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[SectorVerify] 10=Sectors from %d to %d on disc are different to source 11=Sector %d on disc has different content to source 20=Read errors

from sector %d to %d 21=Read error at sector %d 30=Audio data readable but not comparable 100=Audio-verify runs with read/write-offset of %d samples [PLUGAUDIOITEM] 0=No Error -1=File cannot be read -2=Read error in audio file -3=Write error in audio file -4=File cannot be closed -5=Out of memory -6=Internal error -7=Internal illegal parameter [CDADOC] 0=No error -2=DRM checking failed. Not enough burn licenses available. [VERIFYERR] 0=No error 1=Files are different 2=CD File is missing 3=Hard drive file is missing 4=Disc file is inaccessible 5=Hard drive file is inaccessible 6=Read error on CD file 7=Read error on hard drive file 8=Directory missing on CD 9=Directory missing on hard drive 10=Cannot mount the written CD 11=Drive letter of the recorder is unknown! 12=Unknown verify error 13=Status summary 14=Out of memory 15=I/O error while reading the file system structure 16=Error caused by corrupt filesystem structure 17=Error caused by supplying wrong parameters to the fs 18=Too many locks of the filesystem buffers 19=Cannot find the corresponding file system on the destination disc 20=Read error on hard drive sector 21=Backup file content differs from the hard drive data 22=Backup file contains incorrect hard drive information [ANTIVIRSCAN] 0=No Error 1=File is probably infected by a virus 2=File could not be cured 3=File was cured successfully 4=An unknown error occurred during the virus scan 5=Out of memory error during the virus scan 6=A read error occurred during the virus scan 7=File might be infected by an unknown virus [WAVEAUDIOITEM] -1=Out of memory

-2=Cannot open wave file! -3=Unexpected file format! -4=Read error in wave file! -5=Only PCM wave files are supported! -6=Unsupported wave sample format! -7=Internal error: Init is missing! -8=Internal error! [AVIVCDFILEITEM] -100=Video MPEG encoder not available -101=Invalid Video MPEG encoder DLL -102=This version of the Video MPEG encoder DLL is not compatible -103=Cannot create a temporary file name -104=MPEG2 plug-in not installed -105=Unknown error in the Video MPEG encoder 1=Not enough memory 2=Not enough encoding parameters given to the encoder 3=Unable to open the file 4=Encoding interrupted by the user 5=Cannot start video encoder 6=The parameters were not accepted by the encoder 7=Invalid video format 8=Error creating video format 9=Cannot open output file 10=Error during encoding 11=Decoder not ready 12=Cannot get bitmap 13=Disk full 14=Error retrieving information 15=The encoder cannot produce this output format 16=Unsupported file format [DVDREALLOC] -1=Unspecified internal error -2=Buffer too small to hold all the information -3=Failed to create a unique temporary file name -4=Not enough memory to complete current action -5=Violation against DVD specification detected -6=Invalid parameter -7=Too many video title sets -8=A file item requires a pathname -10=File access denied -11=Invalid file handle -12=Share violation -13=Too many open files -14=File '%s' not found -15=Disk full -16=Hardware I/O error -17=Generic/unknown I/O error -18=Seek beyond the file -19=File size is not a multiple of a logical block size (2 KB) -20=File is not a DVD file format -21=Required file '%s' is not present -22=File '%s' is not referenced and should not be present -23=Video title set containing '%s' is not required -24=One or more files (mostly VOB file(s)) do not belong to the corresponding IF O file 1=Cannot load library 2=Invalid library 3=Cannot read compilation

4=VIDEO_TS directory not found 5=Backup file '%s' should be identical to '%s' [HDSCSIPFILE] -1=Read error on SCSI device! -2=Out of memory! -3=Seek error on SCSI device! -4=Illegal call (internal error)! [HFSIMAGEITEM] -1=Read error on SCSI device! -2=Out of memory! -3=Illegal call (internal error)! [ISODOC] -1=Error -2=Error -3=Error -4=Fatal -5=Fatal -6=Error writing multisession info file! inserting multisession info file into compilation! recreating multisession CD stamp! error while trying to read HFS data from SCSI hard drive! error while trying to read boot image data! No disc in the drive? while creating ISO or Joliet file names!

[W95PARTREADFILE] -1=Illegal logical drive specified! -2=Cannot access vwin32.dll! -3=Drive locking failed! -4=Seek within logical drive failed! -5=Open/Close mismatch! -6=Read error! -7=Cannot get drive information! -8=Cannot write on a logical device! [TRANSFER] 1=Aborted by user 2=Error opening file 3=Error closing file 4=Error reading file 5=Error reading cache file 6=File error -1=General Error -2=Error: function not implemented -3=Error: no user interface -4=Error: phase error -5=Error: not enough memory -6=Error writing file -7=Error opening cache file -8=Error writing cache file -9=Error: no driver -10=Wrong Version -11=Error accessing cache file -12=Capability cannot be changed -13=Error reading cache file -14=Error writing cache file -15=Cache file too small - not all files could be cached -16=Could not perform StartTrack -17=Could not perform ReadBuffer -18=Could not perform EndTrack -19=Could not perform Fixation -20=Could not perform Write -21=Error reading Audio

-22=Cannot cache with Audio CD -23=Currently, ISO images may only be written on empty CDs! -24=Could not perform end of Disc-at-once -25=Error reading data -26=Recorder does not support Disc-at-once -27=Could not perform start of Disc-at-once -28=Could not generate CD TEXT information -30=Cannot write track at correct position with this recorder -31=Cannot write compilation in Disc-at-once with this recorder -32=Cannot write compilation in Track-at-once with this recorder -33=Error building internal Disc-at-once structures -34=Cannot write compilation to selected recorders simultaneously -35=Invalid track info -36=Could not perform StartDisk -37=Could not perform StartSession -38=Could not perform start of Track-at-once -39=Could not perform EndSession -40=Could not perform EndDisk [IMAGECOMP] -1=Not enough memory -2=Read error in image file -3=Image file has illegal format -4=Illegal function/method call -5=Error building internal Disc-at-once structures -6=Unknown internal error -7=Error building internal Track-at-once structures [CDR] -1 =Unspecified Recorder Error -2 =Bad DLL version -3 =Recorder function not implemented -4 =Recorder function not supported -14 =Capability read only -15 =Capability unknown -20 =Queuing failed -21 =Wait queue failed -22 =Abort queue failed -23 =Out of memory -25 =Queue again later -26 =SCSI/ATAPI command timeout error -31 =Buffer too large -100 =Parameter error -101 =Invalid track info -102 =Invalid fixinfo -103 =Invalid track mode -104 =Invalid pause length -200 =Internal state error -201 =Invalid write state -300 =Unspecified host adapter error -400 =Unspecified target error -500 =SCSI command aborted -599 =Undefined SCSI error -600 =Device not available -601 =Specified host adapter invalid -999 =No SCSI/IDE command -1000=SCSI/IDE error -1001=Absorption control error -1002=Application code conflict -1003=ATIP time miscompare

-1004=Attempt to cross track boundary -1005=Audio play aborted -1006=Audio play stopped due to error -1007=Barcode reading error -1008=Block size conflict -1009=Block size format conflict -1010=Buffer data size error -1011=Buffer error during recording -1012=Buffer overflow -1013=Buffer underrun -1014=Calibration area almost full -1015=Calibration area full -1016=Cannot read ATIP -1017=Cannot recover from lead-in -1018=Cannot recover from lead-out -1019=Cannot recover from PMA -1020=Cannot recover from callibration area -1021=Cannot recover from track -1022=Command currently not valid -1023=Command sequence error -1024=Communication failure -1025=Current command aborted -1026=Current program area empty -1027=Damaged track present -1028=Damaged track detected -1029=Data track length error -1030=Diagnostic failure -1031=Disc is write protected -1032=Disc style mismatch -1033=Drive not ready -1034=Dummy blocks added -1035=EEPROM failure -1036=End of disc reached -1037=End of user area of this track -1038=Exit packet write area -1039=Focus or tracking error -1040=Illegal block size for command -1041=Illegal cue sheet -1042=Illegal cue sheet length -1043=Illegal cue sheet parameter -1044=Illegal field in command -1045=Illegal form for reserved track -1046=Illegal disc -1047=Illegal mode for this track -1048=Illegal packet mode -1049=Illegal reserve length -1050=Illegal reserve packet length -1051=Illegal track -1052=Illegal track descriptor table -1053=Illegal track descriptor unit -1054=Illegal track mode -1055=Illegal track number -1056=Illegal track status -1057=Illegal transfer length -1058=Inappropriate command -1059=Initiator detected error message received -1060=Internal controller error -1061=Internal target failure -1062=Invalid audio address -1063=Invalid bits in identify message

-1064=Invalid block address -1065=Invalid command -1066=Invalid field in command -1067=Invalid field in parameter -1068=Invalid LUN -1069=Invalid message error -1070=Invalid start address -1071=Laser current over -1072=Laser adjustment error -1073=Link area encountered -1074=Link blocks encountered -1075=Logical unit is reserved -1076=Disc changed -1077=Disc format corrupted -1078=Disc load mechanism failed -1079=Disc load or eject failure -1080=Disc not present -1081=Disc removal prevented -1082=Message error -1083=Mode parameters changed -1084=Monitor ATIP error -1085=Nonexistent block encountered -1086=Not enough space -1087=Not ready to ready transition -1088=No additional sense information -1089=No barcode available -1090=No EFM at search address -1091=No packet -1092=No pregap -1093=No seek complete -1094=No TOC -1095=No track for finalize -1096=Disc should be removed -1097=Overlapped command attempted -1098=Packet size mismatch -1099=Parameter list length error -1100=Parameter list too long -1101=Parity error -1102=PCA area full -1103=PMA area full -1104=Positioning error -1106=Power calibration error -1107=Program area not empty -1108=Recovered data with ECC -1110=Recovered data with retries -1111=Recovery needed -1112=Request for fixation failed -1113=Reserved track present -1114=Reset occurred -1115=Select or reselect failure -1116=Selftest failure -1117=Stopped on nondata block -1118=Track-at-once not in PMA -1119=Track following error -1120=Tray out -1121=Unable to read TOC, PMA, or subcode -1122=Unable to recover TOC -1123=Unable to reserve track because track mode has been changed -1124=Unknown disc format -1125=Unrecordable disc

-1126=Unrecoverable damaged track has made writable area too small -1127=Unrecoverable track descriptor encountered -1128=Unrecoverable read error -1129=Unwritten area encountered -1130=Verify failed -1131=Write append error -1132=Write busy -1133=Write complete -1134=Write data error with CU -1135=Write error -1136=Write illegal block length -1137=Write operation in progress -1138=Writing lead-in or lead-out in progress -1139=Audio play in progress -1140=Audio play completed -1141=Invalid parameter list length -1142=Synchronous data transfer error -1143=Blank CD -1144=No PMA -1145=OPC initialization error -1146=OPC execution error -1147=OPC ALPC error -1148=OPC timeout -1149=Read address is ATIP -1150=Write address is EFM -1151=Write emergency occurred -1152=Disc speed error -1153=Disc not identified -1154=Disc not supported -1155=Write emergency -1156=Servo error -1157=PLL error -1158=Address error -1159=Header monitor error -1160=Header search error -1161=EDC error -1162=Link/RI/RO error -1163=CDBD overrun error -1164=Write audio on reserved track -1165=Hardware error -1166=Invisible track present -1167=Incomplete track present (perhaps a CD-RFS-CD?) -1168=Unknown track present -1169=Logical unit not ready, operation in progress -1170=Insufficient time for operation -1171=Read timeout -1172=Write timeout -1173=Read Write Control Task Error -1174=Mechanism Control Task Error -1175=Internal trace -1176=Session fixation error -1177=CLV speed invalid -1178=Recovered error -1179=Disc error -1180=Illegal request -1181=Unit attention -1182=Data protect error -1183=Blank check command error -1184=Vendor-specific error -1185=Copy command aborted

-1186=Volume overflow error -1187=Data miscompare error -1188=Disc is not formatted (esp. important for DVD+RW) -1189=Cannot read disc - incompatible format -1190=DVD problem - no key to read protected DVD -1191=Erasing failure -1192=Erasing failure - incomplete erase operation detected -1193=Disc is writable but not empty -1194=PMA update failure -1195=Disc not present - tray closed -1196=Disc not present - tray open -1197=Drive is in use by another application -1198=Drive is in use by another application -1200=Invalid address for write -1201=Drive is in use of InCD -1202=Drive is in use of IMAPI -1203=Failed to lock IMAPI -1205=Burning Layer 1 -1206=Burning Layer 2 -1207=Book Type automatically set to: %s -1208=DVD-ROM -1209=Physical disc type -1210=Current recorder setting -1211=Book Type set to: %s -1500=DMA-driver error, timeout occured -1501=DMA-driver error, parity error -1502=DMA-driver error, CRC error -1503=Device handle invalid -1504=Medium format corrupted -1505=Medium format failed -1506=Zoned formatting failed due to spare linking [IMAGEGEN] 0 =No error 1 =Aborted by user 2 =File missing 3 =File has the wrong format -1 =Unspecified Imagegenerator Error -2 =Could not perform StartDisk -3 =Could not perform StartSession -4 =Could not perform StartTrack -5 =Could not perform Write -6 =Could not perform EndTrack -7 =Could not perform EndSession -8 =Could not perform EndDisk -9 =Error during ISO relocation -10 =The image chunks: -11 =Error during generation of Disc-at-once information -12 =Cannot write track at correct position with this recorder [ISO9660GEN] -3 =Joliet names of these files (listed here in ISO-L3) are the same: -4 =The ISO 9660 Generator ran out of memory -5 =The following fixed file has an illegal position -6 =Preparation of ISO 9660 structures failed -7 =Too many files in one group of interleaved files -8 =IO error using the boot image -9 =Cannot allocate space on the CD-R -10 =Boot sector not recognized

[MAKEJOLIETNAMES] -3 =The listed files have no unique Joliet name: [PHASE] 1 =Reading directories 2 =Creating directories 5 =Writing files 6 =Finishing 9 =Prepare audio writing 10 =Writing audio 11 =Writing Audio Track 12 =Finishing 13 =Prepare HFS 14 =Writing HFS 15 =Writing HFS completed 16 =Prepare Image 17 =Writing Image 18 =Burn Image 19 =Finishing 20 =Reading of disc started 21 =Reading disc completed 22 =Reading disc failed 23 =Reading disc aborted 24 =Caching of files started 25 =Caching of files completed 26 =Caching of files failed 27 =Caching of files aborted 28 =Speed measurement started 29 =Speed measurement completed: %s 30 =Speed measurement failed 31 =Speed measurement aborted 32 =Simulation started at %s 33 =Simulation completed successfully at %s 34 =Simulation failed at %s 35 =Simulation aborted 36 =Burn process started at %s 37 =Burn process completed successfully at %s 38 =Burn process failed at %s 39 =Burn process aborted 40 =Aborted by user 41 =Compilation will not fit onto a blank disc 42 =Writing lead-in 43 =Writing lead-out 44 =Writing lead-in and lead-out 45 =Generation of disc identification started 46 =Generation of disc identification finished 47 =Generating relocation information 48 =Analyzing disc 49 =Reading track info 50 =Reading Media Catalog Number 51 =Reading ISRC 52 =Finding end of track 54 =Copying disc 55 =Completing 56 =Unspecified Error. The burn process failed! 57 =Disc-at-once overburning option activated 59 =Writing hard drive backup track 60 =Completing 61 =Simulation started 62 =Simulation completed successfully

63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 es. 73 74 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 !!! 86 91 92 93 in. 98 99 100 101 102 105 106 107 108 109 act 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131

=Simulation failed =Simulation aborted =Burn process started =Burn process completed successfully =Burn process failed =Burn process aborted =Scanning Indexes =Only the recording of the first session can be Simulated =Writing several sessions at once. Result may be unreadable on some driv =Preparing items =Checking discs =Write speed changed due to disc type =Writing tracks =Data verification started =Data verification aborted =Data verification completed successfully =Data verification failed =Encoding video =Virus scanning started =Virus scanning completed =Virus scanning completed. A virus was found and burning must be aborted =CD TEXT is not supported =Poor performance by your DMA chipset driver (look for updates) =Recording quality may be affected by not using JustSpeed option =Unable to write at this speed. Please select a slower speed and try aga =Start formatting disc before burning =Formatting disc before burning =Formatting disc was successful =Formatting disc failed =Fast user switching detected. This may cause buffer underrun. =Preparing Audio CD-RW (erasing TOC and/or tracks) =Preparing of Audio CD-RW (erasing TOC and/or tracks) completed =Audio CD-RW preparations failed =Audio CD-RW preparations aborted =Warning: Disabling SMART-BURN function may result in writing errors and imp on the quality of disc recorded. =Recorder does not support writing in Raw+96 mode on CD-RW. =DVD-Video files sorted =DVD-Video files reallocation started =DVD-Video files reallocation completed =DVD-Video files reallocation completed (no file modified) =DVD-Video files reallocation failed =VariRec disabled - no Audio CD =DVD-Video files compliance test failed =SSW (Super Speed Writing) activated =Creating the image for burning =Creating Image completed successfully =Burning the bitmap to the disc started =Burning the bitmap to the disc completed successfully =Burning the bitmap to the disc failed =Burning the bitmap to the disc aborted =Best write speed for disc detected =Generating DVD high compatibility borders =Generating DVD high compatibility borders =Generating DVD borders completed successfully =Generating DVD borders aborted =Recording quality may be affected by not using the PoweRec option

132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 156 159 160 161 162 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185

=DVD-Video files compliance ignored =Writing short lead-out =Quick Grow last Border =Quick Add Border =Quick Format DVD-RW =Image transfer started =Image transfer completed successfully =Image transfer failed =Image transfer aborted =Label transfer started =Label transfer completed successfully =Label transfer failed =Label transfer aborted =Burn process and image transfer started =Burn process and image transfer completed successfully =Burn process or image transfer failed =Burn process and image transfer aborted =Network transfer completed successfully =Network transfer failed =Authentication failed =Server connection failed =Server license error =Recording quality may be affected by not using Auto Pilot option =Drive is in use by another application =The simulation has been done at %s speed by PoweRec =The write has been done at %s speed by PoweRec =Burn process completed successfully with warnings =Simulation completed successfully with warnings =Simulation is not supported for this disc type =Not able to write Disc-at-once on an open disc. =Compilation cannot be written on the selected recorder(s) =DRM checking failed. Not enough burn licenses available. =Not possible to burn more than 154 sessions to a DVD disc. =Writing data files started =Writing data files completed successfully =Writing data files failed =Writing data files completed with warnings =Finalizing disc started =Finalizing the disc failed =Disc finalized successfully =Preparing the disc failed =Writing file to disc failed =Copy process failed during reading. =Writing lead-out... =Burn Proof activated =SolidBurn activated =SolidBurn activated =Overspeed burning activated

[CDCOPY] 1 =Aborted by user -1 =The CD is copyrighted -2 =Making a copy of this CD is not supported -3 =Error while writing image file -4 =Not enough memory -5 =The disc will not fit onto a blank disc -6 =Not enough space to copy this disc -7 =Not enough space to save this wave file -8 =Invalid track info -9 =Invalid track mode

-10 -11 -12 -13 -14 -15 -20 -21 -22 -23 -24 -25 -26

=Warning: Unknown data format at =Warning: EDC, ECC Error at =Unrecoverable read error at =Illegal select for audio track =Analyzing CD failed =This drive does not support audio extraction =Error: wrong item type (1) =Error in StartDisk =Error in EndDisk =Error in StartSession =Error in EndSession =Error in Write =Not enough memory

-28 =Error building copy item -29 =Error: wrong item type (2) -30 =Cannot write track at correct position with this recorder -31 =Cannot copy this disc to a DVD -32 =Can only copy first data track to a DVD -33 =This DVD is copy-protected and cannot be read [CDCOPYDOC] 1 =Aborted by user -1 =Creating image file failed -2 =Error in opening image file -3 =Error writing image file -4 =Error in closing image file -5 =The image file is invalid -6 =The format of the source disc is not supported -7 =This drive does not support audio extraction -8 =The copy DLL could not be opened [MMC] 0000=No additional sense information 0006=I/O process terminated 0011=Audio play in progress 0017=Cleaning requested 0200=No seek complete 0400=Logical unit not ready, cause not reportable 0401=Logical unit in process of becoming ready 0402=Logical unit not ready, initialization command required 0403=Logical unit not ready, manual intervention required 0404=Logical unit not ready, format in progress 0407=Logical unit not ready, operation in progress 0408=Logical unit not ready, long write in progress 0500=Logical unit does not respond to selection 0600=No reference position found 0700=Multiple peripherial devices selected 0800=Logical unit communication failure 0801=Logical unit communication timeout 0802=Logical unit communication parity error 0803=Logical unit communication CRC error (Ultra-DMA/32) 0900=Track following error 0901=Tracking servo failure 0902=Focus servo failure 0903=Spindle servo failure 0904=Head select fault 0a00=Error log overflow 0b00=Warning 0b01=Warning, specified temperaturee exceeded

0b02=Warning, enclosure degraded 0c00=Write error 0c07=Write error, recovery needed 0c08=Write error, recovery failed 0c09=Write error, loss of streaming 0c0a=Write error, padding blocks added 1000=Invalid block size for command 1001=Packet does not fit into available space 1002=Buffer underrun 1100=Unrecovered read error 1101=Read retries exhausted 1102=Error too long to correct 1105=L-EC uncorrectable error 1106=CIRC unrecovered error 110f=Error reading UPC/EAN number 1110=Error reading ISRC number 1111=Read error, loss of streaming 1500=Random positioning error 1501=Mechanical positioning error 1502=Positioning error detected by reading disc 1700=Recovered data with no error correction applied 1701=Recovered data with retries 1702=Recovered data with positive head offset 1703=Recovered data with negative head offset 1704=Recovered data with retries and/or CIRC applied 1705=Recovered data using previous sector id 1707=Recovered data without ECC - recommend reassignment 1708=Recovered data without ECC - recommend rewrite 1709=Recovered data without ECC - data rewritten 1800=Recovered data with error correction applied 1801=Recovered data with error correction & retries applied 1802=Recovered data - data auto-reallocated 1803=Recovered data with CIRC 1804=Recovered data with L-EC 1805=Recovered data - recommend reassignment 1806=Recovered data - recommend rewrite 1a00=Parameter list length error 1b00=Synchronous data transfer error 1d00=Miscompare during verify operation 2000=Invalid command operation code 2100=Logical block out of range 2101=Invalid element address 2102=Invalid address for write 2200=Illegal function 2400=Invalid field in CDB 2500=Logical unit not supported 2600=Invalid field in parameter list 2601=Parameter not supported 2602=Parameter value invalid 2603=Threshold parameters not supported 2604=Invalid release of active persistent reservation 2700=Write protected 2701=Hardware write protected 2702=Logical unit software write protected 2703=Associated write protect 2704=Persistent write protect 2705=Permanent write protect 2800=Not ready to change, disc may have changed 2801=Import or export element accessed 2900=Power on reset or bus device reset occurred

2901=Power on occurred 2902=SCSI bus reset occurred 2903=Bus device reset function occurred 2904=Device internal reset 2a00=Parameters changed 2a01=Mode parameters changed 2a02=Log parameters changed 2a03=Reservations preempted 2b00=Copy cannot execute since host cannot disconnect 2c00=Command sequence error 2c03=Current program area is not empty 2c04=Current program area is empty 2c05=Persistent prevent conflict 2e00=Insufficient time for operation 2f00=Commands cleared by another initiator 3000=Incompatible disc installed 3001=Cannot read disc - unknown format 3002=Cannot read disc - incompatible format 3003=Cleaning cartridge installed 3004=Cannot write disc - unknown format 3005=Cannot write disc - incompatible format 3006=Cannot format disc - incompatible disc 3007=Cleaning failure 3008=Cannot write - application code mismatch 3009=Current session not fixated for append 3100=Disc format corrupted 3101=Format command failed 3400=Enclosure failure 3500=Enclosure services failure 3501=Unsupported enclosure failure 3502=Enclosure services unavailable 3503=Enclosure services transfer failure 3504=Enclosure services transfer refused 3700=Rounded parameter 3900=Saving parameters not supported 3a00=Disc not present 3a01=Disc not present - tray closed 3a02=Disc not present - tray open 3b0d=Disc destination element full 3b0e=Disc source element empty 3b0f=End of disc reached 3b11=Disc magazine not accessible 3b12=Disc magazine removed 3b13=Disc magazine inserted 3b14=Disc magazine locked 3b15=Disc magazine unlocked 3d00=Invalid bits in identify message 3e00=Logical unit has not self-configured yet 3e01=Logical unit failure 3e02=Timeout on logical unit 3f00=Target operating conditions have changed 3f01=Microcode has been changed 3f02=Changed operating definition 3f03=Inquiry data has changed 4000=Diagnostic failure on component 4300=Message error 4400=Internal target failure 4500=Select or reselect failure 4600=Unsuccessful soft reset 4700=SCSI parity error

4800=Initiator detected error message received 4900=Invalid message error 4a00=Command phase error 4b00=Data phase error 4c00=Logical unit failed self-configuration 4d00=Tagged overlapped commands 4e00=Overlapped commands attempted 5100=Erase failure 5101=Erase failure - incomplete erase operation detected 5300=Disc load or eject failed 5302=Disc removal prevented 5380=Eject button is pressed in prevent condition 5700=Unable to recover table of contents 5a00=Operator request or state change input 5a01=Operator disc removal request 5a02=Operator selected write protect 5a03=Operator selected write permit 5b00=Log exception 5b01=Threshold condition met 5b02=Log counter at maximum 5b03=Log list codes exhausted 5d00=Failure prediction threshold exceeded 5dff=Failure prediction threshold exceeded (FALSE) 5e00=Low power condition on 5e01=Idle condition activated by timer 5e02=Standby condition activated by timer 5e03=Idle condition activated by command 5e04=Standby condition activated by command 6000=Lamp failure 6100=Video acquisition error 6101=Unable to acquire video 6102=Out of focus 6300=End of user area encountered on this track 6301=Packet does not fit in available space 6400=Illegal mode for this track 6401=Invalid packet size 64C0=Illegal speed for this disc 6500=Voltage fault 7200=Session fixation error 7201=Session fixation error writing lead-in 7202=Session fixation error writing lead-out 7203=Session fixation error - incomplete track in session 7204=Empty or partially written reserved track 7300=CD control error 7301=Power calibration area almost full 7302=Power calibration area is full 7303=Power calibration area error 7304=Program memory area update failure 7305=Program memory area is full 7306=RMA/PMA is almost full 8900=Inappropriate command 9082=Read Write Control Task Error 9141=Mechanism Control Task Error 91A1=Mechanism Control Task Error C100=Illegal track status C200=Reserved track present C400=Illegal reserve length for reserve track command C500=Buffer underrun C601=Unwritten area encountered C602=Link blocks encountered

CC00=Not enough space CD00=No track present to close session CE00=Unrecordable track descriptor encountered CF00=Damaged track present D000=PMA area full D100=PCA area full D400=Exit from pseudo Track-at-once recording [NEROAPI] 2=Initialization failed 3=Read error 4=Write error 5=User abort 6=The current recorder does not support Disc-at-once recording. 7=Error:\nCannot connect TRF. 8=Unknown NeroAPI error [NEROAPISTRINGS] 1=PCM Wave File (PCM) (*.wav) 2=No Filter 3=unknown 4=Not Available 5=Could not save CD-ROM settings. Reason: 6=KB/s 7=MB 8=New 9=%s KB (%s bytes) 10=Data (mode 1)\nData (mode 2)\nData (mode 2)\nData (mode 2)\nData (mode 2)\nDa ta (mode 1)\nData (mode 2)\nAudio\nAudio\nUnknown 11=image.nrg 12=??? Untested ???\nUnknown\nAudio\nISO 9660\nHFS\nHybrid\nCD-ROM Mode 1\nCD-RO M Mode 2/XA\nISO 9660 Mode 2/XA\nJoliet\nDVD-ROM 13=An error occurred while loading the cue sheet file\n'%s'.\n(Line %d). 14=Free space is %d MB. Size of image file is %d MB. 15=Cannot load image file 16=You have mounted a UDF CD. To continue, please eject this CD first. 17=Warning: Your UDF packet writing software could not be disabled. 18=The necessary Nero driver could not be installed. 19=The Win-ASPI file '%s' cannot be found, therefore\nyou can currently select o nly image recorders.\n\nPlease check for correct Windows ASPI Manager installati on\nof your SCSI Host Adapter Software. 20=The driver '%s' was not recognized. It will be ignored\nand can probably be d eleted. 21=Sorry, this Nero version can only be used with the recorder it has been bundl ed with.\n\nTo receive a full version of Nero, please contact sales@nero.com\nor visit our web site http://www.nero.com 22=Sorry, this Nero version supports %s recorders only.\n\nTo receive a full ver sion of Nero, please contact sales@nero.com\nor visit our web site http://www.ne ro.com 23=The audio file '%s' is invalid (required: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo). 24=This folder already contains a folder named '%s' 25=This folder already contains a file named '%s' 26=Total files=%d, identical=%d, different=%d, inaccessible=%d, skipped=%d. 27=%s at COM%i 28=The Nero serial number has expired.\nOnly the slowest burning speed will be a vailable. 29=The file format is not supported. 30=Reading disc 31=Writing to cache 32=Testing speed

33=Simulating 34=Writing to disc 35=Verifying disc 36=The file %s, a component of backup restoration program NRESTORE cannot be loc ated.\nPlease make sure that all components are properly installed. 37=The installation path cannot be located! 38=The selected hard drive cannot be locked.\nMaybe it is locked by another appl ication.\nIn this case the backup may fail.\nDo you wish to continue? 39=The file system of selected partition cannot be recognized.\nThis partition c annot be backed up using data compression. 40=The selected partition is formatted with a file system not supported for reor ganizing.\nThis partition cannot be backed up using data compression. 41=An error occurred while creating backup items.\nThe operation will be aborted . 42=Due to patent license restrictions, MPEG-2 encoding/converting is not availab le.\nTo add this feature, please purchase the DVD-Video Plug-in at http://www.ne ro.com 43=Simulation not possible for this type of disc. Skipping simulation. 44=Simulation not possible for this type of disc. 45=Can only write at %s instead of %s to current disc. 46=No common write speed for these recorders. 47=File name is not correct or file was not found. 48=The boot image file '%s' could not be found.\nAll backup data will be written to the disc, but the first backup disc will not be bootable.\nDo you wish to co ntinue? 49=Sorry, this kind of compilation cannot be written on the selected recorder(s) . Please select a different recorder or modify the settings of your compilation. 50=Unfortunately your multisession disc is now full. The remaining\nfree space o f %d MB on this disc is insufficient to write your\ndata of %d MB.\nTherefore th is multisession backup cannot be\ncontinued.\n\nPlease start a new multisession backup on a blank disc. 51=Simulation not allowed with DRM-protected files! 52=Speed test not allowed with DRM-protected files! 53=Danish 54=Dutch 55=English (United Kingdom) 56=English (United States) 57=Finnish 58=French (Belgium) 59=French (Canada) 60=French (France) 61=French (Switzerland) 62=German (Germany) 63=German (Switzerland) 64=Hungarian 65=Italian 66=Norwegian 67=Portuguese 68=Russian 69=Spanish (Latin America) 70=Spanish (Spain) 71=Swedish 72=Turkish 73=Writing data files 74=Finalizing disc 75=Error writing file %s 76=Error reading file %s 77=Preparation of item '%s' failed. 78=A backup with the same name already exists at the selected position.\nDo you really want to overwrite it?

[NEROAPIWAITCDTEXTS] 0=Please insert the disc to write to... 1=Please insert a disc to use during simulation...\n\n(Nothing will be written o n the disc.) 2=Please do not remove the disc!\n\nYour recorder requires this eject between si mulation and burning. The disc will be reloaded automatically before continuing with burning... 3=Please do not remove the disc!\n\nYour recorder requires this eject between si mulation and burning. Please reinsert the disc... 4=Please remove the disc and insert the next recordable disc to write to... 5=Please insert the original disc. 6=This disc is not writable.\n\nPlease insert a writable disc... 7=There is not enough space to burn this compilation to this disc.\n\nPlease ins ert another disc that has enough space... 8=The disc is blank, invalid\nor a multisession disc.\n\nPlease insert original disc... 9=The disc is not empty.\n\nPlease insert an empty disc. 10=Please insert an empty disc to write to... 11=Please insert an empty disc to use during simulation...\n\n(Nothing will be w ritten on the disc.) 12=The disc is blank.\n\nPlease insert original disc... 13=Checking for the disc, please wait...\n\nTo burn this multisession compilatio n you need the disc containing the previous backup sessions. Please insert this disc if you have not already done so. 14=To simulate this multisession compilation you need the disc containing the pr evious backup sessions. Please insert this disc. (Nothing will be written on dis c.) 15=Please do not remove the disc!\n\nYour recorder requires this eject between s imulation and burning. Please reinsert the\nsame multisession disc... 16=Disc analysis failed. The error log\ncontains more information about the reas on why it failed. 17=The recorder does not support this type of disc!\n\nPlease insert a correct d isc to write to... 18=Please do not remove the disc!\n\nYour recorder requires that the disc be eje cted between burning and verification. The disc will be reloaded automatically w hen burning is to continue... 19=Please do not remove the disc!\n\nYour recorder requires the disc to be eject ed between burning and verification. Please reinsert the disc... 20=The disc is not formatted. Please insert a formatted disc. 21=Sorry, your compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc. Please insert a disc of the correct type or modify the settings of your compilation to make t hem compatible with the current disc. 22=--- Accessing disc, please wait --23=The disc is not empty. 24=There is not enough space to burn the compilation onto this disc. 25=There is not enough space to burn the compilation onto this disc.\n\nPlease i nsert an 80 min/700 MB disc. 26=Can write multisession or unfinalized DVD-R DL in UDF format only. 27=Can write multisession or unfinalized DVD-R DL on recorders with Layer Jump R ecording support only. 28=The UDF parameters contain illegal values. 29=UDF Multisession on multiple recorders is not supported. 30=Sparable partition type not supported in case multisession is used. 31=You are trying to burn a disc with a virtual or sparable UDF partition using UDF version 1.02.\nThis is not possible. Please use UDF version 1.50 or above. 32=You are trying to burn a BD-R multisession disc with an UDF version below 2.6 0.\nThis is not possible. Please use UDF version 2.60 instead. 33=You are burning a disc with UDF version 2.50 or higher.\nWindows XP and earli er versions will not be able to mount this disc.