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PhaseWatcher Vx


The Professionals Choice for Production Monitoring, Allocation and Well testing

PhaseWatcher Vx


Framo engineering AS was established in 1983 with the vision of developing leadingedge technology for the oil and gas industry, and to address the challenges for both brown and green field developments. We have been the world leading manufacturer of multiphase technology for more than 25 years.

Today, Framo Engineering provides a wide range of products that are engineered, manufactured, tested, installed and commissioned as turn-key enhanced recovery systems or modules. These products include multiphase pumps, multiphase and wet gas flow meters, multiport selector manifolds, wet gas compressors and swivel stack systems. Framo Engineering is therefore recognized worldwide; synonymously with enhanced recovery systems.

These systems secure cost-effective means to the challenges in marginal satellite fields, long-distance tiebacks and deepwater developments. Installations are backed by an organisation used to serve the oil and gas industry on short notice. Our focus is to work closely with the operators to assist in their needs. Our market position is therefore a result of this support, commitment and clear strategy.

FRAmo enGineeRinG

PhaseWatcher Vx


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Foreword why multiphase Flow metering? why phasewatcher vx? vx technology phasewatcher vx For topside and suBsea applications customer service & support



the PhaseWatcher Vx* multiphase flow meter (mPFm) is finding an ever-increasing acceptance offshore and subsea where operators are achieving an increasing level of reassurance after several years of using the technology. mPFms are being used as a production management tool applied in well testing, well management and allocation of production.
We can all recognise the economic benefits of continuously monitoring well parameters and the ability to evaluate key actions to maximise and optimise production. In some cases this ability can tilt the economic scales of a potential development into sanction. Since the delivery of the first Framo MPFM in 1993, significant experience has been gained in both topside and subsea applications of these devices. Their benefits are undisputable. The PhaseWatcher Vx metering system from Framo Engineering provides a unique technical solution to perform process measurement live at the well or at a manifold commingled process stream for both topside and subsea installations. The PhaseWatcher Vx is a robust and independent measurement tool based on physical metering principles. It substitutes conventional separator systems and offers a more flexible, cost effective solution with many value-added benefits.

* Joint mark of Schlumberger and Framo Engineering

Your reservoir is your most valuable asset, why compromise your metering technology solution

PhaseWatcher Vx


the need for multiphase flow metering arises when it is necessary or desirable to measure well stream(s) upstream of inlet separation and/or for commingling of the well streams. Vx technology is an attractive alternative since it enables measurement of un-separated well streams very close to the well. multiphase flow meters can provide continuous monitoring of well performance and thereby better reservoir exploitation.
There are several added values obtained from using the PhaseWatcher Vx. In addition to savings in CAPEX and OPEX by eliminating test lines, test separator, manifolds, valves and reduced well testing time a few other key benefits of multiphase flow metering are: Space and weight savings Increased well testing efficiency No production loss during testing Continuous well monitoring Improvement of well diagnostics with higher resolution of data Improved accuracy compared to the separator Immediate detection of water or gas breakthrough Increased safety Extended/increased production from low-pressure wells, due to increased availability of the test separator for production purposes Improved recovery, due to continuous well monitoring Remote operation Reduced gas flaring Benefits are endless and therefore multiphase flow metering has become an absolute requirement for continuous and accurate measurement of the un-separated well stream.

PhaseWatcher Vx

Why multiPhASe FloW meteRinG?

wHY Phasewatcher Vx?

PhaseWatcher Vx technology advanced multiphase flow meter technology lets you measure oil, gas and water flow rates without bulky separation. PhaseWatcher Vx represents the most compact multiphase meter on the market because it requires less instrumentation, has no moving parts and is essentially maintenance free.

The Vx technology is the core of the PhaseTester Vx* portable MPFM and the PhaseWatcher Vx permanently installed MPFM. These multiphase flow meters provide major unique performance advantages:

VX Technology - The winner of all comparative independent tests per formed in 3rd party flow loops Capable of measuring from 0 - 100% Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) utilizing oil/gas mode or dual mode software in the same hardware package The only meter with field proven technology for dual mode measurement Physical measurement of fractions down to atomic level Totally independent of flow regime such as slug flow and foam or emulsions Erosion resistant design Most compact meter on the market Continuous measurement for all phases independent of transition from oil to water continuous flow Exposed to more than 10.000 well tests per year with continued feed-back for R&D (fluid knowledge and technology)

* Mark of Schlumberger

Why PhaseWatcher Vx?

PhaseWatcher VX

PhaseWatcher Vx
The only meter with field proven capability of measuring from 0-100% GVF

Oil Wells

Wet Gas Wells


50% GVF


From 0 to 100% GVF

The PhaseWatcher Vx offers the added value of being able to measure the process fluid throughout the whole field life and the changing process regimes, from heavy oil (multiphase) through to gas condensate. The only meter with field proven capability of measuring from 0 - 100% GVF. It is therefore both a multiphase and wet gas meter in one single hardware platform. The PhaseWatcher Vx has been independently tested for all process regimes and has been highly accredited by Operators and official bodies around the world.

Remote Seal System

The PhaseWatcher Vx uses a unique remote seal system on the differential pressure transmitter comprising two remote seal membranes fitted directly onto the venturi body. The remote seal system eliminates the possibility of any hydrocarbons or water entrainment in the capillary tubing, which can cause wax clogging or hydrate formation and consequently malfunction.

Robust Fraction Measurement

The SMART Detector used in the Vx Technology is produced inhouse at Schlumbergers Princeton Technology Center. It is not commercially available outside the Schlumberger/Framo network, and the only exeption is NASA and their use of the SMART Detector. One of the main benefits of the SMART Detector and its use in the PhaseWatcher Vx is its ability to compensate and maintain a constant operating temperature independent of the fluid process temperature providing extremely reliable input to the measurement system.

Fiscal Allocation
Many fields are today relying on the PhaseWatcher Vx for fiscal allocation between different licensed fields. The first fiscal allocation application for the PhaseWatcher Vx was installed as early as year 2000 and allows the customer to allocate their production before it is commingled. As a result of the robust measurement of the PhaseWatcher Vx it is commonly used as a cash register throughout the industry.

PhaseWatcher Vx

Why PhaseWatcher Vx?

Physical Principle
The PhaseWatcher Vx requires no process control because it is insensitive to changes in flow rate, phase holdup, and pressure regime and performs rapid data acquisition at the venturi section. The highly reliable well test data obtained helps diagnose production anomalies continuously; it will resolve challenges more quickly, and help produce the wells more efficiently. With the PhaseWatcher Vx, the operators well tests will quantify flow-rate data during cleanup. It will also improve flow assurance, improve well performance assessment and reduce operating times. This increased efficiency will ultimately result in lower operational costs.

3rd Party Flow Loop Validation

The PhaseWatcher Vx has been evaluated on many occasions by several Operators in flow loops and field trials. These include National Engineering Laboratorys (NEL) Joint Industry Projects (JIP), the Multiphase II JIP for oil applications and Wet Gas JIP at CEESI. The PhaseWatcher Vx is the winner of all comparative independent tests performed in 3rd party flow loops. High viscosity testing at NEL showed that the PhaseWatcher Vx outperformed the competition. It was therefore selected as the most suitable multiphase flow meter for an equivalent application.

NEL test facility in Glasgow, UK

SINTEF test loop facility in Trondheim, Norway

Why PhaseWatcher Vx?

PhaseWatcher Vx


Multiphase flow measurement does not have to be complicated;

keep it simple and robust!


PhaseWatcher Vx


Measurement principle

the PhaseWatcher Vx is based on fundamental physical principles: determine the total mass or volumetric flow by means of a venturi, using the well understood Bernoulli equation. the fluid density, gas-liquid and water-liquid ratios are determined by means of well understood gamma measurement techniques.
Input Parameters
There are five parameters collected by the PhaseWatcher Vx: temperature, pressure, differential pressure, and a dual energy gamma fraction measurement (a low energy gamma level and a high energy gamma level).

Temperature and pressure are used to find oil, water and gas density Differential pressure (dP), is used to calculate the total flow Nuclear count rates, a low energy level and a high energy level are used to solve for the oil, water and gas fractions The dual energy gamma fraction measurement provides oil, water and gas hold-ups that are used to determine the fractions of each phase. When the fractions are known, the venturi meter is utilised to measure the total mass flow rate before the individual phase flow rates can be calculated.

1. SMART detector 3 5 6 2 7 8 2. Pressure transmitter 3. Venturi section 4. Temperature transmitter 5. Junction box (incl. flow computer, DAFC) 6. Gamma source 7. dP transmitter 8. Greyloc clamp 4 9. Blind-T 9

Vx teChnoloGy

PhaseWatcher Vx


SMART Detector
The dual energy gamma measurement uses a single Barium-133 gamma ray source, which emits photons at several energy levels. A SMART detector located on the opposite side of the venturi throat detects the gamma photons that have not been absorbed by the mixture. A photomultiplier in the SMART detector converts the gamma photons into electric signals that are digitally processed. The SMART detector records not only the number of photons but also the energy level of each photon, building up the energy spectrum given by the gamma ray source. The Barium-133 source was selected because it has a significant natural peak of energy within specific bands. The Vx technology has been specifically adapted from nuclear measurements developed for Schlumbergers wire line and well logging tools where drilling needs high speed processing. The attenuation of the gamma photons by the fluid are measured at two different energy levels (low and high energy). The attenuated gamma photons and fluid properties are the basis for the oil, water and gas fraction determination. From this a variety of parameters can be extracted such as fluid fractions (liquid, gas, oil and water), water-liquid ratio (WLR) and mixture density.

Solution Triangle
The principle of the dual energy gamma measurement system can be visually illustrated as a triangle. For each phase, the ratio of high-energy count rates is plotted against the ratio of low-energy count rates on an x-y chart. These points become the apexes of the solution triangle. Any combination of high and low energy count rates resulting from measurements of hydrocarbon and the water mixture will fall within this triangle. A visual interpretation of the solution triangle is presented in the diagram below where the triangle corner points are the single-phase attenuations. An operating point example is shown at 50 % GVF and 50 % WLR. The constant GVF line is parallel to the water-oil line and the constant WLR line intersects the gas point.



(5 0% )


) E (50%






= Operating point = GVF 50%, WLR 50%

Solution Triangle: the unique remote diagnostic and health check tool


PhaseWatcher Vx



Oil Wells

Wet Gas Wells

Vx teChnoloGy




Communication Interfaces

in the PhaseWatcher Vx, all data processing is performed in the flow meter. it also interfaces any standard communication protocol and it requires low power in-line with all industry standard subsea control systems.
Data Aquisition Flow Computer
The Data Acquisition Flow Computer (DAFC) is the heart of the PhaseWatcher Vx. It interfaces the sensors and computes the flow rates. Based on preloaded PVT data the DAFC converts flow rates from line to standard conditions. The DAFC have several physical communication interfaces: two serial port interfaces, one USB and one Ethernet port (plus one optional Ethernet port).

Vx Server
Framo Engineering can supply a Vx Server which is the diagnostic interface to the PhaseWatcher Vx. The Vx Server industrial specified hardware is selected from the best components in the marked to ensure a reliable platform for the real time applications . The Vx Server diagnostic interface to the PhaseWatcher Vx can be used locally or remotely to interrogate the PhaseWatcher Vx status. The Vx Server can also be connected to FRIEND * (FRamo Interactive ENabling Diagnostics) for remote assistance and surveillance.

Communication Protocols
The PhaseWatcher Vx is easy to interface and comply with the most used standards in the industry. Software has been developed to comply with both IWIS and SIIS level 2 standards. The presence of Ethernet complies with SIIS level 3. Client specific requirements are taken care of by highly qualified in-house software engineers.

Vx Gateway
The optional Vx Gateway software enables a control system to interface PhaseWatcher Vx meters through an OPC interface or a client selected set of Modbus RTU registers. The Vx Gateway software can interface up to 16 meters simultaneously and provide real-time logging useful for analysis and trending.
* more about FRIEND on page 19.




Serial EIA (RS) 485 Serial EIA (RS) 422 Ethernet

2 wire 4 wire Copper modem Fiber optic modem CAN modem 2 wire

Modbus RTU TCP over Modus (Tunneling) Modbus RTU PPP, TCP over Modbus (Tunneling) Modbus TCP, Boot P OPC (Vx Gateway) CAN open


Vx teChnoloGy

PhaseWatcher Vx




the topside PhaseWatcher Vx replaces conventional separator systems for measurements of oil, water and gas. it can be mounted for continuous monitoring of each individual well or mounted on a test manifold for alternate well testing. Both applications contribute to significant savings in CAPeX and oPeX by eliminating test lines, test separator, manifolds, valves and also reduces well testing time.
Other key benefits for the topside PhaseWatcher Vx are: Compact and light weight design Simple mechanical interfaces Flexibility in process flow direction: o Upwards flow or, o Downwards flow Non intrusive design No requirements for straight length piping (upor downstream) The PhaseWatcher Vx for topside applications provides a range of standard sizes of flow meters using identical Vx technology, which have been developed as a result of many years of experience working closely with the operators. This has ensured a multiphase flow meter designed to address the process regime for the whole field life and thereby providing a flexible approach for life time measurement.

PhaseWatcher Vx 29 mm PhaseWatcher Vx 52 mm PhaseWatcher Vx 88 mm Sizing is determined using our highly advanced software application tool called Vx Advisor*.

* Mark of Schlumberger

PhaseWatcher Vx 29 mm and 52 mm

PhaseWatcher Vx 88 mm

PhaseWatcher Vx FoR toPSiDe AnD SuBSeA APPliCAtionS

PhaseWatcher Vx



the subsea PhaseWatcher Vx utilizes the same Vx technology as the topside version. Framo engineering has developed several different compact configurations for the PhaseWatcher Vx, offering a solution for any subsea infrastructure. it can be mounted for continuous monitoring of each individual well or mounted in a test header for alternate well testing. Regardless if it is a retrievable or non-retrievable flow meter (single hub, dual hub or inline), all the benefits of the Vx technology is available.
Key benefits for the subsea PhaseWatcher Vx: Fully retrievable Compact design, weights comparable to control pods Low power requirement Non intrusive design Designed for integration with all major subsea control systems The subsea PhaseWatcher Vx is provided in a range of different sizes of meters, using identical Vx technology.

PhaseWatcher Vx 29 mm PhaseWatcher Vx 52 mm PhaseWatcher Vx 65 mm PhaseWatcher Vx 88 mm Sizing is determined using a highly advanced software application tool called Vx Advisor.

Intervention Tooling
In the event that the PhaseWatcher Vx retrievable configuration needs intervention this can be accomplished using a diver at shallow water installations or using a running tool & ROV for deepwater installations. Framo Engineering has developed an intervention running tool design with the basic function to intervene on smaller retrievable items supplied by Framo Engineering such as Insert Chokes, Subsea Control Modules and Raw Sea Water Filters. This tool is also used for installation and retrieval of the PhaseWatcher Vx. Framo recognise that our clients may have another method of an intervention tooling philosophy which is also fully feasible; however this gives the operator an option.


PhaseWatcher Vx

PhaseWatcher Vx FoR toPSiDe AnD SuBSeA APPliCAtionS

Standard Configurations
This is the base configuration of the subsea PhaseWatcher Vx where only the metering section is integrated in the infrastructure using standard interface flanges. This configuration is normally installed on a Xmas tree as part of a retrievable choke bridge or flow control module and is not independently retrievable.

The dual hub configuration is a fully retrievable version of the subsea PhaseWatcher Vx. Compared to the inline design this configuration has integrated piping upstream the venturi section making it possible to fully retrieve the unit from the subsea infrastructure. The dual hub can be configured with a clamp set for ROV operation during installation/removal in deeper waters, or it can be configured with a removable clamp set for diver installation in shallow water.

ROV Retrievable

Diver Retrievable

The single hub configuration is also a fully retrievable version of the subsea PhaseWatcher Vx. This configuration routes the production flow through a single entry and exit point (concentric hub) eliminating the need for two separate connections. The single hub PhaseWatcher Vx is installed together with a flow base arrangement located in the subsea structure.

PhaseWatcher Vx FoR toPSiDe AnD SuBSeA APPliCAtionS

PhaseWatcher Vx



A United Team
The PhaseWatcher Vx is a result of Framo Engineering and Schlumberger collaboratively working together since the mid-1990s, investing more than 400 man years of R&D to accomplish the goal of a robust and accurate measurement solution. Framo Engineering provides expertise in developing high-quality marine, offshore, and subsea products. The Schlumberger knowledge base spans the oilfield industry worldwide. Together, the team behind the PhaseWatcher Vx is unmatched for field and product know-how, fluids and metrology insight and the ability to develop, test and implement advancements. The partnership has resulted in optimised strengths in process engineering and well testing. This, along with our product centre 3-Phase Measurements AS, outstanding research centers (UK, USA, France & Norway), manufacturing, testing facilities and support services world wide, has established and recognized the PhaseWatcher Vx as best in class for production management, well testing and fiscal allocation.


PhaseWatcher Vx

CuStomeR SeRViCe & SuPPoRt

World Wide Support

PhaseWatcher Vx projects are managed from Framo Engineerings headquarters in Bergen, Norway. Our colleagues word-wide within Framo Engineering and the vast Schlumberger organization offer expertise and local support providing added value for the customer. As part of any project delivery Framo Engineering will take part in the field service programme covering activities as:

FRIEND (FRamo Interactive ENabling diagnostics)

FRIEND is Framo Engineerings online support and condition monitoring system. A real-time historian database located at Framo Engineerings premises in Bergen makes it possible to conduct event-driven data collection and trending of historical data. Additionally, FRIENDs automated alert feature continuously monitors system performance for abnormal process / system conditions and alerts / notifies Framo Engineering personnel on duty. This information enables Framo Engineering to provide a proactive service through an Integrated Working Methodology with customers securing Best Practice in operation and maintenance of the products and systems supplied by Framo Engineering. Typical services delivered by the Customer Support Group in Framo Engineering are:

Pre-installation services Installation, commissioning and start-up Diagnostic, maintenance and repair services Production support services Engineering, upgrades and house-keeping Training

24/7 web helpdesk and access to Framo Engineering technical experts on duty Web based access to real-time data from start-up of field (equipment signature / footprint) Condition- and campaign-based maintenance invoked by condition monitoring Web access to interactive engineering applications for equipment operational assistance Interpretation and evaluation of field data and optimized equipment utilisation Periodic validation of the Vx performance including reference and PVT data Assistance to production testing activities Daily, weekly or monthly reporting according to agreement accessed in web portal Web access to project document repository and equipment management

CuStomeR SeRViCe & SuPPoRt

PhaseWatcher Vx


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