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Fa BON 4 “al eres eae es ess oo MMT ent aye a Ins era e Pe yc ei un cg i if ee ce Th Ce OUST Lg f The Book of Eibon Histories of the Elder Magi, Episodes of Eibon of Mhu Thulan, the Papyrus of the Dark Wisdom, Psalms of the Silent, and the Eibonic Rituals More Tiles fom Chaos Call of Cthulhu Metin ‘The Antarktos Cycle The thagua Cyele Made in Goatswood ‘The Necronericon Singers of Strange Songs Song of thule ‘Tales Out of Inosmouth Lin Carters The Note Legend Cycle .W. Chambers The Yellow Sign this complete wel tion! Arthur Machen’ The The tpstors Other Stories ‘Arthur Mahens the White People & Other Tales erhcoming) “The Book of Dayan Call of Chul Feion The Book of Eibon by Lis Canre Micuast Cisco Laurance J. Connrono Miciiast, Fastin Jun R. Fuurz Ronee M. Paice Joseew S. PULVER ANN K, Senwapen [StepHeN SeNNITT Cuank Asstron Stn Rican L. Tienvev EprreD AND Irropuceo ay Roserr M. PRICE Cover Are by Harry Fas Incerior Art by Thomas Brown, Laueeace J. Coenford Joson C. Eckhard, and Joseph S. Pulver A Chace Book 2006 » ‘hed Ebi pnbed by Cosme Thsteak is © 2001 ace y Rae Pe opie bon ty Granary Cv Hor, tate Ha Soh Or ‘The Appa of bee 1997 Eda Pern br Rae ‘Shon mer See 197 "Tie OneTener © 9367 ae It se Wie 75 Te Beane se ta? © 097 ol strobe Mabotia!Jne The el of Mat 973 {tina Patan a rR ct 13h De fs ‘ip © Ip by CAS ten Eset Wn ae ts {500 -Te Sere nthe Pach” © Bah by Cpe caer fr Coa i #34 Emer 98 “The Fae fom Bone pe At “Theale the Hasty rs These So nd Te enum ofc Rog 6201 Len} rer “he Cong te We ‘rm © 19s an sy ry Sve Si, AL The Uh fa th Ra BaD by CAS icy Ens ao Ziska 980 “The Sanne Cr © Poy Une Ping Ea in froma Aan 976 “Th es om thee © eS yn fr gene #2, aon 94 The re es © 197 En Peron fr Riga tort I abe nag 99h Uae ‘tmnt © 93 Hd Ts Wn Ta Fal (73 Uren © 30 {Co An Sih vee} ander, ane fre ot a igh © 199 er Warder ih Ona 2 fy 197 “Te Guo Bex” © 1997 by Fuga! ra #1 Bl 19h de Seu Pa © 197 Aol Death lie W Dh ot Ce Pig td a Pe, tun Ro, 199 Sages" ©.1971 Aa Det fr Bk hapa “The Dow = Star” © 9316 Tee Gayo Maas nr Sun al,Jay 982 The Uneen Ste" 198 by Cote Pct be Cf Ds #23, Jon Ee {Be “he Ri Orne“ Er Bg“ ae ae ah Th Cy le any nde on of li ©1908 by Un Coe Cr tt #34 Era ee ape koa Te Aienenent of Shag oe Sno of Pact” The Une Seas Te Hauer or -Th be Sc" nen God “Tie But Gna ox Lamers Es Pry “tn ef bg ad rng © 0 Rend. Tre Uk Se fot dang © 208 y Sc Ft “Re “oe Geo Were gmx rao A” Neon neste © 201 Aa Sr Th Sup ut mt by fa rae “the Gre Da "Te Dag oni © noi by Sees Sec. The cm gt Te Ba ae Wik fee non the Hemel Zar © 2001 by ugh § Poet THe Nigh of See ge io TOSSA beatae ecoche! on is ec trap age oar ment songe nd ec Ovens’ ony wamchaia com, him Pio 66 aed e206, SBN 56882195 Dedicated to Steve Behrens, scientist and soceet, sxnbe and swell gy. Ultima Thule and Mhu Thulan by Laurence J. Comnford “e / s a Bes Contents Mar oF My THLan by Lone Canin itunes Cxtinouacy Ti Bt Enon by Li Cre THe Lt or Eon Accom 10 CHHON OF VAKAAD by Lin Crt mon Sum THe AromEMLATA OF RON Fy Ke re Boox Owe: Histomts OF THE ExbeR Mac res Doone Towa: The Hon of 2 by tin Carr he Neromancr ra Devcon oF Sum Ha: The History oy he Aporhcy ya be Sex oF MOH The Hixon he Shama Voeog bin cnr x Duss we 1 ABs The Hisoy the Seer Haon‘Doe hw cms rH aac Te Hany of he Thaatrse Peomeon by Li Cer "Fat no BDH: The Misa f Pom she Bao oy ams Coe Sino Aunts The His fhe Wiad Homage by asa) Combed Th AMS: The ity opel he Aleit iy Lams Cif i Come oem Woume Won: The ita a hah Warley Clk An Sih [tes Lowe rin re Pout The Mary of Phang she Encaner ie Cnr and Clk in Sb ' i cit ttm Sion tin Gorn To Fr no TH STS The Higa of Yee the Eee by on Cri 6 Contents Tre Ga Daca The Hiry f Noboly he Wonder Worker Book Two: EMSo0ES OF Bloow or Miu THULAN tae ursesr Annan’ by Cat Ae wih amd Li Cr rseon by Clk Ain Sith Laon) Gain ad Axworaross 10TH BOOK OF NRT By Ro Pi a Bug Bs by Re MP stb an Cntr rac Havre 06 UNO By Lame Crd rac Onshuw ora Fou b Lanne Ca The Dio oF 4 Reb Laem Cid tse Dook wy Saray Clk Aan Sit Book THREE: PaPvaus oF THE Dae Wstont vou Par re Daan WSN” by ibe ry {hm rcorn Sunes y ir Gor TW PoUaR Oss by in Caer Ta Ewen bees by Le Carr vt Gat Ras oF Ye by i Crtar ut Gr or ANC by Li Crt Vi To Com MUM Bp Lit Ctr Book Foun: PSALMS OF THE SHLENT To arcu Nac lp land LT 10 we at x6 x6 c Contents Contents uve Yaoucon re AMMAR yA Lary... 277 “pt Acynon Pran by Sn Sai co Pra Ln Ye Zar by Wi Tg me sa or st Se Sit os Tw hres oF ac by Rid Tay » re tvan Fos Sper ie To Sonne Pas 6 Rea Trey 2 “we Wa FR Sipe Sn ut {ve Unstone Gos by Rishi Ty aI re Exons or aso Bhp Par we IW Hott oF Haan. Rin Try 2» th Bee RY yh 5 Polar ss ean ont by Rie Ty 4 sr Foacriin Rss 0 Moa Jag Por 318 “o Conncunan Go b Rubel ry 2 tye keormnn DAG Jo. Por a a on cnn tan es “Rn oF OvtE Yo fy JP a hone niet new, : Bice Laan OF NO YS Pr a Uawo-Sama by Misha Boing 250 daa Fog emacs ToS few 39 Azar by Micha eine a “ro Soyauoh an fusauer Zook, THe anarion’ oF YOTH Taare Hy iar oie gt ar os Rin Sano y Mid one >» ro wate Fee Aun a Has OF 201 Jag Pb 6 Rover Gir Wana yee ha eri oT Net by Ma har oe x Tons can ARNT yd Sd 296 tv Bons Sa Yn. by Than B 3st Mount Hs oF Dawe Sade BI pe Nine Foas anon by Than rn a Tg SURUCAON OF ESURLI HK M.r we AH Sen kn Ta re » ve Ty Daven Ca ot Powe by Th rn as Book Five: The Esnontc RUNS Aor -T aE RTA a sor Arrests Gain Ose b Spe Sain soe ri Aue a by i Cat as sane OF Pb Sipber Sm » eA Ma i sa THE Yue ATO by Sipe St 105 To cus Ana by ar Po 0 ow xvas ur on Spe Sit 1 Thc Enso Ean bdr At Pr aml Lamm Coed 387 ‘The Ebony Book: Introduction 10 The Book of Eibon Bind wp he einem, Sei the veahig among my ie ah 816 ony and ory Tose Grit wut a stn silicate nanan Enea pee hse Spon Brows Samy xb be ce eS imeteing root sj a Lover nce. Aba ‘Aled Gn "The Natl Gey Bele e rated te Naomi “The Hex", 0 Sen ntradaced Bon a3 cater “The Dos Shr Sag ale, Jay 1932 bee eed a's Bin bhi Wind Tt Jay 1933 Bue mec ci Sh ern the mae rh book ad age? Hand the che et cm book sry called "HPL" by Nal fn he Ober 1979 ie of Pany Meal gp 9-42). A geal prose, “Though the any the Noman of Aba Albee hay Bs ad Yon [ie] Umum oc] el have es ny nl coats” Bat ot ‘healing osm gueing tae Nile way eaing a ag me ‘ean eaten "Bak of Edn Ely Ba Feriious, Neste wae pris hlleemberag thar Howard ack sed ha Une Kel “Tie Bld Sd a0 coting wt the kof ion Ba it neo hse ie asa Sih ie es the ‘Mss thon andy Sly Nile gh The Bk of Eon Ieppied 6 rena The Ebon Beak” Lovett hye tha: he at ‘Aan ype fr the Backes hap ee Lae, aveca i nore ha ite the dich os ends cone Atscing imation ohio Adit He made tc bt owns A well own: he sapped mhow natn td "ogni forthe ‘Mspceas some he supe sign nngase- Nowe Col ectneUnanipuier An Cough Laver so seed German fot Dei ome up mth ths one Maar of Wann bear De ir yu The Bok f ao bea bat Liber Hon at Lie joy (Norn Fees) Te spat 1 ae ae whee he scsamol othe fine bak, hes dong dhe ae hig he i in The Chat Frm Beyond” by sopping some 4 yng sown concep and trond fay Richard F. Sexnghes Eldnes Shs HPL aay contrasted Sencght® own preempued vein, im his sony “The, Warder of Rowledge” whith Lovecraft Mado yetsen—rand which i nr se wine till my 1990 Fedogan & Brower Shela Tals 1 Lara Wy) He was eveoaly ying he clear cma Blackie ced he ioe ayn ut or Mv thevon'n you Ad Sah reset Er pura wh Lovet ening on slo ins dof he fora hats conan gen Ti fa er He ee ed the Lave tl ‘Ee fre hein akin the Reson Myth hc hve di ‘med sche avodart hn Tanto Nog nd Ye thf ok eae so che ‘Secret i en enngh sun ein avai ‘ee comen of hom ce, share hbk bina gh wat {toahshem intron Eton, econingt eta as ee, fie tired new ston over, i pe Seats mage or yeh Pips Fert ar of Lt le om vet {osm far BB (932) he Cpré Noth ce a Linn S tie Adee, No cna or Sh Tre Clo urge” where hme he a cnet on, Lnee 0 tie Narr oe of te grr oh eh wir alt oro Haber lh, nh waging ori The Shir For “ves phonies fr Cen, Seog il emped tard pune sag of avec sil es Seat Sh “a” pry in ea fn. fe” Hehe po ate tebrg gh wich red isthe Hee ea hi of the magia sine of oppete, 0 he Soci ofthe “Tee een, whey grime sol Sly. Hee step of be dopa ete rat {er Wines acon tanta fhe lle Sho ys ‘vin! Note spn Nera, Othe See Maar). The Book Bale Myths and Litas, [Wih Smith, ee Fas ef Ae ct a simple ad sngrmand don wreak eld the Bo of so Ue never cle ating ee. Bat Tecnu in usd So nto dl ie make wp emo Nice amc To the Bake lo hee sching ences of che ro texan ety ere feces 1 he sagen ome ‘Sith ho wien sl ena ging i eoneing Eko tae bythe ine Loner md fin fern £0. HSN" Serine Wace Hee asaya 1932), whee wee ta “ma ad some ree om the fagneny Bink Ee Cui can be tc formate ote properties Foe ad de Tonge dimervonsEacn and wkrow,” md se he, ht On rac stane tak tare. Ths might sn ta ony heal ap of tetra sun sw ch Ongar whch ae ned eo saree Rages of te Geplacrding 0 Thoms, once » comple eminence bok ws ner at Nag Had yp Tus) owe haw te ook ip fom qotatons oe rom toon dace oi ike he Goel orig othe Hebrew rie the "Te Man of Sion” ween he some ya 1932 fr He Heat td Dan Mort har mre thin apenas dps He SEEKS nly a he Bak Ee an fest poe 679. Among the TREE otered eh vce fora aay 0 coed The Green Dec the TEENS proper aeons mpg tae he mas reading an Engl oa et thong he ys ume fom Holand We cannon he ‘WSlbny ut te nas eng te Noeman French Lie Ei, “Ratan pe und copy om edit which ad ao wen Bouse POD albedo New Yr Sate the le ofboth “The Ma f Soe [So the Day of Ale Type acer, 1999) The Yan er He ery iors aus ine bok sce pers fhe ss cape be Le de “Te ai ew ot ed “The Man of Se” singly bane ever had apr a eae up wih cis bt Ft, wh ‘Sif ns Deconter(3, 193 eer Sith avis] Ais at cr eeiing ene eng bleh Lb loi — han om heated in be meer nn ich ad ok sede tc) secs they came, Wither ths cul be ene SEA Enos ne te whch ine swe cen she ward neo cae in). ‘Ther i othing spe hace Aeonan ales ee age ‘a a in "Out ofthe corse, aun for Hae Heal 1939, sara carla apparent compere anc Bs Ee, ne deen fom frgrenHyprbowa In hese sentence the Paste Marusrips we called the "Passe agents roping otra ‘gene Eb. But in “The Shadow out of Tine: Wingate Pes ‘ons the satin Fagen eh paring Biko se 1930, So Lover wat by no es sing feu tepeentton of "ebook pyle The onediay images ee hy ‘rane rape or aceatting hha nergy ofthe otk Teel Fagen one my ofyng how ld ts jan be tee ‘ou iy Only enough eae the ent int may nt sees ‘he anaogus cee speak of the une aguas neck she Ebonics were writen Something wien tht, be al ee meget me do's kao at hey tl Confsion ny mip when “The Haan of th Date (193, Ahr Blake does tener df ad Bok ang na lf aloe ther temen Ti or i referee in 9 02 5 he et elle trai Lever hen ees that Gaga a Noes ren nay bender of th ain ex of hips ber er than ofthe nbd aes fhe Aron: a2 1937 kts oF Ler he haonzes “Gaurd 8 Now's emnn a ee Lr be whether fromthe cope Lae rt or Fo the acne ypecbree eral me ‘ma be suis acomplhnet ee data bc) ne mei “The Analogy of Seipere when ve coe a she tn the Bn 9 ify pee in hi tn, wien our ce am the cncepins of how's book ld by {Csi Aton Seth H. Lone he of in Carer ha whe to's hae fT dae ito eel pt he retin oi Ingo rpe a ele rin tein pel pense the lke Tennant fat bok a Hire of te Eller Magi ht reenutinay aeons fiat wo lied et b's i ‘ei eahing hss. The sod pall pode of don of hu Tolan and hse ative of Eason i olin he Bat eon. The hid peal Pappas he Dak Won a a ended mythologies the cen ofthe OW Ones, he uss othr lion aut te ler Go, how Earth ce ie the ive, ape ares of the nine lel ae who com ted the eat cn bf the elation of tank You wil sary se rye how Lin Cat ese ne sicher, ‘fr the pean, ae ew the Fm i despa Et che ‘ies aout the nine uke ee ck of Mane Bath, som Lin, lowing Fre Lier, ly aed a neo he hi a reno pl enya dear she wl ence te ae “Goris Bea's ene volumes at Umeda Te St Dgmor had Biju ze Brough HP Lose aoa Heny Kote senoag oe et varius “ot rae” and “Chen ofthe Fre Mi Spent in werd etn che Matin harks he Leman Rohl, ad ‘Ge Conceal of jal Auli Second, the “Paynes of the Dak Wadena ie dried ram Sith lat Bik ft berms, ee rd ory eat dou app 1 Lin ect eh ofthe aoa nce Hyon pape The Pays ofA ahs The pin Bk be Dal he mined Fr eaper eign oh sve Cone oe Black Phra ee Te Ny Cs, hase fod tha he cna of bil “Higher Ci canbe srprngy ll neering even tne ene ens ih ‘Sth loon. This pom tease ofthe pee vero fed Lovecae aed the sate an ead crane of oe the une ea of he pots ao crpoon cee rex sha led te the Higher Cate aac pais dt the fine coming simulations, Tle ny pene “isl New Tees cll sh Sets Gone of Markos Sxdeorey toch woah ete on He tater one dro wl ane the one del hi op 8 2ncan et in The lpn rp). Jeph Sith as» goo it ere ‘eevee ret 8 Mask wan si “chor 6 pe oud have made aaclen bia crc he bee 3 indie. “The Bk bn you we ding canbe lung compared with the Book of ah Matern shai as conning dnd he Book in no ee bs sein, et prisany the wo of» iene Ieahor or group of wthon Fn oh ie Proper ah Ber Amos of Jers en he ie of Kings Hen, Una, ac Aha He she pen pos among de biel rpc. His ce le wh re me wel igh Hi plas agin squat agri buines barns fe ‘loag on sal fers sound hey ere rin the 19804, abi ‘ig enantio of eg pate whe ope the por have ton fhe edge He ee Kd tan who wold nrc tv enemies tod dil. radeon degend ay be wa an mune by ha esse. Bushs ple lap Hage, They sl dome hi os oa tnd wien form, Tit earl cm be fund lke ieroonen th rer neracos gree a mal ie ha haters I-39. These sot fhe rhe, ds fe props, wee gk ot prapet thse, nd eet hey sed the oe popes, a the bof eben were pnd alongs ne abe hema Sct the anton ofthe soci weld na "The dcp above he ech ‘em fly rand wl te Ue hence she deciles tad ces Singhs ean nde sow lah cha he acs were abe ‘Sth. The gens of tae sos fla was the stone prope ‘om we ell the Second Tah for Dever she utr of a “hopes 40-33, Desteaesh popes on he vo ra congue of np andthe en of he Balonan Ele He eye poe on tah of Josin hgh he ue i, nd be bas hs ow Se ee enats pane sine al Sn eon et wd 28 Capen aes mud bg red mnt ony cg sy seman a yeh Pesan pene ue The hog we hr na elie fo asi od sy btn of cers he he of ah a etc woe the emanesn proy ofh I er ame yb alone wos dig SOCRENAT nite ote ost la ne’ SUMS ent siny woe Moe” tw A rst TI pope Sy Tn pen Hence» Sing 7 ‘book tah ae nee ceo imply pn he ea he Bk iP mee nore Rr Seng er 1s 98. sy ele nn pomned by secret” The oe eof st ope he dcp Eo Lin Caters Be wore TES Sistet ie ergo ol an ion ue aR eanen ne some hem ae nm et Suh a see arora bac shee sp te SO he tang ef ong ie Sb as aie 1532-36 ‘vey onion 6% Taegan uno peapnro bee Meray| see ted tome ey acs 10 Seung se Ak Poeun waton perl repraron Samed 662 ong Siem et sss wing ones ch de seit maeg tte hors hy Coons 1028-3) “ ee pine Jat he Bk oath con Be appoctined mio te prc sae Netto Ewe The fit Eon of oun, Clik Aston See arate Coming fe White Worm capes IX Deer Hea ee fae the wrk primal of rete J Coord, wh hd aoe shy tenured oer nay pe 079 sme of he ge 8 re ave hal otind i nh TE wes ise Job 1m pod to ke le asap 1 at of apn Tabi the Mal sane charged by the ap Abbr ls he sus in ‘al Sor of he Roan fr the fie ie i a bok ober Me Price Apa 18,1987 and Choy oT a fe About “History and Chronology (of The Book of Eibon” eioly modeled upon Laven’ 1927 paphls “History o he Karveive a taking. te ele fam Avgan Deh clin of HPL work History and Chronlgy ofthe Narnia’) i ii ‘rapa pcudohay pretend co rove he asa a publnon tr af she Binh of Es, At she parle ny bri survey the Inroacon of Lovecalts developing concept of che ik of Ew, Bue shes Tse our ace hey ro mem una evan fe Concept in HPL’ mind, Lin Grr pron «baron suse ‘eral ch he publ won healer, pr of ht sae on ‘eo, the hay of the bok ceuring snp i apd etn the 0 5.00 hing eb them in he ind of HPL ad CAS, eisbiur era igephic pede sah a iso tha gen by Aer Hawa fr Wn Jo's Unseen Kd nT Th {Ae Hot hse onto esnng ernie eer he Bat of ns ore like el Bak, Bu ont fen Sach wor ad chong srve dtacing Seve penn the eae om 5 sano 0 ly ace he emerging charac of he hoo oly ely, seve fin rouge ann it ‘unde delta hen weno ony or by slow eres Only 0 Can ded ant onus uae moe he spent be eke Be toned the are we ate eng wth, be Te Ln te ig tere he sper df sto te russ ale ofthe ne “he magic bok fir, mate appear ie sme od Sp book of wpe sng and acer pine when ely Mo, {eee proven oaagys eft one, ik ny hing of bb lasts, id ene reply syed she Te sore ‘cam to denchant oe Bil, They he eared rake the Bie a he ‘Word of Gh, andnerae given Face pracy» let of are What etic dns 9 poeta he aly Bueno pat ropa a ttt em he csiy matteo ht th aA ke pt cm sha the Bible nt mp al ot Of te sy one dy The aks often amg el aman Bn, oat fds, ate eer ene, one ne temane the deg bir, ‘mow ey bea wei fr ample canbe i oe atcha raisons ad eterpoedexs igg ume ove the ete, They rns were and pcr any age, ong esta Coun 4 "conectin” whch an aew verb ceri reared Fae ce hace ch belong one canon fae brett and he be conse #85 uy ces unde dpe aed ey ‘leh, tonee kes ein et fe Bethe Kian +h Up af th bese ngs ay stow e senda st ty beak tah fon gs he te le iach vested fll mee boman ein ich nea cy oh he Ba Ere Nan. The bs ere se “led dow he cea by bk nd ach once nota dh soning gated sen, towdescl el, te iar Whleys nee" ooh retin se bi how 0"opn og Sith Hee ie sectans a spy bu sing. bc he exh ate mae Da te th he se ne ted mee hit Wied Whey noes se Ihe nog tren dma th ck ty as ‘ont ty tng oe al ss ar abt Chango Bk is aly bid a5 & Chanel House Chapbook by Lin Czmer in 1984. * History and Chronology of The Book of Eibon by Lin Carter Lt sone cording we ead we he ed Ba of A“ egal sen nie fogsen athe fone nena than scat eect ove Ages Eene Mb Thun ns ptt Ind shh he Coca Romun te sp ae neo ype Fin minal fx” ws lesion of dak and ba yt hr ta sod amas and Sree" A pede olen maa he ce tnt’ eo fpr Co hl Catgge eh dex or dsp os elu, eet we carpi fom mang so tenet aonb toes Edo foe deg Ct of taal Con hel (econ wc hi haath Mrs in eg Teed an bce pera I “co rs ts she pay shaded be the Sve ep ty copes be Beta Fant epee Hypertens kan nd ecard tie mono tg ye meena see bo Crem tare Chen nem Capes ote Bot pray exited che it ps typename nla ances orate el ad ear Many ccs Imrie he rat Pope Ki oho fol he duc ind lf Sa nd he ad sleigh tech citer ey Res ped sehr igh fom Sue Done Bt yn sa ‘hun cone doves se fm onan fat (she prohisoric origina” and shi i theft of these of wich we haw any econ” “The eraditon ater hac & Pon anslacion om the Kishite vas made, about 1600 8, by che Syo-Phoenia Scholar, lee Nasba There ate fist eracer of a Byzantine-Greek (oe Grae Bacsian—the authors ier widely) verom made ac some date sulsequen 10 the Punic by an unknowa writ, bur we have mee mor this nd can evidence. Sil at, perhaps sea as the ninco at as he ench en cry 0, te Medi! Ltn sranlation of C Philipp Faber, ony of sic is preserved inthe Libary of Mitarone Universi” was [A some period before the year 1200, cis haughe most ie the notorious neeromancer Nathaite (whos name was cased fee ‘esty and censor in the ater witcher in the ancient French province of Aerie) discovered a copy ofthe Gash veson in ie was eumored, the mb of an ancient wand Sore have se lated thai wat tbe same Graec-Bacrian md ia which the Tevames of Caras, © which Hyperborean origin ate ako scribed, was uncovered abou 935.407 Te wae pebably doing che closing yearf the Lh century chit the celebrated alchemist and occule schol, Gaspard du Nord of ‘Yrone, made hit famour eanslrion of the Bia into Norman Frenchy calf the Lire Eo, Heh orbs tet ne se Lain sertion of Cais Plippas Faker, che Libr Ini, bu the Gree. I ‘would alos he ove ben sesame copy encvae by Nati, ince di Nord had studied dbl and necromancy. oC was Iaer esti fom Nathate, and nly gui the coven oF Nati abou yea before the commencement che shaking event led {he "Vourgne Horo which boughe abou re Jowell of hi ee mer mentor, and which began in the sping fee yee 1218. lest as scholarship knows, hrowghous 5 long hing, che Bos of ay has sever been printed, only iat in manuscept ation shesecret cults of Ere and Amie Even daring the pees shea ceceitc suthores mabey (but understand) sp Pred uch cul, Gelcvng them al Satan-worskinpees or witcher iso at Chong oe Ba : «Jc expate the ciation of Eibons maleic and nightmarish come. ‘Only inthis centr. 0 fa we know or may presume as any cep been mato pt du Nogd’s Norman French neo English weve che veson wherof [speak har only, a yt, appened ia pura ino et compleed 1. THe Crtoxoroc spend ete an caine te hl 2 ge ye ed T diinn scl, tdci ono From Die UnanpliteKaln, ‘Arends (Duseldoe, 1839) 1. Written by the wiaed Ebon io the Tbachvo Fnguage in Hyperbores before the Lee Age 2. Aetanged and edie ino ics presen fm by Eikon’s pup {Cyn of Vrad, who contsibued he Vita os ad the ext oF lieth ch 3. Cand 40 Zoboa an ater, t© Vomar and Sarnath when ypebores was abandoned 1 ce advancing lacie 4. The Kite Reno. Trane ito the congue of Moar by fl lowes ofthe Prophet Kish, probably ater thei gh fom the boomed iy. 5. The Pavic Visa, Sade by the So Phoeican wie, Smiear Nasa circa 1600 8 ll copes of te orginal Tath-yo text probably low by ¢his cine 6 tier toi Latin version by. Phipps Faber (LO Cenc aD) 7. Le tido, Talat nto Noron- French te 13th Cent by M. Gasprd do Nord 8 Copies of the du Nord teslacon were circultd in scree ‘houghous Europe dung the Medieval pesod. The book, sn ‘any veri, aor known to have ever ben pit (Note tha the Mere Doktor seems ana of the eames Grek easton) IIL. Nores ro THE Hisrony "Clark Asbo Smith, "Ubbo Sia Sith, “The Hotness of Azden * Thac is, "The Door c Sta act data eating che Pnakotic Ms. ae lacking. They were broughe dows fom Hyperbores by w secret cal aad to eh which preserved she Br of Ei) & ae inthe sett Hyperdonen language”. P Lover ina lee o Raed F Sarg, ded ebwty 13,1936, Sd Later, vol W ner, “The Door shag Cameco Sanath Cate, "the Stone From Beas” (unpubl, Smith “Uso Sacha According co Lover in leer published in Dream a ci, Accorng c0 Smith in “Uo Sala” Gaspard da Nod tan loed he Bo rm 2 Grek vena For he histories of Gospucl da Nor, ofthe infos Nati and the "Ylourgne Hoon.” se Smith’ ace, “The Caos of Youre: The presumed date of du No’ ranslacon late 15th en "uy" aegued because Smith, in “Vksunsne informs thot 14 Now, sho oben the marucrge in 1281, "led ch honor fa ip age” In his publahed eter H, P Lovecraft pe senly refers ds Nord tothe 12¢hcentory which sincere. About “The Life of Fibon’ “Stten ree nator oho mst pocdur ie ce ste one ‘Kotget oor reese ine cape vole te Gupte Laat te atin kv Bed Dota ome oper "incest oo ping esi ne tej jun nest Reber hones tens mink ra smog 94 te he Pon most Bes Ba 18 ks tc Deva 09 26stsowely on meat be Pree cost onee emeyhne ecesean “Tots pape oom gen ar 2) ‘inser ng apf sn sma con nea ect pope ears da Grae be mle Our beso bled hal cet The Life of Eibon according to Cyron of Varaad by Lin Cacter 1 ne szcee ibon, son of Mila, ws bor in he ceo agus I "in the Yea of che Re Worm, I that same yer the om thereof the Wie Spi ad spake ceca belive cine owe upon the famous cy af Comoro apd the king heen, Lorqumeths, and all hal, rose up and led ao the south Catala the cy of Unularoun amie ee anges of Zesh in te Tandf Pharath, abandoning fever splendid Cammeiom co the sbnonmlty Kyngathin Zar, This Mila ad Been Keeper ofthe Archives to Kast pe oF gg, and longa e been igh inthe favor of hat monarch, ‘But shen cha the child Ebon had stsined to his second lsrum, whch was abou che vime of dhe death of King Lorquamei, che Ceceinchy of che goles Yhoundeh drave forth she family of “Mia ino exe ane the wldenet of Phenguot with the pe sections, ert che ater of Eibo ded nos lng thee the homeless ie orphaned hid soughe refyge wath a feed ‘chan, one Za, #0 whom he war append inthe ye eh King Pharnoooca suceeded nthe throne of Unalazours "Now th Zyae was 3 celebrate mags ws was hen well nerd into the seco century fi ie, whi bys af be had ‘wend 20m ordinate lenge dil Eibo hal bowen “The mage wat then inhi ne hundred eevemh yar, having een, oun 3 year etre the Sy came inate patton of he dra and feozen wastes of Polaron prophesy concerning thot which wuld in tie fl great Commonom, which is os tbe Doom sera. har own youth che eminent Za had been se Foemose of the dis Pies of Hormag, the wizal of Abormisy whos tous hitory was ‘we down by Ebon hit Cher he Seventh From hi eruh nco hithreeund seen year did Eon duel in the bck ne of Za, which arte om the mest GF Mh Thulan, she province being a chat cme bare and uni aed of men These di he sud the ars of necrmancy od he tine kinds of mic under the euelage ofthat savant whe mas leone the fremot in all of Hypeborea daring his age. And ‘Gorin the howe of Zyl did Ebon bein himself secure freer fom the weaeanc ofthe nquisios of Vhoundeh or ch he de ras tom the customary habsatins of me. ‘Whenchac ie came ops, inthe flloess of time hat Zyl pe sed fom his tage wae of the Zeige als 38 Ebon bach ‘edn fis Chapter he ise, se youral ores up and es “fereom, leaving behind fim he oe lack neon olay tral which overlook he cl waters fc Boreal mai. Tis "eonier tase eventated in che thietah east Pharavoota reigned in Usuldacour, Thus di Bin commence his wandering ‘hough many lands, a the i alone, but ter in He company of {eran Zalis whom he encountered in Qgg00-Zhai This you was a Fellw-secker afer dubnue and ocule knowledge, and cogether is fain sgh win whevever eight be found, whetee inthe lnc fines of e-forgonen Usesoe oe amongst the shadow hanced tombs of phar OF te many and uncanny pers encoun ted bythe twain Beneath he burp spires of Marc, nd ofthc Cao sTtion which bell the aged King of Zara, 1 shall say uz: foro ese mares hath Eon ise afcetime wi. h in tyr hein se Eps Any wacom st Tere Boonened fom eons ot deal sleepy of Mh Tio nih ec go te a aed toc at ne Hk eo Ze wh ne a esd “Tis to ngs cal ye ge i es ‘nd her hte ees a ee o spats tah el nw smog me hi ine he reese pineal eos cone ee Teese cummerge Zc bre Fat he oe “chy ype on se my tame inser wan she er of Gren Spe, hen ch emp ncmbed ed ce naan Siete Emp Chaat tah tn i bone sppremiced othe celebrated Ebon, Iw then ache erin of my fourth fsrtum and fom my tal cy of Vrain the land Phenguor had I come co stady a he et ofthe must or eh al of ry fe hd 1 ead sung he fous of Ebon, He was then inhi fve-and-sxeth yer and by cha ine wa he eackoned che most potent atl signin wf the sores of yperborea. Foe ceney years these dd Ise ashi ly apptemic, saying the ars of neconuny andthe thee kinds oF magic andl ever ddI find hi to be the kindest of ne, a he ws ‘he wisest of eacher nd the most complished of agcane ‘Wis person the Master Fibon wat sigh of build a slow of ‘complexion, witha round fave for eer beards, hi lps adored ith thin and silken and diooping, marichoe, His eyes were ‘hough and hooded and amted, anche held himself ii alot fom the way of men; homevey, he ponerse «whist of and nd a mocking humor, and was much given tio del leis | bethink me that few things mattered aught to him, and fewer sill bared fo overnuch; and ite of il oe the wd ad he ake very seriou, he lest ofa ims {ams him nam as oentimes sa him ast hig den of curios res, his lige fem ated hin cle of sik beputenedtoce-andgolden ar che manner of weavers of Pras Wit bis hands clasped bend his bck he would saunter to and fs the length 2s pleasure, all the while dicuring with ube sed’ and wey wie ypon Some deep and secne this bas ‘apt the immenge and oluminous, bescaed arocsh whi he Mee arte fashions of the days hs youth Fall many were eh dcp of Eibon who came co the house of Mack snes to stay chaumaeorgy at che ater fe. But of them all belive tha i995 1, Cyan, war the dearest 0 his eat, ad ths belie 1 chesih within mine own, Throughout the empty of Charsaetros, and she fest yeats of Saphision which followed 1 ode in the all hose oF Ebon. But in the eighth ewe oF Saplitonsempery when shit I wae ain ro the age of ey, dd 4 part in amicable fishin fom my mie and eligned myslh hence ro che cy of Vaud whee | del ever ae, devoting my yeas so she pace af wizardry Many were he merchants and ‘os of ta iy, aye and the lords and burghers wel. who wed so purchase chet churn and spells thee pepe and divination, fom the wizsrd Cyon that ed fart his cea frm none other than the celebrated Ebon. Bue no moe hl narcte in thi in, tae ad fe that Toor more af he pupil than Fee eahee wn tana wa he ae ofthe Dynasty ofthe Uruldrines are himself the name ofenperae Wheo he ded inthe en ear wer his corgaton and hi sister, Queen Canam, suceeded (0 ‘he theo, i coud be sen throughout the land thatthe cls of ‘Vhoundeh was grown vst and prsisioutly powerfl forthe io phant and grand inguistoraf the elk goddes, one Morghi by mame, ‘he procaine to the ful se my master bon fens deprived and infamous her; he whch be would che have fobore 10 d, i ear of Eon, had hemo ele himself seve and confidear te Brennen of hit achocey ‘The ingusitor Morgh further caused ito be brute abou hat ny aster as given to womip in secret an by stealthy maps che Abomination Taebogeus an luca and sppreted dvnty which had former enjoyed the cleanse fhe aboriginal Voor e= human cycles. These granting and fry toads, a daindling sestige of pra cone ingaed survivor of fogoten agen he mountainous or Ferpote of Bejunged pars of Hypertares which ‘ere bythe chien of men shunned fo hat ue resto, ‘Thus spake che inqusitor Morghi. But ic was whispered abroad har the persecution of my matter was due 2 other ress than ‘merely the cheoigillapue in esta prices mete he 00d secuned, For hs Morghi as irs become a haumaturge of ome enone: but as e sended sn che mastery ofthe penumbyal as, ter be und to his digrucemenc th the great Fibon had ra seende is every achievement Whether from pous hoo at che in of diconsaey, a he 20 weiferlyeliimed, of fom she simple delousy faster magus for ope who hath excelled him in the mas tery ofthe utermor arcana ic wat indubiale tha the herophane ‘would never res nt Ebon had expated is niu na anne Sulienlysanginary and grsome at 10 prove exemplty £0 al thers who wavewed witha nica In he fle of tine I ame 0 fat for my mater, for al 00 wel dd 1 know the oer ath ofthe imprecations speed forth ‘pon hi mame by che fons Morgh ln those leans which had Followed upon the demise of Zyl ding hit wanes through ‘many lind, Ebon had insooth becomes devote af che obsolete and inerdced cleus of Tato, 6 he himslt hath wt i his Chapter the Fcech. This demon dl inthe gloom of sue ‘ean Nia acavernos eon staat beneath be Foot of unt Xormithaeth in the high Eigphans And thither it Eibon escend inthe daring and valor of it your, ll by Phespontin, ‘he attr, the whch beckoned htm an, deep and ever deeply, ‘nto the Abyts. ‘Therein be descended in such of sch enctows and demon and lore a might only be a from the we and unspeakable lips 1 That which aideth from che eldeemose begining othe earth uot this very hour amir the putreseence ofthe Pi Al hae he sought, he gained: forthe Abomincion Tathngsua is equivocal and mbiguous a mind, and doth no invariably view all moral men ‘ich malig or snbeopophasic ize, but ket, beines, an old {kaome liking fr some of chy who descend either 9 he place theese walls in ques of Eder Lore ‘Thus fad | ease enough and more 0 enetan fers For my maser, kasing tha keh athe fre him he had hearkened 0 the whispering of the Black Thing sha squatet in the gloom of Nika. Of indeed, had he urged upon me thar I should beake rye thither and do likewise, for enly thus (be would solemaly reverate ate the Ultimate Mysteries tobe plumbed. But ee, and ‘hase eine roo hit fo at of Vian, nd Geo ‘hac dy, dow ages gone, wher Fs our ancestors came hither int ‘hese parte fom dreamy Kayla amide she He of Zalgur in time frgocten Thi, ed before the comingedown ofthe wae ike ‘Ailucean, hive we Vacadishmen worehipped the rib goes of ‘out forefathers. Fre that fr ay eo thi ave we staunchly ade ‘our teary orem, which be, asall en kao, [ee th at god ‘ks: Mayhup i be sre oa the goddest e naughe more chan che Primal ft of my rae, a mine own maner hth ofencies ‘monished; bat ever have | devoutly numbere nyt among her “tetrant Even aa inte hese words with ep cr Hom ‘ae rand clams, dip inch inky exudaions of the qui one ee pce sll and supple oar eabs its round and silken bead “posse my knee with many affectionate smbrouspurings. Noe foe rch atthe worshiping of Tathogas! Ww urs sun omy Hon intny inulbveetn Beare sch En fi Th, eho sf oud te asa hi spt be dnc eee Acme easy a Mh Tae, a a ha 2 in Ponte pol sn bth ave be sje Ce Sanson ge er a eed eo se cf Youneh a i at ny lags dpe ard eeeeenee cee corti of sin, iyo le Seis oa ed of terme uta ne great of Ba eather fk ese ade mage 0 eames tines be nw sled eres a ond Nee Marl atte dol Zttanar ston Tec puede dn fhe esas he tesa Mea ce sine ice Tulbum Slowed hit aed andi wl othe tan of gga, hve te pt of onde Seu at he pm empl ad he ones pa oe weeny elm nd eee Rann who sce Tice te picelon of te gna lino Mba Tl, eon tee es teed pen he coe © Shao wc wy the meer orton ote prose 12 bine rt sd tnt veh dete a8 ‘ew cated by mena in than tea The pre pce Pha cod ha ue ha day © rrencchng napa fc he a esl axe id ‘he fur srs ich ded as Ts al Mg on She sono of hy bats ie ml peter te Maser Eu he wih aunt be so nr 2 ssn, Tanne ena mth th Yr fe Bick Tin che ‘hd a ef Qurn om sg, when nf ae oe suddenly so in secre doing the nocurnal hours uno my Epi minaret which oveigael the glonts of Varad. Seve-and-oty dears hud wanpied since la | ase his hand, or looked into hi smiling snd hoe and cyical eyes, or herd his wt, hurr, nce failiae mode of speech; bur inal hat ce, whist bad [oa arey and infra was mash ssiken in yea, he hd not ted by 4 whit Albi thar he wat shen acted waeo the ped {00 age fone handed and ro and-hiry, hating thence ele by no fever than eight yeas the span achieved by che venerable Zyla, he seemed nonetheless nimble and lim, unbene by old age, bis iy and mocking wage smth and valine, and his dep saudonic eyes undinned ‘With hin be bore plentiade of books and sell of graven ables and oi, the lich I eeageized tobe the choicest and mos ‘aluable tomes and tenses fm his libeasiam, and these he Teed ie to peeve agit thf of harm and keep sae ain the ocain of hit rears. There wezearnngst chit ene many = tome or document of srcerous lore mort pcious and excedingrare—aye, preicusbeyondehedeums of vance a rate aoe the keen aupravionf he biblapile, Aad when ngied of Fibon wherefore | shoul ward these books and cies, he but ‘rm sled and anewered, saying, So that chy fill no nc the hande of Mong! And, these admoniine having spake, he ld ‘aught ore, bie bade me a bref farewell And never aeain Chensefter di | ook pon his ice, or lesewite no withthe 9 of Che sh. For at long afer this did thee come down apo him the ‘rfl Mogi and the henchmen of Norgli, sbeteypon betel ee strange and ll mareclueevamihinent of Elon rm he bor of ‘nen, an with him Morghi, oo, herent the wold il wonders. v Tia toned aon ee ha ts foiled over the scrolls and volumes of Ebon, snd persed the dare sed ere volumes of equivocal lo hus bequethed nto ny hep ing. Not the last among she which were che Ybor Tables, ‘wheron od the dud atc of ce sogldies wat engeven by uncouth and besa paws and that wih sil deiphrale by ‘men ofthe Pranic Manucrips and he Kadath Record, whose rime poges contain much that uggetve ofan authoship in seco be considered remotely human ar even mammalian nd Ute ofthe Riv of Ye which survive ito our eph co preserve ‘hove Back yh which re he terble legacy of elder Mu: an ce Porchnents of Poon, ooiing both the Greser and the Lesser rors of tha mage, cogether mith hi unwholesme specu toni se ro gino man, wich disturbing ins of» paren Toc cosmil eam, lgphemous and, ppl, wnproven Tere were amongst hee fu any fe patound ad incom nenturble wings of Ebon hima and estes upon ee supe sramdane since, together wth argue of ordinate length VshcToth fad appoiched ro observe 2 rbed Fue con- eee suange ceremony. changing the fe frm 18 ge, ‘tenet to iv Soon the ran wa joined by several ote, ke we hed. And ll ene mmc 9 dane aot tse Tes ia che linping fishin of cheats, No more chan a dane teicered, yu ase ts ight hat ee bests of che Free Uheome afaphed and depured fr moe wholesome climes, Ase no sear spac of dys, he wilagts, 0, hd ed otha the Bebe foond noone with whom so baie a forme Next came the nies in he nigh, an on these was Vsh-Trk elute co elaborate. At Fr the bracers weathered hese hardships, being themselves hardy ‘ne, bat one moming Wash-Taogh awake to discover bis rthec had fe othe nigh. ot was hoe Wsh-Tith pow amet be abroud seuching for is brother Prom pewely coniered the tl, and poodered for long moments upon is menins. He ase the young man tha hey had mer nocone eli the rnd who matched che appearance of ‘he snsing baer and tate ered the el intuences inthe ‘cd mighe have apne ir. The old exocst bade the woods ‘nan show him the lation ofthe sont, and co this Vash-Torh Teathiyayecd. Prom warned tha wold be beer i he went Ane inp ee woods, which he tow most cerainy Knew for the ‘oure of rhe il plaguing che region. So he Set out, accompanied iy by pack mule and Vish-Toh a guide, None seme vee "© hs council and all waited by the eampie,bresking out che iain As for Pom, he wa happy enough notte eo Bay ruremsid 9 the foineheaced, He should hve his od hand ww che devs of eh place Togetier the two men trudged through the wooind. wee range pit, cen sie by side. sloth was a rea eae 2 man, shambling and die, while Prom, in his violet ‘immed wich ermine, whl he high his comrade sad 2 the wih The si rc of damp euch fungi andthe ol aroma ceambling teebark A lant he cae upon ce ses. Grea d sere, bul on a sale united othe fami theriomon sodlings of Hyperborea, and they bore rusnels dyed nasty ‘ich the dried bod of mn and beat the mid ofthe sto the each was dak and the meager vegetation black, noe in sfremach of fame, bu by some alchemical process Prom could ready determine, The old savan was sie for a time, whe Young gine sated by hi side uneasily, Pom carefully ret From hs pouch cree metal cubes and rernved fom the 3 parchment, which he unrolled with a surgeon's touch, foe thie were very ancient. These he usied one by one ad restored lac, list he raed hi head and addesedVesh-Toth, wou be ai busines, but would he wondan a ii he slat the menace? arm minded ro summon up she align spi,” quoh Ps “chereupon tobi to my wil Once thi i done, and before d limate baie ofthe feed We shall nquice oF ie concen your Brother, should yo aid me ‘ery well mighty Poor,” answered dhe woodman ith a of sullen sesigaation, his woe mule by his mustaches. Prom ‘his string relctance down tthe gener dread, ox unwarane sich which mere moral regarded the beings from Beyond “Theta se about laying ut perfect ele flows pom ke over which Prom chanted and gestured, For many hour nth tite Poor prepued he Summoning and binding ofthe ps Stich pervaded the eon His sil cracking wie called he Hn Forrnla, and the great Clit Ritual. Power crackled within the binding cc and the fre ofthe Ques Spe pulled at Poom's Fisy lsh, He knew the surnnoning was net an he spoke gal unto Vish‘Toth, he who stood sey a hi shoulder poss me now the Scimitar of Nothvie” He wae, then sued gui he oer man, ah th male se che sighs Feo comply, and, belving hr pared ith fx, Poor

diet of the pertain ies "We serve that One white combing wa oe bythe prophet Lith chy suid "Frm paces buy the iis fhe noth he hae some in a outing citadel the ce- mountain Wiki, voyage the undaneaceans nt ast with chil spleadou he puny peoples humankind, He Bath pared us lone am the sions of the broad se Taluk, an hath sks ws og wih ini i ser "8 upon Yih. He bath eempered out Mesh co che iat of his boda ath made espzable for us the ae in ich no otal ova may dea breath, Te heath spared and hath atime by bis sults the cldnes ad the chia eh hae go everywhere wk iki, sl © Ewagh whom we know for a great wierd by this roken: sine only the might of walocks ae chs chosen crempred Sorel axonithed was Evagh; bu scing hic he ha DOW 0 sich men who were at hms, he questioned lly the e40 ‘ans of Thlask. "Tay were named Dooni and Ux Loddha, ‘see ite inthe lore ofthe Eder Gass, The mame ofthe One ‘hey served was Rim Shire, and dwelt Bighes 3 ff the esmountun, They told Evagh nothing of the nature properties of Rl Stakoreh; and concerning si own servi "ha being they asomed only tat i conse of such workin [sven 9 go ogeher with che epi of al bonds tha linked chem heeafore o mankind. And they rld Evagh the to go with them belore Rim Shake, and peefem the due ie esince nd accep the Bond fal isa ‘So Evagh went with Doon’ and Ux Laldhan und was I theny ou grea pinace of ce hac oe woe ina the wan beeting ove alli ellos on ee Ma op of che bers. The pi cle was lon, and climbing herein by Sasi, rey came a tote chamber of Ris Shakar, which was accu dome wil ‘und block atthe center, forming » ds. Andon che ais Was (ing whore adven the proper Lith ad foeold obscurely "AC sige of his ery, the ples of Evagh were sled foe ieee by tron an following ek upon he terri ose wihinbim through exes of lain. [valle wood eee ‘ughs tha could be keed fore Fouls co Rin Shak Smithing he had the semblance oft white worm; but his ‘eu beyond ha ofthe sel His halle tl was tik ‘he mil olde of his body: and his eae eed upd rom dain the fem of «whit und dk, and upon it wee pri ‘ately the lineaments of vig belonging neither vo bes Clrth nor ceamceature. And amd the viage 8 mouth ca Seccaly fom side ro ie ofthe disk, opening and shuting Sanclyom ape and eotguces and rool may, The eyes ‘of Rim Shatkorth mete close together heeween his shallow not fd the sockets wer fees, bat nthe appeased from momen moment pabules of a bks-olured mace having the for of Bal and ever se alobles broke und depped down before the. ‘nd fom the xellbr ofthe dame she sce wo ase shames pple and dik a fosen gore, sich ad Been nade by cles deping ofthe globules. ‘oot and Us Lodhan posited themselies before she bing, sad ough deemed t wel fllow thet example, Lying prone on “ee heard the red drops ing with splash sf hes ea "hans in the done above hit, peed tata wc spoke; and wed sre as ike ee sound of some iden cataract in lacie hl . Behold, © Evagh,” said che voice. “I have preserved thee froen spec fy elon ean ove mae ie hey thine Sts of ld and they sh inne ies el Wisom vecthicsabedhine and mney beyond hc omg of mos ‘Miu oe sontp me ond bcome my ea With metho ‘ese anit gos fhe ch nd bl pt song seater san and ce the whit lingo eth oon ‘Kah igh om Yk Orci hal ig een os ce thar gus an shal upon th pop eh he ta of palate igor plh ene yon he ot are a and surah hecnef wns Al hh halite, being earch sth seal and imo ond it wd ho Shr en whet hat wer yond he wren pol, in shih mie abide copie For am he whose coming ve he tals oe ope” Non ncn hat be was without hice in she es, sigh psc ila to Kd ony and vce othe ple Siow ene th istacin of Deo and Ux Lon, he er fade send thor se ae aaron Bee stood vow oF wipes seation Tester fo many days ad igh, he sled th lin Shu tbo thou of Mba Tl, Sane a he manner oF yang, forsee hath gre ebeg ogi Y Sh snap fhe nam, pving ve au wi ad, And aha Dy nod, he he oso aly bacon the hil ‘vcr te afar hom Yah, Po galleys ere vere 36 ‘hy fd othe nde wer ed the od Si he wee cea nd nbd he new bos ce ha "me diy aur ease oa evergoming moth The fair Hyperborsn ports, busy with martin tl, silled by the ping of Rlim Shakorth dle were thet seca share, idle mae the shipping in ee harbours, when the pa Fad come sd gone. Far ln fl the, ringing othe fnrden a Bligh of rane arctic winter and oes were roe, he bess tha ronmed them wet eurned a8 feo marble, 9 ‘men who Game lang afterwards chat ein found the ek and and enamenoth el standing inl he postures fife But, dh ‘upon Yikleh, che sorcerer Evagh was immune to ce iy deaths sting in is house or walking abroad oa the ecg, he waa sharp cold than shat shi bse in rarer shadow [Now beds Doon and Ux Loddhan, che sorcerer of Th there were ive other wizards shat went with Evagh on chat having been chisen by RlinShakorh. They zo bad ben em to he codes of Wiki, and ther houses had een ransp the berg by unkacen enchantment. They were olandi tncouth men lle Polarans rom the islands nearer the pole toad Thulask; and Evagh could understand lil of he saya ‘hei sorcery wat fcign ro him and cheiepeech mas unitel foe sat Known cote Thulin. ily she eight wizards und om htc able ll he pro secs for human mstenance; though chy knew not the by which twas supplied. All wer united in che wos he ‘om; and lt semed, weve conten in « mesure with ch and were fain of chat unearthly lve and dominion sich the had promised them. Bur Evagh was unesay a heat, nd tell sect agsint hi thalldom to Rl Share; and he beh revlkion the oom chat went forth eternally Fn iki lovely cs afl ocen-sores Ruf he sw the Bl of lomersrded Ceragth, and the boca ils tha descended the dronged sects Lega, and the Fo that seared with den whieness the garths and orchasds of che seasoning valley ‘Agu. And socom wa in his hear for the fshing-coicle and lites of trade and wae that ted mankes afer they had Yi Ever suthwand se the ree iceberg, bering it lethal ter co lands whee the summer sen sade high An Evagh Kee fn counsel, and flloed i allways the custom of Doon and and he oer At interes that wee egulced by the Fie emcumpolr sat che igh warlocks cbed 10 shat te in which Rl Shakorth abode perperualy, al-caled ey ice Thee rua whose cadences corresponded ro ee af those eyelike cesta were wepe by the worn, ad sn ng om me the ying amd shang his mh wed to Rim Shaki the required adoration, Someines ae er ws sens, and sometimes he bespoke chem, renewing ie che proses he had made, And Evagh learned fom ce oh the worm sep fra pid at each dakening of she oon won snip atta time did he sanguine rears suspend cei falng, 2 he roth forbear sltermare closing and gaping rie hid repetition of the ies of woh, came ops hat nye clined con gh, coun sm peeved hat the misting man Was one ofthe five andes ‘Sette quested Dro Ux Lahn ening his ‘ane and ma signs fing 0 #he for aothrons but it seme (he fn ofthe absene warlock ws thing mysterious fo them all Nechng wu cen or herd of him from chat ene; and Evagh, pom desing ong an deeply, was tomewhatdsqiete. For, dring the er ‘ny inthe comer hab, ithad acme hire ha the worm fer fb ad gi ean on any prior cason Cover he asked what manner of auteiment was required by i Shoat Concesning ths, deve was much dobiey and dis Ue: or Ux Lathan eaitained eh che worm eon aon ‘nique han the art of white Aric bas hile Don’ swore that "sgl nouishment wat belive of whales Bur 0 chee koow de, che moe ha ox eaten during eee sojouen upon Yih and Seth averse tha the ine Dewees his mes of feeling were longer than chose of any teres cetue, being comparable nn tear or day bein whole years Sel she ce-berg followed its oun, eve vaster aed more po ‘ous eget ie heightening sun, and gin ache starppinced "ioe, was the forenoon of every hid day the srerers cm Seve he presence of Rl Shaikoreh. To the perturbation ofa "ic une was now but sx; ad the st warlock was another of “beanies, And the wowm had geetened tl more in sie nd the increase was wale wu shickeing of bis whole boy fom ‘woul ‘Deming thee cxcoracnces an il augur, the sx made fa ‘suppliarion othe sum in hee vaio ong, and implored roveli thm the eof thei sbent ellos. And dhe worm aso and his Spec was itll to Evagh nd Ux Loddhan snd tnd the hee north, ac hiking tat he had bee deta tis native language “This mater 2 mystery concecnng which ye shal al ‘elighenment in cum, Koow hs the ew tae have vanished sel presen; and hey and ye aos share even hate promi inthe ulkrarundane lore and erpery of Rim Shake” ‘icrwatd, when they had descended fom the tower, Bw andthe two Thuaskians debated the iterpetacion f tht an Evagh auintained chat ce impor was sinter, for tay ther ing companions were present only inthe worn’ ball: bu dhe es argued tat ches mea had undergone amore nyt ans tnd were now clevated beyond human sigh and hearing, Ford they began ro make rey with prayer and austerity, in expect ff ome sublime apothcori which would come to she in du ‘Bar Evagh was sl fn, and be eould noc teu she equi Pledges othe worms and doubr remained with hi ‘Seeking co atsuage hit doube and peradventace co fd toc ofthe lt Poluins, be mae cc ofthe mighty be ‘thos bctlerents hit oma ou and the houses of he other Tack were peched ke hein hus fers acai a ques the others would oe acompany hi, fering to ica stor clipeasure. Fom verge to verge of Viki he rsmed deed, as fon some broad platen with peaks ad hors: and climbed peowsly onthe upper saps, and wene down into d fsevaes and caverns where the sun fad and there wat vo at light than che strange later of tho uneathly Ke, Embedded hee the wall a iin the Hone of neher rat, be sw daellings sue ‘men had oer bul anys chat might belong to the age ‘eas; be mec could he detec she presence of any living {ures and no sito shadow gate reapone co the acromanie Cations which he vere ofentimes a he ment along he chr ‘haber, ‘0 Evagh wa atl prehensive of the woe’ ache; and be ened omnia aw once sight preceding he nes clbaion ne ites of won, ad a eve of ta igh he sued ims othe other walks wera owed ni spurae mansions Sfenunber of ve. And, having ceri th, he ae imal 2 ivoch wot renin the encance of Rin Shak tower, ich was pil vile om hi own windows, ‘Wud and chil was she shining ode berg he dass fr 1 of fonen sate wa gent all ines Fo the ie. A aor chat wat ile pate the Fl oe ealy on he oven ee. But ‘gh holing wig shit window ill miigh, sw that no ise for emerged fom the loner, and none entered A mideight ther came upon him adden drowsiness, sich a would be fk by oe wh had drunk some opiate win: and he cul oe sustain his ‘ipl any longer bu slept deeply and unbrokenly throughout che ‘eesnde ofthe igh ‘hh fllowing day there were but fur sorcerers who gathered ineheicedome and gave homage to Rim Shaikorth, And Evah a that cwo more ofthe oulander, men of bul and trae dash layond thee ellons, were now ising ‘One by one cera on nghts preceding he ceremony of woe hp, che companions of Evagh vanished. The las Poltan was nex {0 go and i came to pss that only Evagh and Us Ladin and Doni went the rower apd then Evagh and Ux Lodahan went lone And eer mounted daly in Evagh, fr be fl tha his ow ‘ae drew neat id he would have hurled hislf ito the erm “hc high rampart of Yk, Ux Ladhan, who perceived hi inen ‘on had got warned hie hat ao ta could dear herefom and Sse again in salar warme and ener ai having ben habiuated 0 ‘he cldnes and thin ether. And Ux Lahn i scemed was why ‘blvios ois doom, and ws fin to impute an esoteric igaicance (the exergoming bulk of he white worm and the vanishing ofthe means So,ar that time when che mon had want nd darkened wholly, ® ovcureed cha Evgh climbed before Rlim Shaikorch with ini “spiacion and leah, laggatd steps. Aad, enerng the dome wth acas ej, he found ise che sole wosshippet A ply of fee was ypon him ashe mie aban; snd sa he dared coi his eyes and regard ee woem. Bot soon, ashe be ro perfor the customary genulletons, he became aa that red cars of Rl Shatonth no fnge ell om the purple salem foe was thete any sound such tthe worm wat wont to make by Perpetual opening and shucing ois mouth, And venturing 1 look upward, Evagh beeld she abel smslen nas of ‘mone, whose thickness was such to onethang the da i ve sow tae the mouth aad eyechals of Rim Shaikh mere Fin slumber; and theese eled how he waar Thala hd ol hi a he orm sep Fran ner ache da ing of ach noon which ss «thing he had frgaten temp iyi hs exrme dead and apprehension "Now wat Evagh sorely bewildered for che ites he dle fron his ellos ould be Fingly peo only while the ens Rm Shakorth el down ad hs oth gpd and lsd and a ‘gain in measured alternation. And none had nsucted him rho ses wet proper apd suitable daring he sub ofthe ‘Andy eign mc doube, be sid sot “kes hou, © Rl Shaker fo ely, he seemed co hea 2 mulitude of vies that i curly rm ou ofthe ple, eaid mas bef hi. The sun ‘he voice was weil mle, bt among thes hedtnguse cent of Doon and Ux Liao: and there wa hick rte Foulds words which Evagh knew for the speech ofthe Paria: ad beneath cis he aught or seemed 1 ath nn ble undestones that were aoe se vies of men o beste sounds a would be emited by earthly demons. Aad the vies snd elamouted, lie hase of 4 Unong of prisoners in some pro able ‘Anon, ote lisened ia hore sel, the wie of Ds became aticulte above the others nd che musold clamoue muttering cessed, at 1 4 euliade were hushed 0 hea ce Spokesman. And Evagh head the snc of Doom sia “The worm seepech, bur we whom dhe worm hah evoured amas, Dirly has he deceived ut, for he cae 04 houses nigh, devounag us Badly ne by oe as we slept under heel tment he had wrghe. He hs eaten or sol vena urban ec verily WAKE AEE OF Rl Shakorth, bus exis only a in ack nd ‘eithve dungeon: and while the worm wakes we hve n septate or Rion beng, base merged wholly in the alert beng SF Shik Hear then, © Eva, che uth which we hve learned frm out ens wth the worm. He has ved ufos the white doom and iis cakes ws upon Yiklc fr chit reason, because we ane of al Ironkind, who ae sorceres of hgh acainment and rarer, may auth letalice-change and become breathers of theses vd, sh ts inthe end, be made suitable fr the provender of such 8 Rl Shikorh ‘Gret and tele the worm, and che place wheeion he comes and whereco he seared is noc be die of by bing nem. And the worm oman, sve that he kw nt the wake ing of cher he has devoured, and thie awareness during hi su Ic ur He orm, though ancient beyond che acuity of word, is noc ummoral and vulnerable in one paca, Whosoese la. ‘ac che time and means of hi wulerablcy and hath hens rsh neki, may lay him ely And the ime for this deed ag his tem of slp. Thetefore we adjte te now by ce fh of he Old Ones to draw the sword thou wear feneith chy mantle nd plunge iin the side of li Shak for uch ice meas of bis ying “Thus alone, © Evah, shall the going Forth ofthe pa death be ocd; an only shut shall we, thy fellow oecetr, cain slate ‘eo ou Bad tralldom and ncareration ad wth ws many that ‘he wor hath betrayed and eaten in Frner at tnd upon dite ‘ols. And only by the dingo his thing shal thew escape the wan ‘4d luchly mouth ofthe worm, aor abide beneeforward a a duke {os rong oer ghosts the ev lke fh ely But nonce hat he wd spe Rin Shaikh ey Pech in dhe saying. vaph, being wholly astounded, made question of Doon and ‘ss answered ea concerning al hac he aed. And ofenrimes ‘8 vice oF Us Laddhan cele to him and amet here were ‘since muemurs or outtes fom certain hero hoe fully ‘Bete phantoms. Much did Evagh ar of che worms origin and and he wa cold the sere of Yiklth, andthe ranner sthercn Yih had loud down frm rans Arc ul the Seas of Ean ver, elated, hi aborence Beate though dees of dark sorcery and eure devs had lng ind hiss aod soul, making him callous co moe than smmon ho Bor of chat sich helene i were ll 0 speak no [A length thece was sive in the dome; for the worm oun ad Evagh had o longer any il ro quescion te ghost Deon: and they that were imped with Doon’ seemed al watch ina les of death, ‘Thea, being « man ef much harihood and rtolucion, Ba Aleayed to more bat dem fom is ory sheath che shoe but tempered sword of nee whic he cared alwaye at blll “Approaching che dis clic, he plunged the blade inthe swelling must of Rlim Shakoth, The Bad entered easily with a tng and ecting ooo, a8 he ha tabbed monstrous bl and was sa stayed even bythe broad pommel: athe whale hand of Exagh was drawn fer in che wound He pezceived no quiero ing ofthe worm; but out a ‘sound thee used 3 adden core of Black liqueceat mi ening and deepening ies el he sword wa aughe Esaghs grasp af in milrce. Hote far han blood, an am ing mth srange teum-like vapors, the gid poured aver bi snd splat hs raiment ati fel Quickly the ce was awash his tba il he ad welled rom soreness sn of ous nd ic spread verte in pool and unt ha a togeter Tigh woul hve fled hen; bu the able Liu, mouncing owing, was above bis kl when he neared the caibead hed ado thesairay Blo hi le atric in some [pitching cavern, Hover and ose gre, boing, bubbling, wh ‘he curent strengthened, ad clutched at hin and deew hi li traignane hands He lered to ey che downward ti noe here ay place now inal dhe deme where he oul li fr He rene, seriingaguns te td for bare oohol ands da ‘hnough she eetong vapours the ehoned mse of linn Sha ‘The gh ha widened prodigious anda scar surged om ii wae ofa broen wei, blowing oud around he did sein fee proof ofthe wor unearth nut, bial wr “ye ii tony, Aad sl ee Blac gid came in an ei oa and eee siting aout he ees vagh and he vp pro sake the form of a myriad pss f phantoms weathing ey sogsther and dividing once moee a chey wen pst hi. sto ie ered and rem gi on dhe stated, he was swept rrp w ed co h deack om the estes far below, rat day. on dhe 440 cateward of middle Hyper, the crm of ares merchant galley beheld an enbear-f thing. Fr fy 5 hey pean eeaang from fr acai with a wind sac aded “Tey cathe sighed inthe late forenoon = monstousice-berp Uihne pinnacles and capt looted high as mountains. The berg Ufone in pas wich a wen! ight, ad rom is lest pinnacle ore reac Hack torent and all the ice and buteresses beneath Tec tsteam wich ope and cascades and sheted ill f the sme Takes tha famed lice boing water as hey plunged oven tn ehe sea mound the ber wat cowed and steak for 3 wie increas wh he dak i ofthe cates “Tae nine feed csi loser; but, fll awe and marveling, they staged tei eats and Lay watching che berg, and che wind ped. so thar chi alleys deed within view of all ha dy Thy uw ehat the berg dinded wily, mekng as though some ‘know ie consumed and the ai took ona scrange warmth, nd the mater sou thi ship grew tpi. Cea by rag hee was ‘sland eae ay anc huge potions fl off wick a mighty Souching and she highs pinnacle cols, br lhe blackness Toul ‘at as fom an unfchomable Funes The watches "hog ac ees, eit they Beeld houses tuning seaward amid ‘he lance fragments bu of eis Gey were uncereain becuse of "tos evrmountng vapours, By suntecime the be bal din ia ya mass no lager thaw a common oe et stil che welling ‘aces evererenma it andi an low nee wave, andthe sid lhe was quench! together. Thereafter, the night being moons, ‘slot ision and gle se blowing scongly fom the south ta ayn che se wae void ny eran Concerning the maces elated above, many and various leg hive gone for ehoushoue Mbu Thulat and all he ea Hyperborel kingdoms nd archiplages, even tothe souchmost of Oster The rth notin sue: or mn hs known truth hercfre, Bue I, the sorcerer Ebon, callings up though etomancy the wave-wandering specter of Ewagh have le from him the sestable sory ofthe worms advent And | writen down in my volume mth such oman ae the spring of moral weakness and sanity. And men il ead record, ogecher with mach moe of dhe ede ore, sing ‘he coming and meking of dhe ret slcer @ About “The Light from the Pole” ce Dehitth hom Lis Gres eogied among che mo igh Sisco hn own wok wel Sve he on thigh ome ema en eal hr ad ‘inet ny dao hac mold brome Sat’ “The Coming of he ‘Sis Worm and jo eld rand tle bea ear [nvsepie goto wee stove mighty. co saage er xap rom whch Seah ised fan hs ogo when he ote he {ithe cane A espn 39) Thre aera scnacn, ‘terry clr kn ale wen che pope of er vers “rm rt, eerste einen fon ny Sa ws ccc nut igh begin agin sed ake hing sche ein, Fe ee mguing to wander tow the ri igh hve come out dhantespclc san wa she atu wad hve dove wih gee te doped an ver eed in an fo al Se Carer desi ‘Str wal fve ben avn "Toe ang a the Whe Ba dist ie see oe “The Ligh rom the ule" pp in dhe enh bin sey de wh "The Comag a he Whe Wo? Ae us ‘etc air aes for Mathes Gospel e be eow cw a8 a, "Fach an expanded verso, Or for Eps precede Cosine ‘sen hough it eerily 4 write a i, Dato for 2 Bee whe sid ‘ter eamlyabowslented anf lapatied version af Jade Bar prope ‘hele aay wot be 2 Trey on he theory of EN Hen (Te rs of he tial pit) Nectar ees ate tho of Toya and Tae puriaus ean Palin, oe her apes 0 Beit ‘mu of eine Pine mater in 2 Tet Hartson sos tha rb sy sae leery aie of Pl ane pon sme agree an ‘rhe eps ard dese 9 nok she nro 4 new tle Bl sor ham, ve hgh a pale er vt sound 4 0 "Me Phin nd ts Tes "Te Lhe oy the Foe” Inert te aly le se whch apd there of Th om be The cel share Phar: om ik ‘prepa igh of ane Rent alta si infec ee an hr hn rer" Respom p33) Ths tcf spl Ln wih syed coy of Smt Blk ad es ct mde re sought Hare fm Cache Sere of ee abate ay Wd Pt Ming 1% Bs ep 197) fa eV Wa Tl (960 The Ligh fran he le” Fe ppc i Wa Tle #4 Bask, 1980) L's ow cam app a 855 ch so dy. a The Light from the Pol ‘The History of Pharazyn the Enchanter by Clark Ashton Smith and Lin Carser brary the rope abode in all house of rae builded P om the heights above + smal aking-illage onthe ortern- tot coasts of Zabdamat, whose rockbestew shores are esingly washed by the cold black waters ofthe pla main. fe ‘wr ate cal inthe veign ofthe Emperor Charmamets in that Sear koow tothe chroniclers she Yer the Geen Sp, hat Puy Fist Became ana of he iminence of his singular and inltble dom by ceteain smal sgn an presagings His dreams wei perturbed by ialgn and shadowy shapes which ever esined hatelipeed cold auroras famed and kere uns Soaly inte nocturnal heavens, alhough the son was ida sme: and alway in he foud wind and yin sit seemed 0 Przeya tat he hakened co the weird shaper of vices fm reals of perennial wine, Now: fom atop the part ower of his high house, it was the ‘one of Phraya e olsere the wheeling constellations overhead And tense those Suey mens which sppetain€O een yer cn the dark womb fine. OF ate thse neta partes had heen strangely ominous, at wel, and yr precise: was si "hey preigured the cacroacmer af some cars manne of doom So unique att and witout precede in the anna f the ato Tope siene, which ould hye be oly ad en vague, ambiguous ‘ee This wel, a troubling to he serenity of Phas, ‘sco the elevance ofthe apponching eves, emda Se ‘co bear yon the etn of he propher hel foe he stellar mens were ceulilycomonanc co his own otal Rowse, when esau was acendants nd ako hat zodiacal sgn the ‘xesnomer of dhs ep termed The Balik, Borin a0 degie {ald the proper dser wich precison or chr the lineaments of "he impending event which wuld seem 0 mpinge 0 partly ‘un his own peronal ie a Te tk And this wos he cause of incesing peturbaton and da within Meet of Phuraeya: that ative at be might, acquire ao ceria orknlege of hat which woul on ee tac, ar cven a inkling ehereunc, Deng a asta oF al. and dination, anda ser of emore nd rue chins, he made this ars na fet dvne shit meaning, But hd was hit oper shrough the diumal hour, apd docket thwarted sison when he #94ghe illusinacon in dream. His oroicopes ‘eto nnughe: ha amis were iene or answered him eu "nd conf was amide all hs geomancis and bydrmancie anspicitins. And ie cemed 9 Phir that an unknown sorked aginst him, mocking and renin tmpotene nach Tan the svcery that one hal deeved heefre. Aad Ph nen by certain cokes percepnble 0 wud, that che powet sel power anid is boing wat f ae co map. “Thro the edd unmet Fhe-lle who dee in bus below the all comers of Paras went fet daily in hee Ales of ide aed willow and cic et in the accstoed et of chi ade. But lsat cy gathered fram che seo wa and withered as if in the blast of gear cldnes such as tmanae om tans-Arcic ce, Aad they dtew oth rn hei living monsters as well, such ap their eldest capa had ehelds things enplecheaed and ald and fined with bo Sac, sbapeles things that cored 0 qui fouls and ta f the ac ike vile chor or headless Shapes ike bloted rns aren, Foz as abour them 2 chins eprous eyed an De sich Sily-oozing Sime. kms a f Some tans cieasional Tong-bocked chanel beneach be known, aii set of Earth opened suddenly into the strange waters of ultemandane o teeming with eps and mare ie Te awe and wonder ae what bad come out of he s3-hora roth the ieee wichdrew inva thet hts, abunloning th Troned pursuits of dhe seston: thei oats, which fired 0 longee tea. sere drew pon the sends Blow the al sowers of Pha fon the ll And Pharuyn oi, descending later al bebe rating and unwboleome monsters drawn ding rth he ti Seite and pondered ma concerning the impor thi pr shi ace was he Kew i oh sre prodigy ov erate fre pn a ven ech cn ei ak ee ett han rho daw pre fo ~ ‘naughe filled their nets bur Wnnatural malignancies. AC = aa hy red er Bed iy siento ad il chy aly eh aetna ge om err kntheemied ih Pes Saat. the boy Ratha ad eh cre Ais, who ad os ve sobs eames sede in oh 2th ae he op a a she ‘Evagh had suffered a metamorphosis so cere chat few savants have Aare be specie i ti redactions of the le. But Pharaye Evagh had been cadens ofthe sone mate and folowing ua demise o enchanement of the warlock, Pharazyn hd been ma incecrogac the wandering spn of wind and wave wat at eng Idler in eery dread parca hat whi ad tales hi ‘mer ora, And the pcets wh ad presage the coming of sthice worm and ee dscatracion of Evagh were no unlike he tnd porenss hich Phavazyn had observed, an whith he ke related obit owe doom “Thee, he pored long oer the exorcsms of Poon and rpc f Lith, and pee wel no the dono -eaughe the Pkt: Manuanps, wherein here wet fod ined ch ach abstruse and onde andoterwine Forgotten among me Alehoug she feof fty conifer Bazed Fete upon them hearth of Fs towercop chamber, i semed that deacly Fegan to perv the ar of the room about the midight Pharazy turned wean from the patchmens of Phom, and that the beth was eaped high and he Fire burned! bright hand the sudden tural of great wind fll of seabird shvicking and the cies land-owl even on helps: wing ‘ver al igh augher of diolc vies, Madly frm se north tind bear apon hit euac-based rowers and bide were cat Slows leave of aura agsine the outpaced window, and seseemed eo rearand stain athe grate walls Though the oor ws shut andthe windows were tgh-clsed, an iy guse ‘ound snd round, cling the table where Pharzyn sa, sa ‘he broad pares of Pao fom beneath hn fingers, end ing at she lmp-lame Fruits. wih sluggish bras, he szove eo remember ounerchat which i ort fftive agains he sis fh quater Then, srangely seemed that che wind Fl, Kai rmighey sills bout che house Soon be wat made swae of igh shining beyond ht cha windows, 36 belated con Fad now rte above the rock Pharszyn knew thatthe moon was ae cht time a chine dktning with evenide It seemed cha the igh one fe south ple and Fig a fie of ce; and going tthe window he (hod aera chat caered al he ea, coming a from ee teen poke In tha igh he rcks were pale than rb, and che sete whiter than seas, andthe huts of ee Fisermen were edits tombs. The walled garde of Pharzyn was filed wit she ins light na al of che green had departed fom is lige ll of the cor had Been Ihe fom ie blosoms until they ‘tre lke deathly flowers of snos: And she beam fl esky upon the [ine malls of his out, bu le il inshadow che wall otha upper Sinte fom which he looked THe thought tha the Beam poured from a pale cloud tha ay sd the sa-lne, ee fom 4 whic peak in he diteton of the ples mbich had never beore been visible by day, Bu secmed to fave ited skyward ia the sight—of this he as uncertain ‘Watching he thought he saw ha i cose highet in he heavens, chat sear of Feige igh, bur clmb higher upon she walls of bis tomer At length the ce-monain, wherefom i stemed hat ay of ‘old ight shone, loomed mighy nthe boreal henens, nlc was higher even than the dreud mouetsin Achoravomas, which belches fives of lame and liquid stone tat pove unguenched cough “Tho Volpanom to the utr may, steeper stile seemed to hi une it romered above che house of Pars ke unto fa and ‘abla Yaak ise the mountain of ce thac marks the st ofthe eva ple ‘Sete could be draw breath the cold tha wat on the stand ‘he light of the mountainats icherg seared is eyeballs wich an ‘cen formes Yer he perceive acd thing cha che ay ofthe Birgit frm se ple FI inde and fo cher se of his tous; and the loner chamber, where Rath and Ahi sep, ere Sathe inehe sang lvminance, Le would seer ha is sufi Zane geben peas ad ere 0 pesere tet h chars erat his House fom the fal iyo he beam of ein he Then che beam suerte fom the ll somes of Pharzyn, and Feed his hoe by, questing the igh. The cil ust was gone rom "he rom, eh lamp and he fie ned adi and someching of "ar sued omy ing the halrzen maton of Phan, Pondering in vain he sgnconce of the mystery he then "scm to hearin che abou him aswee and waar vie: And speaking in «congue cht he knew Dot, the voice tre ra slumber And Pharayn could not ress the ane, and upon there fell such a rumbress of seep a8 overcomes the ou svc ina plate of nom ‘aking sly at dawn, he ose up ram the oor wher he ha ar found hie ave and unharmed by the ordeal it sa i ‘which ha befallen him during the acuta ors hd Ben bur the phunarmagora of a es Stein co the window, che prophecchew wide the ct snd gazed with fatal eepidstion upon the orth, But chere rothing which mee hi eye chat he had no hel hous forte the Bes and barren wate f Mh Thala, ulin ‘na rocky promonory which thre ou nto the dar nes and ‘white wikderness of sotherioae Palrion beyond the snowy ion ofthe wall of mountain which stood athwat the ho “Nowhere in his ange of vison could Pharzy perceive that sliesing, tha sky-acending spite, of soaring ike wherefiom hone he gid ey ral that wat no longer sth che scope of hit Eecep ‘he prophet knew with rim etaingy what i had bee tha Be sarely Sen. No capes, ring ou 9 se, had espe sik a boreal main: no legend ht eld of among che di Hype ils: no eer or sge had ect i rm hi eething 2d ph ‘al von: but Phaniyn knew Deathly and eile had Bee cha literng pinnae, hang i 4 inn teated cower nthe aeneh; and e knew with sre and {ain knowlege th source ofthe light he had bebe inthe lke afr beacon, and tht i shone not fom any xl coast from vate und cane-cellacguls proound To these ltr of ft Badr tenon shal lls of stool ctl Yer he wills he cone longer touched by the beum a inch nigh, fre had pane ‘many hours sine; and upon al is hose there wat anh bat ‘ly um and the morning shadows, “Agtin he reremberes the saying o Lith; an with moc ading he descended 9 the ground sory. Thet, ache nl ‘pes she Boy Raths and che hag Adis were leaning with Tee eatned to che diet wherelzom ee cy Beaonighe a ve ily they stood with wide-open eyes, ada pale tar ws iMfeve par and upon them was dhe white death sich as had 1 doe hs Bd inthe night. A, ocaing eer, che prope se ated by tele hills eh sore upon im fom chet odie, which were pallid the Nesh of leprosy and shite 3 moon shed are ‘Gung beyond the theogh she window, Pharasy peeved ug tears and rocks othe shore, cea of he herald rece wo cei homes were ing or anengupigh i sill nisd fours, si chy had emerged from thie he places eo behold Fe pale ean and ha been steak into an enchanedshumber oe fares so one bythe Gorgons glare ofthe polar li. And the ‘hol shore and harbor and he eis, and the guden of Pray, oe tothe fone trehald f hishaus, was male cyst att ‘educa rt, had heen che walls of his house He woul have fom thence, knowing his magic whol int ‘sual aie thi thing. But came co in that death wa the it falling ofthe rays from che iee-mounein, an, levi he seer of dhe hous, he mast perforce ener ha stl ighe when next itshone questing down the datling she frm the ulinate north Ad yee no coral unprotected wat hehe reraind for he wards hea ected again supernatural niruon had in tach protected hi fom he dum which had befle che hapless Fer lk, and the boy Ratha, and he crane, Or wat hit inexplicable survival doe otto theelfiay of hit salfumigaions and Farias? Nom ecto cee ito the here of Paras, fst care a him "tac halon, ofall who duel om the shore, had ben xb rom the white death He dared not suse the enon of hit exemption Sat he rened hefty fight, and in the ne deemed it bet ‘ocean patenty and mito fear, aming whatever should bef ‘hm with the coming of another nigh Recurring to ha chamber he bose himself with various cone "ions Dut hs familias had sone away nthe night, forsaking he als at which he had posted thems and no spt, haman oF demo cal, made apy to 8 querying. And noc in any way known 10 aid oul he fur age ofthe nountin of esd fe ge ay ovine the last inkling fits ert, 0 one he de surmise eat had seed upon hin Deeply mere in hit orcerus bos, he #35 unaware a pasage of cme and only walled that nights upon him preset a he labored wish his eles canis eee upon hi ‘helweating af a wind that was rar bu a subeler and 9 ee rent od the moos ter. His on eth Fook hin wih ries unpeskable, nd he ell down on he Morin a sre of son that was nea co death, And gain he recalled the i rermorphois that ad bien, she unfrenate warlock, Es tnd his tranformation upon Viki tn» being ale end Figoo of spe Artc cold, co who ev ee igi and ina tal eter was ender somehow revpiable In he swoon fe as doubly aware of woes utting rar pelle igers couched im wth iy pangs a him came and wen leak radiance, ke a ce shat Bows and and ows agin. nolele was this uminance all is ee it brighened slowly, wih bier ebbing and in ime his ee hs flesh were tempered «9 endef. Alot fully up Rn shone the myscrious ight fom the nore, Basing ehrough hi hows ad i sere chat a great Eye regarded hi inthe lige, He would have en 0 confont che Eye, bur hit 008 im ke pay Aer that, leptin for cttin psi. Waking he ‘nals ibs cher woaced seen and quickness. The bight sol upon his house, pal lamiance glimmenng through ‘humber. The, with inexpleable addemners, ie wat goes wher i had died a ts soure or merely armed sway Some ater plate in che frecrng regard of es Gorgon, be ot haow Morning le eh east and the second night was end of cit ‘Adz posing ov, he witesed& new and more ominous mare Ia he aduaein os ba sp ip at he ry il of as amit. And he was amare of bse certany: shat on the ‘Bighe—sould he ver ate t—che cok ed pallid beam fr “yp pesk would filly oer int his atemenewindon an his doom Sri be upon him eveating uated pon Pharty the, fr he sin alo these pe mana isis workings of waarde plenipotent aod tan: ‘neeea andbeyoad the skillof any terrenesrcere Al tha hid rte seuched che blod-writ res of moulding sol of peo Guayeparchiens, and sanned che weings of the elder sags, seoshing in sun force means to combat the ert menace fom the ‘tw close computed him and which woud, be knew, with he ering of righ, dag him down to «doom so profound and una {Cis hat fro es fig born he igh eve escape Tori al come co Pharayn, inthe rane shamber of hi spllindeed woo, wha set lake behind the cryptic sayings oF Sh Tor he had found amongst the enigmatic ueerances of the prophet yer second pustage whore meaning had eceoore eluded the comptesion of the sages: "But even He, who reigns among. the lors deat, made wlerle by His coming-hence ino the ‘wtf mortal Beware then, He wrth hat Other One which {is Maser and far more ere than He; and Who sbideth for ‘oor in His cold ers benent® His mount, bepeisoned hee by ‘he Eler Goss, For fat Ox Seek ye out, Hi there i 0 escap ag save in death isl ‘Now it seemed o Phattyn thatthe One whose coming was Feld by she propher Lith wat the white warm, Rin Shakoeth; fac beyond he limis ofthe orth ade come io is Hoang ‘tel, he evil, Yih, e voyage the mundane cess and co ble with hil splendor the pany peoples of humankind, And ‘hen Evagh the wlck had eon tansored ine = being for ‘hom was mae epable che iron which no mot man ay dea Sreth even that coldness and the thin eter tha go evewyhere With Yith—he wa brug fice 0 face with hat being whose ‘ere propiet Lh had forerld obscurely, nd who ad vaguely "we tneaments of visage belonging either o best of che eth not ‘And unto hoy Rl Shakorh had spake: “Wisdom ineffable hte eine, and mastery of love Beyond the reach of morals if "ho wee wohip me and econ my hal wi ve thou shalt ‘orage amid che Kingdoms of the noth and shale pas among the ree southern lands, and we shall site the fi pores and wih lghe of crane winter: fo 1a he whose coming the gods may no ppp Three, Pharayn knew, Evagh had duel upon Vik ‘beneath dhe isracton of Doon and Us Ladd, eapeive so oF Tulsa well een vempered to the cles Vik ‘ogether with certain outlandish and uncoudh me called Pol he performed the sevenfold te that scarce sable forma here, and sare the thiclld vow of unspeakable i “There for many days and eights, be sie with Ren Sh klown the cost of Mh Thun ad che provines of Zabdarat reat ices beng guided bythe sorcery of the worm, preva en aginst the wind and de By nigh and dy, ke she be deal beacon, the hil splendor soe afar rom Vick owery Cemgoth and tsaonsing. Agull wich bores! sil Prod wivemes were overaken 2 they Bed southward, thee based ar the as: and often ships were caught and enbedded a new batons ofc hat Formed daly sound the Bae of cha rowing mountain. Bu, daeling upon Yih, che soeeer Bs ‘his llow-nzars were mine co that ky death, ech sworm had prom eher. All were nied in the nosh a svc wor and all sered wer content i esse with log, and wer fan of that unearthly lve and dominion which ‘orm had promi she Bur Evagh rebelled in secret agains it thrldoo co Saitorh; he beheld with revlon the doom of tes and sn his bear forthe Fishing corals andthe bremes of rade swf that ted mares after dhcy had met Yah, Ever ee isle followed is southward couse, growing vaste and more _iou by action and eset atthe stacuppintd ce, which the forenoon of everythin day the srerrs convened inthe enc of Rl Shaikoreh rd hrs won, To he petuaton a ‘heie numbers unaccountably denied, wavack by warack, armonas the outlandish men om Plan, And eve, rin ‘orm ad nie; anc he ncene ws ibe chicken Fis whole body fom ea ot Deering these cecumstances anil augury, the srcenes m feasil supplkacion 10 the worm in ther varius sonics “ie hi elie han concen he ite oie oe Bat the reply they eeeived was equivocal at best: Somers sm wa st and somes he besa te, ewig ‘Sythe pms heh mae, And Us Lathan seme os “ESiavow tobe doom whch nek them soon by on Serie ee top on emer ces tthe eras ict whce wom snd she unhinged At ath waht pence rhs vohed been wee moe merged uy inthe sleteresal ang of Rl Shon, had ben ‘are bythe son ad thi th of te wom, a abe ‘hafrwrdi ceili ly wr fe hse oe [ded hdl ot fone el vows an se ‘Ring th inenses pedo amber when se he mig BimShatordh wr lea And re edi etn th dao Ian both the aie worm and fhe i, Vth, ale isn spit sore sci the frei, hc Iie fee Now it sere o Phare th eh hie worm wa xn ch Or wero he pp Lh had ews he wo a ea ths wen en cherie Rin Sharh wart he ms ‘hf wor andr more potent an sl Bong hae wrth “opr oa the wor the props Lith adsl inhi penal the paces f Por, Parsiynfa d ccc ag ens toon ety of super ald wh ha ‘on dow fm dim Frau whch wor a ours, king Sinbad heya venus bowel ak the enone ‘ck sans apn clint nd bore pole, band hr feet ta heii the ems an eng dt hich ard chew and ae eel ped 0 ey ema Al St sbescma oe wth ht sane wh he ying of th Sal cpl snd And inthe dead ame of Aon 2a conemang wen een the Pac Mars ae oly is sok om gr and righ relceace Tor tha mhich Pharayn now dared co dream was tue, then io Shakar wa oly che miner af th Polar One of whom the Recodo antrce cycles whisper Fea hings and the whe "Ps ofthe orel wastes Cald Ones who bey the behest of sors and haune peepee the frozen wilderness and shrek pon the nighewind lke damned, eemened soule—they were ‘he minions and e¥ant of Aphoom Zhah, and Rlim Shaikh lade Ando hit Aphoom Zhah, the Prakone Manassa Chim abe flame ofl which sal 1mday encompass the fof me, fom wintry Polaron nthe akimae orth, shrowgh al Hypetborean Kingdoms and archipelagos, evento the out ‘lef Osehcor. And wast ata ery flame fees which Pha had sen fling ado he nighted sis, fom a mous of ie like semore and erable Yar? Bur shertore mat che atath ofthe Dwele atthe Ple agunse Phatay om aa fom vengeance fo wha lt dal he fame of coldness see ou is igh out, right oon Here, oa, the wadom of Pom yee 3 clse upon pers, For ot dhe sage written thu: "Nether the Ol Ones no thei i dice ro stu che sg ofthe Elie Gods; he hand of moral alone may touch ee sig unseen in another plae, the tabora Ones posses ever thas pls mortal in whose houe the sta of Thee ogi be ascendant” Aad wel ke Ph thac boc he and she unhappy Esagh were bith in the hour den Fama sen over he edges ofthe weld, “Therein lay the reson whereby had Rly Shah pon teansmuce the flesh of Evagh, and 0 temper ie 0 that che wa rnghe endure he harsh igo of Yat; hain, 0, might be the cate wherefore the lig frm the ple had ought out ee tomes of Parsyn, among il she esidences of men sro i sud dle tel th als Bad oon the pra of Yn Pharyu he rp cle he Cold Fane spt rl ‘nd thus came 9 pss shat Phar kenew the exe hoo, and bre hin damed beyond ocr doom rer itis otange and fear doom, 0 know tt by yor bod sal ‘et upon the Hah of men the teal ft gl howe ple bp one the most ardent sar and pute sine atthe very coe unite autterable olds ofthe prin and eam de “When tha che sun ote upon the morning she shied dy ae bight of coldness ha is oucked the cous of Zab, nd fshecflk who had ed land bide she untenable chil Jose of Zach came to eur #0 the Fest whitened ts, hey Uns che high house of Pharayn the prophet erpey of ie ‘he fi they were cml and eepitos, and lingered thar thes cer, wen nage etd, the younger and belder en ae onthe venture nto the house, bu eau for eis nese eno etc the houses of rcerersunbien. In he lower parts Fee hse the young men found the bodies af the hoy Rath and ‘hc urome Abi sat at bone, che gareted hee courge and vale the pale orp, nding rem frozen and ony. Toke upper pus ofthe rower which were untouched by the Jesrng fost he Far ale covered the corpse ofthe proper Fins, seated in his eheone-Uike chai carved ofthe ivory of mam pos Upon hihi rd lip scold sil, and eerebeneath was Move sl, tamer and yt zone eed for he had shi his chroot fan cotta, had Phas, heel ofthe les eri ofthe emo tiyngs ofthe prophet Lith thar nly by death can 2a ele the “lsc ofAphots Zh she Lae ofthe Pole. About “The Stairs in the Crypt” hi sine ou a 0 ste since Liv uly sugges coil of pena ned min tm The Sholom the Sache rrouth of nc Avant Other sae 0 Wn Ze wie The haa abo the aces prtalopning once tomb nde fro © Hola Pics Nammarian png sb re Lae hain “Through the Gate o the Ser Key and he rere cae Ol One Nyogtha The Sle Hare) whom Ln ee The pa ofthe ae sk inch ri gee bio soko onte pt ohh ded may end ge, Seton inex PL oe ee mses shi ml id an rh SEB Ga nie te eg tac hl nage 13.160 Cornr the dre Jona ihe Ace Ja 3, Gove (5153 Ths pore oho cls dee Je sl Me and BJ ge thn ney eed tamehing ten March snde the re ows ng a ‘Seubtsie 2641-4) amp tony ed Riculsscn fy wee Over a Toe pra ofthe mice carn a Prong) po” Fie tse Sensis mn mgt ow The Ste i tb yp ry toe ni otro ‘ne whole bon ca, The saane charter af he oe Iota hien Iietapened nnn As 1976, The Stairs in the Crypt ‘the History of the Necromancer Avalzaunt by Clark Ashson Smith and Lin Carrer [coat co the ineworable rmination of his erly existence in foe Yar ofthe Common Spdee during the empery of King Ghat of Common. Up che ocaion af his demise, his dis acim accordance with he oa usom, cased his body so be pe Min ins bath of Bituminous maton, and incerted the more Rohsns of shir maser in a mausoleum prepared according £0 his ‘Fees inshe burying grounds adjacen 9 he aby a Camorba, a (de puince fUshnos inch eastern pares of Hypebores, “The covers mae ove te eatafalque whereupon epost he roummy of the ecomancer were ly cursory in nacre and che ‘hemi delivered the inernne bythe eles fhe apprentices of Aakaun, one Moan, was permed na egg ad ges rg manner, singly lcking i tha spit of somber dence one Shoal hive expected from se bereaved disciples gatheced co mourn ‘hr deceased mentor The th ofthe muctr was thae Aone ofthe fener sadens of alan had any parc case ro bemoan hi ema fr cheie mater had been an exigeant and grou ass terand his cold cbdracy hal done Fez een ion any afeccon From the who had stdied the dubious and repagnane science oF ecromancy unde his ach ad unsympcei ege "Upon ee compeson of the rege voles, she acolytes ‘the ncsomancer depute or her ances abodes in the cy of Zanzonga which sand nary, while others lage ehemseves 0 ‘ore dtu Cemgonh and Leguan, As for the negligent Myson he "eyed othe remote and sled owe of primordial salt which "2 tam a alan eveloking the Boreal water of che eaters ‘inom hh hey hd lone forthe free i, Tio bad ormenly been he resdnce ofthe deceased necromancer but wis "sw. awa ees, devaled un hela he Sires be sane the lt ind unlrenced mage l is tld of the neciomancer Avalaunt hace sucumbed a IF the pupils of Avlaune assed tha they had eke las farewells of chee master, However, if eveneuated tha sssumpeon they were seouly mistaken For afer sme ¥ epee within che spre, vigor seeped bac spain ino the ‘He fimbs of the mumnied enchanter and semence gleamed in is lied and sunken eyes. At Git che putaly-seived he sompoleae and uomoving in ub ad minds stupor, wi conception ofits present charnel abode, Ie knew, in fn, thar nor whee was, not aug ofthe pel icmstancn Sotimely and unprecedented sero, ‘On eh qucton the pilsophers remain divided. One lds the theorem sha was the unssmly brevity of he staf the penumbl and atrocious raf of necromancy, bu fom tes which prevented the rele fee atc of Aras el lay eh initiating the unnatural revtalain ofthe cave. O Fratalite chat ir wat the nesomanic power ineren oA Ninel which were he sl aie agen in is urn oe al, chey argue, and wth Some cogence, one who i seeped in power efit he resection of another should cerainiy ve in death, 2 ede ofthat power sficient to perform fable revision upon oneelt Thee, however, are gues loop debae for which the preenchoncer cks bath Issue and ering co pursue roan uneqvrs! onc, Safer uy ta he fullness of i, heh hades 1s faculties such a degree asc beveme cognizant ofits ince Tye unnaral vigor which animate the corpse enabled i ssid he any ll of he black marble sarcophagus an them ‘Sr upand seared abot ts with owe ni indescribable “The withered wreath of yew and cypress, che decaying drape func ak an purple, the seplhrl dor ofthe tone ch shorn iC now found Wl, and the wamiakable mtare of om Sanishings, all served ale o conn the esinaed its ial presions Tefal for we he living, so gues a she thought os rected hough the deed and moulded bain Uh pondered ee demise an resurrection. We oy Iau it ‘hat the spit of Avaloune sued before nore ofthe morbid shuerome cpidations a Sdary mortal would experience fsakening wich somber and reply evita. Not hom sh Among ee various implements of arcane manufacture which che Dp Avaleune ba ured nthe eye bee he atl remaing "Fhe lamened master eh 98» buted speculum of Back ec herein peel thr cave of Avant Beeld its om rep 8 hep was Sl, that sete and Fabous wae whch fered ack tthe necomancer fom the eon depths of che ‘irr. Avatuat had sen sach sheaken and decayed neu foresee upon pret mommies ied fom the crambling of cainsanttinr ohit owe. Seldom however, had the med ich ged upon delight decomposed and wahered 2g this bay 2nd wisened horror which was i ow fe. “The leh nese turned ape scrriny on waa ems oft ad leachey body a ested rile Lab drape inthe ag ‘ng ral, ding thee embed with an adenine and 3 ‘igor lb dey wee gaune and arenuacd toa degre which onl be described as shea, Whatever dhe source of the supra encgy which 00 animaed the compe ofthe necromancer ee Undid eeture 2 vigor chad never previously enjoyed iy ‘vem in ee long-ago decades of its ovenesence. (As for he erp sl c wa sealed fom thous by Ps monies which rendered the posal thereunto sewable by mummy int present mode of exience a oe of the Living Such pecans were customary in he land of Una, hich the abode of ny warlock ad enchaners ding thee whe sete: fr se mae ated tht wa seldo fe ey i tei ed cht, eines, they Fe wont to sie up from tei deathly tolence ad tle abroad to wtak a dice ad ghastly vengeance ‘hove who wronged cen win chy led. Hence was i ol dent fr thet burghers of Zanaonga, the piney region of Hyperbre, fo insist ha he tombs of Sorcerers Be sth the Prakotc penetra, againt which such af the Dralaaune may not respas without the severe dames ‘Thar ie was ehat the mpm of che necromancer was icin she cept, elles 0 emerge shertm inc he outer ‘And thee fr atime i continued to seour: but the animated ws in a0 wise discommodd by its enforced confinement, ft Ghnare and ponderous athitectune of the ceype wat of Alva, andthe building thereof Avaeaune had hie sper ‘Three was three ype was Spacious nd, witha nal in sh few and dial amenities asthe reposing chabert of ead nay customarily lfrd thie hl hubtans. Moreoter, living corpse bethoughe sel of chat scree poral every combi non ahve, bed the which there dudes wat hid veel. and among. these inimical dwellers inthe enebrous depchs consent t0 rye in afer death Trslong the nde head dhe she of leshery fet ascending shessst si from the unpimbed and plomy foea ofthe abyss, anche fumbling of rstng pam agaist the biden portal and the sic and wad ir within the wale war, of a Suden, permeated Tia disquieting eva as of longsaled groves bat newly oped By these kent he lc wo made aware of che ghoul-pack that puwisand whined and snfled hungry at the doe And when he furl ye co adi he gaunt, lesp-belie, shying hed, ce Tk eae up bene it, ing ein arms ike withed sticks and clase hand ke he tk aoa of monstous hinds. The potcid ‘veces os pha posphorercence Dred up atthe comnmand of therecromancs, and she ghoul-her,aighted, squealed apd grow le ble the glv-eyed mary A lenge, having cowed them acm, Avalesue ied rm dhe lade f te puck, 2 hound ‘mae hing ith dll eyes the hue of rancid pus, »fearfal and tigi aah of erldor. Te wat not long thereafter before Avuzaun a ned fi op ing herd of gravee, For the nectomancer in tine bam ace of a inne Lck which gretlyeovmented it an which eer ‘rman unasuaged by ch spernteral vigor whic animated frm ime chit nebulae resolved seine Bnaing ack autem, butt 98 fr no mundane acimen, the acl and ‘ing hie which burned within the dey and withered ene of "beck Col water not honey heed wine would no secs bs Te bosta ‘hac unholy this frie was em ind Avra eave, but lo wherefore the mary didnot know Pechance ie war Simply that he dscated tes ofthe ‘wee souk cough wih the bituminous sales ofthe Ber vine ad been immered, and that ie was chit acd Sthich woke 20 fece and burning a hit within dy and tls. Or mayhap it was even a nique legend od har he Tess legions of che undead require the imbsbement of fs swhercby eo sustain chic unaturlextenceon his plane of ‘whatever may have been the caus, ce mummy of the den mance yeirbed for dhe fara crimson Mai which Noms 9 sally through the veins of the ving ait had never thie fo he oes of wines rom tren vineyards when thd ved A Avalaune evoke the lean and hungry ghouls before is bie, profcred unto the neetmancer lect chalice brimming aca ai gore drained rom the css of cps but the thick, coagulated bod did aught co sae the this eat seared theo othe manny Elanged fr Fes blood, rims ad ha foam beaded, andi vomed shut erelong e would drink deep goin and again nd yer sin, “Theft he shaming bed same by night a ail in de ince co the smmy’ wl. Ande cue pas hat he ciples ofthe necromancer had east 0 tere che nehgent ‘onerhasty burl of tei unlanened menor Fo ie was apa acolytes of the deat ecramancer whom the ghouhorde ‘And he fist fl he wis was tha uneegeerats nd i [Mygon who sll duel inthe seaontng toner whic once been the drmesne ofthe necromancer. When, with the dina Is servane came to rose im fom his sambers, chy fo blehed and ely shranken cope amid the disorder he eloces, which sere torn and trampled and besiched with rite and grave mould. Naugh of che nature ofthe rostral tants to the chamber ofthe aforunare Myon cou hi os stricken servants discon from the Bed ating of his gat fhe eyes; bu fom the drained and empry vis ofthe sve peetourrl pall they guesed it dat head len tin noe hainabl ad prowl warp athe aight seasin and again threes the ghoul-herd mene foth by the sce tit withthe app OF Alaune, dow eo tose deep at Anna the cre af he earth whee they and er brethen had ely sunnced out waren of feud pasagenays connecting send burial ground and the salts beneath castle, empl serrate town. Afr nin such rly atrocities had befallen, sme eine ination of the srk. dawned pen the eclesiarchs of ‘Pinson fr ot Became sneresingly abies that oaly the Former quent of te deed necomance,Avaeaam. sufeted from the eons f he unknown vampires nie the priests ances ventured fre co seine the crypt ofthe dees Usnner bat found itl seed i door of hese ead inet, and fhe Pak pentagram afd thereto undisturbed and unbroken. ‘The eigh-psowng monscere who desined chit hapless wis ey cf bn, wher oF whatever they might prove robe, ad naught (o-dwith Aline surely fr the necromancer, eey said, slepe ‘ell within his sealed and shuren eype. Thi promuncimento given ch, they terns tothe rele of Yabo, in Zanzonga, ples syste with serves fr he swif and thorough Flinn of cher sion. Not ane of hem 30 much a8 suspected, of couse, he very exence af the sas in de cept, whereby Avalanne and his aul emerged in te loaing ro hune down the unwary and shominably feast, ‘And fom this vile cturnal fasting the sere and withered ‘mummy lois aforetime gauntnes, andi waxed leek and plump 4d suclen, fr that now gorged hel each night on. bub bing oc and a wellknown co these ofthe wnequeamish who Ponce gna such morbidities, the undead neither digest noe lim "a the Ful and loachly sutzenance whereon ey fed Ervong the sow bloated and coepuent ih had exhassted the ‘ec oe fcmer apprentices, for nor one femuined united bythe ‘humble og che Bi Then was thar che insible Avalsunt evhought hin af he monks of Camera whose abbey ly close by, "ah ace she very burleground wherein was supposed he alee ¥ the sna solitude of ha expe. Thee monks were oF an order hich worsineed Shinba, god ofthe shepherds, and this drowsy, be Te bot rosie gdling demande but ltl of his leben: whe they wera ie fa, complacent lat auch gen co the ely sucess sid they feed om the prinlest of vias, aug but the richest of tage, and dined! hugely on he zd most sacculear haunches of rate, dipping meat, by ‘hereofthey were oy and ocund and viming wth hoe Band the sexy thought of che fat, bubbling Haid chat went through thei sf, lay ich, he undead necromancer grew an famished: and he vowed thay sight lead his oping hounds agsine che ay of Canora, Night fl, shick with rgd apo. A humped and gious Aogcd above the vernal hilo Uthoo. Thi, so of Ca sso lnted with the abbey acount, seated bein 3 ek a inkl wth crven logis masonic ory as he moon ae ‘oar the seit, Rumor had noe exaggerated his comple, fal he monks of amor, the aoe wat the mor rod and fund andy eae ie ma fo the fc jugular that pub il tof throw th the necromancer had sworn to sake his Sbie sholesone cise In one plump hand Thain held a sheaf of dcurnents taining co she accounts of the abbey, the which were sb csp papas tae from clues the py fingers ofthe hand coed idly with ser pperife which had been a gif the high pst of Shiba in anzong, and which was rancid the sings of chat perch ‘Thas sf wae that, when the Jong and becsined wi behind the desk burt asunder blore the whining, suger hungry ghoul, and the swollen and hidsously bated Rie of sad-eyed cadaver which ed the romb-hounds care ching the abboe whee be sat, Thin, shricking with panic feu, nd impulsively ehrase that small lune siver knife ico the ‘ened paunch ofthe lambering corps ai fang ie po What cccered in sage 0 that nce nd, onda ine ak ow is ill «acter of theological debate among the ‘Sachs of Zags, whoo Snes eps sgl in chi bedi For the booed and swollen paunh of the walking conpe bust pet ke a immense ad een ft, spewing foc such pen “PEt quantities of lack und pti Hood eh the silken oes of he ‘fone mee drenched tan neat noth, so voluminous wa he ‘Those fea, coagultes gore, thee thick carpets were sured (Ge stinking Mid, which sprayed an squid in al ditions The stken cadiver sraggered about in is theots, The wile Hii {hs ter ad yon in such ods char even the cask wal eis wer seared, and, no time a all che ence chamber Niwas ic pcrescen gore auch an exten ha she very Moor TE become a lake of foulest. The lucene wlenes poured out vache allay anche conor beyond when a lenge the ober oss oused by the shikings of tei haeresmite abbot, rose {none and paler and same basing into Bebo the ghastly abba Culehuntefating in lake o ose sie and Thi himself nce gale and ibbering arp ise desk, pointing oe pased hand the thin and ean an ahery Sod of di and desicared Fes shat wat all which emne of zane the pecromancs oe the le ads his mre retuned had burst ort ina geist due, And dined bits dy ‘This horendows epiode was hushed up and only distonad rumors he nightmare cee eed yor the abbey wal Buc he ures of Zanzonga manele or son one the si and inex Pcl resignation fom his at ad cozy sneer ofthe complacent pleasure loving Ths, who departed tha very dave om a Iecorpiarimage to he comotest of oly aries ar famed foes vonderaoring vec, which wat suse amid the most hose tc nace of widcoeses Theeaer the casened abboe ced dur mona order of ster Haglan, fared foe cei “chtadherepee grim ce of the wtnos severity, wherein heal but htseie meric ofthe zealous Thain, ogeher with is over Pgoruechassements of the sh, made hn an object of amaze ‘ec and wees among even the harshest and tort abdurte of is Srcen. No longer pl atl of and selFindulgent, he grew lan ‘sll from a lek ee of moldy cots and sale wae, apd ir Tog thetaler ithe oor of sancti and was prompy clad venerable and. beatific by the grand patarch oF Cnmarion and hi cs ow command excessive pris Hom the esr in such ecesiastl memoraiis As fr she emi necromancer they wee burton the het fhe abbey and were redced co pinch of biter oh wich ws al tothe winds. And it issud of the sai of the unconae vale that ac ast found tse wharves far and fabulous bout Final baven of pereSed and esl spin. ‘About “The Feaster from the Stars” “The eter he St premiered in Cp of Cle #26 iowa 1984, Lin Carer appended Some eesti sn “Te nay derives fom places of Sits ih or in The Black Bak be na donned by ‘rrr nthe bck one of Sih fogaph Sanus "Whee a agate, conderning eth ‘he members fan lic cul of dvlemohippe, {tuys the Hl ofthe gad Be ice ‘ruth When lof he cl ae eet he eon Ine exes on vengrce othe apa” Ne ‘he he only gly aleve hi making he kd Cancers High Gnas dan» agitate reco ri 0 clea prt "Phe even Genes "Yadugger an Woh Rare te nates coed ly Smith it ptr hates ee ry eve lly pled “Th Seer Gene” Ih al ere son hese dese rae mete hangs co Exo {Rar Yoho es good eae ota. lease Lovee sho cane yp with te ace 2 “eld 0 atoggun™ hs excep fom OF Ell Sine one of the agent incerta The kr th Teo HPL fd o spec gender Ihe Geneogeal Chan cere om 4 1934 tet 1 TRobert) Bulow and paed In Plewt ond Dimer, Sith ges "Zelgghas sche nae “egg ol led cil Hanae he in fom tae the cd i Lege go a eae ety fore Shah upon the plane Yoh (Ney “Tuthoggn, bee he deeded eich ob ondary spore Zong ote ale Tutor “Yiu” "Vata" “Zong rane amor all hate we ned by Sith and led nh ore for Fre, lee we "hor of he wen pape naan a yoy one Cab sine by my eon hae ai, remain oly pin ou oo ambiois ih. tw and how sey might Be eed i, me ee ee aren whch wosthae fan he roscine pel b on inser era shat ns Voth luo cus wha he shod ones ingens, spplan fi aiken coy oe oy hin cll bevwee te cw Ary inal ie Nor ha ‘ull iemedaely spect the dl explain tet di Cn, a cal eigen ern of he ary hh Cot athe det hy Pei, wih the socio a Cee Yalnggr being» ter wb Ad tin et wou Be my Ls manusnpt gue cntea fit mr cho lowe by a ter aerthough, yet wth he sone va ee. the me Pest ead she Yeggor pode meaning © campy a tha shou the cin, bt get. The Feaster from the Stars: ‘The History of Yzduggor che Eremie by Lin Career 1 he Lard Veuth Rakorn, member af the eninor nobility of I Hypetbore and rwenry nah beteiary high constable of veo tS cae back shape sea dowel Commorim, suceeded 0 his iaberitance aan unasualiy sang em te alan nd bo alam wet Nor nati eve agua sen y ra en” Wich “i? The Shae” cee “Seking form”? Graal would moe servo rhe monster bch one ees 2 etre the eed Pesce of Voth Ralsrn epecil s» Zipogghin des indeed et en once mare yen Care Strange Manse Foo ena Wty hah makes nge rnchg pa ih "The ee ‘He Sn Sil ae woes premature age, when his father, snveterate hntman, 2 ted fo the fangs and claws of one af the lesser dinosaur. AS offical duis mere largely ceremonial, Voth Raluora enjoyed hie nue and the income 9 indulge in his principal ents wrmich was the persal of atiqu grimoies and the astry oF he as af wna In tht hobby, be was assed, abe postu ‘mousy, by his ends forthe wen seventh hereditary high ‘osuabl ad ben esemicing in his persecution ofthe ince Colas of the demon Tthogge ans loth ik, and his eles rescuton had resulted 8 she accumulation af an env ibl beaty These feng pny occur in Mae 15:21 4 whet al e's and his uly mus ef eure tog ce le al salma wa Sonn of Gye, pe serie to ep Ju Pye Life Bn, Soa wa stack mth he om and eid re Jessreaped “hase myc. Tekin ae i fe tp Be al ou ee down i cre tk Of sich rama Ia af wns rer serena ae Tis leisure hus divided becwce schoay paris and dhe as «ive pears of i ok, Voth Ralaor usu in the es of Tesh he ntellceal atid the slupeaus spre, and Fam ese ste an pleasures he mas bo infequcnly roused by che call bis ‘onsablary dais. One suc ecasion rok plac sty i the eign asin Lan # convene oF demen-worshipers having teen scone ia the southernmost suburb ofthe capita, eo olora was forced f extcte himel rm dhe embrace of his kan, che suple lined and sabletesed Yeabbau, in order £0 "ipo ep se cl of day Te demon-worthippers, ated, had emconced themselves Svan angadoned mani mhich ered erracs onthe esplanade of “he Yet can, wher they engaged farely nth ula "use ding the satons ofthe year when he star Algol sin che scone Accompanying the constabulary too, in oder end egy office #0 thir nocturnal rid, York Raluorn was wat Ti ba tes ws among te fs to gun nity tothe remirinou edi, and the robed celebrant were bound and Searched, be examined interest the ales ablestone which tod she ents tion af he val in which they had conducted their earl Pheri e938 stra with a numberof ners tual niga among these being singly abhorrent elon hewn lincing obsidian, which depicted a swag-belied and compe ‘ogy with batlike wings and the play feted ed legs ofa rows roa, Face thal one, save fr gly Bead fs teaeale whch bird from the onl pins ts el ‘misshapen sl "etre atcompanying hiring pany and thei pisonce scatest go, Noth Ralaoes reve hatred che ilo ing shards withthe ones ma o ice, frp bi Zag Fra stated em is ios creed tes of he demon wich he high comb shoe 1 sgn ee wh ee hadowshape which ha for ws made i ears uapstay nou ‘sis windy elexgue ee? Kew live concerning che soon o used 0 mpart his kale cera be hd, howe (ett vice fr the apes Voth Bane, He sceme ha he A yh had worshiped pegs (ane sch tine she su Fog memes fhe convent had perished by impalement da twit justice of Queen Lathomaeé’ ecclesia conrs ad {nny counted uoog their ube renegade named Yale, ayes whee eso, had uted the body some yar age wae pte ie ofapentent semi among he seep the lc Tals Mounts OF che wee Yaduggo bom the wards of Cova eld inthe ies ete, wa amore that eo fcr lvoe ofthe sant and ered cls of Zipogghn wrpnay othe cel eof hat en and meee ha Znipoga, a Goon of the pao of dreaded Datos troche Back Thing uron male ctity ned hata on {cand fzen ah the seventh wold, waa dole personage of Thit sction, at it eventuated, wat exceedingly um Reeurning at length ro the are i concubine, che high ble fund himself ura to rekinle eh Ty ardour he ha tarie on that memorable evening, ad Became ines a fs canous mature of lieeness and uneasy excitation wk ther the honeyed ips of Yabba a the bite es ofthe in Could seeming assuage ‘he moe primordial lineage, and very rently Coe Feared “Tuceaponand withour dala, dee dcum-hauned York aoa forth ga 0 the Eglin, a seach ofthe emo and eluded dueling ofthis Yzdupgo. Nighy theeatier were she dreams of Nooth Rakoea hideous by an umbral appari of menacing spect which ed in every desi che repelled he had so ssprdenty asunder None of che wnuily volumes i che Hbary of bs Sire werved 1 render again wholesome his shanbers, and though YoachRaluorn dared employ the redoubtable exec Pom, at isc che Leste a thea arn the Greater, he fund means whereby &0extipate Che shadowy and obscene app from bis eae [otis ret cto comin te te id rious, ani as only prdee of she high conte co venture ‘hehe sompanied by to sou gard of hs recinue, Yan and “angi They journeyed, lad gurments of sautonleates with ‘cco of bronae, and bok warrior bite with blades and Das, ar far fhe fry an preuman Voom who haonted the Peaks ca say nothing of he monstrous ables of she mies. Tedd the unlackyTrangth fl prey co the seythe-lawed cao eps during she saeral of «swampy region, and he doughey Yenur perished in combat wich the Frcive Voom, leaving the sng nuble with sought cpen on sive his own wiry and ‘With despair and sre than considerable pido, Ror a length consled thse of i callesgues in the Sirens wit whom hi clans wore mutsaly fea, One a siclysepeaagenan yelepe Zong url, sicceded i i {ng she calor a image wrought inthe Meees fo de ity who name mone men was Dslpngahse so obscsre wa fepate of this denon, thar Voth Ralors had never hee mcounverel aught cooeing fim inthe Brno and estan the srength of hit adamansne simian, who fang wank sip carved om masa 0, Alone and unaided di Vooh Raluorn ail the la solcanic obsidian, dhe sonia li of die ven bask, ving Fumatoles and cesses wherein might well rk or ony the ori, but che cocker and baiks rumored #9 Fue arkome Las ‘Above hi a he oiled upmards comands ce ll fee tune emit, the oudles ble acended to eich of Ne phir. Wa cule he mde safe coming of edo black la als ives of any kines, nd, eaering upon a cay of gored junpes, which meagely flourished fom pcs off Sack lam he enced arrow cls beeween vst, combed of levin-hatered baltic boulders, huge atthe coy blocks boned by she careless hands of Tash "Through tis winding and enero labios he went, i himself ae upon at and lee allan where 3 wong of Chast out overs vertisinous and booms abyss. Taereup Spied ahve whose wal were made of oatdings hewn ro nies, eofed over hy che pallike Fonds of ycads. Bein ‘scribe hut, upon aed of singin as, 2 auldeon of bak seamed and bubbled, ‘And couched upon che doorxop, he spied 2 gaunt serch gure, mame hin fo the pine of emacition, Tesh ume of hve beeen parca ancien fieh, wearing bc the wing hie of Voormis kore abo ketal fi 2 fren halo, she high consable approached the creme 2eresed hi by mae, But vo ely greeting, the ea returned repli, oc even deg ecnize he approach. Fellow-huiman Thin lps evan allthis gums, het remained the discolored stump of 2 wor fing or evo, um prayer dations ina hose and creaking vez, che eremie ‘noe this evens ignoring the sry pete the young and al eh wile wih alonthin gers he counted the ead “couch rosary stingy shone fom human knatkle bon “rng is devotion ondaded, Yada or i wasn te, granted his splat the Benson of sour lance of url from yellow eyes bested Sich rhea, Undaunted, Voth > iki lead pr ihe halt See eet Orta el ee is choices proved apt and gute welcome, for the claw-ke hans stated aod ore at the scious delicacies, and whit "Yohagor gure ud slabbeed inthe most disgusting of manners, the young ws! eplind the reason which ad prompted this vist ciuimpoted the asta the Former devote of Zvlpogghu 1 apneite appeased the emi vt length yielded grading reply coh eniaci, and erlong did the young Cxmmorian learn from Veduggors chant lips cae presently Zeilpogghua resided tf and froven AbD#, s word cicumambiee abou the green Sew Algol ane may be ilo down co hit worl by i worshippers ‘uring shove mona Fee year when che consellaion Psat in fn anes, wherean i bis gly wone to Feed upon the lesb tis co drink the blood oF me, wherefore he own 0 sree 5 tes dhe Seas ery malign and uoforgiing is Zilog,” quack Yadoggor in harsh and inate tones to the young wie, “and beware lest you nurs wath rt, fr bets wise and od and cunning, and not of chal nate ‘Therflloming, We ahited hi vision co do cuando which gh avee dhe vengeance ofthe Sn of Targus. "Or mig ee, “ll he beri witha enigmatic chuckle, is nrun from the Eiglphian range was more dial and hz ‘as cham had Been he way ithe, cking hi ewo salwar gus ov Raum wat fred ola bute aain the Bess of fons 2d swamp, wi his wizardry nd is swordsmanship, and fr rely he cme to each antest he wc Returning home co the sncne house af his ancestors, he paced pugs and Serio 10 Purchase rhe equi forthe Formula recommended by che erie. This involved consderble expense 2 it required ra contly pfs, expensive chemi, dangers nacois,and ‘aluable admixture ae powered dum sul and ce eae of hippos frrnatl for hi alr, Noah Raluen wa ena procure sever ofthese contents t cst, ais lest lt nephew and hei, NungsAvatgomen, had been reduced by 10 tain in eae substances equted by wizards ‘With al ready to hand he sun westerns, ese inthe ane and Algo s fervent ey of green fie in he femamenty ‘young wizard pie oa filopm he pein athe fs hie cxcuped ony by tombe and sepals, and pre exorcise freer the tonic emity hase approval he hak ever accidentally, curred He traced the cles and built eh ite and at thee equied substances, Yapoes occuled the moon's cold ey, but ued buraingly down upon the scene. With cald lables a ‘pirion bedewing his Furowed brow, Voth Ralorn stoned series recommended by the eremite, A silence fll spon sloom-eoshroded einence; the wind died cld ware ese from above “A Bla shad devel Swat belinda, with batwings and spayed, wel fece i wats eniely lacking. fori, the head ecutl ‘thing mass of eatacles oF Fes, the ccne blak shape how onthe hud, shking fem on the helo an Bo aloe in webs claws. Nor wat ever again cen by mortal Ad fr tothe south, beyond jangle and swamp til and tans, on «spar of jing rack where saa acre hovel sl amihed remit geoveled belo crode image "Yer ane mor ofering, Loud Zvlpogghus” the mame hermic whine. “tcinioaed one precious ngaesen from the mula co thy poner 204 glory. Gram me forgiveness ee ‘keer thy coven: eee wil rahe ferns, 08 ‘And, mths ate Commorion othe goth, eran cvthed scam ofthe Tesser noi, one Nuss Avsrgomom, ‘igh beyond bei 0 ern that he was dele by the cou seth sole aa comple hur of the misting Woot Ralaoen, and ne poser af the anesrl eat apd inher of he chit ‘ntl of Commoson ‘anal eat Be had done was co cheat o the powdered opal. © About “The Green Decay” The Green Decay: ‘The History of Nabulus the Wonder-Worker bby Robere M. Price Terevenging himself pe hi onl wl and her lover He ri shine someting cle eh Green Dea o her, 2 al ‘Die wre Bellah cp rom a od page ised oe the boy font reps tiped it Grama akok Bor nha wat dhe ‘ec? Avil wooden hen, ape, Wha llows a eoog ‘yp of gen biquiosin ane oe a cpae ‘An etiopy isa sory spoil log er the to povie a sa eau panting ceremony, ache aw hl plc wave ‘cal ul eulogy fom the Bibl testy af Jao resing ‘er ge Jabeck (Gene 32.21.32) le proves an erlanatin fe thing by acces cone he ml fhe lw fhe gh unde and why hey pened an ac ping once bere OF Get nthe oly te Pei Fae of God Rel pei even theron free or suppres By new otha), 0 ew rest esl arover cre questi And whe ne Sur son ak yous What does th ean” yo sal ey [Ssh Ths sy “The Gren Deny steer poi ae ‘he dead iu means by Loner Ie ds po he Ki 0d Gao in pre tie for thc men deemed them 10, did ne Nabulas wan wide chim bya fee of shaunacurgy deat of and umarche, ‘her the infising of warm ie ino caving af bronze. And it hap ened on hist ‘abs slag gute of indeserminat ge and arrayed ie any sig with Moorlength Graded beard ard Aoming rb, atked miter arcane power nor conierble renown. Unie many ‘ions bere and after him, he neglected oe the simple moral I he elder days ffir Hyperborea, when ll chings were pos “lu abade inthe aeemenes nearby, stating the in such sim pe murves of ence a he deemed chem capable of mastering, luracg which wereche arts of medicine and ieigation, eget wich fame rudimentary mechanical iplemencs. Weapons he refused 10 nt, knowing thi in his one sper, increased knowledge made men more ike wat the bass, 0% es Tor shese and many ke boas was Nabulus worshipped by he humble fhe La, aoe di he ack aprencies drawn from among "hore aaate enough eo grap tha it superior koowledge, and not inne iat, which mane mature’ sects. By patent istucion and ‘suunce of judicious challenges aid Nabulus tes is pupil ‘cure, fare new tha esenwiatds as oe day peti, nd he ‘es desios tha knowledge not ee wie is Ye fral his beefaecons ancl he grata his people, Grst Nablus sleet lonlinesrendezed the more revo by reston the wary sentation in which he as el. For po oan seketh "silo blend a ving go eda such was he ead Ti, Ie dal holdcomvene with satadimensonal ences who regarded i somewhat more pee, bt such fellowship ld lilo com "Bon human war And rox ofall id Nabuls pine fr the cine fee ele v2 Tee ost Now the path of the mage i soliay one equing the ‘co keep the set uth of caste clibay est his ieee Now he wide sn undisingised river of mundane moral. The ‘ence aunt eds appl his begin dee unto eral and Blinc works, sd to expend one's energies nthe pleases Aes ind oneself to she way fall che erch. Evens had Nabi thovght long ago to have cast out every sentinel forshe gente sex, But of le id hit ind more na nor 2 fen ao: would not ht tmp be much thes he posesed ahear's companion wth whom c shae ther? Wa too ares bow, in rear fr hi many saceices? And eight 01 be sme ape ways se bs longing meet uno a wird? Upon the matter did Nablus ponder mich, tring & answer tote among his pupil with sine its to dee ceasternation. At length heated a solution and charged i ‘ans an apprentices c leave bin undtrbdiahisnborat his aes wrk should be fll. OF hi clcils he would the aistance ely of che eldest moth che Aspe, who sted hi pine forma is piri waled high in che ul one ofthe Cols, tha sash elm of xe piney of ‘Anca savant each lew things ae materi ‘Venturing thus the dimers of pe esence, er “ope dee vison ofthe Eternal eal, she Divine Wada his own companion, ceo turn wie her toad each Hi ro sucha mate mould be 4 kve moe lest ehan the em heavens, and m9 mere coupling of buen bnedingtce Nabuls lay upon a ras mat spread within a chalk pent of many huts, having placed at his he ule beaten st {naked oma, Hawes 0 every point. The mage had lnsrated the yu Aimach hac he su dco a in he ‘scent. Many sine be circumnavigate che mad, uteri fof ancene Senzar and frming elaborate pater with hand tuner and wis in a prescribed oer All ese were sid 0 i cert mediation. The apprentice showed hi sil na Maes Fonming fee ite (OF che ata journey Nabulus would herefervoucsae i bueie war oon now that he had no returned lane fr hi don inca arcane real The Alyse Aimah had shed hts Tra and tg eine» ound sh, a aes pt oa pha of he Ore Bs he pel ae he sok es hel! mae ere he malades fomfo mhom e sed se afc te mle ono eying ety Grr Nah seeded sn ede Fon eeprom Sansa he yh Ao ed ee esha pany se ton Te et se None sped sil, bih soon en ong te ormen po Te eee tame pnd a tie emer A ens eth tonshmen ad Some erase, Ft 1 emi te permed mgt se a te thy acne nran ofhicann s be stew iy coe tay Thane Ribu demed hil oo wi 6 hae ecient n ica way oes song eg sen ineaansiecndchae pes ee eed er (cpp ott sth det shen ly Kw Shoat ce se oy win te et ote sere ny hy ean tac ans mer lshed wp ew we th Mite wt ke of Nats grat se wh anon rs hs foot ening Nas vo ‘Sones hated sian aera preys tx ‘Spies Aah ce beste fn santo hone ope wad hese mt hcl oy he asking sty f Nah ate te a ‘iho th ed teeing of he tony bas Sen conn compos wo amare nih te wa ll ci segee Amat woed old earch ba mea wee sh el ny aes th veneer of eau ad ‘bring ie back eo our poor earth, the which is scarce worthy of ehy harms, ny ay Te gm cane he ek ek ich fe co ath bse i ke te asco ws ‘De taka forwardoess, that an undeling and a you should spk ui to. goddess, For incu she did regard him wth sent wide amin eyes itl wa se aecustomed 0 the S095 of tab 50 fr ediary morality was hee mate Nobu [Emboldened that she had noe a once sebued him, sxvanced farther oerges, navhap misappebeading her [ordi she res when the usa yous abrpty spd he eous form and eavished her pesfece mouth aed bras wi ses. Eten 5 she didnot cra i fom ber. though ber bora strengeh nas suiient ro the need, fr she ec observed in pure purlement All was sew oo her as noble Nabulig laid waem hand upon bee foes, Akhamoc's rounded oly had been fashioned from brome, froth, bu now it wa Mesh, ad eh, 0, hath fre. Th profane Aioth knew litle f the lchemial ay cid know how to awaken che lame wich is mistress, and ee She was string his pasion pear for mesure, And 90 Be tance away the cacklded Nabuls ep is sep, ‘Weeks and month passed on, and frm hi love did evce no sgn of evasion nor of deception, for rly all she di ‘done in rive inovence. Naghe woul she have hep bac [Nabuls ad por Aimoch che bectayer warned her, with some heat, not speak of, Bu, beng via and ooh low, ims showed no similar dacreion, hosting insects bees, of hit ccnguee ra sme fellow apprentices, and eve few ofthe howthold servant [Noche lightest of Rimes si was chat hisboacing fi latent lt f the cher youths, yet new tobe discipline of ch and many became sorrpted in ind, And 50 che bayer ‘he betrayed, for no ga pace of dys, neveral of hi ello had applied wato thee misess and eyed the sme Fr Imercourse nich her or once ignited, he ral Fi, being ‘yp pees, could nr Be quenched, How thee degeneracies at length reached the es ofthe ‘ld Nabulus not Known, though chee it mo myey 10 requted no scyind crystal een what ll he Knew, dow Toma ema. Deeply dd he reve or the baal il and cus, but more for the deemens of the heweny pa Juhuot- She was 00 noble or the worl oe could any act of hes athe ath nckedaes, but with Nabuls icky former appre te trader, i was another sory. Ardy mst unfrcnate Fer Fern Nabulus war by no means above che human lus for vorANane be mighe have buen, indeed, ery seni 0 rive a hs psurot, but an ter fl he was #0¢ So he planned a plan and aed in ering blvowsnes, aking noone the wise, What eld at fat ms 0 weaken, doy by day, the binding pel ha eld the aky-born spite of beaueous Abhamor captive co che maria Ineo which he had contained i 0 ear Ll by Kee she eoed Tekin soul tbody was played ou longer an lange. To he lovers ti she proces but dimly peseived a aslo lesening of he fleshy Novenes anda gexdul ebbing of thee of ee atdor. Bue a ist the devine was cael ob aoied. Nabulus would by this means Ir oath unser er sp and ent alot agin co cc realm of pepo rn whence he had nla seized ic orth lane wa phi plan I he had ined in ovepasing he bounds beeneen che wos, iniquity wa ighe when weighed sis hac of hs betayers. For chee doom’ sake dd he prolong the pees They must aot sapere aval pie cil mach 00 ‘teint shiz end he biter Nebula apply a second cone, 4 nigh uporope «0 ran away, fra Gime, che desulory eects oF [Athan sceline ant send them nsead upon those who dled ‘wih he, quite in the tanner ofthe savage Warm: shamans and hoi hee, “Thay, while fi AKhamor appeared to grow no worse et sit sal aie commenced to mare queer stiles ofthe joins wor ‘some asiget flim. apd a dismaying sugges of digestion Ahamoe seed to have record all he vigor, bur the wretched Aims an the et snk deeper ito deadening paralysis. And yet ould ey have trad much o retin even this try tte, for a8 the was props cr ey eth did crumble away mos lath tomely int pce af semis verde, nda lngch naught "emained of them but gcisy pls of axis green ders “The serene in the house of Nablus ee Wonder Worker oy ‘abou daposing of he hepa ith color felony, bur newer ee they ape of the ee ase of ee asenshoens as, soot 6 the same cme, the i seward covered the las of bch hi ter and his mies The mol body the zal was oun Taboracry by the looks inthe mie of a experimen ad gone 7g. Bue of he lady Akhamer there survived no a ching Tt but arouses rome sate fhe Book Two Episodes of Eibon of Mhu Thulan on As 9 About “The Utmost Abomination” se tis Bake sien Lin Caters “The onost pms” (id Tl, Fl 1973) rey chad he plo of Sys The Double Shadow” wheal, Care ote this pin way alse, eae 1 ide copy ee lo of The Die ‘Sal Wha dopo he pow my el Aiton Fring that Src ad won a sare ae, The nye Tine native Breen ecw ioe wring oe a dhe peusian expen people De the sap mpl pt of ‘Sus Hypertoean pga, er lou pon that clement ‘ny eer and pre CA Response p38). Ate pon uhh ee stony Ben ied so wth ie ny io eka with anaphase et for wth band cam of ai 1 thnk heir mie abety Span eecily meron Z's wed kin ad elon yet Te {ear sees 0 ich ee fit hi ery hes, py Les The Lacking Fes” bu dee someting ee happesing The cl fact chu Za shold Ive yellow ee om ee te ele ase. 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