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2008 Safe, Sound and Green Streets Street Maintenance Fee Effort Situation Summary Guide

February 2, 2012 Chadd Hippensteel

Table of Contents
Players The Fee Ordinances Timeline Political Concessions 17.20.070 17.20.070 17.20.050 17.21.050 2 2 2 2 4 5

Portland Government Players Mayor- Tom Potter Commissioner of Public Affairs- Dan Saltzman, Commissioner of Public Safety- Randy Leonard Commissioner of Public Utilities- Sam Adams Commissioner of Public Works- Erik Sten Other Players Oregon Petroleum Ass. (OPA) Lobbyist- Paul Romain Leathers Fuel- Lila Leathers-Fitz Initiative Title Safe, Sound and Green Streets (SSGS) The Fee Applies to all utility customers. Residential customers as suspect to a flat fee based on their status as low-income or not, and single-family or multi-family. Non-residential rates are applied at a level determined by the number of trips generated per month. Three Types of Utility Customers Residencies, commercial establishments and high-volume centers (gas stations). Single Ordinance The Safe, Sound and Green Streets bill as one whole piece of legislation that applies to residences, commercial establishments and high-volume centers. Three Ordinances Separate ordinances for 1. Residential, 2. Commercial and 3. Highvolume centers Timeline Date Jan 9, Wednesd ay Jan 9, Wednesd ay Jan ??

Event SSGS (single ordinance) presented to City Council Paul Romain (OPA) testifies against the SSGS Adams questions legality of single ordinance.

Notes All council supports and approves it

Link Here Here

Opens threeordinance as


Jan ?? Jan 18, Friday Jan 23, Wednesd ay Jan 30, Wednesd ay Jan 31, Thursday Feb 1, Friday Feb 5, Tuesday Feb 6, Wednesd ay

Suggests breaking into three ordinances. Adams breaks ordinance into three separate parts. Potter affirms legality of single ordinance. Sam Adams retracts request to turn single ordinance into three ordinances. City Council votes on single ordinance. Coalition files a petition to refer street maintenance tax to ballot. Randy Leonard pulls back passed single ordinance, turns it into 3 ordinances again. Mayor Potter asks City Council to refer the SSGS (single ordinance) to a public vote. Sam agrees to want ordinance on May Ballot

a possibility. Here Here Council to vote on single ordinance January 30th. Council approves. Here

Here (vote) and Here (approval) Here, Here

Here and Here

Voters Win Here and Here right to vote Here Randy Leonard doesnt agree. Here

July, 2008 Adams polls 600 people about the Street Maintenance Fee Jul 24, SSGS is dead Thursday

Here Here

Political Concessions 1. Assess gas stations and convenience stores the same as shopping centers. This means that they are discounted because shoppers can make more than 1 purchases per trip. Original (17.20.050)

Amended (17.21.050)

2. The city will reduce the fee if the state increases the amount of gas tax revenue that goes to the city for roadwork. Original (17.20.070)

Amended (17.21.070)