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& IEC 61131

ISaGRAF is a comprehensive set of software technologies used to develop leading-edge local or distributed control products. The technology is designed to be scalable, allowing for the development of a range of solutions from tiny controllers to large automation systems without having to compromise. ISaGRAF gives you the flexibility to use it in combination with the hardware platform and operating system of your choice, thereby permitting the development of automation products that exactly meet your requirements. ISaGRAF not only addresses the technical aspects in the design of the automation product, but also addresses the usability, meeting the industrial market expectations for standards, performance and functionality. With its IEC 61131 compliance, ISaGRAF allows products to meet international automation standards, facilitating certification towards IEC 61508 and critical application safety levels such as SIL 3. ISaGRAF addresses the requirements of a wide variety of applications and needs flexible ability specific while market at the the

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Product Elements
ISaGRAF consists of two main components: the Application Workbench and the Runtime Target or Virtual Machine. The Runtime Target is a portable execution engine that runs the developed applications. The portability of the applications generated by the Workbench enable the Runtime Target to execute them without modification, regardless of operating system or processor. automation approach. ISaGRAF Runtime Targets can run on any operating system. Examples include: Linux VxWorks OS-9 INtime RTX QNX C/OS-II DOS Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista INTEGRITY ... and many more Because only one development environment is needed, users leverage the full benefits of a true

IEC 61131-3 Support

The Application Workbench provides powerful and intuitive graphical and textual editors for SFC, FBD and LD, and Text Editors for IL and ST plus Flow Chart and C Code. It is an environment that empowers the developer to employ the language that best suits the application. Language Sequential Function Chart (SFC) Function Block Diagram (FBD) Ladder Diagram (LD) Structured Text (ST) Instruction List (IL) Flow Chart IEC 61499 C Type of Application Sequential process Process flow Electrical flow Textual, Calculative Boolean, Simple, Textual Logical, decision-based operation Distributed process High-speed, fixed applications

The PLC-style scan cycle has been augmented to include bidirectional data transfer between multiple resources. This allows these control processes to effortlessly share real-time information, regardless of whether they are running on the same controller or distributed across a local area network. Plus available web HMI with our HiBeam product.

Capitalizing on over 24 years experience in the development and support of automation software technology, ISaGRAF also offers a range of services including engineering software consulting, integration, training and the development of tailor-made software applications that meet your specific market requirements. In addition, ISaGRAF has an extensive network of worldwide partners with a wealth of expertise from on-site commissioning, to requirements analysis, specifications development and system testing.

The Application Workbench is a complete programming environment used to develop highly portable applications. It fully supports eight automation languages: the five IEC 61131-3 languages plus Flow Chart, IEC 61499, and C. This flexibility enables developers to choose the language that best suits their knowledge, style and the nature of the application. The Workbench also provides tools for editing, debugging, code generation, documentation, library management, archiving, on-line monitoring, off-line simulation and on-line changes.

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