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OIL PAN 3-30
TOOLS 3-58

4. Matchmarkthe hoodand hingesand remove 16. Slowly lift the engineand removeit from the
the hood assembly. vehicle.
5. Removethe air cleanerassemblyand all ad- To install:
REMOVAL&INSTALLATION joining air intakeductwork. 17. Installthe engineand secureall control
6. Drainthe enginecoolant,removethe radiator bracketsand mounts.
# See Figure 1 hoses,and removethe radiatorassembly,coolant 18. Installthe transaxle,and transfercaseif
reservoir,and intercooler,as equipped. equipped.
In the processof removingthe engine,you will
comeacrossa numberof stepswhich call for the re- 19. The balanceof the installationis the reverse
moval of a separatecomponentor system,suchas of removalwith the addition of the following notes:
“disconnectthe exhaustsystem”or “removethe radi- a. Use newclamps or O-rings to connectthe
ator.” In most instances,a detailedremovalproce- cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan high pressurefuel lme and the fuel return line.
durecan befound elsewherein this manual. occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, b. Use new gasketsto connectthe exhaust
It is virtually impossibleto list eachindividual when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind systemto the engine.
wire and hosewhich must be disconnected,simply that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene c. Fill the enginewith the properamountof
becauseso manydifferentmodeland engrnecombi- glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is engineoil and coolant.
nationshavebeenmanufacturedCarefulobservation left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles d. Startthe engine,allow it to reachnormal
and commonsensearethe bestpossibleapproaches on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- operatingtemperature.
to any repairprocedure. cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a e. Checkfor leaks.
Removaland installationof the enginecan be sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused f. Checkthe ignition timing and adjust if nec-
madeeasierif you follow thesebasicpoints: unlessit is contaminatedor is several years essary.
l If you haveto drain any of the fluids, usea old. g. Roadtest the vehicle and checkall fluid
suitablecontainer. levelsand functionsfor proper operation.
l Alwaystag any wires or hosesand, if possrble, 7. Removethe transaxleandtransfercaseas
the componentstheycamefrom beforedisconnect- equipped.
ing them. 8. Tagand detachthe following electricalcon-
l Becausethereareso manybolts and fasteners nections:
involved,storeand labelthe retainersfrom compo- l Acceleratorcable
nentsseparatelyin muffin pans,jars or coffeecans. l Heaterhoses
This will preventconfusionduring installatron. l Brakeboostervacuumhose
l Afterunboltingthe transmisstonor transaxle, l Vacuumhoses
alwaysmakesure it is properlysupported. l Fuel lines
l If it is necessaryto disconnectthe air condi- l Enginegroundcables
tioning system,havethis serviceperformedby a l Any applicablesensors
qualifiedtechnicianusinga recovery/recyclingsta- l Coolanttemperatureand oil pressuresend-
tion If the systemdoesnot haveto be disconnected, ing units
unboltthe compressorand set it aside. l ExhaustGas Recirculation(EGR)tempera- Fig. 1 Alignmentof the engine mountstop-
l Whenunboltingthe enginemounts,always ture sensor oer bracket-Diamante shown
makesurethe engineis properlysupported.When l Connectionfor the idle speedcontrol mo-
removingthe engine,makesurethat any lifting de- tor
vices are properlyattachedto the engine.It is recom- l Fuel injectors
mendedthat if your engineISsuppliedwith lifting l Powertransistor
hooks,your lifting apparatusbe attachedto them. l Ignition coil and any applicabledistributor REMOVAL&INSTALLATION
l Lift the enginefrom its compartmentslowly, connections
checkingthat no hoses,wires or othercomponents l The connectionsfor the alternator
are still connected. l Powersteeringpressureswitch Except3.OL(SOHCand DOHC)and 3.5L
l Afterthe engineis clearof the compartment, l A/C compressor Engines
placeit on an enginestandor workbench. l Refrigeranttemperatureswitch # See Figures2 thru 11
l After the enginehas beenremoved,you can l Condenser
performa partialor full teardownof the engineusing 9. Removethe air conditionerdrive beltand the 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
the proceduresoutlinedin this manual. air conditioningcompressor.Leavethe hosesat- 2. If necessary,removethe air intakehose.
1. Relievefuel systempressure. tached.Do not dischargethe system.Placethe com- 3. If necessary,removethe throttlecablefrom
pressorasideand secureit using a suitabledevice. the cableroutingclips.
10. Removethe powersteeringpumpand place
the pumpasrdeand secureit using a surtabledevice.
Observeall applicable safety precautions 11. Removethe exhaustmanifold-to-exhaust
when working aroundfuel. Wheneverservic- pipe nuts. Discardthe gasket.
ing the fuel system,always work in a well 12. Installthe enginehoist equipmentand make
ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or certainthe attachingpoints on the engineare secure.
vapors to comein contactwith a spark or 13. Raisethe hoist enoughto supportthe engine.
openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin- 14. Removethe front and rearengineroll stop-
guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel pers
in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel 15. Removethe left enginemountand support
storage;also, always properly seal fuel con-
tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex-
2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. Doublecheckthat all cables, hoses,harness
3. Removethe engineundercoverif equipped. connectors,etc., are disconnectedfrom the
engine. Fig. 2 If necessary, removethe throttle ca-
ble from the cable routing clips

Fig. 3 Removethe breather hose from the Fig. 4 Removethe PCWvalve and hosefrom


Fig. 6 . . . then position the wires out of the Fig. 7 The uppertiming cover is retained by Fig. 8 . . . then carefully remove the cover
three bolts. Unfastenthe bolts . . . from the engine

Fig. 9 Remove the valve cover retaini then lift the valve cover

4. If equipped,
removethebreather hosefrom 13. Placethevalvecoverintopositionandbegin- 3.OLand 3.5L Engines
thevalvecover. ningin thecenterof thevalvecoverandworkingout-
5. Remove thecrankcaseventilation
tubefrom ward,tightentheretainingboltsasfollows: b See Figure 12
thevalvecover. l 15L engine:12-18inchIbs.(l-2 Nm) 1. Disconnect thenegativebatterycable.
6. Onthe1.6Land2.gL(DOHC) engines,re- l 1.6L,1.8L,2.OLDOHC,and2.4Lengines: 2. Remove theupperintakemanifoldasde-
movetheignitionwirecover. 24-36inchIbs.(2-3 Nm) scribedin thissection.
7. Labelandremovetheignitionwiresandsep- * 2.OLSOHCengine:WO inchIbs.(4-5 3. Onthe3.OLDOHCengine,remove theigni-
arators. Nm) tionwirecover.
8. Remove theuppertimingbeltcover. 14. Installthecrankcase ventilation
tube. 4. Remove theignitionwiresandsparkplugs.
9. Remove thevalvecoverretainingbolts,start 15. Installtheignitionwireseparators andtheig- 5. Remove thecrankcase ventilationtubesfrom
ingfromtheoutsideandworkingin. nitionwires. bothvalvecovers.
10. Remove thevalvecoverandgasketfromthe 16. Onthe1.6Land2.OL(DOHC) engines,
install 6. Remove theretainingnutsandenginewiring
cylinderhead. theignitionwirecover. frombothvalvecoversandmoveaside.
To install: 17. Installtheair intakehose. 7. Remove thevalvecoverretainingboltsand
11. Cleanthevalvecovergasketsealingsurfaces, 18. Connect thenegative batterycable. studs.
12, Installnewvalvecovergasketsandif 19. Runtheengineandcheckfor leaksand 8. Remove bothvalvecoversfromtheengine.
equipped, O-ringsontothevalvecovers. properoperation.
To install:
Rear bank 7. Lubricatethe rockershaftwith cleanengine
oil and Installthe rockersand springs.
REMOVAL&INSTALLATION 8. Installthe rockerarm and shaftassemblies.
6 011 010 og Tightenthe rockerarm shaftretainerbolts to 23 ft.
1.5L and 1.8L Eflgin8S Ibs. (32 Nm).
9. Checkvalveadjustmentand installthe valve
,# See Figures13 and 14 cover.Tightenthe valvecover bolts to 16 inch Ibs.
(1.8 Nm) for the 1.5L engineor to 29 inch Ibs. (3.3
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. Nm) for the 1.8L engine.
2. For 1.8L engines,labeland disconnectthe 10. If detached,connectthe sparkplug cables.
1.03 07 02] sparkplug cables. 11. Connectthe acceleratorcable,breatherhose
3. Disconnectthe acceleratorcable,breather and PCV hose.
hoseand PCV hoseconnections. 12. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
Fig. 12 Rocker cover bolt torque se- 4. Removethe rockercover.
quence-3.01 DOHCengine 5. Loosenboth rockerarm shaftassemblies 2.OLSOHCEngine
graduallyand evenlyand removethe rocketshafts
To install: from the vehicle. # See Figure 15
9. Cleanthe valve cover gasketsealingSW 6. If disassemblyis required,keepall parts in
Onthis engine,the hydrauliclifters are built into
faces. the exactorder of removal.
the rockerarms. If lifter serviceis required,simply
10 Installnewvalve cover gasketsontothe valve
11. Placethe valvecovers into position.
12. Reinstallthe valve cover retainingbolts and
studsand tightenin sequenceto:
l 3.OLSOHCengine:7 ft. Ibs. (9 Nm)
l 3.OLDOHCengine:42-54 inch Ibs. (4-5
l 3.5L engine:30 inch Ibs. (3 Nm)
13. Installthe enginewiring andtightenthe re-
taining nuts.
14. Installthe crankcaseventilationtubesinto
both valve covers.
15. Installthe ignition wire separators,the igni-
tion wires, and the sparkplugs.
16. Onthe 3.OLDOHCengine,installthe ignition
wire cover.
17. Installthe upperintakemanifoldas described
in this section.
18. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
19. Runthe engineand checkfor leaksand

1. Breather hose 10. Rocker arm A

2. P.C.V. hose 11. Rocker arm 6
3. Rocker cover 12. Rocker arm shaft (Intake side)
4. Rocker cover gasket 13. Adjusting screw
Valve clearance pre-adjustment 14. Nut
5. Oil seal 15. Rocker arm C
6. Oil seal 16. Rocker arm shaft (Exhaust side)
7. Rocker arms and rocker arm shaft 17. Adjusting screw
6. Rocker arms and rocker arm shaft 18. Nut
9. Rocker shaft spring 19. Camshaft
Fig 13 Camshaft rocker arm and shafl as- 7923PG27

( ser;lblies-l.5L dngine g3’53goi :ig. 14 Camshaft,rocker arm and shaft assemblies-l .8L engine
14. Installthe valve cover,with a newgasketand 2.4L Engine
semi-circularpackingin place.
15. Connectthe negativebatterycable. # See Figures 17, 16, and 19
16. Runthe engineand checkignition timing. 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
2. Removethe acceleratorcablefrom the retain-
1.6L and 2.OLDOHC(Turbo and Non-turbo) ing clampsand positionthe acceleratorcableout of
Engines the way.
6 See Figure 16 3. Removethe air intakehose.
4. Disconnectthe breatherhoseandthe PCV
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. hose.
2. Removethe valve coverand discardthe gas- 5. Disconnectthe sparkplug cablesfrom the
ket. sparkplugs.
3. Install lashadjusterretainertools MD998443 6. Removethe rockercoverand gasket.
or equivalent,to the rockerarm. 7. Installlashadjusterretainertools MD998443
4. Removethe rockershaft hold-downbolts or equivalent,to the rockerarm.
graduallyand evenlyand removethe rockershaft/arm 8. Removethe rockershafthold-downbolts
assemblies. graduallyand evenlyand removethe rockershaft/arm
5. If disassemblyis required,keepall partsin assemblies.
the exactorderof removal.Inspectthe roller surfaces 9. Disassemblethe rockersand the rockershaft
of the rockers.Replaceif thereare anysigns of dam- springsfrom the rockershafts.If they areto be
age or if the roller doesnot turn smoothly.Checkthe reused,notethe locationand positionrngof all rocker
inside boreof the rockersand the adjustertip for shaftcomponents.It is recommendedthat all lash
wear. adjustersand rockersbe replacedas a completeset.
To install: To install:
6. Lubricatethe rockershaftwith cleanengine 10. Immersethe lashadjustersin cleandiesel
oil and installthe rockersand springs in their proper fuel, and using a small wire, movethe plungerup
places. and downfour or five times.while pushingdown
7. Installthe rockershaftassemblieson the en- lightly on the checkball in orderto bleedthe air from
Fig. 15 Camshaft,rocker arm and shaft as-
gine. Tightenthe bolts graduallyand evenlyto 21-25 the adjuster.
remblies-2.01 SOHCengine ft. Ibs. (29-35 Nm). 11. Installthe lashadjustersto the rockerarms
*When installing the rocker arm shaft, andattachthe specialholdingtool.
removethe lifter from the bore in the rockerarm. It is 12. Lubricatethe rockershaftwith cleanengine
recommendedthat all of the rockerarms and lashad-
makecertain the notchis properly located.
oil and installthe rockerarms.
justersbe replacedat the sametime. 8. Removethe lashadiusterretaininatools 13. Temporarilytightenthe rockershaftassembly
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. 9. Installthe valve coverwith a newgasket. with the mountingbolts so that all rockerarms on the
2. Removethe valve cover. 10. Connectthe negativebatterycable. inlet valve side do not pushon the valves,
3. Matchmarkthe distributorto the cylinder 14. Fit the rockershaftspringsfrom aboveand
headand removethe distributor. positionthemso that they are at right anglesto the
4. Removecamshafttiming belt. plug side. Installthe rockerspringsbeforeinstalling
5. Workingin a crisscrosspatternfrom the cen- the exhaustside rockershaftand rockerarm assem-
ter outward,loosenthe camshaftbearingcapsin *o Nm bly.
IILlbs -
gradualsteps. 15. Installthe exhaustside rockershaftassembly
6. Removethe rockerarms,shaftsand bearing in the engine.Tightenthe rockershaft mountingbolts
capsas an assembly. graduallyand evenlyto 23 ft. Ibs.(32 Nm).
*It is essentialthat all parts be kept in the 16. Removethe lashadjusterretainingtools.
sameorder andorientation for reinstallation. 17. Installthe rockercoverand tightenthe
Be sure to markand separateparts, so parts mountingbolts to 30 inch Ibs. (3 Nm).
will not be mixedduring reassembly. 18. Reinstallthe sparkplug wires to the spark
7. Disassemblerockershaftassembly.Starting 19. Reconnectthe PCVand breatherhoses.
at rearbearingcap,slide eachpieceoff shafts. 20. Installthe air intakehose.
21. Reattachthe acceleratorcablebracketsand
*Inspect the roller surfacesof the rockers.
Replaceif there are any signs of damageor reconnectthe acceleratorcable.
if the roller doesnot turn smoothly. Check 22. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
the inside bore of the rockersand lifter for 3.OLSOHCEngine
To install: 6 See Figures 20 and 21
8. Apply a drop of sealantto the rearedgesof Onthis engine,the hydrauliclashadjustersare
the end caps. built into the rockerarms,
9. Installthe assemblyinto the front bearing 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
cap, makingsurethe notchesin the rockershaftsare 2. Removethe valve cover. Install lashadjuster
facing up. Insertthe installationbolt, but do not retainertools MD998443 or equivalent,to preventthe
tightenat this point. auto-lashadjusterfrom falling out of the rockerarm.
10. Installthe remainingcapbolts. Tightenall 3. Loosenrockerarm and shaftassemblyevenly
bolts evenlyand graduallyto 15 ft. Ibs. (20 Nm). Re- in severalsteps.Removethe rockerarm and shaftas-
move the lash adjusterretainers. 9315390 3 semblyas a completeunit.
11. Installthe timing belt as required. F:ig. 16 Camshaft,rocker arm and shaft as 4. Removethe rearcamshaftbearingcapand
12. Align the matchmarksand installthe distribu- siemblies-1.6L and 2.OLDOHCengines slide the rockerarms,springsand washersfrom the
tor. shaft.If they areto be reused,notethe locationand
13. Removethe lashadjusterretainingtools. positioningof all rockershaftcomponents.It is rec-

Arrow mark (bearing cap)

Arrow mark
fcyllnder head)

Fig. 21 Wheninstalling the rocker arm/shafi

assemblies, ensure that the arrow marks
point in the same direction as the arrow
stampedinto the cylinder head-3.01 SOHC

7. Lubricatethe camshaftand rockershaftwith

cleanengineoil and position on the cylinderhead.
8. Apply a drop of sealantto the rearedgesof
the end caps.
9. Installthe assemblymakingsurethe notches
in the rockershaftsarefacing up.
79231632 10. Installthe cap bolts andtightenevenlyand
IFig. 17 Rocker arm shafts and components-2.41 engine graduallyto 14 ft. Ibs. (20 Nm). Removethe lashad-
juster retainers
11. Installthe valve cover.
12. Connectthe negativebatterycable.

) See Figure 22
1. Relievethe fuel systempressure.

Observeall applicable safety precautions

when working aroundfuel. Wheneverservic-
ing the fuel system,always work in a well
ventilated area. 00 not allow fuel spray or
Fig. 18 Installing the rocker shaft springs- vaporsto comein contactwith a sparkor
openflame. Keepa dty chemicalfire extin-
guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel
in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel
13. Bearing cap storage;also, always properly seal fuel con-
arm tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex-
16. Rocker arm
17. Spring
16 Bearing cap no. 3 2. Disconnectbatterynegativecable.
IQ. Rocker arm 3. Removethe timino belt coverandtimina belt.
20. spring Referto the timing belt procedurein this section.
21. Rocker arm
22. Spring
23. Bearing cap no. 2
24. Rocker arm
25. spring
26. Rocker arm
27. Spring
28. Rocker arm shaft
29. Rocker arm shaft
30. Bearing cap no. 1

Fig. 20 Rocker arm assembly-3.01 SOHCengine

ommendedthat all lashadjustersand rockersbe re- downlightly on the checkball in orderto bleedout 7923PG3

placedas a completeset. the air. Installthe lashadjustersin the rockerarms. Fig. 22 The rocker arms sit beneath the
To install: 6. Usinga light coat of engineoil, assemblethe camshaftand are supportedon one end bl
5. Immersethe lashadjustersin cleandiesel rockerarmsto the shaft.Installthe rearcamshaft the valve stem and on the other end by the
fuel. Usinga small wire, movethe plungerof the lash bearingcap. hydraulic lash adjuster-Oiamante wit1
adjusterup and down4 or 5 times while pushing 3.OLOOHCengine
4. Remove thecentercover,breather andPCV 3. installthelashadjusterclipsontherocker unless it is contaminatedor is several years
hoses,andsparkplugcables. arms,thenloosenthebearingcapbolts.Donotre- old.
5. Remove therockercover. movetheboltsfromthebearingcaps.
6. Remove thethrottlebodystay,bothcamshaft 4. Remove therockerarms,shaftsandbearing 3. Remove anynecessary components to access
sprockets,andoil seals. capsasanassembly. thethermostat.
7. Remove theCamshaft PositionfCMP)sensor lo hlstall: 4. Remove thethermostat housinqretaininq
nd adapter fromtherearof thecamshah. ’ 5. Installthebearingcaps/rockerarmassem- bolts.
8. Remove theintakeandexhaust camshafts. blies.Tightentheboltsto 23ft. Ibs.(31Nm). 5. Liftthehousingfromtheengine.
9. Remove rockerarmsandlashadjusters from 6. Remove thelashadjusterclips. 6. Remove thethermostat takingnoteof its
hehead.It is recommended thatall lashadjusters 7. Installtherockerarmcoverusinga newgas- originalpositioninthehousing.
mdrockersbereplaced asa complete set. ket. To Install:
To Install: 8. Connect thenegativebatterycable. *In order to preventleakage, makesure
10. Immerse thelashadjusters in cleandiesel both matingsurfaces are clean and free of
uel.Usinga smallwire,movetheplungerof thelash any old gasketmaterial.
ngdownlightlyonthecheckballin orderto bleed 7. Installthethermostat so itsflangeseats
juttheair.Lubricate andinstallthelashadjusters in REMOVAL&INSTALLATION tightlyinthemachined grooveintheintakemanifold
hecylinderhead. orthermostat case.Referto itslocationpriorto re-
11. Lubricate thecamshafts withcleanenqineoil b See Figures 24, 25, 26, and 27 moval.Aliqnthereliefvalvewiththealignment mark
nd positionthecamshafts onthecylinderhead. onthethermostat housing.
12. Installthebearingcaps.Tightenthecapsin 1. Disconnect
thenegativebatterycable. 8. Usea newgasketor D-ringandreinstallthe
sequence, in 2 or 3 steps.Caps2,3 and4 havea 2. Drainthecoolingsystem. thermostat housing. Torquethehousingmounting
rontmark.Installwiththemarkalignedwiththefront boltstothefollowingspecifications:
narkonthecylinderhead.IntakecapshaveI l 1.8Lengine:16ft. Ibs.(22Nm)
stamped onthecapandexhaustcapshaveE.Also, Never open, service or drain the radiator or l 1.5L,1.61,2.OLDOHC,and1990-922.OL
)esuretherockerarmiscorrectlymounted onthe cooling systemwhen hot; serious bumscan SOHCengines:12-14ft. Ibs.(17-20Nm)
ashadjusterandthevalvestemend.Torquethefront occurfrom the steamandhot coolant. Also, l 19932.01SOHCengine:7-10ft. Ibs.
mdrearretaining capboltsto 14ft. Ibs.(20Nm)and when draining enginecoolant, keepin mind (10-15Nm)
ightenthecenter3 retainingcapboltsto 8 ft. Ibs. that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene l 2.4Lengine:IO ft. Ibs.(14Nm)
11Nm). glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is l 3.OLand3.5Lengines:12-14ft. Ibs.
13. Applya coatingof engineoil to theoil seals left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles (17-20Nm)
mdinstall. on the ground.Thiswill provefatal in suffi- 9. Fillthesystemwithcoolant.
14. Installthetimingbelt,valvecoverandall re- cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a 10. Installtheremoved air intakeplumbing.
atedparts.Refertothetimingbeltprocedure in this sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused
15. Connect thenegative batterycableandcheck
or leaks.
I See Figure 23
1. Disconnect
2. Removetherockerarmcover.

g. 26 Remove the thermostat from the

ousing, noting the location of usingthe thermostat,always re-


1. Engine hanger 5. Engine hanger

2. Intake manifold stay 6. Exhaust manifold cover
3. intake manifold 7. Exhaust manifold
4. Intake manifold gasket 8. Exhaust manifold gasket
:ig. 28 Explodedview of the intake and exhaust manifold mounting-l .5L (4615) engine

,.11. Connect
. . the negativebatterycable,
. run the when draining enginecoolant, keepin mind age.Checkthe intakemanifoldwaterpassagesand
vemcieunnl me tnermostatopensano till the radiator that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene jet air passagesfor clogging.Cleanif necessary.
completely. glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is 15. Usinga straightedge,measurethe distortion
12. Oncethe vehicle hascooled,recheckthe left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles of the intakemanifold-to-cylinderhead.Totaldistor-
coolantlevel. on the ground.Thiswill prove fatal In suffi- tion or warpageshouldbe 0.006 inches(0.15mmor
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a less).
sealable container. Coolantshould be reused 16. Installa newintakemanifoldgasketto the
unless it is contaminatedor is several years headand installthe manifold.Torquethe manifoldin
old. a crisscrosspattern,startingfrom the insideand
REMOVAL&INSTALLATION working outwardsto 13 ft. Ibs. (18 Nm).
3. Disconnectthe upperradiatorhose,heater 17. Installthe intakemanifoldsupportbracket
1.51 Engine hoseand waterbypasshose. and torquethe mountingbolts to 16 ft. Ibs. (22 Nm).
4. Removethe thermostathousingfrom intake 18. Installthe enginemountsupportbracketand
# See Figure 28 manifold. torquethe mountingbolts to 26 ft. Ibs. (36 Nm).
5. Disconnectthe acceleratorcable,breather 19. Usinga newgasket,install the EGRvalveand
1. Relievethe fuel systempressure. hoseand air intakehose. torquethe mountingbolts to 15 ft. Ibs. (21 Nm).
6. Removeall vacuumhosesand pipesas nec- 20. Using newinsulatorsand O-rings,install the
essary,includingthe brakeboostervacuumline. fuel deliverypipe, injectorsand pressureregulatorto
Observeall applicablesafety precautions 7. Removethe throttlebodyassembly. the engine.Torquethe retainingbolts to 7-9 ft. Ibs.
when working aroundfuel. Wheneverservic- 8. Disconnectthe high pressurefuel line and (10-14 Nm).
ing the fuel system,always work in a well the fuel returnhose. 21. Attachthe electricalconnectorsto the oxygen
ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or 9. Tagand detachthe electricalconnectorsfrom sensor,coolanttemperaturesensor,intakeair tem-
vapors to comein contactwith a sparkor the oxygensensor,coolanttemperaturesensor,in- perature,idle speedcontrol assembly,EGRtempera-
openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin- takeair temperature,idle speedcontrol assembly, ture sensor,sparkplugwires and distributor.
guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel EGRtemperaturesensor,sparkplug wires and dis- 22. Usinga newO-ring for the feedpipe and a
in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel tributor. newclampfor the returnpipe, installthe fuel hoses.
storage;also, always properly seal fuel con- 10. Removethe fuel rail, fuel injectors,pressure 23. Installthe throttlebody assembly.
tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex- regulatorand insulators. 24. Installthe vacuumhosesand pipesas neces-
plosion. 11. Removethe EGRvalvefrom the intakemani- sary, includingthe brakeboostervacuumline.
fold. 25. Installand adjustthe acceleratorcable.Install
2. Disconnectbatterynegativecableand drain 12. Removethe intakemanifoldsupportbracket the breatherand air Intakehose.
the cooling system. and removethe enginemountsupportbracket. 26. Usinga newgasket,install the thermostat
13. Removethe intakemanifoldmountingbolts housingto the intakemanifoldand tightenthe
and removethe intakemanifoldassembly. mountingboltsto 13 ft. Ibs. (18 Nm).
Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or To Install: 27. Connectthe upperradiatorhose,heaterhose
cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan 14. Cleanall gasketmaterialfrom the cylinder and waterbypasshose.Besureto usenewhose
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, headintakemountingsurfaceand intakemanifoldas- clamps.
sembly.Checkboth surfacesfor cracksor otherdam-
28. Fill the systemwith coolant. 3. Disconnectthe acceleratorcableand the air 19. Usinga newO-ring for the feedpipe and a
29. Connectthe negativebatterycable,run the intakehose. newclampfor the returnpipe, install the fuel hoses,
vehicleuntil the thermostatopens,fill the radiator 4. Tagand detachthe electricalconnectorsfrom 20. Connectthe upperradiatorhose,heaterhose
completely. the oxygensensor,coolanttemperaturesensor,idle andwaterbypasshoses.
30. Checkandadjustthe idle speedand ignition speedcontrol assembly,EGRtemperaturesensor,oil 21. Installthe vacuumhosesand pipesas neces-
timing. pressureswitch,sparkplug wires and distributor. sary.Be sureto connectthe brakeboosterand PCV
31. Oncethe vehiclehas cooled,recheckthe 5. Disconnectthe wiring from the throttleposi- vacuumlines
coolantlevel. tion sensor,fuel Injectorsand disconnectthe ground 22. Connectthe wiring to the throttleposition
cables. sensor,fuel injectorsand connectthe groundcables,
1.8L Engine 6. Removeall vacuumhosesand pipesas nec- 23. Attachthe electricalwiring to the oxygensen-
essary,includingthe brakeboosterand PCVvacuum sor, coolanttemperaturesensor,Idlespeedcontrol
) See Figures 29 and 30 lines. assembly,EGRtemperaturesensor,oil pressure
I. Relievethe fuel systempressure. 7. Disconnectthe upperradiatorhose,heater switch,sparkplugwires and distributor.
hoseand waterbypasshose. 24. Connectand adjustthe acceleratorcableand
8. Disconnectthe high pressurefuel line and installthe air intakehose.
the fuel returnhose. 25. Fill the systemwith coolant.
Observeall applicable safety precautions 9. Removethe fuel rail, fuel injectors,pressure 26. Connectthe negativebatterycable,run the
whenworking aroundfuel. Wheneverservic- regulatorand insulators. vehicleuntil the thermostatopens,fill the radiator
ing the fuel system,always work in a well 10. Removethe intakemanifoldsupportbracket. completely.
ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or 11. If the thermostathousingis preventingre- 27. Checkand adjustthe idle speedand ignition
vaporsto comein contactwith a sparkor moval of the Intakemanifold,removeit. timing.
openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin- 12. Removethe intakemanifoldmounting 28. Oncethe vehiclehascooled,recheckthe
guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel bolts/nutsand removethe intakemanifoldassembly. coolantlevel.
in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel To install:
storage;also, always properly seal fuel con- 13. Cleanall gasketmaterialfrom the cylinder 2.OLSOHCEngine
tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex- headintakemountingsurfaceand intakemanifoldas-
plosion. # See Figure 31
sembly Checkboth surfacesfor cracksor otherdam-
age.Checkthe intakemanifoldwater passagesand 1. Relievethe fuel systempressure.
2. Disconnectbatterynegativecableand drain
jet air passagesfor clogging.Cleanif necessary.
the cooling system.
14. Usinga straightedge,measurethe distortion
of the intakemanifold-to-cylinderhead.Total distor-
tion or warpageshould be0.006 inches(0.15mmor Observeall applicable safety precautions
Never open, service or drain the radiator or less). when working aroundfuel. Wheneverservic-
cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan 15. Installa new intakemanifoldgasketto the ing the fuel system,always work in a well
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, headand installthe manifold.Torquethe manifoldin
ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or
when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind a crrsscrosspattern,startingfrom the insideand vaporsto comein contactwith a spark or
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene workingoutwardsto 14 ft. Ibs.(20 Nm). openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin-
glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is 16. If removed,install the thermostathousing. guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel
leff in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles 17. Installthe Intakemanifoldbracebracket. in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- 18. Installthe fuel deliverypipe, injectorsand storage;also, always properly seal fuel con-
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a pressureregulatorto the engine.Torquethe retaining tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex-
sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused bolts to 108 Inch Ibs. (12 Nm).
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years

Fig. 29 Explodedview of the intake mani. Fig. 30 Explodedview of the intake mani, Fig. 31 Explodedview of the intake mani
old mounting-1993 1.8L engine iold mounting-1994-00 1.8L engine fold mounting-2.01 SOHCermine
2. Disconnectthe batterynegativecable. 22. Adjustthe acceleratorcable.Checkand ad- 3. Disconnectthe acceleratorcableand air in-
3. Drainthe cooling system. just the idle speedand ignition timing. take hose.
23. Oncethe vehiclehascooled,recheckthe 4. Disconnectthe coolanthosefrom the throttle
coolantlevel. housing.
5. Detachthe vacuumconnectionat the power
Never open, service or drain the radiator or 1.6L and 2.OLDDHCEngines brakeboosterandthe PCVvalve If still connected.
cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan Disconnectall remainingvacuumhosesand pipesas
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, # See Figure 32 necessary.
when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind 6. Drsconnectthe high pressurefuel line, fuel
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene 1. Relievethe fuel systempressure.
returnhoseand removethrottlecontrol cablebrack-
glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is ets
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles 7. Tagand detachthe electricalconnectorsfrom
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- Observeall applicablesafety precautions the oxygensensor,coolanttemperaturesensor,
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a when working aroundfuel. Wheneverservic- therm0switch,throttleposition sensor,rdlespeed
sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused ing the fuel system,always work in a well controlassembly,EGRtemperaturesensor,distribu-
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or tor, fuel injectorsand sparkplugwires. Positionthe
old. vaporsto comein contactwith a spark or enginewiring harnessaside.
openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin- 8. Removethe intakemanifoldbracket.
4 Disconnectthe acceleratorcableand air in- guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel 9. Removethe intakemamfoldmountingbolts
takehose. in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel and removethe intakemanifoldassembly.Disassem-
5. Disconnectthe upperradiatorhose,heater storage;also, always properly seal fuel con-
hoseand waterbypasshose. ble manifoldon a work benchas required.
tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex- To install:
6. Unplugthe vacuumconnectionat the power ulosion. 10. Cleanall gasketmaterialfrom the cylinder
brakeboosterandthe PCVvalve if still connected.
headintakemountingsurfaceand intakemanifoldas-
Disconnectall remainingvacuumhosesand pipesas 2. Disconnectbatterynegativecableand drain
necessary. sembly.Checkboth surfacesfor cracksor otherdam-
the cooling system. age.Checkthe intakemanifoldwaterpassagesand
7. Disconnectthe high pressurefuel line, fuel
jet air passagesfor clogging.Cleanif necessary.
returnhoseand removethrottlecontrol cablebrack-
ets 11. Assemblethe Intakemanifoldassemblyusing
8. Tagand detachthe electricalconnectorsfrom Never open,service or drain the radiator or all newgaskets.
the oxygensensor,coolanttemperaturesensor, cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan 12. Installa newintakemanifoldgasketto the
therm0switch, idle speedcontrol assembly,EGR
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, headand install the manifold.Torquethe manifoldin
temperaturesensor,distributor,fuel injectorsand
when drainingenginecoolant, keep in mind a crisscrosspattern,startingfrom the insideand
sparkplug wires. Positionthe enginewiring harness that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene working outwardsto 11-14 ft. Ibs.(15-20 Nm).
aside. glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is 13. Installthe fuel deliverypipe, injectorsand
9. Matchmarkthe distributorhousingto the in- left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles pressureregulatorto the engine.Torquethe retaining
takemanifold,and removethe distributor.
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- bolts to 4 ft. Ibs. (6 Nm).
10. Removethe intakemanifoldbracketand the cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a 14. Installthe intakemanifoldbracebracketand
enginehanger. sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused tightenbolts to 13-18 ft. Ibs. (18-25 Nm).
11. If the thermostathousingis preventingre-
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years 15. Connector installall hoses,cablesand elec-
movalof the intakemanifold,removeit.
old. trical connectorsthat wereremovedor disconnected
duringthe removalprocedure.
12. Removethe intakemanifoldmountingbolts
and removethe intakemanifoldassembly.Drsassem- 16. Fill the systemwith coolant.
17. Connectthe negativebatterycable,run the
ble manifoldfrom the Intakeplenumon a work bench
as required vehicleuntil the thermostatopens,fill the radiator
To install:
13. Cleanall gasketmaterialfrom the cylinder 18. ‘Adjust the acceleratorcable.
19. Checkand adjustthe idle speedand ignition
headintakemountingsurfaceand intakemanifoldas-
sembly.Checkboth surfacesfor cracksor otherdam-
20. Oncethe vehiclehascooled,recheckthe
age.Checkthe intakemanifoldwaterpassagesand
jet air passagesfor clogging.Cleanif necessary.
14 Assemblethe intakemanifoldassemblyusing 2.4L Engine
all newgaskets.Torqueair intakeplenumbolts to
11-14ff. Ibs. (15-19 Nm). ) See Figures33 thru 51
15. Installa newintakemanifoldgasketto the
headand installthe manifold.Torquethe manifoldin
a crrsscrosspattern,startingfrom the insideand
working outwardsto 11-14 ff. Ibs.(15-19 Nm).
16. Installthe fuel deliverypipe, injectorsand
pressureregulatorto the engine.Torquethe retaining
bolts to 4 ft. Ibs (6 Nm).
17. install the thermostathousing,intakemani-
fold bracebracket,and enginehangerbracket.
18 Connector installall hoses,cablesand elec-
trical connectorsthat were removedor disconnected
during the removalprocedure.
19. Align the distributormatchmarksand install
the distributor. Fig. 32 Explodedview of the intake mani-
20. Fill the systemwith coolant, fold and related components-1.6L and 93153p37

21. Connectthe negativebatterycable,run the 2.OLDDHCengine Fig. 33 Detachthe A/Ctemp electrical con- 1
vehicle until the thermostatopens,fill the radiator


Fig. 34 Unplugthe connectorfrom the Throt- Fig. 35 Detach the connectorsfrom all of
tle Position (TP) sensor the fuel injectors

Fig. 38 Unplugthe connectorfrom the Man- Fig. 39 Detachthe connectorfor the Idle Air
ifold AbsolutePressure(MAP)sensor Control (IAC) motor


Fig. 40 Removethe engine harnessretain- 93153p5a 93153p5a

ing bracketbolts,then movethe harnessout Fig. 41 Removethe accelerator cable end Fig. 42 Remove the accelerator cable
of the way from the throttle lever bracket retaining bolts . . .


93153p59 Fig. 44 Disconnectthe EGRhose and the 93153p53

Fig. 43 . . . then position the accelerator three vacuumhoses on the back of the in- Fig. 45 Removethe hose shown here from
cable outof the way takemanifold the throttle body

L Fig. 46 Removethe brake booster vacuum
hose from the back of the intake manifold

Fig 47 Remove the fuel feed line-to-fuel

Fig. 49 From underneaththe vehicle, re- 93153p39 93153p73

move the two intake manifold support Fig. 50 Removethe intake manifold retain- Fig. 51 . . . then remove the manifold from
ing bolts . . . the cylinder head

1. Relievethefuelsystempressure. 4. Disconnectthecoolanthosefromthethrottle etairpassages for clogging.Cleanif necessary.

housing. 12. Assemble theintakemanifoldassembly using
5. Detach thevacuumconnection atthepower IIInewgaskets.
Observeall applicablesafety precautions brakeboosterandthePCVvalveif stillconnected. 13. Positiona newintakemanifoldgasketonthe
when working aroundfuel. Wheneverservic- Clisconnect
all remaining
vacuumhosesandpipesas lead,theninstallthemanifold. Torquethemanifold
- __. necessary. n a crisscross pattern,startingfromtheinsideand
ing the fuel system,always work in a well
ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or vorkingoutwards to 15ft. Ibs.(20Nm)for bolts,and
vapors._to comein contactwith a spark or o 26ft. Ibs.(35Nm)for nutson1994vehiclesor 15
openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin- Fuel injection systemsremain underpres- ft. Ibs.(20Nr$ for nutson1995-00vehicles.
guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel sure after the engine has beenturnedOFF. 14. Installthefueldeliverypipe,injectorsand
in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel Properly relieve fuel pressurebefore discon- [xessureregulator to theengine.Torquetheretaining
storage; also, always properly seal fuel con- nectingany fuel lines. Failure to do so may )oltsto 4 ft. Ibs.(6Nm).
tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex- result in fire or personalinjury. 15. Installtheintakemanifoldbracebracketand
plosion. tightenboltsto 21ft. Ibs.(29Nm).
6. Disconnect thehighpressure fuelline,fuel 16. Connect or installall hoses,cablesandelec-
2. Disconnectbatterynegative
cableanddrain returnhoseandremove throttlecontrolcablebrack- tricalconnectors thatwereremoved or disconnected
thecoolingrtfctnm n+C.
cm. durinotheremovalorocedure.
7. Tagandunplugtheelectricalconnectors 17: Fillthesystemwithcoolant.
fromthecoolanttemperature sensor,coolanttemper- ,18
. : Connect
.., ,, .,thenegative
, , battery
,. run,. the
aturegauge,IACvalve,ignitioncoil,EGRtempera- vemcleunrnmemermosrar opens,mltneraalaror
Ruver open, service or drain the radiator or completely.
@Ming systemwhen hot; serious burnscan turesensor,knocksensor,oxygensensor,throttle
positionsensor,distributor,A/Ctemperature sensor, 19. Adjusttheaccelerator cable.Checkandad-
II&ur from the steamand hot coolant. Also, justtheidlespeedandignitiontiming.
draining enginecoolant, keep in mind ’ fuelinjectorsandignitionpowertransistor. Position
theenginewiringharness aside. 20. Oncethevehiclehascooled,recheck the
j “thiatcats and dogsare attractedto ethylene coolantlevel.
.....____“..” 11_,1-...... any that is 8. Labelanddisconnect thesparkplugwires
t uncoveredcontaineror in puddles fromthesparkplugs.
9. Remove theintakemanifoldstaybracket. 3.OLand 3SL Engines
FEol ihaground.This will prove fatal in suffi-
k ici?M quantities. Always drain coolant into a IO. Remove theintakemanifoldmounting bolts ti See Figures52 thru 57
$1pealable container. Coolantshould be reused andremovetheintakemanifoldassembly. Disassem-
h’ uniassit is contaminatedor is several years blemanifoldona workbenchasrequired. 1. Relievethefuelsystempressure.
W.>. Cleanall gasketmaterialfromthecylinder
!&S 3. Disconnect theaccelerator
cable,breather headintakemounting surfaceandintakemanifoldas- Observeall applicablesafety precautions
El.;, andair intakehose. sembly.Checkbothsurfaces for cracksor otherdam-
+w..” when working aroundfuel. Wheneverservic-
age.Checktheintakemanifoldwaterpassages and
15. Disconnectthe coolanthosesfrom the intake
manifold.Besureto notethe connections.
16. Removethe intakemanifoldmountingnuts
and removethe intakemanifold.
17. Cleanthe gasketmountingsurfaces.
To install:
18. Checkall itemsfor cracks,cloggingand
warpage.Maximumwarpageis 0.0059 inches
(0.15mm).Replaceany questionableparts.
19. Thoroughlycleanand dry the matingsurfaces
of the heads,intakemanifoldandair intakeplenum.
20. Install newintakemanifoldgasketsto the
cylinderheadswith the adhesiveside facingup.
21. Placethe manifoldon the cylinderheads.
22. Lubricatethe studs lightly with oil and install
the nuts.
23. Forvehiclesproducedup to and including
Novemberof 1993,tightenthe mountingnutsas fol-
a. Front bank nuts:27-43 inch Ibs. (3-5 Nm)
b. Rearbank nuts:9-11 ft. Ibs. (12-15 Nm)
c. Front bank nuts:9-11 ft. Ibs. (12-15 Nm)
24. For vehiclesproducedafterNovemberof
1993, tightenthe mountingnuts as follows:
a. Front bank nuts:48-72 inch Ibs. (5-8 Nm)
b. Rearbank nuts to: 14-17 ft. Ibs. (20-23
c. Front bank nuts to: 14-17 ft. Ibs. (20-23
25. Usingnewclamps,connectthe coolanthoses
to the intakemanifold.
26. UsingnewO-rings,install the fuel rail as-
sembly,if removed.Tightenthe mountingbolts to
EGR pipe - Up to 1993 <Callfornla> model 7-9 ft. Ibs.(10-13 Nm).
EGR pipe - From 1994 <California> model 27. Installa new intakeair plenumgasketand in-
Intake manlfold plenum stay, rear stall the plenum.Tightenthe retainingnutsand bolts
Intake manifold plenum stay. front
EGR valve evenlyand graduallyto 13 ft. Ibs. (18 Nm).
EGR valve gasket <For Caiifornta> 28. Installthe retainingbracketand tightenthe
Throttle body retainingbolts to 13 ft. Ibs. (18 Nm).
Throttle body gasket
Intake mantfold plenum 29. If removed,installthe manifoldpressuresen-
Intake manifold plenum gasket sor.
30. Usinga newgasket,install the EGRvalve and
:ig. 52 Explodedview of air intake plenum assembly-3.01 DOHCengine tightenthe bolts to 16 ft. Ibs. (22 Nm).
31. Installthe EGRtemperaturesensorand
ing the fuel system,always work in a well 3. Removethe air intakehose(s). tightenthe fitting to 7-9 ft. Ibs. (10-12 Nm).
ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or 4. Disconnectthe acceleratorcontrol cables 32. Connectthe EGRpipe and tightenthe fittings
vapors to comein contactwith a spark or from the throttlebody. to 43 ft. Ibs. (60 Nm).
openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin- 5. Tagand disconnectthe vacuumhosesin- 33. Replacethe O-ring and connectthe high
guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel cludingthe brakeboosterhose. pressurefuel hose.Tightenthe retainingboltsto 48
in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel 6. Tagand detachthe wire harnessconnectors, inch Ibs. (5 Nm).
storage;also, always properly seal fuel con- 7. Disconnectthe high pressureand returnfuel 34. Usinga newhoseclamp,connectthe fuel re-
tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex- hoses. turn hose.
plosion. 8. DisconnectEGRpipe and removethe EGR 35. Installthe waterpumpstay bracket.
valve and EGRtemperaturesensorfrom the intake 36. Installthe uppertiming belt covers.
2. Disconnectbatterynegativecableand drawn plenumassembly. 37. Connectthe harnessconnectorand vacuum
the cooling system. 9. If equipped,removethe manifoldpressure hoses.
sensor. 38. Connectand adjustthe acceleratorcables.
10. Removethe plenumretainingbracket. 39. Installthe air intakehose(s).
11. Removethe plenumretainingnutsand bolts 40. Fill the systemwith coolant.
Never open, service or drain the radiator or 41. Connectthe negativebatterycable,run the
cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan and removethe air intakeplenumfrom the intake
manifold.Discardthe gasket. vehicleuntil the thermostatopens,fill the radiator
occurfrom the steamandhot coolant. Also, completely.
when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind 12. Removethe uppertiming belt covers.
13. Removethe waterpumpstay bracket. 42. Checkand adjustthe idle speedand ignition
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene timing.
glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is *It is not necessav to removethe fuel ln- 43. Oncethe vehiclehascooled,recheckthe
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles jectors from the intake unlessthe manifold , coolantlevel.
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- assemblyis beingreplaced.
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused 14. Removethe fuel rail with the injectorsat-
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years tached.


1. Connection for high-pressure fuel hose

2. O-ring
3. Connection for fuel return hose
4. Connection for vacuum hoses
5. Wrring harness connector
6. Oxy en sensor <For Calrfornia from
199 P models>
7. Fuel rail (with injectors)
8 Insulators
9. Timing belt upper cover
10. Water pump stay mountrng bolt
11. Intake manifold mounting nut
12. Intake manifold mounting nut
13 Cone disc spring
14. Intake manrfold
15. intake manifold gasket

:ig. 53 Intake manifold and related components-3.01 DDHCenaine

Fig. 55 Explodedview of the intake mani- :ig. 56 Explodedview of air intake plenum
fold mounting-3.01 SDHCengine Issembly-3.5L engine

4. Lowervehicle. To install:
5. Removeelectriccooling fan assembly,if nec- 10. Cleanall gasketmaterialfrom the matingsur-
essary. facesand checkthe manifoldfor damage.
REMOVAL&INSTALLATION 6. If the oxygensensoris locatedin the mani- 11. Usinga newgasket,installthe manifold.For
fold, removethe sensor. 1.5L engines,tightenthe nuts in a crisscrosspattern
1.5L and 1.8L Engine 7. DisconnectnecessaryEGRcomponents. to 13 ft. Ibs. (18 Nm). For 1.8L engines,tightenthe
8. Removeouterexhaustmanifoldheatshield inner nuts in a crisscrosspatternto 13 ft. Ibs. (18
# See Figures58 and 59 and enginehanger.Detachthe electricalconnector Nm) and tightenthe two outer(larger)nutsto 22 ft.
and removethe oxygensensor. Ibs. (30 Nm).
1. Disconnectbatterynegativecable. 9. Removethe exhaustmanifoldmounting 12. Installthe heatshields,
2. Raisethe vehicleand supportsafely bolts,the inner heatshieldand the exhaustmanifold. 13. ConnectEGRcomponents.
3. Removethe exhaustpipe to exhaustmanifold 14. If removed,installthe oxygensensor.
nutsand separateexhaustpipe. Discardgasket,
14. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check
for exhaustleaks.

2.4L Engine
g See Figures63 thru 71
1, Disconnectbatterynegativecable.
2. Raisethe vehicleand supportsafely.
3. Removethe exhaustpipe-to-exhaustmani-
fold nuts,the hangerretainingbolt, then separatethe
exhaustpipe. Discardthe gasket.
4. Removethe outerexhaustmanifoldheat
shield and enginehanger.
5. Removethe exhaustmanifoldmountingnuts
and the exhaustmanifoldfrom the engine.
To install:
6. Cleanall gasketmaterialfrom the mating
surfacesand checkthe manifoldfor damageor crack-
7. Installa newgasketand installthe manifold.
93153g1 Tightenthe nutsto in a crisscrosspatternto 18-21
Fig. 59 Exhaustmanifold exploded vlew- ft Ibs. (25-29 Nm).
Fig. 58 Explodedview of the exhaust man, 8. Installthe heatshieldsandtightenthe
ifold -1.5L enoine 1.8L engine mountingbolts IO ft Ibs. (14 Nm).
9. Installa newflangegasketand connectthe
15. Installthe electriccooling fan assemblyas re- 7. Removeouterexhaustmanifoldheatshield exhaustpipe.Tightenthe mountingnutsto 32 ft. Ibs.
quired. andthe enginehanger. (44 Nm).
16. Installa newflangegasketand connectthe 8. Removethe exhaustmanifoldmountingnuts, 10. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check
exhaustpipe. the inner heatshield andthe exhaustmanifoldfrom for exhaustleaks.
17. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check the engine.
for exhaustleaks. To install: 3.OLEngines
9. Cleanall gasketmaterialfrom the mating
1.8L and 2.OLEngines surfacesand checkthe manifoldfor damageor crack-
) See Figures72 and 73
u See Figures 80, 81, and 62 10. Usinga newgasket,install the exhaustmani-
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. fold, to the engine.Tightenthe nutsto in a crrsscross
patternto 11-14 ft Ibs. (15-20 Nm) for 2.OLSOHC Do not attemptthe work on the exhaustsys-
2. Raisethe vehicleand supportsafely. tem until it hascompletelycooled.
3. Removethe front exhaustpipeto exhaust engineor to 18-22 ft. Ibs. (25-30 Nm)for 1.6L and
manifoldnuts and separateexhaustpipe. Discardthe 2.OLDOHCengine.
1. Disconnectbatterynegativecable.
gasket. 11. Installthe outerheatshield andtightenthe
2. Raisethe vehicleand supportsafely.
4. Lowerthe vehicle. mountingbolts to 10 ft. Ibs. (14 Nm).
3. Removethe exhaustpipe to exhaustmanifold
5. If equippedwith air conditioning,remove 12. Installthe electriccooling fan assembly,if re-
nuts and removethe front exhaustpipe.
condensercooling fan assembly. moved.
4. Lowerthe vehicle.
6. Usingspecialtool MD998703 or equivalent, 13. Usinga newflangegasket,connectthe ex-
5. If removingthe front manifold,removecon-
disconnectand removethe oxygensensor. haustpipe and tightenthe mountingnutsto 29-36 ft.
Ibs. (40-50 Nm). denserelectriccooling fan assembly.


:ig. 60 Exhaustmanifold exploded view- :ig. 81 Exhaustmanifold exploded view- -ig. 82 Exhaustmanifold exploded view-
!.OLSOHCengine I .8L and 2.OL(non-turbo)DOHCengine !.OL (turbo) DOHCengine

Fig. 64 Remove the hanger retaining bolt

* . I(

Fig 66 Remove the heat shield retaining Fig, 67 . . . then remove the heat shield
bolts. . . g3’~‘51 from the exhaustmanifold

Fig. 71 Removethe exhaust manifold gas-

Fig. 69 Removethe engine lifting eye from Fig. 70 , . . then removethe manifold from ket, thoroughly clean the mountmg sur-
the manifold . . . the cylinder head / faces, and replace the gasket ’ 93’53p72

6. FortheDOHCengine,if removing thrafront 13. Remove theexhaustmanifoldmounting bolts 21. Installthedrivebelt(s)andadjustfor proper
andmountin! 3bracket themanifold. tension.
fromthevehicle. To install: 22.L-Connect
7. FortheDOHCengine,separate /r nnm
theI$,, I.vIII- -4” PI,*, -11rm.A.^L -,‘&^-:-If-e.-
17. lrlMll dll yWK1 Illdlell~l
IL- -_-I!-- - .-
110111LIle lKWi~ SIN-
rorexnausr # thenegative
L,leaks. batterycableandcheck
pressorfromthemounting bracket.Leavingthe facesandcheckthemanifoldfor damage.
hoses~~~, positionthecompressor aside, 15. Installa newgasketandinstallthemanifold. 3.51 Engfne
8. ff removingthefrontmanifold,remove theoil Tightenthenuts--.._ina crisscross patternto 21ft. Ibs. A Sam Finnwn 74
dipstickandtubefromtheengine. (30Nm). .’ SOHCengineorto 14ft. Ibs.(19
9. FortheDOHCengine,if removing thefront Nm)for1heDOHCengine.
manifold,removetheheatprotector. 16. IIWalltheheatshields.
IO. If removing
therearmanifold, disconnect the 17. c“IIII”“IUI” L”ll L”“““ll” IIIlu#lb p,““l~,aa~
EGRtube. androllstopperbracket, if removed. Do not attemptthe work on the exhaustsys-
11. FortheSOHCengine,if removing therear 18. Installtheoxygensensor. tern until it hascompletelycooled.
manifold,removetheintakeplenumstayandtheroll 19. Installtheelectriccoolingfanassembly, A/C
stopperbracket. compressor, dipsticktubeandalternator, asrequired. 1. Disconnectbatterynegative
12. Unplugtheelectricalconnectorandremove 20. Installa newflangegasketandconnect the 2. Raisethevehicleandsupportsafely.
theoxygensensor. exhaustpipeor converter assembly. 3. Remove theexhaustpipeto exhaustmanifold
8. If removingthe rearmanifold,disconnectthe
9. Removethe exhaustmanifoldmountingbolts
the manifold.
To install:
10. Cleanall gasketmaterialfrom the matingsur-
facesand checkthe manifoldfor damage.
11. Installa newgasketand install the manifold.
Tightenthe nuts in a crisscrosspatternto 21 ft. Ibs.
(30 Nm).
12. Installthe heatprotector(s).
13. If installrngthe rear manifold,replacethe
gasketand connectthe EGRtube.
14. If installingthe front manifold,installthe ra-
diatorand cooling fan assembly.
15. If installingthe front manifold,installthe al-
16. Installthe drive belt(s)and adjustfor proper
17. Raiseand safelysupportthe vehiclesecurely
on lackstands.
18. Installa newflangegasketand connectthe
exhaustpipe or converterassembly.
19 Lowerthe vehicle
20. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check
for exhaustleaks. 93153q21

Fig. 75 Exploded view the turbocharget

mounting (1 of 2)


2.OL DOHC Engine (1990-93 Galant Only)

# See Figures 75 and 76
Manyturbochargerfailuresare due to oil supply
problems.Heatsoakafterhot shutdowncancause
the engineoil in the turbochargerand oil linesto
“coke.” Oftenthe oil feedlines will becomepartially
or completelyblockedwith hardenedparticlesof car-
bon, blockingoil flow. Checkthe oil feedpipe and oil
returnline for cloggrng.Cleanthesetubeswell. Al-
ways usenewgasketsaboveand belowthe oil feed
eyeboltfitting. Do not allow particlesof dirt or old
gasketmaterialto enterthe oil passagehole and that
Fig. 73 Exploded view of the exhaust man
no portionof the newgasketblocksthe passage.
ifold -3.OL DOHC engine 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
2. Drainthe engineoil, cooling systemand re- 9315392:

movethe radiator Onvehiclesequippedwith A/C, :ig. 76 Exploded view of the turbocharger

removethe condenserfan assemblywith the radiator. nounting (2 of 2)

glycol antifreeze and could drink any that is

The EPA warns that prolonged contact with left in an uncovered container or in puddles
used engine oil may cause a number of skin on the ground. This will prove fatal in suffi-
disorders, including cancer! You should cient quantities. Always drain coolant into a
make every effort to minimize your exposure sealable container. Coolant should be reused
to used engine oil. Protective gloves should unless it is contaminated or is several years
be worn when changing the oil. Wash your old.
hands and any other exposed skin areas as
soon as possible after exposure to used en- 3 Detachthe oxygensensorconnectorand re-
Fig. 74 Exhaust manifold exploded view- gine oil. Soap and water, or waterless hand movethe sensor.
cleaner should be used. 4. Removethe oil dipstick andtube.
3.5L engine
5. Removethe air intakebellowshose,the
wastegatevacuumhose,the connectionsfor the air
4. Lowerthe vehicle. outlet hose,andthe upperand lowerheatshield.
5. If removingthe front manifold,removethe ra- Never open, service or drain the radiator or 6. Unboltthe powersteeringpumpand bracket
diator and cooling fan assembly. cooling system when hot; serious burns can assemblyand leavingthe hosesconnected,wire it
6. If removingthe front manifold,removethe al- occur from the steam and hot coolant. Also, aside.
ternator. when draining engine coolant, keep in mind 7. Removethe self-lockingexhaustmanifold
7. Removethe heatprotector(s). that cats and dogs are attracted to ethylene nuts,the triangularengrnehangerbracket,the eye-

boltandgaskets thatconnecttheoil feedlinetothe 16. If removed,installthepowersteeringpump cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
turbocentersectionandthewatercoolinglines.The andbracket. sealable container. Coolantshould be reused
waterlineundertheturbohasa threaded connection. 17. Installtheheatshields,airoutlethose,waste- unlessit is contaminatedor is several years
8. Remove theexhaustpipenutsandgasketand gatehoseandair intakebellows. old.
lift offtheexhaustmanifold.Discardthegasket, 18. Installtheoil dipsticktubeanddipstick.In-
9. Remove the2 throughboltsand2 nutsthat stalltheoxyqensensor. 3. Disconnect theoverflowtube.Somevehicles
holdtheexhaustmanifoldto theturbocharger, 19. In&h theradiatorassembly. mayalsorequireremovalof theoverflowtank.
10. Remove the2 capscrews fromtheoil return 20. Filltheenginewithoil,fill thecoolingsystem 4. Disconnect upperandlowerradiatorhoses.
line(undertheturbo).Discardthegasket.Separate andreconnect thenegative batterycable. 5. Detach theelectricalconnectors fromthe
theturbofromtheexhaustmanifold. The2 water coolingfanandairconditioning condenser fan,if
pipesandoil feedlinecanstill beattached. equipped.
11. Visuallychecktheturbinewheel(hotside) 6. ForMirageandDiamante models,remove
andcompressor wheel(coldside)for crackingor Operatingthe enginewithout the proper thefanassembly.
otherdamage. Checkwhether theturbinewheeland amountandtype of engineoil will result in 7. Disconnect thetherm0sensorwires,
thecompressor wheelcanbeeasilyturnedbyhand. severe enginedamage. 8. If equipped withanautomatic transaxle, dis-
Checkfor oil leakaae. Checkwhetheror notthe connect andplugtheautomatic transaxlecooler
wastegate valveremainsopen.If anyproblemis . #I , I lines.
found,replacethepart.Inspectoil passages for re- 9. Remove theupperradiatormountsandlift
strictionor deposits andcleanasrequired, outtheradiatorassembly or radiator/fanassembly,
12. Thewasteaate canbechecked witha ores- REMOVAL
& INSTALLATION asapplicable.
suretester.Applyapproximately 9 psitothe&h&or To install:
andmakesuretherodmoves.Donotapplymore $ See Figures77 thru 91 10. Installtheradiatoror radiatorandfan,if re-
than10.3psiorthediaphragm inthewastegate may movedasanassembly.
bedamaged. Vacuum appliedtothewastegate actua- I. Disconnect
thenegativebatterycable. 11. Connect theautomatic transaxlecoolerlines
torshouldbemaintained, replaceif leaksvacuum, 2. Drainthecoolingsystemwhensafe. if disconnected.
Donotattempt to adjustthewastegate valve. 12. Connect thetherm0sensorwires,
To install: 13. Installthefan,if removed separately.
13. Primetheoil returnlinewithcleanengineoil. Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or 14. Installtheradiatorhoses.
Replace all lockingnuts.Beforeinstallingthe cooling systemwhen hot: serious burnscan 15. Installtheaircleanersupportbracket, if re-
threaded connection forthewaterinletpipe,apply occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, noved.
lightoil to theinnersurfaceof thepipeflange.As- when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind 16. Installtheoverflowtubeandreservoir,if re-
sembletheturbocharger andexhaustmanifold. that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene noved.
14. Installtheexhaustmanifoldusinga newgas- glyeol antifreezeand could drink any that is 17. Fillthesystemwithcoolant.
ket. left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles 18. Connect thenegative batterycable,runthe
15. Connect thewatercoolinglines,oil feedline on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- vehicleuntilthethermostat opens,fill theradiator

Fig. 77 Use a pair of pliers to remove the Fig. 78 . . . then disconnectthe overflow Fig. 79 Use pliers to release the hoseclamp
hose clamp . . . hose from the radiator tension . . .

Fig. 80 . . . then removethe upper radiator Fig. 81 From underneaththe vehicle, re- Fig. 82 . . . then disconnectthe lower radi-
hose from the radiator move the hose clamp , . . ator hose

93153po3 93153P29

Fig. 87 Detachthe connectorsfor the elec-

radiator to prevent contamination


Fig 89 Remove the radiator mount g3’Bpz]
bolts lFig.PO,..thenremovethemo”n~;~~ Fig. 91 Carefully graspthe radiator and fan
the radiator and radiator support panel assemblyand lift Stout of the vehicle

completely andchecktheautomatic
level,if equipped.
79. Oncethevehiclehascooled.recheck

6 See Figures77 thru 93
1. Disconnect
thenegativebatterycable. Fig. 92 The fans are retained to the radla- n153p23
2. Drainandrecycletheenginecoolant.
tor by four retaining bolts. Removethe re- Fig. 93 . . . then carefully lift the fan from
taining bolts . . . the radiator

2. Drainthe cooling systemonly whenthe radi- 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable
ator and the engineareat safetemperatures. 2. Drainthe cooling system.
Never open, service or drain the radiator or
cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or Never open,service or drain the radiator or
when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene occurfrom the steamandhot coolant. Also, occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
glycol antifreezeandcould drink any that is when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is
cient quantities. Always drain coolant into a left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi-
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
old. sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused
unless it is contaminatedor is several years unlessit is contaminatedor is several years
3. Removethe overflowhoseand disconnect old. old.
the upperradiatorhose.
*It is recommendedthat each clampbe 3. Unplugthe cooling fan and radiatorsensor 3. Removethe engineundercover.
matchmarkedto the hose. Observethe marks connector(s).Most of theseconnectorsemploya wa- 4 Disconnectthe clampbolt from the power
and reinstall the clampsexactly when rein- terproofconnector.Whendisconnecting,makesure steeringhose.
stalling the radiator. all partsof the connectorremainintact. 5. Removethe enginedrive belts.
4. Disconnectthe upperradiatorhosefrom the 6. Supportthe enginewith the appropriate
4. If equippedwith an automatictransaxle,re- radiatorand removeoverflowtank. equipmentand removethe enginemount bracket.
moveand plugthe fluid cooler hoses. 5. Removethe fan mountingscrews.The radia- 7. Removethe timing belt Reierto the timing
5. Unplugthe electricalconnector(s)from the tor and condensercooling fans are separatelyremov- belt procedurein this section
coolantfan motor. able. 8 Removethe powersteeringpumpbracket.
6. Removethe mountingbolts,then removethe 6. Removethe fan assemblyand disassemble 9. Removethe alternatorbrace.
fan and shroudassemblyfrom the vehicle. as required.
7. Removethe fan bladeretainernut from the *The water pumpmountingbolts are differ-
To install: ent in length, notetheir positioningfor re-
shafton the fan motor andseparatethe fan from the 7. Posrtionthe fan and installthe mounting
motor. assembly.
8. Removethe motorto shroudattaching 8 Installthe electricalconnectorsand the upper 10. Removethe waterpump,gasketand O-ring
screwsandthe motor from the shroud. radiatorhose. wherethe waterinlet pipe(s)joins the pump.
To tnstall: 9. Refill the cooling system. To install:
9. Installthe motorto the shroudand secure IO. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check 11, Thoroughlyclean both gasketsurfacesof the
with the mountingbolts. the fan for orooer ooeration. wateroumoand block.
10. Installthe remainingcomponentsin the re- 12. For 1.5L engines,install a newO-ring into
verseorderof removal. the grooveon the front end of the waterinlet pipe. Do
11. Fill the coohngsystem.Connectthe negative not applyoils or greaseto the O-ring.Wetthe O-ring
batterycableand checkthe cooling fan for properop- with wateronly
eration. REMOVAL& INSTALLATION 13. For 1.8L engines,applya 0.09-0.12 in.
(2.5-3 Omm)continuousbeadof sealantto water
Diamante pumpand rnstallthe pumpassembly.Installthe wa-
1.5L and 1.8L Engine
# See Figure 94 ter pumpwithin 15 minutesof the applrcationof the
) See Figures 95 and 98
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable


:ig. 94 Explodedview of the fan mountingand related components- Fig. 95 Water pump and related components-Mirage with 1.51
liamante (4615) engine
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
2. Drainthe enginecoolant.

Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or

cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene
glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi-
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years
3. Removethe timing belt. Referto the timing
belt procedurein this section.
4. If necessary,removethe alternatorbracefrom
the waterpump.
5. If necessary,removethe timing belt rear
6. Removethe waterpumpmountingbolts.
7. Removethe waterpump,gasketand O-ring.
To Install:
8. Installa newO-ring on the waterinlet pipe.
Coatthe O-ringwith wateror coolant.Do not allow
oil or othergreaseto contactthe O-ring.
ealant.Wait 1 hour afterinstallationof the water 17. Connectthe negativebatterycable,run the 9. Usea newgasketand installthe waterpump
pumpto refill the cooling systemor startthe engine. vehicle until the thermostatopensand fill the radiator to the engineblock Torquethe mountingbolts to
14. Installthe gasketand pumpassemblyand completely. 8.7-11 ft. Ibs. (12-15 Nm). Installthe alternator
tightenthe bolts to 17 ft. Ibs. (24 Nm). Usecarewhen 18. Oncethe vehicle hascooled,recheckthe braceon the waterpump.Torquethe bracepivot bolt
aligningthe waterpumpwith the waterinlet pipe. coolantlevel. to 17 ft. Ibs. (24 Nm).
15. Installthe remainingcomponentsin the re- 10. If removed,installthe timing belt rearcover.
verseorder of removal. 1.6L and 2.OL(SOHCand OOHC)Engines 11. Installthe timing belt. Referto the timing belt
16. Fill the systemwith coolant. procedurein this section.
+ See Figure 97
12. Installthe remainingcomponents.
13. Refillthe enginewith coolant.
14. Connectthe negativebatterycable,startthe
engineand checkfor leaks.

2.4L Engine
) See Figures98 thru 108
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable
2. Drainthe cooling system.

Never open,service or drain the radiator or

cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene
glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi-
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused
unless it is contaminatedor is several years
3. Removethe engineundercover.
4. Disconnectthe clamp bolt from the power
5 Supportthe enginewith the appropriate
equipmentand removethe enginemountbracket.
6. Removethe enginedrive beltsand the A/C
Fig tensionerbracket.
7. Removethe timing belt coversfrom the front
of the engine.


Fig. 98 Removethe wafer pumppulley re- Fig. 99 . . . then removethe pulley from the Fig. 100 Removethe A/C belt idler pulley
taining bolts ~ . . pump


Fig 101 Removethe A/C beit idler pulley Fig. 102 . . * then remove the idler pulley g. 103 Removethe alternator brace from
braEketretainingboit..., g3’a/ retaining bracket

Fig. 104 Removethe water pumpretaining Fig. lfJ5 . . . then remove the bolts on the
bolts on the top . . . bottom of the pumpassembly

Fig. 107 if the impeller fins on the water

able to replace the water pumprather than

reuseit Fig. 108 Water pump bolt identification-2.41 Engine
8. Removethe camshaftand silent shafttiming 12. Usinga newgasket,install the waterpump
belts.Referto the timing belt procedurein this sec- assemblyto the engineblock.Torquethe mounting
tion Never open,service or drain the radiator or boltsto 17 ft. Ibs.(24 Nm).
9. Removethe A/C belt idler pulleyand pulley cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan 13. Connectthe hosesto the pump.
bracket. occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, 14. Installthe timing belt.Referto the timing belt
10. Removethe alternatorbrace, when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind procedurein this section.
11. Removethe waterpump,gasketand O-ring that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene 15. Installthe enginedrive belts.
wherethe waterinlet pipe(s)joins the pump. glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is 16. Fill the systemwith coolant.
To install: left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles 17. Connectthe negativebatterycable,run the
12. Thoroughlycleanboth gasketsurfacesof the on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- vehicle until the thermostatopensand fill the radiator
waterpumpand block. cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a completely.
13. Installa newO-ring into the grooveon the sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused 18. Oncethe vehicle hascooled,recheckthe
front end of the waterinlet pipe and wet with clean unless it is contaminatedor is several years coolantlevel.
antifreezeonly. Do not applyoils or greaseto the O- old.
14. Usinga newgasket,install the waterpump 3. Removethe engineundercover.
assembly.Tightenbolts with the headmark4 to 10 4. Disconnectthe clampbolt from the power
ft Ibs. (14 Nm) and bolts with the headmark7 to 18 steeringhose. REMOVAL
ft. Ibs. (24 Nm). 5. Supportthe enginewith the appropriate
15. Installthe A/C pulleyand pulleybracket, equipmentand removethe enginemountbracket. 1.5L Engine
16. Installthe timing belts.Referto the timing 6. Removethe timing belt. Referto the timing
belt procedurein this section. belt procedurein this section. u See Figures 110 and 111
17. Installthe enginedrive belts. 7. Disconnectthe coolanthosesfrom the pump,
18. Installthe enginemount bracket. 1. Relievethe fuel systempressure.
if equipped.
19. Installthe engineundercover, 8. Removethe alternatorbrace.
20. Fill the systemwith coolant.
21. Connectthe negativebatterycable,run the *The water pumpbolts are different in size. Observeall applicable safety precautions
vehicleuntil the thermostatopensand fill the radiator Notetheir locationsfor installation. whenworking aroundfuel. Wheneverservic-
completely. 9. Removethe waterpump,gasketand O-ring ing the fuel system,always work in a well
22. Oncethe vehiclehascooled,recheckthe wherethe waterinlet pipe joins the pump. ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or
coolantlevel. To install: vaporsto comein contactwith a sparkor
10. Thoroughlycleanboth gasketsurfacesof the openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin-
3.OLand 3.5L Engines waterpumpand block. guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel
# See Figure 109 11. Installa newO-ring into the groove on the in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel
front end of the waterinlet pipe. Do not applyoils or storage;also, always properly seal fuel con-
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable, greaseto the O-ring.Wetwith wateronly. tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex-
2. Drainthe cooling system. plosion.
2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
3. Drainthe cooling system.

Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or

cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
when drainingengine coolant, keep in mind
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene
glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi-
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years
4. Removethe air intakehoseand the air
5. Disconnectthe groundcableconnectionand
the acceleratorcable.
Atr Intake hose 6. Disconnectthe PCVand the breatherhose
Connactlon of’ radlator upper hose connection.
5 Water outlet fming
6. Gasket 7. Labeland disconnectthe vacuumhosesfrom
7 Connacmn of harness the intakeand throttlebody.
8 Connection of heater hose
9. Connection of water hose A 8. Disconnectthe vacuumline for the brake
10. ConnectIon of water hose booster.
11. Connection of radiator Iowar hose
1f Thn&ostat housing 9. Removethe upperradiatorhose,throttle
body hoses,bypasshoseand heaterhoseconnec-
14 Inlet water pye
15 O-ring tions
7923Fw 10. Disconnectthe fuel feedand returnlines.
:ig. 109 Water pumpand related components-3.01 DOHCshown 11. Removethe sparkplug wires.
27. Placea newheadgasketon the cylinder 5. Notethe locations,then disconnectthe vac-
Front of engine block with the identificationmarksfacing upward.Do uum hosesfrom the intakeand throttlebody.
Intake side e not usesealeron the gasket. 6. Removethe upperradiatorhose,overflow
28. Carefullyinstall the cylinderheadon the tube andthe waterhosefrom the thermostatto the
block.Tightenthe cylinder headbolts as outlined in throttle body.
the followlngsteps: 7. Disconnectthe fuel feedand returnlines.
a. Tightenthe bolts to 36 ft. Ibs. (49 Nm) in 8. Unplugthe acceleratorcableconnectionfrom
the correct sequence the throttle body.
b. Loosenthe bolts completelyin the reverse 9. Detachthe wiring from the oil pressure
of the tighteningorder, switch.
c. Tightenthe bolts, in sequence,to 14 ft. 10, Disconnectthe wiring from the following
Exhaust side Ibs. (20 Nm)
d. Tighten eachbolt, in sequence,90 degrees l HeatedOxygen(HO*S)sensor
Fig. 110 Cylinder head bolt loosening se- e. Tighteneachbolt, in sequence,an addi- l EngineCoolantTemperature(ECT)sensor
uuence-Mirage with 1.5L (4615) ermine tional 90 degrees and gaugesender
29. Installa newexhaustpipe gasketand connect l Idle Air Control (IAC) motor
the exhaustpipe to the manifold. l ExhaustGas Recirculation(EGR)tempera-
inwe side 0 Front of engine 30. Installthe upperreartiming cover. ture sensor
31. Align the timing marksand installthe cam l ThrottlePosition (TP) sensor
sprocket.Torquethe retainingbolt to 51 ft. Ibs. (76 l Knocksensor
Nm). Checkthe belttensionand adjust,if necessary. l Fuel injectors
Installthe outertiming cover. 11. Removethe sparkplug wires.
((9 32. Installthe valve cover and torquethe retain- 12. Unboltthe control harnessassemblyand po-
ing bolts to 16 inch Ibs.(1.8 Nm). sition aside.
33. Installthe enginemount bracketand remove 13. Removethe thermostathousing,thermostat
Exhaust side the supportjack. andthe thermostatcasewith O-ring from the engine.
7923PG14 34. Installthe clampthat holdsthe powersteer- 14. Removethe rockercover.
Fig. 111 Cyllnder head bolt tightening se- ing pressurehoseto the enginemountingbracket. 15. Removethe timing belt uppercover.
quence-Mirage with 1.5L (4615) engine 35. Attachthe following electricalconnectors: 16. Rotatethe crankshaftclockwiseand align the
l CKPand CMP sensors timing marks.
l HOPSsensor 17. Attachthe timing beltto the camshaft
12. Disconnectthe electricalharnessplugsfrom l ECTsensorand gaugesender sprocketwith cord or a wire tie.
the following: l ISC motor 18. Securethe camshaftfrom turningand remove
l CrankshaftPosition (CKP)and Camshaft l TP sensor the camshaftsprocketwith the timing belt attached.
Position (CMP) sensors l IAT sensor 19. Removethe timing belt rear uppercover.
l HeatedOxygen(HO*S)sensor l EGRtemperaturesensor 20. Loosenthe cylinderheadbolts in two or three
l EngineCoolantTemperature(ECT)sensor 36. Connectwiring for the ignition distributor, stepsin the propersequence.
and gaugesender fuel injectors,powertransistorand groundcable. 21. Removethe cylinder headfrom the engine.
l Idle SpeedControl (ISC) motor 37. Connectthe enginecontrolwiring harness.
l ThrottlePosition (TP) sensor 38. Replacethe O-ringsand connectthe fuel Intake side Front of engine c=>
l IntakeAir Temperature(IAT) sensor lines. I
l ExhaustGas Recirculation(EGR)tempera- 39. Installthe air cleanerassembly.Connectthe
ture sensor breatherhose.
13. Disconnectelectricalharnessplugsfrom the 40. Fill the systemwith coolant.
ignition distributor,fuel injectors,powertransistor 41. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
and groundcable.
14. Disconnectthe enginecontrolwiring har- 1.8L Engine
15. Removethe clampthat holdsthe powersteer- # See Figures 112 and 113
ing pressurehoseto the enginemountingbracket. 1. Relievefuel systempressure.Disconnectthe Exhaust side Loosening&der
16. Placea jack and wood block underthe oil negativebatterycable. 7923PG15
panand carefullylift just enoughto takethe weight 2. Removethe air cleanerassembly. Fig. 112 Cylinder head bolt loosening se-
off the enginemountingbracketand removethe 3. Drainthe cooling system. quence-l .8L engine
17. Removethe valve cover.
18. Removethe timing belt uppercover. intake side Front of engine *
19. Rotatethe crankshaftclockwiseand align the Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or
timing marks. cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
20. Attachthe timing belt to the camshaft occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
sprocketwith cord or a wire tie. when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind
21. Securethe camshaftfrom turningand remove that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene
the camshaftsprocketwith the timing belt attached. glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is
22. Removethe timing belt rear uppercover. lefl in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
23. Removethe exhaustpipe from the exhaust on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi-
manifold. cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
24. Loosenthe cylinderheadmountingbolts in sealable container.Coolantshould be reused Exhaust side libhtenng order
sequenceusingthreesteps. unless it is contaminatedor is several years
25. Removethe cylinderhead. old. Fig. 113 Cylinder head bolt torque se-
To install: quence-l .8L engine
26. Thoroughlycleanthe matingsurfacesof the 4. Disconnectthe brakeboostervacuumhose
headand block. and PVCvalve connection.
42. Installthe air intakehose.Connectthe
breatherhoseand air cleanercasecover
Whenremovinathe cvlinder head.take care 43. Reconnectthe brakeboosterandthe PCV
not to bendor iamag;! the plug guide.The vacuumhoses.
plug guidecan not be replaced. 44. Fill the systemwith coolant.
45. Connectthe negativebatterycable
To install:
22. Thoroughlycleanthe matingsurfacesof the 2.01 SOHCEngine
headand block.
# See Figures 114 and 115 Front of engne I)
23. Placea newheadgasketon the cylinder Intake side
blockwith the identificationmarksfacing upward.Do 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
not usesealeron the gasket. 2. Drainthe coolrngsystem.
24. Carefullyinstallthe cylinder headon the
block. ~~
25. Measurethe cylinderheadbolts prior to in-
stallation Replaceanythat exceed3.795 in. Never open, service or drain the radiator or
(96.4mm) cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
Exhaust side
26. Apply a small amountof engineoil to the occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
threadsectionof the bolt and install so the chamfer when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind
that cats anddogsare attractedto ethylene Fig. 114 Cylinder head bolt loosening se-
of the washerfacesupward. quence-2.01 SOHCengine
27. Tightenthe cylinderheadbolts as follows: glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is
a. In the propertighteningsequence,torque left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
bolts to 54 ft. Ibs. (75 Nm). on the ground.Thiswill prove fatal in suffi-
b. In the reverseorder of the tighteningse- cient quantities.Always drain coolantinto a
quence,fully loosenall bolts. sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused
c In the propertrghteningsequence,torque unless it is contaminatedor is several years
bolts to 14 ft. Ibs. (20 Nm). old.
d. In the propertighteningsequence,tighten
bolts 1/4turn (90 degrees). 3. Removethe air intakehose.
4. Disconnectthe acceleratorcableand remove
e. In the propertighteningsequence,tighten
bolts an additional1/4turn (90 degrees). the bracket.
5. Disconnectthe high pressurefuel line and
28. Installthe camshaftsprocketandtightenthe
bolt to 65 ft. Ibs (90 Nm),while holdingthe sprocket removethe O-ring.
in placeusing the appropriatewrench.Confirm
Front of engme I)
propertiming markalignment. Intake side
29. Installthe uppertiming belt cover and rocker Observeall applicablesafety precautions
cover.Torquethe rockercover bolts to 29 inch Ibs. when working aroundfuel. Wheneverservic-
(3 Nm). ing the fuel system,always work in a well
30. Loosenthe waterpipe mountingbolt for ease ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spray or
of thermostathousinginstallation. vapors to come in contactwith a sparkor
31. Apply a thin beadof sealantMD970389 or openflame. Keepa dry chemicalfire extin-
equivalent,to the watertube connectionon the ther- guishernear the work area. Always keepfuel
Exhaust side
mostatcase. in a containerspecifically designedfor fuel
32. Apply a small amountof waterto the O-ring storage;also, always properlyseal fuel con-
of the water inlet pipe and pressthe thermostatcase tainers to avoid the possibility of fire or ex- Fig. 115 Cylinder head bolt tightening se-
assemblyonto the water inlet pipe. Installthe ther- plosion. quence-2.01 SDHCengine
mostatcaseassemblymountingbolt tighteningto 16
ff. Ibs.(22 Nm). 6. Disconnectthe upperradiatorhose,the 14. Removethe through-boltfrom the left side
33. Tightenthe waterpipe mountingbolt. coolantby-passhoseand the heaterhosefrom the enginemount.It maybe necessaryto adjustthe jack
34. Installthe thermostatinto the housingso the headand/or intakemanifold. slightly to allow the bolt to comefree Whenthe bolt
jiggle valve is locatedat the top. Tightenthe housing 7. Disconnectthe brakeboostervacuumhose. has beenremoved,disconnectthe nutsand bolts
bolts to 10 ft. Ibs (14 Nm). 8. Removethe fuel returnhose. holdingthe mountingbracketto the engineand re-
35. Attachthe wiring to the following compo- 9. Labeland detachthe vacuumhose(s)run- movethe bracket
nents: ning to the manifold.Disconnectthe PCVhoseat the 15. Removethe valve cover and gasket.Remove
l HO& sensor valve cover. the half-circleplug from the head.
l ECTsensorand gaugesender 10. Tagand disconnectthe sparkplug wires from 16. Removethe uppertiming belt cover.Turn the
l IAC motor the drstnbutorcap crankshaftclockwiseuntil all the timing marksalign,
l EGRtemperaturesensor 11. Labeland detacheachelectricalconnector, settingthe engineto TDUcompressionfor No. 1
l TP sensor includingthe distributor leadand the injectorcon- cylinder.
l Knocksensor nectors Notethat some of the wiring must be drs- 17. Removethe bolt holdingthe camshaft
l Fuel injectors connectedat the firewall.Whenall the connectorsare sprocketto the camshaft.Removethe camshaft
36. Connectthe upperradiatorhoseto the ther- loose,removethe bracketbolts holdingthe control sprocket,with the beltattached,and placeit on the
mostathousing. wiring harnessrn placeand movethe harnessto an lowertiming belt cover. Do NOTallow the beltto
37. Connectthe acceleratorcableconnectionto out-of-the-waylocation. comeoff the sprocket
the throttlebody. 12. Removethe clamp holdingthe powersteering
38. Connectthe oil pressureswitch. and air conditioninghosesto the top of the left en-
39. Installthe sparkplug wires, gine mount bracket.Move the hosesout of the way
40. Connectthe control harnessassembly. but don’t drsconnecteitherhosefrom its system. Do not rotate the crankshaftoncethe
41. Replacethe O-ring for the high pressurehose 13. Positiona floor lack and a broadpieceof camshaftsorocketis removed.
and install a newclamp on the returnhoseand re- lumberunderthe engine.Elevatethe jack lust enough
connectthe fuel lines. to supportthe enginewithout raisingit.
18. Removethe self-lockingnutsandthe small 27. Makingsurethe gasketis still in place,con-
retainingbolt holdingthe exhaustpipe to the bottom nectthe exhaustpipe to the baseof the exhaustman-
of the exhaustmanifold.Separatethe pipe from the ifold. Use newself-lockingnuts;tightenthe nutsand Operatingthe enginewithout the proper
manifoldand removethe gasket. the small bracketbolt to 26 ft. Ibs. (35 Nm). amountandtype of engineoil will result in
19. Removethe bolts holdingthe supportbrace 28. Makesurethe camshafthas not changedpo- severe enginedamage.
to the bottomof the intakemanifold. sition during repalrs.Carefullyinstall the camshaft
20. Usethe specialhex wrench(MB 998051-01) sprocketand belt onto the camshaft.Tightenthe re- 45. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
and loosenthe headbolts in the ordershownin 2 or taining bolt to 66 ft. Ibs. (91 Nm). 46. Startthe engineand checkfor leaksof fuel,
3 passes.Whenall are finger loose,removethe bolts. 29. Installthe uppertiming belt cover,then vacuumor oil.
21. Rockthe headgentlyto breakit loose;if tap- tightenthe bolts to 8 ft. Ibs. (11 Nm). 47. Checkthe operationof all engineelectrical
ping is necessary,do so with a rubberor wooden 30. Apply sealantto the contactsurfacesof the systemsas well as dashboardgaugesand lights.
malletat the cornersof the head.DONOTpry the half-circleplug and installthe plug in the head In- 48. Performnecessaryadjustmentsto the accel-
headup by wedgingtools betweenthe headandthe stall the valve cover and gasket. eratorcable,drive beltsand enginespecifications.
block. 31. Installthe enginemountbracketto the en- Adjust the coolantlevelafterthe enginehascooled
22. Lift the headfree of the engine.It is coming gine.Tightenthe mountingnutsand boltsto 42 ft. Off.
off with both manifoldsandthe intakeplenumat- Ibs. (57 Nm).
tached;the help of an assistantis recommendedfor 32. Adjustthe jack (if necessary)so that the en- 1.6L and 2.OLDDHCEngines
lifting. Supportthe headassemblyon woodenblocks gine mount bushingaligns with the bodywork
on a suitableworkbench.Referto Cleaningand In- bracket.Installthe through-boltand tightenthe nuts ti See Figures 116,117, and 116
spectionin this sectionfor work to be donebeforein- snug. 1. Relievefuel systempressure.
stallingthe head.If the headhasbeenremovedfor 33. Slowly releasetensionon the floor jack so 2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
work otherthan gasketreplacement,the rockeras- thatthe weightof the enginebearsfully on the 3. Drainthe cooling system.
semblyand camshaftor othercomponentsmaybe mount.Tightenthe through-boltto 52 ft. Ibs. (71
removed. Nm) and the small safetynut to 26 ft. tbs.(36 Nm).
Beforereinstallation,the headshould be com- 34. Installthe bracketholdingthe powersteering
pletelyassembledon the bench.This allows proper hoseand air conditioninghoseto the top of the en- Never open,service or drain the radiator or
locationand tighteningof all the externalitems. gine mount. cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
To install: 35. Positionthe controlwiring harnessand in- occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
23. Placea newgasketon the engineso that the stall the retainingbolts.Attacheachelectricalcon- when drainingenginecoolant, keep in mind
identifyingmarkfacesup (towardsthe head)and is at nectorto its properlocation,makingsurethe wires that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene
the timing belt end of the block. Installa newgasket are properlyroutedandfirmly connected. glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is
on the exhaustpipe. 36. Installthe sparkplug wires in the distributor left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
cap. on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi-
37. Connectthe PCV hoseand the vacuum cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
hose(s). sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused
Do not apply sealant to the headgasketor 38. Connectthe fuel returnline. Connectthe unlessit is contaminatedor is several years
matingsurfaces. brakeboostervacuumhose. old.
39. Installthe heaterhose,the coolantby-pass
24. Installthe headstraightdownonto the block. hoseand.theupperradiatorhose.Paycloseattention 4. Disconnectthe acceleratorcable.Therewill
Try to eliminatemost of the side-to-side adjust- to the position and routingof thesehosesand insure be 2 cablesif equippedwith cruise-control.
mentsas this may movethe gasketout of position. that theyare not crimpedor constricted.Installthe 5. Removethe air cleanerwith the air intake
Installthe bolts by handand just starteachbolt 1 or clamps in the samelocationas beforeremoval. hose.
2 turns on the threads. 40. Installa newO-ring on the high pressurefuel 6. Detachthe electricalconnectorsfrom the the
25. The headbolt torquespecificationis 68 ft. line and lubricateit with a coatingof gasoline.Care- oxygensensor,enginecoolanttemperaturesensor,
Ibs. (92 Nm) for a cold engine.The bolts must be fully connectthe high pressurefuel line to the fuel the enginecoolanttemperaturegaugeunit and the
tightenedin the ordershown in 3 steps.Onthe first rail, taking carenot to damagethe O-ring.Tightenthe enginecoolanttemperatureswitchon vehicleswith
pass,tightenall the bolts to about22 ft. Ibs. (30 Nm), bolts only to 4 ft. Ibs. (6 Nm). air conditioning.
then proceedthroughthe ordertighteningeachbolt 41. Connectthe acceleratorcableand adjust it as 7. Disconnectthe wiring from the ISC motor,
to about45 ft. Ibs. (61 Nm).Thefinal torque is necessary. throttle position sensor,crankshaftanglesensor,fuel
achievedon the third pass. injectors,ignition coil, powertransistor,noisefilter,
42. Installthe air intakehose.
26. Installthe intakemanifoldsupportbraceto 43. Fill the cooling systemwith coolant. knocksensoron turbochargedengines,EGRtemper-
the manifoldand tightenthe bolts to 16 ft. Ibs.(22 44. Changingthe oil andfilter is recommended aturesensor(Californiavehicles),groundcableand
Nm). to eliminatepollutantsin the oil. enginecontrolwiring harness.

Intake side intake side

Front of Front of
I engine entine

Painted mark Painted mark

Exhaust side Exhaustside

7923PG18 Fig. 116 To ensure that the bolts are tight-
ened exactly 160 total degrees, mark the
Fig. 116 Cylinder head bolt removal se- Fig. 117 Cylinder head bolt torque se- head bolt and cylinder head as shown-
quence-l .6L and 2.OLDDHCengines quence-l .6L and 2.OLDDHCengines 11.6L and 2.OLDDHCengines
8. Remove theupperradiatorhoseandthe sagesthoroughly. Checktheheadfor flatness.Endto 31. Installtheaircleanerandintakehose.Con-
overflowtube. end,theheadshouldbewithin0.002in.(0.05mm) nectthebreather hose.
9. Remove thesparkplugcablecentercover, normally,with0.008in.(0.2mm) themaximum al- 32. Change theengineoil andoil filter,
thenremovethesparkplugcables. lowedoutof true.Thetotalthickness allowedto be 33. Fillthesystemwithcoolant.
10. Disconnect andplugthehighpressure fuel removed fromtheheadandblockis0.008in. 34. Connect thenegative
line. (0.2mm) maximum. 35. Runthevehicleuntilthethermostat opens,
11. Disconnect thesmallvacuumhoses. 23. Placea newheadgasketonthecylinder andfill theradiatorcompletely.
12. Remove theheaterhoseandwaterbypass blockwiththeidentification marksatthefronttop 36. Checkandadjusttheidlespeedandignition
hose. (upward)position.Makesurethegaskethasthe timing.
13. Remove thePCVhose. properidentification markfor theengine.Donotuse 37. Oncethevehiclehascooled,recheck the
14. If turbocharged,removethevacuumhoses, sealeronthegasket.Replace theturbogasketand coolantlevel.
waterlineandeyeboltconnection fortheoil linefor ring,if equipped.
theturbo. 24. Carefullyinstallthecylinderheadonthe 2.41 Engine
15. Disconnect andplugthefuelreturnhose. block.Using3 evensteps,torquetheheadbolts,in b See Figures119 thru 131
16. Disconnect thebrakeboostervacuumhose. sequence, to 65-72ft. Ibs.(90-100Nm).Thistorque
17. Remove thetimingbelt. appliesto a coldengine.If checking cylinderhead 1. Relievethefuelsystempressure.
18. Remove thevalvecoverandthehalf-round bolttorqueonhotengine,thedesiredspecification is 2. Disconnect thenegativebatterycable.
seal. 7240 ft. Ibs.(100-110Nm). 3. Remove theaircleanerwithall air intake
19. Onnon-turbocharged engines,removethe 25. Onturbocharged engine,installtheheat hoses.
exhaustpipeself-locking nutsandseparate theex- shield.Onnon-turbocharged engines,installa new 4. Drainthecoolingsystem.
haustpipefromtheexhaustmanifold.Discardthe exhaustpipegasketandconnecttheexhaustpipeto
gasket. themanifold.
20. Onturbocharged engines,removethesheet 26. Applysealerto theperimeter of thehalf-
metalheatprotector andremove theboltsthatattach roundsealandtotheloweredgesof thehalf-round Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or
theturbocharger to theexhaustmanifold. portionsof thebelt-sideof thenewgasket.Installthe cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
21. Loosenthecylinderheadmounting boltsin 3 valvecover. occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
steps,startingfromtheoutsideandworkinginward, 27. Installthetimingbeltandall relateditems. when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind
Liftoffthecylinderheadassembly andremovethe 28. Connect or installall previously disconnected that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene
n headgasket. hoses,cablesandelectricalconnections. Adjustthe glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is
To install: throttlecable(s). left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
22. Thoroughly cleananddrythematingsurfaces 29. Installthesparkplugcablecentercover. on the ground.Thiswill provefatal in suffi-
of theheadandblock.Checkthecylinderheadfor 30. Replace theO-ringsandconnect thefuel eient quantities.Always drain coolant into a
cracks,damage or enginecoolantleakage.Remove lines. sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused
scale,sealingcompound andcarbon.Cleanoil pas- unlessit is contaminatedor is several years

Fig. 119 Remove the upper radiator g3153p44

hose 1Fig. 129 . . . and also the lower rad:gzi / cyl.der
Fig 121head g3153W
Removethe heater hose from the
*. . hosesfrom the thermostathousing


Fig. 124 Usinga suitable device, suchas a

breaker bar and the appropriate socket,
Fig. 122Removethe three thermostathous- Fig. 123 . . . then remove the thermostat loosen the cylinder head bolts in the proper
ing retaining bolts . . . housingfrom the cylinder head sequence

Front of engine c3

Fig. 127 Graspthe cylinder head and lift it

off the engine block with the manifolds at-
Fig. 125 Cylinder head bolt removal se- ig. 126 A magnetcan be extremely help- tached. It is a good idea to use a helper for
quence-2.41(4664) engine I ful when removingthe cylinder head bolts 1 1this, as the assembly is very heavy

93153pOO 33153p4!3 Fig. 130 Also, make sure to thoroughly

Fig. 128 Removethe cylinder head gasket Fig, 129 Thoroughly clean the gasket sur- clean the engine block mating surfaces be-
from the block faces of the cylinder head fore reassemblingthe engine

l IntakeAir Temperature(IAT)sensor 23. Inspectthecylinderheadboltlengthpriorto

l ThrottlePosition(TP)sensor installation.
If thelengthexceeds 3.91in.(99.4mm),
: /I;%;,; rZ;Z;;(lAC) motor theboltmustbereplaced. Installthewasherontothe
boltsothechamfer onthewasherfacestowardsthe
l Ignitioncoil headof thebolt.
l Camshaft Position(CMP)sensor 24. Carefullyinstallthecylinderheadonthe
l Exhaust GasRecirculation(EGR)solenoid blockandtightenthecylinderheadboltsasfollows:
valve a. Followingthepropertightening sequence,
11. Remove thesparkplugwirecoverandwires. tightenthecylinderheadboltsto 58ft. Ibs.(78
12. Atthethermostat caseassembly, removethe Nm).
coolanthosesandunboltthethermostat casefrom b. Loosenall boltscompletely.
theengine. c. Torqueboltsto 15ft. Ibs.(20Nm). ’
Fig. 131 Cylinder head bolt installation se- 13. Remove theuppertimingbeltcover d. Tightenboltsanadditional1/4turn.
14. Alignall timingmarks. e. Tightenboltsanadditional1/4turn.
15. Securethetiminabeltto thecamshaft 25. Installthenewexhaustpipeaasketandcon-
5. Disconnect theaccelerator
cable.Removethe sprocket withcordor a wiretie. necttheexhaustpipetothemanifold. Tightenthe
cablemounting bracketsandpositionthecable 16. Remove thecamshaft sprocket. boltsto 33ft. Ibs.(44Nm).
aside. 17. Remove thevalvecoverandthehalf-round 26. Installthethermostat caseandtightenthe
6. Remove thebreather
hose. seal. mounting boltsto 18ft. Ibs.(24Nm).
‘7. Labelanddisconnectthevacuumlinesatthe 18. Disconnect theintakemanifoldstaybracket 27. Connect thecoolanthosestothethermostat
tree body. fromtheintakemanifold. case.
. 8. D&connect andplugthehighpressurefuel 19. Remove theexhaustpipeself-lockingnuts 28. Applysealerto theperimeter of thehalf-
lint3 andseparate theexhaustpipefromtheexhaustmani- roundsealandto theloweredgesofthehalf-round
fold.Discardthegasket, portionsofthebelt-sideof thenewgasket.Installthr

9. Disconnect
10. Labelanddetachtheconnectors
fromthefol- 20. Loosenthecylinderheadmounting boltsin3 valvecover.
lowingcomponents: steps,startingfromtheoutsideandworkinginward. 29. Installthecamshaft sprocket withthetiming
* A$ compressor Liftoffthecylinderheadassembly andremove the beltattached. Remove thecordorwiretie.
* Powersteeringpressure
switch headgasket. 30. Installtheuppertimingbeltcover.
* HeatedOxygen(HO$)sensor To install: 31. Connect theintakemanifoldstayandtighten
* EngineCoolantTemperature(ECT)gauge 21. Thoroughly cleanthematingsurfacesofthe themounting boltsto 22ft. Ibs.(30Nm).
sender headandblock. 32. Attachtheconnectors to thefollowingcom-
l ECTsensor 22. Placea newheadgasketonthecylinder ponents:
l ManifoldAbsolutePressure
(MAP)sensor blockwiththeidentification marksatthefronttop l A/Ccompressor
(upward)position.Donotusesealeronthegasket. l Powersteeringpressure switch
l HOzSsensor 33. Fill the systemwrthcoolant.
l ECTgaugesender 34. Connectthe negabvebatterycable.
l ECTsensor 35. Adjustthe acceleratorcable.
l MAP sensor 36. Startthe engine.
l IAT sensor 37. Checkand adjustthe idle speedand ignition
l TP sensor timing.
l IAC motor 38. Oncethe vehiclehascooled,recheckthe
l injector harness coolantlevel.
l ignition coil
l CMP sensor 3.OLSDHCEngine
l EGRsolenoidvalve
33. Installthe sparkplugwires and cover,
# See Figure 132
34. Replacethe O-ringsand connectthe fuel 1. Relievethe fuel systempressure.
lines. 2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
35. Installthe air cleanerand intakehose.Con- 3. Drainthe cooling system.
nectthe breatherhose.
36. Fill the cooling system.
37. Connectthe negativebatterycable @ Timing belt side
Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or
3.01 DDHCEngine cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
ti See Figures 132 and 133 when drainingenginecoolant, keep in mind
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene
1. Relievefuel systempressure.Disconnectthe 7923PG26 alvcol antifreezeand could drink any that is
2. Drainthe cooling system. :ig. 132 Tightenthe cylinder head bolts ac- Leftin an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles
:ording to the sequence shown-3.01 on the ground.This will Drovefatal in suffi-
SDHCand DDHC)engines cient quantities.Alwaysdrain coolant into a
sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused
Neveropen,service or drain the radiator or Unlessit is Contaminatedor is several years
cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan Rear bank old.
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also,
when draining enginecoolant, keepin mind 4. Removethe air intakehose.
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene [::od 5. Removethe exhaustmanifold.
glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is 6. Removethe air intakeplenumand intake
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles 04 ~8 01 manifold.
on the ground.Thiswill prove fatal in suffi- Front bank 7. Removethe timing belt. Referto the timing
cient quantltles.Always drain coolant into a '1 "8 belt procedurein this section.
sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused 8. Removethe camshaftsprocketsand the rear
unless it is contaminatedor is several years 509 010 011 6 timing belt cover.
old. 1.03 07 02 9. Removethe powersteeringpump bracket.If
removingthe rearhead,removethe alternatorbrace.
3. Removethe air intakehoses. 10. Disconnectthe waterinlet pipe.
4. Removeair intakeplenumand intakemani-
Fig. 133 Rocker cover bolt torque se- 11. Removethe purgepipe assembly.
fold. quence-Diamante 3.OLDDHCengine 12. Removethe valve cover,
5. Removethe exhaustmanifold. 13. Usingthe reversesequenceof the installation
6. Removethe timing belt.Referto the timing 19. InstallnewO-ring and connectthe waterinlet sequence,loosenthe cylinderheadmountingbolts in
belt procedurein this section. to the head.Tightenthe mountingbolt to 9-11 ft. Ibs threesteps.Lift off the cylmderheadassemblyand
7. Removethe breatherhose. (12-15 Nm). removethe headgasket.
8. Removethe sparkplug wire centercover and 20. Replacethe gasketsand installthe thermostat To install:
removethe sparkplugwires. housing.Tightenthe mountingbolts to 12-14 ft. Ibs. 14. Thoroughlycleanthe sealingsurfacesof the
9. Removethe rockercovers. (17-20 Nm). headand block.
10. Removethe intakecamshaftsprockets. 21. Usingnewhoseclamps,connectthe hosesto 15. Placea newheadgasketon the cylinder
11. Removethe reartiming belt cover. the thermostathousing. block makingsurethe identificationmark on the
12. Removethe ignition coil assembly. 22. Installthe Ignitioncoil and torquethe mount- cylrnderheadgasketis in the front top (upward)loca-
13. Disconnectall waterhosesfrom the thermo- ing boltsto 7 ft. Ibs. (10 Nm). tion. Do not usesealeron the gasket,
stat housingand removethe housing. 23. Installthe reartiming beltcover and torque 16. Carefullyinstallthe cylinderheadon the
14. Disconnectthe waterinlet from the front the mountingbolts to 17 ft. Ibs. (24 Nm). block. Besurethe headbolt washersare installed
head. 24. Installthe intakecamshaftsprockets.Tighten with the chamferededgeupward.Usingthreeeven
15. Loosenthe cylinderheadmountingbolts in the retainingbolt to 65 ft. Ibs.(90 Nm). steps,torquethe headbolts in sequence,to 7683 ft.
the reverseof the torquesequenceand loosenthe 25. Apply sealerto the loweredgesof the valve Ibs. (105-115 Nm).
bolts in threesteps.Lift off the cylinderheadassem- cover.Tightenthe bolts in the propersequenceto 17. Apply sealerto the loweredgesof the half-
bly and removethe headgasket. 44-51 inch Ibs. (5-6 Nm). roundportionsand installthe valve cover.Tighten
To install: 26. Connectthe sparkplug wires and installthe valve cover bolts to 7 ft. Ibs. (9 Nm).
16. Thoroughlycleanthe sealingsurfacesof the centercover.Tightenthe bolts that securethe center 18. Installthe purgepipe assembly.
headand block. cover to 27 inch Ibs. (3 Nm) 19. Connectthe water inlet pipe.
17. Placea newheadgasketon the cylinder 27. Installthe breatherhose. 20. Installthe powersteeringpumpbracketand
block with the identificationmarksin the front top 28. Installthe timing belt. Referto the timing belt alternatorbrace.
(upward)position. Do not usesealeron the gasket, procedurein this section, 21. Installthe reartiming belt coverand camshaft
18. Carefullyinstallthe cylinderheadon the 29. Installthe exhaustmanifoldassembly. sprockets.Torquethe retainingbolt to 65 ft. Ibs. (90
block. Besurethe headbolt washersare installed 30. Usingall newgaskets,installthe intakeman- Nm).
with the chamferededgeupward.Usingthreeeven ifold and air intakeplenum. 22. Installthe timing belt.Referto the timing belt
steps,torquethe headbolts in sequence,to 76-83 ft. 31. Installthe air intakehoses. procedurein this section.
Ibs. (105-115 Nm). 32. Changethe engineoil and oil filter.
23. Usingall newgaskets,install the intakeman- 18. Installany remainingcomponents. To install:
ifold, air intakeplenumand exhaustmanifold. 19. Refillthe cooling system. 5. Cleanall gasketsurfacesof the cylinder
24. Installthe air intakehose. 20. Connectthe negativebatterycable. block and the oil pan.
25. Fill the systemwith coolant. 6. Apply sealantto the gasketsurfacesof the oil
26. Connectthe negativebatterycable. pan.
27. Startthe engine. 7. Installthe oil panonto the cylinderblock
28. Checkand adjustthe idle speedand ignition within 15 minutesafterapplyingsealant.Installthe
timing. REMOVAL&INSTALLATION fastenersandtightento 60 inch Ibs. (7 Nm).
29. Oncethe vehiclehascooled,recheckthe 8. Installthe bell housingcover.
coolantlevel. 1.5L Engine 9. Installthe oil drain plugwith a newsealand
tightento 29 ft. Ibs. (40 Nm).
3.51 Engine p See Figure 135 10. Lowerthe vehicleand fill the crankcaseto the
properlevelwith cleanengineoil.
ti See Figure 134 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
2. Drainthe engineoil.
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
2. Drainthe enginecoolant
Operatingthe enginewithout the proper
The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith amountandtype of engineoil will result in
usedengineoil maycausea numberof skin severe enginedamage.
Never open, service or drain the radiator or disorders, includingcancer!Youshould
cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure 11. Connectthe negativebatterycable.Startthe
occurfrom the steamandhot coolant. Also, to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should engineand checkfor leaks.
when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour
that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene 1.8L Engine
handsand any other exposedskin areas as
glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is soonas possibleafter exposureto useden- # See Figure 136
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand
on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- cleaner shouldbe used. 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a 2. Raisethe vehicleand supportsafely.
sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused 3. Removethe bell housinglowercover. 3. Removethe oil pan drain plug and drainthe
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years 4. Removethe oil pan retainerbolts.Tapthe oil engineoil.
old. panwith a rubbermalletto breakseal.
3. Removethe timing belt.Referto the timing *Do not use a prytool when removingthe oil
belt procedurein this section. pan. If available, oil pan removertool The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith
4. Removethe intakeand exhaustmanifolds. MD998727or equivalentmaybe usedto usedengineoil may causea numberof skin
5. Removethe sparkplug wires. breakthe seal. disorders, includingcancer!Youshould
6. Removethe cylrnderheadcovers. makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure
7. Removethe timing belt rearcentercover. to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should
8. Loosenthe cylinderheadbolts graduallyin
threestages,in the oppositeof the installationse-
9. Removethe cylinderhead.
To install:
10. Cleanthe cylinderheadand mountingsur-’
faceon the engineblock.
11. Installthe cylinderheadusing a newgasket.
12. Tightenthe bolts in sequenceusingthree
stagesto 76-83 ft. Ibs. (103-113 Nm).
13. Installthe timing belt rearcentercover.
14. Installthe cylinderheadcoversusing new
gaskets.Tightenthe boltsto 2-3 ft. Ibs.(334 Nm).
15. Installthe sparkplug wires,
16. Installthe intakeand exhaustmanifolds,
17. Installthe timing belt. Referto the timing belt
procedurein this section.


Fig. 134 Cylinder head bolt tightening se-

quence-3.5L engine IFig. 135 Oil pan and related components-Mirage 1.5L (4615) engine
To install:
9. Usinga wire brushor othertool, scrapeclean
all gasketsurfacesof the cylinderblock andthe oil
panso that all loose materialis removed.Cleanseal-
ing surfacesof all dirt and oil.
10. Apply sealantaroundthe gasketsurfacesof
the oil pan in such a mannerthat all bolt holesare
circled andthereis a continuousbeadof sealer
aroundthe entireperimeterof the oil pan.
*The continuousbeadof sealer shouldbe
applied in a beadapproximately0.16 in.
(4mm)in diameter.
Fig. 137 Oil pan and related components-
2.OLSOHCengine 11. Installthe oil pan onto the cylinderblock
within 15 minutesafterapplyingsealant.Installthe
fastenersandtightento 4-6 ft. Ibs. (G8 Nm).
12. Installthe crossmemberand tightenthe
Fig 136 Oil pan and related components- mountingbolts to 72 ft. Ibs.(100 Nm).
I,.s; engine g3i53g26 13. Connectthe exhaustpipe to the enginemani-
fold with newgasketIn place.Tightenthe exhaust
be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour pipe to manifoldflangenutsto 29 ft. Ibs. (40 Nm)
handsand any other exposedskin areas as 14. Installthe oil drain plug and tightento 33 ft.
soon as possibleafter exposureto useden- Ibs.
gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand 15. Lowerthe vehicleand fill the crankcaseto the
cleaner shouldbe used. properlevelwith cleanengineoil.

4. Disconnectand lowerthe exhaustpipe from

the enginemanifold. Operatingthe enginewithout the proper
5. Removethe bell housinglowercover. amountandtype of engineoil will result in
6. Removethe oil pan retainerboltsand remove severe enginedamage.
the oil pan.
*Do not use a prytool when removingthe oil 16. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
pan. If available, oil pan removertool 17. Startthe engineand checkfor leaks.
MD998727or equivalentmay be usedbreak

To install: Fig. 138 Oil pan and removal for FWDand ti See Figure 138
7. Cleanall gasketsurfacesof the cylinder AWDl.liL and 2.OLDDHCenoines 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
block andthe oil pan. 2. Raisethe vehicleand supportsafely.
8. Apply sealantaroundthe gasketsurfacesof 3. Removethe oil pan drain plug and drain the
the oil pan. engineoil.
9. Installthe oil pan ontothe cylinderblock
within 15 minutesafterapplyingsealant.Installthe The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith
fastenersand tightento 60 inch Ibs. (5 Nm). usedengineoil maycausea numberof skin
10. installthe bell housingcover. disorders,includingcancer!Youshould TheEPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith
11. Connectthe exhaustpipe to the enginemani- makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure usedengineoil maycausea numberof skin
fold with newgasketin place.Tightenthe exhaust to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should disorders, includingcancer!Youshould
pipeto manifoldflangenutsto 33 ft. Ibs. (45 Nm). be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure
Installand tightenthe supportbolt to 18 ft. Ibs. (25 handsand any other exposedskin areas as to usedengineoil. Protectiveglovesshould
Nm). soon as possibleafter exposureto useden- be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour
12. Installthe oil drain plug and tightento 29 ft. gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand handsand any other exposedskin areas as
Ibs. (40 Nm). cleaner shouldbe used. soon as possibleafter exposureto useden-
13. Fill the crankcaseto the properlevel. gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand
4. Disconnectand lowerthe exhaustpipe from cleaner shouldbe used.
the enginemanifold.
5. Usingthe appropriateequipment,supportthe 4. Disconnectand lowerthe exhaustpipe from
Operatingthe enginewithout the proper weightof the engine. the enginemanifold.
amountandtype of engineoil will result in 6. Removethe retainerbolts andthe center 5. Removethe transferassemblyand right dri-
severe enginedamage. crossmember, veshaft.
7. Removethe oil pan bolts. Usingspecialtool 6. Usingthe appropriateequipment,supportthe
14. Connectthe negativebatterycable.Startthe MD998727,tap in betweenthe engineblock and the weightof the engineand removethe centercross-
engineand checkfor leaks. oil pan. member.
7. Disconnectthe returnpipe for the tur-
1.6L and 2.OLEngines *Do not use a chisel, screwdriver or similar bochargerfrom the side of the oil pan.
tool when removingthe oil pan. Damageto 8. Removethe oil pan bolts. Usingspecialtool
FRONTWHEELDRIVE enginecomponentsmay occur.
MD998727,tap In betweenthe engineblock andthe
ti See Figures137 and 138 8. Inspectthe oil pan for damageand cracks. oil pan.
Replaceif faulty.While the pan is removed,inspect
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. the oil screenfor clogging,damageand cracks.Re-
*Do not use a chisel, screwdriver or similar
2. Raisethe vehicleand supportsafely. placeif faulty.
tool when removingthe oil pan. Damageto
3. Removethe oil pan drain plug and drain the enginecomponentsmay occur.

9. Inspectthe oil panfor damageand cracks. 2. Removethe oil pandrain plug and drainthe
Replaceif faulty,While the pan is removed,inspect engineoil.
the oil screenfor clogging,damageand cracks,Re-
place if faulty.
To install: The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith
10. Usinga wire brushor othertool, scrapeclean usedengineoil maycausea numberof skin
all gasketsurfacesof the cylinderblock andthe oil disorders, includingcancer!Youshould
panso that all loose materialis removed.Cleanseal- makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure
ing surfacesof all dirt and oil. to usedengineoil. Protectiveglovesshould
11, Apply sealantaroundthe gasketsurfacesof be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour
the oil pan in such a mannerthat all bolt holesare handsand any other exposedskin areas as
circled and thereis a continuousbeadof sealer soonas possibleafter exposureto useden-
aroundthe entireperimeterof the oil pan. gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand Groove Hole of bolt
*The continuousbeadof sealer shouldbe cleaner shouldbe used. 7923PG67

applied in a beadapproximately0.16 in. Fig. 140 Oil pan bolt tightening sequence
(4mm)in diameter. 3. Removethe oil dipstick andtubeassembly. andapplication of sealant to the pan-Dia-
4. Detachthe HeatedOxygen(HOaS)sensor mante3.OLengines
12. Installthe oil pan ontothe cylinderblock connector.
within 15 minutesafterapplyingsealant.Installthe 5. Removethe front exhaustpipe from the vehi-
fastenersand tightento 4-6 ft. Ibs. (68 Nm). cle. gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand
13. Installthe oil returnpipe using a newgasket, 6. Removethe bell housingcover. cleanershouldbe used.
if removed.Tightenretainersto 5-7 ft. Ibs. (7-10 7. Removethe oil pan retainerbolts. Usingspe-
Nm). cial tool MD998727 or equivalent,tap in betweenthe 3. Removethe left side crossmember.If .
14. Installthe left memberand tightenthe forward engineblock andthe oil pan. equippedwith 4WS,it will also be necessaryto re-
retainerbolts to 72 ft. Ibs. (100 Nm).Tightenthe movethe right side crossmember.
rearwardleft memberbolts to 58 ft. Ibs. (80 Nm). *Do not use a prytool when removingthe oil 4. Removethe startermotor.
15. Installthe transferassemblyand right drive- pan. Damageto enginecomponentsmay oc- 5. Disconnectthe roll stopperstay bracket,from
shaft. cur. the reartransaxlestaybracket.Removethe both
16. Connectthe exhaustpipe from the engine To install: transaxlestaybrackets.
manifoldwith newgasketin place.Tightenthe ex- 8. Apply sealantaroundthe gasketsurfacesof 6. Removethe bell housinglowercover.
haustpipe to manifoldflangenutsto 29 ft. Ibs. (40 the oil pan. 7. Removethe oil pan mountingbolts. Using
Nm). 9. Installthe oil pan onto the cylinderblock specialtool MD998727or equivalent,separateand
17. Installthe oil drain plug and tightento 33 ft. within 15 minutesafterapplyingsealant.Installthe removethe engineoil pan.
Ibs. fastenersandtightento 6 ft. Ibs. (8 Nm). To install:
18. Lowerthe vehicleandfill the crankcaseto the 10. Installthe oil drain plug and tightento 29 ft. 8. Apply a 0.16 in. (4mm) continuousbeadof
properlevelwith cleanengineoil. Ibs. (39 Nm). sealeraroundthe surfaceof the oil pan.
11. Installthe bell housingcover,andtightenthe *Assemble the oil panto the cylinder block
mountingboltsto 7 ft. Ibs. (9 Nm). within 15 minutesafter applyingthe sealant.
Operatingthe enginewithout the proper 12. Installthe front exhaustpipe andtightenthe
boltsat the catalyticconverterto 36 ft. Ibs. (49 Nm). 9. Installthe oil panmountingbolts. Following
amountandtype of engineoil will result in propersequence,tightenmountingbolts to 48 inch
severe enaine damage. Tightenthe nutsat the exhaustmanifoldto 32 ft. Ibs.
(44Nm). Ibs. (6 Nm).
13. Reconnectthe HOPSsensorconnector. 10. Install lowerbell housingcoverand the
19. Connectthe negativebatterycable.Startthe
engineand checkfor leaks.
11, Installthe transaxlestaybracketsand connect
2.4L Engine the roll stopperbracket.
12. Installthe crossmember andtightenthe
) See Figure 139 Operatingthe enginewithout the proper mountingbolts to 43-51 ft. Ibs. (60-70 Nm).
amountandtype of engineoil will result in 13. Fill the enginewith the properamountof oil.
1, Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. severe enginedamage.
15. Connectthe negativebatterycable.Startthe
engineand checkfor leaks. Operatingthe enginewithout the proper
amountandtype of engineoil will result in
3.OLEngines severe enginedamage.
u See Figure 140 14. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. for leaks.
2. Removethe oil pandrain plug and drain the
3.5L Engine
p See Figures 141, 142, and 143
1, Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith 2. Drainthe engineoil.
,(L.. mM_ K% usedengineoil may causea numberof skin
t 8*t.almcwr
disorders, includingcancer!Youshould
:y&pn makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure
::Elm to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith
be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour usedengineoil may causea numberof skin
Fig. 139 Oil pan and related components- handsand any other exposedskin areas as disorders,includinacancer!Youshould
2.4L engine soon as possibleafter exposureto useden- makeeve’ryeffort to minimizeyour exposure
4. Placea block of wood againstthe side of the
panand tap the block with a hammerto breakthe
sealand removethe lowerpan.
5. Removethe starter.
6. Removethe dipstick tube.
7. Unboltthe upperoil pan.

Do not pry or use seal breakertool to remove

the oil pan. Damageto the aluminumsurface
Fig. 141 Install a bolt in the threaded hole can result.
to force the oil pan from the engine block- 8. Screwa bolt into the threadedhole to force
3.5L engine the oil panfrom the engineblock and removethe
9. Removethe bolt usedto removethe pan.
To install:
10. Cleanand degreasethe sealingsurfacesof
15 the upperoil panand engineblock.
11. Apply a beadof sillcone sealantalong the
mountingsurfaceof the upperoil pan.
12. Installthe upperoil pan.Tightenthe bolts in
16 sequenceto 4 ft Ibs.(6 Nm).
13. Installthe dipsticktube using a newO-ring.
14. Installthe starterassembly. 93153927
15. Cleanand degreasethe sealingsurfaceof the
lower oil pan.
Fig. 144 Exploded view of the oil pump
16. Placea beadof sealanton the mountingsur- mounting-l .5L engine
Groove Hole of bolt faceof the loweroil pan. Install the lowerpan.
Tightenthe bolts in sequenceto 7-9 ft. Ibs.(10-12
Fig.142 Apply sealant andtighten the bolts Nm).
Inthe order shown-3.51 engine, upperoil 17. Installthe drain plug usinga newwasher,
Ian shown Tightenthe drain plug to 29 ft. Ibs (39 Nm).
18. Lowerthe vehicleand fill the crankcaseto the

View from above Operatingthe enginewithout the proper

amountandtype of engineoil will result in
severe enginedamage.
19 Connectthe negativebatterycable.
20. Startthe engrneand checkfor leaks,

Flange bolt tightening sequence

6 2 4

1.5L and 1.8L Engines

p See Figures144 and 145 93153931

Fig. 145 Exploded view of the oil pump

*Whenever the oil pumpis disassembledor mounting-l.81 engine
the cover removed,the gear cavity mustbe
filled with petroleumjelly to seal the pump
and act as a prime. Do not use grease. handsand any other exposedskin areas as
:ig. 143Apply sealant andtighten the bolts soon as possibleafter exposureto useden-
in the order shown-3.51 engine, lower oil 1. Drsconnectthe negativebatterycable. gine oil. Soap
pan shown 2. Raiseand supportthe vehicle. . . .and
. water, or waterless hand
cleaner snoutdbe used.
3. Drainthe engineoil.
to usedengine oil. Protectivegloves should 4. Supportthe engineusing a suitabledevice
be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour 5. Removethe front engmemount bracketand
handsand any other exposedskin areas as The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith accessorydrive belts.
soon as possibleafter exposureto useden- usedengineoil may causea numberof skin 6. Removetiming belt upperand lowercovers.
gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand disorders, includingcancer!Youshould 7. Removethe timing belt and crankshaft
cleaner shouldbe used. makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure sprocket.Referto the timing belt procedurein this
to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should section.
3. Removethe mountingboltsfrom the lower be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour 8. Removethe oil panand removethe oil
oil pan. screen.
9. Removethe front cover mountingbolts. Note 7. Detachthe electricalconnectorfrom the oil 20. Position newfront casegasketin place.Set
the lengthsof the mountingbolts as theyare re- pressuresendingunit and removethe oil pressure seal guidetool MD998285 on the front end of the
movedfor properinstallation. sensor.Removethe oil filter and the oil filter bracket. crankshaftto protectthe sealfrom damage.Apply a
10. Removethe front caseassemblyand oil 8. Removethe oil pan,oil screenand gasket. thin coatof oil to the outercircumferenceof the seal
pumpassembly. 9. Usingspecialtool MD998162, removethe pilot tool.
11. Removethe oil pumpcover. plug cap in the enginefront cover. 21. Installthe front caseassemblythrougha new
12. Removethe innerand outergearsfrom the 10. Removethe plugon the side of the engine front casegasketandtemporarilytightenthe flange
front case. block. Inserta Phrllipsscrewdriverwith a shankdi- bolts.
To install ameterof 0.32 in. (8mm) into the plug hole.This will 22. Mountthe oil filter on the bracketwith newoil
13. Removeall gasketmaterialfrom the mating hold the silent shaft. filter bracketgasketin place.Installthe bolts with
surfacesand cleanall parts. 11. Removethe drivengearbolt that securesthe washersandtightento 14 ft. Ibs. (19 Nm).
14. Thoroughlycoat both oil pumpgearswith oil pumpdrivengearto the silent shaft. 23. Inserta Phillips screwdriverinto the hole in
cleanengineoil and installthem in the correctdirec- 12. Removethe front cover mountingbolts. Note the left side of the engineblockto lock the silent
tion of rotation. the lengthsof the mountingbolts as they are re- shaftin place.
15. Installthe pumpcover andtightenthe boltsto movedfor properinstallation. 24. Installthe oil pumpdrive gearontothe left
84 inch Ibs.(10 Nm). 13. Removethe front casecover and oil pump silent shaft.Tightenthe drivengearbolt to 27 ft. Ibs.
16. Coatthe reliefvalveand spring with cleanen- assembly.If necessary,the silent shaftcancomeout (37Nm).
gine oil. Installthemandtightenthe plug to 33 ft. with the cover assembly. 25. Installa newO-ringto the groove in the front
Ibs. (45 Nm). 14. Removethe oil pumpcover, locatedon the caseand installthe plug cap. Usingthe specialtool
17. Installa newfront crankshaftsealand coat backof the enginefront cover. Removethe oil pump MD998162,tightenthe capto 17 ft. Ibs. (24 Nm).
the lips of the sealwith cleanengineoil. drive and driven gears. 26. Installthe oil screenin positionwith new
18. Installthe front caseand oil pumpassembly 15. Afterdisassemblingthe oil pump,cleanall gasketin place.
to the engineblock using a newgasket.Tightenthe componentsand removegasketmaterialfrom mating 27. Cleanboth matingsurfacesof the oil panand
bolts to loft. Ibs. (14 Nm) surfaces. the cylinderblock.Apply sealantIn the groovein the
19. Installthe oil screenwith newgasket.Torque 16. Assemblethe oil pumpgearsinto the front oil panflange.
the screenbolts to 14 ft. Ibs. (19 Nm). caseand rotateit to ensuresmoothrotationand no
looseness.Besurethereis no ridgewearon the con-
*After applyingsealantto the oil pan, do
20. Installthe oil pan. not exceed15 minutesbefore installing the
21. Installthe crankshaftsprocketandtiming tact surfacebetweenthe front caseandthe gearsur-
faceof the oil pumpfront cover.
oil pan.
belt. Referto the timing belt procedurein this sec-
tion. To install 28. Installthe oil panto the engineand secure
22. Fill the crankcaseto the properlevel. 17. Align the timing markon the oil pumpdrive with the retainers.Tightenbolts to 5 ft. Ibs. (7 Nm).
gearwith that on the drivengearand installthem into 29. installthe oil pressuregaugeunit and the oil
the enginefront case.Apply engine011to the gears. pressureswitch.Connectthe electricalharnesscon-
18. Installthe oil pumpcoverand tightenthe re- nector.
Operatingthe enginewithout the proper tainer bolts to 13 ft. Ibs.(18 Nm). 30. Installthe oil cooler.Securewith oil cooler
amountandtype of engineoil will result in 19. Usingthe appropriatedriver, installa new bolt tightenedto 31 ft. Ibs (43 Nm).
severe enoinedamaae. crankshaftseal into the front case. 31. Refillthe crankcase.
32. Install newoil filter.
23. Connectthe negativebatterycable.

1.6L, 2.OLand 2.4L Engines

p See Figures 146, 147, 148, and 149

*Whenever the oil pumpis disassembledor

the cover removed,the gear cavity mustbe
filled with petroleumjelly to seal the pump
and act as a prime. Do not use grease.
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
2. Rotatethe engineso No. 1 cylinder is on Top
DeadCenter(TDC) of its compressionstroke. Phrllips screwdrrver 7923PG72
3. Drainthe engineoil. 7923PG71 Fig. 147 Use the special socket and holder
Fig. 146 Holding the silent shaft for oil :o remove the balance shaft plug-2.0 en-
pump gear removal-2.01 engine 7ine
The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith
usedengineoil may causea numberof skin
disorders, includingcancer!Youshould
makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure
to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should
be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour
handsand any other exposedskin areas as
soon as possibleafler exposureto useden-
gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand
cleaner shouldbe used.
4 Usingthe properequipment,supportthe
weightof the engine Removethe front enginemount L= Bolt length below
bracketandaccessorydrive belts. head /mm (cn.)]
5 Removetiming belt upperand lowercovers.
6. Removethe timing beltand crankshaft
sprocket.Referto the timing belt procedurein this Fig. 148 Aligning oil pumptiming marks- Fig. 149 Front case bolt identification-
section. 2.OLermine ?.OLand 2.4L engines
To install: 3.5L Engine
10. Thoroughlycleanall gasketmaterialfrom all
mountingsurfaces. p See Figures 151 and 152
Operatingthe enginewithout the proper
amountand type of engineoil will result in 11. Apply engineoil to the entiresurfaceof the
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
severe enginedamage. gearsor rotors. 2. Removethe timing belt. Referto the timing
12. Assemblethe front casecover and oil pump
belt procedurein this section.
33. Connectthe negativebatterycableand start assemblyto the engineblock.
3. Drainthe engineoil.
the engine. 13. Installthe oil screenwith newgasket.
34. Verify correctoil pressure 14. Installthe oil pan
35. Inspectfor leaks. 15. Installthe crankshaftsprocketandtiming
belt. Referto the timing belt procedurein this sec-
3.OLEngines tion
16. Installthe timing belt covers.
b See Figure 150 17. Installthe drive belts andthe front engine
mount bracket.
*Whenever the oil pumpis disassembledor 18. Connectthe negativebatterycable,refill the
the cover removed,the gear cavity mustbe crankcaseand checkfor adequateoil pressure.
filled with petroleumjelly to seal the pump
and act as a prime. 00 not use grease.
Fig. 151 Apply sealant to the rear of the oil
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. Operatingthe enginewithout the proper
2. Drainthe engineoil.
pumpcase-3.5L ermine
amountandtype of engineoil will result in
severe enginedamage.

The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith

usedengineoil may causea numberof skin
disorders, includingcancer!Youshould
makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure
to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should
be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour
handsandany other exposedskin areas as
soon as possibleafter exposureto useden-
gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand
cleaner shouldbe used.
3. Removethe front enginemountbracketand
accessorydrive belts.
4. Removetiming belt upperand lowercovers.
5. Removethe timing belt and crankshaft
sprocket.Referto the timing belt procedurein this
6 Removethe oil pan.
7. Removethe oil screenand gasket.
8. Removethe front cover mountingbolts. Note
the lengthsof the mountingboltsas they are re-
movedfor properinstallation.
9. Removethe front and oil pump

11 Nm
8 ft.lbs.

Removal steps
1. 011 pressure gauge unit 12. Oil screen gasket
2. 011 filter 13. Baffle plate
3. 011 filter bracket 14. Plug
4. 011 filter bracket gasket 15. Reltef spring
5. Drain plug 16. Relief plunger
6. Drawn plug gasket 17. Crankshaft oil seal
7 011 pan, lower 10. Oil pump case
8. Cover 19. 0-ring
9 011 pan, upper 20. 011 pump cover
10. Baffle date 21. 011 pump outer rotor
9315393i 11. 011 screen 22. 011 pump inner rotor
7g. 150 Exploded view of the oil pump
nounting-3.01 engines 7g. 152 Explodedview of the oil pump mounting-3.51 engine

The EPAwarns that urolonaedcontactwith

usedengineoil may cause”anumberof skin
disorders, includingcancer!Youshould
makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure
to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should
be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour
handsandany other exposedskin areas as
soonas possible after exposureto useden-
gine oil. Soapandwater, or waterless hand
cleaner shouldbe used.
4. Remove thesolashshieldfromthewheel 93153p65 93153p60

well. Fig. 153 Remove the fasteners, then re- Fig. 154 Unfastenthe crankshaftpulley re-
5. Remove theoil filteradapter. move the side inner fender splash shield talning bolts, then remove the pulley
6. Remove thelowerandupperoil pans.
7. Remove thelowerbaffle,oil pumppick-up 3. Raiseandsupportthevehicle. 1. Disconnect thenegative batterycable.
8. Remove theoil pumpcasemounting bolts 4. Remove thepassenger sidefrontwheel. 2. Remove theengineundercover.
andtheoil pumpcase. 5. Remove thepassenger sideinnerfender 3. Raiseandsafelysupporttheweightoftheen-
9. Remove theoil pumpgearcover. splashshieldto gainaccessto thecrankshaft gineusingtheappropriate equipment. Remove the
10. Makematchmarks ontheoil pumprotorsbe- damper. frontenginemountbracketandaccessory drivebelts.
fore,,.removing them. 6. Onthe1.5L,1.6L,2.OLand2.4Lengines, re- 4. If necessary, remove thecoolantreservoir
nemove-IL- -.( -L.11---‘I
mecranksnarr searrrom--. me
IL- 011 -.I pump
_ -- movetheoullev-to-sorocket bolts. tank.
case. 7. Onthei .5L,i .8L,3.OLand3.5Lengines, re- 5. Usingtheproperequipment, slightlyraise
To instell: movethecrankshaft pulleycenterretainingbolt. theengineto taketheweightoffthesideengine
12. Installa newcrankshaft sealin theoil pump 8. Remove thedamper fromthecrankshaft us mount.Remove theenginemountbracket.
cover. inga suitablepuller. 6. Remove thedrivebelts,tensionpulleybrack-
13. Applyengineoil totherotors,thenalignthe -la install: ets,waterpumppulleyandcrankshaft pulley.
matchmarks andinstalltherotorsintheoil pump 9. Placethedamper ontothecrankshaft,ensur- 7. Remove all attraching screwsandremovethe
case. ingthekey-wayisaligned. upperandlowertimin{Jbeltcovers.
14. Installtherotorcover.Tightentheboltsto 7 10. Onthe1.5L,1.8L,3.OLand3.5Lengines,in- 8. Makea markon thebackof thetimingbelt
ft. Ibs.(10Nm). stallthlecrankshaft
pulleycenterretainingboltand indicating thedirectior I of rotationso it maybere-
15. Applya 0.113in.(3mm)beadof sealantto tightentheboltasfollows: assembled inthesame ! directionif it is to bereused.
4) 1.5Lengine:51-72ft. Ibs.(70-100Nm) Loosenthetimingbelttensioner andremove thetim-
thebackof theoil pumpcase.I[nsrall -‘-‘I me
IL ca-~--se on meIL-
engineandtightentheboltsto IOft,,,Ihc -. 11 , .4 Nm). l 1.8Land3.5Lengines:134ft. Ibs.(185 ingbelt.
16. Installtheupperbafflertlalteandoil pump NM *If coolant or engineoil comesin contact
pick-upusinga newgasket.Ticfhtti,, ,,lGhafflc,
an tha
““a,., l 3.OLengines:108-116ft. lbs.(150-160 with the timing bplt L,thaw
n,,, r(mcti~~llv

to 7 ft. Ibs.(10Nm)andthepitk-upboltsto 13ft. NW

11. Onthe1.5L,1.6L,2.OLand2.4Lengines, in- shortenits life. A,ISo, do not allow engineoil
Ibs.(18Nm). #.I nn..lr”* In rind In,
“I IruuI(IIILLuIrulll&t the timing belt sprock-
17. Installthelowerbaffleintheupperoil pan. stallthepulley-to-sprocket
boltsandtightenthebolts ets or tensionerassembly.
Tightentheboltsto 8 ft. Ibs.(11Nm). asfollows:
18. Installtheoil pans. l 1.5Lengine:10ft. Ibs.(14Nm) 9. Remove thetensioner spacer,tensioner
19. Installtheoil filteradapterusinga newgas- * 1.6Land2.OLengines:14-22ft. Ibs. springandtensioner assembly.
ket.Tightenthelargerboltto 30ft. Ibs.(41Nm)and (20-30Nm) 10. InspectthetimingbeltforIcracksonbacksur-
thesmallerboltto 1’ u ‘L- Inn‘I--’ l 2.4Lengine:18ft. Ibs.(25Nm) face,sides,bottomandcheckfor !;eoarated ( canvas.
20. InstallthetilllIllYuljllOlluIclllallllllY~ullIPV- 12. Onthe1.6Land2.OLengines,installthepul- Checkthetensioner pulleyfor smoothrotation.
: nents.Referto thetimingbeltprocedure in thissec- ley-to-sprocketboltsandtightenthemto 14-22ft. To install:
: tion. Ibs.(20-30Nm). 11. Positionthetensioner, tensioner springand
21. Filltheenginewiththecorrectamountof oil. 13. Installthesplashshield. tensioner spaceronengineblock.
14. Installthewheel,thencarefullylowertheve- 12. Alignthetimingmarksonthecamshaft
I. hicle.
I 15. Installtheaccessorydrivebelts.Referto Sec-
sprocket andcranksha ft sprocket.
No.1 pistononTDCotnthecomoression
Thiswill position
Operatingthe enginewithout the proper tion1. 13. Positionthetimingbeltonthecrankshaft
amountandtype of engineoil will result in 16. Connect thenegative
batterycable. sprocket andkeeping thetensionsideof thebolt
severe enginedamage. tight,setit onthecam, shaftsprocket.
- 14. Applycounterc Yockwise forceto thecamshaft
22. Chrmxt
-s --, the ,.-JXL.._h;lttm
, I” nenntive I -..-., cnhle
--I.-. -r .__.._.tn
snrnckd ._nive
J..- tensin
._ - _Intothebeltandmakesureall
23. Starttheengineandcheckfor leaks. timingmarksarealigned.
&INSTALLATION 15. Loosenthepivotsidetensioner boltandthe
clnt&In hnlt Allnurthn rnrinn tn tdm III-I thn slack,
r),“I 44”” ““IL. “ll”sl LllU .y”“yj L” L”I\U Low Ul” L
, d I, I’

.-Refer to Section1 for the propertiming ., 16. Tighten

, , , the ,, ,,slot
,, side, tensioner
, , , ,,bolt. ,,ark,~clthen
belt service interval. mep~vorsloeDOI~. ITmep~vorsloeOOII IS ogntened
&INSTALLATION first,thetensioner couldturnwithbolt,causingover
1.5L Engine tension.
6 See Figures 153 and154 17. Turnthecrankshaft clockwise. Loosenthe
1999-94 MODELS pivotsidetensioner boltandthentheslotsideboltto
1. Disconnectthenegativebatterycable. allowthespringtotakeupanyremaining slack.
2. Remove theaccessory drivebeltsfrom b See Figures155 and 156
pulley.Referto Section1.
6. Removetiming belt upperand lowercovers.
7. Makea markon the backof the timing belt
indicatingthe directionof rotationso it may be re-
assembledin the samedirectionif it is to be reused.
Loosenthe timing belttensionerand movethe ten-
sionerto provideslackto the timing belt.Tightenthe
tensionerin this position.
8. Removethe timing belt.

Coolantand engineoil will damagethe rub-

ber in the timing belt, drastically reducingits
life. Do not allow engineoil or coolantto
contactthe timing belt, the sprocketsor ten-
sioner assembly.
9. If defective,removethe tensionerspacer,ten-
sioner springandtensionerassembly.
To install:
10. Positionthe tensioner,tensionerspring and
tensionerspaceron engineblock.
11. Align the timing markson the camshaft
sprocketand crankshaftsprocket.This will position
No. 1 piston on TDC on the compressionstroke.
12. Positionthe timing belt on the crankshaft
sprocketand keepingthe tensionside of the belt
tight, set it on the camshaftsprocket,thenthe ten-
1. Ben 7. washer sioner.
8. Crankshaft pullet 14. Flsnge
2. Power4teerlna Dump
9. Damper pulls i 5. Tensbner spacer 13. Apply slight counterclockwiseforceto the
10. upper ccwer 16. Tef~kner WkW camshaftsprocketto give tensionto the belt and be
11. Lowercowr 1; Tgibnrr
12. llmingbeil sureall timing marksarealigned.
13. crsnkshat? E#ocket 19: camehan sprocket 14. Loosenthe pivot sidetensionerbolt andthe
slot side bolt. Allow the spring to removethe slack.
Fig. 155 Explodedview of the timing belt covers, timing belt and related parts-1990-94 1.51 15. Tightenthe slot side tensionerbolt, thenthe
engine pivot side bolt. If the pivot side bolt is tightenedfirst,
the tensionercould turn with bolt, causingover ten-
16. Turn the crankshaftclockwise.Loosenthe
pivot side tensionerbolt, thenthe slot side bolt to al-
low the spring to takeup any remainingslack.
Tightenthe slot bolt, thenthe pivot side bolt to 17 ft.
Ibs. (24 Nm).
17. Installthe timing belt coversand tightenthe
cover boltsto 84-96 inch Ibs.(E-11 Nm). Installall

liming mark

ming mark

Fig. 156 Camshaftand crankshaft sprocket mark alignment for proper timing belt installa-
tion-1990-94 1.51 engine

Tightenthe slot bolt andthenthe pivot side bolt to 1995-00MOOFLS

14-20 ft. Ibs. (20-27 Nm). Timing mark
18. Checkthe belttensionby holding the ten- ) See Figure 157
sionerand timing belttogetherby handand give the Timing mark
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
belt a slight thumbpressureat a point levelwith ten- 2. Removethe engineundercover.
sioner center.Makesurethe belt cog crestcomesas 3. Rotatethe crankshaftclockwlseand position
deepas aboutl/4 of the width of the slot side ten- the engineat TDC of the compressionstroke. Crankshaft sprocket
sionerbolt head.Do not manuallyovertightenthe 4. Raiseand safelysupportthe weight of the en- 79235g5t
belt or it will makea howling noise. gine using the appropriateequipment.Removethe Fig. 157 Align the timing belt sprocketsas
19. Installthe timing belt coversand all related A/C clamp,front enginemount bracketand accessory indicatedbefore removingthe timing belt-
items. drive belts. 1995-00 1.51 engine
20. Connectthe negativebatterycable. 5. Removethe crankshaftpulley.
1.61&?2.OL(Non-Turbo)DOHCEngines 13. Checkbelt for propertensionby depressing c. Install the timing belt aroundthe idler pul-
the belt on it’s long side with your finger and noting ley, oil pump sprocket,crankshaftsprocketand
g See Figure 158 the belt deflection.Thedesiredreadingis 0.20-0.28 the tensionerpulley.Removethe 2 spring clips.
in. (5-7mm). If tensionis not correct,readjustand d. Lift upwardon the tensionerpulley in a
*The 1.6L engine is not equippedwith checkbelt deflection. clockwisedirectionand tighten the centerbolt.
silent shafts. Disregardall instructionsper- 14. Installthe flange,crankshaftand washerto Make sureall timing marksare aligned.
taining to silent shafts if working on that en- the crankshaft.Theflangeon the crankshaftsprocket e. Rotatethe crankshaft‘14 turn counterclock-
gine. must be installedtowardsthe innertrming belt wise. Then,turn in clockwiseuntil the timing
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. sprocket.Tightenbolt to 80-94 ft. Ibs. (110-130 marksare alrgnedagain.
2. Removethe engineundercover. Nm). 23. To adjustthe timing (outer)belt,turn the
3. If necessary,removethe coolantreservoir. 15. To installthe oil pump sprocket,inserta crankshaft‘14turn counterclockwise,then turn it
4. Usingthe properequipment,slightly raise Phillips screwdriverwith a shaft0.31 in. (8mm) in di- clockwiseto move No. 1 cylinderto TDC.
the engineto takethe weightoff the side engine ameterinto the plug hole in the left side of the cylin- 24. Loosenthe centerbolt. Usingtool
mount.Removethe enginemountbracket. der block to hold the left silent shaft.Tightenthe nut MD998738or equivalentand a torquewrench,apply
5. Removethe drive belts,tensionpulleybrack- to 36-43 ft. Ibs. (50-60 Nm). a torqueof 22-25 inch. Ibs. (2.6-2.8 Nm).Tighten
ets,waterpumppulleyand crankshaftpulley. 16. Usinga wrench,hold the camshaftat it’s the centerbolt.
6. Removeall attachingscrewsand removethe hexagonbetweenjournal No. 2 and 3, thentighten 25. Screwthe specialtool into the engineleft
upperand lowertiming belt covers. the bolt to 58-72 ft. Ibs. (80-100 Nm). If no hexagon supportbracketuntil its end makescontactwith the
7. Rotatethe crankshaftclockwiseand align the is presentbetweenjournal No. 2 and 3, hold the tensionerarm. At this point, screwthe specialtool in
timing marksso No. 1 piston will beat TDC of the sprocketstationarywith a spannerwrenchwhile somemore and removethe set wire attachedto the
compressionstroke.At this time the timing markson tighteningthe retainerbolt. autotensioner,if the wire was not previouslyre-
the camshaftsprocketandthe uppersurfaceof the 17. Carefullypushthe autotensionerrod in until moved.Thenremovethe specraltool.
cylinderheadshouldcoincide,and the dowelpin of the set hole in the rod aligns with the hole in the 26. Rotatethe crankshaft2 completeturns clock-
the camshaftsprocketshould beat the upperside. cylinder.Placea wire into the hole to retainthe rod. wise and let it sit for approximately15 minutes.Then,
18. Installthe tensionerpulleyonto the tensioner measurethe autotensionerprotrusion(the distance
*Always rotate the crankshaftin a clockwise arm. Locatethe pinholein the tensionerpulleyshaft betweenthe tensionerarm and autotensionerbody)
direction. Make a mark on the backof the to the left of the centerbolt. Then,tightenthe center to ensurethat it is within 0.15-0.18 in. (3.8-4.5mm).
timing belt indicatingthe direction of rotation bolt finger-tight. If out of specification,repeatStepl-4 until the spec-
so it may be reassembledin the samedirec- 19. Wheninstallingthe timing belt,turn the 2 ifiedvalue is obtained.
tion if it is to be reused. camshaftsprocketsso their dowelpins are locatedon 27. If the timing belt tensionadjustmentis being
8. Removethe autotensionerand removethe top. Align the timing marksfacingeachotherwith the performedwith the enginemountedin the vehicle,
outermosttiming belt. top surfaceof the cylinderhead.Whenyou let go of and clearancebetweenthe tensionerarm andthe auto
9. Removethe timing belt tensionerpulley,ten- the exhaustcamshaftsprocket,it will rotate1 tooth in tensionerbodycannotbemeasured,the following al-
sionerarm, idler pulley,oil pumpsprocket,special the counterclockwisedirection.This should betaken ternativemethodcan be used:
washer,flangeand spacer. into accountwheninstallingthe timing beltson the a. Screw in specialtool MD998738 or equiv-
10. Removethe silent shaft(inner) belttensioner sprocket. alent,until its end makescontactwith the ten-
and removethe belt. sioner arm.
*Both camshaftsprocketsare usedfor the b. After the specialtool makescontactwith
To install: intake and exhaustcamshaftsand are pro-
11. Align the timing markson the crankshaft the arm, screw it in some more to retractthe auto
vided with 2 timing marks.Whenthe tensionerpushrodwhile countingthe numberof
sprocketand the silent shaftsprocket.Fit the inner sprocketis mountedon the exhaust
timing belt over the crankshaftand silent shaft turns the tool makesuntil the tensionerarm is
camshaft,use the timing mark on the right broughtinto contactwith the auto tensioner
sprocket.Ensurethat thereis no slack in the belt. with the dowel pin hole on top. For the intake
12. While holdingthe innertiming belttensioner body. Make surethe numberof turns the special
camshaflsprocket,usethe 1 on the left with tool makesconformswith the standardvalue of
with your fingers,adjustthe timing belttensionby the dowel pin hole on top.
applyinga force towardsthe centerof the belt, until 21/a-3 turns.
the tensionside of the belt is taut.Tightenthe ten- 20. Align the crankshaftsprocketand oil pump c. Installthe rubber plug to the timing belt
sioner bolt. sprockettiming marks. rear cover.
21. Afteralignmentof the oil pumpsprockettim- 28. Installthe timing belt coversand all related
*When tighteningthe bolt of the tensioner, ing marks,removethe plug on the cylinderblockand items.
ensurethat the tensioner pulley shaft does inserta Phillips screwdriverwith a shaftdiameterof 29. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
not rotate with the bolt. Allowing it to rotate 0.31 in. (8mm) throughthe hole. If the shaftcanbe
with the bolt can causeexcessivetension on inserted2.4 in. deep,the silent shaft is in the correct 1.8L & 2.OLSOHCEngines
the belt. position. If the shaftof the tool canonly be inserted g See Figures 159, 160, and 161
0.61 .Oin. (2C-25mm) deep,turn the oil pump
sprocket1 turn and realignthe marks.Reinsertthe 1. Positionthe engineso the No. 1 piston is at
tool makingsure it is inserted2.4 in. deep.Keepthe TDC of the compressionstroke.
tool insertedin holefor the remainderof this proce- 2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
dure. 3. Removethe engineundercover.
*The above step assuresthat the oil pump 4. Usingthe properequipment,slightly raise
socketis in correct orientation to the silent the engineto takethe weightoff the side engine
shafts. This step mustnot be skippedor a vi- mount.Removethe enginemount bracket.
bration may developduringengineopera- 5. Removethe drive belts,tensionpulleybrack-
tion. ets,waterpump pulleyand crankshaftpulley.
6. Removeall attachingscrewsand removethe
22. Installthe timing beltas follows: upperand lowertiming belt covers.
a. Install the timing belt aroundthe intake 7. Removethe timing beltcovers.
camshaftsprocketand retain it with 2 spring 8. Removethe outercrankshaftsprocketand
clips or binder clips. flange.
b. Install the timing belt aroundthe exhaust 9. Removethe silent shaft(inner) belttensioner
sprocket,aligning the timing markswith the and removethe belt.
cylinder headtop surfaceusing 2 wrenches.Re-
tain the belt with 2 spring clips.



Fig. 180 Silent shaft sprocket alignment Fig. 161 Checkingthe rear silent shafl for
marksfor belt replacement-l.81 and 2.OL jroper positioning-1.8L and 2.OL SOHC
SOHCengines Pnoines

To install: 19. Removethe tool that is holdingthe silent To Install:

IO. Align the timing marksof the silent shaft shaftand rotatethe crankshafta distanceequalto 2 15. Placethe crankshaftsprocketon the crank-
sprocketsandthe crankshaftsprocketwith the timing teethon the camshaftsprocket.This will allow the shaft.Usetool MB9g67or equivalentto hold the
markson the front case. tensionerto automaticallyapplythe propertension crankshaftsprocketwhile tighteningthe centerbolt.
11. Wrapthe timing beltaroundthe sprocketsso on the belt. Do not manuallyovertightenthe belt or it Tightenthe centerbolt to 80-94 ft. Ibs. (108-127
thereis no slack in the upperspanof the beltand the will howl. Nm).
timing marksare still aligned. 20. Tightenthe lower mountingbolt first, thenthe 16. Align the timing markson the crankshaft
12. Installthe tensionerpulleyand movethe pul- upperspacerbolt. sprocketB andthe balanceshaft.
ley by handso the long side of the belt deflectsabout 21. To verify correctbelttension,checkthatthe 17. Installtiming belt B on the sprockets.Posi-
l/d in. (6mm). deflectionat the longestspanof the belt is about1/2 tion the centerof the tensionerpulleyto the left and
13. Hold the pulleytightly so the pulleycannot in. (13mm). abovethe centerof the mountingbolt.
rotatewhenthe bolt is tightened.Tightenthe bolt to 22. The installationof the timing belt coversand 18. Pushthe pulleyclockwisetowardthe crank-
15 ft. Ibs.(20 Nm) and recheckthe deflection all relateditems,is the reverseof the removalproce- shaftto applytensionto the belt andtightenthe
amount. dure. Makesureall piecesof packingare positioned mountingbolt to 14ft. Ibs. (19 Nm) Do not let the
14. Installthe timing belttensionerfully toward in the inner groovesof the coverswhen installing. pulleyturn whentighteningthe bolt becauseit will
the waterpumpand tightenthe bolts. Placethe upper 23. Connectthe negativebatterycable. causeexcessivetensionon the belt.The belt should
end of the spring againstthe waterpumpbody. deflect0.20-0.28 in. (5-7mm) whenfinger pressure
15. Align the timing marksof the camshaft, 2.OL(Turbo)OOHCEngine is appliedbetweenthe pulleys.
crankshaftand oil pumpsprocketswith their corre- 19. Installthe crankshaftsensingbladeand the
spondingmarkson the front caseor rearcover.
ti See Figures162 and 163
crankshaftsprocket.Apply engineoil to the mounting
*There is a possibility to align all timing 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. bolt and tightenthe bolt to 80-94 ft. Ibs. (108-127
2. Removethe engineundercover. Nm).
marksand havethe oil pumpsprocketand 20. Usea pressor vise to compressthe auto-ten-
silent shaft out of time, causingan enginevi- 3. Removethe enginemount bracket.
4. Removethe drive belts. sioner pushrod,Inserta set pin whenthe holesare
bration duringoperation. If the following step lined up.
is not followed exactly, there is a 50 percent 5. Removethe belttensionerpulley.
chancethat the silent shaft alignmentwill be 6. Removethe waterpumppulleys.
180 degreesoff. 7. Removethe crankshaftpulley. Tming marks Cylinder had
8. Removethe stud bolt from the enginesup- I top surface
16. Beforeinstallingthe timing belt,ensurethat port bracketand removethe timing belt covers.
the left side (rear)silent shaft(oil pumpsprocket)is 9. Rotatethe crankshaftclockwiseto line up the
in the correctpositionas follows: camshafttiming marks.Alwaysturn the crankshaftin
a. Removethe plug from the rear side of the the normaldirectionof rotationonly.
block and inserta tool with shaft diameterof 10. Loosenthe tensionpulleycenterbolt.
0.31 in. (8mm) into the hole.
b. With the timing marksstill aligned,the *If the timing belt is to be reused,markthe
shaft of the tool must be able to go in at least direction of rotation on the flat side of the
2’13 in. (59mm). If the tool can only go in about belt with an arrow.
1 in. (25mm), the shaft is not in the correctori- 11. Move the tensionpulleytowardsthe water
entationand will causea vibration during engine pumpand removethe timing belt.
operation.Removethe tool from the hole and 12. Removethe crankshaftsprocketcenterbolt
turn the oil pump sprocket1 completerevolution. using specialtool MB9g67to hold the crankshaft
Realignthe timing marksand insertthe tool. The sprocketwhile removingthe centerbolt. Then,use
shaft of the tool must go in at least21/3 in. Ti
MB998778 or equivalentpullerto removethe m
(59mm). sprocket.
c. Recheckand realign the timing marks. 13. Mark the directionof rotationon the timing
d. Leavethe tool in placeto hold the silent belt B with a arrow.
shaft while continuing 14. Loosenthe centerbolt on the tensionerand
17. Installthe beltto the crankshaftsprocket,oil removethe belt. Crank&aft
pumpsprocket,then camshaftsprocket,in that order. sprocket
While doing so, makesurethereis no slackbetween 79235g60

the sprocketexceptwherethe tensioneris installed. :ig. 162 Camshaft and crankshaft timing
18. Recheckthe timing marks’alignment.If all 00 not rotate the camshaftsor the crankshafl lelt sprocketTOCalignment mark position-
are aligned,loosenthe tensionermountingbolt and while the timing belt is removed. ng for timing belt removal and installa-
allow the tensionerto applytensionto the belt. ion- 2.OLturbo engine

Counterbaiance 2.41 Engine 7. Remove thepowersteeringpump,alternator
# See Figures 164 thru 162 airconditioning compressor, tensionpulleyandac-
companying brackets,asrequired.
1. Besurethattheengine’sNo.1 pistonisat 8 Remove theupperfronttimingbeltcover.
TDCin thecompressionstroke. 9. Remove thewaterpumppulleyandthe
crankshaft pulley(s).
10. Remove thelowertimingbeltcovermountinf
screwsandremove thecover.
Wait at least 90 secondsafter the negative 11. If thebelt(s)areto bereused,markthedirec.
battery cable is disconnectedto preventpos- tionof rotationonthebelt.
sible deploymentof the air bag. 12. Remove thetiming(outer)belttensioner and
19235861 2. Disconnect removethebelt.Unboltthetensioner fromtheblock
batterycable. andremove.
Fig. 163 Timing belt 5 installation mark 3. Removethesparkplugwiresfromthetreeon
alignment- 2.OLturbo 13. Remove theoutercrankshaft sprocket
theuppercover. flange.
4. Drainthecoolingsystem. 14. Remove thesilentshaft(inner)belttensioner
andremove theinnerbelt.Unboltthetensioner from
Do not compressthe pushrodtoo quickly, Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or 15. Toremove thecamshaft sprockets,useSST
damageto the pushrodcan occur. cooling systemwhen hot; serious bumscan Ml39g67-01 andMlT308239, ortheirequivalents.
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, To in!3tall:
21. Installtheauto-tensioner ontheengine. when draining enginecoolant, keep in mind 16. Installthecamshaft sprockets andtightenthr
22. Alignthetimingmarksonthecamshaft that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene centerboltto 65ft. Ibs.(90Nm).
sprocket,crankshaft sprocket andtheoil pump glycol antifreezeand could drink any that is 17. Alignthetimingmarkofthesilentshaftbelt
sprocket. left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles sprockets onthecrankshaft andsilentshaftwiththe
23. Afteraligningthemarkontheoil pump on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi- marksonthefrontcase.Wrapthesilentshaftbelt
: sprocket,remove thecylinderblockplugandinserta cient quantities.Always dramcoolant into a aroundthesprockets sothereis noslackin theuppe
prytoolin theholeto checkthepositionof thecoun- sealable container. Coolantshouldbe reused !spanofthebeltandthetimingmarksarestill in line.
terbalance shaft.Theorvtoolshouldao inat least unless it is contaminatedor is several years 18. Installthetensioner initiallysotheactual
2.36in.(60mm)or more,if not,rotai;!theoil pump old. I:enterof thepulleyisaboveandto theleftof thein-
sprocket onceandrealignthetimingmarksothepry- jtallationbolt.
toolgoesin.Donotremovetheon/ooluntilthetfrn- 5. Remove
drive 19. Movethepulleyupbyhandsothecenter
ingbeltis installed. . I:lelts. jpanof thelonasideof thebeltdeflectsabout11~ in.
24. Installthetimingbeltontheintakecamshaft 6. Remove
andsecureit witha clip.
25. Installthetiminabeltontheexhaust
26. Alignthetimingmarkswiththecylinderhead
topsurfaceusingtwowrenches. Securethebeltwith
27. tnstatfthebeltaroundtheidlerpulley,oil
pumpsprocket, crankshaftsprocket andthetensioner
28. Turnthetensioner pulleysothepinholesare
29. Screwthespecialtoolintotheleftengine
supportbracketuntilit contacts thetensionerarm,
thenscrewthetoolin a littlemoreandremovethe Pm3p70

pushrodpinfromtheauto-tensioner. Remove the Fig 164 Removethe upper engine mount- Fig. 165 Remove the upper engine mount
specialtoolandtightenthecenterboltto 35ft. Ibs. to-mountbracket nuts al%@] through-bolt . . .
30. Turnthecrankshaft ‘Idturncounterclockwise,
thenclockwise untilthetimingmarksarealigned.
31. Loosenthecenterbolt.InstallMitsubishi
SpecialToolMD998767, orequivalent, ontheten-
sionerp&y. Turnthetensioner pulleycounterclock-
wisewitha torqueof 2.6ft. Ibs.(3.5Nm)andtighten
thecenterboftto35ft. tbs.(48Nm).Donotletthe
tensioner pUtFey turnwhentightening thebolt.
32. Turnthecrankshaft clockwise tworevolutions
33. After15minutes, measure theprotrusion of
thepushrodontheauto-tensioner. Thestandard
measurement is0.150-0.177 in (3.8-4.5mm). Ifthe
I protrusionis outof specification, loosentheten-
I sionerpulley,applythepropertorqueto thebeltand
: retightenthecenterbolt.
34. Installthetimingbeltcoversandall applica-
i blecomponents.


Fig. 170 Loosen the bolt on the tensioner

pulley and slide the pulley to the left to re-
lieve the tension on the timing belt


Fig. 173 Unfastenthe two timing belt ten-

sioner retaining bolts . . .

Fig. 176 After unfasteningthe retainer, re-

Fig. 174. . . then removethe tensionerfrom Fig. 175 Removethe bolt and remove the movethe CKPtrigger wheel from the crank-
the engine block crankshafttiming belt pulley shaft

Fig. 177 Removethe silent shaft tensioner Fig, 178 I . . then removethe tensionerfrom Fig. 179 Removethe silent shaft belt from
retafnfng bolt . . . the engine block the engine
a. Removethe plug locatedon the left side of 5. Removethe air conditionercompressorten-
the block in the areaof the starter. sion pulleyassembly.
b. Inserta tool havinga shaft diameterof 0.3 6. Removethe tensionpulleybracket.
in. (8mm) into the hole. 7. Usingthe properequipment,slightly raise
c. With the timing marksstill aligned,the tool the engineto takethe weightoff the side engine
must be able to go in at least2l/s in. (59mm). If mount.Removethe enginemountingbracket.
it can only go m about 1 in. (25mm), turn the oil 8. Detachthe powersteeringpump pressure
pump sprocketone completerevolution. switch connector.Removethe powersteeringpump
d. Recheckthe position of the balanceshaft and wire aside.
with the timing marksreahgned.Leavethe tool in 9. Removethe enginesupportbracket.
placeto hold the silent shaft while continuing. 10. Removethe crankshaftpulley.
24. Installthe belt to the crankshaftsprocket,oil 11. Removethe timing belt cover cap.
Fig. 180 Silent shaft alignment marks. No, pumpsprocketandthe camshaftsprocket,in that or- 12. Removethe timing belt upperand lowercov-
der. While doing so, be surethereis no slack be- ers.
tice the tension side of the inner (silen tweenthe sprocketsexceptwherethe tensionerwill 13. If the sametiming beltwill be reused,mark
shaft) belt-2.41 enaine take it up whenreleased. the directionof the timing belt’srotationfor installa-
25. Recheckthe timing marks’alignment. tion in the samedirection.Makesurethe engineis
Timing merk 26. If all are aligned,loosenthe tensionermount- positionedso the No. 1 cylinder is at the TDC of its
(pun+ on sprocket) ing bolt, and allow the tensionerto applytensionto compressionstrokeand the sprockets’timing marks
the belt. are alignedwith the engine’stiming mark indicators.
27. Removethe tool that is holdingthe silent 14. Loosenthe timing belt tensionerbolt and re-
shaft in placeandturn the crankshaftclockwisea dis- movethe belt. If the tensioneris not beingremoved,
tanceequalto two teethof the camshaftsprocket. position it as far awayfrom the centerof the engine
This will allow the tensionerto automaticallytension as possibleand tightenthe bolt.
the belt the properamount. 15. If the tensioneris beingremoved,paintthe
outsideof the spring to ensurethat it is not installed
backwards.Unboltthe tensionerand removeit along
with the spring.
Do not manuallyapply pressureto the ten- To install:
sioner. Thiswill overtightenthe belt andwill 16. Installthe tensioner,if removed,and hookthe
causea howling noise. upperend of the springto the waterpumppin and
the lowerend to the tensionerin exactlythe samepo-
28. Firsttightenthe lowermountingbolt and then
sition as originally installed.If not alreadydone,po-
tightenthe upperspacerbolt.
sition both camshaftsso the marksalign with those
on the rear.Rotatethe crankshaftso the timing mark
aligns with the markon the oil pump.
If any bindingis felt when adiustinothe tim- 17. Installthe timing belt on the crankshaft
liming m&k ing delt tension by turningth;! crankshaft, sprocketand while keepingthe belttight on the ten-
(notch in sprocket)
79245g31 STOPturningthe engine, becausethe pis- sion side, installthe belt on the front camshaft
tons may be hitting the valves. sprocket.
:ig. 181 Timing belt pulley alignmenl
18. Installthe belt on the waterpumppulley,then
narks-2.41 enoine the rearcamshaftsprocketand the tensioner.
29. To verify that belt tensionis correct,check
that the deflectionof the longestspan(betweenthe 19. Rotatethe front camshaftcounterclockwiseto
20. Hold the pulleytightly so it does not rotate camshaftand oil pumpsprockets)is I/* in. (13mm). tensionthe belt betweenthe front camshaftand the
whenthe bolt is tlghtened.Tightenthe bolt to 15 ft. 30. Installthe lowertiming belt cover. Be surethe crankshaft.If the tlmlng marksbecamemisaligned,
Ibs. (20 Nm). If the pulleyhasmoved,the beltwill be packingis properlypositionedin the inner groovesof repeatthe procedure.
too tight the coverswheninstalling. 20. Installthe crankshaftsprocketflange.
21. Installthe timing belt tensionerfully toward 31. Installthe waterpumppulleyand the crank- 21. Loosenthe tensionerbolt and allow the
the waterpumpandtemporarilytightenthe bolts. shaftpulley(s). spring to applytensionto the belt.
Placethe upperend of the springagainstthe water 32. Installthe upperfront timing belt cover. 22. Turn the crankshaft2 full turns in the clock-
pumpbody.Align the timing marksof the cam, 33. Installthe powersteeringpump,alternator, wise directionuntil the timing marksalign again.
crankshaftand oil pumpsprocketswith the corre- air conditioningcompressor,tensionpulleyand ac- Nowthat the belt is properlytensioned,torquethe
spondingmarkson the front caseor head. companyingbrackets,as required. tensionerlock bolt to 21 ft. Ibs. (29 Nm). Measure
34. Installthe radiator,shroud,fan and accessory the belttension betweenthe rearcamshaftsprocket
*If the following stepsare not followed ex- and the crankshaftwith belt tensiongauge,The spec-
actly, there is a chancethat the silent shaft drive belts.
35. Installthe sparkplug wires to the tree on the ification is 46-68 Ibs. (210-310 N).
alignmentwill be 180 degreesoff. This will 23. Installthe timing covers.Makesureall pieces
causea noticeablevibration in the engine uppercover.
36. Refillthe cooling system. of packingare positionedin the innergroovesof the
andthe entire procedurewill haveto be re- coverswhenInstalling.
peated. 37. Connectthe negativebatterycable.Startthe
engmeand checkfor leaks. 24. installthe crankshaftpulley.Tightenthe bolt
22. Beforeinstallingthe timing belt,ensurethat to 108-116ft. Ibs. (150-160 Nm)
the left side silent shaft is in the correctposition. 3.OLSDHCEngine 25. Installthe enginesupportbracket.
26. Installthe powersteeringpumpand recon-
*It is possibleto align the timing markson 1992-94 MODELS nectwire harnessat the powersteeringpumppres-
the camshaftsprocket,crankshaftsprocket sure switch.
andthe oil pumpsprocketwith the lefl bal- # See Figures 182 and 183
27. Installthe enginemountingbracketand re-
anceshaft out of alignment. 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. movethe enginesupportfixture.
23. With the timing markon the oil pumppulley 2. Removethe engineundercover 28. Installthe tensionpulleysand drive belts.
alignedwith the markon the front case,checkthe 3. Removethe cruisecontrol actuator 29. Installthe cruisecontrol actuator.
alignmentof the left balanceshaftto assurecorrect 4. Removethe accessorydrive belts. 30 Installthe engineundercover.

2. Bolt
3. Washer
4. Crankshaft pulley
5. Access cover
6. Right side upper
front cover
7. Cap
8. Left side upper front
OOVM 90 Nm
9. Front lower cover 65 ft.lbs.
10. Flange

26 Nm
19 ft.lbs.

11. Lookbolt
12. Tensioner
13. Tensbner spring
14. Timing bait
15. Crankshaft sprocket
16. Bott
I 17. Camshaft sprocket
155 Nm 18. Left slde rear cover
112 ft.lbs. 19. Right side rear cwer

:ig. 182 Explodedview of the timing belt covers, timing belt and related parts-1992-94 Mitsubishi 3.OLSOHCengine






:ig. 183 Crankshaftand camshaftsprocket alignmentfor proper timing belt replacement-1992-94 Mitsubishi 3.OLSOHCengine
31. Connectthe negativebatterycable. 10. Loosenthe centerbolt of tensionerpulleyand 17. Ensureboth camshaftsare still positionedso
32. Roadtest the vehicle. unboltauto-tensionerassemblyTheauto-tensioner the timing marksalign with thoseon the reartiming
assemblymust be resetto correctlyadjustbelt ten- covers.
EXCEPT 1992-94 MODELS sion. Removethe timing belt. 18. Rotatethe crankshaftso the timing mark
11. Usinga wrench,hold the camshaftat its aligns with the markon the front cover.
$ See Figure 184 hexagonand removethe camshaftsprocketbolt. 19. Installthe timing belt on the crankshaft
1. Positionthe engineso the No. 1 cylinderis at 12. Removeand positionthe auto-tensionerinto sprocketand while keepingthe belt tight on the ten-
TDC of its compressionstroke. a vise with soft jaws.The plugat the rearof tensioner sion side, mstallthe belt on the front (left) camshaft
2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. protrudes,besureto usea washeras a spacerto sprocket.
protectthe plugfrom contactingvise jaws. 20 Installthe belt on the waterpumppulley,then
13. Slowly pushthe rod Into the tensioneruntil the rear(right) camshaftsprocketandthe tensioner.
the set hole rn rod is alignedwith set hole in the 21. Loosenthe bolt that securesthe adjustment
Wait at least 90 secondsafter the negative auto-tensioner. of the tensionerand lightly pressthe tensioner
battery cable is disconnectedto preventpos- 14. Inserta 0.055 in. (1.4mm)wire into the againstthe timing belt.
sible deploymentof the air bag. alignedset holes.Unclampthe tensionerfrom the 22. Checkthatthe timing marksare in alignment.
vise and install it on the engine.Trghtentensronerto 23 Rotatethe crankshaft2 full turns in the clock-
3. Removethe engineundercover. 17 ft. Ibs. (24 Nm). wise directiononly, then realignthe timing marks,
4. Removethe front undercoverpanel. 15. Cleanand inspectbothautotensioner 24. Tightenthe bolt that securesthe tensionerto
5. Removethe cruisecontrol pumpandthe link 19 ft. Ibs.(26 Nm).
mountingbolts. Coatthe threadsof the old boltswith
assembly. threadsealer.If newbolts are installed,Inspectthe 25. installthe lowerandthe uppertiming belt
6. Removethe alternator. headsof the newbolts. If thereis white paint on the covers,along with all otherapplicablecomponents.
7. Raiseand suspendthe engineso that force is bolt head,no sealeris required.If thereis no parnton
not appliedto the engmemount, the headof the bolt, applya coat of threadsealerto 3.OLDDHCEngine
8. Removethe timing coversfrom the engine. the bolt. Installboth bolts andtightento 17 ft. Ibs.
9. If the sametiming beltwill be reused,mark (24 Nm). 1992-94 MODELS
the directionof the timing belt’s rotationfor installa- To install:
tion in the samedirection.Makesurethe engineis # See Figure 185
16. Installthe tensioner,if removed,and hook the
positronedso the No. 1 cylinder is at the TDC of its upperend of the springto the waterpump pin and 1. Positionthe engineso the No. 1 cylinderis at
compressionstrokeand the timing marksare aligned TDC of its compressionstroke.
the lower endto the tensionerin exactlythe samepo-
with the engine’stiming mark indicatorson the valve sition as originally installed. 2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
coversor head. 3. Removethe engineundercover.

Timing mark
(on belt cover)

Timing belt tensioner


:ig. 184 Align the sprocketsproperly before removing or installing the timing belt-1995-96 Diamantewith the 3.OL(6672) SDHCengine


:ig. 185 Crankshaftand camshaftsprocket alignmentfor proper timing belt replacement-1992-94 Mitsubishi 3.OLDOHCengine

4. Removethe cruisecontrol actuator. c. Inserta stiff wire into the set holes to retain l Ah-intake camshaftsprocketfor the rear
5. Removethe alternator.Removethe air hose the position. head
and pipe. d. Removethe assemblyfrom the vice. l 5th-exhaust camshaftsprocketfor tile
6. Removethe belttensionerassemblyandthe 18. Leavethe retainingwire in the tensionand in- rear head
powersteeringbelt. stall to the engine. l Gth-idler pulley
7. Removethe crankshaftpulley. 19. If the timing marksof the camshaftsprockets l 7th-crankshaft sprocket
8. Disconnectthe brakefluid levelsensor. and crankshaftsprocketare not alignedat this point, l 8th-tensioner pulley
9. Removethe timing belt uppercover. proceedas follows: 21. Turn the tensionerpulleyso its pin holesare
10. Usingthe properequipment,slightly raisethe locatedabovethe centerbolt. Thenpressthe ten-
engineto takethe weightoff the side enginemount. *Keep fingers out from betweenthe sionerpulleyagainstthe timing beltand simultane-
Removethe enginemountbracket.
camshaftsprockets.Thesprocketsmay move ouslytightenthe centerbolt.
11. Removethe alternator/airconditioneridler
unexpectedlybecauseof valve springpres- 22. Makecertainthat all timing marksare still
sure and could pinchfingers. aligned.If so, removethe 4 clips.
12. Removethe enginesupportbracket.The a. Align the mark on the crankshaftsprocket 23. Turn the crankshaftl/d turn counterclockwise,
mountingbolts are differentlengths;markthemfor with the mark on the front case.Thenmove the thenturn it clockwiseuntil all timing marksare
properinstallation. sprocket2 teethclockwiseto lower the piston so aligned.
13. Removethe timing belt lowercover.Timing the valve can’ttouch the piston whenthe 24. Loosenthe centerbolt on the tensionerpul-
bolt cover mountingbolts are differentin length,note camshaftsare being moved. ley. Usingtool MD998767 or equivalentanda torque
their position during removal. b. Turn eachcamshaftsprocket1 at a time to wrench,applya torqueof 7 ft. Ibs. (10 Nm).Tighten
14. If the sametiming beltwill be reused,mark align the timing markswith the mark on the valve the tensionerbolt; makesurethe tensionerdoesn’t
the directionof the timing belt’srotationfor installa- cover or head.If the intakeand exhaustvalves of rotatewith the bolt.
tion in the samedlrection.Make surethe engineis the samecylinder are openedsimultaneously, 25. Removethe set wire attachedto the autoten-
positionedso the No. 1 cylinderis at the TDC of its they could interferewith eachother. Therefore,if sioner,if the wire was not previouslyremoved.
compressionstrokeandthe sprockets’timingmarks any resistanceis felt, turn the other camshaftto 26. Rotatethe crankshaft2 completeturns clock-
are alignedwith the engine’stiming mark indicators move the valve. wise and let it sit for approximately5 minutes.Then,
on the valve coversor head. c. Align the timing mark of the crankshaft makesurethe set pin caneasily be insertedand re-
15. Loosenthe timing belt tensionerbolt and re- sprocket,then continue1 tooth fartherin the movedfrom the hole in the tensioner.
movethe belt. counterclockwisedirectionto facilitatebelt instal- 27. Measurethe autotensionerprotrusion(the
16. Removethe tensionerassembly. lation. distancebetweenthe tensionerarm and autoten-
To install: 20. Using4 spring loadedpaperclips to hold the sioner body)to ensurethat it is within 0.15-0.18 in.
17. If the autotensionerrod is fully extended,re- belt on the camsprockets,install the beltto the (3.8-4 5mm). If out of specification,repeatSteps
set it as follows: sprocketsin the following order: l-4 until the specifiedvalueis obtained.
a. Clampthe tensionerin a soft-jaw vice in l M-exhaust camshaftsprocketfor the 28. Makesureall piecesof packingare posi-
level position. front head tioned in the inner groovesof the lowercover, posi-
b. Slowly push the rod in with the vice until l 2nd-intake camshaftsprocketfor the tion cover on engineand install mountingbolts in
the set hole in the rod is alignedwith the hole in front head their original location.
the cylinder. l trd-water pump pulley
29. Installthe enginesupportbracketand secure 5. Removethe alternator,Removethe air hose the engine’stiming mark indicatorson the reartiming
using mountingbolts in their original location.Lubri- andpipe. covers.
catethe reamingareaof the reamerbolt and tighten 6. Removethe belt tensionerassemblyand the
slowly. powersteeringbelt.
30. Installthe idler pulley. 7. Removethe crankshaftpulley.
8. Disconnectthe brakefluid levelsensor.
Turningthe camshaftsprocketwhen the tim-
31. Installthe enginemountbracket.Removethe ing belt is removedcould causethe valves to
enginesupportfixture. 9. Removethe timing belt uppercover.
10. Usingthe properequipment,slightly raisethe
contactwith the pistons,resulting in severe
32. Make sureall piecesof packingare posi- enginedamage.
tioned in the innergroovesof the uppercoverand in- engineto takethe weightoff the side enginemount.
stall. Removethe enginemountbracket.
15. Removethe bolts that securethe auto-ten-
33. Connectthe brakefluid levelsensor. 11, Removethe alternator/airconditioneridler
..,,ll^,. sionerto the engineblock and removethe tensioner.
34. Installthe crankshaftpulley.Tightenthe bolt pu,ey.
To install:
to 130-137ft. Ibs. (180-190 Nm). 12. Removethe enginesupportbracket.The
35. installthe belt tensionerassemblyandthe mountingbolts are differentlengths;markthemfor *The auto-tensionerassemblymustbe re-
powersteeringbelt. , . installation.
orooer set to correctlv
_ adiust
- belt tension.
36 installthe air hoseand pipe. 13. Removethe timing belt lowercover.Timing
bolt cover mountingbolts aredifferentin length,note 16. Loosenthe centerbolt of tensionerpulleyto
37 Installthe alternator.
providetiming beltslack.
38. Installthe cruisecontrol actuator. their position during removal.
17. Removethe timing belt assembly.
39. Installthe engineundercover. 18. Posrtionthe auto-tensionerinto a vise with
40. Connectthe negativebatterycable. soft iaws.Theolua at the rearof tensionerprotrudes,
Be sure to disconnectthe negativebattery be sureto usea v&her as a spacerto protectthe
199546 MODELS cable. Wait at least 90 secondsafter the neg- plugfrom contactingvise jaws.
# See Figure 186 ative batterycable is disconnectedto prevent 19. Slowlypushthe rod mtothe tensioneruntil
possibledeploymentof the air bag. the set hole in rod is alignedwith set hole in the
1, Positionthe engineso the No. 1 cylinder is at auto-tensioner.
TDC of its compressionstroke. 14. If the sametiming belt WIIIbe reused,mark 20. Inserta 0.055 in. (1.4mm)wire into the
2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. the directionof thetrming belts rotationfor installa- alignedset holes,Removethe tensionerfrom the vise
3. Removethe engineundercover. tion In the samedirection,Besurethe engineis posi- and install it on the engine.
4 Removethe cruisecontrol actuator. tionedso the No. 1 cylinder is at the TDC of its com- 21. Tightentensionermountingbolts to 17 ft. Ibs.
pressionstrokeand the timing marksarealignedwith (24 Nm).

Timing marks
(on right
rocker cover) Camshaft sprocket Timing marks

mark (on oil pump case)

Crankshaft sprocket
Fig. 186 Sprocketalignment for timing belt installation-1995116 Diamantewith the 3.N (6672) DDDDengine
30. Rotatethe crankshafttwo completeturns 10. Removethe cooling fan bracket.
clockwiseand let it sit for approximatelyfive minutes. 11, On somevehiclesIt may be necessaryto re-
Then,checkthat the set pin caneasily be inserted movethe pulleyfrom the crankshaftto accessthe
DONOTrotate or turn the camshaftswhen re-
and removedfrom the hole in the auto-tensioner. lowercover bolts.
movingthe sprocketsor severe enginedam-
31. Removethe set wire attachedto the auto-ten- 12. Removethe timing belt cover bolts and the
age will result from internal componentin-
terference. sioner upperand lowercoversfrom the engme.
32. Measurethe auto-tensionerprotrusion(the 13. Detachthe crankshaftpositionsensorcon-
22. Align the markon the crankshaftsprocket distancebetweenthe tensionerarm and auto-ten- nector
with the mark on the front case.Then,movethe sioner body)to ensurethat it is within 0.15-0.18 in. 14. UsingSSTMB9g67-01 and MD998754,or
crankshaftsprocket1 tooth counterclockwise. (3.8-4.5mm). If out of specification,repeatadjust- their equivalents,removethe crankshaftpulleyfrom
23. Align the timing marksof the camshaftswith mentprocedureuntil the specifiedvalueis obtained. the crankshaft.
the markson the rearcovers. 33. Checkagainthatthe timing markson all 15. Usea shop ragto cleanthe timing marksto
24. Using largepaperclips to securethe timing sprocketsare in properalignment. assist in properlyaligningthe timing marks.
belt to the sprockets,installthe timing belt in the fol- 34. Installthe timing belt coversand all otherap- 16. Loosenthe centerbolt on the tensionpulley
lowing order.Besurecamshafts-to-cylinderheads plicablecomponents. and removethe timing belt.
and crankshaft-to-frontcovertiming marksare @if the sametiming belt will be reused,
aligned.Installthe timing belt aroundthe pulleysin 3.51 Engine
markthe direction of timing belt’s rotation,
the following order: p See Figure 187 for installation in the samedirection. Be sure
a. Exhaustcamshaftsprocket(front bank). engine is positionedso No. 1 cylinder is at
b. Intakecamshaftsprocket(front bank). 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. the TDCof it’s compressionstroke andthe
c. Waterpump pulley. 2. Drainthe cooling system. sprocketstiming marksare alignedwith the
d. Intakecamshaftsprocket(rear bank). engine’stiming mark indicators.
e. Exhaustcamshaftsprocket(rear bank).
f. Tensionerpulley. 17. Removethe auto-tensioner,the tensionpul-
Neveropen, service or drain the radiator or ley and the tensionarm assembly.
g. Crankshaftpulley. cooling systemwhen hot; serious burnscan
h. Idler pulley. 18. Removethe sprocketsby holdingthe hexago-
occurfrom the steamand hot coolant. Also, nal portion of the camshaftwith a wrenchwhile re-
*Since the camshaftsprocketsturn easily, when draining enginecoolant, keepin mind movingthe sprocketbolt.
securethem with box wrencheswhen in- that cats and dogsare attractedto ethylene To install:
stalling the timing belt. giycoi antifreezeand could drink any that is 19. Installthe crankshaftpulleyand turn the
left in an uncoveredcontaineror in puddles crankshaftsprockettiming markforward(clockwise)
25. Align all timing markson the crankshaftand on the ground.This will prove fatal in suffi-
raisethe tensionerpulleyagainstthe belt to remove threeteethto movethe piston slightly past No. 1
cient quantities.Always drain coolant into a cylindertop deadcenter.
slack,snugtensionerbolt. sealable container.Coolantshouldbe reused
26. Checkthe alignmentof all the timing marks 20. If removed,installthe camshaftsprocketsand
unlessit is contaminatedor is several years tightenthe bolts to 64 ft. Ibs. (88 Nm).
and removethe clips that securethe timing beltto the old.
camshaftsprockets. 21, Align the timing markof the left bankside
27. Rotatethe engine1/4turn counterclockwise, camshaftsprocket.
3. Removethe drive belts.
then rotatethe engineclockwiseto align the timing 22. Align the timing markof the right bankside
4. Removethe upperradiatorshroud. camshaftsprocket,and hold the sprocketwith a
marks.Checkthat all the timing marksare in align- 5. Removethe fan and fan pulley.
ment. wrenchso that it doesn’tturn.
6. Withoutdisconnectingthe lines, removethe
28. Loosenthe centerbolt on the tensionerpul- 23. Setthe timing belt ontothe waterpumppul-
powersteeringpumpfrom its bracketand position it
ley. ley.
to the side Removethe pumpbrackets. 24. Checkthat the camshaftsprockettiming mark
29. Usingtool MD998752 or equivalentand a 7. Removethe belttensionerpulleybracket.
torquewrench,apply 84 inch Ibs.(10 Nm) to the tool of the left bankside is alignedand clampthe timing
8. Withoutreleasingthe refrigerant,removethe
on the tensioner.Tightenthe tensionerbolt to 35 ft. belt with doubleclips.
air conditioningcompressorfrom its bracketand po- 25. Setthe timing belt onto the idler pulley.
Ibs.(49 Nm) and besurethe tensionerdoesnot ro- sition it to the side.
tatewith the bolt. 9. Removethe bracket.

Timing marks if any bindingis felt when adjustingthe tim-

liming marks ing belt tension by turningthe crankshaft,
STOPturningthe engine, becausethe pis-
tons may be hitting the valves.
26. Turn the crankshaftoneturn counterclock-
wise and setthe timing belt ontothe crankshaft
27. Setthe timing belt on the tensionpulley.
28. Placethe tensionpulleypin hole so that it is
towardsthe top. Pressthe tensionpulleyontothe
timing belt,andthen provisionallytightenthe fixing
bolt. Tightenthe bolt to 35 ft. Ibs. (48 Nm).
29. Slowlyturn the crankshafttwo full turns in the
clockwisedirectionuntil the timing marksalign. Re-
movethe four doubleclips.
30. Installthe crankshaftpositionsensorconnec-
31. Installthe upperand lowercoverson the en-
gine and securethemwith the retainingscrews.Be
Tinning marks surethe packingis properlypositionedin the inner
79245934 groovesof the coverswhen installing.
Fig. 187 Cleanthe timing marksto verify their position when aligning-3.51 engine
32. Installthecrankshaftpulleyif it wasremoved.
Tightentheboltto 110ft. Ibs.(150Nm).
33. Installtheairconditioningbracketandcom-
34. Installthepowersteeringpumpintoposition.
35. Installthefanshroudontheradiator.
36. Refillthecoolingsystem. I
37. Connect thenegative batterycable.
38. Starttheenaineandcheckforfluidleaks.

ti See Figures 188 thru 195

Fig. 188 CIneeK
’ ror
m prematurepanrngof the Fig. 189 Checkif the teeth are cracked or
Aninspection of thetimingbeltshouldbeper- , belt 1 1damaged
^__^-Iat^I I---.--
IWSIarly I.-. II. .- I.ommg
me meupper
. Ioerr
I.cover I
isoff. Ifthetiminabeltshowsanvsiansof failure.it
shouldbereplaced. Recommended timingbeltre:
placement intervalscanbefoundin Section1 of this


u See Figure 198

Onall engines,thecamshaft oil sealrepuiresthe Fig. 191You may only have damageon one
removalof thetimingbelt(s).It is advisedto replace Fig. 190 look for noticeable cracks or wear side of the belt; if so, the guide-could be 1
thesealwhilereplacing thetimingbelts. on the belt face the culprit
*The seal is locatedbehindthe crankshaft
timino sorocket.
” .
1. Toremove thesealusea suitablesealremoval
toolandpryit outofthecover.
2. Thoroughly cleanthesealingareaof thefront

3. Usinga suitableinstallation tool(a large

socketworkswellif noneis available), installtheseal

Make surf!to install the seal to the correct
depth,if the seal is installed too far, an oil
leak will occur.
Fig. 192 Foreign materials can get in be-
tween the teeth and cause damage fraying, gla&g or damageof any kind ’


1.!I Engine
+ See Figures 197 and 198
1. Disconnectthenegativebatterycable.
2. Rotate
theengineandpositiontheNo.1 pis-
tonto TDCof itscompression stroke.
3. Disconnecttheaccelerator
4. Matchmark thepositionino
of thedistributor

housingandthepositioning of thedistributor
theengineblockandremove thedistributor.
Fig 194 Damage on only one side of the Fig. 195 ALWAYSraplace the timing belt at
. 5. Remove thevalvecoveranddiscardthegas-
timing belt may indicate a faulty guide the interval soecified br the manufacturer
6. Loosenbothrockerarmassemblies gradually
andevenly,andremove therocketshaftsfromtheve- *DO NOTallow the camshaftor the crank- 8. Remove thetimingbeltassembly.
hicle. shaft to rotate after the timing belt is re- 9. Holdingthecamshaft sprocket
7. Removethetimingbeltcovers. moved. loosenandremove theboltthatsecuresthesprocket.
10. Removethe camshaftsprocketfrom the
camshaft.Notethe positioningof the dowelpin at the
end of the camshaft.
11. Removethe camshaftoil sealfrom the front
of the cylinder head.
12. Removethe camshaftfrom the head.
13. Carefullycheckall partsfor damageand
To install:
011 pump 14. Lubricatethe camshaftwith heavyengineoil
and slide it mto the head.Be sureto positionthe
dowelpin at the 12 o’clockposition.
15. Checkthe camshaftend-playbetweenthe
thrust caseand camshaft.The camshaftend-play
should be0.002-0.008 m (0.05-O 20mm). If the
end-playis not within specification,replacethe
camshaftthrust bearing.
16 Installa newcamshaftoil seal.Besureto Iu-
bricatethe lips of the sealwith cleanengine011.
17. Installthe camshaftsprocketand install the
mountrngbolt. Tightenthe bolt to 51 ft. Ibs.(70 Nm)
while holdingthe camshaftfrom turning.
7923PG51 18. Installthe timing belt assembly.
Fig. 196 Crankshaftseal installation-Dia 19. Installthe timing belt covers. Fig 199Camshaft rocker arm andshaft as-
manteshown, others similar 20. Installthe rockershaftassemblies.Torquethe (r.mblies-1.8L Agine g3i53033
bolts graduallyand evenlyto 23 ft. Ibs.(32 Nm).
21. Checkvalveadjustmentand installthe valve 15. Carefullycheckall partsfor damageand
coverwith a newgasket.Tightenthe valve cover bolt
to 16 inch Ibs (1.8 Nm). To install:
22 Align the distributormarksand installthe
16. Lubricatethe camshaftjournalsand camshaft
distributor. with cleanengineoil and install the camshaftin the
23. Connectthe acceleratorcable,breatherhose cylinderhead.Besureto positionthe dowelpin at
and PCV hose. the end of the camshaftas notedduringthe removal
24. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check
the ignition timing
17. Checkthe camshaftend-playbetweenthe
1.8L Engine thrustcaseand camshaftThe camshaftend-play
shouldbe 0.002-0.008 in. (0.05-0.20mm). If the
# See Figure 199 end-playIS not within specification,replacethe
camshaftthrust bearing
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable 18. Installa newcamshaftoil seal.Be sureto Iu-
2. Rotatethe engineand positionthe No. 1 pis- bricatethe lips of the sealwith cleanengineoil.
ton to TDC of its compressionstroke. 19. Installcamshaftsprocketandtorquethe re-
3. Labeland disconnectthe sparkplug cables. tainerbolt to 65 ft. Ibs. (90 Nm). Besureto secure
4. Matchmarkthe positronrngof the distributor the sprocketwhile tighteningthe bolt.
housingandthe positioningof the distributorrotor to 20 Installthe timing belt assembly.
the engineblock and removethe distributor. 21. Installthe timing belt covers.
5. Detachthe air flow sensorconnectorand re- 22. Installthe rockerarm and shaftassemblies.
movethe air cleanercasecover. Tightenthe rockerarm shaftretainerbolts to 23 ft.
6. Drsconnectthe acceleratorcable,breather Ibs (32 Nm).
hoseand PCVhoseconnections. 23 Checkthe valve adjustmentand install the
7. Removethe rockercover and discardthe valve coverwith a newgasket.Tightenthe valve
:ig. 197 Camshaft,rocker arm andshaft as gasket. cover bolts to 29 inch Ibs.(3.3 Nm).
remblies-1.5L engine 8. Loosenboth rockerarm shaftassemblies 24. Align the distributor marksand install the
graduallyand evenlyand removethe rocketshafts distributor.
from the vehicle.Do not disassemblyrockerarms 25. Connectthe sparkplug cables.
and rockerarm shaftassemblies. 26. Connectthe acceleratorcable,breatherhose
9. Removethe timing belt covers. and PCVhose.
27. Attachthe air flow sensorconnectorand in-
stall the air cleanercasecover.
DONOTallow the camshaftor the crankshaft 28. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
to rotate after the timing belt is removed! 29. Runthe engineat idle until normaloperating
temperatureis reached.
10. Removethe timing beltassembly. 30. Checkidle speedand ignition timing and ad-
11. Holdingthe camshaftsprocketfrom turning, just as required.
loosenand removethe bolt that securesthe sprocket.
12. Removethe camshaftsprocketfrom the 2.OLSDHCEngine
Fig. 198 Positioning of the camshaftdowe camshaft.Notethe positioningof the dowelpin at the # See Figure 200
pin-Mirage 1.5L (4615) engine end of the camshaft.
13. Removethe camshaftoil sealfrom the front 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
of the cylinderhead. 2. Disconnectthe breatherand the PCVhoses
14. Removethe camshaftfrom the head.
21. Ahgn the matchmarksand installthe distrrbu- 8. Removethe timing belt coversand the timing
tor. belt assembly.
22. Removethe lashadjusterretainingtools. 9. Removethe camshaftsprocketretainerbolt
23. Installthe valvecover and all relatedparts while holding shaftstationarywith an appropriate
24. Connectthe negativebatterycableand run wrench.Removethe sprocketfrom the shaft.
engineto checkfor leaks, 10. Removethe camshaftoil seal.
25. Checkand adjust ignition timing, if neces- 11. Removeboth rockerarm shaftassemblies
sary. from the head.Do not drsassemblethe rockerarms
and rockerarm shaftassemblies.
l.‘6L and 2.lJL DOHCEngines 12. Removethe camshaftfrom the cylinderhead.
13. inspectthe bearingjournalson the camshaft,
6 See Figures 201 and 202 cylinderhead,and bearingcaps.
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. To install:
2. Removethe acceleratorcablebracketand po- 14. Lubricatethe camshaftjournalsand camshaft
sition the cableaside. with cleanengineoil and installthe camshaftin the
3. Removethe breatherhoseand disconnectthe cylinderhead.
PCVhose. 15. Installthe rockerarm and shaftassemblies.
4. Labeland disconnectthe sparkplug cables. Tightenthe rockerarm shaft retainerbolts to 21-25
5. Matchmarkthe distributorhousingto the ft. Ibs. (2935 Nm).
cylinderhead,and removethe distributor. 16 Apply a coatingof engineoil to the oil seal.
6. Removethe rockercover. Usingthe propersize driver, press-fitthe seal into
7. Install lashadjusterretarnertools MD998443 the cylinderhead.
or equivalent,to the rockerarm. 17. Instal!camshaftsprocketand retainerbolt.
Tightenthe bolts to 65 ft. Ibs. (90 Nm).
18. Installthe hming belt and belt covers.
19. Align the matchmarksand installthe distribu-
20. Removethe lashadjusterretainingtools,
F:ig. 200 Camshaft,rocker arm andshaft as-
21. Installthe rockercover using newgasketma-
1 iemblies-2.01 SOHCermine
s terial on matingsurfaces,
22. Connectthe sparkplug cables.
3. Removethe acceleratorcablebracketand po- 23. Installthe breatherhoseand connectthe PCV
sition the cableaside. hose.
4. Install lashadjusterretainertools MD998443 24. Connectthe negativebatterycable.
or equivalent,to the rockerarm. 25. Runthe engmeat idle until normaloperating
5. Removethe valve coverand semi-circular temperatureis reached.Checkidle speedand igni-
packing. tion timing; adjustas required.
6. Matchmarkthe distributorhousingto the
cylinderhead,and removethe distributor, 2.4L Engine
7. Removethe timing belt coversand the timing ) See Figures 203 and 204
8 Removethe camshaftsprocket. 1. Relievethe fuel systempressurefollowing
9. Removethe carrier bolts and removethe properprocedure.
rockerarms,rockershaftsand bearingcapsfrom the 2. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
engineas an assembly. 3. Disconnectthe acceleratorcable,PCV hoses,
10. Removethe camshaftfrom the cylinderhead. breatherhoses,sparkplug cablesand the removethe
11. Inspectthe bearingjournalson the camshaft valve cover.
for excesswearor damage.
12. Measurethe cam lobe heightand compareto *Always rotate the crankshaftin a clockwise
the direction. Make a mark on the backof the
desiredreadings. timing belt indicatingthe direction of rotation
13. Inspectthe bearingsurfacesin the cylinder so it may be reassembledin the samedirec-
head. tion if it is to be reused.
14. Replaceany componentsthat are damagedor 93153gO: 4. Rotatethe crankshaftclockwiseand align the
show signs of excesswear, :ig. 201 Camshaftand rocker arms-i.61 timing marksso that the No. 1 pistonwill be at TDC
To install: of the compressionstroke.At this time the timing
15. Lubricatethe camshaftjournalsand camshaft
rnd 2.OLDOHCengines
markson the camshaftsprocketand the uppersur-
with cleanengineoil and installthe camshaftin the face of the cyhnderheadshouldcoincide,andthe
cylinderhead. r ,
w Camshaft sprocket side dowel pin of the camshaftsprocketshould beat the
16. Align the camshaftbearingcapswith the ar- ei i i ij upperside.
row marks(dependingon cylindernumbers)and in- 5 Removethe timing belt upperand lowercov-
stall in numericalorder, ers.
17. Installthe rockershaftassemblyto the cylin- 6. Removethe camshafttiming belt.
der head.Torquethe bearingcap bolts from the cen- 7. Usea wrenchbetweenthe No 2 and No. 3
ter outward,in threesteps,unh a final torqueof 15 journalsto hold the camshaft;removethe camshaft
ft. Ibs. (20 Nm) is reached. sprockets.
18. Apply a coatingof engineoil to the oil seal. 8 Loosenthe bearingcap bolts in 2-3 steps.
Usingthe propersize driver, press-frtthe seal into Labeland removeall camshaftbearingcaps,
the cylinderhead.
19. install the camshaftsprocketand torquere- *If the bearingcapsare difficult to remove,
taining bolt to 65 ft. Ibs. (90 Nm). use a plastic hammerto gently tap the rear
20. Installthe timing belt. part of the camshaft.
5. Removethe centercover,breather,PCV
hoses,and the sparkplug cables.
6. Removethe rockercover and the semi-circu-
lar packing.
7. Matchmarkthe position of the crankshaftpo-
sition sensorat the rearof the camshaft,then remove
the sensor.
8. If equippedwith a camshaftsensor,remove
the sensorfrom the front of the engine.
9 Beingsureto hold the flats of the camshaft,
loosenthe camshaftsprocketbolts.
10. Notingthe positionmgand locationof the
sprockets,removethe sprocketsfrom the camshafts.
*Be sure to note the positioningof the knock
pin at the end of the camshaftsfor reinstalla-
tion purposes.
*Be sure to keepthe valve train components
labeled and in properorder for reassembly.
11. Loosenthe bearingcap bolts in 2-3 steps.
12. Labeland removeall camshaftbearingcaps.
:ig. 203 Camshaft,rocker arm and shaft assemblies-2.41 engine *If the bearingcapsare difficult to remove,
use a plastic hammerto gently tap the com-
Only1 (intake)or I? (exhaust)is stampedon No. 1 ponents.
Intake side Exhaust side
bearingcap Also, makesurethe rockerarm is cor- 13. Mark the componentsand removethe intake
rectly mountedon the lash adjusterand the valve and the exhaustcamshafts.
stemend.Torquethe retainingboltsto 15 ft. Ibs.(20 14. Removethe rockerarmsand the lashad-
Nm). justers.Be sureto notethe locationof the valve train
16. Apply a coatingof engineoil to the oil seal. componentsfor reinstallationpurposes.
Usingthe propersize driver, press-fitthe seal into
the cylinderhead.
17. Installthe camshaftsprockets.While holding
the camshaftat its hexagon,betweennumber2 and 3
journalstightensprocketbolts to 58-72 ft. Ibs.
Fig. 204 Camshaftidentification-2.41 en- (80-l 00 Nm).
gine 18. Installthe timing belt,coversand related
9. Removethe intakeand exhaustcamshafts. 19. Installthe valve cover, using newgasket,and
10. Removethe rockerarmsand lashadjusters reconnectall relatedcomponents
20. Reconnectthe negativebatterycable.
*It is essentialthat all parts be kept in the
sameorder and orientationfor reinstallation. 3.OLDOHCEngine
In order to preventconfusionduring installa-
tion, be sure to markandseparateall parts. # See Figures 205 and 206
To install: 1. Relievethe fuel systempressure.
11. Installthe lashadjustersand rockerarms into 2. Disconnectnegativebatterycable.
the cylinderhead.Lubricatelightlywith cleanoil 3. Removethe intakemanifoldplenum.
prior to installation. 4. Removethe timing belt cover andthe timing
12. Lubricatethe camshaftswith heavyengineoil belt.
and positionthe camshaftson the cylinderhead.
13 Checkthe camshaftjournalsand lobesfor
wearor damage.Also, checkthe cylinderheadoil DONOTrotate the crankshaftor camshafts
holesfor clogging.Visually inspectthe rockerarm after the timing belt has beenremoved.If ro-
roller and replaceif dented,damagedor evidenceof tated, severe internal enginedamagewill re-
seizureis evident.Checkthe roller for smoothrota- sult from the pistonshitting the valves.
tion. ReplaceIf excessplay or bindingis present.
Also, inspectthe valve contactsurfacefor possible 1semblies-3.01 DOHCengine I
damageor seizure.It is recommendedthat all rocker
armsand lashadjustersbe replacedtogether.
Left bank
*Do not confusethe intake camshaftwith
the exhaustcamshaft.The intake camshaft
has a split on the rear face for driving the ,
crankangle sensor.
14. Makesurethe dowelpin on bothcamshaft
sprocketendsare locatedon the top.
15. Installthe bearingcaps.Tightenthe capsin
sequenceand rn 2 or 3 steps.No 2 and 5 capsare of 7923PG58
the sameshape.Checkthe markingson the capsto
identifythe cap numberand intake/exhaustsymbol. Fig. 206 Proper positioning of the camshaftknock pins-3.01 DOHCengine
15. Checkthe camshaftjournalsfor wearor dam-
age.Checkthe cam lobesfor damage.Also, check
the cylinderheadoil holesfor clogging.
To install:
*Lubricate the valve train components with
clean engine oil.
16. Bleedand installthe lashadjustersto the to
the original boresin the cylinderhead.
17. Installthe rockerarmsto the cylinderhead.
18. Lubricatethe camshaftswith cleanengineoil
and position the camshaftson the cylinderhead

Fig. 208 Right bank camshafl identifica-

Be sure to properly position the knock pins of tion-3.01 SDHC engine
the camshaft to prevent valve to piston inter-
Right bank Left bank

*Do not confuse the intake camshaft with

the exhaust camshaft. The intake camshaft
on the Diamante has a B or J stamped on the
hexagon depending on the application. The
exhaust camshaft on the Diamante has a D or
K stamped on the hexagon depending on ap-
-Install the bearing caps according to the 7923PG60

identification mark and cap number. Bearing Fig. 207 Camshaft, rocker arm and shaft as- Fig. 209 Proper positioning of the
caps No. 2,3 and are marked as such. The iemblies-3.01 SDHC engine :amshafts-3.OL SDHC enoine
caps also are marked I for intake or E for ex-
19 Installthe bearingcaps.Tightenthe caps in
sequence,graduallyin 2 or 3 steps Caps2,3 and 4
havea front mark. Installwith the markalignedwith
the front markon the cylinderhead.Torquethe re-
taining bolts for capsNo. 2,3 and 4 to 8 ft. Ibs. (11
Nm) and torquethe retainingboltsfor the front and
rearcapsto 14 ft. Ibs.(20 Nm).
20. Apply a coatingof engineoil to the oil seals
and installthe oil sealsto the front and rearof the \
Tmngboltside Armwmark(cql~ndertmad)
21. Holdingthe flats of the camshaft,installand
tightenthe sprocketboltsto 65 ft. Ibs.(90 Nm).
22. If removed,installthe camshaftpositionsen-
sor andtightenthe mountingboltsto 78 inch Ibs. (9
23. Aligning the matchmark,installthe crankshaft
position sensorat the rearof the camshaftand
tightenthe mountrngnut to 7 ft. Ibs. (12 Nm).
24. Align the markson the camshaftand crank-
shaftsprockets.Installthe timing belt assembly.
25. Installthe rockercover and the semi-circular :ig. 210 Alignment of the rocker shafts and application of sealant-3.01 SDHC engine
26. Installthe intakemanifoldplenum. ,. 5. ,.^.
Removethe distributorhousingadapterand 11. Removethe rockerarms, rockershaftsand
27. Installthe sparkplug cables,centercover, aiscara
^ tne
- u-rmg. bearmgcaps,as an assembly
breatherand PCV hoses. 6; Kemovethe valve coversand the tlmmg belt. 12. Removethe camshaftfrom the cylinderhead.
28. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check 7 Usingcamshaftsprocketholdingtool 13. Inspectthe bearingjournalson the camshaft,
for leaks. MB9g67 and MD998719 or equivalent,hold the cylinder head,and bearingcaps.
sprocketand loosenthe bolt. To install:
3.OL SDHC Engine 8. Removethe bolt and notethe positioningof
the of the knockpin at the end of the camshaftand *The right bank camshaft is identified by a
ti See Figures 207, 208, 209, and 210 4mm slit at the rear end of the camshaft.
removethe sprocket.
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable, 9. Installauto lashadjusterretainertools 14. Lubricatethe camshaftjournalsand camshaft
2. Rotateand positionthe engineto TDC of MD998443 or equivalent,on the rockerarms. with cleanengmeoil and installthe camshaftin the
compressionstroke. *Be sure to note the position of the rocker cylinderhead Be sureto properlypositionthe knock
3. If removingthe right side (front) camshaft, arms, rocker shafts and bearing caps for re- pin of the camshaftas notedduring removal.
matchmarkthe distributorrotor and distributorhous- installation purposes. 15. Apply sealerat the endsof the bearingcaps
ing to the engineblock and removethe distributor. and installthe rockerarms, rockershaftsand bearing
4. Removethe Intakemanifoldplenumstay 10 Removethe camshaftbearingcapsbut do not capsas an assembly Properlypositronthe arrowson
bracket. removethe boltsfrom the caps. the bearingcaps.
16. Torquethe bearingcap bolts in the following
sequence:No. 3, No. 2, No. 1 and No. 4 to 85 inch
Ibs. (10 Nm).
17. Repeatthe sequenceincreasingthe torqueto
14ft. Ibs. (20 Nm).
18. Removethe auto lashadjusterretainertools
from the rockerarms.
19. Installthe camshaftsprocketand bolt.
20. Usingcamshaftsprocketholdingtool
MB9g67and MD998719 or equivalent,hold the
sprocketand tightenthe bolt to 65 ft. Ibs. (90 Nm).
21. Installthe timing beltand valve covers.
22. Usinga newO-ring, install the distributorex-
23. Installthe intakemanifoldplenumstay
24. Installthe distributorassembly Besureto
align the rotor and distributorhousingmatchmarks.
25. Connectthe negativebatterycableand check
for leaks.

3.5L Engine
+ See Figures211 and 212
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
2. Removethe timing belt. Referto the timing 10 Rocker arm shaft
belt procedurein this section. 11 Lash ad,uster
12 Rocker arm C
3. Removethe rockerarm cover. 13 Rocker arm six,,
14 Lash adluster
4. Installthe lashadjusterclips on the rocker 15 Thrust case
16 orng
arms,then loosenthe bearingcap bolts. Do not re- 17 Camshan
move the bolts from the bearingcaps.
5. Removethe rockerarms,shaftsand bearing
capsas an assembly. :ig. 211 Explodedview of the camshaftmounting-3.51 engine
6. Removethe camshafts.
To install: 3. Turn the crankshaftover until the tappetis on
Rear bank Front bank
7. Lubricatethe camshaftswith engineoil and the basecircle of the camshaftlobe.
positionthemon the cylinderheads. 4. Zerothe dial indicator.Continueto rotatethe
8. Positionthe dowelDinsas shownin the crankshaftslowly until the pushrod(or camshaft
drawing. lobe) is in the fully raisedposition.
9. Installthe bearingcaps/rockerarm assem- 5. Comparethe total lift recordedon the dial indi-
blies. Tightenthe bolts to 23 ft. Ibs. (31 Nm). catorwith the elevationspecificationshownin the
10. hstall the rockerarm cover using a newgas- EngineSpecificationchart.
ket. To checkthe accuracyof the original indicator
11. Installthe timing beltand remainingcompo- reading,continueto rotatethe crankshaftuntil the in-
nents Referto the timing belt procedurein this sec- dicatorreadszero.If the lift on any lobe is below
tion. Fig. 212 Camshaftdowel position duringin- specifiedwearlimits listed,the camshaftand the
12. Connectthe negativebatterycable. stallation-3.51 engine valvetappetsmust be replaced.
6. Installthe valve cover(s).
Lobe lift maybe checkedwith the camshaftin-
CamshaftLobe Liff stalled.In all cases,a dial gaugeis positronedsome- ) See Figure 213
Camshaftlobe lift is the amount(measuredin whereon the valvetrain (pushrod,lifter, or camshaft
itself) and the camshaftis thenturnedto measurethe A micrometermay usedto measurecamshaftlobe
inchesor millimeters)that the camshaftis capableof lift, butthis is usuallyonly after it hasbeenremoved
LIFTINGthe valve train componentsin orderto open lift.
Checkthe lift of eachlobe in consecutiveorder from the engine.Oncethe valve cover is removed
the valves.The lobe lift is a measureof how much
taller the “egg shaped”portionof the camshaftlobe and makea noteof the reading.
is abovethe baseor circular portionof the shaft lobe. 1. Removethe valve coverfor accessto the
Lift is directlyproportionalto howfar the valvescan camshaft.
openand a worn camshaft(with poor lobe lift) cannot 2. Installa dial indicatorso thatthe actuating
fully openthe valves.The lobe lift thereforecan be point of the indicatoris directlyplacedon the I
directly responsiblefor properor poor engineperfor- camshaft.
mance. *A remotestarter can be usedto turn the
Lobe lift can be measuredin 2 ways,depending engineover duringthe next steps. If a re-
on whattools areavailableand whetheror not the motestarter is not available, removethe
camshafthasbeenremovedfrom the engine.A dial spark plugsin order to relieve enginecom- @
gaugecan be usedto measurethe lift with the pression,andturn the engineover usinga
camshaftinstalled,while a micrometeris normally large wrench or socketon the crankshaft Fig. 213 Camshafflobe IIR Is measuredIn
only usedoncethe shafthas beenremovedfrom the damperbolt. BESUREto only turn the engine
engine. in the normal direction of rotation.
fromthe, accessmay be possible(thougha little 4. Removethe oil filter, oil pressureswitch,oil 26. Mountthe oil filter bracketwith newgasketin
awkward)to measurethe camshaftlobes usinga mi- gaugesendingunit, oil filter mountingbracketand place.Installthe 4 bolts with washersand tightento
crometer gasket. 16 ft Ibs. (22 Nm).
In any case,two measurementsare necessaryfor 5. Removeengineoil pan,oil screenand gas- 27. Insertthe Phillips screwdriverinto the hole
eachlobe. MeasurementY or the total LOBEHEIGHT ket. on the side of the engineblock.
and measurementX or the total LOBEWIDTH.To 6. Removethe relief plug,gasket,reliefspring 28. Securethe oil pumpdriven gearonto the left
find the lobe lift, you simply subtractX from Y (sub- and relrefplunger. silent shaftby tighteningthe driven gearflangebolt
tractthe width from the height). 7. Lowerthe vehicle. to 29 ft. Ibs. (40 Nm).
Noteeachmeasurement,then makeyour calcula- 8. Usingthe properequipment,supportthe 29. Installa newO-ring ontothe groove in the
tion to determinethe lift. Notethe final resultsand re- weightof the engine. front case.Usingspecialsockettool, installand
peatthe processon the remainingcamshaftlobes. 9. Removethe front enginemountbracketand tightenthe plug capto 20 ft. Ibs (27 Nm).
Finally,you shouldcompareyour resultsto the spec- accessorydrive belt, 30. Installthe oil pump relief plungerand spring
ificationschartsand decideif a newcamshaftis in 10. Removethe timing beltsand sprockets. into the bore in the oil filter bracketandtightento 36
your future. 11. Usingspecialtool MD998162, removethe ft. Ibs. (50 Nm). Makesurea newgasketis in place.
plug cap in the enginefront cover. 31. Cleanboth matingsurfacesof the oil panand
12. Removethe plug on the side of the engine the cylinderblock.
block. Inserta Phillips screwdriverwith a shankdi- 32. Apply sealantin the groove in the oil pan
ameterof 0.32 in. (8mm) into the plug hole. This will flange,keepingtowardsthe inside of the bolt holes.
REMOVAL&INSTALLATION hold the silent shaft. Thewidth of the sealantbeadappliedis to beabout
13. Removethe drivengearbolt that securesthe 0.16 in. (4mm)wide.
2.OLand 2.4L Engines oil pumpdriven gearto the silent shaft.
14. Removeand tag the front cover mounting
*After applyingsealant to the oil pan, do
p See Figure 214 bolts. Notethe lengthsof the mountingboltsas they
not exceed15 minutesbefore installing the
are removedfor properinstallation.
oil pan.
*A special oil seal guidetool, 18998285, 15. Removethe front casecoverand oil pump 33. Installthe oil panto the engineand secure
and a plug cap sockettool, MD998182,or ex- assembly.If necessary,the silent shaftcan comeout with the retainers.Tightenbolts to 6 ft. Ibs. (8 Nm).
act equivalentsare neededto completethis with the coverassembly. 34. Installthe oil pressuregaugeunit andthe oil
operation. 16. Removethe silent shaftoil seals,the crank- pressureswitch.Attachthe electricalharnesscon-
shaft oil sealand front casegasket nector
1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable. 17. Removethe silent shaftsand inspectas fol- 35. Installnewoil filter and fill enginewith clean
2. Raiseand safelysupportthe vehicle. lows: engineoil.
3. Drainthe engineoil.
a. Checkthe oil holes in the shaft for clog- 36. Installthe timing beltsand all relateditems,
b. Checkjournals of the shaft for seizure, *The timing of the oil pumpsprocketand
The EPAwarns that prolongedcontactwith damageand contactwith bearing.If there is any- connectedsilent shaft can be incorrect, even
usedengineoil may causea numberof skin thing wrong with the journal, replacethe silent with the timing markaligned. Make certain
disorders, includingcancer!Youshould shaft bearing,silent shaft or front case. that all special timing belt installation proce-
makeevery effort to minimizeyour exposure c. Checkthe silent shaft oil clearance.If the duresare followed to ensureproper orienta-
to usedengineoil. Protectivegloves should clearanceis beyondthe specifications,replace tion of the silent shafts.
be worn when changingthe oil. Washyour the silent shaft bearing,silent shaft or front case. 37. Installany remainingcomponentsremoved
handsand any other exposedskin areas as The specificationsfor oil clearancesare as fol- duringdisassembly.
soon as possibleafter exposureto useden- lows 38. Connectthe negativebatterycableand start
gine oil. Soapand water, or waterless hand Rightshaft the engine.
cleanershouldbe used. l Front-0.0012-0.0024 in. (0.030.06mml 39. Checkfor propertiming and inspectfor leaks.
l Rear+0.0008-0.0021 in. (6.02-O 05mm)
Left shaft
l Front-0.002&0.0036 in. (0.05-0.09mm)
l Rear-O.0017-O.0033 in. (0.04-0.08mm)
18. Lubricatethe bearingsurfaceof the shaftand
the bearingjournalswith cleanengineoil. Carefully p See Figure 215
installthe silent shaftsto the block.
19. Cleanthe gasketmaterialfrom the mating 1. Disconnectthe negativebatterycable.
surfaceof the cylinderblockand the enginefront 2. Removethe transaxlefrom the vehicle,as
cover.Install newgasketin place. outlinedin Section7.
20. Installthe oil pumpdrive gearand driven 3. Removethe flywheel/driveplateassembly.
gearto the front case,lining up the timing marks. 4. Removethe rearengineplateand the bell-
21. Lubricatethe gearswith cleanengineoil. In- housingcover.
stall the oil pumpcover,with newgasketin placeand 5. If the crankshaftrearoil sealcaseis leaking,
tightenthe mountingboltsto 13 ft. Ibs.(18 Nm). removeit. Otherwise,just removethe oil seal.Some
22. Usingpropersizedriver, install the crankshaft engineshavea separatorthat shouldalso be re-
oil seal into the front enginecase. moved.
23. Usingthe propersizesocketwrench,pressin To install:
the silent shaftoil seal into the front case. 6. Lubricatethe inner diameterof the newseal
24. Placepilot tool MD998285 or equivalent, with cleanengineoil.
ontothe noseof the crankshaft.Apply cleanengine 7. Installthe oil sealin the crankshaftrearoil
oil to the outercircumferenceof the pilot tool. sealcaseusing tool MD998376 or equivalent.Press
93153g3 25. Installthe front caseonto the engineblock the sealall the way in without tilting it. Forcethe oil
:ig. 214 Explodedview of the balanceshaf and temporarilytightenthe flangebolts (otherthan separatorinto the oil sealcaseso the oil hole in the
assemblies-2.01 and 2.4L enoines thosefor tighteningthe filter bracket). separatoris downward.
8. Runa beadof sealeralonganyseamsbe- To lnstell:
tweenthesealcaseandblock.Installthesealcase 7. Coatthethreadsof thedriveplate/flywheelre-
witha newgasket. tainingboltswiththreadlockingcompound.
9. Installtheflywheel/driveplate
andtransaxle. 8. Positionthedriveplatelflywheelonthecrank-
10. Connect thenegative
batterycableandcheck shaftflange.
for leaks. 9. Onautomatic transaxle equippedmodels,in-
11. Adjustoil levelasnecessary. stallthedriveplateadapter.
10. Installandtightenthebolts,in aalternating
l 1.5Lengine:98ft. Ibs.(135Nm)
l 1.6L,2.01and2.4Lengines:94-101ft.
l 1.81engine:72ft. Ibs.(100Nm)
b See Figure 215 l 3.OLand3.5Lengines:53-56ft. Ibs.
1. Disconnect
batterycable. 11. If equipped witha manualtransaxle, install
2. Removethetransaxle,
asoutlinedinSection theclutchandpressure plate.
7, 12. Installthetransaxle.Referto Section7.
3. If equippedwitha manualtransaxle, remove 13. Connect thenegative batterycable.
theclutchdiscandpressure plate.Referto Section7.
4. Markthepositionof theflywheel/driveplate
onthecrankshaft andremovetheretainingbolts.
5. Onautomatic transaxle
equipped models,re-
movethedriveplate adapter.
al drive plate and rear 6. Remove theflywheel/driveplate

healthysupply of penetratingoil and rags is tothebackof thevehicle.Ondualexhaustsystems,

highly recommended. rememberto insoectbothsidesof thevehicle.Check
+ See Figures216 thru 222 thecompleteexhaustsystemfor openseams,holes
Yourvehiclemustberaisedandsupported safely looseconnections,
or otherdeterioration
to inspecttheexhaust
*Safety glassesshouldbe worn at all times safetystandsunderthevehiclefor supportshould
whenworking on or near the exhaustsystem. provideenoughroomforyouto slideunderthevehi-
Olderexhaustsystemswill almost always be cleandinspectthesystemcompletely. Startthein-
coveredwith loose rust particles which will spectionattheexhaustmanifoldor turbochargerpipe
showeryou when disturbed.Theseparticles wheretheheaderpipeisattached andworkyourway
are morethan a nuisanceandcould injure
your eye.

DONOTperformexhaustrepairs or inspec-
tion wtth the engineor exhausthot. Allow thr
systemto cool completelybefore attempting
any work. Exhaustsystemsare notedfor
sharpedges,flaking metal and rustedbolts. fm3p77

Glovesand eye protectionare required. A Fig. 216 Makesure the exhaustcomponents

are not contactingthe body or suspension

m3p73 lcca3P78
Fig. 216 Cracksin the muffler are a guar- Fig 217 Checkthe muffler for rotted spot Fig. 219 Cheekfor overstretchedor torn ex-
anteed leak welds and seams haust hangers

Fig. 222 Some systems, like this one, use

220 Exampleof a badly deterioratedex- 1
Fig. Fig. 221 inspect flanges for gaskets that
haust pipe have deteriorated and need replacement

F)ermitexhaust fumesto seepintothepassenger Beforeremoving anycomponent of theexhaust tractor,whichoflenmeansremovalof themanifoldit

C:ompartment. Inspectall mounting bracketsand system,ALWAYS squirta Liquidrustdissolvingagent self.Next,disconnect thecomponent fromthe
bangers for deterioration,
somemodelsmayhave ontothefasteners for easeof removal.A lotof mounting; slighttwistingandturningmaybere-
ubberO-ringsthatcanbeoverstretched andnon- knuckleskinwill besavedbyfollowingthisrule.It quiredto remove thecomponent completely fromthr
supportive.Thesecomponents will needto bere- mayevenbewiseto spraythefasteners andallow vehicle.Youmayneedto taponthecomponent with
Ilacedif found.It hasalwaysbeena practiceto usea themtosit overniqht. a rubbermalletto loosenit. If all elsefails,usea
F)ointedtoolto pokeupintotheexhaistsystem hacksaw aratetheparts.Anoxy-acetylene
to sep; cut-
vherethedeterioration spotsareto seewhetheror FlangeType tingtorchmayI3efasterbutthesparksareOANGER-
d theycrumble. Somemodelsmayhaveheatshield OUSnearthefueltank,ant1attheveryleast,acci-
b See Figure 224 dentscouldhappen, resultingin damage to the
:overingcertainpartsof theexhaustsystem, it will
ttenecessary to removetheseshieldsto havetheex- under-car parts,notto meiitionyourself.
laustvisiblefor inspectionalso.
Do NOTperform exhaustrepairs or inspec- Slip Joint Type
3EPLACEMEMT tion with the engineor exhausthot. Allow the
systemto cool completelybefore attempting V See Figure 225
1 See Figure 223 any work. Exhaustsystemsare notedfor Beforeremoving anycomponent ontheslipjoint
sharpedges,flaking metal and rustedbolts. typeexhaustsystem, ALWAYS squirta liquidrust
Therearebasicallytwotypesof exhaustsystems. Glovesand eye protectionare required.A dissolvingagentontothefasteners for easeof re-
)neis theflangetypewherethecomponent endsare healthy supplyof penetratingoil and rags is moval.Startbyunbolting theexhaustpieceatboth
attachedwithboltsanda gasketin-between. The highly recommended.Neverspray liquid rust ends(if required).Whenunboltingtheheadpipe fron
)therexhaust systemis theslipjointtype.These dissolving agentonto a hot exhaustcompo- themanifold,makesurethattheboltsarefreebefore
:omponents slipintooneanotherusingclampsto nent. tryingto remove them.if yousnapa studin theex-
ioldthemtogether. haustmanifold. thestudwill haveto beremoved wit1
Beforeremoving anycomponent onaflangetype a boltextractor,
whichoftenmeansremovalof the
system,ALWAYS squirta liquidrust._
dissolvingagent manifolditself.Next.removethemountina U-bolts
liiow the exhaustsystemto cool sufficiently ontothefasteners foreaseof removal. Startbyun- fromaroundtheexhaustpipeyouareext&tingfrom
Iefore sprayinga solvent exhaustfasteners. boltingtheexhaustpieceatbothends(if required). thevehicle.Don’tbesurprisedif theU-boltsbreak
Somesolventsare highly flammableand Whenunbolting theheadpipe fromthemanifold, whileremoving thenuts.Loosentheexhaustpipe
:ould ignite whensprayedon hot exhauti makesurethattheboltsarefreebeforetryingto re- fromanymounting bracketsretainingit to thefloor
:omponents. movethem.if yousnapa studintheexhaustmani- panandseparate thecomponents.
. fold,thestudwill haveto beremoved witha boltex-


Fig. 223 Nuts and bolts will be extremely

difflcuit to remove when deteriorated with Fig. 224 Exampleof a flange type exhaust Fig. 225 Example of a common slip joini
rust systemjoint type system

A noticeablelackof enginepower,excessiveoil in anytwo adjacentcylindersis low, and if the addi-

consumptionand/or poor fuel mileagemeasured tion of oil doesn’thelp raisecompression,thereis
Anythingthat generatesheatand/or friction WIII over an extendedperiodare all indicatorsof internal leakagepastthe headgasket.Oil and coolantin the
eventuallyburn or wearout (for example,a light bulb enginewear.Worn piston rings, scoredor worn combustionchamber,combinedwith blueor con-
generatesheat,thereforeits life span is limited).With cylinderbores,blown headgaskets,stickingor burnt stantwhite smokefrom the tailpipe,are symptomsof
this in mind, a runningenginegeneratestremendous valves,and worn valve seatsare all possibleculprits. this problem.However,don’t bealarmedby the nor-
amountsof both;friction is encounteredby the mov- A checkof eachcylinders compressionWIIIhelp lo- malwhite smokeemittedfrom the tailpipe during en-
ing and rotatingpartsinsidethe engineand heatis catethe problem. gine warm-upor from cold weatherdriving. There
createdby friction and combustionof the fuel How- maybe evidenceof waterdropletson the enginedip-
*A screw-in type compressiongaugeis stick and/or oil dropletsin the cooling systemif a
ever,the enginehassystemsdesignedto help reduce
more accuratethanthe type you simply hold headgasketis blown.
the effectsof heatand friction and provideadded
longevrty.Theoiling systemreducesthe amountof
againstthe sparkplug hole. Althoughit takes
slightly longerto use, it’s worth the effort to OIL PRESSURETEST
friction encounteredby the moving parts insidethe obtain a moreaccuratereading.
engine,while the cooling systemreducesheatcre-
atedby friction and combustion If eithersystemis 1 Makesurethat the properamountand vis- Checkfor properoil pressureat the sendingunit
not maintained,a break-downwill be inevitable. cosity of engineoil is in the crankcase,thenensure passagewith an externallymountedmechanicaloil
Therefore,you can seehow regularmaintenancecan the batteryis fully charged. pressuregauge(as opposedto relying on a factory
affectthe service life of your vehicle,If you do not 2. Warm-upthe engineto normaloperating Installeddash-mountedgauge).A tachometermay
drain,flush and refill your cooling systemat the temperature,then shutthe engineOFF. also be needed,as somespecificationsmay require
properintervals,depositsWIIIbeginto accumulatein 3. Disablethe ignition system. runningthe engineat a specific rpm.
the radiator,therebyreducingthe amountof heatit 4. Labeland disconnectall of the sparkplug 1. With the enginecold, locateand removethe oil
canextractfrom the coolant Thesameappliesto wires from the plugs, pressuresendingunit.
your oil and filter; If it is not changedoftenenoughit 5. Thoroughlycleanthe cylinderheadarea 2. Followrngthe manufacturersinstructions,
becomesladenwith contaminatesand is unableto aroundthe sparkplug ports,then removethe spark connecta mechanicaloil pressuregaugeand, if nec-
properlylubricatethe engine.This increasesfriction plugs. essary,a tachometerto the engine.
and wear. 6. Setthe throttleplateto the fully open(wide- 3 Startthe engineand allow it to idle.
Thereare a numberof methodsfor evaluatingthe openthrottle)position You can block the accelerator 4 Checkthe oil pressurereadingwhencold and
conditionof your engine.A compressiontest can re- linkageopenfor this, or you canhavean assistant recordthe number.You may needto run the engine
vealthe conditionof your pistons,piston rings, fully depressthe acceleratorpedal. at a specifiedrpm, so checkthe specifications,
cylinder bores,headgasket(s),valvesand valve 7. Installa screw-intype compressiongauge 5. Runthe engineuntil normaloperatingtemper-
seats.An oil pressuretest canwarnyou of possible into the No. 1 sparkplug hole until the fitting is snug. atureis reached(upperradiatorhosewill feelwarm)
enginebearing,or oil pumpfailures.Excessrveoil 6. Checkthe oil pressurereadingagainwith the
consumption,evidenceof oil in the engineair intake enginehot and recordthe number.Turn the engine
areaand/or bluish smokefrom the tailpipe may indi- OFF.
cateworn piston rings, worn valve guidesand/or Be careful not to crossthreadthe spark plug 7. Compareyour hot oil pressurereadingto that
valve seals.As a generalrule,an enginethat usesno hole.
given in the chart If the readingis low,checkthe
morethan one quartof oil every1000 miles is in cold pressurereadingagainstthe chart.If the cold
goodcondition. Enginesthat useone quartof oil or 8. Accordingto the tool manufacturersinstruc-
tions, connecta remotestartingswitchto the starting pressureISwell abovethe specification,andthe hot
more in lessthan 1000 miles shouldfirst be checked readingwas lowerthanthe specification,you may
for oil leaks.If any oil leaksare present,havethem circuit.
9. With the ignition switch in the OFFposition, havethe wrongviscosity oil in the engine.Change
fixed beforedetermininghow muchoil is consumed the oil, makingsureto usethe propergradeand
by the engine,especrallyif bluesmoke is not visible usethe remotestartingswitchto crankthe engine
throughat leastfive compressionstrokes(approxi- quantity,then repeatthe test.
at the tailpipe Low oil pressurereadingscould beattributedto
mately5 secondsof cranking)and recordthe highest
readingon the gauge internalcomponentwear,pump relatedproblems,a
TEST low oil level,or oil viscosity that is too low. High oil
10. Repeatthe test on eachcylinder,crankingthe
engineapproximatelythe samenumberof compres- pressurereadingscould be causedby an overfilled
# See Figure 226 crankcase,too htghof an oil viscosity or a faulty
sion strokesand/ortime as the first.
11. Comparethe hrghestreadingsfrom each pressurereliefvalve.
cylinderto that of the others.The indicatedcompres-
sion pressuresare consideredwithin specificationsif
the lowestreadingcylinder is within 75 percentof the
pressurerecordedfor the highestreadingcylinder Nowthat you havedeterminedthat your engineis
For example,if your highestreadingcylinderpres- worn out, you must makesomedecisions.Theques-
surewas 150 psi (1034 kPa),then75 percentof that tion of whetheror not an engineISworth rebuilding
would be 113 psi (779 kPa).So the lowestreading is largelya subjectivematterand oneof personal
cylindershould be no lessthan 113 psi (779 kPa). worth. Is the enginea popularone,or IS it an obso-
12. If a cylinderexhibitsan unusuallylow com- letemodel?Are partsavailable?Will it get acceptable
pressionreading,pour a tablespoonof cleanengine gas mileageonce It is rebuilt?Is the car its being put
oil into the cylinderthroughthe sparkplug hole and into worth keeping?Would it be lessexpensiveto
repeatthe compressiontest. If the compressionrises buy a newengine,haveyour enginerebuiltby a pro,
afteraddingoil, it meansthat the cylinder’spiston rebuild it yourselfor buy a usedenginefrom a sal-
rings and/or cylinderboreare damagedor worn, If vageyard?Orwould It be simplerand lessexpensive
Fig. 226A screw-in type compressiongauge to buy anothercar? If you haveconsideredall these
the pressureremainslow,the valves maynot beseat-
is more accurate and easier to use without ing properly(a valvejob is needed),or the headgas- mattersand more,and havestill decidedto rebuild
an assistant ket maybe blown nearthat cylinder. If compression the engine,then it is time to decidehowyou will re-
build it.
*The editors at Chiltonfeel that most engine spectthecomponent, buythenecessary partsand OVERHAULTIPS
machiningshouldbe performedby a profes- delivertheseto a shopfor actualmachine work.
sional machineshop. Don’tthink of it as Muchoftheassembly work(crankshaft, bearings, Aluminum hasbecome extremely popularfor use
wasting money,rather, as an assurancethat pistonrods,andothercomponents) is wellwithinthe in engines,dueto itslowweight.Observe thefollow-
the job has beendoneright the first time. scopeof thedo-it-yourselfmechanic’s toolsandabil- ingprecautions whenhandlingaluminum parts:
Thereare manyexpensiveandspecialized ities.Youwill haveto decideforyourselfthedepthof l Neverhottankaluminum parts(thecaustichot
tools requiredto performsuchtasks as bor- involvementyoudesireinanenginerepairor rebuild. 6nksolutionwill eatthealuminum.
ing and honingan engineblock or havinga l Remove all aluminum parts(identification
valve job doneon a cylinder head. Evenin- TOOLS etc.)fromenginepartspriorto thetanking.
spectingthe parts requires expensivemi- l Alwayscoatthreadslightlywithengineoil or
crometersand gaugesto properly measure Thetoolsrequiredfor anengineoverhaulor parts anti-seizecompounds beforeinstallation,to prevent
wear and clearances.Also, a machineshop replacement will dependonthedepthof yourin- seizure.
can deliver to you clean, and readyto as- volvement. Witha fewexceptions,theywill bethe l Neverovertighten boltsorsparkplugsespe-
sembleparts, savingyou time and aggrava- toolsfoundina mechanic’s toolkit(seeSection1 of ciallyinaluminum threads.
tion. Your maximumsavingswill comefrom thismanual). Morein-depthworkwill requiresome Whenassembling theengine,anypartsthatwill
performingthe removal, disassembly,as- orall of thefollowing: beexposed to frictionalcontactmustbeprelubed to
semblyand installation of the engineand l A dialindicator(readinginthousandths) providelubrication at initialstart-up.Anyproduct
purchasingor renting only the tools required mounted ona universalbase specificallyformulated for thispurposecanbeused,
to performthe abovetasks. Dependingon l Micrometers andtelescopegauges butengineoil is notrecommended asa prelubein
the particular circumstances,you may save * Jawandscrew-type pullers mostcases.
40 to 60 percentof the cost doing theseyour- ‘ Scraper Whensemi-permanent (locked,butremovable) in-
self. l Valvespringcompressor stallationof boltsor nutsis desired,threadsshould
l Ringgroovecleaner becleanedandcoatedwithLoctite@ or anothersimi-
A complete rebuildoroverhaulof anenginein- Pistonringexpander andcompressor
volvesreplacing all ofthemovingparts(pistons,
, lar,commercial non-hardening sealant.
l Ridgereamer
rods,crankshaft, camshaft, etc.)withnewonesand l Cylinderhoneor glazebreaker CLEANING
machining thenon-moving wearingsurfaces of the l Plastigage@
blockandheads.Unfortunately, thismaynotbecost Enginestand
effective.Forinstance, yourcrankshaftmayhave
Theuseof mostof thesetoolsis illustratedin ) See Figures227, 228, 229, 230, and 231
beendamaged or worn,butit canbemachined un- thissection.Manycanberentedfor a one-timeuse Beforetheengineanditscomponents arein-
dersizefora minimalfee. froma localpartsjobberor tool supplyhousespe- spected,theymustbethoroughly cleaned.
So,asyoucansee,youcanreplaceeverything in- cializingin automotive work. needto removeanvenainevarnish,oil sludoeand/or
sidetheengine,but,it iswiserto replaceonlythose Occasionally, theuseof specialtoolsis calledfor. carbondepositsfromail of thecomponentsio insure
partswhicharereallyneeded, and,if possible,repair Seetheinformation onSpecialToolsandtheSafety aInaccurateinspection. Acrackintheengineblockor
themoreexpensive ones.Laterinthissection,we Noticeinthefrontof thisbookbeforesubstituting c:ylinder
head caneasily becomeoverlookedif hidden
will breaktheenginedownintoitstwomaincompo- anothertool. trya layerof sludgeor carbon.
will discusseachcomponent, andtherecommended
partsto replaceduringa rebuildoneach.

Mostengineoverhaulprocedures arefairlystan-
dard.Inadditionto specificpartsreplacement proce-
duresandspecifications for yourindividualengine,
thissectionis alsoa guideto acceptable rebuilding
procedures.Examples of standard rebuilding practice
tailsconcerning yourparticular engine.
Competent andaccurate machine shopservices
will ensuremaximum performance, reliabilityanden-
ginelife.Inmostinstances it is moreprofitablefor Fig. 227 Thoroughly clean the gasket sur-
thedo-it-yourselfmechanic to remove, cleanandin- faces of the cylinder head as well as . . .


::“,z s,rpuse,a piece of fn old ring to 1

Fig. 229 Usea ring expandertool to remove 230 Clean the piston ring grooves us- clean the grooves Be careful the ring can
the piston rings ing a ring groove cleaner tool, or . . .
Most of the cleaningprocesscan becarriedout REPAIRINGDAMAGEDTHREADS
with commonhandtools and readilyavailablesol-
ventsor solutions.Carbondepositscan bechipped # See Figures232, 233, 234, 235 and 236 To properlyrebuildan engine,you mustfirst re-
awayusinga hammerand a hardwoodenchisel. Old move it from the vehicle,then disassembleand diag-
gasketmaterialandvarnishor sludgecanusuallybe Severalmethodsof repairingdamagedthreadsare noseit. Ideallyyou should placeyour engineon an
removedusinga scraperand/or cleaningsolvent.Ex- available Heli-Coil@(shownhere),Keenserts@ and enginestand.This affordsyou the bestaccessto the
tremelystubborndepositsmay requirethe useof a Microdop areamongthe mostwidely used.All in- enginecomponents.Followthe manufacturersdirec-
powerdrill wrth a wire brush.If usinga wire brush, volve basicallythe sameprinciple-drilling out tions for usingthe standwith your particularengine.
useextremecarearoundany critical machinedsur- strippedthreads,tappingthe holeand installinga Removethe flywheelor flexplatebeforeinstallingthe
faces(suchas the gasketsurfaces,bearingsaddles, prewoundinsert-making welding,pluggingand engineto the stand.
cylinderbores,etc.). USEOFA WIREBRUSHIS NOT oversizefastenersunnecessary. Nowthat you havethe engineon a stand,and as-
RECOMMENDEDONANY ALUMINUM COMPO- Two typesof threadrepairinsertsare usuallysup- sumingthat you havedrainedthe oil and coolant
NENTSAlwaysfollow any safetyrecommendations plied: a standardtypefor most inch coarse,rnchfine, from the engine,it’s time to strip it of all but the nec-
given by the manufacturerof the tool and/or solvent. metric courseand metrrcfine threadsizesand a essarycomponents.Beforeyou startdisassembling
You shouldalwaysweareyeprotectionduringany sparklug typeto fit most sparkplug port sizes.Con- the engine,you maywantto takea momentto draw
cleaningprocessinvolvrngscraping,chippingor sult the individualtool manufacturerscatalogto de- somepictures,or fabricatesome labelsor containers
sprayingof solvents. termineexactapplications.Typicalthreadrepairkits to markthe locationsof various componentsand the
An alternativeto the messand hassleof cleaning will containa selectionof prewoundthreadedinserts, bolts and/or studswhich fastenthem. Modernday
the partsyourselfis to drop themoff at a local garage a tap (correspondingto the outsidediameterthreads enginesusea lot of little bracketsand clips which
or machineshop.Theywill, morethan likely, have of the insert)and an installationtool. Sparkplug in- hold wiring harnessesand such,and theseholders
the necessaryequrpmentto properlycleanall of the serts usuallydiffer becausethey requirea tap are oftenmountedon studs and/or bolts that can be
partsfor a nominalfee. equippedwrth pilot threadsanda combined easily mixed up. The manufacturerspenta lot of time
reamer/tapsection.Most manufacturersalso supply and moneydesigningyour vehicle,andthey wouldn’t
blister-packedthreadrepair Insertsseparatelyin ad- havewastedany of it by haphazardlyplacingbrack-
Always wear eye protectionduringany clean- dition to a masterkit containinga varietyof taps and ets, clips or fastenerson the vehicle.If it’s present
insertsplus installationtools whenyou disassembleit, put it backwhenyou as-
ing processinvolving scraping,chippingor
Beforeattemptingto repaira threadedhole, re- semble,you will regretnot rememberingthat little
sprayingof solvents.
move anysnapped,brokenor damagedbolts or bracketwhich holds a wire harnessout of the pathof
Removeany oil galleyplugs,freezeplugsand/or studs.Penetratingoil can be usedto freefrozen a rotatingpart.
pressed-inbearingsand carefullywashand degrease threads.The offendingitem can usuallybe removed You shouldbeginby unboltinganyaccessories
all of the enginecomponentsincludingthe fasteners with lockingpliers or usinga screw/studextractor. still attachedto the engine,such as the waterpump,
and bolts. Small partssuchas the valves,springs, Afterthe hole is clear,the threadcan be reparred,as powersteeringpump,alternator,etc.Then,unfasten
etc.,should be placedin a metalbasketand allowed shownin the seriesof accompanyingillustrations any manifolds(intakeor exhaust)which werenot re-
to soak.Usepipe cleanertype brushes,and cleanall and in the krt manufacturersinstructions. movedduringthe engineremovalprocedure.Finally,
passagewaysin the components.Usea ring ex-
panderand removethe rings from the pistons.Clean
the piston ring grooveswith a specialtool or a piece
of brokenring Scrapethe carbonoff of the top of the
piston.You shouldneverusea wire brushon the
pistons.After preparingall of the pistonassemblies
in this manner,washand degreasethemagain.

Use extremecare when cleaningaroundthe

cylinder headvalve seats. A mistakeor slip
may cost you a new seat.
Whencleaningthe cylinderhead,removecarbon
from the combustronchamberwith the valves in-
Fig.233 Standardthread repair insert (left),
stalled.This will avoid damagingthe valve seats. replaced with thread repair inserts andspark plug thread insert


Fig. 236 Screw the insert onto the installer

:ig. 234 Drill out the damagedthreads with :ig. 235 Usingthe kit, tap the hole in order 1001 until the tang engagesthe slot. Thread
he specified size bit. Be sure to drill corn. o receive the thread insert. Keep the tap ‘he insert into the hole until it is l/4-l/~ turn
rletely throughthe hole or to the bottomoi veil oiled and backit out frequentlyto avoid lelow the top surface, then removethe tool
I blind hole :logging the threads andbreak off the tano usina a uunch
3-60 ENGINE/ -w
remove anycoversremaining ontheenginesuchas sameenvironment. Thesamegoesforanyother unchanged. Oneaspectto payattentionto is careful
therockerarm,frontor timingcoverandoil pan. component onthecylinderhead.Thinkof it asanin- labelingof thepartsonthedualcamshaft cylinder
Somefrontcoversmayrequirethevibrationdamper surancepolicyagainstfutureproblems relatedto that head.Therewill beanintakecamshaft andfollowers
and/orcrankpulleyto beremoved beforehand.The component. aswellasanexhaustcamshaft andfollowersand
ideais to reducetheengineto thebarenecessities Unfortunately,
theonlywayto findoutwhichcom- theymustbelabeledassuch.Insomecases,the
(cylinderhead(s),valvetrain,engineblock,crank- ponentsneedreplacing, is to disassemble andcare- components areidenticalandcouldeasilybein-
shaft,pistonsandconnecting rods),plusanyother fullycheckeachpiece.Afterthecylinderhead(s)are stalledincorrectly.
‘in block’components suchasoil pumps,balance disassembled,thoroughly cleanall of thecompo- miningwhichiswhichis verysimple;theintake
shaftsandauxiliaryshafts. nents. camshaft andcomponents areonthesamesideof
Finally,removethecylinderhead(s)fromtheen- theheadaswastheintakemanifold.Conversely, the
gineblockandcarefullyplaceona bench.Disassem- DISASSEMBLY exhaustcamshaft andcomponents areonthesame
blyinstructionsforeachcomponent followlaterin sideof theheadaswastheexhaustmanifold.
thissection. ti See Figures 237 and 238
CupType CamshaftFollowers
Whether it is a singleor dualoverhead
cylinderhead,thedisassembly procedure
is relatively 6 See Figures 239, 240, and 241
Therearetwobasictypesof cylinderheadsused t “” ““’ 1 Mostcylinderheadswithcuptypecamshaft fol-
ontoday’sautomobiles: theOverhead Valve(OHV) lowerswill havethevalvespring,retainerandlocks
andtheOverhead Camshaft (OHC).Thelattercan recessed withinthefollowersbore.Youwill needa
alsobebrokendownintotwosubgroups: theSingle C-clampstylevalvespringcompressor tool,anOHC
Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) andtheDualOverhead springremoval tool(orequivalent)
anda smallmag-
Camshaft (DOHC). Generally, if thereis onlya single netto disassemble thehead.
camshaft ona head.it is iustreferred to asanOHC 1. If notalreadyremoved, remove thecamshaft(s)
1 head.Also,anenginewithanOHVcylinderheadis j:, ’ : .;:-, and/orfollowers,Marktheirpositionsfor assembly.
I alsoknownasa pushrodengine. _I 2. Positionthecylinderheadto allowuseof a C-
Mostcylinderheadsthesedaysaremadeof an “’ clampstylevalvespringcompressor tool.
aluminum alloydueto itslightweight,durabilityand At is preferredto position the cylinder head
L--L I_---1^-_..^I:,:^^I I^...^..^_^^^I:_-_..^^,L-
IIRN il~llSlt?l ~Lldll~l~S. IlUWttVtJ, MS1 11011W8S lilt:
materialof choiceinthepast,andis still usedon lasket’surtace facing you with tee valve
springsfacing the oppositedirection andthe
manyvehiclestoday.Whether madefromaluminum leadlaying horizontal.
or iron,all cylinderheadshavevalvesandseats.
Someusefwovalvespercylinder,whilethemorehi- 3. WiththeOHCspringremovaladaptertoolpo-
techengineswill utilizea multi-valve configuration ,itionedinsideofthefollowerbore,compress the
using3‘4 andeven5 valvespercylinder.Whenthe alvespringusingtheC-clampstylevalvespring
valvecontacts theseat,it doessoonprecisionma- :ompressor.
chinedsurfaces, whichsealsthecombustion cham-
ber,All cylinderheadshaveavalveguideforeach
lowsit to moveupanddownwithinit.Theclearance Fig, 237 Explodedview of a valve, seal,
between thevalveandguidecanbecritical.Too spring, retamer and locks from an OHC
muchclearance andtheenginemayconsume oil, 1cylinder head ----r-1
losevacuum and/ordamaae theseat.Toolittle.and
thevalvecanstickin theguidecausingtheengineto
runpoorlyif atall,andpossiblycausingseveredam-
age.Thelastcomponent all cylinderheadshaveare
seat.It alsoreturnsthevalveto thispositionwhen
camshaft. Thespringis fastened to thevalvebya re-
tainerandvalvelocks(sometimes calledkeepers). tcca3p51
Aluminum headswill alsohavea valvespringshim fig. 239 C-clamp type spring compressor
to keepthespringfromwearingawaythealuminum. and an OHCspring removal tool (center) for
Anidealmethodof rebuilding thecylinderhead cup type followers
wouldinvolvereplacing all of thevalves,guides,
seats,springs,etc.withnewones.However, depend-
ingonhowtheenginewasmaintained, oftenthisis
notnecessary. A majorcauseof valve,guideandseat
wearis animproperly tunedengine.Anenginethatis
~~f~t~~ rich,will oftenwashthelubricating oil
outoftheguidewithgasoline, causingit to wear
~~fdfy.lonely, anenginewhichis runningtoo
leanwifl pfacehighercombustion temperatures on
Mevalvesandseatsallowingthemto wearor even
bum.Springsfall victimto thedrivinghabitsofthe
f~~iduaf.A driverwhooftenrunstheenginerpmto
tfreredfinewill wearoutor breakthespringsfaster
thenonetfratstayswellbelowit. Unfortunately,
mileagetakesit tot1onall of theparts.Generally, the
valves,guides,springsandseatsin a cylinderhead oi a multi-valve cylinder
canbemachined andre-used, savingyoumoney. Fig. 240 Most cup type follower cylinder
.However, if avalveis burnt,it maybewiseto replace t has 2 intake and2 ex- heads retain the camshaft using bolt-on
all of thevalves,sincetheywereall operating inthe bearing caps /
6. Withdraw thevalvefromthecylinderhead. *Due to enginevarnish, the retainer may
7. If equipped,
remove thevalveseal. stick to the valve locks. A gentle tap with a
hammermay help to breakit loose.
*Special valve seal removal tools are avail-
able. Regularor needlenosetype pliers, if 4. Remove thevalvelocksfromthevalvetip
usedwith care, will work justaswell. If us- and/orretainer. Asmallmagnet mayhelpin remov-
ing ordinary pliers, be sure not to damage ingthesmalllocks.
the follower bore. Thefollower and its bore 5. Liftthevalvespring,toolandall,off of the
are machinedto close tolerancesand any valvestem.
damageto the bore will effect this relation- 6. If equipped, remove thevalveseal.If theseal
ship. is diflicultto removewi‘ththevalvein place,tryre-
8. If equip(jed,
remove thevalvespringshim.A belowforvalveremoval I.
smallmagnetictoolor screwdriver
will aidin re- 7. Positiontheheadto allowaccess forwith-
moval. drawingthevalve.
9. Repeat Steps3 through8 untilall ofthevalves - --.---a- LL-. L-..- -.-.. .~. . .
havebeenremoved. -Cylinder
** nears InaI nave seena IOIor
mnesanuIul aUUJl.IllcrY
nllrr rh..sr . ..x..
... . ..lmr~...r~
RockerArm Type CamshaftFollowers the..valve
_ --lock gmve and/or
culty in Dmuval -__-I UT
-Z.L- ._-I__-I*.LI_ L-- diffi-
tip, causing
me vane. II ms nas nap-
b See Figures 242 thru 250 nnnnd llse a metal file to carefully remove
r-..--, ”

Mostcylinderheadswithrockerarm-type the high spotsaround the lock._grooves

:. ---_--L -II____ --
n-s.. a:.-
and/ortip. UIIIY IIIU II enuugn IU alluw NP
camshaft followersareeasilydisassembled usinga
standard valvespringcompressor. However, certain moval.
modelsmaynothaveenoughopenspacearoundthe 8. Remove thevalvefromthecylinderhead.
to?&55 springforthestandard toolandmayrequireyouto 9. If equipped, removethevalvespringshim.A
Fig. 241 Position the DHCspring tool in the usea C-clampstylecompressor toolinstead. smallmagnetic toolor screwdriver will aidin re-
follower bore, then compress the spring 1. If notalreadyremoved, remove therocker moval.
with a C-clamptype tool armsand/orshaftsandthecamshaft. If applicable, 10. Repeat Steps3 though9 untilall of thevalves
- alsoremove thehydrauliclashadjusters.
Marktheir havebeenremoved.
positionsfor assembly.
4. Remove thevalvelocks.Asmallmagnetic
tool 2. Positionthecylinderheadto allowaccessto INSPECTION
or screwunver
WIIIalaIn removal. thevalvespring.
5. Release
thecompressor toolandremovethe 3. Usea valvespringcompressor toolto relieve
pringassembly. thespringtensionfromtheretainer. Nowthatall of thecylinderheadcomponents are
clean,it’stimeto inspectthemfor wearand/ordam-

Imp53 Fig. 243 Anotherexampleof the rocker arm

Fig. 242 Example of the shaft mounted type DHChead. This model uses a follower all of the followers mustfirst be re
meker arms on some DHCheads iider the camshaft

Fig.245... then the camshaftcan be re-
movedby sliding it out (shown), or unbolt-
ing a bearfng cap (not shown)

lge.Toaccurately inspectthem,youwill needsome edgewithanevenwidthall aroundthediameter. alongitslengthandcompare themto eachother.

,pecializedtools: Whena valveburns,themarginwill lookmeltedand Wearshouldbeevenalongthelengthwithlittleto no
l AO-l in.micrometer for thevalves theedgesrounded. Alsoinspectthevalveheadfor taper.If nominimumdiameter is giveninthespecifi-
l A dialindicatoror insidediametergaugefor anysignsof tulipping.Thiswill showasa liftingof cations,thenthestemshouldnotreadmorethan
hevalveguides theedgesor dishinginthecenterof theheadandwill 0.001in.(0.025mm) belowtheunwornareaofthe
l A spring ressuretestgaue usuallynotoccurtoall of thevalves.All of theheads valvestem.Anyvalvesthatfail theseinspections
If youdo noPhaveaccessto tYle propertools, shouldlookthesame,anythatseemdishedmore shouldbereplaced.
‘oumaywantto bringthecomponents to a shop thanothersareprobablybad.Next,inspectthevalve
hatdoes. lockgroovesandvalvetips.Checkforanyburrs Springs,Retainersand Valve Locks
aroundthelockgrooves, especially
if youhadto file $ See Figures253 and 254
lalves themto remove thevalve.Valvetipsshouldappear
1 See Figures 251 and 252 flat,althoughslightrounding withhighmileageen- Thefirstthingtocheckis themostobvious,bro-
ginesis normal.Slightlywornvalvetipswill needto kensprings.Nextcheckthefreelengthandsquare-
Thefirstthingto inspectarethevalveheads.Look bemachined flat.last,measure thevalvestemdiam- nessof eachspring.If applicable,
insureto distin-
E:loselyatthehead,margin andfacefor anycracks, eterwiththemicrometer. Measure theareathatrides guishbetween intakeandexhaust springs.Usea
Erxcessivewearor burning.Themarginisthebest withintheguide,especially towardsthetipwhere rulerand/orcarpenter’ssquareto measure thelength.
c)lace?olookfor burning.Itshouldhaveasquared mostof thewearoccurs.Takeseveralmeasurements Acarpenter’ssquareshouldbeusedto checkthe

lCZS3144 hrnknn itc

Fig. 251Valve stemsmay be rolled on a flat I I Fio. 252 Use a micrometerr to check the
suhace to checkfor bends valve stem diameter Cylinder Head
Thereareseveralthingsto checkonthecylinder
N See Figure 255 \
usethemto checktheguides,althougha newvalve,
if available,
is preferred.
Beforeyoumeasure any-
for anycracks,chipsor breakage. Alsoif theguideis
a removable style(asin mostaluminum heads),
checkthemforanylooseness orevidence of move-
ment.All oftheguidesshouldappearto beatthe
254 Checkthe valve spring fo sameheightfromthespringseat.If anyseemlower
s on a flat surface; a carpenter (or higher)fromanother, theguidehasmoved.
Mounta dialindicatorontothesorinasideof the
cylinderhead.Lightlyoil thevalvestemandinsertit
Placea straightedge
acrossthegasketsurface. Valves
Usingfeelergauges, determinetheclearance atthe
centerof thestraightedge
andacrossthecylinder Anyvalvesthatwerenotreplaced shouldbe
headatseveralpoints.Checkalongthecenterline refaced andthetipsgroundflat.Unlessyouhaveac-
anddiagonally ontheheadsurface.If thewarpage cessto a valvegrindingmachine, thisshouldbe
exceeds0.003in.(0.076mm) withina 6.0in. donebya machine shop.Ifthevalvesareinex-
(152cm)span,or0.006in.(0.152mm) overthetotal tremelygoodcondition,aswellasthevalveseats
lengthof thehead,thecylinderheadmustberesur- andguides, , theymaybelappedinwithoutpetform-
I faced.Afterresurfacing
theheadsof a V-typeengine mgmacnme worK.
theintakemanifoldflangesurfaceshouldbechecker, 4 It is_a- recnmmended
___ .- - - _ practiceto lapthevalves
andif necessary,milledproportionally
to allowfor evenaftermachine workhasbeenp&formed and/or
thechangein itsmounting position. newvalveshavebeenpurchased. Thisinsuresa pos-
itivesealbetween thevalveandseat.
Generally, cracksarelimitedtothecombustion
-guide..clearance; read the 1 chamber, hbwever, it is notuncommon for thehead *Before iaoaino the valves to the seats,
to crackina sparkplughole,port,outsideof the read the rest of the cylinder headsectionto
heador inthevalvespring/rocker armarea.Thefirst insurethat any related parts are in accept-
intothecylinderhead.Positionthedialindicator area.Ito inspect
* is alwaysthehottest:theexhaust able enoughconditionto continue.
againstthevalvestemnearthetieandzerothe seawpon area.
8I .,“““I llly”Lv”l~ .ml”“l”- plr”llll”“, ““I ,“a’ *Before anv valve seat machiningand/or
gauge.Graspthevalvestemand’wiggle towardsand lappingcan be performed,the guidesmust
awayfromthedialindicatorandobserve theread- because youdon’tseea crackdoesnotmeanit is not
there.Somemorereliablemethods for inspecting for be within factory recommendedspecifica-
ings.Mountthedialindicator90degrees fromthe tions.
initialpointandzerothegaugeandagaintakea read- cracksincludeMagnaflux?a magn$i,c processor
ing.Compare thetworeadings fora outof round Zyglo? a dye penetrant. Ma{ -’
InatluxW IS used only on 1. Invertthecylinderhead.
condition.Checkthereadings againstthespecifica- ferrousmetal(castiron)heatIs.Zyglo@ usesa spray 2. _Linhtlv
-. Iuhrir;rBthevalvestemsandinsert
~..... .--.._-._
tionsgiven.AnInsideDiameter (I.D.)gaugedesigned onfluorescent mixturealongwitha blacklightto re- themintothecylinderheadintheirnumbered order.
forvalveguideswill giveyouanaccurate valveguide vealthecracks.It is stronglyrecommended to have 3. Raisethevalvefromtheseatandapplya small
boremeasurement. IftheI.D.gaugeis used,compare yourcylinderheadchecked professionally for cracks, amountof finelanninncompound to theseat.
thereadings withthespecifications given.Any especially
I .* I,. if theenginewasknownto have ..^..over- 4. Moistenthesuctionheadof a hand-lapping
i guidesthatfailtheseinspections shouldbereplaced nearea analorieaKea orconsumea coolant.Contact a toolandattachit totheheadof thevalve.
i or machined. localshopforavailability andpricingof theseser- 5. Rotatethetoolbetween thepalmsof both
I vices. hands,changing thepositionof thevalveonthe
I Physicaldamage is usuallyveryevident.Forex-
VALVESEATS valveseatandliftingthetooloftento preventgroov-
amnb P hrnbn mntlntinn ear from dropping the
A visualinspection of thevalveseatsshouldshow ing.
I and/or bolt.All ofthese
.a,... . 6. Lapthevalveuntila smooth,polishedcircleis
a slightlywornandpittedsurfacewherethevalve uetecIsSIIOUIO oenxeaor,ITunrepairaole, meneaa
facecontacts theseat.Inspect theseatcarefullyfor evidlentonthevalveandseat.
shouldbereplaced. 7‘. Remove thetoolandthevalve.Wipeawayall
severepittingor cracks.Also,a seatthatis badly
wornwill berecessed intothecylinderhead.A se- tracesof thegrindingcornpoundandstorethevalve
Camshaftand Followers to maintain its lappedloca
verelywornor recessed seatmayneedto bere-
placed:All cracked seatsmustbereplaced. Aseat Inspect thecamshaft(s) andfollowersasdescribed
concentricity gauge,if available, shouldbeusedto earlierin thissection.
checktheseatrun-out.If run-outexceeds specifica- Do not get the valves out of order after they
tionstheseatmustbemachined (if nosoecification REFINISHING & REPAIRING have beenlapped.Theymustbe put back
is givenuse0.002in.or O.O51mt$. with the samevalve seat with which they \
Manyof theprocedures :..^^I...
gIveI --I:^:-L!-- --A
CYLtNDEt? HEADSURFACEFLATNESS repairingthecylinderheadcomponents mustbeper-
) See Figures 256 and 257 formedbya machine shop.Certainsteps,if thein-
spected partis notworn,canbeperformed yourself Springs,Retainersand Valve locks
Afteryouhavecleaned thegasketsurfaceof the inexpensively. However, youspenta lotof timeand
cylinderheadof anyoldgasketmaterial, checkthe effortsofar,whyrisktryingto savea couplebucksif Thereis norepairor refinishing
headforflatness. youmighthaveto doit all overagain? springs,retainersandvalvelocks.If theyarefoundto
bewornor defective, theymustbereplaced withnew
I- lor
\- known
- nnod\r-narts
a---r .-.

Cylinder Head
Mostrefinishing dealingwiththe

elf any machiningor replacementsare
e valve guides,the seats mustbe

Unlessthevalveguidesneedmachining or re-
Fig. 257 Checksshouldalso be madealong placing,theonlyserviceto performis to thoroughly‘
cleanthemof anydirtor oil residue.
Thereareonlytwotypesof valveguidesusedon machined. CupType CamshaflFollowers
automobile engines: thereplaceable-type (allalu- If theseatsarein goodcondition,thevalvescan
minumheads)andthecast-inintegral-type (most Toinstallthesprings,retainers andvalvelockson
belappedto theseats,andthecylinderheadassem- headswhichhavethesecomponents recessed into
castironheads). Therearefourrecommended meth- bled.Seethevalvessectionfor instructions
odsfor repairing wornguides. thecamshaft followersbore,youwill needa small
ping. screwdriver-type tool,somecleanwhitegreaseanda
. Knurling If thevalveseatsareworn,crackedor damaged,
Inserts lotof patience. Youwill alsoneedtheC-clampstyle
theymustbeservicedbya machine shop.Thevalve springcompressor andtheOHCtoolusedto disas-
l Reaming oversize seatmustbeperfectlycenteredtothevalveguide,
Replacing semblethehead.
whichrequiresveryaccuratemachining. 1. Lightlylubricatethevalvestemsandinsertall
Knurlingis a processin whichmetalis displaced
andraised,therebyreducing clearance, givinga true of thevalvesintothecylinderhead.If possible,main-
CYLINDERHEADSURFACE taintheiroriginallocations.
center,andprovidingoil control.It is theleastex-
pensivewayof repairingthevalveguides.However, If thecylinderheadis warped,it mustbema- 2. If equipped, installanyvalvespringshims
chinedflat.If thewarpage is extremely
severe,the whichwereremoved.
it is notnecessarily thebest,andin somecases,a headmayneedto bereplaced. Insomeinstances,it 3. If equipped, installthenewvalveseals,keep-
knurledvalveguidewill notstandupfor morethan maybepossibleto straighten a warpedheadenough ingthefollowingin mind:
a shorttime.It requiresa specialknurlizerandpre- to allowmachining. Ineithercase,contacta profes- l If thevalvesealpressesovertheguide,
cisionreamingtoolsto obtainproperclearances. It sionalmachine sh& for service. lightlylubricatetheouterguidesurfaces.
wouldnotbecosteffectiveto purchase thesetools, l If thesealis an0-rinatvoe.it rc rn+#fld
unlessyouplanon rebuildingseveralof thesame *Any OHCcylinder headthat showsexces- ., ,,
I” .1.1.“1.“”

sive warpageshouldhave the camshaftbear- justaftercompressing thespringbutbeforethe

cylinderhead. ing journals align boredafter the cylinder valvelocks.
a guideinsertinvolvesmachining the headhas beenresurfaced. 4. Placethevalvespringandretaineroverthe
guidetoaccepta bronzeinsert.Onestyleisthecoil- stem.
typewhichis installedintoa threaded guide.Another 5. Positionthespringcompressor andtheOHC
isthethin-walledinsertwheretheguideis reamed tool,thencompress thespring.
: oversize to accepta split-sleeve insert.Afterthein- Failure to align bore the camshaftbearing 6. Usinga smallscrewdriver asa spatula, fill
sertis installed,a specialtoolis thenrunthroughthe journals could result in severe enginedam- thevalvestemsideof thelockwithwhitegrease.Use
guideto expandtheinsert,lockingit to theguide. age includingbut not limited to: valve and theexcessgreaseonthescrewdriver to fastenthe
Theinsertis thenreamed to thestandard sizefor oiston damage.connectinurod damaoe, locktothedriver.
propervalveclearance. iamshaft and/orcrankshaftbreakage, 7. Carefullyinstallthevalvelock,whichis stuck
Reamina for oversize
valvesrestoresnormalclear- to theendofthescrewdriver, tothevalvestemthen
antesandprovidesatruevalveseat.Mostcast-in pressonit withthescrewdriver untilthegrease
i tvpeguidescanbereamed to acceptanvalvewithan CRACKSANDPHYSICALDAMAGE squeezes out.Thevalvelockshouldnowbestuckto
oversizestem.Thecostfactorforthiscanbecome Certaincrackscanberepairedin bothcastiron thestem.
quitehighasyouwill needto purchase thereamer andaluminum heads.Forcastiron,a tapered 8. Repeat Steps6 and7 fortheremaining valve
andnew,oversize stemvalvesforall guideswhich threadedinsertis installedalongthelengthof the lock.
werereamed. Oversizesaregenerally 0.003to 0.030 crack.Aluminum canalsousethetaperedinserts, 9. Relievethespringpressure slowlyandinsure
in.(0.076to 0.762mm), with0.015in.(0.381mm) however weldingis thepreferred method.Some thatneithervalvelockbecomes dislodged bythere-
beingthemostcommon. physicaldamage canberepaired throughbrazingor tainer.
Toreplace cast-intypevalveguides,theymustbe welding.Contact a machine shopto getexpertadvict 10. Remove thespringcompressor tool. \
drilledout,thenreamed to acceptreplacement foryourparticulardilemma. 11. Repeat Steps2 through10untilall of the
guides,Thismustbedoneona fixturewhichwill al- springshavebeeninstalled.
lowcentering andlevelingoff of theoriginalvalve ASSEMBLY 12. Installthefollowers,camshaft(s) andany
seator quide,otherwise a seriousguide-to-seat mis- othercomponents thatwereremoved for disassem-
alignment mayoccurmakingit impossible to prop- + See Figure 258 bly.
erlymachine theseat.
Replaceable-type guidesarepressedintothe Thefirststepforanyassembly jobisto havea RockerArm Type CamshaftFollowers
cylinderhead.A hammer anda stepped driftor cleanareain whichto work.Next,thoroughly clean 1. Lightlylubricate thevalvestemsandinsertall
punchmaybeusedto installandremovetheguides. all of thepartsandcomponents thatareto beassem- of thevalvesintothecylinderhead.If possible,main-
Beforeremoving theguides,measure theprotrusion bled.Finally,placeall of thecomponents ontoa suit- taintheiroriginallocations.
onthespringsideof theheadandrecordit for instal- ableworkspaceand,if necessary, arrangetheparts 2. If equipped, installanyvalvespringshims
tation.Usethestepped driftto hammer outtheold totheirrespectivepositions. whichwereremoved.
guidefromthecombustion chamber sideof thehead. 3. If equipped, installthenewvalveseals,keep-
whenin~llfng, determine whetheror nottheguide ingthefollowingin mind:
alsosealsa waterjacketinthehead,andif it does, l If thevalvesealpressesovertheguide,
usethe~o~ended sealingagent.If thereis no lightlylubricatetheouterguidesurfaces.
waterjacketgreasethevalveguideanditsbore.Use l If thesealis anO-ringtype,it is installed
thestepped drift,andhammer thenewguideintothe justaftercompressing thespringbutbeforethe
cylinderheadfromthespringsideof thecylinder valvelocks.
head.A stackaf washers thesamethickness asthe 4. Placethevalvespringandretaineroverthe
measured Eaton mayhelptheinstallation stem.
process. 5. Positionthespringcompressor tooland
compress thespring.
VALVESEATS 6. Assemble thevalvelocksto thestem.
*Before any valve seat maChiningcan be 7. Relievethespringpressure slowlyandinsure
aerformed.the guidesmustbe within factory thatneithervalvelockbecomes dislodgedbythere-
recommendedspecifications. tainer.
- 1Fig. 258 Onceassembled,checkthe valve 8. Remove thespringcompressor tool.
; rlf any machtningor replacementswere 1clearance and correct as needed 9. Repeat Steps2 through8 untilall of the
I madeto the valve guides, the seats must be springshavebeeninstalled.

10. Installthecamshaft(s),
rockers,shaftsand waysnumber1.However, dependingontheengine
anyothercomponents thatwereremoved for disas- placement, thefrontoftheenginecouldeitherbethe
sembly. flywheelor damper/pulley end.Generally
theenginefacesthefrontof thevehicle.Usea num-
berpunchor scribeandalsomarkthemainbearing
capsfromfrontto rearwiththefrontmostcapbeing
number 1 (if therearefivecaps,markthem1 through
GENERALINFORMATION 5, frontto rear).
A thoroughoverhaul or rebuildof anengineblock
wouldincludereplacing thepistons,rings,bearings,
timingbelt/chain assembly andoil pump.ForOHV Takespecial care when pushingthe connect-
enginesalsoincludea newcamshaft andlifters.The ing rod up from the crankshaftbecausethe
blockwouldthenhavethecylindersboredandhoned sharpthreadsof the rod bolts/studswill
oversize(or if usingremovable cylindersleeves,new scorethe crankshaftjournal. Insurethat spe-
sleevesinstalled) andthecrankshaft wouldbecut cial plastic capsare installed over them, or
undersizeto providenewwearingsurfaces andper- cut two piecesof rubberhoseto do the
feetclearances. However,yourparticular enginemay same.
Again,rotatetheengine,thistimeto positionthe
number onecylinderbore(headsurface)up.Turnthe
crankshaft untilthenumber onepistonisatthebot-
tomof itstravel,thisshouldallowthemaximum ac-
cessto itsconnecting rod.Remove thenumberone
connecting rodsfastenersandcapandplacetwo
lengthsof rubberhoseovertherodbolts/studs to
protectthecrankshaft fromdamage. Usinga sturdy
woodendowelanda hammer, pushtheconnecting
rodupabout1 in.(25mm)fromthecrankshaft and
remove theupperbearinginsert.Continue pushing
ortappingtheconnecting rodupuntilthepiston
ringsareoutof thecylinderbore.Remove thepiston
androdbyhand,puttheupperhalfof thebearingin-
insertinstalled, andhand-tighten thecapfasteners. If
thepartsarekeptin orderinthismanner, theywill
notgetlostandyouwill beabletotellwhichbear-
ingscameformwhatcylinderif anyproblems are
discovered anddiagnosisis necessary. Remove all
theotherpistonassemblies inthesamemanner. On
V-styleengines,remove all ofthepistonsfromone
bank,thenreposition theenginewiththeothercylin-
derbankheadsurfaceup,andremove thatbanksnis-
Theonlyremaining component intheengine
blockshouldnowbethecrankshaft. Loosenthemain
bearingcapsevenlyuntilthefasteners canbeturned
preventthe assembliesfrom beingremoved, byhand,thenremove themandthecaps.Remove the
Fig. 260 Carefully tap the piston out of the crankshaft fromtheengineblock.Thoroughly clean
necessitatingits removal. bore using a wooden dowel all of thecomponents.
Thereareseveraldifferenttypesof ridgereamers
onthemarket,noneof whichareinexpensive, Unless housingor transmission mounting surface. Youmust INSPECTION
.3“me.+ ,-ins,rdnnn;nn mh~lil.-linn
a ylwx “Gal “I cllylllc Ir;““ll”llly
;I nn+:n:nnL.*
13 dllLILlpxC”,
beableto accesstheconnecting rodfasteners and
rowor renta reamer. turnthecrankshaft duringdisassembly. Also,all en- Nowthattheengineblockandall of itscompo-
1. Turnthecrankshaft untilthepistonis atthe ginecovers(timing,front,side,oil pan,whatever) nentsareclean,it’stimeto inspectthemfor wear
bottomof itstravel. shouldhavealreadybeenremoved. Engines which and/ordamage. Toaccurately inspectthem,youwill
2. Covertheheadof thepistonwitha rag. aresei2,edor lockedupmaynotbeableto becom- needsomespecialized tools:
3. Followthetoolmanufacturers instructions and nletelv
r’-‘-‘, disassembled, anda core(salvage yard)en- l Twoorthreeseparate micrometers to measure
cutawaytheridge,exercising extreme careto avoid gineshouldbepurchased. theprstons andcrankshaft journals
~ ioo deepfy. If not doneduringthecylinderheadremoval,re- l A dialindicator
4. Remove theridgereamer, theragand1asmany movethetimingchain/belt and/orgear/sprocket as- l Telescoping gauges forthecylinderbores
armings aspossible.Continue untilaII of the sembly.Remove theoil pick-upandpumpassembly l A rodalignment fixtureto checkfor bentcon-
biter ridgeshavebeenremoved. and,if necessary, thepumpdrive.If equipped, re- nettingrods
moveanybalance or auxiliaryshafts.If necessary,re- If youdo nothaveaccessto thepropertools,
~1SA~E~BLY movethecylinderridgefromthetopof thebore.See youmaywantto bringthecomponents to a shop
thecylinderridgeremovalprocedure earlierinthis thatdoes.
b See Figures259 and 260 section. Generally, youshouldn’t expectcracksin theen-
Rotate theengineoversothatthecrankshaft is ex- gineblockor itscomponents unlessit wasknownto
Theenginedisassembly instructions
followingas- leak,consume or mixenginefluids,it wasseverely
sumethatyouhavetheenginemounted onanengine posed.Usea numberpunchor scribeandmarkeach
stand.If not,it is easiestto disassembletheengine connecting rodwithitsrespective cylindernumber. overheated, ortherewasevidence of badbearings
ona benchor thefloorwithit restingonthebell Thecylinderclosesttothefrontof theengineisal- and/orcrankshaft damage. Avisualinspection
shouldbeperformed onall of thecomponents, but (0.0381mm-O.0635mm). Inspectandmeasure the crankshaft, butyoushouldhardlyfeelthemwithyour
justbecause youdon’tseea crackdoesnotmeanit cylinderbores.Theboreshouldbechecked for out- fingernail.Whenmeasuring thecrankshaftwitha mi-
is notthere.Somemorereliablemethods for inspect- of-roundness, taperandsize.Theresultsofthisin- crometer, youwill takereadings atthefrontandrear
ingfor cracksincludeMagnaflux?a magnetic spectionwill determine whether thecylindercanbe of eachjournal,thenturnthemicrometer 90degrees
processorZyglo@‘, a dyepenetrant. Magnaflux@ is usedin itsexistingsizeandcondition, or a reboreto andtaketwomorereadings, frontandrear.Thedif-
usedonlyonferrousmetal(castiron).Zyglo@ usesa thenextoversizeis required(or inthecaseof remov- ferencebetween thefront-to-rear readingsis thejour-
sprayonfluorescent mixturealongwitha blacklight ablesleeves,havereplacements installed). naltaperandthefirst-to-90degreereadingisthe
to revealthecracks.It is stronglyrecommended to Theamountof cylinderwallwearisalwaysgreater out-of-round measurement. Generally,thereshould
haveyourengineblockchecked professionally
for atthetopof thecylinderthanatthebottom.This benotaperor out-of-roundness found,however, up
cracks,especiallyif theenginewasknownto have wearis knownastaper.Anycylinderthathasataper to 0.0005in.(0.0127mm) for eithercanbeover-
overheated and/orleakedor consumed coolant.Con- of 0.0012in.(0.305mm) or more,mustberebored. looked.Also,thereadings shouldfall withinthefac-
tacta localshopforavailabilityandpricingof these Measurements aretakenata numberof positionsin toryspecifications for journaldiameters.
services. eachcylinder:atthetop,middleandbottomandat \ If thecrankshaft journalsfall withinspecifications,
twopointsateachposition;thatis,ata point90de- it is recommended thatit bepolishedbeforebeing
EngineBlock greesfromthecrankshaft centerline,aswellasa returned to service.Polishing thecrankshaft insures
pointparalleltothecrankshaft centerline.Themea- thatanyminorburrsor highspotsaresmoothed,
ENGINEBLOCKBEARINGALIGNMENT surements aremadewitheithera specialdialindica- therebyreducing thechanceof scoringthenewbear-
Remove themainbearingcapsand,if still in: toror atelescopic gaugeandmicrometer. Ifthenec- ings.
stalled,themainbearinginserts.Inspectall of the essaryprecisiontoolstochecktheborearenot
mainbearingsaddlesandcapsfor damage, burrsor available, taketheblockto a machine shopandhave Pistonsand ConnectingRods
highspots.If damage isfound,andit is causedfrom themmikeit.Alsoif youdon’thavethetoolsto check
a spunmainbearing,theblockwill needto bealign- thecylinderbores,chances areyouwill nothavethe PISTONS
boredor,if severeenough, replacement. Anyburrsor necessary devicesto checkthepistons,connecting N See Figure 262
highspotsshouldbecarefullyremoved witha metal rodsandcrankshaft. Takethesecomponents withyou
file. andsaveyourselfanextratrip. Thepistonshouldbevisuallyinspected for any
Placea straightedgeonthebearingsaddles, in the Forourprocedures, wewill useatelescopic signsof crackingor burning(causedbyhotspotsor
engineblock,alongthecenterline of thecrankshaft. If gaugeanda micrometer. Youwill needoneof each,’ detonation),andscuffingor excessive wearonthe
anyclearance existsbetween thestraightedgeandthe witha measuring rangewhichcoversyourcylinder skirts.Thewristpinattaches thepistontothecon-
saddles, theblockmustbealign-bored. boresize. nettingrod.Thepistonshouldmovefreelyonthe
Align-boringconsistsof machining themain 1, Positionthetelescopic gaugeinthecylinder wristpin,bothslidingandpivoting.Graspthecon-
bearingsaddlesandcapsbymeansof aflycutterthat bore,loosenthegaugeslockandallowit to expand. nettingrodsecurely, or mountit ina vise,andtryto
runsthroughthebearingsaddles. rockthepistonbackandforthalongthecenterline of
*Your first two readingswill be at the top of thewristpin.Thereshouldnotbeanyexcessive play
DECKFLATNESS the cylinder bore, then proceedto the middle evidentbetween thepistonandthepin.If thereareC-
and finally the bottom,makinga total of six clipsretainingthepininthepistonthenyouhave
Thetopof theengineblockwherethecylinder measurements.
headmountsis calledthedeck.Insurethatthedeck \ wristpinbushings intherods.Thereshouldnotbe
surfaceis cleanof dirt,carbondepositsandoldgas- 2. Holdthegaugesquareinthebore,90degrees anyexcessive playbetween thewristpinandtherod
ketmaterial.Placea straightedge acrossthesurface fromthecrankshaft centerline,andgentlytightenthe bushing.Normalclearance forthewristpinisap-
of thedeckalongitscenterline and,usingfeeler lock.Tiltthegaugebackto removeit fromthebore. prox.0.001-0.002 in.(0.025mm-0.051mm).
gauges, checktheclearance alongseveralpoints.Re- 3. Measure thegaugewiththemicrometer and Usea micrometer andmeasure thediameter of the
peatthechecking procedure withthestraightedge recordthereading. piston,perpendicular to thewristpin,ontheskirt.
placedalongbothdiagonals of thedecksurface.If 4. Again,holdthegaugesquareinthebore,this Compare thereadingto itsoriginalcylindermeasure-
thereadingexceeds 0.003in.(0.076mm) withina 6.0 timeparallelto thecrankshaft centerline,andgently mentobtained earlier.Thedifference between thetwo
in.(152cm)span,or 0.006in.(0.152mm) overthe tightenthelock.Again,youwill tilt thegaugebackto readingsis thepiston-to-wall clearance. If theclear-
totallengthof thedeck,it mustbemachined. removeit fromthebore. anteiswithinspecifications, thepistonmaybeused
5. Measure thegaugewiththemicrometer and asis.If thepistonis outof specification, butthebore
CYLINDERBORES recordthisreading. Thedifference between thesetwo is not,youwill needa newpiston.If bothareoutof
readings is theout-of-round measurement of the specification,
youwill needthecylinderreboredand
$ See Figure 261 cylinder. oversizepistonsinstalled. Generally if twoor more
6. Repeat steps1 through5, eachtimegoingto pistons/bores areoutof specification, it is bestto re-
Thecylinderboreshousethepistonsandare boretheentireblockandpurchase a complete setof
Acom- thenextlowerposition,untilyoureachthebottomof
monpiston-to-bore clearance
is 0.0015-0.0025
in. thecylinder.Thengoto thenextcylinder,andcon- oversize pistons.
tinueuntilall of thecylindershavebeenmeasured.
Thedifference between thesemeasurements will
tellyouall aboutthewearin yourcylinders. The
measurements whichweretaken90degrees fromthe
crankshaft centerline will alwaysreflectthemost
wear.,That is because atthispositioniswheretheen-
ginepowerpresses thepistonagainstthecylinder
borethehardest. Thisis knownasthrustwear.Take
yourtop,90degreemeasurement andcompare it to
yourbottom,90degreemeasurement. Thedifference
between themis thetaper.Whenyoumeasure your
pistons,youwill compare thesereadings to yourpis-
tonsizesanddetermine piston-to-wall clearance.
thecrankshaft for visiblesignsof wearor
All of thejournalsshouldbeperfectlyround
andsmooth.Slightscoresarenormalfor a used
anyfreezeoroil galleyplugs
StraiQhtness ata machine
shop.If theconnecting
1 whichwereremoved

is bent,it will unevenly wearthebearingandpiston,

aswellasplacegreaterstressonthesecomponents. u See Figures265, 266, 267, and 266
Anybentor twistedconnecting rodsmustbere-
placed.If therodsarestraightandthewristpinclear- 1. Remove themainbearinginsertsfromthe
anceiswithinspecifications, thenonlythebearing blockandbearingcaps.
endoftherodneedbechecked. Placetheconnecting 2. If thecrankshaftmainbearingjournalshave
rodintoa vice,withthebearinginsertsin place,in- beenrefinished to a definiteundersize,
stallthecaptotherodandtorquethefasteners to correctundersize bearina.Besurethatthebearina
specifications. Usea telescoping gaugeandcarefully insertsandbearingboresareclean.Foreignmateiial
measure theinsidediameter of thebearings. Com- underinsertswill distortbearinqandcausefailure.
parethisreadingto therodsoriginalcrankshaft jour- 3. Placetheuppermainbearinginsertsin bores
naldiameter measurement. Thedifference is theoil
clearance. If theoil clearance is notwithinspecifica- *The oil holes in the bearinginserts must
tions,installnew . bearings in therodandtakeanother be
measurement. it theClearance is still outof :specifica- L . . aligned
. with the oil holes in the cylinder
tions,andthecrankshaft is not,therodwill needto shopasthepistonsmustbeinstalledinthecon,ect
bereconditioned bya machine shop. relationshipto
therodor enginedamage canoccur,
*You can also use Plastigage’@tocheckthe
bearingclearances.Theassen-Mm....=sectinn - _______ Pistons and Connecting Rods I
has completeinstructionson its use. b See Fiaute 264
--- --*------

Camshaft \ Onlypistonswiththewristpinretained byC-clips

areserviceable bythehome-mechanic. Pressfit pis-
Inspectthecamshaft andlifters/followers
asde I” requirespecialpresses
tons and/orheatersto re-
scribedearlierin thissection. \ rrrove/install
theconnecting rodandshouldonlybe
PC srformed bya machine shop.
Bearings All pistonswill havea markindicating
All of theenainebearinos
~~~ I~ should
.- - be
-- visuallv
..-_-.., in- tir9nto thefrontof theengineandthemustbein-
spected forwe; and/ordamage. Thebearingshould stalledintotheengineinthatmanner. Usuallyit is a
lookevenlywornall aroundwithnodeepscoresor notchorarrowonthetopof thepiston,or it maybe
pits.If thebearingis severelyworn,scored,pittedor theletterFcastor stamped intothepiston.
heatblued,thenthebearing, andthecomponents ASEtiBlY
thatuseit, shouldbebroughtto a machine shopfor
inspection. Full-circlebearings(usedonmost
camshafts, auxiliaryshafts,balanceshafts,etc.)re- Beforeyoubeginassembling theengine,firstgive
quirespecialized toolsfor removalandinstallation,’ yourselfa clean,dirtfreeworkarea.Next,cleanevery
andshouldbebroughtto a machine shopfor service. enginecomponent again.Thekeytoa QOOd assem-
hhr Iaio ~rGiOllll,lc7.Ja.

Oil Pump Mounttheengineblockintotheenginestandand II

wasnIt onelasttimeusmgwateranddetergent (dish-
*The oil pumpis responsiblefor providing 1ILl.M0,,y “GSGl
unrhinn ycxII~nrirc
rldarnant ““1n well), While washing it,
constantlubricationto the whole engineand scrubthecylinderbore:j\witha softbristlebrushand
so it is recommendedthat a new oil pumpbe thoroughly cleanall oftht: oil oassaoes.Comoletelv
installed when rebuildingthe engine. drytheengineandspray theentireassembly down’
Completely disassembletheoil pumpandthor- withananti-rustsolutioinsuchasWD-4Q@ or similar Fig. 265 Apply a strip of gauging material
oughlycleanall of thecomponents. Inspecttheoil proIduct.Takea cleanlint-freeragandwipeupany to the bearmg lournal, then mstall and
pumpQears andhousingfor wearand/ordamage. In- exelessanti-rustsolutionfromthebores,bearing !torguethe~~p * ,’ /
surethatthepressure reliefvalveoperates
properly sacIdles,etc.Repeat thefinalcleaningprocessonthe
andthereis nobindingor stickingdueto varnishor
debris.If all of thepartsarein properworkingcondi-
thegearsandreliefvalve,andassem- r
# See Figure 263
Almostall engineblockrefinishing mustbeper- I
IUIIII~Uuya macnme snap.ir mecynnoers arenorro
berebored, thenthecylinderglazecanberemoved
witha ballhone.Whenremoving cylinderglazewith
a ballhone,usea lightor penetratingtypeoil to Iu-
bricatethehone.Donotallowthehoneto rundryas
thismaycauseexcessive scoringof thecylinder Fig. 266After the cap is removedagain, use
boresandwearonthehone.If newpistonsarere-
quired,theywill needto beinstalledto theconnect-
ingrods.Thisshouldbeoerformed bva machine

8. Installtherearmainseal. theinnerportionof thelowerland.If thelower
9. Afterthebearings havebeenfitted,applya landshavehighsteps,thepistonshouldbere-
lightcoatof engineoil to thejournalsandbearings. placed.
Installtherearmainbearingcap.Installall bearing 2. Unlessnewpistonsareinstalled, besureto
capsexceptthethiustbearingcap.Besurethatmain I installthepistonsinthecylindersfromwhichthey
bearingcapsareinstalledin originallocations. wereremoved. Thenumbers ontheconnecting rod
Tightenthebearingcapboltsto specifications. andbearingcapmustbeonthesamesidewhenin-
10. Installthethrustbearingcapwithboltsfin- stalledinthecylinderbore.If aconnecting rodis
ger-tight. evertransposed fromoneengineor cylinderto an-
11. Prythecrankshaft forwardagainstthethrust other,newbearings shouldbefittedandtheconnect-
surfaceof upperhalfof bearing. ingrodshouldbenumbered to correspond withthe *
12. Holdthecrankshaft forwardandprythethrust newcylindernumber. Thenotchonthepistonhead
bearingcapto therear.Thisalignsthethrustsur- goestowardthefrontof theengine.
facesof bothhalvesof thebearing. 3. Installall of therodbearinginsertsintothe
13. Retaintheforwardpressure onthecrankshaft. \ rodsandcaps.
crankshaftend-play Tightenthecapboltsto specifications. 4. Installtheringstothepistons.Installtheoil
14. Measure thecrankshaft end-playasfollows: controlringfirst,thenthesecondcompression ring
a. Mounta dialgaugeto theengineblock andfinallythetopcompression ring.Usea piston
andpositionthetip of thegaugeto readfromthe ringexpander tooltoaidin installation andto help
crankshaft end. reducethechanceof breakage.
b. Carefullyprythecrankshaft towardtherear 5. Makesuretheringgapsareproperlyspaced
of theengineandholdit therewhileyouzerothe aroundthecircumference of thepiston.Fita piston
gauge. ringcompressor aroundthepistonandslidethepis-
c. Carefullyprythecrankshaft towardthe tonandconnecting rodassembly downintothe
frontof theengineandreadthegauge. cylinderbore,pushingit inwiththewoodenhammer
d. Confirmthatthereadingis withinspecifi- handle.Pushthepistondownuntilit is onlyslightly
cations.If not,installa newthrustbearingand belowthetopofthecylinderbore.Guidethecon-
repeattheprocedure. If thereadingis still outof nettingrodontothecrankshaft bearingjournalcare-
specifications witha newbearing,havea ma- fully,to avoiddamaging thecrankshaft.
chineshopinspectthethrustsurfaces of the 6. Checkthebearingclearance of alltherod
crankshaft, andif possible,repairit. bearings, fittingthemto thecrankshaft bearingjour-
15. Rotatethecrankshaft soasto positionthe nals.Followtheprocedure inthecrankshaft installa-
firstrodjournaltothebottomof itsstroke. tionabove.
Fig. 266 Carefully pry the crankshafl Ez 7. Afterthebearings havebeenfitted,applya
and forth while reading the dial gauge for Pistonsand ConnectingRods lightcoatingof assembly oil to thejournalsandbear-
end-play # See Figures 269, 270,271, and 272 ings.
8. Turnthecrankshaft untiltheappropriate
1. Beforeinstallingthepiston/connecting rod bearingjournalisatthebottomof itsstroke,then
assembly, oil thepistons,pistonringsandthecylin- pushthepistonassembly all thewaydownuntilthe
4. Installthelowermainbearinginsertsin bear- connecting rodbearingseatsonthecrankshaft jour-
ingcaps. derwallswithlightengineoil. Installconnectingrod
boltprotectors or rubberhoseontotheconnecting nal.Becarefulnotto allowthebearingcapscrewsto
5. Cleanthematingsurfaces of blockandrear strikethecrankshaft bearingjournalsanddamage
mainbearingcap. rodbolts/studs. Alsoperformthefollowing:
a. Selecttheproperringsetfor thesizecylin- them.
6. Carefullylowerthecrankshaft intoplace.Be derbore. 9. Afterthepistonandconnecting rodassem-
carefulnotto damage bearingsurfaces. blieshavebeeninstalled, checktheconnecting rod
7. Checktheclearance of eachmainbearingby b. Positiontheringin theborein whichit is
goingto beused. sideclearance oneachcrankshaft journal.
usingthefollowingprocedure: c. Pushtheringdownintotheborearea 10. Primeandinstalltheoil pumpandtheoil
a. Placea pieceof Plastigage@ or its equiva- pumpintaketube.
lent,on bearingsurfaceacrossfull widthof bear- wherenormalringwearis notencountered.
d. Usetheheadof thepistonto positionthe 11. Installtheauxiliary/balance shaft(s)/assem-
ingcapandaboutV4in. off center. ringin theboreso thattheringis squarewith bly(ies).
b. Installcapandtightenboltsto specifica-
tions.Donotturncrankshaft whilePlastigage@ is thecylinderwall.Usecautionto avoiddamage to
theringor cylinderbore. Cylinder Head(S)
in place.
c. Remove thecap.UsingthesuppliedPlasti- e. Measure thegapbetween theendsof the 1. Installthecylinderhead(s)usingnewgaskets.
gage@ scale,checkwidthof Plastigage@ at ringwitha feelergauge.Ringgapin a worn 2, Installthetimingsprockets/gears
widestpointto getmaximum clearance. Differ- cylinderis normallygreaterthanspecification. If belt/chain
encebetween readingsis taperof journal. theringgapis greaterthanthespecifiedlimits,
d. If clearanceexceeds specifiedlimits,try a try anoversizeringset. EngineCoversand Components
0.001in.or 0.002in. undersize bearingin com- f. Checktheringsideclearance of thecom-
binationwiththestandard bearing.Bearingclear- pressionringswitha feelergaugeinsertedbe- Installthetimingcover(s)andoil pan.Referto
antemustbewithinspecifiedlimits.If standard tweentheringandits lowerlandaccording to yournotesanddrawings madepriorto disassembly
and0.002in. undersize bearingdoesnotbring specification. Thegaugeshouldslidefreely andinstallall of thecomponents
clearance withindesiredlimits,refinishcrank- aroundtheentireringcircumference without Installtheengineintothevehicle.
shaftjournal,theninstallundersize bearings. binding.Anywearthatoccurswill forma stepat

Fig. 271 Most rings are marked to show
which side of the ring should face up when
installed to the piston

4. Allowtheengineto reachnormaloperating
(theupperradiatorhosewill behotto
tlie touch).
THEENGINE 5. Atthispointyoucanperformanynecessary
Checks oradjustments,
clearance using the ring and a Nowthattheengineis installedandeverywireand timing.
hoseis properlyconnected,gobackanddouble 6. Installanyremaining
or body
checkthatall coolantandvacuumhosesarecon- anelswhichwereremoved.
, netted.Checkthatyouroil drainplugis installedand
arvthesoeedbutdonotaccelerate hard.Mostim-
oriantly,do notlugtheengine,andavoidsustained
ighspeedsuntilat least100miles.Checktheen-
ineoil andcoolantlevelsfrequently. Expect
ineto usea littleoil untiltheringsseat.Changethe
il andfilterat500miles,1500miles,thenevery
English Metric English Metric
Description Specificationr Specifications Cescriptlon Specifications Specifications
General Information Valve guide
Enginetype 4 Cylinder In-LineOvethead Camshaft Length
Displacement 69 6 cubic I” 15L Intake 1 732 I” 44 Omm
sore 2 972 I” 75 5mm Exhaust 1 949 I” 49 5mm
Stroke 3 226 I” 82mm Selwe wes 0002,0010.002cIn 0 05,O 25,O 50mm
Compression rat10 921 Valve seat
Firingorder l-3-4-2 Seat contactwidth 0 035-o 051 I” 0 S-13mm
Cylinder Head Seat angle (all) 44.44 5”
Overall height 4 209.4 217 I” 1059-107 lmm Valve spring
Flatness (maximum) 0 002 I” 0 05mm Free length
Camshaft bearing-to-camshaftclearance 0 0016-O0031 I” 0 04-OOBmm Intake
Camshaft Standard 1 615 I” 461mm
Camshaft height Llmlt 1 776 I” 451mm
Intake Exhaust
Standard 1 5256 I”. 39 75mm Standard 1 643 I” 46 8mm
Limit 1.5059 In 38.25mm Llmlt 1 603 I” 45 6mm
Exhaust Load
Standard 1 5394 I” 391mm Intake
Llmlt 1 5197 In 38 6mm Exhaust 64 It Ibs. 290Nm
Journal outside diameter - 161101” 46mm Cylinder Block
Bearing 011clearance Bore
Standard 0 1X324.0a)39 I” 0 06-O10mm Dnmeter 2 9724-Z 9736 I” 75 50.75 53mm
Limit 0 0055 I” 0 14mm Out-of-round(ma) 0 006 I” 0 02mm
Rocker arms Taper (max.) 0 006 I” 0 02mm
lwde diameter 0 744 I”. 18 Smm Overall height
Arm-to-shaltclearance Standard 10075-10083In 255 9.256 1mm
Standard 0 OCQ4-00016 I”. 0 Old 04mm Llrnbt 10 073 I” 254 62mm
Llmlt 0 004 I” Olmm
Rocker arm shaft
OutsIdediameter 0 744 I” 16 9mm
Valve length
Intake 3 9665 I” 100 75mm
Exhaust 3 9763 I” 101.05mm
_ Stemoutslde diameter
Intake 0 2585.0 2591 I” 6.565-6 5tlOmm
Exhaust 0 2571-o 2579 I” 6 530-6 55Omm
Faceangle (ail) 45-45 5”
Head thickness (margm) No 1
Intake Standard 0 0012-o 0028 I”. 0 03-O07mm
Standard 0 039 I”. 1 Omm Llmlt 0 0047 I” 0 12mm
Llmlt 0 02u In. 05mm No 2
Exhaust Standard 0 OCOE-00024 I” 0 02-O06mm
0 059 I” 1.5mm Llmlt 0 0047 I” 0 l2mm
0 039 I”. 1.Omm End gap
No 1
Standard 0 0079-o 0157 I”. 0 20-O40mm
0 02-O05mm Limit 0 031 I” 0 8mm
0 1Omm No 2
Standard 0 0079.0.0136 I” 0 20-O35mm
0 05-OOSmm Ltmlt 0.031 I” 0.8mm
0 15mm 01
Standard 0 0079.0 0276 I” 0 20-O70mm
Limit 0 039 I” 1 Omm
0 15mm Connecting rod
0 25mm Bend (mex) 0 CO20I” 0 05mm
Twst (max) 0 0039 In 0 10mm
0 07mm
English Metric
Description Specifications Specifications
Connecting rod (cont’d)
Pistonp,n press-mload 1,100.3,300 II Ibs 5,000.15,OWNm
Connectingrod bearing 011clearance
Standard 0 0006-OCO24I” 0 02-O06mm
Limit 0 0059 I”. 015mm
Main bearing 011clearanc8
Standard 0 0006.0 0026 I” 0 02-O07mm
Ltmit 0 0059 I” 0 15mm
Pin outslde diameter 165111 42mm
Journal outside dlametei 1 89 I”. 46mm
Out-al-round imax I 0oLx%l” 0 015mm

SI& clearance
Standard 0 0016-O0039 I” 0 04-O1Omm
Llmtt 0 0079 I” 0 20mm
Standard 0 0039-o 0071 I”. 0 10-O16mm
Llmlt 0013am 0 35mm
Free length . 1635 I” 46 6mm
Load (@1 579 tn (40 1mm) 13H Ibs 61Nm


English Metric
Description Specifications Specifications
General Information

Standard 1 3556 I” 35 2Omm
Llmlt 1 3661 I” 34 70mm
Standard 1 3743 I” 34 W7mm
Llmlt 1 3546 I”. 34 407mm
Journal outslde diameter 1021n 26mm
Bearing011clearance 0 0020-0 w35 I” 0 05-0 09mm
End-play 0 004.0 oQ6In 0 i-02mm
English Metric
OWCriptkUl SpeciflCatiOllS Specifications
Piston Rings (cont’d)
End 9ap
No 1
standard 0 0096-00157,“. 0 25-O40mm
Limit 0 031 1” 0 6mm
No 2
Standard 0 0136-O0197 1” 0 350 mm
Ltmlt 0 039 I”. 1 Omm
standard 0 0079-O0276 I” 0 2Q.O70mm
Limit 0 039 I” 1 Omm
SeNlce SlZeS 0 010,O 020.0 030.0 039 m 0 25.0 50,O 75, 1 Omm
Connecting rod
Bend(max) 0 0020 I”. 0 05mm
Test (max.) 0 0039 I” 0 1Omm
Rod bigend side clearance
Standard 0 0039-o 0096 I” 0.10-O25mm Standard 146111 37 15mm
Limit 0 016 I” 0 4mm Llmlt 1441n 36 65mm
Pistonpm press-mload 1.6533,658 fl Ibs 7.500.17.500Nm
Connecbngred bearingal clealilnce
Standard 0 oowo 002u I” 0 02-O05mm
Llmlt oOO41n 0 lmm 110.15mm
Crankshaft Limit 109.65mm
Mm bearingMI clearance Exhaust
Standard 0 ooot-0 0020 I”. 0 02-O05mm 4 476 in 11370mm
Llmlt 0 004 I”. Oimm 4 457 I” 11325mm
Pmoutslde diameter 177m 45mm
Journalout&e diameter 224111 57mm 0 2340 I” 6 Omm
Out-of-round(max ) 00006lll 0 015mm 0 2340 1” 6 Omm
Crankshaftend.play 45-45 5”
SIatU&rd 0 002-O0071 1” 0 05-O16mm
Llmlt 0 0096 I” 0 25mm
1 Omm
Flywheel 0 5mm
Run-out(max ) 0 0051 I” 0 13mm
011Pump 13mm
lip clearance 0 6mm
Drive gear
Standard 0 0063.0 W63 m. 016.021mm Intake
Llmlt OCW6lfl 0 25mm Standard 0 @JOB-00020 m 0 02-O05mm
Driven gear Llmtt 0 0039 I” 0 1Omm
standard 0 0051-O0071 I”. 0 136 16mm
Llmlt 0 0096 I”. 0 25mm
Dive gear
standard 0 0331.0 0055 I”. 0 060 14mm
Llmlt 00096lll 0 25mm
then gear
Standard 0 0024-O0047 I” 006.0 12mm
Limit 0.0096 I” 0 25mm Seatangle (all) 44-44 5”
R&l spring Valve spring
Free length 1635 I” 46 6mm Freelength
Load (01 579 I” (40 tmm) 13 11Ibs 61Nm Intake
standard 2 cmI” 50 9mm
93153m 1961n 49.9mm
standard 2 w I” 50 9mm
Llmlt 1961n 49.9mm
Load B 1 74 I” (44 2mm)
Intake 59 It Ibs. 216Nm
Exhaust 59 It lbs 216Nm
English Metric
Description Speclficabons Specifications
Oil Pump (cont’d)
Standard 0 0039-o0071 I” 0 10-O18mm


Gasket surfaceflatness (ma ) 0 004 I” Olmm English Metric
Piston De5Criptl0li Specifications Specifications
Outslde diameter 3191n 81 Omm General Information
Pistonpm autslde diameter 0751n 190mm Engine type 4 CyknderIn-LmeOvetiead Camshalt
Pistonp,” press-,” load 1,100.3.300fl Ibs 5,000.15,OOONm Dsplacement 121 9 cubic I” 2OL
Piston-to-cylmderclearance 0 0008-O0016 I” 0 02-O04mm Bore 3.35 I” 85mm
Piston Rings Stroke 3461n 88mm
Flnng order l-3-4-2
0 0012-0 0028 1” 0 03-O07mm Cylinder Head
0.0039 I”. O.lmm

0 0008-OCO24I” 0 02-O06mm
0 0039 1” Olmm

0 0098-O0157 m 0 25-O40mm
0 031 I” 0 8mm

0 0157-O0217 ,n 0 40-O55mm
0031 I” 08mm

0 1X378-00236 m 0 200 60mm

Llmlt 0 039 I” 1 Omm
Connecting rod
Rod big end side clearance
Standard 0 0039.0 0098 m 0 10-O25mm
Llmlt 0 016 I” 0.4mm
Crankshaftpl” o~~clearance
Standard 0 OG98-00020 I”. 0.02-O08mm Stem outs& diameter
Lllllll 0 004 I” Olmm Intake 0 315 I”. 8Omm
Crankshafl Exhaust 0311 I”. 7 9mm
Crank&It ]ournal outsidediameter 1 97 I". 50mm Faceangle (all) 45.45 5
Pin outsIdediameter 1771n 45mm Head thickness(margm)
Journal011clearance Intake
Standard 0 0008-O0016 I” 0 020 04mm 0 047 I” 12mm
Llmlt 0 004 In Olmm 0 020 I”. 0 5mm
Out.&round (ma ) 0 0006 1” 0 015mm
Crankshaftend-play 0 079 I” 20mm
Standard 0 002-O0098 I” 0 050 25mm 0 031 I” 08mm
Llmlt 00041n Olmm
Oil Pump
Tip clearance 0 0008-OOQ24I”.
Standard 0 0024-O0071 I” 0 06-O18mm 0 0039 I”
Llmlt 0 0138 I”. 0.35mm Exhaust
Sideclearance Standard 0 0020-0 w35 I”. 0 05-O09mm
Standard 0 0016-O0039 I” 0 04-O1Omm Llmlt 0 0059 I” 0 15mm
Valve guide
InsIdediameter 0 315 1” 8 Omm
Oulslde dlametet 0516ln 131mm
valve 5eat
Engbsh Metric English Metric
Description Specifications Specifications Description Specifications Speciticatlonr
Valve sorino General Information
Engine type 4 Cylmdet In-LoneDual Overixad Camshaft
S&dard 1 36 I” Dlsplacemenl 12’ 3 cubic m 2OL
Llmlt 1 96 I” Bore 3351n 85mm
Squareness Stroke 3 46 I” 68mm
Standard 2” Comprwon rat10 981
Llmll 4” Flung order l-54-2
Cylinder Block Cylinder Head
lnslde diameter 335m 65mm Overall height 5 193.5 201 Ill 131 9.1321mm
O&of-round (max) 0 008 I”. 0 02mm Flatness (maximum) 0 008 1” 0 2mm
Taper (max) 0 008 I” 0 02mm Camshaft m
Overall height 11 413.11 421 I” 263 Q-290lmm Camshaftheight
Gasket surface flatness (mex ) 0 002 I”. 0 05mm lndentlficaiw mark A, D
Piston Intake
Outsidedlameler 3 346 I”. 64 99mm Standard 14m 35 49mm
Piston-lo-cylinderclearance 0 004-o 04312I” 0 01-O03mm Llmlt 1 36 I”. 34 99mm
Piston Rings lndentll!cat!onmark B C, E, F
Standard 1 39 I”. 35 20mm
0.0012-0 0026 I”. 0 03-O07mm Llmlt 1 37 I”. 34 70mm
0 004 I” 01mm lndentlllcallon mark A
Exhaust 7
0 0008-O0024 I” 0 02-O06mm Standard 1 39 I”. 35 20mm m
0 004 I” Olmm Lrmt 1 37 I”. 34 70mm
lndenbllcabonmah C
0 0098-0 0157 I”. 0 25.0 40mm Standard 14m 35 49mm
0 031 I” 0 6mm Limit 1 38 I”. 34 QQmm

0.0079-O0136 I”. 0 20-O35mm

0 031 I” 08mm

0 0079-O0276 I”.

Stem outside diameter

Intake 0 260 I”. 6 6mm
Exhaust 0 256 I”. 6 5mm
Face angle (all) 45-45 50
Piston pm outside diameter 0631ll 21mm Head lhlckness (margm)
Piston p,” press-!” load 1,653.3,656ft Ibs 7,500.17,5WNm Intake
Crankshaft PI” 011clearance Standard 0 039 WI. 1 Omm
Standard Llmlt 0 020 I”. 0 5mm
0 oooa-o 0020 In. 0 02-O05mm
Limit 0 004 I” Olmm Exhaust
Crankshaft Standard 0 059 I”. 15mm
Man bearing 011clearance Limit 0 031 I”. 0 6mm
Standard 0 ciw0 0020 I”. 0 02-O05mm Stem-to-gude clearance
Llmlt 0 004 I”. Olmm Intake
Pm outside dwneler 1771n 45mm Standard 0 oooa-o 0020 I” 0 02-O05mm
Journal outslde diameter 2 24 I” 57mm Llmlt 0 0039 in 0 1Omm
Out-of-round(max) 0 0006 I” 0 015mm Exhaust
CrankshaHend-play Standard 0 0020-O0035 I” 0 05-O09mm
Standard 0 002-O0071 I” 0 05-O16mm Llmlt 0 W59 m 0 15mm
Limtt 0 0098 I” 0 25mm Valve guide
Flywheel lnstde diameter 026Om 66mm
Run-out(max) 0 0051 I” 0.13mm OutsIde diameter 0 476 I” 121mm
Oil Pump Valve seat
Seal contactwldlh 0 035-o 051 I”. 0 Q-13mm
Seat angle (all) 44-44.5
Valve spring
English Metric
Description Specifications Specifications
General Information

Cyltnder Block
lnslde dnnetet 335m 65mm
Out&round (ma) 0 006 I” 0 02mm
Taper (ma) oooh 0 OPmm
Overall haght 11 413-l 1 421 I”. 269 9-290 lmm
Gasket surfaceflatness (ma ) 0 002 I” 0 05mm
Piston Camshafl height
lndentlkcatlon mark A. D
Standard 1 4 In 35 49mm
Side clearance Llmlt 1 36 I” 34 99mm
No 1 lndentlflcatlon mark E C. E, F
Standard 0 0012-O0028 I”. 0 03-O07mm Intake
Llmlt 0 004 I” Olmm Standard 1 39 I”. 35 20mm
No 2 Llmlt 1 37 I”. 34 70mm
Standard 0 0012-OW26 I” 0 03-O07mm lndentlflcal!on mark A
Llmlt 0 004 I” Olmm Exhaust
Standard 1 39 I”. 35 20mm
Llmlt 1 37 I”. 34 70mm
Standard 00096-0 0157 I” 0 25-O40mm lndentlflcatlon mark C
Limit 0 031 I” 0 8mm Exhaust
No 2 Standard 1 4 I” 35 49mm
Standard 0 0177-O0236 I” 0 45-O6Omm Llmlt 1 36 I” 34 99mm
Llmlt 0 031 I”. 0 6mm lndentlflcatlon mark E, F
011 Exhaust
Standard 0 0079.0 0276 I” 0 20-O70mm Standard 1 37 I”. 34 91mm
Llmlt 1351n 34 41mm
Camshaftjournal outslde dlametar 1021n 25 96mm

Piston pin outslde diameter Ot331n Zlmm

Piston ownoress-m load 1.653-3.856n Ibs 7 500-l 7 500Nm

Standard 0 039 I”. 1 Omm

LilTlIt 0 020 I”. 0 5mm
Mm bearing 011clearance Exhaust
Standard 0 OOOB-0 0020 1” 0 02-O05mm Standard 0 059 I”. 15mm
Llmlt 0 004 I” Olmm Llmlt 0 031 I”. 0 6mm
Pin outsIde diameter 1 77 I”. 45mm Stem-to-guideclearance
Journal outslde diameter 2 24 I”. 57mm Intake
Out-of-round(max ) 0 0006 I” 0 015mm Standard 0 0008-0 0020 I” 0 02-O05mm
Crankshall end&v Llmtt 0 0039 I” OlOmm
Standard’ ‘ 0 002-O0071 I” 0 05-O16mm Exhaust
Llmlt 0 0096 I”. 0 25mm Standatd 0 0020-0 0035 I”. 0 05.0 09mm
FlVWheel Limit 0 0059 I”. 015mm
Run-out(max) 0 BO51I” 0 13mm Valve guide
Oil Pump lnslde diameter 0260 In. 66mm
OutsIdedlametat 0 476 I” 12 lmm
Valve peat
Seat contact wdth 0 035-o 051 m 0 9.1 3mm
Seat angle (all) 44.44 5”
English Metric English MlxdC
Description Specifications Specifications Description Specifications Specifications
Valve spring General Information
Free length Enginetype 4 CylinderIn-LmeOverhead Camshaft
Standard 1 90 I”. 46 3mm Displacement 143 4 cLblc I” 24L
Llmlt 1 98 I” 49 9mm Bore 341 I” 86 5mm
Squareness Stroke 3941n 1OOmm
Standard 2’ Compressionrat10 651
Llmlt 4’ Frrlngorder l-3-4-2
Cylinder Head
Overall height 3 539-3 547 I” 89 9-90 1mm
Flatness (maxlmum) 0 008 1” 02mm
lndenbflcatlonmark D
Standard 167Ill 42 4mm
Llrnd 165vl 419mm
Standard 167m 42 4mm
Limit 165In 419mm
lndenbflcabonmark AR
Standard 1751n 44 53mm
Llmlt 1.73 I” 44 03mm
Standard 175m 44 53mm
Llmlt I 73 I” 44 03mm
Camshalt journal outside dnmeter 1 34 I” 33 95mm
Stem outsidediameter
Intake 0315m 8 Omm
Exhaust 0311 I” 7 9mm
Face angle (all) 45.45 5
Head thickness(margm)
Standard 0047m 1 2mm
Llmlt 0.020 I” 0 5mm
Standard 0 079 I” 2 Omm
Llmlt 0 031 ,” 0 8mm
Standard 0 0008-O0024 I” 0 03-O&mm
Llmlt 0 0039 I” 0 1Omm
Standard 0 oQ20-00035 I” 0 05-O09mm
Llmlt 0 0059 In 0 15mm
Valve guide
lwde diameter 0 315 tn. 8 Omm
OutsIdediameter 0 516 I” 131mm
Valve seal
Seat contactwdlh 0 035.0 051 I” 0 9-l 3mm
Seat angle (all) 44-44 5”
Valve spring
Free length
Standard 1961n 49 6mm
Llmlt I 98 I” 49 9mm
Standard 2”
Llmlt 4”
English Metric English Metric
Description Specifications Specifications Description Specifications Specifications
Cylinder Block General Information (cont’d)
lnstdednmeter 3 35 I”. 85mm
Out-o-round (max ) 0008ln 0 02mm
Taper(max) 0008ln 0 02mm
Overall hwght 11 413-11 421 I” 289 9-290 lmm
Gasket&ace flatness (max ) 0 002 I” 0 05mm
OutsIdedlameler 3 346 I” 04 99mm
Plslon-to-cylinderclearance 0 004-o 0012 I” 0 01-O03mm
Piston Rings

Fmngorder l-3-4-2
Standard 0 0012-O0928 I” 0 03-O07mm Cylinder Head
Lfmlt 0 004 I” Olmm Overall height 5 193.5 201 K1 131 9-132 lmm
No 2 Flatness (maxtmum) 0 008 I” 0.2mm
Standard 00008-O 0024 I” 0 02-Offimm Camshaft
Llmlt 0004," Olmm Camshaft height
Endgap lndentlhcabonmalk A, D
No 1 Intake
Standard 0 0098-O0157 In 0 25-O40mm Standard 1 4 I”. 35 49mm
Llmlt 0 031 I”. 0 Smm Limit 1331n 34 99mm
No 2 lndentlkcatlonmark 8, C, E. F
.Standard 0 0079-o 0138 I” 0 20-O35mm
Llmlt 0 031 I”. 0 8mm
Standard 00079-002761". 0 20-O70mm

Standard 0 0039-o 0098 I” 0 10.0 25mm

Llmlt 0 016 m 0 4mm
Pistonpin outside dlametar 0631n 21mm
Pistonpin press-mload 1,653-3,&a fl Ibs. 7,500~17,500Nm
Crankshaftom 011clearance
Standard 0 02-O05mm

Mambeanna 011clearance
Standard 0 OuoE-00020 I”. 0.024 05mm
Limit 0004 I”. 0 lmm
Pmoutslde diameter 1 77 I” 45mm
Journaloutside diameter 2P4m _
Out-al-round(max ) o-i& I”. 0015mm
Crankshaftend-play Head thickness(margtn)
Standard 0002-00071 I”. 0 050 18mm Intake
Ltmit 000981n 0 25mm 0 039 I”. 1 Omm
Flywheel 0 020 I”. 05mm
Standard 0 059 I” 15mm
Llmlt 0 031 I” 0.8mm
Dnve gear OOm-00055," 0 08.0 14mm Stem-to-guldaclearance
Driven gear 0 0024-O0047 I” 006012mm Intake
Standard 0 cooa- NJ20 I”. 0 02-O05mm
English Metric Exhaust
lMCriptlOfl Specifications Specifications Standard 0002+0M)35m 005.009mm
General Information Limit 0 0059 I”. 015mm
4 Cyi~nderIn-LmeDual Overhead Camshaft Valve guide
143 4 cubtc I”. 24L lnslde diameter 02mm 6 6mm
Outside diameter 0 476 I”. 121mm
English Metric
Description Specifications Specdications
Valve seat
Seat contactwldlh 0.035-o 051 I” 0 9-l 3mm
Seat angle (all) 44-44 5”
Valve spring 0 06-O14mm
Standard 1901n 46 3mm
squareness English Metric
Standard 2” Description Specifications Specifications
Llmlt 4” General Information
Cylinder Block Engmetype 6 CylmderGO”Single Overhead Camshatl
lwde diameter 3351n 65mm Displacement 161 4 cubic I” 3OL
Out-of-round(max) 0 006 in 0 02mm Bore 3 59 I”. 91 lmm
Taper (mu) 0 006 I” 0 02mm Stroke 2 99 In. 76mm
Overall height 11 413-11421 I” 269 9-290 lmm Compreswn rat0 1001
Gasket surfacellatnass (max ) 0 002 In 0 05mm Firingorder 1-2-3-4-5-6
Piston Cylinder Head
OutsIdediameter 3 346 In 64 99mm Overall helghl 3 31 I” 64mrn
Plslon-lo-cylinderclearance 0 006.0 0016 m 0 02.0 04mm Flatness (maxImum) 0 006 I” 0 2mm
PioFn Rings Camshaft
Side clearance CamshafthelgM
No 1 Standard 1 62 ,n 41 25mm
Standard 0 0012-O0026 I” 0 03-O07mm Llmlt 1601n 40 75mm m
Limit 0 004 I”. Olmm Camshaft~oumaloutslde diameter 1 34 I” 33 95mm
No 2 Valves
Standard 0 Cot 2-o 0028 I” 0 03-O07mm
Llmlt 0 004 I” Olmm
End 9ap
No 1
Standard O.W96-00157 I” 0.25-O40mm
Llmtt 0 031 I”. 0 6mm
NO 9
Standard 0 0177-O0236 I” 0.45-O6Omm
Lrmt 0 031 I” 0 6mm
Standard 0 0979.0 0276 I” 0 PO-O70mm
Llmll 0 039 I” 1 Omm
Connecting rod
Rod big end side clearance
Standard 0 0039-o co96 I” 0 10-O25mm
Llmlt 0 016 m. 0 4mm
Plstonpin outsIde dlametar 0631n Zlmm
Pistonp,” press-,” load 1,653.3,656 H Ibs 7,5Wl7,500Nm
Crankshatl pin 011clearance
Standard 0 0006-0 0020 I” 0 02-O05mm
Llmlt 0004m 0 tmm
Man bearing011clearance
Standard 0 0006-0 0020 1” Seat contactwidth 0 9-1 3mm
0 02-O05mm
Llmlt Seat angle [all)
0 004 I” Olmm
Valve spring
Pin outstdedlameler 177m 45mm
Journaloutside diameter 224111 57mm Free length
Out-of-round(max ) 0015mm Standard 1.96 I”. 49 0mm
Crankshaltand-play Llmlt 46 6mm
Standard 0 002-o 0071 I”. 0 05-O16mm Load (Installedheight) Ibs (Nm) at m (mm) 72.5 Ibs @l 591 I”. 329 Nm @!40.4mm
Llmll OW96Ul 0 25mm Squareness
Flwhd -.

Run-out(max) 0 0051 I” 0 13mm Lmxt 4’

Cylinder Block
English Metric English Metric
Description Specifications Specifications Dsscription Specifications
Cylinder Block (cont’d) General lnformstlon (cont’d)
Taper (max.) 0008ln 0 OZmm Compraswm ratio
Overall klght 8 28.8 29 I”. 2104-210 6mm Fmngorder l-2-3-45-6
Gasket sudace flatness (max ) 0 ofI39 In Olmm Cylinder Head
Piston Overall helghl 5 20 I”. 132mm
Oufslde diameter 358ln. 91 lmm Flatness (manmum) 0 008 I” 0 2mm
Piston-to-cylinderclearanca 0.008-o 0020 I” 0 020 04mm Camshall
Piston Rinas
Side clearance
Camhalt height
Standard 1 37 m 3491mm
Llmll 1 37 I”. 3491mm
Standard 0 COIZ-0W28 I”. 0 03-O07mm Camshalt journal out&e diameter 1 02 m. 25 96mm
Llrw 0004 I” Olmm VdVRS
No 2 Stem outsrdediameter
Standard 0 0008-0 0024 I”. 0 020 06mm Intake 0 260 I”. 60mm
Ltmlt 00041” Olmm Exhaust 0 256 I”. 6 5mm
End gap Face angle (all) 45-45 5”
No 1 Head thickness(mamn)
Standard 00118-00177,” 0.30-O40mm Intake
Llmlt 0 031 I” 0 8mm Standard 0 039 I” 1 Omm
No 2 Llmlt 0019,” 0 5mm
Standard 0 0177-O0236 I”. 0 45-O60mm Exhaust
Llmlt 0.031 I” 0 8mm Standard 0 059 I”. 15mm
011 Llmlt 0 039 m. l.Omm
Standard 0 0079-o 02% I” 0 200 fiOmm Stem-to-gudeclearam
Llmlt 0 039 I” 1 Omm intake
C0nnactlng rod Standard 0 oo#l-0 002il I”. 0 02-O05mm
Rod big end side clearance Limit 0 0039 I”. 0 IOmm
Standard 0 00390 0098 I”. 0 10.0 25mm Exhaust
Llmlt 0 016 m , 04mm Standard 0 0020-0 0035 I”. 0 05-O09mm
Piston pin outslde diameter 087al 22mm Lllllll 0 0059 m. 0 15mm
Piston pin prawn load 1,652.3.867It Ibs. 7.350.17,ZOONm Valve guida
Crankshaftpm 011clearance lwde dtameter 0 280 In. 6 6mm
Standard 0 ow3-0 mm I”. 0 02-O05mm Outs& diameter 0.476 I” 12 lmm
Llmlt 0004m O.lmm Vahreseal
Crankshat Seat contactwtdlh 0 035-o 051 ,“. 0413mm
Mm bearing 011clearance Seat angle (all) 44.44 5’
Standard o.rYm-0 oao I”. 0 02.0 05mm Valve spring
Llmlt 0 Oil4 1” Olmm
Pmouts& dfameter 197n 50mm
Journalouts& diameter 236111
Out-al-round hnax 1 0 OW8 in

Llmlt 4”
Cvlindsf Block
FT~pclearance 0 0024.0 0071 I”. OC6016mm tnslde dlametar 3.66 I”. 93mm
St& clearance 0 0016-O0039 I”. 004-O 10mm Out-&round (max ) 0 008 I”. 0 02mm
Body clearance Taper (max) 0 006 I”. 0 OPmm
Overall hslght 8 97-8 98 in. 227 9.228 1mm
Standard o.cn340 0071 I”. 010-018mm
Gasket surfacellatnezs (max.) 0 CO39I” Olmm
Llmlt 0 0138 I” 0 35mm
Outs& diameter 3 66 I”. 93mm
3.OL DOHC ENGINE MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Plslon-t@cylmn&rClearance o.oQB-00020 M. 0 020.04mm
English M&lC Piston Rings
Description Spscificalions SpecHicatiOllS
Gemal lrlformtlon
Eqne type 6 CylmderW Dual Overhead Camshaft
Displacement 1814cubicm. 3OL
Bore 359m 91 lmm
Slfoke 2 99 I”. 76mm
English Metric English hletrlc
oescliptiin SpeclfiCatiOllS Specifications Description Speciffcationr Specificationr
Piston Rings (cont’d) Valves
Endgap Stem outstdedmmetar
No 1 Intake 0 236 I”. 6 Omm
standard 0 0118-O0177 ,“. 0.300 40mm Exhaust 0 236 I”. 60mm
Llmlt 0 031 I” 08mm Face angle (all) 4545.5”
No 2 Head thickness(margm)
Standard 0.01770 0236 I” 0 450 6Omm Intake
Llmlt 0 031 I”. 08mm Standard 0 0039 I” OlOmm
011 Llmlt 0 019 I”. 05mlll
Standard 0.0039-0 0137 I” 0 10-O35mm Exhaust
Llmlt 0.039 1” 1 Omm Sl.SldZld 0 047 I” 12mm
Connecting rod Llmd 00281n 0 7mm
Rod big end side clearance stem-to-gude clearance
Slandard 0.0039-O0098 m. 0.100 25mm Intake
Llmlt 0016m 0 4mm 0 0008-O0020 I” 0 020 05mm
Pistonpm outside dnmeter 087111 22mm Llmlt OW391n 0 lOmm
Pistonpi” press-,” load 1,652.3,887fl Ibs. 7,350.17,200Nm EXhaUsl
Crankshaftpm 011clearance 0 0016-O0028 I”. 0 040 07mm
Standard 00012-oOOx)m 0 030 05mm Llmlt 0 0059 I” 0 15mm
Llmlt 0 004 I” Olmm Valve guide
Crankshaft lnstde dram&t 0315m 6 Omm
Mm bearing011clearanca
OutsIdediameter 0 433 I” 11 Omm
Standard 0 ooO8-00020 I” 0 020 05mm Valve seat
Llmlt 0 004 9”. Dimm
Seat contactwidth 0 035-O051 I” 0 9-l 3mm
Pmoutslde diameter 2171n 55mm
Journalouts& dlametar Seal angle (all) 44-44 5’
2521n Mmm
Out-ol-round(max ) OoOffiRl 0 015mm Valve spring
Crankshaftend-play Free knoth
standard 0 002-O0098 I” 0 05-O25mm Standard 2 01 I” 51mm
Llmlt 0 012 I” 03mm Llmlt 1 97 I”. 5omm
Oil Pump Squareness
Tip clearance 0 CO24.00071 m 006018mm Standard 2”
Side clearance 0 0016-O0039 in. 0 040 1Omm Llmlt 4”
Bodyclearance Cylinder Block
lnslde diameter 3 65 I”. 93mm
Out-ol-round(max ) 0 008 in 0 02mm
Taper (max ) 0 008 I” 0 02mm
Overall height 8 28-8 29 I” 2104.2106mm
3.5L SOHC ENGINE MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Gasket surfaceflatness (max) 0 002 I” 0 05mm
English Metric Piston
Description Specifications Specifications
General Information
Engmetype 6 Cylinder60” SingleOvedvzad Camshaft
Displacement 213 5 cubic I” 3SL
Bore 3 65 I”. 93mm Side clearance
Stroke 3 37 m. 85 8mm No 1
Comprasslonratio 901 standard 0 0012-OCO281”. 0 03-O07mm
Llmlt 0 004 In O.lmm
No. 2
Standard 0 CCQ8-00024 I” 0 02-O06mm
Llmlt 0 004 I” Otmm

Llmlt 1 44 I”. 36 45mm

Camshaft]oumal outs& dtameter 1771n 44 95mm 01
Standard 0 0079-O0236 I” 0 20-OMXnm
English Metric Components English Metric
Description Specifications Specifications Camshall
Connecting rod Camshalt sprwket bolt
Rod big end side clearance 1 5L engjne 51 it Ibs 70 Nm
Standard 0 0039-o 0096 I” 0 10-O25mm 1 6L, 1 8L, and 2 OL(SOHC and DOHC)engines 6511 Ibs 90 Nm
Llrnll 0016ln 0 4mm 2 4L engine 56.72 R Ibs. 60-l 00 Nm
Piston pin outslde dnmeler 067rn 22mm 3 OL(SOHCand DOHC)engme 65 It Ibs WNm
P~slonpin press-~”load Flngerprewre Bearingcap retalnlng bolts
Crankshalt pm 011clearance 2 OLSOHC engine 1511 Ibs 2ONm
Standard 0 0006-0 0020 in 0 02-O05mm 1 6L and 2 OLDOHC engines 21.25ft Ibs 29-35 Nm
Llmtt 0 004 I” Olmm 2 4L eng,ne 15 fl lbs. 20 Nm
Crankshaft 3 OL(SOHCand DOHC)engme 0
Maln bearing 011clearance 3 5L engine 23 11Ibs 31 Nm
Standard 0 0006-0 0020 I” 0 02-O05mm Crankshalt dampedpullev
Llmlt 0 004 I” Olmm Pullev bolts
Pin outsidedram&r 197m 50mm 1 5L engine loft Ibs 14Nm
Journaloutslde diameter 2361n 60mm 1 6L and 2 OL(SOHC and DOHC)engines 14.22 It lbs 20-30 Nm
Out-+round (max ) - 0 0006 I”. 0015mm 2 4L enqme 16 fl Ibs. 25 Nm
Crankshaftend.play Center reta!ino bolt
Standard 0 002-0 0096 I”. 0 05-O25mm 51-72 It lbs 70.100 Nm
13411 Ibs 165Nm
3 OL(SOHCand DOHC) engine 106-11611lbs 150-160 Nm
TIPclearance 0 1X24-0 0071 1” 0 06-O16mm Cvllnder head
Side clearance 0 0016-O0039 I” 0 040 IOmm
Standard 0 0039-o 0071 I” 0 10.0.16mm

1 6L englne 22lt Ibs 3ONm

2 OLSOHC engine 11.14ll Ibs 15-19 Nm
2 4L engine 16-21it Ibs 25-29 Nm
3 OLSOHC engine 21 ll Ibs 29 Nm
3 OLDOHCenwe 14 It Ibs 19Nm
3 5L eqne - 21 It Ibs 29 Nm m
Flywheel/dnvaplale retainingb&s
98 It Ibs 135Nm
1 5L engine
1 6L 2 OL(SOHCand DOHC),and 2 4L engmes 94.101 II Ibs 130-140 Nm
1 6L engine
3 OLSOHC,3 OLDOHC,and 3 5L engmes
72 It lbs
53-56 It Ibs
100 Nm /
Intake manlfoid retanmg bolts
72-76 Nm
1 5L engine 1311 lbs 16Nm
16Land20L DOHC engines
1 6L engine
Ii-141 Ibs
1411 Ibs
15-19 Nm
2 OLSOHC engme 0
Plenum bolts 11.14R Ibs.
11-1411 Ibs
Manifold bolts
2 4L eng,ne left Ibs 25 Nm
1994 models is
Bolts 15fl ibs 20 Nm
NUk 26 ‘I lbs. 35 Nm
1995.00 models m
SOItS 15fi Ibs 20 Nm
Nuts 15 ft Ibs. 20 Nm
3 OLSOHC 3 OLDOHC, and 3 5L engines 0
Components English Mstrlc Components English Metric
011pan retamg bolls Timingbelts
15L eng,ne 60 Inch Ibs. 7Nm 1 5L engine 16 fl Ibs. 25 Nm
1 6L and 2 OLLXJHC
engmes 4-6 tl Ibs 6-8 Nm PlVOlboll
1 EL eqne 60 Inch Ibs. 7Nm 1990-94models 14an Ibs 20.27 Nm
2 OLSOHC engme 4-6 ft. Ibs 6-8 Nm 199500 models 17 Il. Ibs. 24 Nm
2 4L
eng,ne 6 fl Ibs. 6Nm 2.OLDOHCturbo engine
3 OLSOHCengme 48 Inch Ibs. 6Nm Balance shaft tensloner pulley bolt 14 fl Ibs 19Nm
3 OLDOHCengme 48 mchIbs. 6Nm Tlmmg belt tensu~nerpulley boil 35 IL Ibs. 46 Nm
3 5L engme 2 4L engme
Upper 011pan 411 Ibs 6Nm BalanceshafltenSlonerpulley bolt 15 n Ibs 20 Nm
Lower 011pa” 7-9 Il. Ikls 10-12 Nm Trmmgbelt tensioner pulley bdt 35n Ibs. 46Nm
011Pump 3 OLSOHC engine
1 5L and 16L engmes Tensioner lock bolt 21 n ibs 29 Nm
Pump cover 64 Inch Ibs 10 Nm 3 OL DOHCengme
RM valve 33 n Ibs. 45 Nm 1992-94models
Pumpscreen 14 fl Ibs 19Nm Tensionerlock bolt 7 It Ibs. 10Nm
16L, 2 OL(SOHC and DOHC),and 2 4L engmes 1995% models
011filter bracket 14 n tbs. 19Nm Tensionerretalnmgbolts 17n Ibs 24 Nm
Pump wver 17 11Ibs. 24 Nm 3 5L engine 16 n Ibs. 25 Nm
Pump drive gear retammgbolt 27 II Ibs. 37 Nm Tenwner pulley flxed bolt 35 n Ibs 46 Nm
Plug cap 17n Ibs. 24 Nm Waterpump
3 OL(SOHCand DOHC) engme
Ballle plate retalnlng bolts 0n Ibs 11 Nm
Pump retanlng bolts
1 5L and 16L engines i7n Ibs 24 Nm
Pump case retammgbolts ion Ibs. 14Nm 16L and 2 OL(SOHCand COHC)engmes 9.11 n Ibs 12-15 Nm
Pump cover retamng bolts 7 n Ibs. 1ONm 2 4L eng,ne
3 5L engme Bolts markedwith ~4, ion Ibs 14Nm
Baffle plate retammgbolts 7 n Ibs. lONm Bolts mahed wth ~7, 1Elt Ibs 24 Nm
Pump case retalmng bolts 10 It Ibs 14Nm 3 OLSOHC,3 OLDOHC, and 3 5L engines 17 n Ibs 24 Nm
Pick-upretalnmg bolts 13 n Ibs. 16 Nm @ Referto the prccedure
Rotorcover 7 ft Ibs 1ONm 9x&26
Rockerarm (valve) cover retalnmgbolts
1 5L engine 12-16 mch Ibs. 1-2Nm
1 6L ,l EL,2 OLDOHC. and 2 4L engines 24.36 mchIbs. 2-3 Nm
2 OLSOHC engme 48.60 mchIbs. 4-5 Nm
3 OLSOHC engine 7n Ibs 9Nm
3 OLDOHC engme 42.54 Inch Ibs 4-5 Nm
3.5L eng,ne 30 Inch Ibs 3Nm
Rockerarms and pushrods
Rockerarm retalmngbolts
15L, 1 6L and 2 4L engines 23 fl Ibs 32 Nm
16L and 2 OLDOHC engines 21-25 fl Ibs. 29-35 Nm
3 5L engine 16 It Ibs 25 Nm
1 ELengine 16ft Ibs 22 Nm
1 5L, 1 6L. 2 OLWHC, and 1990.92 2 OLSOHC eng,nes 12.14 ft lbs. 17-20 Nm
19932 OLSOHC engine 7-10 It Ibs lo-15 Nm
2 4L Eqne loft lbs 13Nm
3 OLSOHC,3 OLDOHC, and 3 5L eqnes 12.14lt Ibs 17-20 Nm