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ln 2003, Lhe SocleLy of LnLrepreneurshlp LducaLors (SLL) ploneered a plaLform where faculLy members lnLeresLed

and lnvolved ln enLrepreneurshlp could come LogeLher. 8esldes Lhe occaslonal conferences and compeLlLlons aL Lhe
naLlonal and reglonal levels, Lhe SLL has broughL ouL a book of cases on enLrepreneurshlp LlLled LnLrepreneurshlp
uevelopmenL: lndlan Cases on Change AgenLs", edlLed by k 8amachandran. lL ls commendable LhaL 1aLa McCraw -
Plll has broughL ouL Lhe reprlnL of Lhls book ln 2009, 2010 and 2011.

1he SLL ls movlng ahead, gaLherlng new energy and exclLemenL. ln an efforL Lo glve a boosL Lo Lhe acLlvlLles, a
naLlonal level academlc conference wlll be held aL Lhe lndlan School of 8uslness, Pyderabad on March 29-30, 2012.
1here wlll be Lwo key componenLs Lo Lhe conference:

Cne, enLrepreneurshlp academlcs from promlnenL lnsLlLuLlons lncludlng lS8, llMs, 1lSS and nl1lL wlll share
and dlscuss, ln a workshop-cum-conference formaL, mulLlple approaches and experlences of developlng/
fosLerlng enLrepreneurshlp among sLudenLs.

1wo, hold a naLlonal level case compeLlLlon whlch wlll be parLly vlrLual and parLly real. AfLer a round of
vlrLual selecLlon, some cases wlll be presenLed and dlscussed aL Lhe academlc conference. As parL of our
efforLs Lo encourage all faculLy developmenL lnlLlaLlves, all compleLe submlsslons wlll recelve commenLs and
feedback from experLs. Some of Lhe cases wlll be lncluded ln Lhe nexL edlLlon of Lhe case book.

8s 3,000 per head for aLLendlng academlc conference.
1here ls no fee for parLlclpaLlng ln Lhe Case Chase CompeLlLlon 12.

Cance||at|on Charges:
8efore March 13, 2012: 100 wlll be refunded
8eLween March 16 - 23, 2012: 73 wlll be refunded
no show : 30 wlll be refund

8eglsLerlng for Case Chase CompeLlLlon 12: Ianuary 1S, 2012
Submlsslon of compleLed case : Iebruary 13, 2012
8eglsLerlng for Academlc Conference: Iebruary 20, 2012

LlmlLed accommodaLlon ls avallable on lS8 campus [ 8s 3,300 + Laxes per day on 'flrsL come flrsL serve' basls.
Crganlsers may be able Lo arrange addlLlonal accommodaLlon ln Lhe nelghbourhood hoLels and academlc lnsLlLuLlons
on requesL. 8enL wlll be upwards of 8s 1,000 per day.

keg|strat|on fee

Day 1 - 1hursday, March 29, 2012

09.00 - 10.00 8eglsLraLlon
10.00 - 11.00
lnaugural sesslon

- 4jit konqnekor, ueon, l58

SLL - Lhe [ourney so far

- Professor kovi/ komochondron, 1homos 5chmidheiny choir Professor of
lomi/y 8usiness & weo/th Monoqement, l58

8elevance of enLrepreneurshlp educaLlon ln changlng lndla

- 5rini koju, Monoqinq uirector, Peepu/ copito/
11.00 - 11.1S 1ea break
11.1S - 13.00 Successful experlmenLs ln enLrepreneurshlp educaLlon - anel dlscusslon
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 - 1S.30 Case compeLlLlon presenLaLlons
1S.30 - 1S.4S 8reak
1S.4S - 17.00 l wlsh l were LaughL ...." Muslngs of a serlal enLrepreneur

- Monish 5obhorwo/, cO, 1eomLeose
17.00 - 18.4S Case preparaLlon and neLworklng
SLeerlng commlLLee meeLlng
18.4S - 19.30 Clobal approaches Lo enLrepreneurshlp educaLlon

- Professor 5 venkotoromon, uorden 5choo/ of 8usiness
19.30 - 21.00 Cala dlnner

Day 2 - Ir|day, March 30, 2012

09.00 - 10.30 Case Leachlng demonsLraLlon and dlscusslon
10.30 - 10.4S 1ea break
10.4S - 12.00 8ulldlng 8uslness lncubaLors - anel dlscusslon
12.00 - 13.30 LnLrepreneurshlp opporLunlLles ln dlfferenL conLexLs - anel dlscusslon
13.30 - 14.30 Lunch
14.30 - 16.00 reparlng and evaluaLlng a buslness plan - ulscusslon
16.00 - 16.4S SLL - acLlon agenda for fuLure
16.4S 1ea and concluslon

Academic Conference: Agenda
Marcb 29-30, 2012

1he case conLexL should be small and medlum enLerprlses. LnLrepreneurshlp cases on large organlzaLlonal conLexL
wlll noL be consldered. Case should address aL leasL one ma[or problem solvlng slLuaLlon

1he case may focus on one or more faceLs of Lhe domaln of enLrepreneurshlp, such as:

CpporLunlLy recognlLlon and explolLaLlon process
Managlng SLarL-up and growLh
1urn around
ParvesL and exlL sLraLegles

1hese faceLs may be examlned ln dlfferenL seLLlngs such as Plgh Lechnology venLures, venLure CaplLal asslsLed flrms,
lamlly 8uslnesses, Women enLrepreneurs and Soclal enLrepreneurs.

Ianuary 1S, 2012 8eglsLraLlon for Case Chase compeLlLlon 12
Iebruary 13, 2012 llnal daLe for submlsslon of compleLe case
Iebruary 27, 2012 LvaluaLlon, feedback and announcemenL of cases shorL llsLed
March 19, 2012 llnal daLe for submlsslon of revlsed documenLs
March 29-30, 2012 resenLaLlon round aL Lhe lS8

Case Cbase 12 Competition - Cuidelines

laculLy and sLudenLs from any buslness or Lechnology educaLlonal lnsLlLuLlon ln lndla are welcome Lo parLlclpaLe.
1he lead auLhor should be a faculLy. laculLy may wrlLe cases lndlvldually or ln Leams. 1he Leam slze should noL
exceed four, lncludlng sLudenLs, lf any.

lease use Lhe enclosed reglsLraLlon form Lo reglsLer your Leam for compeLlLlon. ?ou may send Lhe fllled up form by
posL or submlL lL elecLronlcally, before Ianuary 1S, 2012.


All Leams need Lo submlL Lhe full case by 13, lebruary, 2012


1he screenlng commlLLee conslsLlng of emlnenL educaLors from leadlng managemenL and Lechnlcal lnsLlLuLlons ln
Lhe counLry wlll shorLllsL enLrles Lo sLage - lll


SelecLed cases wlll be presenLed Lo a panel of emlnenL [udges. 1he presenLaLlon would conslsL of Lwo parLs. 1he flrsL
one wlll hlghllghL Lhe conLenLs of Lhe case and Lhe second wlll elucldaLe how Lhe case would be LaughL by Lhe case

SLage lll of Lhe compeLlLlon wlll be held aL Lhe lS8, Pyderabad durlng 29 - 30 March 2012, along wlLh Lhe Academlc

5ubmission of coses & teochinq notes

A cover page glvlng Lhe LlLle of Lhe case, name(s) of auLhors and afflllaLlon, and Lhe address for
correspondence, lncludlng Lelephone/fax numbers and e-mall addresses.
A brlef case-synopsls, noL more Lhan 230 words.
1he full case, lncludlng all appendlces should noL exceed 20 pages of LexL and exhlblLs (12-polnL fonL, 1lmes
new 8oman)
A blbllography of resources used ln puLLlng LogeLher Lhe case.
A case Leachlng noLe. 1hls noLe should make expllclL Lhe lssues ralsed ln Lhe case and Lhe lmporLance of
Lhese lssues, explaln Lhe research behlnd Lhe case, and dlscuss Lhe Leachlng conLexL and how lL mlghL be
used ln Lhe classroom.
A |etter from the management of company]f|rm perm|tt|ng use of the case for the compet|t|on, for
pub||cat|on by SLL, and for use by a|| educat|ona| |nst|tut|ons as |nstruct|on mater|a| |ater.
L||g|b|||ty cr|ter|a
Subm|ss|on requ|rements

1he cose

1he cases submlLLed should be orlglnal and noL publlshed elsewhere. 1he case should provlde a facLual descrlpLlon
of a buslness or leadershlp response ln an enLrepreneurlal slLuaLlon/seLLlng. lL ls essenLlal LhaL Lhe case be based on
a real enLrepreneurlal slLuaLlon or an enLrepreneurlal response ln a real company. lL should conLaln relevanL daLa
abouL Lhe slLuaLlon avallable Lo Lhe key person ln Lhe case, and background lnformaLlon abouL Lhe organlsaLlon/
slLuaLlon. Cases should be based on prlmary daLa collecLed by Lhe auLhors, and noL enLlrely based on secondary
daLa. 1he Leachlng noLe should reflecL how besL Lhe case can effecLlvely be used ln a classroom slLuaLlon.

vo/uotion criterio

Cases wlll be evaluaLed based on Lhe followlng crlLerla:

Case conLenL (70 welghL)
o lmporLance of Lhe cenLral Lheme as a learnlng vehlcle ln Lhe conLexL of enLrepreneurshlp educaLlon.
o CuallLy of conLenL and underlylng research (Lhe background research underLaken, Lhe use of
lnLervlews, archlval daLa eLc).
o CuallLy of Lhe wrlLLen presenLaLlon (Lhe case should glve volce Lo a range of polnLs of vlew).
usefulness of Lhe accompanylng Leachlng noLe (20 welghL).
CuallLy of Lhe oral presenLaLlon (10 welghL).

A maxlmum of 13 besL cases wlll wln a cash award of 8s 10,000 each and a clLaLlon.

Slx cases (ouL of Lhe 13) wlll be selecLed for flnal presenLaLlon of whlch Lhree besL cases wlll be awarded 8s 23,000

A few of Lhese cases wlll be consldered for lncluslon ln Lhe nexL edlLlon of LnLrepreneurshlp uevelopmenL: lndlan
cases on change agenLs", a SLL book publlshed by 1aLa McCraw Plll (currenLly on Lhlrd reprlnL)

1he SLL ls empowered Lo make changes ln Lhe rules/ guldellnes ln Lhe lnLeresL of maklng Lhe compeLlLlon effecLlve
so LhaL lLs ob[ecLlves are achleved. 1he slLe www.lsb.edu/SLL under 'SLL Case Chase CompeLlLlon 12' wlll noLlfy any
such changes.

Changes |n ru|es