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Instructions to Install Adobe Acrobat 9 1. Extract the Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.zip file 2.

. Disable your internet connection by turning off your wireless card or unplugging the Ethernet connection a. YOU MUST NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET AT ALL WHILE INSTALLING 3. Open the AutoPlay.exe file to start setup

a. 4. Pick your language and then click Install on the initial screen 5. Pick your languageagain 6. Keep picking the defaults and clicking next until you get to the screen where you put in a serial number a. Enter this serial number: 1380-1601-7539-9354-7032-1203


7. On the screen where it asks for setup type, click Complete and then click Next.

a. 8. On the next screen, make sure you remember where you install the program. It should look like the image below, except your might not have the (x86) part in the file path.

a. 9. Keep clicking next until the installation starts, you may have to close Microsoft Word while it installs. If so, just close this document and you can open it back up after it installs 10.When installation is complete, click Finish. a. DO NOT START THE PROGRAM

11.Go back to the extracted files and open the !Activation folder 12.Copy the AdobeLM.dll file

a. 13.Navigate to the installation directory that you made note of before and paste it into the Acrobat folder a. For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat b. It will ask you if you want to replace the existing file, choose to copy and replace.

c. 14.Start the Adobe Acrobat Program. There should be an icon on your desktop, or get to it from your start menu. 15.Accept the licensing agreement 16.On the registration screen click Dont Ask Again


17.With the program open, click Edit > Preferences > General a. Uncheck the update box

b. Click OK then close the whole program 18.Reconnect your internet. 19.Now you have to install the updates to get Acrobat up to the current version so we can crack it 20.These are back in the extracted files in the folder !Updates 21.First install "AcroProExUpd910_all_incr by double clicking on it. a. Just accept the defaults and when it is finished installing the first updates, restart your computer 22.Second install "AcrobatUpd912_all_incr" by double clicking on it. a. Accept the defaults and restart again when it is finished. 23.Lastly, install "AcrobatUpd920_all_incr" by double clicking on it. a. Accept the defaults and restart one last time after it finishes. 24.After the final restart, go back to the extracted files and go into the !Activation folder a. Run the Activation Blocker.cmd file by RIGHT clicking on the file and clicking Run As Administrator b. Press any key to close the black window that appeared. 25.Thats it! Everything should be working, just remember that if it ever asks you to update, tell it not to.