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list of basic Juniper's commands

Log commands

show log chassids | no-more To check log for chassi event show log messages | no-more To check log messanges show log security | match so-2/0/0 To check user "xxxx" commands show log isis To check a status of isis with alarms show log bgp.ibgp To check a bgp related event show log user To check user's login history y
System commands

show system uptime To check time since system and processes started show system users To check users who are currently logged in show cli authorization To see authorization and authentication information show system storage To see local storage data show system processes To check system process table show chassis hardware To check installed hardware components show chassis environment To check component status and temperature, cooling systemspeeds show chassis routing-engine To check routing engine status show chassis craft-interface To see craft interface status show chassis fpc To show flexible PCI concentrator status show chassis scb To check system control board status show chassis alarms To see alarm status

Interface commands

show configuration To check current configuration show interface terse / detai To display terse output show interface interface-name To check status of interface show interface so-1/0/0 extensive To check details of the interface clear interfaces statistics so-2/0/0 To clear counters on interface y
Routing commands

show ip route x.x.x.x/24 To check route on routing table show route terse To display terse output of routes show route detail To display detailed output show route extensive

BGP commands

show bgp summary To see overview of BGP information show bgp group To check the BGP group database show bgp neighbor x.x.x.x To check a status bgp neighbors show route receive-protocol bgp 'x.x.x.x' To check what routes are advertising thru peer show route protocol bgp x.x.x.x/24 To check a route on bgp routing table show route protocol bgp receive-protocol bgp neighIP To see what routes are receiving show policy static-bgp clear bgp neighbor x.x.x.x To clear particular BGP neighbor from BGP table clear bgp neighbor as To clear AS from BGP table y
ISIS commands

show isis adjacency To IS-IS adjacency database show isis interface To IS-IS interface information show isis database To IS-IS link-state database

MPLS commands

show mpls lsp terse To display terse output show mpls lsp name DCA-POR detail

Security & Policy commands

show firewall | match "ICMP" To check current status of filter named "ICMP" show policy static-bgp or 'policy name' To check policy statement clear firewall ICMP To clear counters on firewall named "ICMP"

Ping & Traceroute ping rapid count 1000 size 1400 x.x.x.x ping rapid count 1000 size 1400 pattern 0000 ping x.x.x.x bypass-routing interface so-1/0/2 count 1000 size 1400 rapid