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Libya S.O.S.
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DEC 16, 2011


Hala Misrati, state TV host, kidnapped Libya news by jihadist...

[backup libyasos] 02. December -10.


Feb 18, 2012 December 2011. What is the difference between the two  human beings you can ask Amnesty Inetrnational... Continue >>

kir_T34 RussiaToday: Escobar: 'Al-Qaeda agents w orm into Syrian rebel army': Escobar: 'AlQaeda agents w orm i... bit.ly/zW i1fx | #Libya
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17. February 2012. Reuters: "Flags and hope on Libya's uneasy anniversary"
Feb 18, 2012 ***  CELEBRATING OR COMMEMORATION?Take a look at the at photo, also Green Square was almost... Continue >>

Video of a Libyan who was killed by Al Jazeera (AJE)

Feb 17, 2012 Martyr Hisham was labelled as 'black mercenary' byAl Jazeera (AJE) "jounalist" AJE in... Continue >>

Report Libya 16. February 2012.

Feb 17, 2012 *** Racist demolition in #Libya the same as in #Palestine -Houses of black #Tawargha people... Continue >>

LandDestroyer WaPo photo show s militants, caption says "protesters" w ashingtonpost.com/w o rld/national #Syria #FSA = #USA
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Feb17 economic achievements

Feb 17, 2012 by Libya S.O.S.Exactly a year after the start of Libyan conflict, Libyan economy is a victim of the... Continue >>

NTC supports ethnic cleansing of black Toubou tribe in Kufra

Feb 16, 2012 Ahvah Nagy: "What is happening now in Kufra is the process of ethnic cleansing ofMoammar al in... Toubou tribe, Qadhafi Continue >>

MeeMeeAlAradi #Somalia's #US backed Islamist Rebels to Intensify Bombing Campaign naharnet.com/stories/en /305 #AU #tcot #p2
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Saif Gaddafi not to be handed over

Libya resistance news:10. December 2011.

Feb 16, 2012 00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547 Saif Al-IslamGaddafi with the nephew  The ISP -of the NationalAccording to Akhbar Libya, the resistance started 24h/ ALGERIA Chief Elmokama SecurityAuthority... Continue >>

LandDestroyer #Syria op w ill not get a "leader" b/c it w ill be quickly exposed w hat a Wall Join the conversation

Green conducted individual operations and quality in the city of Misrata by targeting two seats of the rebels.Liberation Army of Libya have killed three rebels in Misrata and threw them on the road by leaving a message on the body This the fate of any Misrati. 23h/ ALGERIA FORBIDS US AND FRENCH DRONES TO SPY OVER SAHARA > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/algeria-forbids-us-and-french-dronesto.html 21h/ Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) was granted The Prize of the Mexican Press Club (Club de Periodistas de Mexico) for his outstanding achievements and writings as a War Correspondent for the Independent media. -http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=28127


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LIBYA S.O.S. ARCHIVE 12 (88) 11 (339) December (52)

Libya flash new s [30.12.2011.]


UK Journalist raped by Libyan rebels in Benghazi Libyan Liberation Frontline New s [07.02.2012.] STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST W OMEN IN LIBYA - NOW ! To w hom it may concern A raping crime happened in Benghazi Libya by the rebels w ho w ere suppo... Rape in Libya raised a NATO w ar to the level of a Holy Crusade to defend w omen Dahlia Wasfi: The real face of w ar is unknow n to people, because the

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya 22h/ TRIPOLI Airport FIGHT - Confirmed by Aljazeera reporter: Assaulted Aljazeera English camera team at Tripoli Airport 20h/ Libya - fierce battles in the vicinity of Camp Hamza al-Khalifa , Zentan ,Friday Market ,Tajoura, Tripoli airport with heavy artillery. The presence of various types of heavy weapons, even tanks. And the spread of intensive clashes at the airport gates in the vicinity of the boxes of the airport security.The news of the arrival of reinforcements on both sides. Activity of Khamis brigade, Belhadj's AlQaeda brigade and Zentan brigade was seen.This escalation came after the resolution for taking the arms from armed gangs of Tripoli. Belhadj's Al Qaeda mercenaries are trying to cause panic among citizens who are close to that area, and to kick out Alzentan fighters from Tripoli. Citizents came out of their homes, fearing for their lives. So far, the fighting still continues with all kinds of weapons!! 19h/ LIBYA, TRIPOLI : violent fightings near a Tripoli International Airport ... Railway bridge/ which led to wounding of two families & two more Zentan ... Some families fled from the airport road towards Tripoli now, as a result of clashes between the rats with heavy weapons .... The series of clashes between bandits continues, terrorizing civilians and families and proliferation of heavy weapons in the cities ... VIDEO - > http://youtu.be/S8iDqdGqHrg 19h/ According to credible sources, Mohamed the Sixth, the king of Morocco, has given the order to kick out all Libyan injured people from the

Libya new s [backup libyasos] 26. December - 30. De... Libya new s [backup libyasos] 19. December - 25. De... Libyan Liberation Frontline New s [29.12.2011.] Report Libya by SomaliaSupport2 [29.12.2011.] UNDER THE GUISE OF THE W AR W ITH GADDAFI , W EST CON... PRO-GADDAFI PROTESTS AND REBEL ANTI-NTC PROTEST... Story of spectacular mass escape from Benghazi pri... Libyan Liberation Frontline New s [26.12.2011.] NATO's Libya w ar: RAPE AS W EAPON [Iman alObeidi]

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people, because the media is not show ing the real facts. The w ar is nothing but a busines,... Report Libya 12. February 2012. ** NATO mercenaries have expelled honorable Niger 's ambassador in #Tripoli Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, treating him in their savage manner w hich... Saif Gaddafi not to be handed over Saif AlIslamGaddafi w ith the nephew The Chief of the National Security Authority in the w estern region, Libya, Tarek ElKafali , ... Tripoli: Racist mistreatment of the ambassador from Niger Libyan racist NATO mercenaries have expelled honorable Niger's ambassador in Tripoli because his government accepted Saadi Gaddafi [w ho w ... 17. February 2012. Reuters: "Flags and hope on Libya's uneasy anniversary" *** CELEBRATING OR COMMEMORATION? Take a look at the at photo, also Green Square w as almost empty. Last year, green flag w as long 3 km, a... New s about Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi [crossfire of information] Update 15.02.2012. Saif Gaddafi not to be handed over The Chief of the National Security Authority in the w estern region, Libya, Tarek ... Lizzie Phelan: FULL

military hospital of Rabat and this because of their insolence and their immoral and disrespectful behavior. So, after Tunisia, Turkey the Moroccan people and authorities are discovering the true nature of these renegades: they are dirty rats and bandits of criminals and terrorists. 18h/ More and more tunisian are discovering the reality of libyan" revolutionaries": Kadhafi was right when qualifying them by rats. Tunisia has asked the " new libyan authorities " to secure the libyan side of the border by sending policemen and border's guards there. But tunisian rulers has forgotten the reality: the council of renegades has only bandits and criminals. Kadhafi's regime had policemen and border's guards. More and more tunisians are discovering the true face of these renegades, they the Kadhafi's words: these false revolutionaries are in fact some rats without moral or religious principles. - > http://www.afriquejet.com/tunisie-libye2011120929270.html

Libya new s [backup libyasos] 11. December - 18. De... Libyan Liberation Front New s [22.12.2011.] Introduction to Democracy Libyan terrorists from Belhadj brigade in Syria QATAR W ANTS SAIF al ISLAM IN ICC. W ho is Sliman B... Libyan Liberation Front: Territorial Control & Ana... Schools in Libya: lesson one - PROUD TO BE TRAITOR... Libya: Saif Al-Islam has been innocent, and that ... A W ORD FROM A LIBYAN FEB17 REBEL Libya Liberation Frontline New s [17.12.2011.] W HO IS MYSTERIOUS KILLER OF GADDAFI Libya Liberation Front new s [16.12.2011.] Gaddafi's murder [part III] Libya new s [backup libyasos] 02. December -10. D... Putin presented version of how Gaddafi w as killed... Libya Liberation Front Frontline New s [15.12.2011.... Libya new s [backup libyasos] 25. November - 01. De... A letter from Libya to Libya Libyan Liberation Front New s [14.12.2011.] Gaddafi Speech on the first anniversary of the Al-... Saif Al Islam Gaddafi: Americans tried to tempt me... Libyan Liberation Frontline New s [12.12.2011.] Qatar Admits It Fought Alongside Libyan Rebels aga... Libyan Liberation Front New s [11.12.2011. ] ALGERIA FORBIDS US AND FRENCH DRONES TO SPY OVER S...

Muammar Al Qadhafi
18h/ Middle East Online:. Libya: Misurata militias are stronger than the Tripoli government:Libya occupied -shocking--Misuratas (our Libyans like to say Libyan Tel Aviv ) militia stronger than governmont in Trioly.Misurats militia say that they fighting against Gaddafis supporters and against supporters of NTC too. ""Battalions outside the scope of the Libyan government controls a huge arsenal of weapons, tanks and missiles confiscated from Qaddafi's troops http://www.middle-east-online.com/?id=121707 17h/ COMING NEXT: EXHIBITION OF EXCREMENTS FROM GADDAFI FAMILY,collected by Harald Doornbo -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/coming-next-exhibition-ofexcrements.html 16h/ Libye - The arrival of more than 80 of these tanks in the city of Misrata by

rebels is a sign of continues political hegemony, according to the prevailing order now in Libya, Misrata rebels have lost almost every front, political force and attacks, they are trying to regain influence by extending military might, after they have lost the post of defense ministry to Zentan in the new traitor government http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yttl5X--MDE 15h/ CAMERON CLAIMS A BOMB SHELL (USED IN LIBYA) IS ONE OF HIS PROUDEST POSSESSION - David Cameron in the other hand received a high explosive shell (used in Libyan terror operations) as his trophy. Cameron said that the shell casing is one of my proudest possession. Imagine that, using the shell of a bomb which blew up a sovereign nation, which killed innocent people, destroyed thousands of peoples livelihood, people who did not do any harm to Cameron or Britain, that has to be one of the biggest insults yet. http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2011/12/10/cameron-claims-a-bombshell-used-in-libya-is-one-of-his-proudest-possession/ 14h/ What the independent election polls are saying in Libya - 80% proGaddafi, 11% for NATO servants, 9% for AlQaeda (other NATO servants)

TRANSLATION: SAADI GADDAFI PHONE CALL TO AL A... Broadcaster: If you actually do have supporters inside and are in communications w ith them, w hy did you leave the country in the first plac... NTC supports ethnic cleansing of black Toubou tribe in Kufra Ahvah Nagy: "W hat is happening now in Kufra is the process of ethnic cleansing of Toubou tribe , in every sense of the w ord". 12 w ounded ...

13h/ ICC Withdraws Arrest Warrant for Muammar #Gaddafi [AfriSinergy] > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2LYjUlp_oo 13h/ Libya ready to forgive Kadhafi fighters" [????????????!]- O realy,and what if Libyans are not ready to forgive #AlQaeda #NATO rebels?? TRIPOLI Libya's new rulers said on Saturday they are ready to forgive the forces of slain dictator Moamer Kadhafi who battled rebels trying to topple his autocratic regime during the brutal revolution. [hogwash] > http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5iqBr1PwDEATyCPfpDUg3w AQzUp7Q 12h/ Libyan rebels drink-driving and attacking Libyan women around the country. BTW, there are assaults on Alzentan in particular. The truth is that all of them are drunk and steal from all the cities and regions in Libya ,including Tripoli -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAZV0eCTdkE 09h/ Weltweite Nachrichten 02.12.2011 (World Jammahiriya Radio News German) [gekrzt & geschnitten] - > http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Rv7UiownqdE

COMING NEXT: EXIBITION OF EXCREMENTS FROM GADDAFI ... Libya Liberation Front New s [09.12.2011.] Libyan Liberation Front New s [08.12.2011.] The new government is rejected by the majority of ... Iran show s intercepted CIA drone unscathed (VIDEO)... FOX NEW S - LIES Report Libya [by SomaliaSupport2] UNIVERSITY OF BENGHAZI SPREADING TUBERCULOSIS Libyan Liberation Front Frontline New s: Convoy of Leader Moammar Al Gaddafi after NATO h... Libya: The success of KILLING MACHINE UN extends support mission in Libya from December ...


"Revolution", made by NATO * Welcome to (Al Gaddafi Speaks) Aangrifan Al Fatah -Pandora's box Allain Jules - ALERTE INFO LIBYE (French) ATROCIDADES DE LA GUERRA DE LIBIA

Libya resistance news: 09. December 2011.

19h/ Libya Liberation Front Frontline News [09.12.2011.] -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/libya-liberation-front-frontline-news.html 17h/ BAIDAH: Clashes in Baidah. Between Benghazi brigade and Baidah Militia. Both tried talks but Arguments lead to gunfights MISRATA: 1 large explosion today in North of Misrata. 4 days in a row Misrata brigade has been hit by Explosions. DERNA: East of libya..Protests in Derna..the People and Tribe protested against Fake NTC Representative from Derna..Whom nobody knows

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Chris Sedlmair Blog clothcap Counter PsyOps Daily Libyan Post David Levy Blog (Russia) Eccleza Africa einartysken (German, Sw edish, English) Financial New s For Free LIBYA! gilguysparks (Italy) Global civilians for peace in Libya HIDDEN TRUTH ABOUT LIBYA Hinter der Fichte Hinter der Fichte (Germany) Huey3man iLibya.TV:Libya LIVE TV Info Lybie (French) Ja za Kaddafi (Russian) Jamahiriya Truth (Arabic) Africa Independence Julius-Hensel-Blog KARLOSPETROS (Czech) La Voix De La Libye La Voix des Opprimes (French) Leonor en Libia (Spanish) Libiija Blog (Croatian) Libija Bloger (Croatian) Libija Najnovije Vijesti (Croatian) LIBYA AGAINST SUPER POW ER MEDIA Libya Habla (Spanish) Libya Resistance (Venezuela) Libya sons (Arabic) Libyan Free Press Libyan Friends (Italian English) Libyan Revolution Maverablogg (Sw edish) Millions March in Harlem Nachrichtenticker ...mymetropilis.eu (Germany) NATO STOP (Ukraina) Net New s Global ozyism Pan-African New s W ire Sanskrit011 Saragio Blog (Italian) Sons of Malcom SOS Libya (Dominicana) Stop War Crimes! The Daily Libyan Post The End of Times The Libyan Civil War: Critical View s THE RESURRECTION of the JAMAHIRIYA Waterput (Duch-Engl.) Waterput Maatschappijkritisch Onderzoek Zangetna - Libya (Arabic) ! (Russian) Blog (Russian) El Murid

Fake NTC Representative from Derna..Whom nobody knows Almost 10 months since formation of the NTC - does anyone know who the members are? What are their backgrounds? Meeting minutes? GHARYAN: Green resistance attacked NTC Militia fighters at Gharyan. Shootout lasted for 2 hours and Car bomb was used and mortars. BANIWALID: heavy fighting between Green resistance vs Misrata brigade at Baniwalid outskirts. [SomaliaSupport2] 16h/ Zentan tribe shared a meal with Qataris . We hope that they will not sell Saif Gaddafi [AlgeriaISP]

December ... It w as an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader... Libya new s [backup libyasos] 14. November - 24. No... Libya new s [backup libyasos] 08. November - 13. No... Libya new s [backup libyasos] 02. November - 07. ... Humanitarian War in Libya & NGOs Behind the War on...

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Zentan tribe shared a meal with Qataris 15h/ ALGERIA ISP 12/9/2011: The Werfala Tribe give a 24 hour ultimatum to NTC and its leaders Mustafa Abdel Jalil and Abdel Rahim El-Kib to release Col. Mohammad Bahr Miftah and Mohammad Bahr Bahr who was kidnapped by the rebel bands, Jomo Souk in Tripoli or they will call all the tribes of the Werfala throughout Libya to fight a decisive battle if the NTC government will do nothing about it in 24 hours. And they are prepared for the said battle. -> http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politique-libye/201112-A7502/libye-lestribus-warfala-donnent-ultimatum-heurs-cnt-chef-gouvernement-decembr 15h/ Misurata rebels forced Torghae man to wear womens clothes and tortured him with electricity - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKoxYEjDXcU

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Libya S.O.S. - Daily News

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nsnbc.wordpress.com ANOTHER PRETEXT TO WAGE WAR? Fingerprints of False Flags Against Iran: Thailand, India, Georgia Terror Blasts


108morris108 1Saragon 1VSMRK 42 Al Fatah abub3th1's Channel (Arabic) AfriSynergy Productions AlgeriaISP Algerien Libre09 crimexlibia

14h/ BRUTAL TORTURE OF LIBYANS CONTINUE UNDER NATO PROTECTION The man in this video is dressed in womens clothing and is being electrocuted and tortured, we dont know his current condition nor his where about, the UN doesnt give a damn, US and its client states never gave a damn because they gave arms, trained and protected these terrorists, this is their offspring. Ban Ki Moon should be prosecuted, along side the European, American and Arab butchers who not only supported these tortures but actually commit such tortures and massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan. - > http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2011/12/09/brutal-torture-of-libyanscontinue-under-nato-protection/ 13h/ BENGHAZI protests: New found #Democracy in #Libya -Protesters came out in #Benghazi to #revolt against #corruption and high #food #prices .Protesters were shot at. [08.12.2011.]> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfbPlRj5ZK8 12h/ TRIPOLI protests: Hundreds of residents and policemen in Tripoli protested jointly on Wednesday against NTC gangs. Were protesting against weapons and people using weapons. I want the militias who came from outside Tripoli to leave. They have to go back to their homes and continue with their studies, woman said. Around her the crowd chanted The people want safety! They are causing problems. We want the rebels bandits from outside Tripoli to go as the city is becoming dangerous, "Our group is protecting the National Oil Company building and offering security to employees there. We are ready to leave Tripoli the moment our commanders tell us," bandit from Misrata said. He had weapons as he roamed the streets in a four-wheel drive vehicle. [07.12.2011.] 11h/ Dutch journalist ransacks Qaddafi houses Harald Doornbos stole at least 18 kilos of belongings of the Qaddafi family. Photo: a stolen poster from Muammar Qaddafi's Tripoli house. A man's shirt, private notes, flags, family photographs and the passport of Dodi the cat. Just some of the 18 kilos (some media say 20 kilos) of stuff Dutch journalist Harald Doornbos has stolen from the ransacked houses of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi in Tripoli and Sirte by the end of August. He calls the goods 'rubbish with a story'. - > http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=629561 10h/ Video in Arabic : Libya - The rebels entered in #Tunisia with heavy weapons !! - > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOt8XxZl8YY 07h/ Al Zentan finaly recognizing that #Libya does not have #sovereignty ! After destruction of Libya and fighting against the Libyan army under the confidentiality of the Cross and after opening the doors in #Tripoli to #Qataris. 32 Brigade Fired on the Rebels in (Ras gidar) NATO rebels ran away to Tunisian border and that's when Tunisian Army fired on NTC bandits!!

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Libya resistance news: 08. December 2011.

00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547 24h/ Iran shows intercepted CIA drone unscathed (VIDEO) Days after the Pentagon first denied and then admitted that it lost touch with a high-tech drone aircraft, authorities in Iran are now saying that they have the plane and its condition is pristine. -> on Libya SOS http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/iran-shows-interceptedcia-drone.html 24h/ FOX, lies & the wrong videotape: Whats NOT happening in Moscow > You may say "Hey, that looks Greek to me and you know what, youll be spot on. Greek it is literally. And that sign? Says National Bank of Greece in those big, pretty, gold letters. FOX, it appears, isnt satisfied with the REAL Russian rallies. They wanted a BANG! But there were no bangs, so I figure they thought hey, its police running after people and fires and chaos who on earth will be able to tell the difference?! So they took videos from Athens, put a Russia comment on screen and voila, stick a fork in em, theyre done. -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/fox-news-lies.html 23h/ Libya Still a Killing Zone US and its allies have moved on to attempts at regime change in Syria, leaving the humanitarian crisis NATO created in Libya to fester. Thousands of mainly black prisoners languish in the jails and detention centers of various Libyan militias, out of reach of any central authority. -> http://blackagendareport.com/content/libya-still-killing-zone 22h/ MISRATA, Libya, Dec 7 (Reuters) - Gangs outside the control of Libya's central government are holding vast stores of tanks, rockets and small arms in the city of Misrata, an arsenal that will test the ability of the country's new rulers to assert their authority. "The government of traitors & slaves does not have a monopoly on force in the country," said Geoff Porter, a north Africa expert who has testified on Libya in the U.S. Congress "Without it, the state's ability to function is jeopardised." - > http://af.reuters.com/article/libyaNews/idAFL5E7N72IH20111207? pageNumber=4&virtualBrandChannel=0&sp=true 21h/ video - Clashes on Tuesday, 6/12/2011 between armed militias and mercenaries of the Tabu tribe east end of the Crusader in the Market Street and near the headquarters of the secretariat of the conference earlier >http://youtu.be/xgCe4RZAX-s

Mathaba Libya site John Pilger Site Jamahiriya New s Agency (JANA) Infow ars - Alex Johns Human rights investigations Human Rights Investigation Huey Freeman (Daniele Puccio) Harald Pflueger Globa Research Canada EPHEMERIS 360.ORG Empirestrikes Black - Martin Iqbal COTO Collective Action Round Table C.J. Chivers Allain Jules AGENT OF CHANGE Activist Post Above Top Secret 21th Scentury W ire




2 0 h / Radio "World Jamahiriya" http://www.worldjamahiriya.net/content.html 19h/Report Libya [by SomaliaSupport2] > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/report-libya-by-solmaliasupport2.html 18h/New Libya: Guns to go silent but future elusive RT - Libyas new government has vowed to free the capital of armed militias and ensure civilians also hand over personal weapons by the end of the month. The move is both welcome and necessary but will it bring stability to once-secure Tripoli? - > http://rt.com/news/new-libya-future-elusive-209/ 17h/ DISGRACE -This is how 'new democrats' are threatening people in #Libya ->http://youtu.be/3qoc26CJXVE 16h/Wounded Libyan NATO Rats in Turkey for treatment attack & steal form their embassy 05.12.11, Libya - > http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=es7lSCeFGbc&feature=g-all 15h/ US ambassador visits small Zintan tribe, captors of Saif Gaddafi, 05.12.11, NATO Crimes In Libya - > http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=KgBWUIBL-ZI

14h/ Former Tripoli Brigade leader Mahdi al-Harati outed as US asset - > http://www.wsws.org/articles/2011/dec2011/liby-d03.shtml
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13h/ Libya's attorney general says gunmen attacked him - Libya's new government says armed men dragged him from his car in broad daylight in Tripoli and threatened his life if he doesn't let one of their friends out of jail. - > http://www.taiwannews.com.tw/etn/news_content.php?id=1780819&lang=eng 12h/ LIBYA, BENGHAZI: - Clashes are growing, becoming more violent, use of #guns , #bombs , #rockets . Even #Younis went to Louhichi, Quiche and Garyounis. 1 2 h / Anti NATO aid worker returns from Libya > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aemfyy4dFno

11h/ LIBYA, SABHA: Bombing and targeting of #Misurata Brigade (by the resistance fighters) which were headed for the city of #Sabha for the purpose of arresting some leaders there. They are stopped! Brave people controlled on 3 main areas in the South of Libya , and Road long 500 Km from the south to the west of libya covered by the green resistance . 10h/ LIBYA, TRIPOLI: There are fights now in the Thuel Benashur area and in 4 other places in Tripoli. Last night there were fights in 7 places;Thuel Benashur there were 2 huge explosions&large battles by heavily armed civilians against Rebels 1 0 h / Bani Walid & Sirte have already started to take revenge on #Misurata Rats.EveryNight there r explosions in Misurata. #Libya The Misurata Rebels cannot drive to the east themselves; they are being attacked by weapons, rocks, rockets&artillery or killed like enemy's Misurata has taken ingueststhat r very active at night&whoset off fireworks.The Rats r being treated just like they treated G & Motasim. Last night 3 cars from Misurata came to Tripoli.Civilians attacked them with rocks& weapons. Wherever they appear, they are being attacked [@Diana_82_]

Libya resistance news: 07. December 2011.

19h/ EXPECTED EPIDEMIC OF TUBERCULOSIS IN LIBYA (DISCOVERY OF 7000 HEALTH CERTIFICATES "MULTIPLIED" BY BENGHAZI HOSPITAL) - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/expected-epidemic-of-tuberculosis-in.html 18h/ Libyan Liberation Front Frontline News > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/libyan-liberation-front-frontline-news.html 17h/ Libya Libyan Minister of Health appoints his sister as Director - WE ARE TALKING OF NO CORRUPTION!!! EVERYTHING IS TRANSPARENT!!!! IS THIS WHY THE TRAITORS WANTED TO OVERTHROW MUAMMER al-QADDAFI??? IS THIS ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS THE TRAITORS CALLED NATO TO BOMB US TO THE STONE-AGE SO THAT THEY CAN BE IN POWER AND ENJOY THE CORRUPTION!? > http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.com/2011/12/07/libya-libyan-minister-ofhealth-appoints-his-sister-as-director/

Libyan Minister of Health appoints his sister as Director 16h/ Libya has denied allegations by the US officials that Iran had supplied the toppled regime of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi with weapons. [Yeah now they are the best friends] http://www.presstv.ir/detail/214052.html 15h/ SAIF NEEDS YOU... -> http://youtu.be/SvNhYgmKHcI

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14h/ ICC International court seeks #information from Libya on #Seif alIslam whereabouts [WHY?]- > http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middleeast/international-court-seeks-information-from-libya-on-seif-al-islamwhereabouts/2011/12/06/gIQAduOVZO_story.html 1 3 h / #Libya and Now #Syria? @UN Human Rights Council? #ICC International Criminal Court? - > http://www.4thmedia.org/2011/12/05/theroad-to-hell-libya-and-now-syria/ 13h/ After his various failures to bring with him the Libyan resistance, despite the deception, intimidation and lies, the CNT is more than ever at bay. A meeting held today between leading members of the CNT and the latter, failing to make a statement, have decided to appeal again to the "international community" to protect the people ... ... Libyan rebels. The mind boggles.Indeed, just missing today in Libya. Shortage of gasoline, electricity, food, money. [Alain Jules] - > http://allainjules.com/2011/12/06/libye-le-sos-du-cnt-a-la-communauteinternationale/ 12h/ Dr.Shakeer on a TV on Wednesday at 8: 30 or 9: 30 GMT. 9: 30 or 10: 30 GMT #Tripoli and #Cairo . 10: 30 am or 11: 30 at night with the timing of #Damascus . Will show you a #Libya political analyst and strategic expert Dr. Youssef shaker on Syrian dialogue channel, important and interesting about plots and developments that challenged Libya and #Syria , and the great #Arab homeland as a whole . 07h/ 1. Report Libya: 2 Explosions in Benghazi on NTC office and one on Gate of rebel Outpost. 2. Report Libya: war is going on at South of Libya..... NATO aircrafts bomb entire south while France sent Chadian Tribes to fight the libyans. 3. Report Libya: Benghazi brigades are preparing for Fight with Derna and Tobruk and AJdabiyah. [Mea Lux Veritas & SomaliaSuport2]

Libya resistance news: 06. December 2011.

Honorable Martyr's Mutassim Gaddafi's 34th birthday would be today. Libya will not forget you - http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/10/al-mutasimbillah-al-gaddafi-to-people.html

- Moatassem Al Billah Al Gaaddafi

00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547

24h/ At least 10 #people have been #killed in an explosion in central #Libya. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/214169.html
23h/ Breaking news ( #Tripoli ) : so-called President of local Council of Souq AlJumaa escaped with seven #millions of #Libya dinars and #NATO servants still looking for him 22h/ People from #Ajdabiya will protest in public next wednesday in Ajdabiya district because #NATO mercenary Abdul #Jalil did not meet their demands on making Ajdabiya district a County like the rest of the governorates of #Libya , which a Council of shame announced, that Libya will be governed on the basis of the 10 provinces (Tuber-white-Benghazi-Misurata-fiveZawiyah-Tripoli-Gharyan-Awbari-Sebha). ...Colonel from Ajdabiya said that the demands of the people of Ajdabiya district are there to ensure the rights of their cities (Sultan. alzoitinh. antlat. albidan. Ajdabiya district. Brega seaport. humans. ' Urqub. Lanuf. alnovlet. Ben Awjila. Jawad. Jallow. tazerbo. godless. jikharrah. amrer) .On Next Wednesday will be an open sit-in in the city (Ajdabiya district), stressing that youth in civil society institutions will not leave until their demands were met and they summarized these demands among which will be a

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call for Investigation of embezzlement of public money in an era of Mr. Abdul Jalil (theft and corruption). 2 1 h / Promo #Libya channel Allibya #TV returns 2012 - > http://youtu.be/iECXwDxOtgc 20h/ #Libya :Sheikh Professor Ahmed Ibrahim -prisoner who was in horrible circumstances, tortured brutaly and systematicaly,which made him unable to play or walk on his legs, as rebel gunmen burned the fingers of his hands after removing his nails. Criminals were denying him ,since the start of detention, even his glasses, knowing that the power of ordinary eyesight without glasses does not exceed 4 out of ten, and that the denial of the glasses during this period may increase already poor lack of sight ... he almost went blind. Lets shed light on Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim as an Arab thinker and writer and poet, it was not his fault that he had to defend his home in #Sirte , a legitimate right of all religions and laws. We have directed letters to human rights organizations,intellectals and writers, explaining the plight and suffering of this brave Libyan intelectual. [ Libya S.O.S. Facebook ] https://www.facebook.com/pages/Libya-SOS/297509086955875

Sheikh Professor Ahmed Ibrahim

19/ When #Sirte was under foreign-siege #Women fought side by side with man to protect their city. Honorable #Libya women

Libya, Sirte: Brave Women fought side by side with Brave man 18h/ #Libya -Critical situation at the factory which produces chlorine and salt! Rebel militias looted it and evicted the workers, which are protesting at the moment. One worker said: "It's not just that we have nothing to eat now, and criminal #rebel militias will do who knows what with the factory, probably unlawfully sell it to their western masters..what's most important is that those criminals are fully armed inside the factory in which a single bullet could cause a mayhem, due to chemical substances, one bullet would kill everyone, and explosion could spread into 3 villages" [ Libya S.O.S. Facebook ] https://www.facebook.com/pages/Libya-SOS/297509086955875 17h/ Mother and her two daughters were raped by a man who appeared intoxicated in #Mansoura #Libya . All exit roads from Mansoura are closed. 16h/ ANKARA, December 6 - Libyans group of 20 people captured today at the building of the Chonsulate General in Istanbul, Libya. According to the agency Cihan, the hijackers opened the cash register and removed all the diplomatic missions were in it money. According to the channel "Haberturk", the authorities used tear gas, thereby attempting to force the invaders to leave the building. The reason for the seizure called consulate shortfall in Libyans. They were in Istanbul for treatment of injuries and wounds sustained in the course of the revolution at home, but when they ran out of money to pay for medical services, the diplomatic mission, they said they did not have any additional financial assistance. This was the reason for the seizure and robbery konsulstva.. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Cyril Zharov /[Jazira Chuibekova] 15h/ Honorable Martyr's Mutassim Gaddafi's 34th #birthday would be today. His two #toddlers were killed by #NATO on 01/05/11. RIP. #Libya will not forget you

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Moatassem Al Bilah Al Gaaddafi

photo by The Truth about Libya 14h/ #video #Convoy of Leader Moammar Al #Gaddafi after #NATO #humanitarian #intetvention -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/convoy-of-leader-moammar-algaddafi.html 13h/ The Tripoli Massacres: 18 by the Dry Riverbed - First do note what the rebels had likely been doing in the days before they took control-fighting and killing in the area to establish control. Eight of these 18 bodies - or six of them plus two others - I have already analyzed without knowing it, in the post Ghargour Black Trash. Two men were killed down an alley, and six executed and piled behind an ornage trash bin nearby, amidst scattered rubbish. These are just next to what I called a canal, but on closer inspection, it's a dry river (or wadi, flowing in the rainy season), lined with concrete in spots. (summary of that post and graphics forthcoming) -> http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.com/2011/12/tripoli-massacres18-by-dry-riverbed.html 12h/ My Situation in Sirte article chronicled the plight of a holdout city subjected to a total and medieval siege. Many of the refugees, some cited at that link, complained of the situation in the city at the hands of the rebels they were effectively surrendering to. To rebuke from the bearded, heavily-armed, and brutal "Government forces" in control of them, they tried to tell journalists how they had suffered heavy random shelling and bombing, with thousands of killed, mostly civilian, and the rest left without electricity, water, medicine, fuel, or food. The evidence backs them up that everything possible was denied to underscore the message of surrender or die. But one particular man mentioned none of these problems to his new rebel overlords and the gathered media. - > http://libyancivilwar.blogspot.com/2011/10/sirte-massacres-masterlist.html 11h/ TEHRAN, December 5, 2011 (Xinhua) -- Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad invited the head of the Libya's National Transitional Council Mustafa Abdul-Jalil to visit Iran, the state IRIB TV reported on Monday. Iran's new ambassador to Libya, Hossein Akbari, on Monday submitted Ahmadinejad's message to Jalil in Tripoli, said the report. ->www.uruknet.info? p=83660

UPDAT E #Massacre in #Sirte . Video shows Libyans alive, photos show them dead - > DIST URBING IMAGES , WAT CH T HEM IF YOU NEED T O IDENT IFY SOMEONE - >

Libya resistance news: 05. December 2011. UPDAT E #Massacre in #Sirte . Video shows Libyans alive, photos show them dead - > DIST URBING IMAGES , WAT CH T HEM IF YOU NEED T O IDENT IFY SOMEONE - >
http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/disturbing-images-watch-them-if-you.html 00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547 ** At least 12 prisoners were released from prison in Tripoli, after Resistance fighters killed by guards. Among those freed was a woman with a child. 24h/ Man from Tripoli tortured to death by NATO mercenaries (+18) - > http://youtu.be/bch_z7uQQIE 22h/ Algeria December 2011. . Thank you

Algeria 2011. December

21h/ NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA bandits attack Tunisian border control post, 02.12.11 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW4qvJoqp4s

20h/ The FINANCIAL -- Austrian energy group OMV's output from Libya has
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reached half the level it was before the civil war halted production, Chief Executive Gerhard Roiss said, according to gulfnews. http://finchannel.com/news_flash/Oil_%26_Auto/99366_OMV_Libya_output_back _to_half_of_prewar_level/ 19h/ And "independent" newspaper stated that the report of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, reveals that thousands of people, including women and children, were detained illegally by rebel guerrillas in Libya, and that many prisoners suffered from torture and ill-treatment systematically during detention in private prisons outside the control of the new Government in Libya.-> http://www.bab.com/news/full_news.cfm?id=14201018 16h/ 'Human Rights' and the Road to Hell: Libya and Now Syria? - We have just seen what has been done to Libya in the name of human rights and the 'responsibility to protect'. Uncounted thousands of Libyans were killed in eight months of bombing and missile attacks by French, British and American warplanes - > http://www.palestinechronicle.com/view_article_details.php? id=17293 15h/ 12 LIBYANS LIBERATED FROM NATO PRISON IN TRIPOLI/10:39 PM OZYISM/ At least 12 Libyans have been liberated after a Resistance fighter killed the guard and released the hostages. Reports indicate that one woman and a child was among those released. UN report under estimated the number of hostages in Libya held in captivity by NATO Mercenaries, but the report did acknowledge the fact that women and children were also held in captivity, also reiterated that torture and rape is widespread in the NATO dungeons. 14h/ This is how "Democracy seekers" in #Libya treat their black prisoners.. #HRW #ICRC #Racism #Torture #Amnesty http://youtu.be/vXWJ5dMSXkE 13h/ ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, a rebel who was treated in Tunisia has committed suicide by jumping from the fourth floor of the clinic El Amel. He was depressed because he could not pay hospital expenses in 4000 Tunisian Dinars. The rebel was wounded during fighting in Bani Walid. 12h/ The fate of Saif Gaddafi - I believe the Woolf Commission's report also supports the position that Gaddafi was an original thinker, a democratic reformer who was taking risks on behalf of change, bringing the likes of Jalil and Gebril into government. In fact, Gaddafi took risks from 2003 when he helped negotiate the surrender of weapons of mass destruction that led to Libya's opening to the west, then helped free the four Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor being held on bogus charges of infecting children with Aids (in Benghazi), and played a key role in negotiating the Lockerbie settlement. He was also instrumental in the release of Hakim Belhaj from a Libyan prison where Muammar Gaddafi had dumped him at the request of the US. Belhaj is the militia leader and former al Qaida member who took Tripoli during the summer. - > https://apps.facebook.com/theguardian/commentisfree/2011/dec/04/saifgaddafi-no-fraud 11h/ #Tripoli: Phase 1 and / or urban guerrilla is engaged. A single day passes without resistance harassing thieves. The south of Tripoli has seen heavy fighting today after organizing a major event. But then demanded that the population? The welfare of which she was accustomed. The NTC is in all its forms. #Tajura: Yesterday at Tajura, a town 14 km from Tripoli, a powerful explosion destroyed the largest fuel depot. #BaniWalid: it is the terrorists effrondement NTC. 37 of them have been rolled, after a blistering attack on the Army for the Liberation of Libya. The survivors had just enough time to take their feet on their necks, to escape the city . #Tobruk: the port city east of the Libyan coast, near the border with Egypt, was the scene yesterday, hunting renegades from the city. They are chased by Al-Obeidi tribe, which came from the general felon assassinated Younis. They expel from the city, all the militants of the NTC. #Misrata: sporadic attacks of resistance are reported to us for two days in the city. We do not know too much for now but I must admit that the resistance is gradually emerging from its torpor. This is understandable with all that they have experienced. #Saif Al-Islam #Gaddafi: he refused to meet with two members of the ICC sent by the racist Luis Moreno-Ocampo. [Allain Jules ] 11h/ Deputy Prime Minister in #Libya: #Saif al-Islam deny treatment abroad he is on "safe "place and we intention to provide treatment for him outside of Libya. *Sunday, December 4, 2011 Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Tripoli (dpa) denied the Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abu Hakor Deputy Prime Minister, the Libyan government's intention to provide treatment to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi outside of Libya. and he said in a press conference held in Tripoli on Sunday that Saif alIslam Gaddafi, in a "safe" place, and he does not need any treatment outside of Libya at the moment. TUNISIA LIBYA BORDER - In response to a question concerning the conditions on the Libyan border of Tunisia, said that "these events were held by people not responsible. " He explained that the ministers of defense and interior putting the plan is ...a process to open the border during the next two days, saying that the situation will change as will be entrusted to the rebels belonging to the two ministries mentioned the protection of the border by customs officials and border. he noted that with regard to demolition of shrines during the last days is the "excesses are limited due to a misunderstanding," explaining that the Council (IGC) and the government carrying out currently investigating these incidents and ensure they do not recur in the future. He Abuhakor, the priority of the Government to maintain investments Libyan people abroad, adding that he was assigned to a group of ministers in cooperation with the Central

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Bank of Libya to account for these investments and unfrozen. He pointed in particular to a host of other ministries including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will cooperate with regard to lifting the freeze on the funds and the Libyan investments abroad ... http://www3.youm7.com/News.asp?NewsID=547110&SecID=88&IssueID=159 10h/ Mercenary In Libya killing Libyans, attacks on Sirte Oct. 2011 - > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cumfiPwMuPE

Libya resistance news: 04. December 2011.

24h/ WHY NATO DEMON CAME IN LIBYA? WHY NATO DEMON DESTROYED OUR LIFES? LOOK HOW LOOK TRIPOLI NOW! Every night are clashes between gangs? WHY? - > http://youtu.be/NkJUriSS1Vg NATO is bombing and continues its Operations in South of Libya Sending Chadian Mercenaries into Libya to Capture Oil fields [SomaliaSuport2] 24h/ UPDATE Massacre in Sirte - DISTURBING IMAGES , WATCH THEM IF YOU NEED TO IDENTIFY SOMEONE EVIDENCE OF TORTURE OF THE DETAINEES FROM SIRTE WHICH WERE EXECUTED AFTERWARDS: These most honorable and noble youth, were arrested in the city of Sirte. They endured the tortures and executions with most noble dignity on 20.10.2011 (Thursday), during a convoy departure, they were caught and than savagely executed - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/disturbing-images-watch-them-if-you.html 23h/ Justice and Respect, Chaos and Armageddon - The "arrest" of Saif alIslam al-Qathafi and the ensuing squabble over his "trial" is but the latest episode in one of the saddest stories posterity will tell on the collective state of the human race at the beginning of the Third Millennium, namely a study in evil, a total lack of principles and morals and an absence of human decency. [Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey,Pravda.Ru] -> http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/2311-2011/119723-justice_respect-0/

22h/ Freedom for thousands of people are being illegally detained in Libya Women, children and thousands of teenagers are illegally jailed in Libya S.O.S.This is to urge you to support and help the thousands of people who are illegally jailed in Libya persons. The more worst that even some farms and rest houses have become a place for inhuman treating and turned to be jails. They burnt people with cigarettes, beat their feet, and hung them by their arms, forcing religious people to stand and dance and do things for bidden and pulling people toenails out and more worst. Accordingly; those people urgently need your voice, help and support as Libyan transitional national government have shown no power to stop and protect thousands of civilians who are illegally detained in Libya especially women and children. Yours sincerely 21h/ GREEN FLAGS are flying at the Faculty of engineering, Al Fateh University #Libya Armed #NATO gangs continue to wreck properties in #Tripoli & to spread terror among the citizens. In the same time they try to deny destruction of Ben Gashir police station 21h/ Famous and brave TV reporter Hala Misrati escaped to #Tunisia and accused #Libya rebels of #torture and #rape FALSHBACK - Hala Misrati, state TV host, kidnapped by jihadists in Tripoli, Libya - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/08/hala-misrati-state-tv-hostkiddneped-by.html 21h/ #Libya #Tawergha //this is the suffering of the black people of the city of Tawergha who had been displaced by Misurata #NATO gangs. NATO racist puppets killed or displaced 35,000 #black people and burned or destroyed their homes!! KKK would be envious! - > [ Libya S.O.S. Facebook - > https://www.facebook.com/pages/Libya-SOS/297509086955875
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Twargha genocide in Libya

FLASH BACK - GENOCIDE, RACISM, ETHIC CLEASING of TAWARGHA - CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY by NATO's darling REBELS in LIBYA - >http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/09/genocide-racism-ethic-cleasing-of.html 20h/ #Africa Lies #Naked to #Euro - #American #Military Offensive, 1 of 2 - > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61drQzojWlU&feature=uploademail 19h/ #JOKE OF THE CENTURY: #Libya #NTC is participating in climate change summit in #SouthAfrica ,saying they are realy concerned about #globalwarming LOL LOL LOL 18h/ TUNISIA - Minister of Interior in #Tunisia spoke to his Libyan counterpart,Fawzi Abdel Aal today, telling him how deeply concerned he is, due to continued #violations and infringement of privacy and #security of the Tunisian territory by #Libya rebels. [Libya S.O.S.] 18h/ #Tunisia president #Mebazaa refuses to hand over ex- #Libya PM #Baghdadi to #NTC for fear of torture. Bravo Tunisia-> http://www.babnet.net/cadredetail-42036.asp 17h/ ALGERIA- Great #Algeria singer Cheb Khaled refused to carry illegal #Libya traitors flag, at the festival in #Canary #Spain [Libya S.O.S.] 16h/ Libya, BENGHAZI Shoot outs at Night in benghazi over Abd Fatah younis Case. Random accusations creates tensions among Militia's People in #Libya say they had to accept new #feb17 government cause of the fear & intimidations those new #NATO guys brought upon them. They live in constant fear, if they say anything critical of the new government, they get sent to jail and tortured. Now they know what a real #dictatorship means. Thank you #HRW and other #HumanRights org for doing your evil roles 17h/ #Obama #Regime Warns All #Americans: IF YOU FIGHT US YOU WILL DIE! - In one of the most stunning reversals of human rights in modern history the Federal Security Service (FSB) is reporting today that the Obama regime has issued a blunt warning to all American citizens that, in essence, states that any one of these once free people who dare to oppose their government they will be immediately killed and offered no chance to defend themselves before a Court and/or jury of their peers.- > http://www.thetotalcollapse.com/obama-regime-warns-all-americans-if-youfight-us-you-will-die/ 16h/ Libya: The success of KILLING MACHINE NATO has declared the conclusion of operation Unified Protector, the operation that killed tens of thousands of Libyans was declared a success. http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/libya-success-of-killing-machine.html 15h/ Tripoli Central Hospital vandalised by criminal gangs -> http://youtu.be/l9rYlAJQ1EA

14h/ Libyan Liberation front news summary: Dec.4th,2011 via Stephen Gule (1) Ras Lanuf Refinery is still in flames after coming under Libyan people's popular resistance attackS. (2) Masses of Tunisians flocked to Libya Tunis border waving green flags in expression of their detest to NTC rebels. (3) Rebels continue to behave as lords of North Africa by shooting, killing people of the neighboring Libya, and exporting influence of drugs and drug sales. (4) Egyptians are experiencing high gasoline and energy prices after affordable oil no longer crosses border from Libya. (2) The rest of Africa is likely to pay high energy prices due to current instability in Libya.[G.T.] 13h/ #Clashes bettwen #Misurata rebels and rebels from #Zintan Video of a group of rebels Misurata after clashes with rebels Alzentan today 04/12/2011 Ben Ashour - Tripoli / 1:30 Car armed convoy en route to the clashes between the militias of Misurata and one of militia of the capital -> http://youtu.be/g5cTYDoZsO4

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12h/ Women frustrated by role in Libya - The NTC dont care about the voice of women. Theres no respect, she said. The majority of them are men. Most of them, when you talk, they dont listen to you. Women feel they are excluded. When asked why women were not better represented, the head of the all-male city council of Zintan, Omran Eturki, said, Its very hard work. BUT it not sooo BAD NEW GOVERNMANT bring freedom for whore

bizzare democracy
11h/ Libya, Janzur - The violence in #Janzour, Ashraf Abdelsalam AlMarni #Swayha, deputy head of the Janzour bandits council, #killed When the Zintan bandits at the checkpoint stopped Swayha's car, he told them he was deputy head of the local militia.They answered him: 'We do not care about the Janzour military council.' About 500 people turned up for the

burial, many of them carrying weapons.

Janzour residents had gone to the headquarters of the Zintan fighters - after Swayha's shooting. There was no sign of Zintan fighters on Saturday. The burned-out hulks of two jeeps stood outside the former headquarters, and another five vehicles inside the compound had been destroyed. One wrecked car was still hot from the fire. The attackers had also set fire to mattresses inside the guardhouse. Inside the main building, they had started a fire in one office, leaving the corridor stained black from the smoke Janzour residents said "we have become captive to Zintan brigades." On a wall near the cemetery, bandits had scrawled, in large black letters: "Zintan. Land of the brave."[?] 10/ Rival gangs attacked each other with rockets, mortars and machine guns in four days of fighting. military base on the main highway between #Tripoli and #Tunisia. 09h/ Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/libya/891905 7/Leading-Libyan-Islamist-met-Free-Syrian-Army-opposition-group.html

Libya resistance news: 03. December 2011.

00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547 24h/ Tunisia: Libyan Fighters Ordered Away From Tunisia Border - "The decision is expected to be implemented later today or early tomorrow. We don't want this to be a problem between the two governments," Jarafa said. The measure c a me a day after Tunisia closed a second border post in Dehiba following allegations of attacks on Tunisians just inside the Libyan border. - >http://allafrica.com/stories/201112030214.html 23h/ Clashes between Tunisians and #Libyans in front of the hotel Hana in #Tunisia capital: It seems that a girl from Avenue Bourguiba,entered her room in Hana hotel,following a brawl in albalkon, girl fell/or was thrown from the second floor. When informed of incident, street clashes between Tunisians and Libyans occured, necessitating the intervention of security forces to dispers the parties - > - >http://youtu.be/l0-QFLpcMXc

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22h/ One local official was killed,cars burnt & militia base reduced to ruins in a clash in Janzour #Libya ,17km west of #Tripoli 21h/ #Cameron and #Hague have the audacity to speak out about an incident in #Teheran & kept their mouths closed about their own country's #war #criminal terrorist acts of murder in #Libya 21h/ This is the welfare they talked about?- "Red Ladies" in Libya as representatives of western democracy

"Red Ladies" in Libya as representatives of western democracy 19h/ Abdurahim Musak a Major Drug Dealer that fled to Morroco because Gaddafi wanted him Arrested..Musak has returned is spreading Drugs in Libya. Abdulrahim Musak (drug lord)have now his own militias all well armed. From Zawiya he will deliver drugs for EU market. 18h/ EVIDENCE OF TORTURE OF THE DETAINEES FROM SIRTE WHICH WERE EXECUTED AFTERWARDS: These most honorable and noble youth, were arrested in the city of Sirte. They endured the tortures and executions with most noble dignity on 20.10.2011 (Thursday), during a convoy departure, they were caught and than savagely executed by the hands of No. 2 Kimbers and NATO mercenaries,militias and the Middle Eastern Zionist servants (Qataris). God forgive them and have mercy on them Proof of execution, including: - Abdalazir Ajaj Ahmaid Bomenaar - Gaddafi Admiral Alomly. - > http://youtu.be/bFHmRn8qt3Q

DISTURBING IMAGES , W ATCH THEM IF YOU NEED TO IDENTIFY SOMEONE - http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/disturbing-images-watch-them-ifyou.html

16h/ Libya, BENGAZI - Yesterday there were skirmishes,burning of the properties, attacks with 14 cars and weapons and threats between the two families in Benghazi. Specifically in the area (Alserta) Benghazi between family (Mannaga) and family (Alabbar) 15h/ God bless the Algerian people In an area of Ain Temple Paljlfah yesterday in Algeria, there was a mourning for the martyr leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was treacherously murdered by the hands of NATO criminal gangs, on October 20, 2011 .. martyr Muammar Gaddafi will remain in the hearts of the free world,no matter what they do .... We appeal to the Algerian people to press their government to grant asyilum to Libyan families which are detained and to the family of the martyr .... Long live the brotherhood Iabld million martyrs .... video: A major religious ritual in the temple Djelfa Algeria was named after Gaddafi - > http://youtu.be/87ae4-fQi1E

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14h/ Another type of trade began to flourish in the popular neighbourhood of Krkarsh, selling people publicly hashish walbokha, alcoholic drinks to the teens, displayed in plastic bags in front of the houses. The sale of alcohol and drugs during the years while Gaddafi was ruling was prohibited, now vendors are walking to their cars in the neighborhood, trying to hide their activity. A vendor who identified himself only by his first name, Ibrahim, displays boxes of Scottish whisky, vodka and red wine and thin fingers of Tunisian hashish in his garage for visitors: "Libya is different now 100 per cent. Everything is good. We are free ". - > http://www.elbadil.info/spip.php?article3702 12h/ Libyan forces overcome the drones [Sirte 20.10.2011] >http://youtu.be/A06Zhs1MHlc

It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic alliance (I) - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/it-wasoperation-to-eliminate-libyan.html 10h/ Security Council Extends Authorization for United Nations Support Mission in Libya until 16 March, Expands Its Mandated Tasks - > http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs//2011/sc10469.doc.htm 04h/ (Via SomaliaSupport2 Libya) 1. Report libya: heavy fighting in South of tripoli and a Large protests in other parts of Tripoli as People lack food and suffering from NTC 2 . Opposition in benghazi held Protests against ntc..Protesters were attacked by Live fire and even Anti-Aircraft gun on Pickup's. ... 3. green resistance shot a Transport helicopter Down in South of libya. 4. Green resistance fighters of baniwalid Pushed the Misrata brigade away from its area after heavy clashes at desert outskirts. 5. Report world: Bel haj is in Turkey.. Confirmed sources both sides. Bel haj has met with Turkish government and Qatar and "free syrian army".Turkey has been Sending signals that it indeed wants a Buffer zone in Syria and That it will continue to host "Free syrian army" 6. Right now at Tribal meeting it has been clear that all Tribes have rejected the NTC... Now its fight against Lawless militia. *Misrata is a Divided city. The south of Misrata is Arabic tribes.... while North of Misrata is Baraisa http://www.blogger.com/page-edit.g? blogID=2833836465861070311&pageID=8798508552577472825 Tribe From Giza. North Misrata Tribe of Baraisa is from Giza in Egypt.. its unique because it considers itself Pharoah and not arab tribe. Militia Groups are mixed Fighters Include Foreigners and Libyans.. Militia have no allegiances to tribes in most cases. at beginning of War it was Obeidi Tribe and Zintan Tribe and North Misrata Baraisa Triba. Backed by Thousands of Foreigners. *(today, now) Obeidi Tribe Kicked the NTC fighters from all of Tobruk.. Zintan Today doesn't like NTC much..North misrata want its own state. 7. Important Statement: Saif Al islam has Publicly Rejected ICC and refused even a Visit by Ocampo. NATO and ICC and NTC intend to kill Saif. Zintan has Political Interests for not killing Saif al Islam. hes a Political Bargaining chip and fear Tribal civil war 9. NTC Trying to wipe out its rivals using the Abd Fatah Younis case..but The suspects Threatened to Close Benghazi airport and hotels. 10. Fact Check: Abd Fatah younis....Eyes gouged out and tongue/neck cut and stomach slashed open and body broken and burnt alive by NTC ALQAEDA. 11. Obeidi Tribe kicked out all NTC Fighters from Tobruk.. NTC opened the abd fatah younis obeidi case..To buy Support of Obeidi. The NTC is fighting its rivals using excuse of "Younis case".. also its trying to please Obeidi.. but Suspects are Powerful too.

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Libya resistance news: 02. December 2011.

00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> http://paper.li/Libya_SOS/1317257547 24h/ It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic alliance (I) - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/it-wasoperation-to-eliminate-libyan.html 23h/ UN extends support mission in Libya from December 16 to March 16. 2012. - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/un-extends-support-mission-inlibya.html 22h/ Heres the Key Question in the Libyan War - The key question? There are many important questions raised by the Libya war, and many important and valid reasons to have opposed it and to oppose it still. Like the Kosovo war, it has left a legacy of hatred in the targeted country whose consequences may poison the lives of the people living there for generations. That of course is of no particular interest to people in the West who pay no attention to the human damage wrought by their humanitarian killing. It is only the least visible result of those wars. For my part, the key issue which motivates my opposition to the Libya war is what it means for the future of the United States and of the world. >http://www.counterpunch.org/2011/12/01/here%E2%80%99s-the-keyquestion-in-the-libyan-war/ 21h/ Cars of libyan rebels BANDITS in Tunisia-Medenine 01-12-2011 . Bandit was drunk and injured one child . Tunisian people was angry and destroyed car. - > http://youtu.be/qE64DU37EF8

20h/ Gaddafi's death for Satan's bankers - > http://youtu.be/NH__qFxFTM8 19h/ Latest video interview with Julien Tiel Sanctions against Syria and looming prospects of an intervention into the country are drawing ever more parallels with the war in Libya. But as it turned out, the facts used to wage a humanitarian war on Tripoli, underwent almost no verification. - > http://rt.com/news/lybia-gaddafi-war-evidence833/ 18h/ Demons Unleashed in Libya - All of the good that Muammar Qaddafi did for his people, and the immeasurable contribution he made to the oppressed peoples of the world is catalogued everywhere for those who have eyes to see. NATO's war crimes are also catalogued they went viral, so even in the absence of a court where NATO and their mercenaries can be tried, millions of people worldwide watched, at their computers and TV screens, the horrific war crimes that unfolded in Sirte and elsewhere in Libya. The verdicts are in. The question is what can be done about it. - > http://www.mathaba.net/news/? x=629504%3Frss 17h/ Leaked UN report reveals torture, lynchings and abuse in postGaddafi Libya - Thousands of people, including women and children, are being illegally detained by rebel militias in Libya, according to a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Many of the prisoners are suffering torture and systematic mistreatment while being held in private jails outside the control of the country's new government. > http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/leaked-un-report-revealstorture-lynchings-and-abuse-in-postgaddafi-libya-6266636.html 15h/ ALGERIA ISP / Now In Libya (Pro CNT), Seif El Islam Gaddafi, is trapped Zenten in western Libya awaiting trial. The coordinator of health issues of CNT Ibrahim Turki, said Wednesday, to Zenten, Seif El Islam Gaddafi is not dangerous, life is not in danger and it is not a problem to keep in Zenten until his trial begins, and he added that the Libyan authorities that will determine his fate. For his safety, Seif El Islam Gaddafi is moved from one place to another to avoid lynching. > http://www.algeria-isp.com/actualites/politiquelibye/201112-A7379/libye-seif-islam-kadhafi-deplace-endroit-autre-decembre2011.html 14h/ Update [ RT] Humanitarian War in Libya & NGOs Behind the War on Libya [Julien Teil] -I will tell you something which is not politically correct, Claude Moniquet, confessed to RT. I dont believe so much in international law. Its just a tool used in one hand and on the other hand for political purpose. http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/12/humanitarian-war-in-libya-ngosbehind.html 13h/ Algiers - Algeria on Thursday slammed as "unacceptable" comments by Aisha Gaddafi, after she called for the overthrow of her country's interim government. "We deplore these unacceptable statements as much as we deplore the fact that Madame Aisha Gaddafi has violated, for the second time, the rules of the hospitality that was accorded to her in Algeria as a humanitarian gesture," said Amar Belani, spokesperson of Foreign Minister Murad Medelci.

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"The Gaddafi family is hosted in Algeria for a [limited] time," he said in a statement quoting the minister, also warning that the "new transgression" would carry consequences. - > http://www.news24.com/Africa/News/Algeria-angeredby-Aisha-Gaddafi-comments-20111201 12h/ Tripoli - Libya's security forces will integrate 50 000 bandits who battled loyalists of Muammar Gaddafi, the country's interim interior minister[?] said on Thursday. The minister of Al Qaeda said the integration plan would be announced officially next week, adding the North African country planned to rehabilitate 200 000 fighters over the long term. Related post : Abdel Hakim Belhadj is now the military governor of "liberated" Tripoli -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/abdel-hakim-belhadj-is-now-military.html

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