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1 6 . . (1,2,3), . . A1 1 What did the man do on holiday? 2 3

visited museums A2 1

lay on the beach

went shopping

What is the woman doing tonight? 2 3

going to the cinema A3 1

going to the theatre

staying at home

What does the man usually do on Saturday nights? 2 3

goes to pubs

goes to cinemas

goes to discos


- 2010 A4 1 Where did the girl go at the weekend? 2 3

went to the disco A5 1

went to the Indian restaurant

went to the concert

What musical instruments does the family have now? 2 3

a guitar and a flute A6 1 What is the woman doing? 2

a piano and a flute

drums and a flute

cleaning the windows


doing ironing


- 2010

. . 1 6 . , , , . ! 17 ( ). . Man wants to go (B1) __________ in the park. Woman wants to buy (B2) __________ for the winter. Yesterday woman (B3) __________ in the morning. Man has started (B4) __________ recently. Woman finds (B5) __________ relaxing. Man agreed to go shopping but not (B6) __________.

, . . B7 1-6 , . (True), , F (False), . , , , , . 7 1. The speaker's friend was a newspaper reporter. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The pilot met the speaker's friend as she arrived at the airport. The speaker thinks it is human nature to judge people by their appearance. The speaker thinks we are usually more interested in people who look like our friends. The speaker initially disliked one of her teachers because of her hairstyle. The speaker thinks people's faces and clothes always help us discover their character. 3

- 2010

1 . 8 A G 1 6. . . , -, , , .

1. There are different hobbies and free time activities. Some people like extreme sports and dancing, others prefer home leisure, and I even know people who love doing nothing! But nowadays more and more young people like me are taking up art. 2. Im quite a creative person, so about three years ago I decided to learn how to make jewellery I thought it would be really interesting to take up a new hobby. I found a class, joined it and loved it immediately. 3. The first thing I made was a pair of earrings. I made them out of some small, green, wooden shapes and some thin, silver metal. They looked great, so I gave them to my best friend for her birthday. She was really happy. 4. Now, I make more difficult things like silver bracelets and silver models. I need a lot of instruments and other equipment to make these things, so my bedroom looks awful there are accessories and details everywhere on the floor, on my table and even under my bed. 5. The best thing about making jewellery and models is giving them to other people. My little brother is a football fan, so I made him a fantastic little silver model of a football player. He was pleased, and now this statuette brings him luck at the matches. 6. I also make jewellery for my mum. She thinks that one day I should sell my jewellery. She imagines that I will have my own small shop and all my friends and relatives will buy souvenirs there.

7 12 1 4, . 7 12 4

- 2010 . , . ! . Which text mentions 7 8 9 10 11 12 someone who wants to travel? someone who enjoys meeting people? someone who can make decisions quickly? a person who plans things carefully? a person who is studying science? someone who sometimes criticizes the other person? 1 Twins Ian: Were twins and we get on really well I think were probably closer than most brothers and sisters. Our friends are surprised when they find out that Eva and I are twins, and I suppose thats because they think we will be the same sort of people. Eva: And we arent, not at all. Ians always very shy. You know, we go to parties most weekends, but he just talks with people he already knows. And Im just the opposite. Ian often complains that I never stop talking, but I love chatting to new people. Im much more outgoing. 3 Workmates Flora: Im a singer and Ive had a couple of hit singles, my album is selling well, and Im getting more and more work. But I couldnt do any of this without Tim. Hes more than a manager, hes a really good friend too. Im not a business person Im too emotional and sensitive. I cant make difficult decisions, but thats where Tim is so good. Hes so clear-headed, in any situation he can make a decision right away. 2 Best friends Ned: I think that old friends are the best, and Sam and I have always been friends since we were five. Now weve gone different ways hes doing a degree in chemistry, and that suits him because he has quite a scientific mind and hes very practical. Im at art school, and Id love to be a painter. If that doesnt work out maybe Ill go round the world or become a musician I dont mind as long as I can be creative and have a bit of adventure. We dont see each other much, but we do get together once in a while and its like we havent been apart at all. 4 Flatmates Paula: Jane and I share a flat, but were complete opposites. Look at the way we found this flat. She went to different agents, made lists of all the advantages and disadvantages and so on. I turned up, said it seemed fine and we moved in. Its good that she is organized, of course, but she also benefits from me too. I do things on the spur of the moment like invite people back to our flat for a party. That makes her panic because shes so cautious, but I think she secretly enjoys it.


- 2010 . 13 20 (1,2,3,4), . .

Katies walking to her maths lesson. Shes got a test, but she feels all right. Suddenly, Danny, the coolest boy in the class, speaks to her. Come on! he says. Forget maths. Lets go into town! Now Katie feels bad. Shes got to make a difficult decision. Should she go to maths because thats the right thing to do, or should she take the chance to be friends with the most popular person in the class? If youve had an experience like this, dont worry. Its called peer pressure and it happens to everybody. However, people have different reactions. Confident people refuse to do things they dont want to do, but shy and anxious people often give in. It may be because they want to be liked. It may be because they worry that their friends will make fun of them, or perhaps theyre just curious about trying something new. Whatever the reason, some people end up doing things they really dont want to do. Its hard being the only one who says no and the question is how do you do it? Firstly, you must decide what you believe in. If you think that missing maths, or smoking, or going somewhere you know your parents wouldnt like is a bad idea then the answer is simple. Dont do it. Its your decision, nobody elses. You dont need to be aggressive. You dont need to shout and scream, but you must be confident and you must be firm. You need to say, No thanks. I dont want to do that. Of course, being on your own against everybody else is very hard, so it can really help to have at least one other peer, or friend, who will say no too. Choose your friends carefully. You want friends who will support you when you are in trouble. You dont want people who will always agree with the majority. Remember, the most popular people arent always the most trustworthy. However, peer pressure isnt completely negative. You can learn a lot from people of your own age. They can teach you great football skills or the best way to do your maths homework. They can recommend music and advise you on fashion. And dont forget you can tell them things, too, and that always feels great. So, find friends who have similar interests. And remember, friendship isnt about feeling depressed and guilty. Its about sharing experiences and having fun.






- 2010 A13 Having met Katie, Danny suggests 1. cheating in the maths test 2. going into town after school 3. missing a lesson 4. making some new friends A14 The text describes people who surrender to peer pressure as 1. shy 2. careless 3. popular 4. funny A15 The author advises teenagers to be 1. stubborn 2. impudent 3. assured 4. impatient A16 An advantage in peer pressure is that 1. you can become stronger in fights with other people 2. you can make many friends with other people 3. you can find out a lot from other people 4. you can learn to overcome your shyness A17 In a friend the writer recommends the following quality: 1. generosity 2. popularity 3. cheerfulness 4. loyalty A18 The writer suggests its a good idea to find friends who 1. do a variety of activities 2. have things in common with you 3. are very clever 4. are good at sport A19 What does the word it (line 12) mean? 1. saying no 2. asking questions 3. going out with friends 4. doing things you dont really like A20 What does the word trustworthy (line 22) mean? 1. devoted 2. determined 3. reliable 4. responsible


- 2010

21 24 (1,2,3,4). . A 21 There ______ a lot of books on the table.
1) are

2) is

3) have

4) has

22 Lets go swimming _______ tomorrow afternoon. 1) at A23 2) in 3) on 4) -

_______ is this car? Its my fathers. 2) whose 3) what 4) where

1) who A24 1) rich

Onassis was one of the______ men in the world. 2) richer 3) richest 4) very rich

. 9 11 , , , . . ! 17 . , , . 00. : Dear Peter, We are having a great time. Tony (B00 PLAY) tennis with his friend Mike now. He (B9 LIKE) tennis and always tries very hard to win. Yesterday he (B10 LOSE) and he was very angry. But at the moment he (B11 WIN) and he is happy. He is laughing at his friend now. See you soon. Max 00 I S P L A Y I N G


- 2010

. 25 30 (1,2,3,4). . Do you have someone in your family who makes you laugh? My mother has two sisters (A25) _____ three brothers. I like them all, but my favorite is my (A26) _____ Jack. He is a taxi driver in London and he is always telling me stories about his customers. Every Friday morning he has to get to a little old ladys house. She puts her dog in the back of the taxi. Jack then drives (A27) _____ the streets for 30 minutes. The dog (A28) _____ out of the back window and barks at people they pass. Jack takes the dog back (A29) _____ its owner. The old lady says that the taxi gives her pet all the (A30) _____ it needs to keep fit! A25 A26 A27 A28 A29 A30 1) with 1) cousin 1) around 1) stays 1) from 1) diet 2) or 2) nephew 2) into 2) sits 2) to 2) health 3) and 3) brother 3) towards 3) looks 3) with 3) exercise 4) also 4) uncle 4) across 4) is 4) at 4) task

. 12 15 , , , . . ! 17 . 00. : 00 B E S T GOOD PLEASURE ISOLATE DEPRESSION EXPENSE

The (B00)______ thing about cottages is that they are cosy and comfortable. You can find them in (B12)______ surroundings and they often have a nice view. On the other hand, they can be a bit (B13)______ and cold. They often have small rooms and a low ceiling, which may create a (B14) _______ atmosphere, but cottages are more (B15)_____ to keep than flats.


- 2010

16 20 , , . 2 5 , , . . . ! 17 . . 00 . : 00 00 T H E M O S T E L E G A N T the

I have never met such an elegant woman. Shes _________ woman Ive ever met. Helen doesnt like loud music. Chris doesnt either. ________ Chris likes loud music. How much are these skirts? How much ___________, please?






John is usually critical of my friends. John is _____________ my friends.



When I was young, I went swimming on Sundays. When I was young, I ___________ on Sundays.



Its unbelievable, but not a single dress in that shop suited me. Its unbelievable, but _____________ in that shop suited me.


This is a part of a letter you received from an English friend. Write your letter in 100 -140 words, answering your friends questions and giving all the details. Do not write any addresses. .. In your last letter you said you have an interesting person in your group. Where is he/she from? What does this person look like? Why do you like him/her?


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