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About OUM & IPD

Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the product of a strategic alliance between Malaysias first of eleven Public Universities. Whilst OUMs recognised programmes of high academic standing remain comparable to that of every consortium partner, the Vice-Chancellors of the participating universities embarked on a strategic move that has opened a window of opportunity for career minded working adults. This window of opportunity is designed to provide them with an avenue to enhance their competencies and add value to their careers; and to operate effectively and efficiently in a highly competitive environment. The intent therefore spawned the formation of a professional training unit within OUM. Dubbed the Institute of Professional Development (IPD), the Institute is dedicated to lifelong learning for every working adult by providing competency development programmes that are innovative, contemporary and relevant. Officially founded at the end of 2000, IPD-OUMs programmes continue to benefit career minded working adults in Malaysia as well as selected international locations such as Bahrain, Sudan, India and Sri Lanka. Some of many dynamic organisations that have benefited from IPD-OUMs career enhancement programmes include Nestle, AEON Group, Toyota Boshuku, Dumex, Malaysian Financial Planning Council, Samsung, Mydin, NIOSH, Panasonic Malaysia and others.

Professor Dr. Selvaraj Oyyan Pillay DIRECTOR

executive Diploma

About People Skills Training & Consulting

People Skills Training and Consulting (PSTC) is a Malaysian incorporated business entity and a subsidiary of People Skills Asia Private Limited (PSA), Singapore. PSTC is an organization which specializes in developing, and providing high quality management development programmes for middle and senior managers and executives in the distributive trades, retail, shopping centre, various service industries and the business community. Since its inception, both PSTC and PSA had developed and delivered a number of highly reputable and internationally recognized management development programmes in the Asia Pacific Region. Often, these programmes were created and developed in collaborations with renowned and reputable global retail learning institutions such The Institute for Retail Studies at the University of Stirling in the UK, Food Marketing Department of St Josephs University in Philadelphia, US and the renowned Retail Management Institute at Santa Clara University, California, USA. Over the years, both PSTC and PSA have successfully developed a network of internationally renowned and reputable retail, shopping centre management, food and various service management practitioners as well as other management professionals to form part of its infrastructure in delivering high quality and relevant management training programmes throughout the Asia Pacific. Today, the academic and advisory board of PSTC and PSA includes prominent local and international academics, experts, consultants and professionals from the local and global business community. Among PSTCs international academic advisory board members are Professor Dale Achabal and Professor Kirthi Kalyanam from RMI, Santa Clara University, Professor Paul Freathy from IRS, University of Stirling, UK, Emeritus Professor Peter Jones, University of Gloucestershire, UK, Professor Larry Ring, College of William & Mary, US, Professor John L. Stanton, FMI, St Josephs University, US and Professor Teo Cheng Swee, Hemsdale College, Singapore



Dr. Vincent Kong CEO

Enriching Knowledge..... Enhancing Professionalism....

Ms. Hidayati/ Ms. Norafidah Tel No : +603 2773 2000 Email :, Website: or Programme Director : Dr. Vincent Kong Tel: +6017- 3243251 Email : Institute of Professional Development, Open University Malaysia, METEOR House, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

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Programme Overview
History shows that many entrepreneurial ventures and businesses struggle or fail not because the business owners were not committed or did not work hard but because the business ideas they were pushing to bring to the market place was not the foundation for a vibrant and successful business. This programme covers most of the essential components of starting a new business as well as the necessary entrepreneurial skills required to start and manage a successful and profitable business.

Entry Requirements
SPM/O Levels Three (3) credits with 3 years of working experience. Applicants who possess other qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Applicants who possess other qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In exceptional circumstances, applicants with extensive working experience may also be considered.

Programme Objectives
This programme aims to equip participants with sound entrepreneurship skills by delivering and presenting a thorough and complete analysis of the components in the entrepreneurial process. The programme also help participants understand how to develop their business concepts, formulate their business plans, implement and executive their ideas. It guides participants on business set-ups and how to start their own business.

Programme Modules
Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Recognising Opportunities and Generating Business Ideas Business Feasibility Analysis & Putting Together Business Plans Industry and Competitor Analysis and Developing Business Models Types of Business Organisations and Business Start-ups Assessing a New Ventures Financial Viability & Financing New Ventures Building a New-Venture Team Unique Marketing Issues in New Business Ventures The Importance of Intellectual Property Preparing for and Evaluating the Challenges and Strategies of Growth Project Paper

Programme Fee
Course Fee RM11,500-00
(Instalment Plan) First Payment
(Paid on Registration Day) : RM2,700-00 11 Monthly Payments of RM800-00 = RM8,800-00

Course Fee RM11,000-00

(Lump Sum Payment) First Payment
(Paid on Registration Day) : RM2,700-00 Paid before programme commencement RM8,300.00

Programme Duration
The Executive Diploma in Entrepreneurship can be completed in 12 months

Total Fee : RM11,500-00

Fee Payment Terms

Total Fee : RM11,000.00

Teaching Faculty
The programme will be jointly taught by lecturers from Open University Malaysia and People Skills Asia and its Associates who all have worked in the business community and industry for many years. The teaching staff also have the necessary entrepreneurial experience, knowledge and skills to teach and share with the programme participants.

TTo be paid accordingly to the schedule above.

Programme Assessment

Why Should You Attend ?

Today, getting a job in any industry may be easy but getting a job with strong career prospects and lots of job satisfaction may be uncommon. The independence and financial rewards of owning your own business is very satisfying . Thus, if you are thinking of working for yourself or running your own business, then there is no better way to do so by learning the complete set of entrepreneur skills so that you can get started quickly. This programme will arm you with the core business management and entrepreneurial skills necessary to start and manage a business in the increasing competitive market place. Each module is specifically designed to provide participants with a strategic and practical understanding of various components of the entrepreneurial functional areas.

Each participant will have to submit an assignment and examination for each module of the programme.

Assessment Coursework/Assignment

- 40% - 60%

Some of Our Faculty Members

Professor John Stanton, Food Marketing Institute, St Josephs University, US Professor Dale Achabal, Executive Director, Retail Management Institute, Santa Clara University, California, USA Professor Kirthi Kalyanam, Director, Retail Management Institute, Santa Clara University, California, USA Professor Naren, Retail Management Institute, Santa Clara University, California, USA Professor Teo Cheng Swee, Hemsdale College, Singapore Dr Vincent Kong, CEO, People Skills Asia (S) Pte Ltd Dr Christine Chow, Retail Consultant, Malaysia Dr Chin Tiam Pok, Supply Chain Consultant, Malaysia Mr Joseph Tan, CEO, Joseph Tan Management Consultants, Singapore Mr Khoo Peng Hong, Financial and Corporate Consultant, Msia

Programme Methodology and Delivery

Who Should Attend?

This programme is suited for individuals who would like to start their own business and to be their own boss. Those who have business ideas and concepts and who wish to pursue their own business ideas and realize their financial rewards will find the programme highly useful and relevant.

The programme will be run as lectures, real case studies and discussions, and workshops. Various successful entrepreneurs will be invited as guest lecturers to share their experience with programme participants. Copies of lecture notes and any additional notes shall be provided.

Programme Award

An Executive Diploma in Entrepreneurship will be awarded by Open University Malaysia to participants who have successfully completed the course and passed the necessary coursework and examinations.