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Richard Allan Cassidy

Summary of Skills and Experience

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29 April 1960 +63324879492 (Philippines) House Cell +639496978426 Kaawa Perrelos Carcar City Cebu Philippines 6019 richard_cassidy@msn.com bonnasboy11 Canadian with Passport, expire 2014 Heavy Vehicle Drivers License - Issued Canada First Line BOP Ticket #FL-190415-1017609 Expires April 01 2012 Medical training H2S Trained Cold Driver Trained, Canada Desert driver trained Africa, Australia, and India. Worked in the jungle in Philippines Have had offshore training, Canada, Halifax. Yellow Fever shots, as well as other international shots Elmar Trained on Well control for electric wire line. Trained to read wireline logs. Halliburton, Schlumberger Dale Carnige Management trained Running and maintaining industrial RO water system Mechanical Technician #16452A NAIT - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 11762 -106 Street, Edmonton T5G 2RI Alberta, Canada,


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Summary of Skills and Employment Page Two _______________________________________________________________________

Employment History June 2011 Present Running A RO Industrial Water Plant 30,000 GPD Clean and backwash system as needed. Double Membrane SLE 4040 Permeators. Smileyberg Purified Water Station Cebu Philippines February 2011- June 2011 Supervisor Site supervisor, working on completion work as well as drilling. Did flow test for 2 weeks. Killed well with brine. Released packer pulled 88 joints of 2 7/8, layed down same. Did Nitrogen purge 9500 gallons, ran 5.5 casing liner on swell able packers, in 7 casing. All work done off 50 ton crane. 5K Wellhead. Manual 5 K BOPS Gas 2 Grid Cebu Philippines

March 2006 January 2011 Senior Formation Evaluation, Supervisor All tools owned by Oil Company Down hole pump, jars, inflatable elements, resettable tools. Service and rebuild all tools. Test tools made by Alpine DST.5K Surface Equipment. Take production rates, through fixed bean chokes. Run all surface equipment, choke, rotating fail safe head. Chic sans. Reversing drill string, through pressure activated reversing sub, or mechanical Helped run Fishing tools. Homco fishing tools somewhere made at the rig, Spears,overshots.Ran production strings, packers 7casing packers, helped withTCP perf guns, with Owens firing head drop bar detonator Helped in day to day running of the drilling rig . Do Testing report, read down hole gauges, samples. Focus Energy Delhi India Summary of Skills and Employment Page Three ________________________________________________________________________

April 2005 -January 2006 Senior Formation Evaluation, Supervisor. Running cased hole tools, as well as open hole tools. Tools where made by World Oil Tool, small (ID) Down hole pump, jars, inflatable elements, resettable tools. Run all surface equipment, choke, rotating fail safe head. Chic sans.5K Surface equipment. Reversing drill string, through pressure activated reversing sub, or mechanical. Do well testing report, read down hole gauges. Take samples. Service and rebuild tools. Pacific Oilfield Resources Adelaide, South Australia, AUSTRALIA

April 2004 - March 2005 DST Australia Pty Ltd Senior Formation Supervisor. Running Christiansen core barrels, as well as open hole tools, cased hole tools. Inflatable as well as compressible open hole tools Casing packers with j slot mechanical set, pull release. All testing tools were made by North Star DST small (ID) Designed from Halliburton tools. Run all surface equipment, choke, rotating fail safe head. Chic sans. 5K Surface Equipment Prepared well testing report, as well read down hole pressure gauges. All tools serviced and rebuilt. Roma, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

July 1996-February 2004 Senior Formation Evaluation Supervisor. Weatherford Canada/Quinn Testers/ Alpine Testers/ Lee Tools Companies where all sold to Weatherford. Quinn Tools made by Pat Quinn, as well as Dennis Makar (World Oil Tool) Alpine had their own tools Lee Tools were made by Schlumberger Telemetry Tools where Delta P made Ran open hole tools, cased hole tools, telemetry tools. Run all surface equipment, choke, rotating fail safe head. Chic sans 5 and 10K surface equipment. Production testing, ECP, s IPPs PIPs .Production Tools made by McAllister Full bore tools, Schlumberger tools Service and rebuild the tools as well. Do well testing report and read down hole pressure gauges. Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA Summary of Skills and Employment Page Four ________________________________________________________________________

1991-1996 (worked in Senegal West Africa) McAllister Petroleum Services Supervisor. Ran production testing, separator low pressure, catch tanks, heat exchanger Casing packer, down hole electronic gauges. Oil Company Tullow Oil supplied all surface equipment. Tools were made by McAllister, designed after Baker. Service all tools. Rebuild all tools. Take Samples caught. Run all surface equipment, choke, rotating fail safe head. Chic sans. 5K Surface Equipment Did pressure readings off of down hole gauges, and well testing report. Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

1987-1991 Baker Oil Tools Supervisor. Cased hole tools, open hole tool, service and rebuild all tools. Inflatable tools as well as compressible packers, for open hole. Packers, ACPs., run with casing string. Serviced all tools. All tools as well as packers were made by Baker Oil Tools. Run all surface equipment, choke, rotating fail safe head. Chic sans. 5K Surface Equipment. Read down hole gauges and did well testing report. Samples, caught. Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

1978-1987 Drilling Rigs Kenting Drilling Worked from Motorman to Driller, to Tool Push. Triples, doubles.Jacknife, telescopic derricks. 7000 Meter Triples, 4, 3000 HP engines. Triplex pumps 8p-80 610 National Draw works, on SCR system Fort St John, British Columbia, CANADA

1976-1978 Drilling Rigs Westburne Drilling 50A National with a bang low, 2 Banks of 371 Gemis, compounded pump. Roughneck, motorman. Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Summary of Skills and Employment

Page Five

Summary of principal accountabilities relative to previous workshop and field employment y y y y y y y y y y y y y Ensure all contracted work is carried out as per client and employer operating and Occupation Health and Safety guidelines. Supervision of junior and trainee staff. Mentor and motivate junior and trainee staff within competency assessment framework. Ensure all equipment is safe and fit for purpose in accord with employer and Government standards. Ensure all staff works in a safe and effective manner. Ensure all departure pre-job paperwork is accurately completed. Ensure all tool checklists are accurately completed before being loaded out. Ensure tool diary is filled in. Onsite supervision and advice to management of non standard operations carried out in the field. Generate reports for clients and internal use, ensuring that accuracy and time goals are reached. Produce client invoices in accord with company guidelines and current client price lists. Daily liaison and organization of ongoing activities within company Maintain suitable records and supporting documentation for critical equipment (pressure rated equipment, lifting and load bearing equipment, critical instrumentation, and vehicles). Take full responsibility for assigned crews ensuring the workforce is supervised, job ready and briefed on all current issues. Maintain good working relations and discipline among immediate workforce. Maintain best practice and/or good field practice at all times. Attend company formal skills training upon request. Adequately and promptly investigate and report all accidents Take prompt and corrective action and advise management accordingly in relation to unsafe and unhealthy procedures, methods, facilities. No lost time accidents, on my tour. Run and maintain a 30000 GPD RO dual membrane purified water system

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