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Ob ab fe pae=— : % yey Le fp i How This Book Will Help You Win More Games Multiple defensive football, in my opinion, is a necessity in defensing modern offensive football teams. Today’s offensive teams pose more problems for the defense. Through multiple offensive formations and men in motion, and new offensive innovations such as the belly option, offensive teams continue to harass and confuse the defense. To counter this problem, defensive coaches must innovate new defensive ideas to demoralize modern offensive teams. I believe that the 53 Multiple Defense with its tremendous flexibility is an answer towards solving many of the problems confronting today’s modern defensive coach. It is very difficult, unless the defense has superior personnel, to stay in the same basic defense for an entire game and get the job done. A well-drilled offensive team that can anticipate both the same defensive alignment and defensive techniques from down to down will pick this defense apart. When we first began with our 53 defense, we ran one basic defense. Initially, we had great success with our basic 53, leading our league in both team defense and pass defense. However, as we progressed with the 53 we found that we had to add variations to make it more flexible, for two reasons. First, we had to be more flexible in meeting new offensive trends, and second, we had to adapt our style of defensive play to fit in with the physical capabilities of the personnel available. As we developed our 53 Multiple Defense it became both a multiple and a moving defense—multiple in the sense that we alter 7 & How This Book Will Help You Win More Games the defensive alignment as we adjust to various offensive game conditions, and moving in that we change our defensive alignment both before and during the snap of the ball. Moving defensive football has been very good for us. Like many high school and college football teams, we had to use small men versus opponents with physically larger and stronger men. By moving on the snap of the ball, our small but quick men have been able to confuse offensive blockers and stymie the modern day offense. Thus, we do a lot of attacking and stunting within our defensive system of play. As a result of our moving defense, we have been able to compensate quite well versus teams that have out-manned us. For this reason we are sold on moving defensive football. This book will illustrate to the defensive coach how he “can use a small but quick man who is aggressive, to great advantage through moving defensive football. A sound defensive team must have the flexibility to adjust during actual game conditions. This book will illustrate to the defensive coach, through explanation and diagram, how the 53 Multiple Defense can readily adjust during actual game conditions to throttle an offensive opponent. Examples of these how-to-do-it defensive adjustments will be shown as follows: 1. How to adjust during game conditions to stop an explosive outside attack that is beating your defense at the flanks. 2. How to adjust during game conditions to stop a tough Power I or a Full-house T attack that is driving your interior lineman up into the bleachers. 3. How to adjust during game conditions, along the line of scrimmage, versus a team that is opening up gaping holes to allow quick offensive backs to “run to daylight” for large chunks of yardage. 4. How to adjust to game conditions to stop an option run or pass play that has befuddled your end and halfback. 5. How to adjust during game conditions to stop the belly option series that has gained a 2 on 1 advantage on your defensive end. 6. How to adjust during game conditions to stop a flanker or triple formation that features a run or pass play to the wide side of the field. How This Book Will Help You Win More Gemes y 7, How to adjust during game conditions to stop an Opponent with 41 on your 20 yard line, or on the goal line with one yard to go for the Winning T.D, 8. How to adjust during game conditions to stop the long bomb with 20 seconds left in the game. 9, How to adjust during game conditions to stop a spread or unusual formation, 10. How to adjust during game conditions to stop an inside Counter play that is eating up big Yardage because an inside linebacker i getting faked out of position, By making the proper defensive adjustment at the ight time, the defensive team will eliminate errors The end result is winning defensive football, George H. Byers