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Networking Interview Questions

What is difference between TCP/IP and UDP? What is difference between layer 2 Switch and Layer 3 Switch? How to configure a router? What is TCP/IP? What is difference between public ip and private ip? What is the difference between layer 3 switch and router? What is the difference between windows server 2003 and windows server 2000 and operating system ? Why do we use Subnet mask? What are its uses? Encryption operation performed at what layer1.presentation layer2.physical layer3.transport layer What is a DNS ? How it works ? What is the difference between win 2000 ADS and win 2003 ADS? How to configure DHCP server? In Trojan horse how can we avoid the system from its effect? What is Trojan horse? how to save a system from that? Can somebody give me a clear calculation and explanation why 2 is 10 in binary digits? In tcp/ip udp is connection less , why? What are the network monitoring tools? Like what tools do you use to monitor network connections? Can we have 2 DHCP servers within 1 network ? If No why ? If yes IP address will conflict or not. What is the difference between BRI and PRI Port? Describe the OSI model? What is difference between terminal service and remote desktop?

How can I control the USB ports through network? What is RAS Server? Difference b/w subnetmask and default gateway How to configure clients from 2000ADS server? Why we are using private ip in the LAN? What is terminal service? If in a company with 80 computers with wireless network .All are using wireless internet.What is bandwidth In roaming Profile how to give Only excel Permission to Particular User? Why do we need IP address when the MAC address is unique? Can't we communicate only with MAC address? What is FTP & UDP?What is the different version of IP? I have been called up for the tech interview on next week for the post of Network Engineer. Help me How is the collission domain & broadcast domain related to the data rate in Ethernet Network? What are all the technical steps behind when data transmission from server to server via a router and What is Daemon? How does it differ from the cron batch process? When a cron initiates a command can What is the difference between Remote desktop Sharing and Desktop Sharing through Net meeting? If you have 3 pc's with static IP's and there is one PC workstation that has FTP going through What is the full form of "ping" (network commnd) ? Which layer are used in router and switch If printing is given Print from two different Computers in a Network Which One Will Be preferrenced What is Protocol? How many types of Protocols are there?

What is difference between Domain and Work group? How can we configure mail-server in win2003ADS What is the difference between packet switched, cell switched and circuit switched technology? What is patch management ? What is Frame Relay? Why is the broadcast model of transmission suitable for a LAN What is network simulator? What is the difference between networking and remote networking How is eigrp better than ospf? What is intra-vlan How does it work Why do we use the router in between the two switch?Where we make What is pulse code modulation. What do you check first when your network connection is not working? BIOS O/P devices I/P devices In which layer does RARP work? Why Explain practical uses of Active Directory.What is printer server? What is DHCP Server? What is HPOV? How does it works? What are its monitoring tools? What is spanning tree? How it works in VLAN ? What is the difference between TCP/IP and NETBEUI protocol? Combine TCP/IP and SNA Traffic BGP Protocol