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An opportunity to multiply your realestate value, Status & regular Income.

50 theatres with 100 screens across North India

Industry Overview
The Multiplex business segment is in its nascent stage of growth. Several multiplexes have blossomed in many parts of the country over the past few years. Multiplexes were the preferred choice for distributing movies in large cities. Multiplexes not only increased the number of available screens, but also provided them with excellent acoustics, enhanced aesthetics. picture display and luxurious, glamorous







disposable income and favorable demographic changes The Indian middle class is emerging with a greater earning power and higher disposable income. Multiplex Cinemas generally cater to middle and high income households. This is one of the key factors that will drive the growth of Multiplex cinema segment. Median age in India is lowest in the world at 24 years as compared to 35 years in US, 41 years in Japan and 30 years in China. A significant change in the age profile of population is observed which will be leading to accelerated consumption over the next few years. Increased levels of disposable income along with lower median age will result into lower savings and more spending. The urban population between the age group of 15-34 years is the most frequent movie going section in the country and growth in this segment would propel growth in the multiplex segment too.

Lower penetration of multiplexes within the country India has a total of 13,000 screens that makes it less than 13 screens per million populations. This equation is on a far lower side as compared to the developed nations like US and France. More than 95% of theatres are standalone, single-screen theatres with fragmented ownership, unclear control, and paucity of funds for maintenance and up gradation. A UNESCO study says

India has a market for 20,000 screens today. Considering the facts, the untapped potential for growth of Multiplex industry in India is huge.

Advantages of multiplexes
Multiplex Cinemas offer significant economic advantages over similar size single screen theaters. Better occupancy ratios Multiplex Cinemas have multiple screens with different seating capacities. The Multiplex Cinema operator can choose to show a movie in a larger or a smaller theater based on its expected potential. This enables the Multiplex Cinema operator to maintain higher capacity utilization compared with a single-screen cinema. Greater number of shows Each movie has a different screening duration. A Multiplex Cinema operator has the flexibility to decide on the screening schedule so as to maximize the number of shows in the Multiplexes, thus enabling it to generate a higher number of patrons. Better cost management:
At OHM, Multiplex Cinema benefits from a set of shared facilities, such as the box office, toilets, food and beverage facilities and common manpower, are resulting in a lower cost of overhead per screen.


We are part of the OHM Group worth Rs 500 Cr, having diversified interest in Real estate, Multiplex development, Exhibition, Integrated steel plants in Hindpur, A.P., and Manufacturers & Exporters of Granite from Bangalore and Madurai. As a result of a recent corporate restructuring, we presently control all the movie exhibition businesses of the OHM group. Our promoters experience in real estate helps us in identifying strategic locations at economical rates, and rapid and timely execution of projects with tight control on costs and quality. Ohm Entertainment Privet Limited (OEPL) was incorporated in October 2007 for the purpose of establishing a chain of Multiplexes & Exhibitions. We have started establishment of OEPLs 1st project at Sirsa after a detail market study. The OEPL has very well designed revenue model. For every establishment there is different sort of plan for revenue generation. In case of Multiplex, the revenue will be generated through sale of Tickets for new release, indoor and outdoor advertisement, food and beverages, gaming zones.


We at OHM Endeavour to offer a world class movie going experience to our patrons at each price point by focusing on quality, customer satisfaction and providing a host of value added services.

Here at OHM, we are extremely proud of our brand equity. We have not only managed to become the fastest-growing icon in the Media & Entertainment sector but have also established

ourselves as a major player in the Exhibitions of Movies. We live by our brand values and thus believe that entertainment is a fundamental part of every individual's life and all of us deserve the best at least price. We are giving a shape to our vision with our newest venture: A Multiplex with low cost!

Customer Satisfaction Quality, Excellence and Ethical Business Conduct Premium return on Assets Use of Technology and Innovation for Market Leadership Value Employees for attracting and retaining best talent Corporate Citizenship through Corporate Social Responsibility. We at OHM create Magical Movie Memories, through our advanced and Quality based technologies for our customers, providing them with excellent hospitality through our friendly and trained staff in our comfortable and clean environment, which will be based on continual improvement for satisfaction of our Customers.

Corporate Excellence through satisfaction to our Patrons, Employees, Investors and Vendors.


Acknowledging the huge demand for entertainment and information services in A & B Class urban markets, OHM Group, through its Company OHM Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (OEPL), plans to set up 50 theaters with 100 screens across north India. OHM will leverage its strength in Digital Media Platforms, to distribute content and information in far-off areas, bridging the technology and entertainment divide and need gap.

Features & Role of OHM

1. OHM's Multiplex provides Digital Cinema Exhibition Centre with the ability of screening multiple movies in a day. 2. With Technical Tie ups we will provide Dolby Digital sound quality & high image clarity would lead to an overwhelming experience. 3. Multilingual films would be featured and promoted across all centres. 4. Promotional activities at cinemas like celebrity appearances. 5. ATM for providing banking services and additional revenues 6. Tie up with Adv Agencies Advertising revenues. 7. Option of screening alternate content. 8. Integrated Computer Ticketing System. 9. Tie up with Coca-cola for Food courts. 10. Information Kiosk. 11. Online real-time ticket sales data to all stakeholders. 12. Content acquisition (Movies) from distributors and finalizing settlement terms. 13. Settlement of commercial terms with Exhibitor, Govt. and Distributors.

1. No Print Cost as Films delivered through satellite 2. Films would be simultaneously released across North India. 3. High definition quality projection from Digital Projectars. 4. Reduction in distribution & logistic costs. 5. Control in piracy. 6. E-ticketing and CCTV surveillance 24x7. 7. Punjabi films would be promoted 8. Comfortable seating with in-built arm trays. 9. Ample leg room.

The foundation strengths of our 'OHM Multiplex' Project are:1. Multiplex costs not to be born by franchisee as No Direct investment needed. 2. Provides 100% Metro City Multiplex feel with Lower ticket cost. 3. Two Audiatoriums with a capicity of 100 seat each. 4. Operational cost per seat is lower as compare to Metro City Multiplex. 5. Multi cuisine food courts, which shall enhance the Multiplex experience. 7

6. Well experianced in colletral activities like Food Courts, Restaurents, Benquites, Gaming Arcades, Shopping Complex and other Cinema related activities. Opportunity for further development of land around OHM Multiplex

Once the OHM becomes a hub the area around can be developed for additional recreation/businesses activities


1. OHM Shall provide high-tech equipment for the functioning of the Multiplex. 2. OHM shall also provide services like: Maintenance of the projectors. Computerized and centralized ticketing services Online ticketing portal

3. Project to be pre-approved by leading financial institution. 4. Hassle free management for the franchisee. 5. Property becomes a milestone for the future investment and evaluation. 6. Optimum utilization of the infrastructure shall ultimately boost the Return on Investment(ROI). 7. Income Starts from First Day Onwards. 8. Once the OHM becomes a hub the area around can be developed for additional recreation/businesses activities.

Rough Analysis
Capacity utilization 50 % 510,000 312000 162000 75000 1059000 93000 125000 80000 298000 89586 670414 8056968 4028484 Capacity 50% 50 50 4100 4100 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000 800 4 400 22100 22100 44200 30 1326000 306000 1020000 510000 510000 9

Cinema collection
Collection from Food Court Collection from Parking & Advertisement
Income From Educational Programs

Total Revenues Expenses

Salary Power Others

Total Expenses Project EMI payback Net Revenues Net Revenues - Per Annum Investor Share @ 50 % P.A.

Cinema collection
Screen Audi 1 Audi 2 1st show 2nd show 3rd show 4th show Total Occupancy Shows per day Occupancy In Nos. per day Collection Screen 1 Collection Screen 2 Collection Days Collection per Month Total Entertainment Tax Net Collection Distributors Share @ 50 % Exhibitors Share 100 100 82 82 120 120 120 120 120 120


Collection from Food Court Total Occupancy Per day Per Month Sale per person Rs 40 Raw material Cost Net Contribution from Food Court

50% 400 12000 480000 168000 312000

Collection from Parking & Advertisement Parking and Advertisement Per Show No. of shows Collection Per Day Collection Per Month Salary detail Manager Supervisor Accountant Box Office Food Courts Parking Assistants Security House Keeping Grand Total Variable expenses House Keeping / Cleaning Material Conveyance Printing & Stationery Staff Welfare Telecommunications Repairs & Maintenance Data Charges Miscellaneous Total Nos. 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 17 675 8 5400 162000 Total 15000 15000 7000 5000 10000 8000 10000 9000 14000 93000 Rupees 5000 5000 5000 10000 10000 20000 15000 10000 80000

15000 7500 7000 5000 5000 4000 5000 4500 3500



1. Owner to owner direct interface which other corporates lacks. 2. Multiplex costs not to be born by franchisee as No Direct investment needed. 3. Experiance to build low cost and less time consuming infrastructure. 4. Technicals & financial Tie ups. 5. Well experianced in colletral activities like Food Courts, Restaurents, Benquites, Gaming Arcades, Shopping Complex and other Cinema related activities. 6. It gives you a Metro City Multiplex feel with a low investment. 7. Digital technology developed through years of research & development. 8. Well established in exhibition business. 9. With good corporate governance ethics & driven by proven professionals.


1. Registration with OHM. 2. Minimum commercial space of 4000 to 5000 square feet and having a minimum height of 16 feet, super Structure done with power backup. 3. Commercial properties adjacent to common public places & prime locations.

1. Along with the advantages, Features & Role, OHM also offers the following benefits:2. All approvals and paper work would be completed by OHM. 3. Hassle free business administration & professional management. 4. Transparent online internet accounting. 5. State of art infrastructure and amenities including digital services like projector screens, lights etc. 6. Hi-fi acoustic which includes Digital Dolby Tech speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, cabling etc for a realistic sound experience.


For franchise inquiry contact :

Pankaj Khemka Director 98960 00010 Raj Kumar Jalan Director 98969 66666


Ohm Cine Garden, 10TH, Mile Stone, Hissar Road, Sirsa 125 055. Haryana. Tel: 9254 333 333, 01666 250855, E mail: - info@ohmmultiplexes.com www.ohmmultiplexes.com