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Swami Vivekanandas Message to Humanity

Dr.T.V.Rao MD
Human life continues to be a struggle to live and prosper. In spite of several difficulties, human race and humanity survives and runs the world. In the teachings of Bhagadvad Gita one sees it as a mystery or one speaks of it or hears of it as a mystery, but no one knows (Gita 1;29) stands true to happenings in the world. India is a land of culture, great heritage and enlightenment. The history has shown that there are few people who come in near to the sufferings of human race as it is the unforgettable, Vivekananda. Swamiji his teachings are more important today than yester years as the changing responses to the present day circumstances, when the ideology of religion is totally misunderstood. Swami was an extraordinary creation of almighty, inherited his strength from Sri Ramakrishna. Vivekananda wished to be alone, never identified with any cult, and changed his name several times to avoid identity and followers. However he was named to be Vivekananda a little before his departure to America in May 1847 by Raja Ajit Singh of Ketri. Many believed Vivekananda had utmost potential to spread the message of Indias strength veiled with poverty of masses. He has told the West that Atman (force which rules everyone) is same in all, ruled by almighty. There is neither ruler nor subjects. Many Socialistic philosophies of the Europe have never equaled Swamis teachings, but only created conflicts on capitalism and unrest of masses. With a huge population of more than 1 Billion, India survives as a peace loving nation with the teachings of Bhagavad Gita and Vivekanandas ideology. Swami believed that we create our destiny, few people are lucky to have biographies written but words of swamis teachings are a living biography which continues with saga of humanity. Swamis extraordinary potentials are real gift of Sri Ramakrishna, who never influenced him with dogmatic ideas but only transformed with simple and honest living. His travel to the West was an explosion of Atom of Hinduism to the several free thinkers. His message was simple that Hinduism believes in wiping the tears of suffering

humanity than creating followers and increases the masses of religious believers of their sect. He influenced so many in the West to accept that all religions lead us to same God and how you accept the truth lies with you. His speeches at the Worlds Parliament of Religions held in September 1893 made him famous as an orator by divine right and as a Messenger of Indian wisdom to the Western world. He has voiced his concern for poor and deprived. Today we progressed to mix God with religion, for exploitation and ultimately for our political ends. The greatest concern of the 21st century is growing intolerance to other religions forgetting the God as almighty who controls everyone. The great question how long this existing strife continues in India a question which will answered in the complete works of Vivekananda. Vivekananda has become an embodiment of the East and West. The words of the Romain Rolland that Vivekananda embraced all the paths of spirit and four yogas in their entirely, renunciation and service, arts and science, religion and action from the most spiritual to the most practical, and proved that he was the personification of harmony of all human energy. The most important words true to his compassion to all humans, is expressed as each soul is potentially divine. The words of Rabindranath Tagore; if you want to understand India study Vivekananda, in him everything is positive nothing negative. Passing through turbulent waters in Kanyakumari, he prayed to his master, Sri Ramakrishna, and mother Sharada Devi and consecrating to the service of outcast, starving, oppressed humans (Narayanas). He has expressed that religion without concern for the poor and sufferings was much dry straw. At Kanyakumari Swami became the patriot and prophet in one. Propagated the message TRUTH IS MY GOD, THE UNIVERSE IS MY COUNTRY. I believe in GOD and I believe in MAN I believe in going even to hell to save others. Speaking about Swamis role in giving Hinduism its distinct identity, Sister Nivedita wrote: it may be said that when he began to speak it was of the religious ideas of the Hindus, but when he ended, Hinduism had been created. Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be; if you

think yourselves strong, strong you will be. Today India is an emerging and rapidly growing nation with human problems in new dimension and with least concern for cohumans, life is mounted on money, power and politics, central issues revolve around corruption, unethical human behavior Many times we are uncertain what will happen tomorrow, the practice of Swami Vivekananda can change many hearts and bring light co humans. The older I grow, the more everything seems to me to lie in manliness. This is my new Gospel. The spirit of VIVEKANANDA lives like a fire that has been burning for more than 100 years. Email