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Computer Lab Design Notes: We added 5 opposing-cubicles stations for individual study --Idea came from popular opposing-cubicles station on 3rd floor Diehl Hall. --Start with ordering one opposing-cubicles station as a prototype --use small tables in the remaining 4 spaces during trial time.

--Wire up with internet each opposing-cubicles station for 2 computers --Outfit all 5 opposing-cubicles stations with 1 computer for now --Total space at each station = 1 computer spot + 1 individual study spot --Option for another computer at each station later --Order chairs for the opposing-cubicle stations

Outfit large tables with electrical outputs --See picture below. Mark has more drawings.

Monitors --Two mobile monitors for room in lieu of permanent monitors on wall --Storage area indicated on floor plan picture

Mobile white boards --Two prototype mobile white boards, storage area indicated on floor plan

Lounge Area --1 couch, 2 recliners --3 floor lamps, 1 coffee table, 2 side tables

Later on --Artwork --Macs vs. PCs?

**Total computers: 5 in printer room, 5 in main room. (Plus 1 attached to each stationary screen in the conference rooms.) **Total big screens: 2 stationary screens in the conference rooms, 2 mobile screens for use in the main room & lounge. **For a better idea of what this plan looks like in real life, we set up the room with the tables and chairs in their approximate positions.