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GVOX Encore 32 v4.5 - Released 25th. October, 2001 Encore is the standard in professional music notation.

Its powerful transcribing and editing capabilities help musicians of all levels get their ideas into prin t. Fast, accurate, and easy to use, Encore allows you to create beautiful printo uts of your scores - using up to 64 separate staves. Whether you're creating mo tion picture scores, orchestral arrangements, choir songbooks, or teaching musi c in school, Encore is second to none. This release is essentially identical to the previous version of Encore (4.2.1), but with all the old 16-bit code replaced with 32-bit code so as to make the pr ogram compatible with Windows 2000/NT/XP. A minor mistake was made in this new version of Encore - the title displayed in the helpfile was left unamended from the previous version 4.2. If this bothers y ou, an amended help file is included in this zip with this oversight corrected. After installing the program, simply overwrite the helpfile in the installed dir ectory - normally C:\Program Files\GVOX\Encore - with the replacement file in th is zip and the helpfile will display with the correct version. Unfortunately thi s program has a problem when running under WindowsXP in that it crashes when ent ering/editing lyrics and text. It behaves normally with all other operating syst ems and the problem with XP is under investigation by G-VOX. Finally, the program will install 'registered' to "TEAM OxYGeN" and this is the name that will appear in the opening splash screen and in the Help > About dialo g. If you want to change this behaviour and 'register' the program in your own n ame after installing, then follow the instructions regarding the "Encore.reg" fi le below. NOTE: If you want to use the optional Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) export facility th at Encore provides and don't already have a PostScript printer driver installed, you can choose to install the optional Adobe EPS driver (5.6Mb) which is obtain able from the following web address: http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/printerdrivers/win/1.x/winsteng.exe Installation: ======== Run the self-extracting archive and choose to install to a temporary directory. Browse to this directory & run "Setupe45.exe". Replace the helpfile in the installed directory, if required. To 'register' in your own name, do the following: 1. RIGHT click on the "Encore.reg" file and choose to edit it. Change the two in stances of the text "TEAM OxYGeN" with your chosen name for registration, ensuri ng that the name remains enclosed by quotation marks, as at present. 2. Save the amended file. 3. Double left click on the amended file and agree to add the information to th e registry. That's it - Encore 4.5 is now 'registered' to you. Enjoy!