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English, B.A.

Language, the basis of human communication, and literature, which expresses what it means to be human, enrich and broaden students' lives while preparing them for careers that demand a high level of skill in reading, thinking, and writing.


The study of English contributes directly to the liberal education of all students. English majors pursue a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree and chose one of the following emphases: Language and literature Language arts elementary teacher certification Secondary teacher certification An English minor is also available. Visit www.gvsu.edu/english for details.

Majors complete the English foundation and choose an emphasis within the major. These foundations of literary study cover: Critical analysis Genre Language study

Career Options
English grads hold or have held a variety of positions, including: Directors Reporters Managers Reading specialists Teachers


Literacy careers such as writing, teaching, library science, editing, and publishing are directly related to English studies. Students who major or minor in English find work in a variety of fields ranging from management to computer programming. English is one of the strongest preprofessional majors because the skills, knowledge, and understanding acquired are invaluable preparation for graduate study in multiple fields. The communications skills developed in the study of English are also important to careers in public relations, business management, and personnel counseling. The study of literature from around the world is an important cultural foundation of a global liberal education. A Master of Arts (M.A.) in English is also available at Grand Valley. Visit www.gvsu.edu/grad/english for details.


Department of English www.gvsu.edu/english (616) 331-3400 Admissions Office www.gvsu.edu/admissions

I have been very impressed with Grand Valleys English department during my years of study here. There is an excellent selection of challenging and stimulating courses to choose from, but even more than that, the professors are simply outstanding. ELI BARSY ENGLISH MAJOR

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