.
before me agree in giving
this form. 8SLM
*+b. &( and *d. $'/@&
both read hateon; M&B@:
1antheon1. 8JH
Gy these! then! and by all the other names of God almighty!
holy! living! and tr+e! 2e po2erf+lly command ye! ye 2ho by
yo+r o2n sin have been cast do2n from the Empyreal Heaven!
and from before his throne; by him 2ho hath cast ye do2n
+nto the most profo+nd of the abysses of Hell! 2e command ye
boldly and resol+tely; and by that terrible day of the sovereign
4+dgment of God! on 2hich all the dry bones in the earth 2ill
arise to hear and listen +nto the 2ord of God 2ith their body!
and 2ill present themselves before the face of God almighty;
and by that Last Aire 2hich shall cons+me all things; by the
."rystal0 Sea 2hich is ,no2n +nto +s! 2hich is before the face
of God; by the indicible and ineffable virt+e! force! and po2er
of the creator himself! by his almighty po2er! and by the light
and flame 2hich emanate from his co+ntenance! and 2hich are
before his face; by the angelical po2ers 2hich are in the
Heavens! and by the most great 2isdom of almighty God; by
the Seal of Eavid! by the Ring
and Seal of Solomon! 2hich
2as revealed +nto him by the Most High and Sovereign
creator; and by the >ine Medals or pentacles!
2hich 2e have
among o+r symbols! 2hich proceed and come from Heaven!
and are among the Mysteries of Mysteries or Secrets of
Secrets! 2hich yo+ can also behold in my hand! consecrated
and e5orcised 2ith the d+e and re?+isite "eremonies. Gy
these! then! and by all the secrets 2hich the *lmighty
encloseth in the Treas+res of the sovereign and Highest
-isdom! by his Hand! and by his marvello+s po2er; 7 con4+re!
force! and e5orcise ye that ye come 2itho+t delay to perform
in o+r presence that 2hich 2e shall command ye.
$&. >ote this mention of
the ring of Solomon!
tho+gh there is no ring
described among the rit+al
implements. 8JH
$9. *+b. &(: novem
"alestes Kanderias. This
probably corrsponds to the
nine Kandariri .talismans0
fo+nd in Gollanc=3 Hebre2
man+script .fol. (%a0. This
sentence is not fo+nd in
*d. $'/@&. 8JH
7 con4+re ye ane2 by that most holy name 2hich the 2hole
Dniverse fears! respects! and reveres! 2hich is 2ritten by these
letters and characters! 7<E! HE! C*D! HE; and by the last and
$(. Sometimes! b+t as 7
thin, erroneo+sly! 2ritten
Gas8dathea. 7 imagine the
terrible 4+dgment; by the seat of G*LE*"H7*;
and by this
holy name! M7*7! 2hich Moses invo,ed! and there follo2ed
that great J+dgment of God! 2hen Eathan and *biram
s2allo2ed +p in the centre of the earth. <ther2ise! if ye
contravene and resist +s by yo+r disobedience +nto the virt+e
and po2er of this name M7*7! 2e c+rse ye even +nto the depth
of the Great *byss! into the 2hich 2e shall cast! h+rl! and bind
ye! if ye sho2 yo+rselves rebellio+s against the secret of
secrets! and against the mystery of mysteries. *ME>! *ME>.
A7*T! A7*T.
2ord to mean 3Lord of
Life.3 8SLM
$). Ee+t. $$.@. *d. $'/@&
misreads 1Aatam and
*liram.1 8JH
This con4+ration tho+ shalt say and perform! t+rning thyself
+nto the East! and if they appear not! tho+ shalt repeat it +nto
the spirits! t+rning +nto the So+th! the -est! and the >orth! in
s+ccession! 2hen tho+ 2ilt have repeated it fo+r times. *nd if
they appear not even then! tho+ shalt ma,e the sign of T*D

+pon the foreheads of thy companions! and tho+ shalt say:88
$@. <r the "ross. 8SLM
Gehold ane2 the symbol and the name of a sovereign and
con?+ering God! thro+gh 2hich all the Dniverse fears!
trembles! and sh+dders! and thro+gh the most mysterio+s
2ords of the secret mysteries and by their virt+e! strength! and
7 con4+re ye ane2! 7 constrain and command ye 2ith the
+tmost vehemence and po2er! by that most potent and
po2erf+l name of God! EL! strong and 2onderf+l! by him 2ho
spa,e and it 2as done; and by the name 7*H! 2hich Moses
heard! and spo,e 2ith God; and by the name *GL*! 2hich
Joseph invo,ed! and 2as delivered o+t of the hands of his
brethren; and by the name C*D! 2hich *braham heard! and
,ne2 God the *lmighty <ne; and by the name of Ao+r Letters!
TETR*GR*MM*T<>! 2hich Josh+a named and invo,ed!
and he 2as rendered 2orthy and fo+nd deserving to lead the
*rmy of 7srael into the romised Land; and by the name
*>*G<>*! by 2hich God formed Man and the 2hole
Dniverse; and by the name *RHET<>!
and in the name
*RHET<>! by 2hich the angels 2ho are destined to that end
2ill s+mmon the Dniverse! in visible body and form! and 2ill
assemble .all people0 together by the so+nd of the Tr+mpet at
that terrible and a2f+l Eay of J+dgment! 2hen the memory of
the 2ic,ed and +ngodly shall perish; and by the name
*E<>*7! by 2hich God 2ill 4+dge all h+man flesh! at 2hose
voice all men! both good and evil! 2ill rise again!
and all men
$B. *lso 2ritten )i4eton;
and 7 believe sometimes
replaced by #na43eneton!
or #na43a+eton. 8SLM
$/. *+b. &( adds: 1Et per
nomen 7geon! et in nomine
7geon per ?+od J+sti
res+rgent1 .*nd thro+gh
the name 7geon! and in the
name 7geon! thro+gh
2hich the J+st 2ill rise
again0 8JH
$%. This 2ord is given
vario+sly in the MSS.! as
%ney43eon' %naye43eton!
and Donece43eron! etc.
and angels 2ill assemble in the air before the Lord! 2ho 2ill
4+dge and condemn the 2ic,ed; and by the name
by 2hich God 2ill s+mmon the dead! and
raise them +p again +nto life; and by the name EL<H7M! and
in the name EL<H7M! by 2hich God 2ill dist+rb and e5cite
tempests thro+gho+t all the seas! so that they 2ill cast o+t the
fish therefrom! and in one day the third part of men abo+t the
sea and the rivers shall die; and by the name EL<H7!
and in
the name EL<H7! by 2hich God 2ill dry +p the sea and the
rivers! so that men can go on foot thro+gh their channels; and
by the name <>! and in the name <>! by 2hich God shall
restore and replace the sea! the rivers! the streams! and the
broo,s! in their previo+s state; and by the name MESS7*"H!
and in the name MESS7*"H! by 2hich God 2ill ma,e all
animals combat together! so that they shall die in a single day;
and by the name *R7EL!
by 2hich God shall destroy in a
single day all b+ildings! so that there shall not be left one stone
+pon another; and by the name 7*HT!
by 2hich God 2ill cast
one stone +pon another! so that all people and nations 2ill fly
from the sea8shore! and 2ill say +nto them cover +s and hide
+s; and by the name EM*>DEL! by 2hich God 2ill perform
2onders! and the 2inged creat+res and birds of the air shall
contend 2ith one another; and by the name *>*EL!
and in
the name *>*EL! by 2hich God 2ill cast do2n the
mo+ntains and fill +p the valleys! so that the s+rface of the
earth shall be level in all parts; and by the name JEEEREJ*!
and in the name JEEEREJ*! by 2hich God 2ill ca+se the
S+n and Moon to be dar,ened! and the stars of heaven to fall;
and by the name SEHER7EL!
by 2hich God 2ill come to
Dniversal J+dgment! li,e a rince ne2ly cro2ned entering in
tri+mph into his capital city! girded 2ith a =one of gold! and
preceded by angels! and at his aspect all climes and parts of the
Dniverse shall be tro+bled and astonished! and a fire shall go
forth before him! and flames and storm shall s+rro+nd him;
and by the name T*D!
by 2hich God bro+ght the Eel+ge!
and the 2aters prevailed above the mo+ntains! and fifteen
c+bits above their s+mmits; and by the name RD*"H7*H!

by 2hich God having p+rged the *ges! he 2ill ma,e his Holy
Spirit to descend +pon the Dniverse! and 2ill cast ye! ye
rebellio+s spirits! and +nclean beings! into the depths of the
la,e of the abyss! in misery! filth! and mire! and 2ill place ye
in imp+re and fo+l d+ngeons bo+nd 2ith eternal chains of fire.
*+b&(: <na5epheon;
Sl9'%$: <neipheon; K&//:
<neypheon; L$&'&:
Eonecepheron. 8JH
&'. <r Elia. 8SLM
*+b&( gives the previo+s
name as Eloy! and this one
as Elya; K&// gives them
as Elohym and Eleya;
Sl9'%$! L$&'& read
Elohim and Elya. 8JH
&$. -hat is said here
refers symbolically to the
rooting o+t of the evil
spirits! and shells! from the
Dniverse by King
Messiach! 2hich is spo,en
of in the Nabalah. The
Nabalah sometimes
e5presses the evil spirits
by the 2ords animals! or
beasts! and creeping
things. 8SLM
&&. *+b&(: *niel. 8JH
&9. The oldest MSS. gives
the above form! in the
others it is changed into
"a43at' Ta43at! and even
8a43et1 7t is probably a
corr+ption of #c3ad Dnity.
*d$'/@&: 7aht; *+b&(:
Jahat; Sl9'%$: 7aphat;
M&B@! L$&'&: Japhat;
K&//: Taphat. 8JH
&(. This is also the name
of the angel of Cen+s.
M&B@: *rel; *+b. &(:
*riel; Kings &//: *nael;
Lans. $&'&: *nnael. 8 JH
&). So 2ritten in the oldest
MS.! the others give it as
.edeesia' .edeezia! and
.edezias. 8SLM
*d$'/@&: Jedere=a;
M&B@: Jedesia; *+b&(:
Jedec=ia .or possible
Jedee=ia0; K&//:
Jedeesia; L$&'&:
Jede=ias; Sl9'%$! H9%/$:
Jedee=ia. 8JH
&@. Meaning 3emanating
from God.3 7t is corr+pted
into Se43osiel! etc.! in the
M&B@: Jephosiel; *+b&(:
Saphasiel; Sl9'%$! K&//!
H9%/$: Sephosiel; L$&'&:
Sopho=iel; *d$'/@&:
Saphatiel. 8JH
&B. "a3a! in $'/@& *dd.
*+b. &(: Tha+; Sl9'%$!
M&B@! K&//! H9%/$! and
L$&'&: Ta+. 8JH
&/. Meaning spirit of 7ah.
*+b. &(: R+chia; K&//:
M&B@: Rechya; ReLhia;
Sl9'%$$! L$&'&: Rechia.
Gy these names then! and by all the other holy names of God
before 2hom no man can stand and live! and 2hich names the
armies of the demons fear! tremble at! and sh+dder; 2e con4+re
ye! 2e potently e5orcise and command ye! con4+ring ye in
addition by the terrible and tremendo+s *THS
of G<E and
&%. That is! the hidden and
occ+lt grades and lin,s of
emanation in the
Sephiroth. The later MSS.
have p+t! by mista,e! voi+
by his holy habitation 2herein he reigneth and commandeth
+nto the eternal ages. *men.
for voies! the oldest Latin
MS. gives Semitis. 8SLM
*+b&(! *d$'/@&! and
M&B@ read 1per terribiles
et absconditas semitas
Eei1 .by the frightening
and hidden paths of God0.
Gy the virt+e of all those aforesaid! 2e command ye that ye
remain not in any place 2herein ye are! b+t to come hither
promptly 2itho+t delay to do that 2hich 2e shall en4oin ye.
G+t if ye be still cont+macio+s! 2e! by the a+thority of a
sovereign and potent God! deprive ye of all ?+ality! condition!
degree! and place 2hich ye no2 en4oy! and precipitate ye into
and relegate ye +nto the Kingdom of Aire and of s+lph+r! to be
there eternally tormented. "ome ye then from all parts of the
earth! 2heresoever ye may be! and behold the symbols and
names of that tri+mphant sovereign 2hom all creat+res obey!
other2ise 2e shall bind ye and cond+ct ye in spite of
yo+rselves! into o+r presence bo+nd 2ith chains of fire!
beca+se those effects 2hich proceed and iss+e from o+r
science and operation! are ardent 2ith a fire 2hich shall
cons+me and b+rn ye eternally! for by these the 2hole
Dniverse trembleth! the earth is moved! the stones thereof r+sh
together! all creat+res obey! and the rebellio+s spirits are
tormented by the po2er of the sovereign creator.
Then it is certain that they 2ill come! even if they be bo+nd
2ith chains of fire! +nless prevented by affairs of the very
greatest importance! b+t in this latter case they 2ill send
ambassadors and messengers by 2hom tho+ shalt easily and
s+rely learn 2hat occ+pies the spirits and 2hat they are abo+t.
G+t if they appear not yet in ans2er to the above con4+ration!
and are still disobedient! then let the master of the art or
e5orciser arise and e5hort his companions to be of good cheer
and not to despair of the +ltimate s+ccess of the operation; let
him stri,e the air 2ith the consecrated ,nife
to2ards the fo+r
?+arters of the Dniverse; and then let him ,neel in the midst of
the circle! and the companions also in their several places! and
let them say consec+tively 2ith him in a lo2 voice! t+rning in
the direction of the East! the follo2ing:
9'. *+b. &(: c+m gladio
7 con4+re and pray ye! < ye angels of God! and ye celestial
spirits! to come +nto mine aid; come and behold the signs of
Heaven! and be my 2itness before the sovereign Lord! of the
disobedience of these evil and fallen spirits 2ho 2ere at one
time yo+r companions.
This being done! let the master arise! and constrain and force
them by a stronger con4+ration! in manner follo2ing.
Gehold +s again prepared to con4+re ye by the names and symbols of God!
2here2ith 2e are fortified! and by the virt+e of the highest one. -e command ye
and potently ordain ye by the most strong and po2erf+l name of God EL!
2ho is
2orthy of all praise! admiration! honor! glory! generation! and fear! that ye delay
not longer! b+t that ye appear before +s 2itho+t any t+m+lt or dist+rbance! b+t! on
the contrary! 2ith great respect and co+rtesy! in a bea+tif+l and h+man form.
$. So M&B@! *+&(!
*d$'/@&: 1et in
+irt+te altissimi
+os coni+ram+s
at?+e +obis
imperam+s per
at?+e fortissim+m
nomen dei El1
L$&'& and Sl9'%$
misread 1Et1 .and0
instead of 1El1;
Mathers follo2s
K&// 2hich is
f+rther removed:
1by the most
strong and
po2erf+l names of
God.1 8JH
7f they then appear! let them see the pentacles! and say:
<bey ye! obey ye! behold the symbols and names of the creator; be ye gentle and
peaceable! and obey in all things that 2e shall command ye.
They 2ill then immediately tal, 2ith thee! as a friend spea,eth +nto a friend. *s,
of them all that tho+ desirest! 2ith constancy! firmness! and ass+rance! and they
2ill obey thee.
G+t if they appear not yet! let not the master on that acco+nt lose his co+rage! for
there is nothing in the 2orld stronger and of greater force to overa2e the spirits
than constancy. Let him! ho2ever! re8e5amine and reform the circle! and let him
ta,e +p a little d+st of the earth! 2hich he shall cast to2ards the fo+r ?+arters of
the Dniverse; and having placed his ,nife +pon the gro+nd! let him say on his
,nees! t+rning to2ards the direction of the >orth:
7n the name of *E<>*7 EL<H7M TJ*G*<TH SH*EE*7! Lord God of armies
almighty! may 2e s+ccessf+lly perform the 2or,s of o+r hands. and may the Lord
he present 2ith +s in o+r heart and in o+r lips.
These 2ords having been said ,neeling +pon the earth! let the master shortly after
arise and open his arms 2ide as if 2ishing to embrace the air! and say:
Gy the holy names of God 2ritten in this boo,! and by the other holy and ineffable
names 2hich are 2ritten in the Boo/ of Life! 2e con4+re ye to come +nto +s
promptly and 2itho+t any delay! 2herefore tarry not! b+t appear in a bea+tif+l and
agreeable form and fig+re! by these Holy names: *E<>*7! TJ*G*<TH! EL!
EL<H7! EL<H7M! SH*EE*7; and by EHE7EH! M<E HE C*D HE! 2hich is the
great name of God TETR*GR*MM*T<> 2ritten 2ith fo+r letters!
*>*H<E7T7<>! and ineffable; by the God of those virt+es and potencies! 2ho
d2elt in the Heavens! 2ho rideth +pon the Ker+bim! 2ho moveth +pon the 2ings
of the 2ind! he 2hose po2er is in Heaven and in Earth! 2ho spa,e and it 2as
done! 2ho commanded and the 2hole Dniverse 2as created; and by the holy
names and in the holy names! 7*H! 7*H! 7*H! *E<>*7 TJ*G*<TH; and by all
the names of God! the living! and the tr+e! 7 reiterate the con4+ration! and 7 con4+re
ye afresh ye Evil and rebellio+s spirits! abiding in the abysses of dar,ness.
7 con4+re! 7 address! and 7 e5orcise ye! that ye may approach +nto and come before
the Throne of God! the living and the tr+e! and before the trib+nal of the 4+dgment
of his ma4esty! and before the holy angels of God to hear the sentence of yo+r
"ome ye then by the name and in the name of SH*EE*7! 2hich is that of God
*lmighty! strong! po2erf+l! admirable! e5alted! p+re! clean! glorified! virt+o+s!
great! 4+st! terrible! and holy; and by the name and in the name of EL! 7*H! 7*H!
7*H! 2ho hath formed and created the 2orld by the breath of his mo+th! 2ho
s+pporteth it by his po2er! 2ho r+leth and governeth it by his 2isdom! and 2ho
hath cast ye for yo+r pride into the land of dar,ness and into the shado2 of death.
Therefore! by the name of the living God! 2ho hath formed the heavens above!
and hath laid the fo+ndations of the earth beneath! 2e command ye that!
immediately and 2itho+t any delay! ye come +nto +s from all places! valleys!
mo+ntains! hills! field! seas! rivers! fo+ntains! ponds! broo,s! caverns! grottos!
cities! to2ns! villages! mar,ets! fairs! habitations! baths! co+rtyards! gardens!
vineyards! plantations! reservoirs! cisterns! and from every corner of the terrestrial
earth 2here ye may happen to be in yo+r assemblies! so that ye may e5ec+te and
accomplish o+r demands 2ith all mildness and co+rtesy; by that ineffable name
2hich Moses heard and invo,ed! 2hich he received from God from the midst of
the G+rning G+sh! 2e con4+re ye to obey o+r commands! and to come +nto +s
promptly 2ith all gentleness of manner.
*gain 2e command ye 2ith vehemence! and 2e e5orcise ye 2ith constancy! that
ye and all yo+r comrades come +nto +s in an agreeable and gracio+s manner li,e
the bree=e! to accomplish s+ccessively o+r vario+s commands and desires. "ome
ye! then! by the virt+e of these names by the 2hich 2e e5orcise ye; *>*M!
GETH*! TER*M7*! *R>ETH! >EG7*! J<>*! R<LHD"H! T7T*"H!
JE>*D! GEJ*! THE7T; all 2hich names are 2ritten in Heaven in the characters of
that is to say! the tong+e of the angels.
&. The mystic
alphabet ,no2n as
the 3-riting of
Malachim3 is
formed from the
positions of the
stars in the
heavens! by
dra2ing imaginary
lines from one star
to another so as to
obtain the shapes
of the characters
of this alphabet.
This section is
missing from
*+b&(. M&B@:
1*nay! Getha!
Teramya! *rneth!
Hegie! Jona!
Tirach! Jena+!
Gaya! Theyth1;
H%/$: 1*nay!
Getath! Te5amin!
*rnet! >egia!
Jona! rolh+ch!
Titach! Jena+!
Ge4a! Theit1;
Sl9'%$: 1*nay!
Getah! Te5amin!
*rnet! >egia!
Jona! rot+ch!
Titah! gena+! Ge4a!
Theit1; K&//:
1*ay! Getah!
Te5amin! *rnet!
>egia! Jona!
roth+ch! Tetah!
Jena+! Ge4a!
Theit1; *d$'/@&:
1*na+! *echel Yor
HechelZ! Transia!
*met! >egie! 7ona!
rofae! Titache!
ena+i! Giia!
Teib1; L$&'&:
1*nar! Golat!
>egior! Ta5am!
7na6l! Jona!
ortah! Litah!
Jenan! G+ia!
Lhe+1; Mathers:
EMETH! "H*7*!
7<>*! R<A*!
T7T*"HE! GE>
*>7! GR7*H!
THE7T1 The
Magical Treatise
of Solomon
devotes an entire
chapter to a series
of fo+r 1alphabets
of the planets1!
resembling the
alphabet1! and
+sed for 2riting
on talismans. 8JH
-e then! by the 4+st 4+dgment of God! by the ineffable and admirable virt+e of
God! 4+st! living! and tr+e! 2e call ye 2ith po2er! 2e force and e5orcise ye by and
in the admirable name 2hich 2as 2ritten on the tables of stone 2hich God gave
+pon Mo+nt Sinai; and by and in the 2onderf+l name 2hich *aron the High riest
bare 2ritten +pon his breast! by 2hich also God created the 2orld! the 2hich name
is *K7>ET<>;
and by the living God 2ho is one thro+gho+t the ages! 2hose
d2elling is in the 7neffable Light! 2hose name is -isdom! and 2hose spirit is life!
before 2hom goeth forth fire and flame! 2ho hath from that fire formed the
firmament! the stars and the S+n; and 2ho 2ith that fire 2ill b+rn ye all for ever!
as also all 2ho shall contravene the 2ords of his 2ill.
9. So H and
Sl9'%$; *d$'/@&:
1*rc+ron1; M&B@:
1* Rimeton1;
1*=ineton1. 8JH
"ome ye! then! 2itho+t delay! 2itho+t noise! and 2itho+t rage! before +s! 2itho+t
any deformity or hideo+sness! to e5ec+te all o+r 2ill; come ye from all places
2herein ye are! from all mo+ntains! valleys! streams! rivers! broo,s! ponds! places!
baths! synagog+es; for God! strong and po2erf+l! 2ill chase ye and constrain ye!
being glorio+s over all things; He 2ill compel ye! both ye and the rince of
Ear,ness. "ome ye! come ye! angels of Ear,ness; come hither before this circle
2itho+t fear! terror! or deformity! to e5ec+te o+r commands! and be ye ready both
to achieve and to complete all that 2e shall command ye.
"ome ye! then! by the cro2n of the chief of yo+r emperors! and by the sceptres of
yo+r po2er! and of S7E! the great demon! yo+r master; by the names and in the
names of the holy angels 2ho have been created to be above yo+! long before the
constit+tion of the 2orld; and by the names of the t2o princes of the Dniverse!
2hose names are! 7<>7EL and SEA<>7EL;
by the rod of Moses! by the staff of
Jacob; by the ring and seal of Eavid! 2herein are 2ritten the names of sovereign
and by the names of the angels by 2hich Solomon has lin,ed and bo+nd ye;
and by the sacred bonds by 2hich *>*EL hath environed and hath con?+ered the
spirit; and by the name of the angel 2ho r+leth potently over the rest! and by the
praise of all creat+res 2ho cry incessantly +nto God! 2ho spa,e! and immediately
all things! even the *ges! 2ere made and formed; and by the name H*8
N*E<S"H GER*KH*! 2hich signifies the Holy and Glessed <ne; and by the
Ten "hoirs of the holy angels! "H*7<TH H*8N*EESH! *DH*>7M!
*R*L7M! "H*SHM*L7M! SER*H7M! M*L*"H7M! EL<H7M! GE>7
EL<H7M! KERDG7M! and 7SH7M; and by! and in the sacred name of t2elve
letters of 2hich each letter is the name of an angel! and the letters of the name are
(. M&B@: Songel
et *onyel; H9%/$!
Sl9'%$: Soniel et
*oeniel; K&//:
Soniel et *aniel;
L$&'&: Jomel I
*rmiel; *d.
$'/@&: 7onyel et
7foniel. This
section is not
fo+nd in *+b. &(.
). The rest of this
paragraph is not
fo+nd in *d.
$'/@&. "ompare
2ith a Je2ish
mort+ary charm
p+blished in J.*.
"ncantation Te+ts
from &i44ur!
$%$90: 1-ith the
-and of Moses
and the late of
*aron and the Seal
of Solomon and
the Shield of
Eavid and the
Mitre of the "hief
riest 7 perform
the spell.1 "ited
by Raya Shani in
1* J+deo8ersian
Te5tile1 in "rano0
8udaica "V
.Jer+salem: $%%%!
p. &)(0. 8JH
@. -hich letters 7
have! 2ith m+ch
care! corrected! for
in the MSS. the
letters are 4+mbled
together in
conf+sion! Seym is
2ritten for Shin!
Res for Bet3! etc.
The name is #*'
Ben' Ve0!uac3'
Aather! Son! and
Holy spirit. There
are t2o other
names of t2elve
letters fre?+ently
HC*! holy and
blessed be he; and
>*M>! the Lord!
the faithf+l ,ing;
besides other
forms. 8SLM
*gain! M&B@
seems to have the
most reliable
reading: 1he sin
daled caph he ched
+a+ bed! n+n nayn
beld aleph1;
H9%/$: 1Ha! HL!
Seym! Ealed!
"oph! He! Thath!
va+! Res! nem Jod!
J+in! Res! *leph1;
K&//: 1Ha! HL!
Saym! Ealeth!
"oph! He! Thet!
va+! Res! >+n!
Jod! Jayn! Res!
*leph1. 8JH
Gy these names therefore! and by all the other holy names! 2e con4+re ye and 2e
e5orcise ye; by the angel JE"H7EL; by the angel ED"H7EL; by the angel
E<>*"H7EL; and by the great angel MET*TR<>! 2ho is the prince of the
angels! and introd+ceth the so+ls before the face of God; and by the angel
S*>G*R7EL! by 2hom the portals of Heaven are g+arded; and by the angel
KERDG! 2ho 2as made the g+ardian of the terrestrial paradise! 2ith a s2ord of
flame! after the e5p+lsion of *dam o+r forefather; and by the angel M7"H*EL by
2hom ye 2ere h+rled do2n from the height of the THR<>E into the depth of the
la,e and of the abyss! the same name meaning! 32ho is li,e God +pon Earth;3 and
by the angel *>7EL; and by the angel <H7EL; and by the angel GEE*L7EL;
2herefore! by these and by all the other holy names of the angels! 2e po2erf+lly
con4+re and e5orcise ye! that ye come from all parts of the 2orld immediately! and
2itho+t any delay! to perform o+r 2ill and demands! obeying +s ?+ic,ly and
co+rteo+sly! and that ye come by the name and in the name of *LEH! E*LETH!
>D>! 7<E! for 2e e5orcise ye ane2 by the application of these letters! by 2hose
po2er b+rning fire is ?+enched! and the 2hole Dniverse trembleth.
-e constrain ye yet again by the seal of the S+n 2hich is the 2ord of God; and by
the seal of the Moon and of the stars 2e bind ye; and by the other animals and
creat+res 2hich are in Heaven! by 2hose 2ings Heaven cleanseth itself! 2e force
and attract ye imperio+sly to e5ec+te o+r 2ill 2itho+t fail+re. *nd 2e con4+re!
oblige! and terribly e5orcise ye! that ye dra2 near +nto +s 2itho+t delay and
2itho+t fear! as far as is possible +nto ye! here before this circle! as s+pplicants
gently and 2ith discretion! to accomplish o+r 2ill in all and thro+gh all. 7f ye come
promptly and vol+ntarily! ye shall inhale o+r perf+mes! and o+r s+ff+migations of
pleasant odo+r! 2hich 2ill be both agreeable and delightf+l +nto ye. A+rthermore
ye 2ill see the symbol of yo+r creator! and the names of his holy angels! and 2e
shall after2ards dismiss ye! and send ye hence 2ith than,s. G+t if! on the contrary!
ye come not ?+ic,ly! and ye sho2 yo+rselves self8opinionated! rebellio+s! and
cont+macio+s! 2e shall con4+re ye again! and e5orcise ye ceaselessly! and 2ill
repeat all the aforesaid 2ords and holy names of God and of the holy angels; by
the 2hich names 2e shall harass yo+! and if that be not s+fficient 2e 2ill add
there+nto yet greater and more po2erf+l ones! and 2e 2ill there+nto again add
other names 2hich ye have not yet heard from +s! 2hich are those of an almighty
God! and 2hich 2ill ma,e ye tremble and ?+a,e 2ith fear! both ye and yo+r
princes; by the 2hich names 2e con4+re both yo+ and them also! and 2e shall not
desist from o+r 2or, +ntil the accomplishment of o+r 2ill. G+t if perchance ye yet
shall harden yo+rselves! and sho2 yo+rselves self8opinionated! disobedient!
rebellio+s! refractory! and cont+macio+s! and if ye yet resist o+r po2erf+l
con4+rations! 2e shall prono+nce against yo+ this 2arrant of arrest in the name of
God almighty! and this definite sentence that ye shall fall into dangero+s disease
and leprosy! and that in sign of the divine vengeance ye shall all perish by a
terrifying and horrible death! and that a fire shall cons+me and devo+r yo+ on
every side! and +tterly cr+sh yo+; and that by the po2er of God! a flame shall go
forth from his mo+th 2hich shall b+rn ye +p and red+ce ye +nto nothing in Hell.
-herefore delay ye not to come! for 2e shall not cease from these po2erf+l
con4+rations +ntil ye shall be obliged to appear against yo+r 2ill.
Th+s then! therefore! 2e ane2 con4+re and e5orcise ye by and in the holy name of
7*H! 7*H! 7*H!
2hich is interpreted and called God; by the name and in the
name of EHE7EH *SHER EHE7EH!
2hich is the tr+e name of God! 37 am He 2ho
is3; by and in the ineffable name of fo+r letters M<E HE C*D HE! the ,no2ledge
and +nderstanding of 2hich is hidden even from the angels; by the name and in the
name of EL!
2hich signifieth and denoteth the po2erf+l and cons+ming fire
2hich iss+eth from his co+ntenance! and 2hich shall be yo+r r+in and destr+ction;
and by the light of the angels 2hich is ,indled and ta,en ineffably from that flame
of divine ardo+r.
B. Mathers reads
1<>1! b+t *+b. &(
and *d. $'/@&
both read 17ah!
7ah! 7ah.1 M&B@!
Sl9'%$! K&//! and
L$&'& all omit the
name. 8JH
/. So M&B@ and
*+b&(; *d.
$'/@&: 1Ehere1;
Mathers follo2s
Sl9'%$! K&//! and
L$&'& in reading
%. So M&B@!
Sl9'%$! K&//! and
L$&'&. *+b&( and
*d. $'/@& both
read 1Es.1 8JH
Gy these then! and by other most holy names 2hich 2e prono+nce against yo+
from the bottom of o+r hearts! do 2e force and constrain ye! if ye be yet rebellio+s
and disobedient. -e con4+re ye po2erf+lly and strongly e5orcise ye! that ye come
+nto +s 2ith 4oy and ?+ic,ness! 2itho+t fra+d or deceit! in tr+th and not in error.
"ome ye then! come ye! behold the signs and the names of yo+r creator! behold the
holy pentacles by the virt+e of 2hich the Earth is moved! the trees thereof and the
abysses tremble. "ome ye; come ye; come ye.
These things being th+s done and performed! ye shall see the spirits come from all
sides in great haste 2ith their princes and s+periors; the spirits of the Airst <rder!
li,e soldiers! armed 2ith spears! shields! and corslets; those of the second <rder
li,e barons! princes! d+,es! captains! and generals of armies. Aor the Third and last
<rder their ,ing 2ill appear! before 2hom go many players on instr+ments of
m+sic! accompanied by bea+tif+l and melodio+s voices 2hich sing in chor+s.
Then the e5orcist! or master of the art! at the arrival of the ,ing! 2hom he shall see
cro2ned 2ith a diadem! sho+ld +ncover the holy pentacles and medals 2hich he
2eareth +pon his breast covered 2ith a cloth of sil, or of fine t2ined linen! and
sho2 them +nto him! saying:88
Gehold the signs and holy names by and before 2hose po2er every ,nee sho+ld
bo2! of all that is in Heaven! +pon Earth! or in Hell. H+mble ye yo+rselves!
therefore! +nder the mighty hand of God.
Then 2ill the ,ing bo2 the ,nee before thee! and 2ill say! 3-hat dost tho+ 2ish!
and 2herefore hast tho+ ca+sed +s to come hither from the infernal abodesW3
Then shall the e5orcist! or master of magical art! 2ith an ass+red air and a grave
and imperio+s voice! order and command him to be tran?+il! to ,eep the rest of his
attendants peaceable! and to impose silence +pon them.
Let him! also! rene2 his f+migations! and offer large ?+antities of incense! 2hich
he sho+ld at once place +pon the fire! in order to appease the spirits as he hath
promised them. He sho+ld then cover the pentacles! and he 2ill see 2onderf+l
things! 2hich it is impossible to relate! to+ching 2orldly matters and all sciences.
This being finished! let the master +ncover the pentacles! and demand all that he
shall 2ish from the ,ing of the spirits! and if there are one or t2o spirits only! it
2ill be the same; and having obtained all his desire! he shall th+s license them to
7n the name of *E<>*7! the eternal and everlasting one! let each of yo+ ret+rn
+nto his place; be there peace bet2een +s and yo+! and be ye ready to come 2hen
ye are called.
*fter this he sho+ld recite the first chapter of Genesis! 3Beras3it3 Bara Elo3im! 7n
the beginning! etc.3
This being done! let them all in order ?+it the circle! one after the other! the master
first. A+rthermore let them bathe their faces 2ith the e5orcised 2ater! as 2ill be
hereafter told! and then let them ta,e their ordinary raiment and go abo+t their
Ta,e notice and observe caref+lly that this last con4+ration is of so great
importance and efficacy! that even if the spirits 2ere bo+nd 2ith chains of iron and
fire! or sh+t +p in some strong place! or retained by an oath! they co+ld not even
then delay to come. G+t s+pposing that they 2ere being con4+red in some other
place or part of the Dniverse by some other e5orcist or master of the art! by the
same con4+ration; the master sho+ld add to his con4+ration that they sho+ld at least
send him some messengers! or some individ+al to declare +nto him 2here they are!
ho2 employed! and the reason 2hy they cannot come and obey him.
G+t if .2hich is almost impossible0 they be even yet self8opinionated and
disobedient! and +n2illing to obey; in this case their names sho+ld be 2ritten on
virgin paper! 2hich he sho+ld soil and fill 2ith m+d! d+st! or clay. Then he shall
,indle a fire 2ith dry r+e! +pon 2hich he shall p+t po2dered assafoetida! and other
things of evil odo+r; after 2hich let him p+t the aforesaid names! 2ritten on
parchment or virgin paper! +pon the fire! saying:88
7 con4+re thee! < creat+re of fire! by him 2ho removeth the Earth! and ma,eth it
tremble! that tho+ b+rn and torment these spirits! so that they may feel it intensely!
and that they may be b+rned eternally by thee.
This being said! tho+ shalt cast the aforesaid paper into the fire! saying:88
Ge ye acc+rsed! damned! and eternally reproved; and be ye tormented 2ith
perpet+al pain! so that ye may find no repose by night nor by day! nor for a single
moment or time! if ye obey not immediately the command of him 2ho ma,eth the
Dniverse to tremble; by these names! and in virt+e of these names! the 2hich being
named and invo,ed all creat+res obey and tremble 2ith fear and terror! these
names 2hich can t+rn aside lightning and th+nder; and 2hich 2ill +tterly ma,e
yo+ to perish! destroy! and banish yo+. These names then are *leph! Geth! Gimel!
Ealeth! He! Ca+! Jayin! "heth! Teth! Mod! Kaph! Lamed! Mem! >+n! Same,h!
*yin! e! T=addi! Noph! Resh! Shin! Ta+.

$'. -hich are the
names of the
letters of the
Hebre2 alphabet!
to each of 2hich a
special mystic
meaning and
po2er is attached!
besides its
application. 8SLM
Gy these secret names! therefore! and by these signs 2hich are f+ll of mysteries!
2e c+rse ye! and in virt+e of the po2er of the three principles! *leph! Mem! Shin!
2e deprive ye of all office and dignity 2hich ye may have en4oyed +p till no2; and
by their virt+e and po2er 2e relegate yo+ +nto a la,e of s+lph+r and of flame! and
+nto the deepest depths of the abyss! that ye may b+rn therein eternally for ever.
$$. The literal
symbols of air!
2ater! and fire;
2hich are called
by the Se43er
Cetzira3 the three
mother letters.
Then 2ill they ass+redly come 2itho+t any delay! and in great haste! crying: 3< o+r
lord and prince! deliver +s o+t of this s+ffering.3
*ll this time tho+ sho+ldest have near thee ready an e5orcised pen! paper! and in,!
as 2ill be described hereinafter. -rite their names afresh! and ,indle fresh fire!
2hereon tho+ shalt p+t g+m ben4amin! olybdan+m! and stora5
to ma,e there2ith
a f+migation; 2ith these odo+rs tho+ shalt afresh! perf+me the aforesaid paper 2ith
the names; b+t tho+ sho+ldest have these names ready prepared beforehand. Then
sho2 them the holy pentacles! and as, of them 2hat tho+ 2ilt! and tho+ shalt
obtain it; and having gained thy p+rpose! send a2ay the spirits! saying:88
$&. Mathers is
follo2ing Sl9'%$!
K&//! and L$&'&
here! ho2ever
*+b&( and
*d$'/@& both
read 1Sandal+m
citrin+m et r+br+m
et storacem1;
M&B@: 1sandelo
citrino sandolo
rosso e storace1;
1sandal+m alb+m
citrin+m et
r+br+m1 is
intended .along
2ith stora50. 8JH
Gy the virt+e of these pentacles! and beca+se ye have been obedient! and have
obeyed the commandments of the creator! feel and inhale this gratef+l odo+r! and
after2ards depart ye +nto yo+r abodes and retreats; be there peace bet2een +s and
yo+; be ye ever ready to come 2hen ye shall be cited and called; and may the
blessing of God! as far as ye are capable of receiving it! be +pon yo+! provided ye
be obedient and prompt to come +nto +s 2itho+t solemn rites and observances on
o+r part.
Tho+ sho+ldest f+rther ma,e a boo, of virgin paper! and therein 2rite the
foregoing con4+rations! and constrain the demons to s2ear +pon the same boo,
that they 2ill come 2henever they be called! and present themselves before thee!
2henever tho+ shalt 2ish to cons+lt them. *fter2ards tho+ canst cover this boo,
2ith sacred sigils on a plate of silver! and therein 2rite or engrave the holy
pentacles. Tho+ mayest open this boo, either on S+ndays or on Th+rsdays! rather
at night than by day! and the spirits 2ill come.
Regarding the e5pression 3night!3 +nderstand the night follo2ing! and not the night
preceding the aforesaid days. *nd remember that by day .the demons0 are
ashamed! for they are animals of dar,ness.
*s 2e have already made mention of the pentacles! it is necessary that tho+
sho+ldest +nderstand that the 2hole science and +nderstanding of o+r Key
dependeth +pon the operation! ,no2ledge! and +se of pentacles.
He then 2ho shall 2ish to perform any operation by the means of the medals!
pentacles! and therein to render himself e5pert! m+st observe 2hat hath been
hereinbefore ordained. Let him then! < my son Roboam! ,no2 and +nderstand that
in the aforesaid pentacles he shall find those ineffable and most holy names 2hich
2ere 2ritten by the finger of God in the tablets of Moses; and 2hich 7! Solomon!
have received thro+gh the ministry of an angel by divine revelation. These then
have 7 collected together! arranged! consecrated! and ,ept! for the benefit of the
h+man race! and the preservation of body and of so+l.
$. *d$'/@&:
canderias; M&B@:
canderie. This
paragraph and the
preceding are not
fo+nd in *+b. &(.
The pentacles sho+ld then be made in the days and ho+rs of Merc+ry! 2hen the
Moon is in an aerial
or terrestrial sign; she sho+ld also be in her increase! and in
e?+al n+mber of days 2ith the S+n.
&. i1e1 in Gemini!
Libra! *?+ari+s!
Ta+r+s! Cirgo! or
"apricorn. 8SLM
7t is necessary to have a chamber or cabinet specially set apart and ne2ly cleaned!
2herein tho+ canst remain 2itho+t interr+ption! the 2hich having entered 2ith thy
companions! tho+ shalt incense and perf+me it 2ith the odo+rs and perf+mes of
the art. The s,y sho+ld be clear and serene. 7t is necessary that tho+ sho+ldest have
one or more pieces of virgin paper prepared and arranged ready! as 2e shall tell
yo+ more f+lly later on! in its place.
Tho+ shalt commence the 2riting or constr+ction of the pentacles in the ho+r
aforesaid. *mong other things! tho+ shalt chiefly +se these colo+rs: Gold! cinnabar
or vermilion red! and celestial or brilliant a=+re bl+e. A+rthermore! tho+ shalt ma,e
these medals or pentacles 2ith e5orcised pen and colo+rs! as 2e shall hereafter
sho2 thee. -hensoever tho+ constr+ctest them! if tho+ canst complete them in the
ho+r 2herein tho+ didst begin them! it is better. Ho2ever! if it be absol+tely
necessary to interr+pt the 2or,! tho+ sho+ldest a2ait the proper day and ho+r
before re8commencing it.
The pentacles being finished and completed! ta,e a cloth of very fine sil,! as 2e
shall hereafter ordain thee! in the 2hich tho+ shalt 2rap the pentacles. *fter 2hich
tho+ shalt ta,e a large vessel of earth filled 2ith charcoal! +pon the 2hich there
m+st be p+t fran,incense! mastic! and aloes! all having been previo+sly con4+red
and e5orcised as shall hereafter be told thee. Tho+ m+st also be thyself p+re! clean!
and 2ashed! as tho+ shalt find given in the proper place. A+rthermore! tho+
sho+ldest have the pen,nife or ,nife of the art!
2ith the 2hich tho+ shalt ma,e a
circle! and trace 2ithin it an inner circle! and in the space bet2een the t2o tho+
shalt 2rite the names of God!
2hich tho+ shalt thin, fit and proper. 7t is necessary
after this that tho+ sho+ldest have 2ithin the circle a vessel of earth 2ith b+rning
coals and odorifero+s perf+mes thereon; 2ith the 2hich tho+ shalt f+migate the
aforesaid pentacles; and! having t+rned thy face to2ards the East! tho+ shalt hold
the said pentacles over the smo,e of the incense! and shalt repeat devo+tly the
follo2ing salms of Eavid my father:

.s/UKJC/0 Eomine Ee+s noster. Ysic Eomine Eomin+s nosterZ .< Lord
o+r Lord....0

.s$/UKJC$%0 "aeli enarrant gloriam Eei..The heavens declare the glory

of God....0

.s&@UKJC&B0 Eomin+s ill+minatio mea .The Lord is my light....0

.s&$UKJC&&0 Ee+s Ee+s me+s respice in me. .My God! my God! 2hy
hast tho+ forsa,en meW0

.s9$UKJC9&0 Geati ?+or+m remissae s+nt ini?+itates. .Glessed is he

2hose transgression is forgiven....0

.s)'UKJC)$0 Miserere mei Ee+s sec+nd+m magnam. .Have mercy +pon

me! < God! according to thy loving ,indness....0
9. Aollo2ing *+b.
&(: 1*rta++m! vel
gladi+m artis1. *d.
$'/@& reads
1arcta++m! a+t
gladi+m.1 M&B@
reads 1con l3
artavo dell3 arte hd
coltello1; Mathers
follo2s Sl9'%$!
L$&'&! and K&//
in reading! 1sic,le
or ,nife of magical
art.1 *d. $'/@&
adds! 1.tempered0
2ith the blood of a
goose and the
4+ice of a
pimpernel1 as in
Goo, & chapter /.
*d. 9@@B( reads
1* ,nyfe ready in
goses blode! 2hich
2as made on the
day of Merc+ry.1

.s&/UKJC&%0 *fferte YU*dferteZ Eomine. .Give +nto the Lord....0

.sB$UKJCB&0 Ee+s i+dici+m t++m Regi da. .Give the King thy
4+dgements! < God....0

.s)9UKJC)(0 Ee+s in nomine t+o salv+m me fac. .Save me! < God! by
thy name....0

.s$99UKJC$9(0 Ecce n+nc Genedicite Eomin+m. .Gehold! bless ye the

Lord! all ye....0
(. referably those
having some
reference to the
2or, in hand.
). 7 have given the
n+mber of the
salms according
to the Englis3! not
the )e*re6
n+mbers. 8SLM
Mathers lists the
salms by
n+mbers only:
1salms viii.! 55i.!
55vii.! 55i5.!
555ii.! li.! l55ii.!
c555iv!1 2hereas
all the man+scripts
give the opening
2ords. Since the
salms are
differently in
different versions
of the Gible!
Mathers3 method is
more ambig+o+s.
@. >ot in Mathers3
B. Mathers3 list
incl+des salm &$
/. >ot in Mathers3
.Aor a convenient form of circle 2hich may be +sed for preparing instr+ments and
other things of the same ,ind! as 2ell as for consecrating the pentacles! see @igure
%. The fig+re
sho2s the sacred
name *g`el in the
3#,'re %1 5ro7 A-. .2&!$1 5ol. &.r.

East .labelled
1<riente1 in the
Sabaot in the so+th
.1Me==o giorno10!
Jeova in the -est
and *donay in the
*+b&( has t2o
versions of this
circle. The one on
fol. $/v is li,e that
in *d. $'/@&. The
one on fol. B&v is
similar! b+t adds
inside the inner
circle the 2ords
1N+is in fortib+s
+t t+ Ee+s
7t also adds a third
circle aro+nd the
others! 2ith the
names and
symbols of the
fo+r Kings
bet2een the t2o
o+ter circles:
*smodel in the
East! *maymon in
the So+th! aymon
in the -est! and
*egym in the
Mathers gives the
names in Hebre2
characters. 8JH
*fter this tho+ shalt repeat the follo2ing <ration:88
< *E<>*7 most po2erf+l! EL most strong! *GL* most holy! <> most righteo+s! $'. Mathers reads
the *LH* and the <MEG*
! the Geginning and the End; tho+ 2ho hast
established all things in thy -isdom; tho+ 2ho has chosen *braham thy faithf+l
servant! and hast promised that in his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed!
2hich seed tho+ hast m+ltiplied as the stars of Heaven; tho+ 2ho hast appeared
+nto thy servant Moses in flame in the midst of the G+rning G+sh! and hast made
him 2al, 2ith dry feet thro+gh the Red Sea; tho+ 2ho gavest the La2 to him +pon
Mo+nt Sinai; tho+ 2ho hast granted +nto Solomon thy Servant these pentacles by
thy great Mercy! for the preservation of So+l and of Gody; 2e most h+mbly
implore and s+pplicate thy Holy Ma4esty! that these pentacles may be consecrated
by thy po2er! and prepared in s+ch manner that they may obtain virt+e and
strength against all spirits! thro+gh thee! < Most Holy *E<>*7! 2hose Kingdom!
Empire! and principality! remaineth and end+reth 2itho+t end.
the *LEH and
the T*D! b+t the
man+scripts all
read 1*lpha et
<mega.1 8JH
The Nabalistic
2ord *J<TH may
be s+bstit+ted for
3the *leph and the
Ta+.3 8SLM
These 2ords being said! tho+ shalt perf+me the pentacles 2ith the same s2eet
scents and perf+mes! and after2ards having 2rapped them in a piece of prepared
sil, cloth! tho+ shalt p+t them in a place fit and clean! 2hich tho+ mayest open
2henever it shall please thee! and close it again! at thy pleas+re and according +nto
thy 2ill. -e 2ill hereafter sho2 thee the method and manner of preparing the
aforesaid place! of perf+ming it 2ith scents and s2eet odo+rs! and of sprin,ling it
2ith the 2ater and 2ater8sprin,ler of magical art; for all these things contain many
good properties! and inn+merable virt+es! as e5perience 2ill easily teach thee.
-e have already said s+fficient regarding the solemn con4+ration of spirits.
$$. *d. $'/@&:
boni *ngeli .of
good angels0. 8JH
-e have also spo,en eno+gh in o+r present Key! regarding the manner in 2hich it
is necessary to attract the spirits so as to ma,e them spea,. >o2! by divine aid! 7
2ill teach thee ho2 to perform certain e5periments 2ith s+ccess.

$&. Mathers inserts
here an e5cerpt
from Lans. $&'9!
1Kno2! < my son
Roboam! that all
the divine sigils ...
2hich is 2hy 7
command thee to
be attentive to all
that is contained in
this my
My beloved son! if tho+ findest any theft! tho+ shalt do as is
hereinafter ordained! and 2ith the help of God tho+ shalt find
that 2hich hath been ta,en a2ay.
7f the ho+rs and days be not other2ise ordained in this
operation! tho+ m+st refer to 2hat hath already been said. G+t
before commencing any operation 2hatsoever for the recovery
of things stolen! after having made all necessary preparations!
tho+ shalt say the follo2ing oration:88
*donai Elohim *sher Ha8Shamain Ce8Ha8*ret=! etc. $. This is simply the
Hebre2 of the prayer
2hich follo2s; b+t in the
MS. "odices it is so
m+tilated as to be
2orthless. 8SLM
M&B@ may again be the
least corr+pt: 1*tta melech
Eloy asser malach
bassamaym +erensar
amalachim bonel +engose
neagniman^ chesid
lemangan asemod bar+ch
adonay Eloym eloe
YemagroZ a+raam arcadiel
daccon lamliel mal+n eya
Eloym aya arniscrater
+nenia machia de+rad+m
Jachiel deol emad egem
gemas.1 8JH
Tho+! < Lord! 2ho hast made both Heaven and Earth! and hast
meas+red them in the hollo2 of thy hand; tho+ 2ho art seated
+pon the Ker+bim and the Seraphim! in the high places!
2here+nto h+man +nderstanding cannot penetrate; tho+ 2ho
hast created all things by thine agency! in 2hose presence are
the living creat+res! of 2hich fo+r are marvello+sly volatile!
2hich have si5 2ings! and 2ho incessantly cry alo+d:
3N*E<S"H! N*E<S"H! N*E<S"H! *E<>*7 EL<H7M
TJ*G*<TH! Heaven and Earth are f+ll of thy glory3; < Lord
God! tho+ 2ho hast e5pelled *dam from the terrestrial
paradise! and 2ho hast placed the Ker+bim to g+ard the Tree
of Life! tho+ art the Lord 2ho alone doest 2onders; sho2 forth
7 pray thee thy great mercy! by the holy city of Jer+salem! by
&. Sl. $9'B adds
1*E<>*M1. 8JH
thy 2onderf+l name of fo+r letters 2hich are M<E! HE! C*D!
HE! and by thy holy and admirable name!
give +nto me the
po2er and virt+e to enable me to accomplish this e5periment!
and to come +nto the desired end of this operation; thro+gh
thee 2ho art life! and +nto 2hom life belongeth +nto the
eternal ages. *men.
*fter this perf+me and cense the place 2ith good scents and
s2eet odo+rs. This aforesaid place sho+ld be p+re! clean! safe
from interr+ption or dist+rbance! and proper to the 2or,! as 2e
shall hereafter sho2. Then sprin,le the aforesaid place 2ith
consecrated 2ater! as is laid do2n in the chapter concerning
The operation being in s+ch 2ise prepared! tho+ shalt rehearse
the con4+ration necessary for this e5periment! at the end of
2hich tho+ shalt say as follo2s:88
< almighty Aather and Lord! 2ho regardest the Heavens! the
Earth! and the *byss! mercif+lly grant +nto me by thy holy
name 2ritten 2ith fo+r letters! M<E! HE! C*D! HE! that by
this e5orcism 7 may obtain virt+e! tho+ 2ho art 7*H! 7*H!
7*H! grant that by thy po2er these spirits may discover that
2hich 2e re?+ire and 2hich 2e hope to find! and may they
sho2 and declare +nto +s the persons 2ho have committed the
theft! and 2here they are to be fo+nd.
7 con4+re ye ane2! ye spirits above named! by all the aforesaid
names! thro+gh 2hich all things created tremble! that ye sho2
openly +nto me .or +nto this child here present 2ith +s
0 those
things 2hich 2e see,.
9. * child employed as a
clairvoyant in the
operation; as is still the
c+stom in some places in
the East. 8SLM
These things being accomplished they 2ill ma,e thee to see
plainly that 2hich tho+ see,est. Ta,e note that the e5orcist! or
master of the art! sho+ld be s+ch as is ordained in the chapter
concerning the e5orcist and his companions; and if in this
e5periment it sho+ld be necessary to 2rite do2n characters or
names! tho+ shalt do that 2hich it is necessary to observe
regarding the pen! in,! and paper! as is d+ly prescribed in the
chapters concerning them.
Aor if tho+ dost not regard these things! tho+ 2ilt neither
accomplish that 2hich tho+ desirest! nor arrive at thy desired

(. Sl. $9'B adds a second
chapter on 1things stolen!1
2hich invo,es the
1venerable intelligence
*SS*1 2hile facing East.
Mathers inserts Lans.
$&'9! chap. &@ at this
point. 8JH
7f tho+ 2ishest to perform the e5periment of invisibility! tho+
shalt follo2 the instr+ctions for the same. 7f it be necessary to
observe the day and the ho+r! tho+ shalt do as is said in their
chapters. G+t if tho+ needest not observe the day and the ho+r
as mar,ed in the chapter thereon! tho+ shalt do as ta+ght in the
chapter 2hich precedeth it. 7f in the co+rse of the e5periment it
be necessary to 2rite anything! it sho+ld be done as is
described in the chapters pertaining thereto! 2ith the proper
pen! paper! and in,! or blood. G+t if the matter is to be
accomplished by invocation! before thy con4+rations! tho+
shalt say devo+tly in thine heart:88
S*G<LES! H*G*R<>! EL<H7! EL7M7G7T! G*GEL<M
SEM7T7<>! MET7><L*"H! L*G*L7TE>*!
*TH<>*CEL! G*R*"*G*! ER*T7"DM;
thro+gh him by
2hom ye have empire and po2er over men! ye m+st
accomplish this 2or, so that 7 may go and remain invisible.
*nd if it be necessary in this operation to trace a circle! tho+
shalt do as is ordained in the chapter concerning circles; and if
it be necessary to 2rite characters! etc.! tho+ shalt follo2 the
instr+ctions given in the respective chapters.
This operation being th+s prepared! if there be an especial
con4+ration to perform! tho+ shalt repeat it in the proper
manner; if not! tho+ shalt say the general con4+ration! at the
end of 2hich tho+ shalt add the follo2ing 2ords:88
$. M&B@: 1Jaboles habaron
Eloy elit nigit garbeloy
semition metimol+ch
labalitena neromobel
calemere dal+ti timag+el
+irsag+el te+emis serye
Jerete bar+chaba athono+al
baracab] eraisc+m1;
*+b&(: 1Scaboles!
Habaron! Eloy! Elimigit!
Gaboler! Semitnon .8
trionW0! Methionobal!
>abanitem! >e=emobal!
"alH! MethH! Gal+ti!
Timag+l! Cillag+el
Je+emYesZ! SereiH! JenetH!
Garacaba! *tano+al!
Goracab! "aratin1; H:
1Saboles! Habaron! Eloy!
Elimigit! Gabeloy!
Gabeloy YsicZ! Semiticon!
Metinolach! "abanitena!
>eromobel! "alemite!
Eal+t! Timag+el! Cilla?+el!
Tevenis! Serie! Jerete!
Gar+chaba! *thonavel!
Garachabat! Eratic+m1
*d$'/@&: 1Seaboles!
*rbaron! Eloy! Elimigit!
Heremob+lc+le! Methe!
Gal+ti! Timagal! Cillag+el
Te+eni! Le+re! Aerete!
Gac+haba! G+ratim1;
Mathers: 1S"E*G<LES!
*RG*R<>! EL<H7!
GDC*R7>1. Sl. $9'B adds
the sinister element of
invo,ing the 1ministers of
invisibility1 thro+gh
1L+cifer yo+r prince1.
< tho+ *LM7R*S!
master of invisibility! 2ith thy ministers
"HER<S! M*MT<>! MET*G7R! EG7R<S! E7<>EE7S!
TR*>S7EEM! SD""*>T<S! *GEL<M! G<REE!
7 con4+re ye by him 2ho
ma,eth Earth and Heaven to tremble! 2ho is seated +pon the
throne of his ma4esty! that this operation may be perfectly
accomplished according to my 2ill! so that at 2hatsoever time
it may please me! 7 may be able to be invisible.
7 con4+re thee ane2! < *L>7R*S! "hief
of 7nvisibility! both
thee and thy ministers! by him thro+gh 2hom all things have
their being! and by S*TDR7EL! *R"H7EL! E*>7EL!
GELL7E! *S7M<>E!
that tho+ immediately comest thither
2ith all thy ministers! and achievest this operation! as tho+
,no2est it o+ght to be accomplished! and that by the same
operation tho+ render me invisible! so that none may be able to
see me.
7n order then to accomplish this aforesaid operation! tho+ m+st
prepare all things necessary 2ith re?+isite care and diligence!
and p+t them in practice 2ith all the general and partic+lar
ceremonies laid do2n for these e5periments; and 2ith all the
conditions contained in o+r first and second boo,s. Tho+ shalt
also in the same operations d+ly repeat the appropriate
&. So *+b&(! M&B@! and
Sl. $9'B. Mathers follo2s
Sl9'%$! K&//! and H9%/$
in reading 1*lmiras1.
*d$'/@&: 1alm+as1;
*d9@@B(: 1enerason1.
9. M&B@: 1cher+s mayton
metagir elyros dionedis
+gemnos abadem
periberem tangialem
trentidim s+ceantos abeloy
bored bilbamina castormy
detel1; *+b&(: 1"heros!
Mayton! Metagire! Giros!
Eionedis! Cgemenos!
*badin! erib+rin!
Tangedim! Trensidim!
Sa+antos! *beloy! Gorad!
Gelamit! "astrimi!
EesoeYlWZ.1; Sl. $9'B:
1"heros! Maiton! Metag+e!
Gires! Eionedis!
con4+rations! 2ith all the solemnities mar,ed in the respective
chapters. Th+s shalt tho+ accomplish the e5periment s+rely
and 2itho+t hindrance! and th+s shalt tho+ find it tr+e.
Cgeminos! *badon!
erib+tin! Tangedem!
Tresidim! S+ccantes!
Ebelloy! Gored! Gellamid!
"astirn+! Eetesel1;
Sl9'%$: 1Mayton!
Metagy5! Ebyros!
Eionidis! Dg+emenos!
*badem! eriberim!
Tang+ialem! Trensidem!
S+ccantos! *beloy! Gored!
Gellamia "astormi! detel1;
H9%/$: 1her+s! Mayton!
Metagi5! Ebyros!
Eronidis! Dg+emenos!
*badem! eriberim!
Tangialem! Trenlidem!
S+ccantos! *beloy! Gored!
Gellamia! "astormi!
detel1; K&//: 1"her+s!
Mayton! Matagi5! Ebyros!
Eiomidis! Dg+emenos!
*badem! eriberim!
Tangialem! Trensidem!
Saccantos! *beloy! Gored!
Gellamia! "astormy!
Eetel1; *d. $'/@&:
1"heros! Maitor!
Tangedem! Transidim!
S++antos! *bela+s! Gored!
Gelamit! "ast+mi!
Eab+el1; Mathers:
1"HER<S! M*7T<R!
SDC*>T<S! *GEL*7S!
(. *d. $'/@&! M&B@! and
Sl. $9'B: 1d+cem1 .leader!
also d+,e0. This paragraph
is not fo+nd in Sl9'%$.
). M&B@: 1sat+rnel+m
archielem danielem belie
asiemohe1; *+b&(:
1Sat+rielem! >archielem!
Eamielem! Gellia!
*simonei1; Sl. $9'B:
1Sat+rielem! Harchialem!
Eamiele! Gellia!
*ssimonai1; H9%/$:
1Sat+riel! *rchiel! Eaniel
Genie! *ssem1; K&//:
1Sat+riel! *rchiel! Eaniel
Geniel! *sseme1;
*d$'/@&: 1Sat+relem!
>archielem! Eamielem!
Gellia! *simoner1;
Mathers: 1S*TDR7EL!
H*R"H7EL! E*>7EL!
GE>7EL! *SS7M<>EM1.
G+t! on the contrary! if tho+ lettest any of these things escape
thee! or if tho+ despiseth them! never shalt tho+ be able to
arrive at thy proposed end; as! for e5ample! 2e enter not easily
into a fenced city over its 2alls b+t thro+gh its gates.

@. Sl. $9'B adds another
short chapter on invisibilty
here! 2hich involves
ma,ing a 2a5 image 2ith
the 2ords e*rgat! Saetamf
on the front. Mathers
inserts Lans. $&'9!
chapters &(! &)! &B! &/!
and &% at this point. The
first one he appended to
this chapter; the rest he
n+mbered $$8$(. 8JH
+@P+RIM+NT O3 "O<+1 AND HO; IT IS TO 4+
This chapter 2as omitted by Mathers! 2ho s+bstit+ted instead
Lans. $&'9! chapters &): To hinder a sportsman from ,illing
any game.
*d. 9@@B( contains an abbreviated version of this chapter. 7t
incl+des a con4+ration 2hich begins 1Cen+s! ester! *stropolyn!
*smo! Merc+ri+s! J+piter! Sat+rn+s!1 2hich corresponds 2ith
1>oga Jes artphelem asmo cora+ sabcedes sabaday1 in M&B@.
i1e1 the English man+script recogni=es >oga! "ocab! Jedec,!
and Sabbathi as the Hebre2 names of the names of the planets
Cen+s! Merc+ry! J+piter! and Sat+rn.
*lso of interest! *+b&( incl+des the phrase 1per virt+tem et
potentiam Sanctissimi *E<>*M c+i+s M*R"HDE sine fine1
2hich corresponds to 1per virt+ et per potenta del sanctissimo
nome *E<>*M il M*L"DE del ?+ale sensa fine.1 *d. $'/@&
seems to translate the Hebre2 M*L"HDE as it reads! 1Yper
virt+temZ et potentiam Sanctissimi *E<>*M c+i+s 7mperi+m
sine fine1 .thro+ght the virt+e and po2er of the most holy
*E<>*M 2ho RDLES 2itho+t end0.
>ote also the invocation of the fo+r ,ings of the cardinal
directions! given vario+sly .generally <riens! aymon! Egyn!
and *maymon0. *+b&( and *d$'/@& start 2ith 1< <riens Re5
egregio ?+i in oriente regnas1; 2hich might be translated as 1<
<riens! ill+strio+s King! 2ho r+les in the East.1 *d9@@B( ta,es
1egregio1 .ill+strio+s0 as a proper name and translates the
passage as 1< tho+ orient ,ing Eggye! 2hich reineth and r+leth
in the East1 M&B@ reads 1< omnis re5 egregie ?+i in oriente
regnas1; Sl. $9'B has 1< *smodee! ill+strio+s ,ing 2ho r+les
in the East1; Sl. 9'%$ and K&// read 1< *smodLe! <rient tres
rel+isant1 .< *smodee! the East very glittering.0
7n Sl. $9'B this is follo2ed by another chapter .chap. %0 on
love magic! this one +sing a stat+e of 2a5! invo,ing 1Sichel!
Richel! Moches! *ray! Saiatri! *macon! Enacon.1 This is
follo2ed by .chap. $'0! 2hich incl+des 1Esperimento d3 *more
toccando1! 1Esp. d3 *more mangiando1! and 1Esp! d3 *more
gettando1 .e5periments of love +sing to+ching! eating! and
thro2ing0. 8JH
This chapter 2as omitted by Mathers! 2ho s+bstit+ted instead
Lans. $&'9! chapters &B: Ho2 to ma,e the magic garters.
$. Translated by JH. This
chapter 2as omitted by
Mathers! 2ho s+bstit+ted
instead Lans. $&'9!
chapters &/: Ho2 to ma,e
the magic carpet proper for
interrogating the
intelligences.. GM
C77.('B8$' gives a spell to
appear to someone at night
in dreams .Get=! p. $&/0.
This is an ineffable e5periment if yo+ desire to en4oy
a lover
in a dream. Gefore beginning the con4+ration on behalf of the
one yo+ 2ish to dreamed of! .operating in the ho+r mentioned
in the second boo,0! observe that the s,y is clear. 7t may help
to stand in yo+r chamber loo,ing into the s,y! at the stars and
the Moon! and h+mbly say in yo+r heart:
&. Lat: coire.
*GL*! 7<E! HE! C*D! HE! 7*H! 7*H! 7*H! C*! C*! C*!
7*H! 7*H! H*>7ST*R<E! *E<>*M! EL<HE><!
CEH*>7GL<E L*>D! DLG*>E><! G**LG<L*M!
Lord! holy and all8po2erf+l Aather 2ho created all! and ,no2s
the hearts of men and 2omen! 7 beseech yo+ thro+gh yo+r
most sacred names mentioned above to ill+minate the heart
and mind of >.! so that she may love me as m+ch as 7 love her!
and that she may be ready to do my 2ill. *nd f+rthermore! as
this present image lies 2ith me! may >. feel that she lies in
s2eet embrace 2ith me in a dream.
9. M&B@: 1*gla Jod! hH!
+a+ he Jah Jah Jah +ah +ah
+ah Jah Jah Jah anistarod
lT*donay eloeng
+eanighlaod lTan+!
+lbaneno gad olam.1 This
seems to have Hebre2
origins. 8JH
*fter2ards! 2hen yo+ 2ant to perform the same e5periment!
p+t the image +nder yo+r pillo2
recite again the previo+s
con4+ration three times! and yo+ 2ill see the res+lt. *nd ma,e
s+re yo+ observe everything that is laid o+t in the first chapter
of the second boo,.
(. Latin .*d. $'/@&0:
pl+minare; Arench .K&//0:
l3oreiller. 8JH
$. This chapter is ta,en
from $'/@& *dd. MSS.
7n Mathers3 edition this
chapter is n+mbered $). 7t
also occ+rs in *+b&(! *d.
9@@B(! and Sl. $9'B. 8JH
7f tho+ 2ishest to perform the e5periment of see,ing favo+r
and love! observe in 2hat manner the E5periment is to be
carried o+t! and if it be dependent +pon the day and the ho+r!
perform it in the day and the ho+r re?+ired! as tho+ 2ilt find it
in the chapter concerning the ho+rs; and if the e5periment be
one that re?+ireth 2riting! tho+ shalt 2rite as it is said in the
chapter concerning the same; and if it be 2ith penal bonds!
pacts! and f+migations! then tho+ shalt cense 2ith a fit perf+me
as is said in the chapter concerning s+ff+migations; and if it be
necessary to sprin,le it 2ith 2ater and hyssop! then let it be as
in the chapter concerning the same; similarly if s+ch
e5periment re?+ire characters! names! or the li,e! let s+ch
names be 2ritten as the chapter concerning the 2riting of
characters! and place the same in a clean place as hath been
said. Then tho+ shalt repeat over it the follo2ing oration:88
< *E<>*7! most holy! most righteo+s! and most almighty
God! 2ho hast made all things thro+gh thy mercy and
righteo+sness 2here2ith tho+ art filled! grant +nto +s that 2e
may be fo+nd 2orthy that this e5periment may be fo+nd
consecrated and perfect! so that the light may iss+e from thy
most holy seat! < *E<>*7! 2hich may obtain for +s favor
and love. *men.
This being said! tho+ shalt place it in clean sil,! and b+ry it for
a day and a night at the 4+nction of fo+r cross8roads; and
2hensoever tho+ 2ishest to obtain any grace or favor from
any! ta,e it! having first properly consecrated it according to
the r+le and place it in thy right hand! and see, tho+ 2hat tho+
2ilt it shall not be denied thee. G+t if tho+ doest not the
E5periment caref+lly and rightly! ass+redly tho+ shalt not
s+cceed in any manner.
Aor obtaining grace and love 2rite do2n the follo2ing 2ords:
*RE<! TE>ET! <ER*! R<T*S! 7*H! 7*H! 7*H!
E>*M! 7*H! 7*H! 7*H! KETHER! "H<KM*H! G7>*H!
MES<E! M*LKDTH! *GR*H*M! 7S**"! J*"<G!
SH*ER*"H! MESH*"H! *GEE>EG<! be ye all present in
my aid and for 2hatsoever 7 shall desire to obtain.
&. This incantation is also
given in $9'B Sloane
MSS.! page B@. 8SLM
-hich 2ords being properly 2ritten as above! tho+ shalt also
find thy desire bro+ght to pass.
$. This chapter 2as
omitted by Mathers! b+t is
incl+ded in all the
man+scripts. Translation is
from *.E. -aite! Boo/ of
Ceremonial Magic! pp.
&%/ ff. 7n place of it
Mathers s+bstit+ted Lans.
$&'9! chapters &%: Ho2 to
render thyself master of a
treas+re possessed by the
spirits. Sl. $9'B appends a
second e5periment 2hich
involves ma,ing t2o 2a5
images! 2ith the 2ords
1*paga! 7t+lac! Ei! Mas1!
and 1*sgan! *rtan! *lben!
*pachiel! Satagel.1 8JH
E5periments +pon enemies may be performed in several 2ays!
b+t! 2hether 2ith 2a5en images or some other instr+ment! the
partic+lars of each m+st be diligently and faithf+lly observed.
Sho+ld the day and ho+r fail thee! proceed as already laid
do2n! and prepare the image or instr+ment proper to this effect
in the order and manner thereof. A+migate 2ith the proper
perf+mes! and if 2riting be re?+ired on the image! let it be
done 2ith the needle or stylet of the art! as aforesaid. >e5t
recite the follo2ing 2ords once over the said image:8
CS<R! E7L*7E*T<R! TE>T*T<RE! S<M>7*T<RE!
EEC<R*T<R! "<>"7S<R! ET SEED"T<R. < all ye
ministers and companions! 7 direct! con4+re! constrain and
command yo+ to f+lfil this behest 2illingly! namely!
straight2ay to consecrate this image! 2hich is to be done in the
name of >.! that as the face of the one is contrary to the other!
so the same may never more loo, +pon another.
Eeposit the image in some place perf+med 2ith evil odo+rs!
especially those of Mars! s+ch as s+lph+r and assafoetida. Let
it remain there for one night! having d+ly asperged it!
observing the proper ho+r and time.
Eo li,e2ise 2hen the e5periment is performed 2ith characters
and names! by to+ching the lovers 2ith 2ords! or by
2hatsoever other manner. G+t 2hen the e5periment is made by
giving something to be eaten! the same m+st be performed on
the day and ho+r proper to this 2or,.
*ll things being prepared! place them before yo+! and say:
-here are ye! S<M>7*T<R! CS<R! E7L*7E*T<R!
TE>T*T<R! E7C<R*T<R! "<>"7S<R! SEED"T<R! ye
2ho so2 discord! 2here are yo+W Me 2ho inf+se hatred and
propagate enmities!
7 con4+re yo+ by him 2ho hath created yo+ for this ministry! to
f+lfill this 2or,! in order that 2henever >. shall eat of li,e
things! or shall to+ch them! in 2hatsoever manner! never shall
he go in peace.
Give then 2hatsoever yo+ please to the person designated! b+t
let it be in the ho+r of Sat+rn or that of Mars! observing all
things needf+l for s+ch e5periments.
$. This chapter is given in
$'/@& *dd. MSS. 9%/$
Harleian MSS.! &// King3s
MSS.! 9'%$ Sloane MSS.!
and $9'B Sloane MSS.!
b+t is 2anting in $&'&
Lansdo2ne MSS.! as are
all the chapters of the first
boo, after "hap. /. 8SLM
Mathers titles this chapter
1Ho2 operations of
moc,ery! invisibility! and
deceit sho+ld be
prepared!1 b+t 7 have
follo2ed *+b&(! *d$'/@&!
Sl. $9'B! and *d. 9@@B(.
Sl. $9'B follo2s this
chapter 2ith 1Esp. che +n
Gallo tiri+na Tra+e1 2hich
involves 2riting a charm
2ith 1Tartar! Tartarem!
Retifera1 on virgin
parchment. This is
follo2ed by 1Esp. che +n
"ane seg+iti +n "er+o1
2hich involves 2riting the
name 1Ealef1 on virgin
parchment. 8JH
E5periments relating to moc,ery and scorn
may be performed
in many 2ays. -hen tho+ shalt 2ish to practice these
e5periments 2ith regard to any person! tho+ shalt observe the
day and the ho+r as 2e have already said. Sho+ld it be
necessary to 2rite characters or 2ords! it sho+ld be done +pon
virgin paper! as 2e shall sho2 farther on. *s for the in,! if it be
&. Mathers: 1tric,s!
moc,eries! and deceits.1
9. Mathers reads 1lo+d
voice1! b+t *+b. &( and
*d. $'/@9 both read
not specially ordained in this operation! it is advisable to +se
the blood of a bat 2ith the pen and the needle of art. G+t
before describing or 2riting the characters or names! all the
necessary r+les sho+ld be observed as given in the proper
chapters! and having caref+lly follo2ed o+t all these! tho+
shalt prono+nce 2ith a lo2 voice
the follo2ing 2ords:88
1s+bmissa +oce1 .lo2 or
s+bmissive voice0. Sl.
$9'B reads 1voce
sommella.1 K&// reads
1voi5 bas1 .lo2 voice0!
and *d. 9@@B( reads
1lo2ly voice1. 8JH
*GG*"! *GE*"! 7ST*"! *DE*"! "*STR*"! "D*"!
come hither all ye 2ho love the times and
places 2herein all ,inds of moc,eries and deceits are
*nd ye 2ho ma,e things disappear and 2ho render
them invisible! come hither to deceive all those 2ho regard
these things! so that they may be deceived! and that they may
seem to see that 2hich they see not and hear that 2hich they
hear not! so that their senses may be deceived! and that they
may behold that 2hich is not tr+e.
"ome ye then hither and remain! and consecrate this
enchantment! seeing that God the *lmighty Lord hath destined
ye for s+ch.
(. M&B@: 1*bbac *dbdac
7stac *+dac "onstrac "oac
Scisos Tristator derisor
detristator 7ncantator1;
*+b&(: 1*bbac! *bdat!
7stat! *+dac! "astrac!
"oach! L+sor! Tristator!
Eerisor! Eestator!
7ncantator1; Sl9'%$:
1*bbac abdac! 7stac!
a+dac! "ostrac! "oac!
S+ses! Tristator! Eerisor!
Eetestator! 7ncantator1; H:
1*bbac! *bdac! 7stac!
*+dac! costrac! "oac!
S+se=! Tristator! Eerison!
detent+tor! 7ncantator1;
K&//: 1*bbac! *bdac!
7stac! *+dac! "astrac!
"oac! S+ses! Tristator!
Eerisor! Eetestator!
7ncantator1; *d. $'/@&:
1*bac! *ldal! 7at! *+dac!
L+strac! L+sor! Loc+ch!
Tistator! Eecisor! Eestat+r1
.b+t first 2ord is given as
1*lbac1 belo20; *d.
9@@B(: 1*bac! *bdac!
7stac! "astac! *dach!
"astas! "alsac .W0! l+sor!
Tri+mphator! Eerisor!
7ncantator.1 Sl. $9'B:
1*bac! *bdac! 7stac!
*+dac! "astrac! "oac!
"+sor! Tristator! Eerisor!
Eestator! 7ncantator1;
Mathers: 1*G*"!
*LE*L! 7*T! HDE*"!
). *+b&( and M&B@:
1Triviatores et circ+lators1;
Sl. $9'B: 1trecciatori et
"irc+latori1. The first
2ord probably means
1tric,sters.1 1"irc+latores1
.strollers0 generally meant
travelling fort+ne tellers or
peddlars. 8JH
-hen this e5periment is completed in this manner in the ho+r
and time 2hich 2e have. sho2n and ta+ght! also the foregoing
2ords *GG*"! *GE*"!
etc.! sho+ld be 2ritten 2ith the pen
as hereinafter ordained; b+t if the e5periment be performed in
a different 2ay! yet shalt tho+ al2ays say the aforesaid 2ords!
and they sho+ld be repeated as before given.
@. Mathers: 1*G*"!
7f tho+ practicest these things in this manner correctly! tho+
shalt arrive at the effect of thine operations and e5periments by
the 2hich tho+ mayest easily deceive the senses.
-e have spo,en in the preceding chapters of common
e5periments and operations! 2hich it is more +s+al to practice
and p+t in operation! and therein tho+ mayest easily see that
2e have told thee s+fficient for their perfection. 7n this chapter
2e treat of e5traordinary and +n+s+al e5periments! 2hich can
also be done in many 2ays.
>one the less sho+ld those 2ho 2ish to p+t in practice the li,e
e5periments and operations observe the days and ho+rs as is
laid do2n in the proper chapters! and sho+ld be provided 2ith
virgin paper and other necessary things. Having prepared a
similar e5periment tho+ shalt say:88
< God! 2ho hast created all things! and hast given +nto +s
discernment to +nderstand the good and the evil; thro+gh thy
holy name! Y*E<>*M! and thro+gh yo+r sacred name 2hich
$. This passage is fo+nd in
*+b&(! *d$'/@&! and Sl.
$9'B. *fter 1*E<>*M1
the seven choirs of angels assisting before yo+r face! ever
proclaim 2ith incessant voices!Z
and thro+gh these holy
names:88 7<E! 7*H! C*D! *L<S! T*A<R! S*J<R!
JD"<R! *M*T<R! "RE*T<R!
do tho+! < Lord! grant that
this e5periment may become tr+e and veritable in my hands
thro+gh thy holy seal! < *E<>*7! 2hose reign and empire
remaineth eternally and +nto the ages of the ages. *men.
Sl. $9'B adds 1and thro+gh
yo+r holy name "H7>!1
and at the end of the
passage it adds
1e5claiming! "*E<S!
"*E<S! "*E<S!
"*E<S! EL<MM!
S*GG*<TH1 .i.e. Holy!
holy! holy! the God of
Hosts0 8JH
&. M&B@: 1Jod +a+ Jah
palos starfor spa=or J+cor
*mator creator1; *+b&(:
1Jod! He! Jah! Ca+! alis!
Tafar Lapa=or! Lacor
.J8W0! *mator! "reator1;
*d$'/@&: 17od! 7ah! olis!
Ca+! Labant! Lacir!
*mator! "reator1; Sl9'%$:
1Jah! Ca+! Ealos! Tafor!
Sapa=or! J+cor! *mator!
"reator1; H: 1Jod! Jah! Ca+
Ealos! Tafor! Sapa=or!
J+cor! *mator! "reator1;
K&//: 1Jod! Jah! Ca+
Ealos! Taphor! Sapa4or!
7ncor! *mator! "reator1;
Sl. $9'B: 17od! Da+! alos!
Saf+r! Sapa=or! G++or!
*mator! "reator1;
Mathers: 17<E! 7*H!
TJ*G*<TH! J7<!
*M*T<R! "RE*T<R1.
This being done! tho+ shalt perform the e5periment! observing
its ho+r! Yand then yo+ may say the follo2ing song:
*S><R7E*! E7"T7L<R7E*! TRES*M! GESS*M! H7ST*>!
**SS*>! 7RDS<L*T<S! E>7T<R7T<S! TERDA7EL!
*"DS7EL! T*>G*E7*T! R7J<>*T! A*"DLT*S7M!
*STR*G*7M! E*R*>7! *RGE7! *RADS*! *ST*R*!
all yo+ spirits named! come from 2hichever part of the
+niverse yo+ be! to aid and assist +s in this e5periment so that
thro+gh yo+ it may be consecrated! and strengthened! and
9. So *+b&(. Sl. $9'B:
1*smorida! Eictiel! <nda!
Aressai! Gessay! >istam!
*passam! 7r+solatos!
Enetoritos! Temfiel!
*+inel! Tanga! Erai!
Gironat! Aac+ltaim!
*brabnim! Y)'vZ arani!
*rbei! *rf+sa! *stara1;
*d$'/@&: 1*micida!
confirmed! tho+gh 2ords be omitted. Thro+gh the most sacred
name *E<>*M! 2ho lives and reigns 2itho+t end! thro+gh the
all the ages of the ages.Z

and tho+ shalt perf+me and incense as is laid do2n in the
proper chapter; sprin,ling 2ith e5orcised 2ater! and
performing all the ceremonies and solemnities as 2e shall
instr+ct thee in the second boo, of o+r Key. Y*nd if the time is
not specified! let it be in the day and ho+r of Merc+ry.Z

Eistida! Maessay! Gessay
YGenayWZ! Hista_!
*passa_! 7r+s+l+tos!
Enitrietos! 7ta+fnal!
*+isiel! Tangadiac!
Ri=onal! Sac+ltaim!
*strabaim! Ean+ri! *rbei!
*stara1. 8JH
(. This passage is only
fo+nd in *+b&(! Sl. $9'B!
and *d$'/@&. 8JH
). This passage is also
only fo+nd in *+b&( and
*d$'/@&. 7n Sl. $9'B this
chapter is follo2ed by
1Esperimenti di Ligare! et
altro1 2hich incl+des
reciting the 2ords 1Aensa!
"+a! Ella?! *mon+!1 and a
charm 2ith 1*smode+s!
"ompossas! *m+ter!
Somniator! Tentator.1 This
is follo2ed by t2o 1Esper
di Gioco1 h the first 2ith
a sigil! the second +sing a
charm 2ith 1*ron! Terni!
*bar.1 This is follo2ed by
1Esper. dfi stat+a di "era1
2hich incl+des a
con4+ration 2ith the 2ords
1< *sgam! < *rtan! <
*lben! < achiel! <
Satagel! < Csor!
Eilapidator! Tentator!
Somniator! Ee+orator!
"oncifor! et Sed+ctor1 and
invo,ing the fo+r ,ings
*modeo YsicZ .,ing of the
East0! aymon .,ing of the
-est0! Egion .,ing of the
>orth0! and Maimon
.domini nel Mezzogiorno0.
"ompare 2ith chapter $)
above. This is follo2ed by
additional chapters of
e5periments. 8JH
The medals or pentacles! 2hich 2e ma,e for the p+rpose of stri,ing terror into the spirits and red+cing them
to obedience! have besides this 2onderf+l and e5cellent virt+e. 7f tho+ invo,est the spirits by virt+e of these
pentacles! they 2ill obey thee 2itho+t rep+gnance! and having considered them they 2ill be str+c, 2ith
astonishment! and 2ill fear them! and tho+ shalt see them so s+rprised by fear and terror! that none of them
2ill be s+fficiently bold to 2ish to oppose thy 2ill. They are also of great virt+e and efficacy against all
perils of earth! of air! of 2ater! and of fire! against poison 2hich hath been dr+n,! against all ,inds of
infirmities and necessities! against binding! sortilege! and sorcery! against all terror and fear! and 2heresoever
tho+ shalt find thyself! if armed 2ith them! tho+ shalt be in safety all the days of thy life.
Thro+gh them do 2e ac?+ire grace and good82ill from man and 2oman! fire is e5ting+ished! 2ater is stayed!
and all creat+res fear at the sight of the names 2hich are therein! and obey thro+gh that fear.
These pentacles are +s+ally made of the metal the most s+itable to the nat+re of the planet; and then there is
no occasion to observe the r+le of partic+lar colo+rs. They sho+ld be engraved 2ith the instr+ment of art in
the days and ho+rs proper to the planet.
Sat+rn r+leth over lead; J+piter over tin; Mars over iron; the S+n over gold; Cen+s over copper; Merc+ry over
the mi5t+re of metals; and the Moon over silver.
They may also be made 2ith e5orcised virgin paper! 2riting thereon 2ith the colo+rs adopted for each planet!
referring to the r+les already laid do2n in the proper chapters! and according to the planet 2ith 2hich the
pentacle is in sympathy.
-herefore +nto Sat+rn the colo+r of blac, is appropriated; J+piter r+leth over celestial bl+e; Mars over red;
the S+n over gold! or the colo+r of yello2 or citron ; Cen+s over green: Merc+ry over mi5ed colo+rs; the
Moon over silver! or the colo+r of argentine earth.
The matter of 2hich the pentacle is constr+cted sho+ld be virgin! never having been +sed for any other
p+rpose; or if it be metal it sho+ld be p+rified by fire.
*s regards the si=e of the pentacles it is arbitrary! so long as they are made according to the r+les! and 2ith
the re?+isite solemnities as hath been ordained.

and revere the most holy names of God 2hich are fo+nd in these pentacles and characters! for 2itho+t
this never shalt tho+ be able to come to the end of any enterprise! nor to accomplish the Mystery of
*bove all things! remember that to perform any of these operations tho+ m+st be p+re in body and mind! and
2itho+t blemish! and omit not any of the preparations.
This Key! f+ll of mysteries! hath been revealed +nto me by an angel.
*cc+rsed be he 2ho +nderta,eth o+r art 2itho+t having the ?+alities re?+isite to thoro+ghly +nderstand o+r
Key! acc+rsed be he 2ho invo,eth the name of God in vain! for s+ch an one prepareth for himself the
p+nishments 2hich a2ait the +nbelievers! for God shall abandon them and relegate them +nto the depths of
Hell amongst the imp+re spirits.
Aor God is great and imm+table; he hath been for ever! and he shall remain even +nto the end of the ages.
TH7S K><-LEEGE D>T< *> EC7L E>E! GE HE *""DRSEE 7> TH7S -<RLE *>E 7> THE
.$0 Seven pentacles consecrated to Sat+rn U Glac,.
.&0 Seven pentacles consecrated to J+piter U Gl+e.
.90 Seven pentacles consecrated to Mars U Red.
.(0 Seven pentacles consecrated to the S+n U Mello2.
.)0 Aive pentacles consecrated to Cen+s U Green.
.@0 Aive pentacles consecrated to Merc+ry U Mi5ed "olo+rs.
.B0 Si5 pentacles consecrated to the Moon U Silver.
>Th#s #s the ,eneral penta)le1 )alle- the Great Bor Gran-C Penta)le?
Y7t sho+ld be 2ritten on sheeps,in paper or virgin parchment! the 2hich paper sho+ld be tinted green. The
circle 2ith the B& divine letters sho+ld be red or the letters may be gold. The letters 2ithin the pentacle
sho+ld be the same red! or s,y bl+e every2here! 2ith the great name of God in gold. 7t serves to convene all
spirits; 2hen sho2n to them they 2ill bo2 and obey yo+.Z
Aig+re $$.88 The first pentacle of Sat+rn.88 This pentacle is of great val+e and +tility for stri,ing terror into
the spirits. -herefore! +pon its being sho2n to them they s+bmit! and ,neeling +pon the earth before it! they
3#,'re ...
Aig+re $&.88 The second pentacle of Sat+rn.88 This pentacle is of great val+e against adversaries; and of
especial +se in repressing the pride of the spirits.
3#,'re .$.
Aig+re $9.88 The third pentacle of Sat+rn.88 This sho+ld be made 2ithin the magical circle! and it is good for
+se at night 2hen tho+ invo,est the spirits of the nat+re of Sat+rn.
3#,'re .%1 5ro7 M$*!.
Aig+re $(.88 The fo+rth pentacle of Sat+rn.88 This pentacle serveth principally for e5ec+ting all the
e5periments and operations of r+in! destr+ction! and death. *nd 2hen it is made in f+ll perfection! it serveth
also for those spirits 2hich bring ne2s! 2hen tho+ invo,est them from the side of the So+th.
3#,'re .(1 5ro7 M$*!.
3#,'re .(1 5ro7 A-. .2&!$1 5ol &$r.
Aig+re $).88 The fifth pentacle of Sat+rn.88 This pentacle defendeth those 2ho invo,e the spirits of Sat+rn
d+ring the night; and chaseth a2ay the spirits 2hich g+ard treas+res.
3#,'re .51 5ro7 6#n,s $&&1 5ol. *%r.
Aig+re $@.88 The si5th pentacle of Sat+rn.88 *ro+nd this pentacle is each name symboli=ed as it sho+ld be.
The person against 2hom tho+ shalt prono+nce it shall be obsessed by demons.
3#,'re .!1 5ro7 M$*!.
3#,'re .!1 5ro7 6#n,s $&&1 5ol. *%9.
Aig+re $B.88 The seventh and last pentacle of Sat+rn.88 This pentacle is fit for e5citing earth?+a,es! seeing
that the po2er of each order of angels herein invo,ed is s+fficient to ma,e the 2hole Dniverse tremble.
3#,'re .*1 5ro7 6$&&1 5ol. *(r.
Aig+re $/.88 The first pentacle of J+piter.88 This serveth to invo,e the spirits of J+piter! and especially those
2hose names are 2ritten aro+nd the pentacle! among 2hom arasiel is the lord and master of treas+res! and
teacheth ho2 to become possessor of places 2herein they are.
3#,'re .&1 5ro7 M$*!.
Aig+re $%.88 The second pentacle of J+piter.88 This is proper for ac?+iring glory! honors! dignities! riches! and
all ,inds of good! together 2ith great tran?+illity of mind; also to discover treas+res and chase a2ay the
spirits 2ho preside over them. 7t sho+ld be 2ritten +pon virgin paper or parchment! 2ith the pen of the
s2allo2 and the blood of the screech8o2l.
3#,'re .1 5ro7 M$*!.
Aig+re &'.88 The third pentacle of J+piter. This defendeth and protecteth those 2ho invo,e and ca+se the
spirits to come. -hen they appear sho2 +nto them this pentacle and immediately they 2ill obey.
3#,'re $21 5ro7 M$*!.
Aig+re &$.88 The fo+rth pentacle of J+piter.88 7t serveth to ac?+ire riches and honor! and to possess m+ch
2ealth. 7ts angel is Gariel. 7t sho+ld be engraved +pon silver in the day and ho+r of J+piter 2hen he is in the
sign "ancer.
3#,'re $.1 5ro7 M$*!.
Aig+re &&.88 The fifth pentacle of J+piter.88 This hath great po2er. 7t serveth for ass+red visions. Jacob being
armed 2ith this pentacle beheld the ladder 2hich reached +nto heaven.
3#,'re $$1 5ro7 M$*!.
Aig+re &9.88 The si5th pentacle of J+piter.88 7t serveth for protection against all earthly dangers! by regarding
it each day devo+tedly! and repeating the versicle 2hich s+rro+ndeth it. 3Th+s shalt tho+ never perish.3
3#,'re $%1 5ro7 M$*!.
Aig+re &(.88 The seventh and last pentacle of J+piter.88 7t hath great po2er against poverty! if tho+ considerest
it 2ith devotion! repeating the versicle. 7t serveth f+rthermore to drive a2ay those spirits 2ho g+ard
treas+res! and to discover the same.
3#,'re $(1 5ro7 M$*!.
Aig+re &/.88 The fo+rth pentacle of Mars.88 7t is of great virt+e and po2er in 2ar! 2herefore 2itho+t do+bt it
2ill give thee victory.
3#,'re $&1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. 5&r.
Aig+re &%.88 The fifth pentacle of Mars.88 -rite tho+ this pentacle +pon virgin parchment or paper! beca+se it
is terrible +nto the demons! and at its sight and aspect they 2ill obey thee! for they cannot resist its presence.
3#,'re $1 5ro7 A'b$(1 5ol. 5.9.
3#,'re $1 5ro7 Harl. %&.1 5ol. *r.
Aig+re 9'.88 The si5th pentacle of Mars.88 7t hath so great virt+e that being armed there2ith! if tho+ art
attac,ed by any one! tho+ shalt neither be in4+red nor 2o+nded 2hen tho+ fightest 2ith him! and his o2n
2eapons shall t+rn against him.
3#,'re %21 A'b$(1 5ol. 5&9.
Aig+re 9$.88 The seventh and last pentacle of Mars.88 -rite tho+ this +pon virgin parchment or paper 2ith the
blood of a bat! in the day and ho+r of Mars; and +ncover it 2ithin the circle! invo,ing the demons 2hose
names are therein 2ritten; and tho+ shalt immediately see hail and tempest.
3#,'re %.1 A'b$(1 5ol. 5r.
Aig+re 9&.88 The first pentacle of the S+n.88 The co+ntenance of ShaddaR the almighty! at 2hose aspect all
creat+res obey! and the angelic spirits do reverence on bended ,nees.
3#,'re %$1 5ro7 Sl. .%2*1 5ol. ..!9.
Aig+re 99.88 The second pentacle of the S+n.88 This pentacle! and the preceding and follo2ing! belong to the
nat+re of the S+n. They serve to repress the pride and arrogance of the solar spirits! 2hich are altogether
pro+d and arrogant by their nat+re.
3#,'re %%1 5ro7 "ans. .$2$1 p,. .%..
Aig+re 9(.88 The third pentacle of the S+n.88 This serveth in addition .to the effects of the t2o preceding0 to
ac?+ire ,ingdom and empire! to inflict loss! and to ac?+ire reno2n and glory! especially thro+gh the name of
God! Tetragrammaton! 2hich therein is t2elve times contained.
3#,'re %(1 5ro7 "ans. .$2$1 p,. .%$.
Aig+re 9).88 The fo+rth pentacle of the S+n.88 This serveth to enable thee to see the spirits 2hen they appear
invisible +nto those 2ho invo,e them; beca+se! 2hen tho+ hast +ncovered it! they 2ill immediately appear
3#,'re %51 5ro7 A'b$(1 5ol. 5&r.
Aig+re 9@.88 The fifth pentacle of the S+n.88 7t serveth to invo,e those spirits 2ho can transport thee from one
place +nto another! over a long distance and in short time.
3#,'re %!1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !$r.
Aig+re 9B.88 The si5th pentacle of the S+n.88 7t serveth e5cellently for the operation of invisibility! 2hen
correctly made.
3#,'re %*1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !$9.
Aig+re 9/.88 The seventh and last pentacle of the S+n.88 7f any be by chance imprisoned or detained in fetters
of iron! at the presence of this pentacle! 2hich sho+ld be engraved in Gold on the day and ho+r of the S+n! he
2ill be immediately delivered and set at liberty.
3#,'re %&1 5ro7 A'b$(1 5ol. 59.
Aig+re 9%.88 The first pentacle of Cen+s.88 This and those follo2ing serve to control the spirits of Cen+s! and
especially those herein 2ritten.
3#,'re %1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !%9.
Aig+re ('.88 The second pentacle of Cen+s.88 These pentacles are also proper for obtaining grace and honor!
and for all things 2hich belong +nto Cen+s! and for accomplishing all thy desires herein.
3#,'re (21 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !(r.
Aig+re ($.88 The third pentacle of Cen+s.88 This! if it be only sho2n +nto any person! serveth to attract love.
7ts angel Monachiel sho+ld be invo,ed in the day and ho+r of Cen+s! at one o3cloc, or at eight.
3#,'re (.1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !(9.
Aig+re (&.88 The fo+rth pentacle of Cen+s.88 7t is of great po2er! since it compels the spirits of Cen+s to obey!
and to force on the instant any person tho+ 2ishest to come +nto thee.
3#,'re ($1 5ro7 "ans. .$2$1 p,. .%5.
Aig+re (9.88 The fifth and last pentacle of Cen+s.88 -hen it is only sho2ed +nto any person soever! it inciteth
and e5citeth 2onderf+lly +nto love.
3#,'re (%1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !59.
Aig+re ((.88 The first pentacle of Merc+ry.88 7t serveth to invo,e the spirits 2ho are +nder the Airmament.
3#,'re ((1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !!r.
Aig+re ().88 The second pentacle of Merc+ry.88 The spirits herein 2ritten serve to bring to effect and to grant
things 2hich are contrary +nto the order of >at+re; and 2hich are not contained +nder any other head. They
easily give ans2er! b+t they can 2ith diffic+lty be seen.
3#,'re (51 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !!9.
Aig+re (@.88 The third pentacle of Merc+ry.88 This and the follo2ing serve to invo,e the spirits s+b4ect +nto
Merc+ry; and especially those 2ho are 2ritten in this pentacle.
3#,'re (!1 5ro7 6#n,s $&&1 5ol. &&r.
Aig+re (B.88 The fo+rth pentacle of Merc+ry.88 This is f+rther proper to ac?+ire the +nderstanding and
,no2ledge of all things created! and to see, o+t and penetrate into hidden things; and to command those
spirits 2hich are called *llatori to perform embassies. They obey very readily.
3#,'re (*1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !*9.
Aig+re (/.88 The fifth and last pentacle of Merc+ry.88 This commandeth the spirits of Merc+ry! and serveth to
open doors in 2hatever 2ay they may be closed! and nothing it may enco+nter can resist it.
3#,'re (&1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !&r.
Aig+re (%.88 The first pentacle of the Moon.88 This and the follo2ing serve to call forth and invo,e the spirits
of the Moon; and it f+rther serveth to open doors! in 2hatever 2ay they may be fastened.
3#,'re (1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !&9.
Aig+re )'.88 The second pentacle of the Moon.88 This serveth against all perils and dangers by 2ater! and if it
sho+ld chance that the spirits of the Moon sho+ld e5cite and ca+se great rain and e5ceeding tempests abo+t
the circle! in order to astonish and terrify thee; on sho2ing +nto them this pentacle! it 2ill all speedily cease.
3#,'re 521 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !r.
Aig+re )$.88 The third pentacle of the Moon.88 This being d+ly borne 2ith thee 2hen +pon a 4o+rney! if it be
properly made! serveth against all attac,s by night! and against every ,ind of danger and peril by 2ater.
3#,'re 5.1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. !9.
Aig+re )&.88 The fo+rth pentacle of the Moon.88 This defendeth thee from all evil so+rces! and from all in4+ry
+nto so+l or body. 7ts angel! Sophiel! giveth the ,no2ledge of the virt+e of all herbs and stones; and +nto
2homsoever shall name him! he 2ill proc+re the ,no2ledge of all.
3#,'re 5$1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. *2r.
Aig+re )9.88 The fifth pentacle of the Moon.88 7t serveth to have ans2ers in sleep. 7ts angel 7achadiel serveth
+nto destr+ction and loss! as 2ell as +nto the destr+ction of enemies. Tho+ mayest also call +pon him by
*bdon and EalL against all phantoms of the night! and to s+mmon the so+ls of the departed from Hades.
3#,'re 5%1 5ro7 Sl. %2.1 5ol. *29.
Aig+re )(.88 The si5th and last pentacle of the Moon.88 This is 2onderf+lly good! and serveth e5cellently to
e5cite and ca+se heavy rains! if it be engraved +pon a plate of silver; and if it be placed +nder 2ater! as long
as it remaineth there! there 2ill he rain. 7t sho+ld be engraved! dra2n! or 2ritten in the day and ho+r of the
3#,'re 5(1 5ro7 6#n,s $&&.
YThis is the end of the holy pentacles! in all 2hich 7 have! to the best of my po2er! restored the Hebre2
letters and mystical characters correctly. 7 have f+rther given nearly every versicle in pointed Hebre2! instead
of in the Latin; so that the occ+lt st+dent might not be inconvenienced by having to search o+t the same in a
Hebre2 Gible. The restoration of the Hebre2 letters in the body of the pentacles has been a 2or, of immense
diffic+lty! and has e5tended over several years.Z
>Penta)les 5ro7 the Hebre/ Key of Solomon BMafteah Shelomoh1 Or. .(*51 5ol1 %5aC?
>Penta)les 5ro7 the Greek Key of Solomon BHarl. 55!C?