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The biggest threat to Islam from within these days is from the Wahabi, Deobandi, Tablighi, Salafi sects. This threat to an average Muslim is not obvious at all. These days they want to call themselves Sunnis to deceive gullible Muslims. It is worth mentioning to some of the misguided youngsters of the above renegade groups that the four Mazhabs, namely, the Shafi'i, the Hanafi, Maliki and Hambali, all follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and believe in Sunni Aqaa'id, and are not one of the 72 firqas (groups) destined for Hell.

The physical appearance of these renegades may deceive one as they decorate their deceitful faces with the Sunnat of the beard and perform compulsory acts such as Namaaz, in a most convincing manner. However, their corrupt beliefs prove that they have no true love for the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and they are the greatest insulters of the Holy Prophet and thrown out of Islam.

Who are these Deobandi/Wahabi people? This is the question raised by the Ulama of Masjid-e-Nabawi, Mufti Sheikh Umar bin Hamadan Al Maharassee, who gave a Fatwa of Kufr on Deobandi/Wahabi/Tabligh Jammaat leaders and founders nearly 100 years ago for insulting the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). This Fatwa was issued after years of study of Wahabi/Deobandi books and clarification sought from the writers of these books which were never received nor did they repent for their opinions. Some of their Aqeeda and opinions are printed in this bill.

The Wahabis/Deobandis of today are trying their best to hide what their leaders have said about the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Some of them do attend Meelad, pray Salaam on the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and even call themselves Sunni to deceive true Muslims. Majority of the Deos/Wobs are not aware of many contradictions within the Wahabi/Deobandi Aqeeda. They do not know that their leaders have a Fatwa of Kufr given on them. Most people know about Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani. They do not know that the Fatwa issued in 1320 A.H. (1900 A.D.) by 33 prominent Ulama of Makkah and Medina Shareef applied to Deobandi/Wahabi leaders:

Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Khalil Ahmed Ambetwi, Rashid Ahmed Gangohi and

Qassim Nanotvi as well.

No Sunni Aalim, or for that matter any Muslim could think of even one abusive thing that the Wahabi/Deobandis have written, let alone speak or write about it. The Deobandis state that the Sunni Ulama have nothing to do but issue Fatwa. But when one considers the systematic proceedure undertaken before giving the Fatwa: years of research on their books of Aqaa'id, opportunity for renouncing the statements or valid reasons sought for the views from the leaders and the refusal by their leaders to respond or repent. After this the Saliheen Ulama of Haram Shareef were then forced to issue the Fatwa before the current present Saudi Wahabi/Najdi forced themselves into power with a lot of blood shed, bombing Makkah and Madina in the process.

The penalty for insulting the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is death and this is not something invented today but it has origins from the time of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) who ordered a person to be beheaded in the Haram Shareef itself between Maqam-e-Ibrahim and Zam Zam! The person who doubts his (the person who said Kufr) infidelity is also an infidel. This is unanimously accepted by all Ulama and Mufti and there is no forgiveness for this infidelity. However, there is a way out for those who repent genuinely.

Anyone who doubts the seriousness for insulting the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) or harsh punishment for infidelity should recall the following incident. A Jew and a Munafiq went to the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) to settle a dispute. The Prophet found the decision in favour of the Jew. The two then went to Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (radi Allahu anhu) who also gave a similar verdict. The Munafiq then asked the Jew that they should go to Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu). They told him the story and asked for his decision. The Jew, however, told Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu) that the Prophet of Allah had already decided in his favour. Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu) asked both to wait. He went inside, got his sword and chopped the head of the "Muslim" Munafiq! Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu) could not bear the insult of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) by the Munafiq due to his refusal to accept the Prophet's (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). He did not even hear out the Munafiq. Some people thought that Sayyiduna Umar (radi Allahu anhu) had gone too far. However, Qur'anic Ayats were revealed to support his action!

There is so much uneasiness among the Wahabis about the birth of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) or his Meelad that there is no mention of his birth in many of the Wahabi Masaajids. In fact, in one of their Kuthbas, the Imaam mentioned that the Muslims were worshipping idols. This was an indirect attack on shrines of the Saints and the Prophet of Allah that the Sunnis have great respect for. The Wahabis call these shrines idols! The lack of respect and love for the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) by the Wahabi/Deobandi is clear to see.

Having read about the views and the actions of the Wahabi/Deobandi, one will need to consider his Aqeeda and action he will need to take to put his Aqaa'id on the path of Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem. One may need to take necessary, corrective steps. One cannot, for example, ignore the basic concepts such as Shafa'at of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) on the Day of Judgement which the Wahabi/Deobandi leaders have categorically rejected as stated in their Aqaa'id book, "Taqwiyatul Imaan", as Shirk, whilst there is specific mention in support of intercession by Allah Ta'ala in the Quran to this, and the words of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in the Hadith and in the books of Sunni Aqaa'id, and all the Ulamas, and Saints all accept intercession and it is part of Sunni Aqaa'id. The evidence in support of intercession is so overwhelming that no Muslim could reject it.

The Wobs/Dobs do not believe or follow the teachings of the Mujaddid Saints and the Awliya of Allah who brought the message of Islam through the centuries. So they have to make up their own Aqaa'id as they go along, mix and match from here and there and for this precise reason they get caught contradicting themselves time and again, issuing Fatwas of Kufr on themselves indirectly.

With the Wahabis utilising vast resources against Sunni Islam, it is time all Muslims took a very serious view of the Wahabi/Deobandi Ulama and their teachings. Would one entertain these remarks directed at themselves or at their parents, let alone the Prophet of Allah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam)? While people of all religions are praising their Prophets, here we see them degrading our beloved Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Would one drink from a tank of water which had only a drop poison or a drop of urine? Certainly not! So how could one dare to say or write even one word of insult against the Holy and pure personality of the Prophet of Allah? The Wahabis

have written volumes of insults. One may find it difficult to extricate oneself from the machinery of Wahabism, his Wahabi friends and Aqaa'id. Like their fathers and founders, the current Wahabi leaders will never change. This could mean a loss of respect and finance from the Saudi Arabian government.

But for the Allah-fearing ordinary Muslim, he needs to make a new start, an important step that every Muslim needs to take to get rid of the Wahabi/Deobandi/Tablighi Aqaa'id. This applies to Sunnis as well who have acquired many wrong beliefs reading Wahabi/Deobandi books.

So, what is stopping Wahabis/Deobandis following the correct Sunni path? Nothing! Each is waiting for one of their friends or relations to make a move, each giving a sense of false support and security to the other when only their own deeds will save them in the Hereafter. It is dangerous to be lethargic in this matter. As stated previously, a person who makes or agrees with the statements like those stated by the Deobandi/Wahabi leaders, commits Kufr and a person who doubts their Kufr or tries to avoid calling them as Kaafirs, he himself becomes a Kaafir. This is not the Fatwa of the compilers of this bill, but the consensus of ALL Sunni Ulema since the time of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

Some Wahabis will listen to a new person in his Mosque whom he doesn't know and who has just been converted to their way of thinking, joined the Tabligh Jammat and thinks that he is on a divine mission to save all Muslims when his knowledge of Islam is almost nil. He will not mind following the young Muslim who has been to a Wahabi madressa/Uloom for a couple of years, who knows a bit of Arabic and a smattering knowledge of Islam and goes about dishing out his own fatwas in local mosques and college and university campus, corrupting the minds of the youth, demeaning the status and the honour of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in the process.

Over the years, Wahabis and Sunni Ulema have confronted each other in Munazara (debates), in South Africa, India, UK, and many parts of the world. The Wahabis have always lost the debate, or not turned up at all. This happened in Blackburn (UK) last year when an audience of nearly 5 000 waited for the Deobandi Ulema who did not turn up for the well-publicised debate. A defeat for them would mean loss of prestige and followers to the Sunnis. A Wahabi/Deobandi is also brainwashed not to listen to Sunni Ulema, read about the Saints and the Wali Allah.

A person who comes to know about the Wahabi/Deobandi beliefs and then does not reject them, then his relationship with his family and fellow Muslims becomes untenable. It is Fardh for everyone to have knowledge and correct belief of Islam and to impart this to his children. The Mufti of Makkah Mukarramah, Mufti Jamaal bin Muhammad Hussain, has stated in his Fatwa that to expose the wrong Aqaa'id is Fardh-e-Kifaya (collective compulsory act) which imposes a duty on all Muslims to make people in their area and influence aware of the Wahabi/Deobandi views. The Ulema, the Imams, the Trustees and the Committee Members of Mosques, Muslim Organisations, Jamaats have a special duty to expose the corrupt beliefs of the Wahabis, by providing resources and Sunni publications and literature in English.

But we are nowadays surprised to find them joining in our Milad celebrations, doing Fatiha and eating Giyarwee Niaz, and any other way just to get near to us. But they will not celebrate these in their own homes or in their mosques. This is simply a ploy to deceive us. They have had quite bad publicity because of their blasphemous Aqeeda and are trying to win us over. They will never talk about these issues which are fundamentals of Muslim faith and Aqeeda. In fact, some Wahabi/Deobandi Molvis are having Zikr, Baal Mubarak Ziyarat, Khatamul Quran, etc. in their Masaajids just to deceive innocent Sunni Muslims. Previously, they regarded all these acts as Shirk and Bid'at and falsely quoted Quran and Hadith to show they are correct. Now, all of a sudden, it is O.K. What a deception! Previously, only Ijtima, Ghust, sleeping in a Jamaat Khana and Kitaab reading was a "Sunnah." Why do they do not reject these?

Insha-Allah, we want to help those who are sincere in their belief, who want to follow the right path and who want to protect their faith from these insolent people and not close their eyes and ears to everything that is written by Sunnis, which is followed by over 90% of all Muslims in the world. This article will also help Sunni readers, who don't read Urdu or Arabic and who have been bombarded with Wahabi/Deobandi literature, to correct and to repent for any aspect of their belief which has not been consistent with Sunni Aqaa'id.

The beliefs of these Wahabi/Deobandi are taken from their own original books, in Arabic, Urdu or Farsi. We have provided reference to quotations from their books. We have also found that the recent editions of their books

have some of the derogatory remarks deleted.

The Deobandi/Wahabi/Tabligh Jammat beliefs are listed under the relevant headings together with comments and quotations from their own leaders and Aalims who have contradicted their own Aqeeda in many instances, and by doing so they have given a Fatwa of Kufr on themselves. Also, there are very many other points about their belief which we have not been able to include in this article.


Deobandi/Wahabi leader and founder, Molvi Ilyas Khandalvi, states in his own book, "Deeni Dawat", that whilst speaking to his friend, Maulvi Zahirul Hussien (M.A. Aligarh) he stated: "Zahirul Hassan! We need to form a new sect." (Deeni Dawat, pg. 205) The founder of the Deobandi/Wahabi leader himself admits to forming a new firqa and this is a fact.

Molvi Ilyas has also stated: "Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi has done a great job. I am pleased that the religious teachings are his and the method for the tabligh is mine, whereby the teachings of Ashraf Ali will spread far and wide." (Malfuzaat, Maulana Mohammad Ilyas, pg. 57)

It is absolutely clear that the method of propagation of Islam is not that followed by the Sahaba-Kiraams, the pious or the Saints like Ghaus-al-Azam, Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani, who was given the title of Muhiyuddin (The Reviver of Islam), or other Mujaddid of Islam, but one which is their own creation.


The Molvi Ilyas goes on to say: "Think how to attract people towards religion and to get them involved in it (the same methods you use in worldly business) and attract people in the same way you can." (Malfuzaat, Mohammad Ilyas Khandalvi, pg. 129) Here there is no mention of methods or the Sunnah of the Prophet to promote Islam but any means.

Now let us see what Molvi Ilyas Khandalvi, says in his Malfuzaat: "The practise of preaching for me is so important that if one of us is performing Namaaz, and a new person happens to enter, and when if he is not about to

leave, and there is no prospect of seeing him again, then in my belief, one should break Namaaz and talk to him. Having talked to him or having stopped him from leaving, one should then recite the prayers again." (Malfuzaat, Ilyas Khandalvi, pg. 171)

According to their Maulana, to think about the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in Namaaz is worse than adultery, but it is perfectly all right for them to think in their Namaaz about the person who has just come into the mosque and break their Namaaz!

Deobandi leader, Ashraf Ali Thanvi, writes: "A person complained to an elderly religious person that a certain person was undertaking Zikr for showing off. He replied, 'Don't you show off in your Zikr! That Zikr will help him cross the Pul-Sirat on the Day of Judgement.'" Maulana Thanvi then stated, "It seems the elderly person knew about the man's showing off. I would suggest that if in any work the intention of showing off comes to mind, then don't abandon that work. But carry out the work and make the intention that you will do the Tauba (repentance) afterwards." (Majalis-e-Haqimul- Ummat, pg. 33)

So even Ikhlas, the essential and pure intention of any prayer for the sake of Allah Ta 'ala, will not entertain any showing-off in Zikr by a person even if it equivalent to a mustard seed. The above prove to what extent the Wahabis will go towards spreading their religion.


Hardly a Tabligh/Deobandi meeting or congregation would pass without the mention of the Ayaat from the Holy Qur'aan: "Quntum khaira ummati'n ukhrijit lin-nas-e ta'moruna bil-ma'a-roof'e wa tan'haina anil-munkar wa tu'aminnon billahi." The Ayaat mentions the Ummat of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) as being better than others because the people of the Ummah are asked to do good and stop people from commiting evil. Of course the reward for work of the Prophets attract God-fearing people.

At the same time the Deobandi/Tablighi are promoting their Tablighi work and Jamaat to gullible Muslims, and their own status. Their leaders, like Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi, have insulted the Prophet and Awliyas as "Worthless little than nothing." (Taqviyatul Imaan, pg 42). And he has further

added: "I keep on stating that in these times any person who does a good deed, gets the reward of 50 Abu Bakr Siddiqs (radi Allahu anhu)." (Ashrafus- Suaneh, Part 2, pg. 99)

Not to be left behind with his Fatwa, Deobandi's Maulvi Qassim Nanotvi,

states "

Naas, Page 25) No doubt! Gullible Muslims fall for his talk and join Tabligh


the followers can exceed the Prophets in their deeds." (Tahzeeru-n-


Madrassa Darul-Uloom Deobandi's Maulvi Qassim Nanotvi writes: "If maybe after the Holy Prophet's era another did come then that would not make any difference to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) being the last Prophet, whether in his own era, his own area or other, another Prophet is proposed." (Tahzeeru'n-Naas, pg. 25) The Holy Qur'an states:

"Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, yes, he is the Messenger of Allah and the last one amongst the Prophets." (Part 22, Ruku 1)


The founder of the Tabligh Jamaat, Maulana Ilyas, stated: "In my dream in the interpretation of the Qur'anic Ayaat, 'Quntum khaira umma-tin ukhri-jat linn'na'se taa'mo'runa bil-ma'a-rouf'e wa tan ha'i na anil munkar wa ta'a- minun billahi,' I was told I was sent as a Prophet to the people." (Mulfoozat-e- Ilyas, pg. 50)


Wahabi and Deobandi Maulvi, Nazeer Hussain Delvi writes: "There is no proof for recitation (wazifa) of the whole Kalima, 'La Ilaha Illallaaho Muhammadur Rasoolallah,' for Wazifa purposes, there is proof for just 'La Ilaha Illallah'." (Fatwa Naziriah, pg. 449)

The above shows how much hatred they have for the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

The Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has said:"Those who

do not believe in my intercession will have no part in it." And also, "You will be with whom you love in the next world." So if you die living with Deobandi/Wahabi friends and Aqaa'id, you will be with them in the Hereafter. But beware! You will not find the Prophet of Allah, the Awliya of Allah and the lovers of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in that company! May Allah give Tawfiq and true love of our beloved Prophet, Sayyiduna Muhammad Mustafa (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) to us all. Aameen. With Courtesy from SUNNI WORLD. P.O. BOX 48928. QUALBERT.







The movement of Tableeghi Jamaat is being utilised by the enemies of Islam as an effective instrument in their struggle to prevent the emergence of a true Islamic movement in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Therefore, it is incumbent on all Muslims to disown it and discourage its activity in every way. The British were continually looking for ways of infiltrating and subverting Islam. They kept, through their comprehensive spy network, a very careful eye, on any new Muslim group and movement. The Tableeghi Jamaat was set up under the British Rule in India. After closely watching the Jamaat for some time, the British realised that here was exactly what they were looking for, a movement that totally absorbed the energy of its members and yet did not threaten British domination in any way as the doctrine of Jihad was totally absent in this movement. They saw that instead of the Jamaat's directing their energies outwardly towards their legitimate Kaafir enemies, was now directed inwardly towards the rest of the Muslims. Therefore, it was a group that was allowed to flourish. This news was spread to other interested parties.

THEIR BRAND OF TRUE ISLAM: The book that is held by many among the Tableeghi Jamaat to be as important as the study of the Quran itself is the "Teachings of Islam." In "Teachings of Islam" the Jamaat says that there is "NO WAY to gain honour, happiness, peace and tranquillity in this life OTHER

THAN to adopt and firmly hold on to the work and system of Tabligh." This statement shows that the Tableeghi Jamaat wants to be an exclusive sect of Muslims, which excludes all other Muslims who do not follow its peculiar definition of what it means to convey the message of Islam, a definition which is clearly and erroneous and far removed from the one which Allah gives in the Quran. One can only conclude from this statement that all other Muslims are considered by them to be misguided.

If one reads through their five point action plan which the author of "Teachings of Islam" says that one must put into practice and "will automatically ensure the growth and expansion of Islam in its true form." He claims that this is the Prophetic method and was followed by their ancestors and early Muslims. If one looks deeply, this five point action plan meets the complete approval of the enemies of Islam, since there is no mention anywhere of anything which might even slightly inconvenience a Kaafir government. How different this is from the actual practice of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam)!

From the day the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) made his Prophethood public, the very people who held him in high regards became hostile to him. Whenever the message of Islam is truly conveyed, it strikes at the very roots of every other system with which it comes into contact. How different is the case with the Tableeghi Jamaat. The British Weekly, "The Economist", the mouthpiece of the Kufaar, in its article entitled "The Other Side of Islam" pays glowing tribute to the Tableeghi Jamaat, saying, "So long as such movements exist, and attract millions of Muslims, essential Islam remains alive and well." Even the Kaafir authorities positively welcome what is happening, as they clearly do in the case of the Tableeghi Jamaat, because they know that other than the true Islam is being propagated.

Their brand of true Islam only centres around Ijtima, Ghust, Chilla and Kitaab reading. To them, Moulood, Urs Celebrations, Esaale Sawaab, the Recitation of Salaams, visiting of the Mazaars of Awliya Allah, etc. are all Shirk and Bid'at.

TABLEEGHI JAMAATS ROLE IN KUFAAR COUNTRIES: The thousands of members of the Tableeghi Jamaat are utilising all their energy exclusively inwards towards other Muslims and leaves the Kaafir powers to pursue their Godless exploitation of the Muslims completely unimpeded. They have

defined Jihad to be "spreading the Kalima of Allah and enforcing of Allah's Commandments." (Teachings of Islam). In the very same book, under the heading of "General Principles", the following point is made - "No controversial matter or points of secondary importance to be discussed at

any time

programme originally designed to ensure that the adherents of Tableeghi Jamaat did not come into conflict with the British authorities in India has now

been extended to include all aspects of Kufaar domination in the world. The members of the Jamaat are actually forbidden to question it at all. No wonder the enemies of Islam are delighted.

and confine all talk to the main points of Tabligh." Thus, a

This is the reason why the Tableeghi Jamaat moves freely in Kufaar countries in Europe and the rest of the world, while other Muslims are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed on a daily basis. In Israel, under Zionist control, the Jamaat is allowed free access to any part to do "Allah's Work" while Palestinian men, women and children, who are opposing Zionist rule, are tortured and killed.

It is also not surprising that under the Apartheid government in South Africa and under the cruel "State of Emergency" in which gatherings were restricted and carefully monitored under the vigilant eye of the then police force, the Ijtima's used to draw crowds of thousands of devotees - and there was not a single policeman in sight. It is obvious. With the type of Islam that they portrayed of being completely subservient to Kufaar politics and their rejection of Jihad in all its practical aspects, this Jamaat was not even considered as a threat. Not a word was uttered by the Jamaat's leaders condemning the then Apartheid regime. This is their policy throughout the world - do not condemn the Kufaar and the Kufaar governments!


The Jamaat has also flourished under the puppet governments of Muslim countries who rule in the name of they Kaafir paymasters (Israel, America, Britain, France, etc.) - thousands upon thousands as well-behaved, submissive Muslims praying in their mosques, quite content to live under a system which is opposed to Islam in every way and which is openly dedicated to the suppression of true Islam wherever it emerges.


(1) EATING AND SLEEPING IN MOSQUES : Uninvited, they take over the local mosques for days at a time, sleeping and eating in them and imposing their own programme in complete disregard of the actual needs and on-going organisation of the community concerned.

(2) RECRUITMENT DRIVES: They also cause great offence to Muslims in the way that they disrupt the worship in the mosques they visit by they announcements immediately after the Fard prayers and their offensive recruitment drives. As a result of which is to keep away from the mosque many people who would normally be present. They encourage and force poorer ignorant Muslims to leave their family and places of work for 3, 10, 20, 40, etc. days and go out for Ghast, while they themselves, belonging to the upper strata in society have accumulate enough wealth to live comfortable lives. We often hear their women-folk, of course, after being brainwashed by their husbands, as saying "Allah will give us Jannat for allowing our husbands to go in the path of Allah."

(3) THEY REGARD ALL OTHERS AS INFERIOR MUSLIMS: They always treat those not in the Jamaat as inferior beings in need of guidance. They often repeat the same speeches regardless of the people that they are speaking to. Much of their activity is based on having a bad opinion of Muslims, something in fact forbidden by Allah and completely contrary to the Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), who, as we know, refused to listen to anything that would give him a bad opinion of any of the Muslims. In "Teachings of Islam" they condemn all Muslims as only being involved in vice and sinning. Besides, 99.9% of their devotees in South Africa belong to the Gujerati community and look down upon other ethnic groups!


They address their message solely to Muslims, the vast majority of whom are as knowledgeable or more knowledgeable than they themselves are, ignoring the Kaafir populations among whom they move, who actually are the people to whom the message should be directed. Allah's words are frequently, and sometimes specifically, directed towards the Kufaar and the efforts of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and the Companions (radiya'allahu 'anhum ajma'een) were devoted to conveying Islam to them (kuffar). Even when they visit the African townships, their only aim is to "convert" the poorer African Muslims (who have already reverted to Islam) to their brand of Islam. In fact, they do not even pass the message of Islam to the non-

Muslims in the townships.

(5) LARGE NUMBERS THAT ATTEND THE IJTIMA: If the leaders of the Tableeghi Jamaat are sincere, let them hold their next annual gathering on the East bank of Jordan and let them cross the river and march to Al-Quds and liberate it from Jewish/Zionist occupation. Let them hold their Ijtima near the Babri Masjid in India and counter-attack the might of Hindu extremist and capture the mosque. Lem them hold their Ijtima near the Shia' centre in Ottawa and take over the centre in defence of true Sunni beliefs. They would not! The Jamaat is only interested in increasing its number and wasting the energy of thousand and thousand of Muslims.

When the Tableeghi Jamaat is asked about their complete indifference to the dominance of the Kufaar, they say "We are not yet strong enough to do anything yet." Yet, they boast of the large numbers that attend their Ijtima's. The Quran says that if you are a hundred, steadfast, you will overcome two hundred and if there are a thousand of you, you will overcome two thousand by Allah's permission (Surah al-Anfal: 65-6). The Tableeghi Jamaat's lack of strength cannot be considered as a valid excuse.

And speaking about the mass Nikahs that take place at the Ijtimas, which is by the way, a meeting place of the rich upper class, the grooms are immediately shoved off to sleep in some mosque for 40 days. And after 40 days, these "spiritually enlightened" individuals qualify as Molvis!


The Jamaat claims that it is a Sunnah of the Prophets and the Sahaba and, on the other hands, it says that Molvi Ilyas is the founder of this movement. The questions we ask, are:-

1. If, in reality, this is a Sunnah of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) as

claimed, then it must be proven by authentic Islamic books that the Prophet

(sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and his Sahaba also used to form Jamaats and do Ghast and Tableegh of Kalimah and Salaah amongst Muslims.

2. Why was this Sunnah ignored for 1 419 years? Do we classify all the past

spiritual luminaries as anti-Sunnah?

3. If this is a Sunnah practice, then surely Molvi Ilyas cannot be its founder.

But, if he is the founder, then obviously this type of Tableegh did not exist

before him. It is a Bid'ah!

It is the religious duty of the members of Tableeghi Jamaat to clarify the position with their Tableegh work and deceiving the Muslim community. The answers are obvious. This is a new movement founded by a Molvi Ilyas and definitely not a Sunnah.


To have good and strong Imaan, one must have the proper Aqeeda. It is for this reason that we quote a few un-Islamic beliefs of the leaders of the Tableeghi Jamaat together with the proper Islamic answers. The present Molvis and devotees of the T. Jamaat refuse to condemn the persons who wrote such bad beliefs and to even disassociate themesleves from such false beliefs. The un-Islamic beliefs which we have quoted below are quotations from those individuals who possess such beliefs and by writing them in this handbill, we have no intention of Kufr.

FALSE BELIEF 1: "Allah can speak lies". ("Barahine Qaatia" by Khaleel Ambetwi; "Yakrozi" by Ismaeel Dehlwi; "Fatawa Rasheedia" by Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi). ANSWER: Lies is a defect which is not worthy of the Zaat of Almighty Allah and is totally Muhaal (Impossible) for Almighty Allah. Allah is free from all shortages and defects thus making lies Muhaal for Almighty Allah.

FALSE BELIEF 2: "The Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) had died and is mixed in the sand." ("Taqweeyat-ul Imaan" by Ismaeel Dehlwi). ANSWER: It has been stated in the Hadith: "Verily, Almighty Allah has made it Haraam upon the earth to eat the bodies of the Ambiya". It has also been stated that Ambiya are alive and are blessed with Sustenance from Almighty Allah.

FALSE BELIEF 3: "Every creation, no matter how big or small, is equivalent to a cobbler before Allah." ("Taqweeyat-ul Imaan" by Ismaeel Dehlwi). ANSWER: The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is the most beloved Nabi of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah took Qasm (Oath) even on the city of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). He is the greatest of the creations of Almighty Allah. His every word is accepted in the Court of Allah. He is a perfection in the Attributes of Almighty Allah and Allah has not created any unique being besides Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam).

FALSE BELIEF 4: "To think of an ox and donkey in Salaah is permissible, but to think of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in Salaah is Shirk (Polytheism)." ("Seerate Mustaqeem" by Ismaeel Dehlwi). ANSWER: For a Muslim to perform any Ibaadat accepting that it is a noble action of Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is the true sense of Ibaadat. If one reads Salaah thinking of it as the Sunnah of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), then, without doubt, one will think of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). This belief creates in the mind of the performer the thought of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Not only is the thought of the Prophet in Salaah permissible, it is also the demand of Shari'ah that one must remember the Holy Prophet (salall laahu alaihi wasallam) at the time of Tasha'hud. According to the Fuqaha (Jurists) it is Waajib to believe that the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is observing you and that he is aware of your actions.

FALSE BELIEF 5: Any person who says the Nabi to be Haazir and Naazir is a Kaafir. ("Jawaahirul Quraan" by Ghulaamullah Khan). ANSWER: Until and unless we do not accept Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) as being Haazir and Naazir, the concept of Risaalat will be incomplete. Our Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is Shaahid, Mubashir and Nazeer.

FALSE BELIEF 6: To commemorate the Meelad is like commemorating the function of the Hindu deity. ("Baharine Qaatia" by Khaleel Ambethwi). ANSWER: Meelad is a means of gaining blessings and closeness to Almighty Allah. It is the practice of all the great predecessors. Many sources of Shari'ah are available to prove it's authencity. In fact, Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) observed fast on Monday as he was born on a Monday.

FALSE BELIEF 7: If Allah wills, then he may create a million Muhammads. ("Taqweeyatul Imaan") A Prophet can even come after Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). ("Tahzeerun Naas") ANSWER: The doors of Prophethood have been sealed. Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is the Seal of Prophethood. The Prophet also said that no Prophet shall come after him. Any person who claims Nabuwat after the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is a Liar, Dajjal Kazaab and a Shaitaan.

FALSE BELIEF 8: "Rahmatul Lil Alameen" (Mercy unto the Worlds) is not a special title of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), but the Ummati are

also "Rahmatul Lil Alameen". ("Fatawa Rasheedia") ANSWER: "Rahmatul Lil Alameen" is the unique quality of Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) as stated in the Holy Quran.

Note: To believe all these above mentioned false "Islamic" beliefs makes one a hypocrite, and one is included in the ranks of the Shia, Rafazi, Khaarijite, Qadiani, Ghair-Muqallid (Ahle Hadith), Tabligi, Deobandi, Maudoodi, Ahle Quran (People of Quran), etc. which are totally out of Islam. Any person who falsely claims to be the true Mahdi is misguided and a Faasiq. Any person who says that Allah can lie, that the Prophet's (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) knowledge are like those of animals, that the Prophet Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is not the Final Messenger, that the swearing of the Sahaba does not make one a criminal, that the Prophet's knowledge is less than Shaitaan, etc. IS A KAAFIR (totally out of the folds of Islam). We should not perform Salaah or associate with such persons as their companionship is detrimental to our Imaan.


The members of Tableeghi Jamaat have become extremely unpopular with many communities of Muslims throughout the world and even in South Africa. However, many continue to tolerate them. In fact, what they do, in the manner of Christian evangelists, is to play on the guilt of insecure people and then offer them an emotional environment in which they can redeem themselves and find others in a similar plight who are ready for the same treatment. Such "conversions" are frequently very superficial and sometimes superficially quite dangerous for the individuals concerned.

As we have seen, the ludicrous claim is made that the programme of the Tableeghi Jamaat comprises in every respect the way followed by the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and his Companions (radia'llahu 'anhum ajma'een), in their establishment of Islam. In fact, the opposite is true. From its inception, the programme of the Tableeghi Jamaat was designed, while giving the appearance of Islamic activity, to leave in place the very Kaafir forces whose explicit intention was precisely the prevention of the establishment of Islam in any real way. In the light of all the foregoing:

1. We declare that the Tableeghi Jamaat is, by its own admission, a deviant sect of Islam and that it is being used by the enemies of Islam to help them in

their continuing battle to prevent governance by the laws of Allah from being re-established in the world.

2. We therefore call on the leadership of the Tableeghi Jamaat to

acknowledge that they are directly responsible for the misguidance of

millions of Muslims and to abandon their present programme which only furthers the interest of the enemies of Allah.

3. We therefore call on all members of the Tableeghi Jamaat to reject the

subversive role they have been unwittingly persuaded to play and leave this sect which is being used by the enemies of Islam to prevent Allah's Deen being restored and governance by His Laws re-established.

4. We therefore call on all Muslims to disown the Tableeghi Jamaat and to

discourage its activities by refusing to give its members permission to sleep in mosques and to use them for their activities. And we call on all Muslims to reject the modernist perspective of Islam that they have been given to and respond to Allah and His Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) by giving their wealth and lives to see the totality of Islam once again re-established on the earth.




Israel has granted the Tableeghi Jamaat permission to establish propagation centres. The Tableeghi Jamaat are to oppose Hamas and destroy the spirit of Jihad amongst the Palestinians. Will the Tableeghi Jamaat really serve Islam in attempting to destroy the spirit of Jihad amongst the Palestinians?

According to the "Weekly Takbeer" (19-10-95, Karachi, Pakistan), Israel has granted the Tableeghi Jamaat permission to establish propagation centres. The Jamaat has already set up offices close to government buildings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. On the 7th of October 1995, Abdul Mahdi, leader of the delegation of Palestinians and now living in Jordan, said upon arriving in Raiwind that the deputation of Tableeghi Jamaat members in Israel had not even uttered a word of protest at the Israeli brutality unleased on Palestinians.

According to the "Daily Assas" (19-09-95, Lahore), even Israel and India who are the worst enemies of Islam do not consider the Tableeghi Jamaat as a threat or harmful to them because the Tableeghi Jamaat not only abstains from any form of Jihad but also considers it an absolute prohibition. This is

evident in the history of their activities. It is with these facts in mind that the Israeli authorities have allowed the Tableeghi Jamaat to establish 24 centres in Israel. Members of the Tableeghi Jamaat travelling from India to Raiwind in Pakistan were allowed special Air Charter facilities by the Indian authorities which is otherwise not available to other Muslims.




It has been reported in the Arabic magazine "Minarul Huda", published in Beirut, that the Saudi-Nadji Grand Mufti, Abdul Aziz bin Baaz has issued a Fatawa (Judicial Decree) stating that it is absolutely Ja'iz (permissible) for Palestinians to reconcile with Israel without any prior conditional arrangements.

Before Ibn-e-Baaz Fatawa, another Wahabi Mufti, Nasir-al Bani, has issued a Fatawa stating that the Intifada (Uprising) movement of the Palestinian Muslims is absolutely Haraam. The Fatawa also said that if the Palestinian Muslims did not stop the Intifada Movement and move out of the Israeli occupied land, then they would be classed as sinners. (Minarul Huda, Vol.34)




The "Historical Khutba" (as it is called) of Sheikh Huzaifi, the Imam of Masjid-un Nabawi, has been published in many languages and widely publicised in the Muslim Community. It is also available on the Internet as well.

Alhamdulillah, the truth about the Wahabi government of Saudi Arabia has finally emerged from the lips of their very own appointed Imam whom they regarded in high esteem. In

fact, many years ago, when the Ulama of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah openly announced and published the false beliefs of the Wahabi government and exposed them for their co-operation with the enemies of Islam, this very same government, in order to create a false perception about themselves and to hide their true "false" beliefs, financed many Deobandi aligned organisations locally and abroad to promote the aims and objectives of

the Wahabi government and to also hide their strong association with the enemies of Islam, the Jews and Christians.

Sheikh Huzaifi's "historical" Khutba has definitely raised a "storm in the tea cup." Now, the very same Deobandi Ulama and organisations who used to vehemently rejected the bold stance made by the Sunni Bareilwi Ulema and it's leaders and blindly defended the Wahabi movement, are now making an

issue of Sheikh Huzaifi's Khutba and applauding him for attacking the un-Islamic Saudi-Wahabi regime and their masters, the Jews and Christians. Well, it is rather too late!

It is also worth noting and indeed surprising that now that the funding of many local Deobandi aligned organisations is diminishing, these organisations are "secretly" smearing the name of the Saudi-Wahabi government after observing years of deafening

silence, while the Sunni Bareilwi Ulama took up the struggle of exposing the Wahabi government and their false beliefs. Unfortunately, this voice of Haqq was suppressed by the wealth and power of the Saudi government.

The Sunni world is watching very closely the next step of the Wahabi government and we will not be surprised to see Deobandi aligned organisations and their Ulama changing their stance after the Saudi- Wahabi government

brandishes it's petro-dollars once again! If they are on Haqq, which they repeatedly claim, they must openly condemn the Saudi-Wahabi government and their false beliefs! This would truly be historical!



History has shown that every new sect commenced as a social or political party, which, with public support and encouragement, develops into a religious sect. In the light of this knowledge, one sees clear signs of such a sect rising in South Africa in juxtaposition with the culture and constitution of the new South Africa.

The majority of Muslims in this country subscribe to the orthodox Sunni faith, which traces it's origin to the earliest source of Islamic history or tradition, and has for years managed to maintain it's pristine Islamic culture and values. The emergence of this new sect, from within the Muslim community, aims to undermine and defeat the vigour of this vibrant Sunni community.

We find, evidently, that amongst the strategies now being employed by this new sect, which has its root in the Wahabi Deobandi system of belief, and who have vociferously proclaimed Meelad and Salaam as "Bid'at" and "Haraam" now, surprisingly, mixing with the Sunnis. Suddenly their is surge of Zikr programmes (previously never held!) in their masajids and they are now participating in Jalsas and Meelad. They even permit Sunnis to perform

Zikr and Salaam in their mosques. Their "schemes" involves partaking in Niyaaz not only in Meelads but also functions hosted by other religious groups. Furthermore, part of their strategy is to be actively involved in trade meetings and grab every opportunity to lecture and make themselves be heard.

Does this mean that there is a sudden change of heart? Have they suddenly realised that the Sunni path is the true and guided path? No. This is not their intention. Once they have succeeded in attaining our trust they begin to use us for commercial benefits and together with the forces of other enemies, they proceed to mislead and destroy our Sunni community.

Will the Muslim community silently allow this exploitation? Are we so uncaring to ignore such a threat to our Imaan? The trusting, guiless and simple Sunnis are impressed by these "dramas" and appoint these "actors" as their religious leaders.

There is a crying need for Sunnis to arm ourselves with knowledge and maintain a strong foothold of their Imaan.