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The success story goes on. The company started their activities in 1982 in a frame of a
family business practically, under the name of Komplex - it was the legal predecessor of
KSZ Group. The company enlarged its construction activities in accordance with the
demands of the customers and the market; simultaneously the staff has also been increased
dynamically. Through the increase, our firm has strengthened its presence more and more fi
rst in Hungary and later on in Middle Europe as well, through its affiliated companies. Our
work is marked by the most various references: numerous industrial, trade, environmental
protection and sports and public buildings were realized with the contribution of KSZ Group.
By 2007, KSZ Group turned into a company employing several hundred people, dealing
with real estate development and operation, besides building construction. Time has come to
the conversion: KSZ Group and its affiliated companies, celebrating the 25th anniversary of
establishment, knitted together in a classic holding organization for the sake of profile
purifying and increasing effectiveness. KSZ Holding Zrt. has been established, which is a
parent company of KSZ Group as well. The corporation is responsible for the future of the
group of companies, for the strategy and for managing various investments. Based on the
decision of the Board of KSZ Holding, KSZ Group continues to operate with three
strategic branches: KESZ Building and Construction PLC., KSZ Industrial and Manufacturer
Ltd., and KSZ Real Estate Development Ltd. KSZ Group, keeping its main profi le, will
provide services embracing the entire construction business in future. Our partners can count
on our professional experience and knowledge in planning, implementation, production of
constructions and building elements, building of constructions, mechanical and electric
contracting. We are proud that, excelling among the construction companies of Hungarian
possession, we can operate as an internationally noted company now. We will continue
going the way we started and we will struggle to keep up with our creed, both nationally and
abroad: to add value in space.


Technical engineering: Our design offices are able to offer solutions to the
customers needs with sort deadlines, at any stage of the design process.


o Steel constructions: with 25.000 square meters base area, our Steel
Construction Manufacturing Center is one of the most modern institutions
of the kind in Hungary and Europe

o Architectural sheet products: our Architectural Product Manufacturing
Center has made arrangements to produce and distribute architectural
sheet elements and metal covers

o Product of building electricity: our Electrical Product Manufacturing
Center assembles the most diverse electric distributing switchboards,
main distributors, sub distributors, building installation distributors,
distributors for mechanics, phase compensators and bunk-house
distributors from the elements of the biggest producers of components.

Product manufacturing in Ukraine:

o modern reinforced concrete pre-casting plant in Kalush called 3Beton


o General Contracting: As a main contractor we are able to realize the
most diverse buildings, from planning to turn-key delivery. General
completion of commercial and industrial halls, technological structures,
public buildings, office buildings, sport stadiums, residential parks;
renovation of public buildings; building of public utilities

o Assembly of steel constructions: Our company does execution and
assembling works of frameworks and heavy- medium and light steel

o Building of reinforced concrete constructions: KSZ has outstanding
references in production of monolith reinforced concrete constructions
and prefabricated reinforced concrete constructions.

o Technological assembling: Our technological mechanics are specialized
in assembling and installing machine equipment, appliance of the
constructed industrial complex and technological lines.

o Assembly of the electrical works of buildings

o Assembly of building service engineering

o Interior design

Environmental projects, hydraulic engineering

Planning and implementation of IT systems; running of company IT systems

Facility development, application and management

Research and Development


- Technical designing
- Strength and static calculations
- Product documentations
- On-site erection


Site works (road, external utility and landscaping works)
Structural works (prefabricated RC and steel structure)
External cladding (metal cladding, brick walls and doors and windows)
Mechanical works
(plumbing, HVAC, fire network, elevator, emergency generator and compressor)
Electrical works (power supply, power distribution and low voltage)
Finishing works (floor, ceiling, wall and internal doors and windows)


From the ideas to the execution already in Serbia

KESZ is one of the leader construction companies with more than 1000 employees, opened
its representation/ subsidiary in Belgrade. This company has done construction works in
Serbia previously- for instance the border crossing point in Horgos, reinforced concrete
structure of Metro store in Belgrade and the car show room and service building of
Autokommerc- as the same serious public facilities in Montenegro. At the moment the
subsidiary of the company group works for the FIAT company.

The organic development of the company group allow of the establishment of subsidiaries in
the surrounding countries. In this way founded the KESZ Romania in 2001, KESZ Ukraine in
2004, KESZ Bulgaria in 2008 and the KESZ Belgrade in 2010.
Our main profile is the general construction, but our basic activities cover the whole field of
the construction industry: technical engineering: Our design offices are able to offer solutions
to the customers needs with sort deadlines, at any stage of the design process and we also
have central documentation unit. We are also active in environment protection projects,
recycling, real estate utilization and realization and in research and development projects

The assembly of steel constructions as well as the light, medium and heavy steel
constructions manufacturing and assembly are also belong to our activities but the company
have already built up bridges and logistics centers. Beside these- of course- our company
also deals with monolithic and reinforced concrete constructions.

Our company handles on equally important level the external- society and the internal-
business environment development. The sport activity supporting and the new generations
training always play a very important role in our supporting principle. As regard the culture
we try to support the modern and qualitative performances respectively we try to help the
artists with materials and organization of programs and exhibitions. In our industrial park we
have organized the KESZ Steel Construction Symposium for years where we ensure the
materials and the tools for the artists. We are playing an important role in the training of the
employees especially the qualification of welders and locksmiths.


Project: FIAT PLANT Reconstruction

Subject of the project: Site works for roof reconstruction

This year started for the KESZ d.o.o. with signing the contract with TRIMO for works on roof
reconstruction of factory Fiat Automobili Serbia d.o.o.( F.A.S.).

Contract was signed on 05.01.2011. for disassembly/assembly of roof cover and roofs steel
For these works KESZ d.o.o. signed contract with subcontractor company Corekt d.o.o.
The whole project is financed by KESZ Holding Inc. and that is the reason why KESZ Building and
Construction Inc. has no obligations in this project (construction or finance).



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