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The Standard CMPPC Journal of Music Contributor Contract I.

This is a contract between ____________ (CONTRIBUTOR) and THE CMPPC JOURNAL OF MUSIC (CMPPCJM). A. CMPPCJM is an online journal which publishes music-related articles and reviews. CMPPCJM sells advertisement space on its journal. B. The CONTRIBUTOR has articles and/or reviews about music which he owns all of the copyrights to. These articles and reviews are referred to as SUMISSION(S). C. The CONTRIBUTOR will send his SUBMISSIONS to CMPPCJM via email to [pjc@cmppc.net] for consideration to be published on CMPPCJMs online journal, [http://musicjournal.cmppc.net] (JOURNAL). 1. The CONTRIBUTOR gives CMPPCJM the right to edit and publish to the JOURNAL any SUMISSIONS which he/she sends to CMPPCJM. a. The CONTRIBUTOR shall be entitled to 20% of any earnings CMPPCJM receives in advertisement revenue on its JOURNAL starting from the moment the CONTRIBUTORs SUBMISSION is published onto the JOURNAL until 7 days thereafter. The CONTRIBUTORs share in CMPPCJM advertisement revenue shall be terminated on the seventh consecutive day after publication of the SUBMISSION on the JOURNAL at the time when it was published (e.g., if the CONTRIBUTORs SUBMISSION is published to the JOURNAL on Sunday 2/5/2012 at 4:00PM, then the CONTRIBUTOR shall be entitled to 20% of CMPPCJMs advertisement revenue until Sunday 2/12/2012 at 4:00PM, at which point the CONTRIBUTORs share is terminated). i. The CONTRIBUTOR must provide a valid mailing address. PHILIP JOHN CORNELL, Editor in Chief of CMPPCJM, will mail, in the form of a personal check, the earnings to which the CONTRIBUTOR is entitled. ii. If the CONTRIBUTORs earnings are less than the cost of a standard USPS postage stamp, then CMPPCJM shall not mail the CONTRIBUTORs earnings. CMPPCJM shall keep a record of the CONTRIBUTORs earnings, and shall add them to any future earnings the CONTRIBUTOR may accrue. CMPPCJM shall mail the CONTRIBUTORs earnings at such time that said earnings equal or exceed the value of a standard USPS postage stamp. iii. CMPPCJM does not warrantee earnings to the CONTRIBUTOR. The CONTRIBUTORs earnings are entirely contingent on the amount of advertisement revenue CMPPCJM receives during the period of time during which the CONTRIBUTOR is entitled to a 20% share of said revenue (as described in Paragraph I C

1 a), if any. b. Should the CONTRIBUTOR object to the placement of his/her SUBMISSION, or the advertisements in or around it, or the editorial choices made by CMPPCJM pertaining to the SUBMISSION, the CONTRIBUTOR may, within 7 days of the publication of his/her SUBMISSION, demand that CMPPCJM remove said SUBMISSION, and CMPPCJM shall be compelled to do so. i. The CONTRIBUTOR has 7 days (i.e., the course of the revenue sharing period as described in paragraph I C 1 a) from the time that his/her SUBMISSION is posted to demand removal. After that period, CMPPCJM is not compelled to remove it, and may continue to edit the SUBMISSION as it sees fit. ii. Should the CONTRIBUTOR demand removal of the SUBMISSION, the CONTRIBUTOR thereby forfeits any unpaid ad revenue he/she may have accrued from CMPPCJM. D. The CONTRIBUTOR grants CMPPCJM the right to edit and publish the SUBMISSION at any point in time after it is sent by email to [pjc@cmppc.net]. II. CMPPCJM is not liable for any damages the CONTRIBUTOR may incur through his/her involvement with CMPPCJM. III. CMPPCJM is not liable for the content or placement of the advertisements on its site. IV. CMPPCJM does not guarantee that any of the CONTRIBUTORs SUBMISSIONS will be published. V. The CONTRIBUTOR will supply a telephone number and/or email address so that CMPPCJM may notify them if their SUBMISSION is chosen for publication. A. In such a case that one of the CONTRIBUTORs SUBMISSIONS are chosen for publication, CMPPCJM will choose one of these methods to attempt to contact the CONTRIBUTOR. B. Should CMPPCJM fail to make contact with the CONTRIBUTOR, in spite of sending due notice via email, phone call, and/or voice mail, CMPPCJM retains the right to edit and publish the SUBMISSION to its JOURNAL at any time once the SUBMISSION has been sent to it by the CONTRIBUTOR.