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Weeks: 1.0 Project identification and selection 1.1 Determine and list possible project titles to be developed 1.

2 Determine capabilities of the members of the group 1.3 Choose the final project to be developed




Legend Blue:Planned Red: Actual

2.0 Communication 2.1 Gathering of Information through an interview 3.0 System Planning and Analysis 3.1 Analyze the information gathered and the process of transaction 3.2 Identify the problems encountered in the existing system 3.3 Formulate possible solutions to problems 3.4 Finalize the main and specific objectives 4.0 Identifying System Requirements 4.1 Determine what programming language and software to be used 4.2 Acquiring and installation of needed software 5.0 Designing and Testing

5.1Creating database using MS Access

5.2 Graphical User Interfce (GUI) designing using Visual Basic 6.0 5.3 Applying codes 5.4 Connecting the database to the system 5.5 Testing the system if it meets the system objectives 6.0 Deployment of the Project 6.1 Proper deployment of the system 6.2 Assessment on the client is being provided 6.3 System Implementation 6.4 Evaluate the working status of the system within the usage period