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Published by: Genius Aulad Learning Consultancy Sdn Bhd 67, Jalan UEP 21/10 Subang Jaya Selangor.

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In tr o d u ct io n

Dear parents, Welcome to Genius AuladTM! This handbook serves as a general reference needed by parents to understand Genius AuladTM procedures and teaching-learning process.

You will find in the manual, contents on

Contact Information Programme Mission and Vision Admission and Enrollment Learning System Operating Procedures Policies Conflict Resolution Parents Involvement Final Thought

C o n t e n ts

Contact Information
Thank you for your support in us and together, let us realise our mission and vision. We are always willing to answer questions and help to resolve your concern. Should you need additional assistance, please call the respective centre nearest to you.

Programme Mission and Vision

Mission: The provision of an Islamic foundation through English language-based Islamic religious and conventional pre school education. Vision: Towards the creation of adaptable and educated Muslims, confident to meet the challenges of an ever-shifting global environment and thus able to contribute to the positive growth of the Ummah.

Admission and Enrollment

Genius AuladTM preschool programme is open for children age 3+, 4, 5 and 6 years old. Priority Registration is given to the existing students upon confirmation with non-refundable payment for booking.

Registration Children entering preschool must be the proper age by 31st December of the year. Birth certificate copy is required at the time of registration.

A d m is si o n a n d E n r ol m e n t

Schedule of Classes Preschool class runs for two sessions, morning and afternoon. Morning session: 8.30am-11.30am Afternoon session: 1.30pm-4.30pm Classroom Placement Students class placement shall be done base on the availability and suitability of the class. Upon the discretion of the principal / centre manager suitability class placement will be based on first come first serve basis.

Classes will normally be made up of children from one-year group. Most classes have between 15-20 pupils. Withdrawal & Transfer of school One month notice is to be given for any withdrawal for the teachers and management to make necessary arrangement for the child.

NO withdrawal notice can be made for the month of OCTOBER and NOVEMBER as it will disrupt the overall prior preparation for the academic year-end. Transfer of students to another centre can be made after the 30th of the month with 1 (one) month notice. Payment & General Procedures All fees paid are non-refundable and non-refundable. Booking payment of RM100 for the next year registration MUST be made to secure a seat at Genius AuladTM centre. Balance payment of registration need to be made before 30th December as in the school fee schedule. Monthly payment shall on the 5th of every month.

A d m is si o n a n d E n r ol m e n t

Overdue of 2 consecutive months shall result in loss of placement for your child. REFUNDS are not granted for absence or days missed due to illness, vacation or any personal related matters. Payment can be made by : o Cash terms at the school office. The school will not be held responsible for any lost of money if cash transaction is NOT done at the school office. o Online banking / Interbank transfer Kindly call at respective centres for company Account Number. Bank in slips to be attached in your childs MESSAGE BOOK o Credit card. Payment is chargeable by cash at 2.5%* ( Only at participating outlets) o Debit card. Payment is chargeable by cash at 1.8%* (Only at participating outlets) o By cheque. (Refer to the respective centres for PAYEEs name) To be attached in your childs MESSAGE BOOK Childs name and class to be written at the back of the cheque. RM25 service fee also applies for cheques that are dishonored by the bank.

*May subject to changes upon instruction from respective bank/mechant service provider.

A d m is si o n a n d E n r ol m e n t

Learning System
Genius AuladTM programme has been designed to provide the best preschool experience possible. It includes Interactive Islamic and Science oriented themes and English creative works and play. You shall be brief on the curriculum and syllabus on the day when you made enquiry at the centre nearest to your neighbourhood.

Other than group and class activities, our programme is also equipped with individual learning approach.

Daily Individual Reading: Reader Readiness Main learning to read material: Key Words with Ladybird Series You will be notified on the book level of your child. Kindly make the necessary arrangement/purchase of the book for your child according to their book level. Please ensure that: The book is in the child's bag every time he or she comes to school. Parents shall be given reminders if the book is not in the childs bag. Parents are deemed as not interested in the childs reading progress after no action is taken after 2nd reminder is given. Reading at home Please ensure that: the child has done his/her reading practice everyday at the page marked by the teacher. parents have signed at the bottom of the page after doing the reading practice.

L e a r ni n g S y st e m

To strengthen their reading foundation, your child may also be asked to read revision on certain days marked by teachers. From time to time the child will also bring their phonics text given by the school.

How to read with your child at home: Read a word at a time, pointing at each word as you go Don't read at a very slow pace. Just read at your normal pace. You may go to the next page if your child is already very bored but be sure to go back to the particular page next time. Don't hurry the child. Be generous with compliments. Note: Parental involvement is crucial in the reading progress of the child. You can also employ other approach such as: Print your words with your fingers five or more times in flour, salt, or sugar. Use your favourite snack to shape your words and then eat them.

Paint your words using water colours or finger paint. and lots more, up to your creativity. Daily Individual Reading: Little Qari Learning to read material: IQRA' Kaedah Cepat Membaca by As'ad Humam. This book will be provided by Genius AuladTM centre.

L e a r ni n g S y st e m

Daily Group Reading: Bijak Bahasa Main learning material to read Bahasa Melayu will be Latihan Bacaan Melayu text published by Genius Aulad Learning Consultancy Sdn Bhd.

Reading at home From time to time the child will bring their Latihan Bacaan text to be practiced at home. Kindly practice the method below to help your child.

Kaedah Mengajar Membaca Sukukata: Jangan gunakan kaedah mengeja setiap suku kata (cth: B, A, ba) Sebaliknya gunakan kaedah fonetik dimana setiap suku kata terus dibunyikan dengan menggabungkan bunyi konsonan dan vokal (cth: ba, ca, da) Pastikan jari anak anda menunjuk pada setiap suku kata yang dibaca.

Menunjuk dengan jari dari arah kiri ke kanan penting untuk melatih koordinasi mata sewaktu membaca . Berikan masa untuk mereka berfikir .

Berikan semangat bagi setiap kesusahan . Berikan pujian bagi setiap pencapaian . Seronoknya belajar membaca!!!

L e a r ni n g S y st e m

Operating Procedures
Arrival School gate is open at 8.00am for morning session and 1.00pm for afternoon session.

A parent or guardian must accompany each child to school and remain with the child until the teacher is present.

Parents should not leave unattended vehicle in a non-parking lots. If children are dropped of at the school entrance, this will be for the shortest time possible as this affects the traffic movement.

Teachers are ONLY on duty to receive children from 8.00am-8.30am for morning session and 1.00pm-1.30pm for afternoon session.

It is crucial for the children to be punctual during their arrival time as the first half an hour is filled with important activities such as Circle Time (Hafazan, recitation of Solat, etc) and mass reading practice.

FREQUENT delay will affect the childrens performance in learning.

Early Arrival Most Genius AuladTM centres are opened earlier for the childrens helper to make necessary preparation.

Therefore, any children who come earlier than 8.00am will NOT be attended to by a specific supervision.

O p e r a ti n g P r o c e d u r e s

Dismissal Class ends at 11.30am for morning session and 4.30pm for afternoon session. Please be prompt when picking up your child from school, as it can be upsetting for the child to wait for you.

Late pick-up Kindly make the necessary arrangement should there be a delay or emergency. The centre should NOT be held responsible for the care of the child after the above time limit.

Clothing and Personal Items ALL preschool children must wear Genius AuladTM preschool uniform. Please ensure that your childs uniforms, shoes, bags and tumbler clearly labelled with the childs name.

Tudung is COMPULSORY for girls of 6 years old. Kindly provide any white tudung for your child.

Items to bring to school daily in the school bag: o IQRA book o MESSAGE BOOK o Extra Clothing o Drink in a tumbler (plain water)

In order NOT to confuse the children with a childs personal property, we ask that children not to bring playthings, personal items or stationery from home.

The centre is NOT responsible for any lost of personal items.

O p e r a ti n g P r o c e d u r e s

Snacks A morning/afternoon snack will be served to children in the preschool. Birthdays Most children enjoy celebrating special events with their preschool friends. Please make arrangement with the centre manager in advance.

Please DO NOT send candles along with your cakes. If you would like to bring a snack for your childs birthday, do follow our healthy snack IDEAS as below: - Dried fruits - Cheese and crackers - Fresh fruits (except water melon) - Raisins - Mini buns OR sandwiches - Yogurt - Little pizzas

AVOID: - Candy, chocolate and anything too sweet - Cupcakes - Any chips - Nuts Note: The school reserves the right to return the food with uncertainty of its HALAL certification. Homework a. Depending on the age group and subjects, homework will normally be given twice a week. Kindly:

O p e r a ti n g P r o c e d u r e s

i. Check your child's bag for the homework ii. Sign and write the dates on the page marked as homework.

Evaluation Format

a. There shall be no formal exams for the children as there will be a detailed on-going assessment: - Individual Daily Reading Record - Individual Daily Iqra' Record - Detailed Report Sheet of every Subjects (2 terms) - Personal and General Progress Report of Students (2 terms)

Field Trips & School Activities Genius Aulad centres shall plan a variety of outdoor programmes including trips during the school year. The event may cost an additional fee that shall be attached with a permission slip. As part of the learning programme, ALL activities which are deemed compulsory is to be participated by the child accordingly and shall be charged if required. Exemption of payment is not granted for absence due to illness, vacation or any personal related matters. This is to ensure that the activities could run smoothly for the benefit of all children.

Messages for Teachers Communication with teachers can be made through the MESSAGE BOOK. o Communication

O p e r a ti n g P r o c e d u r e s

The message book serves as a medium of communication between the centre and the parents

Messages should be noted upon reading o Content of book From time to time, parents shall be informed on: News on Genius Aulad Monthly Hafazan Guidance at home Receipts of monthly fees, etc Parents can also put their messages or cheques of monthly fees in the book. (Kindly inform the schools office if your message has not been noted or cheques has not been collected by the following day)

o Lost of book No replacement shall be made by the centre for any lost of message book. RM10 will be charged for any lost of Parent's Handbook.

Messages can also be left for teachers at the respective centres office.

Health and Personal Care For the protection of all children, children should be kept at home if they show any illness or ailment symptoms:

Illness and ailments include:

O p e r a ti n g P r o c e d u r e s

1. Fever and IF they also have one or more of the following: a. Diarrhea b. Earache c. Shows sign of irritability or confusion d. Sore throat e. Rash

2. Vomiting on two or more occasions within the past 24 hours. 3. Diarrhea three or more watery stools in 24-hour period. 4. Draining rash or undiagnosed rash lasting over a 24hour period. 5. Eye discharge or pink eye. 6. Fatigue that prevents participation in regular activities

7. Head lice. Parents will be notified in case of head lice and doctors letter is required to inform that the child may return to class.

The centre also reserves the right to send a child home if he or she is deemed unfit for the day.

Personal Care

Kindly ensure that the child is always in a neat school uniform with clean hair and fingernails.

O p e r a ti n g P r o c e d u r e s

Emergencies In case of serious illness, accident or injury of a child while in the centre, parents will be notified immediately. IF all means of locating parents have been unsuccessful, the staff will take necessary action. In minor illness or accidents, IF parents cannot be contacted, the child will be kept in a safe and quiet area until the parents can be reached.

In case of family emergencies, please contact the respective centre managers.

IMPORTANT: The school shall not be responsible if you home, office and mobile telephone numbers are not kept up-to-date in the school office in case of an emergency.

O p e r a ti n g P r o c e d u r e s

Behaviour Management Policy Positive statements and redirection of behavior are used to help children learn self-control, problem-solving, negotiation, and assume responsibility for their actions. When more discipline is needed, removal from the group may also help children regain control. Children will only be removed from the group for short periods of time, not exceeding one minute per age of the child.

Parents will be informed of problems involving their children. If behavior persists, a meeting with the center manager, teacher and parent will be held.

Religious Policy Statement In view of the full implementation of Islamic Education values in the process of learning at all Genius AuladTM centres, our preschool programme offers religious experiences to the children at their level of understanding. An age appropriate lessons including prayers, solat, doas and Islamic song based on Al-Quran and hadith will be taught.

P ol ic ie s

Parents will also be updated on the main content of the Islamic Education through MESSAGE BOOK and are to practice with their children at home to make the children understand them as a Muslim life daily practice.

Insurance Policy All Genius AuladTM centre will have necessary arrangement for students insurance coverage. Kindly check with the respective centre.

Transportation Policy a. Arrangement i. The centre will only make arrangement with appointed transporters and shall not be held answerable for any arrangement with unappointed transporters. ii. Monthly transportation fee is a private arrangement between parents and the transporter. iii. Please understand that: - Transport departure may sometimes take more than 15 minutes after dismissal time. - Time of departure is NOT time of arrival. We should be concern and considerate of the routes of all children.

- Children must be reminded that the transport is an extension of the classroom. Any reported misbehaviour may result in withdrawal of transport privileges.

b. Contact i. The transporters can be contacted in case of emergency. However, please be reminded that too many calls could disrupt the transporters driving concentration (despite using hands-free phone kit)

P ol ic ie s

Confidentiality Genius AuladTM preschool is an organization which works as a family with the staff, parents and children work together closely. It is imperative that we respect each others privacy. Please direct any concern, comments and question to the centre manager. Sensitive information about children needs are to be kept private and should be never be part of any casual conversations.

We appreciate your sensitivity and professionalism in regard to this matter of

confidentiality. Children with special needs Some children may have learning difficulty which requires extra support. This may be learning difficulty in general or one area of the curriculum. Parents will be informed and a close attention for the child will be needed at home. Teachers shall also make adjustments in the provision for the child. However, parents will be required to get a medical assistance for the child if the child is observed to have the need for; o The provision of special or modified curriculum. o The child has disabilities with the social and emotional climate in which the childs education is taking place. o Physical disabilities that requires special provision. The school reserves the right not to accept or reject the admission in the occurrence of the above. If registration was paid and made without prior written notification on the childs condition by the parents, the school reserves the right not to refund the payment made. In the event when a medical practitioners written advise is given where parents can send the child to a child to a nor mal preschool, the school accept the child based on trial basis registration and may reject the placement if observed and deemed as unfit by the school. This is done for the concern and consideration of learning conditions of all pupils.

P ol ic ie s

However, if the childs registration is accepted, parents must provide full details of the childs medical/therapist contacts and reports. This is to ensure that the school could work together with the practitioner for the benefit of the child.

Conflict Resolution
At Genius AuladTM preschool centre, staffs and teachers are putting their best effort to bring knowledge, skills and experience into their relationship.

This relationship is built through communication, sharing and knowledge that arrive at common understanding as a MUSLIM.

Parents are welcome to speak with the school at any time during the office hours and not feel limited to the scheduled Parent-Teacher Meeting; particularly if they have any worries or concerns.

When complaints arise and a staff member or parent wants to file a grievance, the following chain of command procedure should be followed: 1. The complaint should be forwarded to the centre management executive. 2. The complaint should be forwarded to the principal. 3. Take the complaint to the board of directors.

C o nf li ct R e s ol u ti o n

Parents Involvement
Parents involvement enriches a childs school experience. The parents, teachers and Genius AuladTM team member share the responsibilities and the rewards of the school.

Parents play an important role in making Genius Aulad TM programme successful. Parental participation is required in the following areas: EVENTS AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES o Parents are required to attend OR ensure the childs attendance in all functions and activities organized by Genius AuladTM centre.

ON-GOING HOME -ASSESSMENT REPORT o Each family is required to practice and guide the children at home with the ISLAMIC EDUCATION practice and content every day.

MESSAGE BOOK AND NEWSLETTER o Each parent is responsible to check and read the MESSAGE BOOK from the school and to be aware of all the information contained.

PARENT -TEACHER MEETING o A parent MUST attend parents-teachers meeting session as organized.

P a r e n ts In v ol v e m e n t

Final Thought
Dear Parent / Caregiver, 1. Please plan the beginning of the day so that I dont have to be rushed to get to preschool, or I will get worried, confused and irritable.

2. Dont push me inside the door and run. Please dont slip away without saying GOOD BYE! or I will be afraid that you may have left me for good. When you leave, tell me when youll be back and try hard to be on time or I will worry.

3. Sometimes I spend a lot of time making something an I am proud of it. If you show that you value it too, it makes me feel happy and successful and ready to tackle more difficult things.

4. Put your name down to visit the Preschool and come when it is your turn. I feel proud when I can say to my friends Thats my mommy or daddy.

5. Please dont talk about me when Im within earshot. I dont miss much and I do worry about what I hear. The teacher will always be happy to find somewhere else to talk with you about me.

6. Send me to preschool in my school uniform so I feel comfortable, so that I can play with my friend without feeling out of place.

Fi n al t h o u g h t

7. When you come for me please dont ask me or the teacher if Ive been good. I try but sometimes things go wrong. I dont want to be reminded of my mistakes. Ask me what I have done during the day.

8. What makes me feel good is if you show that you are really pleased to see me and are interested when I have something to show you.