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Asajj Ventress Character Discussion Welcome to a character discussion about Asajj Ventress.

The people participating in the discussion are: Dr G, Star Wars enthusiast, Separatist P.O.V. blogger, fan fiction writer and RPer. You can find her at www.facebook.com/IGOTSWAG77 and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Confederacy-of-Independent-Systems-FanPage/234984393210369 Chris Seekell, works at the Star Wars Underworld and is the host of the Underworld podcast! Here is a link to the Underworlds facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/swunderworld and the podcast: http://www.facebook.com/SWUPodcast Josh Yoder, a big time fan, and the owner of the Padawans Journal blog! You can find his blog here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Padawans-Journal/208298425853112 JDMaul is also named Josh so we will refer to him as JDMaul. He is a blogger, fan fiction writer and RPer! You can find him at www.facebook.com/JDMaul and his fan fictions are here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Star-Wars-U-MalevolentRisings/362291973785727 1) What are your feelings about Asajj Ventress? Dr G: I like her! She is a strong female character and a skilled lightsaber duelist. Holds her own as a dark side acolyte. Chris: I used to just have a take it or leave it attitude about the character, but the recent developments with her character in the Nightsisters arc of the Clone Wars TV series has made me more interested in her new destiny. Josh: I really don't have a whole lot of feelings for her character, in my mind she's what's known as an anti-hero. JDMaul: I love her! She is an awesome villain and has had awesome character development! 2) What are your opinions on how things went with her character in Season 3 of the Clone Wars? What about her being reveled to be a Nightsister? Dr G: Great questions! The season 3 backstory show written by Katie Lucas was enthralling. She was betrayed by Darth Tyrannus (Count Dooku) was ordered to do by

Darth Sidious (Palpatine). She returned home to her Nightsister "Mother", Talzin - the coven of witches that practiced the Dark Side. Seeing that these Dark Sided women survived without much Sith interference, from a female perspective, it was interesting to see how intricate their practices and beliefs were. What I like was she had supporters as Nightsisters in those episodes. Chris: Couldn't have been better. I really like that they put a twist into her story. Josh: I thought she was alright in Season 3 I'm not a big fan of her and as far as finding out she's a Nightsister I didn't really have much of a reaction as the ethnic group was new to me. JDMaul: I really liked the way they handled it and I really like how Ventress has a group of allies she can bounce back to. 3) What are your hopes for her Character development and her sisters going into the Season 4 finale? Dr G: So for Asajj, they have pretty much sealed her fate to make her no longer relevant. My hope is the LFL revisits that concept, because it would be nice to see a Sith-Lord-like kinds of abilities in women. But something tells me much like Season 4 has been that all major CIS villains have been strategically terminated. Chris: I hope that she interacts with other characters that could go rogue like Quinlan Vos and Ahsoka Tano in an interesting way. Josh: I hope that maybe, just maybe, Ventress will gain more of a moral compass in the finale and maybe start to turn towards the light side a bit. If not I'm fine watching her mop the floor with Grievous JDMaul: I hope she plays a bigger role in the series and that they really connect her to the Darth Maul part of the story not just because she is the reason his brother became a Sith acolyte. 4) Do you think Dooku thought of her as a serious apprentice and intended to use her to overthrow Palpatine? If not should he have? Dr G: I think at the very begining with the true animated Clone Wars episode when were first introduced her, he never really liked her. He did not ever think he could use Asajj to take over Palpatine.

Chris: I'm not sure, I believe there is a chance of this, since it is certainly the Sith way. And ultimately, he should have, since he was unable to outwit his master and was killed in about a year. JDMaul: I am split 50-50. Part of me says yes, but another part of me just feels he actually got the idea from Sidious. I never look at Dooku and see Sith I see the political idealist. And so for some reason in my mind he acts differently then the typical Sith. 5) What do you think her future will be giving up the ways of the sith and joining the Nightsisters? Dr G: If she doesn't get killed by the end of this Season, then she'd be going back to the Nightsisters. Counter: So you think she will be killed off? Dr G: I hope not, but something says she will. Chris: It will be interesting to watch how it plays out. JDMaul: I think it will be hard for Ventress, I mean all she is use to is being a force user so letting go of her ways will be a challenge. 6) How do you think she will play into the story of Darth Maul and Savage? Dr G: Not sure, if she survives, she will assist the Nightbrothers to exact their revenge, slowly, on first Count Dooku, then eventually Palpatine. That's my opinion. Counter: So you think Savage would rejoin Ventress after she betrayed him? Dr G: No. Savage is 1) searching for his brother and caring for him in some way, if he doesn't kill him first. Then 2) he wants to learn more as to how to use the force. Chris: I'm not sure. Perhaps she will be their ally against Dooku and Grievous, as well as against the Jedi. JDMaul: Honestly I have no clue, I have ideas of what they could do put I cannot make a legitimate educated guess, because we have been shrouded in mystery which really makes this whole arc really exciting! 7) Do you think Dooku regrets betraying Ventress? What would you do in Dookus place? Betray Ventress or betray Sidious?

Dr G: No Dooku is a Sith, they have no regrets. It was owed to the Dark Side of the Force. It judges. A Sith just wants to control it. Dooku knew that his current list of acolytes were not powerful enough to overthrow Sidious. Sidious was powerful in the Dark Side of the Force. Chris: Betray Sidious, and he probably regretted it right before Sidious told Anakin to "do it" and chop his head off. JDMaul: I think most defiantly, he misses having an apprentice and we see clues to that throughout the show for example in the Citadel arc Dooku says to Osi Is this a matter that requires MY presence and there are small lines like that which aloud to him needing an apprentice. I would say I killed Ventress but keep her in hiding. 8) Lastly, if Katie Lucas asked you to write Asajj Ventresss ending, what would it be? Dr G: Asajj Ventress' ending? Hmm? In the comics she gets wounded what's thought mortally but she goes into a deep healing trance and wakes up being taken to another planet. I thought it was Dathomir, but I am unsure. Overall, I would like her to go to the Unknown Regions and meet up with like the Chiss, oddly enough. Counter: Would you like to see her survive the Clone Wars live action series? Dr G: I think there is a place for her in the live action series. Chris: I would hope that she learns of Palpatine's manipulation, teams up with Ahsoka, and they both die in an attempt to kill him after a fantastic duel. JDMaul: To keep it short. I would really like her to have something to do with Dookus death. Have her involved behind the scenes with the battle of Coruscant. Maybe she attempted another attack and used a poison to mess up his senses and that is why Anakin is able to kill him. I really want her to get her revenge one way or another. and show up in the