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February 2012

the C U S C O c h r o n i c l e s
Big Day Exciting news on a big service we had during the rst Sunday of February. Page 1 Chocolatada An event the church hosted in a little community outside of Cusco, called Huerta. Page 2 News and Notes Keep up with our upcoming campaign, second Big Day, and more! Page 3 Pictures A few photos of the most recent activities including our Big Day and the Huerta Project. Page 4

Another Big Day!

On October 24, 2010, we had a Big Day. We
Barton and Allison Kizer
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began a congregation of the church in Cusco and had a large crowd. What if we could have another Big Day?
This was the question that got us to thinking in the direction of planning for February 5, 2012. We wanted to have another day where many were introduced to the church for the rst time. So we planned out a series of lessons to teach on Sundays during the month of February. Then we decided to prepare inviting the city of Cusco to our worship service on the 5th. We began by utilizing two billboards that were in high trafc locations within the city. They announced the upcoming series and invited the community to our Big Day on February 5th. Second, we planned a night of prayer with our members where we prayed for the courage of inviting our friends from the community. Third, we invited the community by placing announcements in the newspaper, radio, and TV. Fourth, we passed out approximately 3,000 yers to different

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February 2012


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neighborhoods around our location. Finally, we knew that there were several from the rst year of the church who visited our services but did not return. So, we sent out 75 text messages and 99 email messages inviting them back. It was a lot of work, but we were ready for our Big Day! We had set the goal to have 100 in attendance. This was an aggressive number because we had averaged between 50-60 in worship attendance during the months of December and January. I was nervous the morning of February 5th. At the beginning of our worship hour people were still coming in, but the nal count was 115! We had a great day. Afterwards we sent out around 30 emails and 21 hand-written notes. We also had 25 individuals that expressed interest in Bible studies. We are currently following up with all those who came on February 5th. Also, were beginning to plan out our next Big Day. Please be in prayer for Sunday, April 8th. Were going to set a bigger attendance goal this time!

The word chocolatada refers to an event where hot chocolate and sweet bread is served. Depending on the occasion, presents are given. Its always fun, and is a great event to do out in the countryside of Peru. A chocolatada is very traditional around Christmas time here in Cusco. So, we decided to organize a chocolatada in December with some of the members of the church. Our destination was Huerta, a little community Some of the members of the church with 30 minutes outside of the children in Huerta. Cusco. Huerta is a community that is usually overlooked and, although it desperately needs help, does not receive a lot of attention. One of our members works frequently in the community, and he was able to organize and oversee the project. We spent the day in Huerta, and handed out hot chocolate, sweet bread, new clothes and toys to 100 children. They were extremely grateful, and, hopefully, we introduced them to the love of Christ. We have more ideas. We are looking to continue to work in Huerta.

A New Brother in Christ!

The Church of Christ, here in Cusco, often offers a class to those who have been attending the worship service. The material is the same and so is the purpose. It is to introduce to our new members the purpose of the church and the organization of our congregation. However, it is also to teach our new visitors what the Bible says about spiritual salvation. On January 8th, we offered this class again, and one of the participants, Miguel (Micky) Montoya, was baptized because of what he was taught during the class. Micky is originally from Lima, but now he lives in Cusco with some of his family. Since his baptism, he has attended services and Bible studies regularly. Please keep him in your prayers. Also, please pray for the continued effectiveness of this class. Our next class will be on February 26th, and many who came to our Big Day earlier this month will participate in it.

Gary speaking with Micky before his baptism.

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February 2012


News and Notes

With so much going on, I would like to write about a few of our upcoming events. 1. During the rst week of March well host our second annual Medical Campaign here in Cusco. 32 campaigners are preparing to make the trip. We had a great campaign last year that assisted approximately 1,000 Peruvians. We hope to have the same eect during this years campaign. Also, at the end of the week, well host a seminar where Dr. Jason McKeown (from Hoover Church of Christ) will be speaking on A Doctors Look at Miracles, Medicine, and Demons in the Bible. We think that this will cause many to take a closer look at the Bible. 2. Dont forget our upcoming Big Day on April 8th. We havent set a number goal yet, but we hope to surpass what we were able to experience in February. This is a great way to introduce people to the church. 3.We will be in the States soon on furlough. During the month of April, our family will be visiting family and supporting congregations. Were excited about seeing everyone again. If youre a member of one of our supporting congregations, thank you for your support and we hope to see you again real soon. 4.If youre on Facebook, look up and join our group Cusco Missions. You will receive weekly updates about what is going on.
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Our Monthly Supporters

We are so thankful to all of those who are partnering with us in the work in Cusco. We feel that God will be able to do great things through the work in Peru, and we are so grateful for all those helping us with that opportunity. Chase Park Church of Christ, Huntsville, Alabama Ashville Road Church of Christ, Leeds, Alabama 9th Avenue Church of Christ, Haleyville, Alabama Adamsville Church of Christ, Adamsville, Alabama Roebuck Parkway Church of Christ, Birmingham, Alabama Hoover Church of Christ, Hoover, Alabama Hamilton Church of Christ, Hamilton, Alabama Jimmy and Judy Finney, Howe, Texas

February 2012


Barton leading singing during the Big Day.

Allison with one of the billboard signs she designed.

Some of the members handing out balloons in Huerta.

Barton attempting to play soccer in Huerta.

Allison preparing for the Huerta project.

Gary teaching a membership class on ministry.

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