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Appendix H

Meta4abq is a toolbox for successive surrogate based optimization of nite element models parameterized using Abaqus/CAE. An optimization is dened by a project le which is opened and executed from the toolbox. A DoE (doe4meta.txt) is prepared and loaded by the Python script dening the nite element model. The Python script is executed in Abaqus/CAE and the nite element results are then exported to result4meta.txt. A surrogate model is adopted to the results and the optimization is performed. After convergence, a new region of interest is identied by panning and zooming, and a new successive optimization loop is initiated. The successive optimization procedure is also illustrated in Figure H.1.

PROJECT project.txt


doe4meta.txt Abaqus PYTHON model.py result4meta.txt



Figure H.1: Flow chart of the optimization process. Project le The project le (project.txt) must be saved in the map /PROJECTS. The le contains a number if keywords which together dene the optimization 285

Nonlinear FEA and Design Optimization project. The keywords are explained by the tables below.

Appendix H

*PARAMETER VAR1 VAR2 VAR1 Number of variables VAR2 1 - linear regression model 2 - quadratic regression model 3 - OPRM 41,42,43 - Kriging *ITERATION VAR1 VAR1 Number of iterations *XLIMITS VAR1 VAR2 VAR1 VAR2 VAR1 lower bound on RoI VAR2 upper bound on RoI *CONSTRAINT VAR1 VAR1 VAR1,VAR2,. . . VARN *ZOOM VAR1 VAR1 VAR2, . . . *RBDO VAR1 VAR1 VAR2 VAR3, . . .

VAR2 . . . VARN VAR2 . . . VARN A in Ax = b b

VAR2 . . . VARN zoom factor lower limit on RoI

VAR2 . . . VARN+1 factor of safety 1 - normal 2 - lognormal standard deviations coecients of variation 286

Nonlinear FEA and Design Optimization *OPTIMIZATION VAR1 VAR2 VAR3 VAR4 VAR1 1 - linear programming 2 - quadratic programming 3 - genetic algorithm 4 - particle swarm algorithm 5 - SLP 6 - RBDO VAR2 number of objectives VAR3 number of constraints VAR4 penalty factor *DOES VAR1 VAR2 VAR1 1 - linear Koshal 2 - full factorial 3 - face centered cubic 4 - heuristic 5 - quadratic Koshal + 2 center points 6 - spherical 7 - Box-Behnken 8 - S-optimal VAR2 number of design points *MODEL VAR1 VAR1 python script *DATABASE VAR1 VAR1 database.txt

Appendix H


Nonlinear FEA and Design Optimization Examples

Appendix H

A number of examples are distributed as project les (Meta4abqXX/PROJECT) and Python scrips (Meta4abqXX/PYTHON). A list of all examples is presented in Table H.1. Table H.1: Project les and Python scripts. Project project bench 1.txt project bench 2.txt project bench 3.txt project frequency.txt project llet 3.txt project mle.txt Python bench 1.py bench 2.py bench 3.py frequency.py llet 3var.py script le.m Description f = sin(x1 ) cos(x2 ) f = (x1 5)2 (1 + x2 )2 g = x4 x2 0 1 Rosenbrocks banana Maximize frequency Fillet design
4 4 ( x 2)4 + ( y 2)4