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Talk about a positive experience with learning or using English.

Describe the ex perience and say why it was a positive one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a profound passion for English Language. Hence I acquired a good knowledg e, fluency and command over reading, writing and speaking English. I enjoy learn ing more and more new words and expand my vocabulary. The positive aspect of my knowledge of English is that I have always been chosen for very important assign ments of negotiating with Ministers and Collectors of various States. This has b een highly motivating and giving me deep sense of satisfaction accomplishment. B esides I always have the opportunity of dealing with foreign experts and nationa ls regarding work of my company. Also I have been getting assignments of Trainin g and Development. The positive aspect of my knowledge of English is that since I have been fulfilling these assignments successfully I have been rewarded by wa y of Promotions and Salary Increments. Today I run private coaching classes for IELTS, TOEFL and Spoken English and various organizations call me for imparting Training to their staff and officers.