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Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.
For decades, Caterpillar has led the industry with engine innovations that provide the powerful performance, fuel economy and overall value truck owners want most. Now our 2003 lineup of on-highway engines, featuring the exclusive ACERT technology, extends our history of innovation and quality into a new era of environmental stewardship.

example: today, air-to-air aftercooling is an industry standard in North America. But it was generally unknown in 1985, when Cat introduced this revolutionary method of cooling intake air. Now weve taken another bold step forward. Caterpillar On-Highway Engines for 2003 still pack the high horsepower ratings, peak torque advantages and rugged durability Caterpillar truck engines are known for. But theyre better than ever, thanks to the breakthrough systems solution of ACERT that combines proven Cat components and proprietary technology into todays most inventive and effective emissions reduction system.

A Legacy of Leadership
Cat began setting the pace back in 1932 with the introduction of the first mobile diesel engineand we havent slowed down since. From our introduction of turbocharging in 55 to the first dual overhead cam engine in 67 and the worlds only hydraulic engine retarder in 73, weve continued to lead the way with forward-thinking solutions that trump the competition. A prime

Brand New Models, Same Old Reliability

Our new engine lineup for 2003 is built on the proven success of previous Caterpillar on-highway power plants. From the C7, based on the

Engine Shipments

popular 3126E, all the way through to the heavy duty C15 (formerly the 3406), these engines employ design and engineering concepts that have already been tested and proven reliable in real-world applications. This ensures the uninterrupted continuation of the value youve come to expect from Cat. ACERT technology represents the culmination of years of unparalleled innovation and unprecedented success where it counts most: on the road. Because it utilizes our own proven air, fuel, electronics and aftertreatment systems, it could only have come from Caterpillar. And because engines featuring ACERT technology offer the performance, reliability and economy that add up to leading-edge value, the Pure Power they deliver is available only to Caterpillar customers.

History of Cat Innovation


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1693 OHC 4-VALVE


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Pure Recognition: 2000, 2001, 2002

For the third year in a row, Caterpillar On-Highway Engines have received the highest customer satisfaction rankings from international marketing firm J.D. Power and Associates.* Since 2000, Caterpillar engines have been ranked highest by J.D. Power and Associates in Customer Satisfaction in both Over-the-Road and Vocational Heavy Duty Diesel Engines. This three-peat in ranking highest is one of the industrys most prestigious awards and indicates that not only does Cat lead the way with innovative stewardship of the environmentCat engines continue toPower and Associates 2000-2002 Heavy Duty Truck Engine Studies basedsatisfaction. maintainers set the pace for overall customer on responses from principal *J.D.

of heavy duty trucks. Over-the-Road segment consists of over-the-road vehicles with sleepers. Vocational segment consists of vehicles operating in typically rugged vocations such as dump trucks or refuse trucks. www.jdpower.com.

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When tougher emissions regulations went into effect in 2002, other engine makers turned to a compromise: Cooled-EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technology that recycles exhaust back through the engine in an attempt to reduce emissions. But Caterpillar engineers didnt stop there. Instead, we continued to search for a better answera long term solution that would provide the same kind of reliability, durability, fuel economy and resale value Cat customers have always counted on.

Revolution Through Evolution

After intensive lab testing and millions of miles of real-world, on the road proof, we discovered the answer: ACERT technology, an innovative systems solution that derives from proven Cat components and technology. Its a revolution through evolution that not only meets todays clean air regulations, but also establishes the building blocks for attaining tomorrows more stringent standards. Most importantly, ACERT technology provides Cat customers with all of the reliability, durability and fuel economy Cat engines are renowned for providing. ACERT technology is Caterpillars innovative, long-term solution for generating Pure Powerand pure customer value. The following pages detail how this breakthrough technology combines four existing engine systems into a single, unparalleled success.

Improved Air System Management

Improved air management, a basic building block of ACERT technology, is also the most visible of its four integrated systems. Caterpillar heavy duty engines with ACERT technology employ series turbochargers to force more cool, clean air into the combustion chambernot the recycled exhaust gas of cooled-EGR technology. And Cat engines with ACERT technology use proven turbo technology, not the complicated Variable Geometry Turbocharger components employed by some other engine manufacturers. Working together in series, the turbos turn slower, resulting in increased turbo component life. This turbocharger arrangement improves engine response while lowering oxides of nitrogen and increasing fuel economy. is changed based on engine demands, as monitored by advanced Cat electronics. Only the Cat air management system with Cat electronics make variable valve actuation possible, because it utilizes technology from our proprietary HEUI fuel system and our extensive knowledge of hydraulics.

Controlling Air Volume

ACERT technology is also able to control the air volume required at various engine loads and speeds, resulting in more complete combustion and better fuel economy. This is accomplished through variable valve actuation. Inside the engine, this process allows precise control of valve actuation complementary to camshaft actuation. Valve position

Looking to the Future

For C11 and C13 engines, the variable valve actuation design permits control of an integral compression brake. By 2004 this integral compression brake will be optional in all Cat heavy duty engines.

Advanced Fuel Systems

Minimizing exhaust emissions and maximizing fuel economy requires the most complete combustion possible. So Caterpillar engines with ACERT technology employ time-tested HEUI and MEUI (Mechanically activated, Electronically controlled Unit Injection) fuel systems. Both of these systems are designed and built by Caterpillar. This proprietary technology allows us to fine tune each fuel system for each unique engineand your application. fuel delivery to the combustion chamber, reducing emissions and optimizing fuel economy. With split injection, a minute amount of fuel is injected at the beginning of combustion. This is the pilot injection. A millisecond later, during combustion, a larger volume of fuel is used as the main injection. Then a post injection, another smaller amount of fuel, completes the cycle. How much fuel is injected at each phase is determined by advanced Cat electronics.

Increasing Fuel Economy

The C7 and C9 engines feature our proven HEUI fuel system, while the C11, C13 and C15 feature the Cat MEUI fuel system. Both the HEUI and MEUI systems are designed to provide a patented split injection

Cutting Emissions at the Source

The split fuel injection strategy incorporated into ACERT technology lowers peak cylinder temperatures, allowing fuel to burn more completely. This translates to not only lower emissions, but also superior fuel economy.

Advanced Engine Electronics

If the heart of ACERT technology is the combustion process, then the brain of this breakthrough systems approach is Caterpillars advanced engine electronics. Cat electronics play a crucial role in reducing exhaust emissions by working to synchronize and harmonize the components of ACERT technology. conditions. Thenin much the same way as the engine automatically adapts to airflow needs by increasing or decreasing turbocharger boostthe electronic control module sends out signals that variable valve actuators and fuel injectors convert into mechanical responses. under any operating conditions. This provides greater flexibility to optimize power, fuel economy, and emissions. Advanced Cat electronics is the key to making the four separate systems of ACERT technology work as an efficient unit. And that, in turn, is the key to better performance and value to your bottom line.

Sensing Operating Conditions

First, the system senses the engines ever-changing operating

Integrating All Components

The result: precise and efficient integration of engine components

Simple, Effective Aftertreatment

While the combustion process functions to cut oxides of nitrogen (NOx), its only part of the story. Regulated exhaust emissions also include particulates, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. So a simple, effective exhaust aftertreatment completes the story of ACERT technology: the Caterpillar Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC).

Taking the Final Step

Simply put, Cats proven DOC aftertreatment system represents elegant engineering at its best. Its the final step that allows engines with ACERT technology to meet todays tough emissions standards. Its also one more example of how you can count on Cat to come up with solutions that work in the real world, systems that work together well, and products that provide maximum value for the long haul.

Counting on Proven Components

Proven reliable over time, the stainless steel Cat DOC has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, and is literally designed to last as long as the engine itself. In fact, over the past decade more than 120,000 engines have been manufactured utilizing this unique aftertreatment systemand have shown virtually no reliability issues. Located in the exhaust system, the DOC consists of a honeycomb-like structure covered by a chemical coating that acts as a catalyst. As hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate exhaust emissions pass through the DOC and come into contact with the catalyst, they are chemically converted into carbon dioxide and water vaporharmless substances that are subsequently passed on out of the exhaust system.

Heavy Duty Power, Heavyweight Durability

Excellent reliability with proven MEUI fuel system and Cat exclusive leak-free technology Superior fuel economy and reduced emissions with variable valve actuation Improved durability with new high efficiency water pump and four-bolt connecting rod design Driver pleasing performance and improved engine response with series turbochargers
The new C15 combines series turbochargers, a higher compression ratio, and higher cylinder pressure to produce improved performance, better throttle response and increased fuel economy. Like all heavy duty engines with ACERT technology, the C15 also features rugged components such as steel single-piece low friction pistons, a four-bolt connecting rod and a high-efficiency water pump. One of the toughest power plants on the road today, this engine is made for owner-operators, fleets and heavy haulers who want high horsepower performance combined with unmatched durability and superior resale value. Peak torque ratings up to 1850 lb-ft offer excellent startability and exceptional hill-climbing capability.

Cylinders Bore/Stroke Displacement Weight Horsepower Torque

In-line 6 5.4 x 6.75 (137 mm x 171 mm) 15.2 L (928 cu in) 2890 lb (1311 kg) 435 to 550 @ 2100 rpm 1350-1850 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm

Payload-Pulling Power to Rely On

Continuing the legacy of reliability established by the Cat C-12, the new C13 evolves from a uni-flow cylinder head design to a cross-flow setup, with improved breathing ability and better responsiveness. Like the new C15, it also features a higher compression ratio, higher cylinder pressure, and series turbocharging for improved power, performance and fuel economy. The engine of choice for fleets requiring excellent performance and dependability in a lightweight package, the C13 weighs in at just 2,270 lb (1030 kg) and features the industrys best horsepower-to-payload ratio. Compared to other engines in its horsepower range, it provides up to 800 lb (363 kg) of additional payload capacity for pulling power to spare.

Reduced emissions with Caterpillarpatented variable valve actuation Million-mile durability from robust component design and increased oil sump capacity Superior fuel economy from series turbochargers and Cat MEUI fuel system Improved head gasket design and higher efficiency from cross-flow head design

Cylinders Bore/Stroke Displacement Weight Horsepower Torque

In-line 6 5.12 x 6.18 (130 mm x 157 mm) 12.5 L (763 cu in) 2270 lb (1030 kg) 335 to 505 @ 2100 rpm 1350-1650 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm

Day Cab and Vocational Fleet Specialist

Excellent fuel economy from variable valve actuation and Cat MEUI fuel system Improved head gasket design and Cat exclusive leak-free technology provide increased reliability Durability is enhanced from new connecting rod, piston, cylinder head and water pump designs Rear-mounted power take-off provides flexibility for specing into unique applications
The C11 replaces the C-10 engine and provides increased displacement and resulting longer engine life. The C11like the C13features a cross-flow head design complete with series turbochargers and variable value actuation. An optional Cat compression brake, and rear-mounted power take-off (PTO) are available to fit your specific application. Heavy duty components, scaled from the C13 result in a highly reliable, durable powerplant. A unique combination of heavy duty components, in a lightweight package make the new C11 a perfect engine for both day cab and vocational applications.

Cylinders Bore/Stroke Displacement Weight Horsepower Torque

In-line 6 5.12 x 5.51 (130 mm x 140 mm) 11.1 L (677 cu in) 2270 lb (1030 kg) 305 to 370 @ 2100 rpm 1050-1350 lb-ft @ 1200 rpm

Light on Weight, Heavy on Features

The new C9 is designed for durability and reliability. It features rugged, heavy duty components normally featured in much larger engines. In addition, the C9 offers both front and rear power take-off (PTO) capability. The C9 is ideal for vocational applications and regional line haul fleets that require a responsive, lightweight engine with electronic controls. Its rare combination of light weight and robust design produces an engine perfectly suited for the toughest applications. The reliability of the C9 exceeds Caterpillars most rigorous standards, so you can count on this engine to remain dependable for years to come. A combination of mid-supported wet-liners, heavy duty crankshaft and HEUI fuel system provide a perfect engine for demanding applications.

Heavy duty durability from midsupported wet-liner and robust component design Excellent fuel economy and performance plus lower emissions from four-valve cross-flow head design Superior reliability from proven HEUI fuel system and Cat designed electronics Flexible front and rear power take-off capability for multiple vocational applications

Cylinders Bore/Stroke Displacement Weight Horsepower Torque

In-line 6 4.41 x 5.87 (112 mm x 149 mm) 8.8 L (537 cu in) 1500 lb (680 kg) 275 to 400 @ 2100 rpm 860-1150 lb-ft @ 1400 rpm

Maximum Mid-Range Versatility

Superior durability based on proven 3126E components A new Caterpillar-built HEUI oil pump, along with Cat exclusive leak-free technology, provide unsurpassed reliability Lower emissions and decreased engine noise from Caterpillar-patented HEUI fuel system Enhanced performance from electronic wastegate-controlled turbocharger
The new C7 engine with ACERT technology continues the tradition of bottom-line value. A wide range of horsepower ratingsall the way up to 330 hp for fire trucks and RVs ensures a perfect fit for a variety of applications. This engine features the Caterpillar-patented HEUI fuel system for unsurpassed performance and reliability. Full electronic controls include features typically found only on heavy duty engines. Both front and rear power take-off (PTO) options are available to fit your specific application. The C7 is a sophisticated mid-range engine suitable for a wide variety of vocational applications, from construction and utility jobs to pick-up and delivery, RV and emergency vehicles.

Cylinders Bore/Stroke Displacement Weight Horsepower Torque

In-line 6 4.33 x 5.00 (110 mm x 127 mm) 7.2 L (441 cu in) 1297 lb (588 kg) 190 to 330 @ 2400 rpm 520-860 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm

ACERT technology is much more than just a means for meeting todays difficult and demanding emissions regulations. Its a longterm solution, designed by Cat, to provide you with the bottom-line, best value availableboth today and in the future. A solution that doesnt come at the expense of performance, fuel economy or reliability.

Spec it Right with Design Pro

Driving these savings to your bottom-line starts with selecting the right engine and driveline for your application. Effective vehicle specing is the key to finding the right balance between fuel economy and performance. Caterpillars Design Pro software makes it easier than ever for you to spec the right engine and drivetrainright from the start. Working with your Cat Truck Engine Representative and Design Pro, you can specify the best Cat engine and the best drivetrain for any application with manufacturer specific product information. Design Pro also allows you to evaluate total vehicle performance on over 30,000 miles of interstate throughout the U.S. and Canada to identify the best truck configuration for maximum efficiency.

Charting the ACERT Technology Advantage

Cat engines continue to set the industry standard in reliability and durabilitya record that is supported by proven customer satisfaction, year after year. ACERT technology builds on this foundation, providing excellent fuel economy, low maintenance costs and high resale value. In addition, ACERT technology also provides the building blocks to meet future emissions regulations. Together, the benefits of ACERT technology can add up to thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the engine. Your Cat Truck Engine Representative can assist you in calculating your estimated savingsa savings you will only see with Caterpillar engines and ACERT technology.

All of the engine benefits you demand are built into todays Caterpillar enginesreduced operating costs, long life-to-overhaul, service and support where and when you need it, as well as the capability to drive bottom line value for your business. Pure innovation, pure leadership, pure reliability, pure valueit all adds up to one thing: Pure Power only from Caterpillar.

Just as the lineup of 2003 Caterpillar On-Highway Engines provides all of the Pure Power you need for virtually any application, Caterpillar is committed to providing total support after the sale. From excellent sales and specing support to first-quality parts and supplies and prompt, personal service at more than 2,500 Cat dealer and truck dealer locations across North America, well back you all the way. In fact, in a survey of dealer support conducted by the American Truck Dealers Association, Caterpillar was voted Number One Independent Engine Supplier. And we keep working to keep you covered after your standard warranty expires, with multiple extended service coverage options to choose from. Contact your local Cat Truck Engine Representative for more details.

Teaming Up for ACERT Technology

All Cat On-Highway Engines with ACERT Technology are continuously monitored by a special Continuous Product Improvement Teama technical collaboration by product design engineers, parts and service specialists and authorized Cat service locations across North America.

Were Always On Call

Our industry-leading support even includes the Caterpillar On-Highway Engine Call Center, where technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your technical questions, direct you to a dealer or help arrange on-the-road engine assistance.
To reach the Caterpillar Call Center, dial toll-free 1-800-447-4986, e-mail Call_Cat@cat.com, or visit our Web site at www.cattruckengines.com.

2003 Caterpillar