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Serving at Ohio University

Ty & Carrie Komjati

October 2011

You mean right here, around all these people? ...Yes! Thats what Patricia said when I (Carrie) asked her, in the middle of a campus coffeeshop, if she wanted to receive Christ into her life by faith through prayer. Patricia filled out a questionnaire as part of our first and biggest outreach of the year and said that she wanted more information about a Bible study and how she could have a stronger relationship with God. I called her up and set up a time to get together over coffee so that I could tell her about what we offer through our ministry and to walk through a booklet called Would You Like to Know God Personally? When we met, I asked Patricia two questions. First, I asked how sure she was on a scale of 1-100 that she would go to Heaven when she died. She said she was around 80% sure. Second, I asked what reason she would give as to why she should go to Heaven. She said that shes tried to be a good person and that shes gone to church pretty regularly. As we walked through the booklet I explained that God loves her and created her to know Him personally, but that because of her sin she was separated from God and that no matter how good she tried to be, or how many times she went to church, it was not enough to cancel
Patricia, here with Rufus, the OU mascot, is one of 25 students who have already trusted Jesus with their lives this Fall!

Prayer Requests
1. Continued enthusiasm for our students and for us to pursue the lost with the gospel. 2. 300 students to attend our Fall Retreat Oct. 21-23. 3. Praise God for brining 25 students into a saving faith in Jesus already this year!
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out her sin and make her right with God. The Good News, I told her, is that when Jesus died on the cross, he paid the penalty for her sin. I explained that its only by receiving Christ through faith that she could be saved, not by just living a good life. I asked her if she would like to receive Christ right then, by faith through prayer. Patricia prayed to thank Jesus for dying for her sins so that she could be forgiven and invited Him to make her the kind of person He wants her to be. I prayed for her and when I was done she enthusiastically said Amen! and looked up with a big smile. I cant believe I just did that around all these people and no one knows. I want them to know! she said. Praise God with us! We are so grateful for you and your partnership in advancing the gospel at Ohio University.
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