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Onity Locking Systems


Connecting the Programmer

1. To the Lock: At the bottom of lock, plug programmer into lock hole 2. To Front Desk: Plug DB9 male cable into programmer, other end to the black box Comm.Distributor (labelled PP).

Emergency Opening:
Recommendation: set-up password to enable this function, and activate only for emergencies 1. Connect Programmer to Lock * 2. Select [5-OPEN]

Blocking a lock:
1. Insert a Blocking Card in lock (red light flashes) 2. To unblock, insert Blocking Card in lock (green light )

Lock LED Code Sequences

Access granted Office mode active

Office Mode (Only available in authorized rooms):

1. Insert authorised card twice quickly (green light will flash) 2. To undo, insert authorized card twice (red light)

Programmer Menu Options: *

Onity. Tesa is a licensed brand from Talleres de Escoriaza, S.A.

[1-Update] [3-Test] [5-Open]

[2-Read Openings] [4-Initialize]

Programmer screen is blank:

1. Press On button (programmer turns off with inactivity) 2. Programmer beeps: replace batteries Access denied Card not readable Blocked status Low battery

Changing Daylight Savings Time (DST):

1. Set-up time change in system calendar 2. Update locks with Programmer [1-Update] in the 6 month period before DST change * 3. If DST not set in calendar, update lock with programmer immediately after time change

Programming a new lock:

1. Connect Programmer to lock * 2. Upload lock info [4-INITIALIZE] (never Initialize if lock previously programmed!)

Troubleshooting lock:
1. Connect Programmer to lock * 2. Upload lock info [1-UPDATE] 3. [3-TEST]

Replacing batteries:
1. Unscrew Battery Cover (bottom of lock), replace batteries and battery cover 2. Update lock with Programmer [1-UPDATE] *

(staff keycard only)

Robbery in a room:
Access denied
(privacy activated or mastercard out of shift)

* First load system information onto Programmer

1. Encode new card 2. Use in room lock ASAP 3. Download lock audit trail with Programmer [2-Read Openings] 4. Download to PC and print audit trail


Onity Locking Systems

Encode a card:
1. Choose option New Guest Check-In in the menu and enter room number 2. Choose additional authorizations (safe, pool) if required. If not, press CLR 3. Enter number of nights the guest is staying 4. Enter number of cards required for the guest 5. Insert and withdraw card from the encoder
Onity. Tesa is a licensed brand from Talleres de Escoriaza, S.A.

Staff master card lost:

1. Cancel user in system (will affect all users sharing same master!) 2. Encode Master Cancelling Card 3. Use in all locks Master could open

PMS says Onity not responding:

1. Connect PMS interface cable fully (Onity server and PMS terminals) 2. Onity or PMS server running special process? 3. Baud rate settings for two systems set the same? 4. If Ethernet connection, set Port Number properly in both systems.

Encode cards if Power out:

When battery back-up also out, use Spare Card system

Make card copy:

1. Choose option Copy Guest in the menu and introduce the room number 2. Insert and withdraw the card from the encoder

PMS interface is down: Encoding errors:

1. If new card, rub with cloth to eliminate static 2. Cards worn/dirty? 3. Card slot is free of debris? (blow air through slot) 4. If problem persists, use Onity Cleaning Cards. Change PMS encoders to Terminal mode temporarily [Program Selection]

Read a card:
1. Choose the Read option in the menu 2. Insert the card 3. When the card is read, encoder screen will show all the information.

Your local Onity contact:

Encoder screen is blank:

1. Check screen light contrast (white regulator on left side) 2. Is power cord plugged-in? 3. Is the unit turned on? (Install 6 AA batteries in encoder and check all functions).

Late check-out:
Make card copy with longer expiration time.

Customer card lost:

1. Encode new card 2. Use in room lock ASAP

Connecting a new encoder:

1. Clear address in encoders HT-Com settings 2. Set new address in software Peripheral Diagnosis
Hotline (7/7 24h.) +1 800 2486189