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SAN DIEGO STATE AZTECS 1993 OFFENSIVE PLAYBOOK ile te lelela lela ie lalelaleletaieialeilaleiaels CB Pree e etree Pree dng Son Duy cite Practice Winning “Practice does mat make perfect: practice makes pecmanents. Perfect practice makes perfect.” “To beat quality teams. you must increase the quality of YOUR practice ame. aos the quantity.” Watch great players - observe them. study them. analyze them. But most cP ail, learn from them, Find out why they are winners. Then go out and do the same." "Once you see how a particular move or technique is done successfully. veaatic "* the right way. Over and over. Again ‘and again. Remember now you saw ine champions do it: | -k yourself repeatedly. Forse yourself to do it the right way. Improvement will follow, then habit. ‘Once it's habit, you win.” "Don't mistake activity for achievement - practice it the right way.” “only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily." "Repeated actions are stored as habits. It's 4 game of habit, of repetition. Teen reflex. ‘The game is so quick you don't have time to think.” “Practice the game the way you are going to play the game. Practice hard and play hard. Run hard, and above all else, hustle every momen you're on the field whether youre practicing or playing in a game.” San Diego State University A. OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY Our offensive philosophy ~- “~7 Dieeo State is to do whatever it takes to WIN each and every game. If we score points on offense. then we will give ourselves a great chance to WIN. If we play to our ability and do the things we have been coached to do, we will give ourselves a great chance to WIN. The coaching staff believes there are 10 characteristics our ‘offense must work toward for us to give ourselves @ great chance to WIN. ! Multiple Dimensions A. Formation/Motion B. Personnel Groups C Play Selection 2. Consistent Run Game A. Wear down the defense B. Control the clock 3. Balance - A. 50% Run/S0% Pass BWhatever it takes to WIN 4. Capable of Blocking All Blitz 5. Big Play Capability A. Take advantage of great players . 6. Great Play-Action Team 7. Great Ball Protection Team 8. Smart 9. Accountable - prepares like Champions! 10. Dominates the LOS