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In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements in NCM 402- Professional Adjustment


Submitted to: Mrs. Analinda R. Sese, R.N, M.A.N Clinical Instructor

Submitted by: Ma. Elena Fe G. Acosta Student-SN4

College of Health Sciences Holy Trinity University January 21, 2011

MOVIE AWAKE 1. Enumerate the character and the role of each character. NAME CHARACTER ROLE Hayden Christensen Clayton Beresford, Jr. A billionaire man who was admitted undergone surgical procedure for heart transplant; the plaintiff. Jessica Alba Samantha Lockwood The nurse who became wife of Clayton. She was one who tried to kill Clayton. She encouraged Jack to continue their plan. And shes the one who handed jack the drug used to kill Claytons heart. Terrence Howard Dr. Jack Harper A surgeon, head of the Cardio Varick University Medical, had tow mortgages, two ulcers and 2 ex-wives. He had also 4malpractice lawsuits. He became Claytons friend and his best man during his wedding. Who first saved Clayton from a massive heart attack. Hes the main surgeon and the one who injected the drug (Adriamycin) that killed Claytons heart. Lena Olin Lilith Beresford Claytons mother who killed herself to gave her heart to her son. Shes also the one who discovered the secret of Samantha and reported to Dr. Neyer, to whom she laid the second operation for Clayton. Shes also responsible for the death of her husband. Christopher McDonald Dr. Larry Lupin An anesthesiologist came from St. Matthews Hospital who administered general anesthesia to Clayton. Hes the one who proxy Fitzpatrick. Sam Robards Clayton Beresford Sr. An abusive, not so good father of Clayton who was accidentally killed by Lilith.

Arliss Howard

Dr. Jonathan Neyer

isher Stevens

Dr. Puttnam

Georgina Chapman David Harbour Steven Hinkle

Penny Carver Dracula Young Clay (as Stephen Hinkle)

A friend of Lilith for 15 years and the family doctor of Beresford. He was a great surgeon. Hes the one who transplant the heart of Lilith to Clayton. He saved Clayton. Hes also the one who called the police. Assistant surgeon of Dr.Harper who was also one of the pursuant of the crime. He helped and assisted in killing Clayton. Nurse The one who act as young Clayton who saw how his father died. Reporting the current condition of Beresford and Shinomoto merges.

Denis O'Hare

Financial News Analyst

Charlie Hewson Court Young Joseph Costa Poorna Jagannathan Lee Wong

Brian the Orderly Officer Doherty Dr. Elbogen Dr. Neyer's Nurse Mr. Waturi

Kae Shimizu

Asian Translator

Steven Rowe


One of the assistant of Dr. Neyers during surgery One of the Head of Shinomoto company. Became business partner of the Bresford Translated the conversation of Mr. Waturi. Mr. Inamoto and Clayton-from Japanese to English and vice versa. The teacher of Clayton during kindergarten or primary time. It was shown only during flashback. One of the police that arrested all the accused. Hes the one who pledge the wedding of Samantha and Clayton. The one who held and blessed the funeral of Claytons father.

Jeffrey Fierson John C. Havens Richard Thomsen

Head Chef Policeman Minister

Joshua Rollins

Funeral Minister

Brenda Schad Sam Pitman Ross Klavan

Pregnant Woman Zombie Financial News Analyst #2

Reporting the current condition of Beresford and Shinomoto merges.

Rana Morrison

Nurse (uncredited)

2. Identify what crime they had committed. The crimes that they had committed are: a. Criminal Actions (felony)- Samantha and Dr. Harper are accountable in this crime because at first Samantha deceive Clayton to be her husband not because she love her but because she wanted to kill him and gain money form him.Then Moreover Dr. Harper also let himself to be a trusted friend of Clay but for the purpose that he could be his surgeon so that he could have chance to kill him, gain money and pay all his lawsuits. b. Criminal Negligence c. Criminal Intent d. Moral Turpitude e. Murder f. Used of Controlled Substance illegally g. They also committed crimes under: y The Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur y Malpractice y Incompetence 3. Was there negligence? Justify your answer and state the scenario. Yes. One who committed negligence there was when Dr. Lupin left the operating room which he was not supposed to do. Moreover due to the actions he wasnt able to observe carefully what was happened to client even the changes in vital signs and the tears coming from the patient. Moreover he wasnt able to check if the anesthesia really took effect completely. Moreover being drunk during the practice of profession is one that made it worse. 4. Was there malpractice? State the malpractice. Yes. Because principals and accomplices of the crime had practiced and failed to meet the standard of care intentionally, this in return has harmed the patient. They are also aware that injecting Adriamycin in the heart could kill it but they still administered it willfully ignoring the right thing and procedure to do. Moreover there is no shown process of getting the written consent of the patient and also during the operation they allowed a drunken man to assist in the theater. And in addition to they

allowed unsterile person to enter the OR theater and was also gave chance to hold a syringe even without scrubbing. 5. Was there incompetent? State the incompetence. Yes. Because Dr. Harper has already had 3 malpractice lawsuits which only pertains that he is not skilled enough to hold a surgery and if he will handle a case he cant guarantee the success of his operation. And to what he had done he was unfit to discharged the required duty during the operation of Clayton because he was mentally and emotionally weak to decide what is the rightful thing to do. 6. Did they follow the correct procedure in getting the consent? No, they havent. It wasnt also shown any written statement. And also there is no scene that shows that they accurately and concisely explain what will be the procedure, how it will be done, what are the possible drugs he will be receiving. Also the mother of the patient was not also aware of the operation and the explanation that should be stated before the operation. 7. Was there torts crime? State the specific scenario and state who committed. Yes, probably. It was first during the checking of the effect of anesthesia which if you could observed hurt the patient silently. Then it was when they injected harmful drug that had killed the heart and was not also included for the specific drug used during that kind of operation. 8. Identify the elements of the crime. There are two elements of the crime. First is the criminal act and the other one is the evil/criminal intent. In the movie, the criminal act there was when they killed the heart to be transplanted to Clay for the purpose of killing him. And the evil or criminal intent there was when they planned the entire situation that happened. Samantha married Clay, Dr. Harper become his friend to set him up to an operation that could possibly killed him for the reason that when he died Samantha can get money from him which they can use to pay for the lawsuits they have and to live in a prestigious life. 9. Was there a felony? State the scenario and who committed it. Yes there is. In the scene where they started the plan from the marriage act to the friendly act and to the operating room. There the intent to killed the victim was being inacted. There concummated felony had done. Especially by Samantha who eagerly encourages Dr. Harper to continue the plan there it succeed in spite of the hesitancy of Dr. Harper of killing Clayton. There all of them work to killed the heart of Clayton which

in turn left him living only through the bypass machine which if no heart available could be considered dead if not attended. 10. Identify who is the principal of the crime. Then justify your answer. For me the principal of the crime at first was Dr. Harper but on the latter part it was Samantha because she was the one who forced the hesitant Dr. Harper to continue their plan and induced to accomplish it shes the one who gave and eagerly encouraged Dr. Harper to inject the drug to the heart. But they could still be considered the principal offender 11. Identify who is the accomplish of the crime. Justify your answer. I think Dr. Harper could also be part of it and also Dr. Puttman and nurse Carver. Because they are knowledgeable of the commission of the criminal act and take part to make it happen. 12. Identify who are the accessories in the crime. Justify your answer. The principals and the accomplices can become the accessories of the crime for in some instances after the action they able to profit from the effect and they are all planning to destroy or hide any matter like what supposed to be Dr. Harper wants to do with the syringe if Samantha doesnt leave and the act of escaping of those people included in the crime. 13. Identify the degree of execution. The degree of execution was mostly consummated for they were able to execute the act of killing the heart of Clayton and leaving him heartless under the bypass machine which if not attended will lead to his death. The accomplishment of killing the heart was accomplished. But at the latter part of the movie the degree of execution becomes frustrated for after the execution of the act the result still lead to failure because Lilith and Dr. Neyer intercede and had revived the life of Clayton by conducting another surgery. 14. Identify the degree of punishment. It was a grave felonies which the law attaches the capital punishment ( Death )or penalties which in any of their periods have afflicted (imprisonment ranging from 6 years and 1 day to life imprisonment or a fine not exceeding( *depends on the rules of their country but in the prof. add book ) it should be not exceeding P 6,000). This will also be lead to revocation of the license of the accused 15. Was there a moral turpitude? Identify and justify.

Yes because trying to kill somebody is the most immoral and wicked thing to do by a man to his fellow man especially if the reason is material thing. Because as the law of God He state thou shall not kill only God has the one to take the life of man because He is the one who made man. Moreover in our system of government killing is a crime.