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The Right to Information Act, 2005 Appeal/Complaint before CENTRAL INFORMATION COMMISSION August Kranti Bhavan, Bhikaji Kama

Place, NEW DELHI 110066 Appeal / Complaint No. ________dated__________ [For office use only] As I am aggrieved by /no decision of Central Public Information Officer and/no reply being given to my RTI Application, I hereby file this appeal/complaint for your kind decision. 1. Details of appellant/complainant: 1.1 Full Name:Roopayan Bhattacharyay 1.2. Full Address:5/5 B T Road, 11A Mitra Bagan, Kolkata-700056 1.3 Phone/Cell No.:9830650550, 1.4 Email ID:roopayan123@yahoo.co.in 2. Details of CPIO: Deputy Superntending Engineer and SPIO Eastern Circle, PHE Dte, 18, A, Brabourne Road 4 th Floor, Kolkata:700001. West Bengal. 2.1 Name/Designation:State Public Information Officer (SPIO), Deputy Superintending Engineer.PHE Dte. .2.2 Full Address:7th floor, New Secretariat Building , 1.K.S.Roy Road, 700001 .3 Name of Public Authority:Public Health Engineering Directorate, Government. Of West Bengal. 3.1 Details of First Appellate Authority [FAA]: 3.2 Name/Designation of the FAA: NA since, preferred to go for direct complaint us18 of RTI Act 2005.

Contd to page No:2

4. Dates of RTI application/: 4.1 To CPIO/SPIO: 02-01-2012 & mailed on: _03-01-2012 4.2 To FAA: _NA_______ & mailed on: NA_________ 5. Particulars of Decisions: No reply received from the CPIO/SPIO 5.1 Reference No & Date of CPIOs/SPIOs Decision: No reply received from CPIO/SPIO. 5.2 Reference No & Date of FAAs Decision: NA 5.3 Date/s of personal hearing by FAA:NA

6. Dates of receipt of replies by appellant/complainant from:NA 6.1 CPIO: No reply received from CPIO 6.2 FAA:NA

7. Details of information sought: Following information was sought:

Advance tax of Rs 6578(deducted against PAN NO:AEBPB42334, from salary, by Excutive Engineer, Nadia Division, PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING DIRECTORATE, GOVT. OF WEST BENGAL. DEDUCTIORS TAN CALEO2065A, pertaining to the assesment year 2008-09,copy of Form 16, enclosed. But in theForm 26AS as on 11-11-2011, a copy of which is enclosed here, the total tax deducted at sourceas deposited to income tax authorities against PAN, is mentioned as Rs 5878, ie less by Rs 700 than what has been deducted at source, from the salary. 1. Enquiries with the tax deducting authorities at the department regarding this anomaly and subsequent follow up enquiries could not evoke any positive response so far.

2. So, your good self is hereby requested to provide certified copies of documents/guidelines under which the entire TDS amount of Rs 6578(as vindicated by the copy of Form 16 enclosed here), was not deposited to income tax authorities, rather, deposited less by Rs700 and even after subsequent enquiries by me, not rectified/refunded to me with appropriate interest incurred if any. 3. So, your good self is requested to provide certified copies of documents/guidelines, under which the entire TDS amount of Rs6578( as vindicated by the copy of form 16, enclosed here),was not deposited to the Income tax authorities,rather, deposited less by Rs700

10. Any other information in support of appeal/complaint: Copy of RTI Dated: 02-01-2012 and the relevant speed post receipt dated 03-01-2012 enclosed. 11. Prayer/relief sought for: A] The information sought be ordered to be supplied immediately by registered post at my address.

12. Grounds for prayer/relief sought for: The concerned CPIO/SPIO, didnt bother to give a reply to my RTI application dated :02-01-2012 within the stipulated time period of 30 days, under RTI act 2005.

13. Personal Presence at hearing: YES / NO

14. Declaration: I hereby state that the information and particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also declare that this matter is not previously filed with this commission nor is pending with any Court or tribunal or authority. I also, hereby declare that, I am a citizen of India. Place:5/5 B T Road, 11A Mitra Bagan, Kolkata-700056 Date:

Signature of appellant/complainant

of Mr._________________ dated ________with CIC 1. Particulars Page Sr. No. from/ to 2. Original second appeal 3. Chronology chart of RTI application 4. Copy of RTI application dtd____ with its enclosures. 5. Copy of proof of mailing RTI application 6. DD/IPO/PS/Cash receipt for filing fees and other charges.

7. Copy of first appeal dtd.____ with its enclosures 8. Copy of proof of mailing first appeal 9. Postal A.D. card/Acknowledgement letter, received from CPIO & FAA 10. Copy of decision of CPIO dated________ 11. Copy of decision of FAA dated________ 12. Proof of mailing complaint/second appeal to CPIO and FAA 13. Other documents in support of second appeal

Place: Date: Signature of appellant/complainant


of Mr.__________________________ dated ________ 1. Action Date: 2. Application mailed to ACPIO/CPIO on 3. Application received by ACPIO/CPIO on 4. Date of receipt of letter for paying charges 5. Date of remitting charges to CPIO 6. Date of decision of CPIO 7. Date of receipt of decision of CPIO by appellant/complainant 8. First appeal mailed to FAA on 9. Date of receipt of appeal by FAA 10. Date/s of personal hearing by FAA 11. Date of decision of FAA 12. Date of receipt of decision of FAA by appellant/complainant 13. Date of Second Appeal/complaint 14. Date of mailing copy of second appeal/ complaint to CPIO & FAA 15. Date of mailing Second Appeal to CIC

Place: Date:

Signature of appellant/complainant

Guidelines for filing second appeal/complaint with CIC

1. Fill in the above appeal/complaint form, index and chronological order of progress. If you are filing appeal remove complaint/complainant words. If complaint is being filed, cut words second appeal/appellant 2. Get it typed in double space. 3. Get one photocopy of: a. Original application under RTI with its enclosures b. First appeal with its enclosures c. Bank demand draft/pay slip/postal order/cash receipt used for paying filing fee of Rs.10/-and other charges d. Copy of demand letter of CPIO for charges if any e. Postal proof of mailing original application and first appeal f. Postal AD slips/official acknowledgement received from CPIO and FAA g. Decisions of CPIO and FAA if received 4. Arrange all papers as per index and then serially number all papers on right hand side top corner. This is one original set of second appeal/complaint. 5. Prepare additional four sets as above by photocopying. 6. Sign each page of appeal, index and chronology chart [all five sets]. 7. Self attest all the photocopies by signing under the word Attested 8. Send one set by speed/regdad/upc post to each of CPIO and FAA and attach photocopy of proof of mailing to the original, extra copy of second appeal/complaint and your copy after filling details in index/chronology chart. 9. Mail original set and one extra copy of set by registered AD to the commission at the following address: The Registrar, CENTRAL INFORMATION COMMISSION II floor, August Kranti Bhavan, Bhikaji Kama Place, NEW DELHI 110066 10. Avoid courier services. 11. Retain one set for your record and reference, with proof of mailing and AD received from CIC/CPIO/FAA for having received second appeal/complaint. 12. If postal AD card is not received or acknowledgement letter is not received from CIC within 15 days of mailing, it is better to send by speed post copy of only second appeal/complaint [without enclosures] with a request to trace the same at CIC. Photocopy of regd post receipt may also be mailed to CIC. 13. You can consult local NGO/RTI activist for filing first or second appeal to have better result. Services are generally free.