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Idea Submission Agreement

(Please read this before submitting your Proposal) 1. OWNER OF NEW IDEA PSBT will receive only submitted material that is embodied in written form. PSBT will consider your submission only at your request and only with your assurance that to the best of your knowledge you are the sole originator of the idea and that you have the legal right to submit it to PSBT for its evaluation. 2. DISCLOSURE NOT CONFIDENTIAL You acknowledge that PSBT may disclose the idea to its employees, and possibly to others, to determine the ideas value to PSBT. It is understood that no confidential relationship is entered into by any reason of the consideration of your submission to PSBT or by reason of any oral discussions between PSBT and you. 3. CONCEPTION BY PSBT PSBT and its employees have many ideas of their own for the development of programs, some of which may be similar to yours. An idea that is new to you may be old to PSBT, or similar or identical ideas may be conceived independently. Accordingly, you hereby waive any claim that PSBT misappropriated any ideas in or portions of your submission in any activities in which PSBT may engage in the future. 4. SUBMISSION NOT RETURNED PSBT does not assume any obligation to return the submitted materials to you. Therefore, you should keep a duplicate of any material submitted, as well as a copy of this release. 5. NO PREJUDICE Any consideration of the submitted idea(s) or negotiations to purchase the same does not waive PSBTs right to contest the validity of your copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights. 6. NO COMPENSATION No agreement for compensation shall be implied from PSBT consideration or review of your submitted idea, nor does it imply any commitment by PSBT to accept, respond too or comment on your proposal. However, should PSBT elect

to use any portion of your idea that is legally protectable, you and PSBT shall negotiate in good faith, appropriate compensation. 7. MODIFICATION The foregoing conditions may not be modified or waived except in a written note signed by an officer of PSBT. 8. TERM This Release shall be valid for a period of ten (10) years from the date or signature and shall apply to any further ideas submitted by you to PSBT during such time. 9. UNDERTAKING This is to confirm that no member or associate of a member of PSBT/ Prasar Bharati/ The Films Division/ Ministry of Information and Broadcasting/ The Public Diplomacy Division/ Ministry of External Affairs and any employee, recent ex-employee or member of any committee involved in administering this project at any of these bodies will be associated with the proposed public service programme titled XXXXXX. Should this be or become necessary in the opinion of the Filmmaker / Director during the course of the production he/ she will seek the consent in writing of PSBT who reserve the right to withhold such permission. Associate of a member shall include any company or organisation in which any (a) member or (b) any blood relative of such a member or (c) the blood relative of parents, spouse or children of any such member has any interest as a shareholder, partner or director. I HAVE READ THE IDEA SUBMISSION POLICY AND AGREEMENT, AND I AGREE TO THE CONDITIONS CONTAINED THEREIN.