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ClimateWell Demo House

Solar Cooling activated in the heart of Spain

1. Introduction and Challenges
1. Introduction and Challenges 2. 3-in-1 Solution 3. Implementation 4. Results: Environmentally Friendly Comfort
The ClimateWell Demo House is high end villa located in Madrid, Spain where the climate is dry and summer temperature constantly surpasses 30 C, sometimes even reaching over 40 C. The high altitude and proximity to mountains cause low temperatures which can reach below 0 C during winter. The villa has three floors, with a combined surface area of 300 m2. Two round pools with a volume of 15.6 m3 each are also located in the 500 m2 back yard. Similar upscale residences usually enjoy high comfort all year round during night and day at a very high financial and environmental cost. Conventional air-conditioning systems, gas/oil boilers and electrical heat pumps, providing this comfort, are the largest consumers of energy in buildings. In Spain, the cost of electricity is 0.12 / kWh and the cost of gas is 0.08 / kWh.

ClimateWell 2009


2. 3-in-1 Solution
Cooling Heating Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

ClimateWell introduced a Solar Cooling solution configured using one SolarChiller machine. The system delivers three comfort solutions in one: cooling, heating and domestic hot water (DHW). Conventional systems would then remain as auxiliary and back-up. The solution also ensures independence from the rising prices of gas and electricity. Eighteen STK 1800 standard flat plate solar collectors provided by SunTechnics capture the free solar radiation on a 31 m2 aperture area located in the back yard. The SolarChiller, located in the basement, transforms the heat into cooling during summer without using electricity. The free solar radiation, which is not transformed into cooling, is used to warm up the pool water and DHW. The indoor cooling and heating comfort is finally distributed throughout the villa by the build-in radiant floor distribution system provided by Uponor. During winter time, when cooling is not necessary, the Solar Cooling system provides comfort by heating up the villa. The SolarChillers unique energy storage capability accumulates and stores energy during the day having it available for distribution at night. The villa is also serviced at night with the three comfort solutions even though the sun is not shining.

ClimateWell 2009

Radiant Floor Distribution System

3. Implementation
Solar Collectors SolarChiller Auxiliary System Heat Sink Distribution System

The complete Solar Cooling solution was installed in 10 days during the refurbishment of the villa. SunTechnics provided the solar collectors, Vicorsa installed the radiant floor and Besel was in charge of the control system. The radiant floor distribution system provided by Uponor covers a surface area of 220 m2. When the project was complete the radiant distribution system was covered by the floor and became invisible. The two swimming pools are used as heat sinks in the configuration of the Solar Cooling system. As heat is rejected from the building, the thermal energy is used to warm up the swimming pools. In order to ensure a proper operation, a ClimateWell Customer Support representative took care of the commissioning and testing on site for 2 days. ClimateWell Customer Support uses customized software to monitor the proper performance and fine tune the system.

ClimateWell 2009

Inside ClimateWell Demo House

4. Results: Environmentally Friendly Comfort

Energy Savings (annual) Cooling: Heating: DHW: 100 % 50 % 100 %

Another paradox was proven. Financial savings and a minimum carbon foot print were achieved, without compromising comfort. The villa beneficiates from comfortable cooling during the summer, heating in the winter and plenty of DHW by day and night. The Solar Cooling system covers 6 000 kWh of energy required for cooling, 9 000 kWh of energy required for heating and DHW. Annual CO2 savings are 6 400 kg, which is the equivalent of 2 800 liters of gasoline per year. The additional investment was profitable from day one and generated yearly savings of 1 400 . Everyone is welcome to see how the free solar radiation is effectively used for both heating and cooling at the ClimateWell Demo House.

Energy Coverage (annual) Cooling: Heating: DHW: 6 000 kWh 6 000 kWh 3 000 kWh

Environmental Impact (annual) CO2 Savings : 6 400 kg

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