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Fellowship Group Homework & Discussion Getting Started 1.

How does it make you feel when somebody lies to you?

6. Find one of more promises in Scripture that God will fulfill in the future.

7. Read 2 Corinthians 1:18-20. What does this passage say about God and the promises He has made?

2. What impacted you the most from last Sundays sermon? 8. How does it impact you to know that God always keeps His promises?

Going Deeper 3. Paul spends a fair amount of time defending his integrity and speech. Why do you think Paul cares so much about this?

9. Paul evaluated his speech and motives against the character of God. His conclusion in v. 12 is that his conscience was clean. As you evaluate yourself in this issue against the character of God, how does your conscience fare? If you do not fare well, are you willing to make this an area of growth between you and God?

4. For each of the following passages, what is the main principle being taught?

Matthew 5:33-37 10. In your relationships, when a questionable event occurs, do you default towards thinking the best of somebody or the worst of somebody?

James 3:5-12

John 8:39-44

11. Have you been in a situation where somebody defaulted to thinking the worst about you? How did that make you feel?

12. Allow this passage to help your group enter into worship based 5. Find one or more promises in Scripture that God has already fulfilled.

I worship you for always keeping your word in ______________ (name a specific area). Because you are a God of truth, I want to be truthful in ________________ (name a specific area).

13. A key purpose of our Fellowship Groups is to provide accountability. To help with that, discuss the following questions:

Part 2 A Consistent Ministry
2 Corinthians 1:12-22 February 19, 2012

Have you been making it a regular priority to attend a Sunday morning worship service?

Have you been faithful in making Fellowship Group attendance a top priority?

I. Be True To Your Word A. Be Honest (1:12)

Are you praying regularly for the members of your Fellowship Group?

B. Say What You Mean (1:13-14)

Are you caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those in your
Fellowship Group?

C. Do What You Say You Are Going To Do (1:15-17)

Are you taking steps to become more transparent with your Fellowship

II. Follow the Example of God: He is True to His Word A. God Does Not Change His Mind (1:18-19)

Are you serving regularly in one area of ministry, preferably in your area of

B. God Keeps His Promises (1:20)

C. God is Loyal To His People (1:21-22)

Are you maintaining your Oikos list?


He anointed us

Are you praying regularly for your Oikos list?


He set His seal of ownership on us

What have you done this last week to reveal God to at least one
member of your Oikos?


He put His spirit in our hearts as a deposit.