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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, November 24, 2008

N’ROSES Economical prosthetic arm
RELOADED Chennai-based team wins business plan
after 17 years competition in the general category



Bhumi, a city-based NGO

with several volunteers
from IT companies, is one
of the partners of the
‘Make a Difference’
(MAD) initiative that got
the Ashoka Social
Entrepreneurship Award.
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday, November 24, 2008

Calling bold and beautiful girls

The Chennai auditions for the Pantaloons Femina Miss India
South 2009 will be held on November 25 at Pantaloons
Store, Nelson Manickam Road at 3.30 p.m. Fashion designer
Prasad Bidappa will judge the contestants.

Autumn hues

Twilight tones, jewel colours, dashes of

yellow, pink and green among others. It’s a
new season for Esprit.
The lifestyle brand showcased its autumn/
holiday 2008/2009 collection to the glitterati
of Chennai at its new Esprit Heritage store in
Nungambakkam. Adding colour and style to
the new range of collection were models like
Nina Manuel, Pia Trivedi, Candice Pinto,
Shayan Munshi and Acquin Paes.

Monday, November 24, 2008
A group of working professionals set

A MAD initiative aside some time in their weekends to

reach out under-privileged kids
V.HARIPRIYA Kanini initiative
haripriya@goergo.in When Bhumi was launched in 2006,
the volunteers decided to make com-

hirteen-year-old Ashok is the hero puter science education for school stu-
of his class. He knows the nuances dent their primary objective. As part of
of computer better than most of the ‘Kanini’ iniatitive, they set up com-
his classmates studying in a Cor- puter lab facilities in four orphanages
poration High School near Paalavak- and one slum locality of the city. The
kam. “I have just finished MS Office,” labs served as the weekend classrooms.
he declares at an orphanage in Kottiva- M. Aruna, a volunteer working with the
kam, where he is one among several Ford says, “We have provided old PCs
students attending a weekend class to all the orphanages we take class. We
conducted by Bhumi, a city-based teach the kids the basics in computer
NGO that has volunteers from a num- science. Children studying from Std V
ber of the IT companies. to IX are our target group. First we
Ashok is one of 400 students in the make them overcome the fear of using
city to learn computer science at the computers. Then slowly we start to
‘Kanini’ initiative of Bhumi. Volunteers make them draw and write alphabets.
of Bhumi dedicate their weekends to Its two years we started this and most
teach the students computer science. of the students are now well-versed in
Recently, through a tie-up with Co- MS Office.”
chin-based NGO ‘Make a Difference’ Self-financed
(MAD), they have also started teaching “There are absolutely no sponsors
them basics of the English language for Bhumi,” says Dr Prahalathan, presi-
through activity-based learning, simi- dent of Bhumi, says. “All the volunteers
lar to the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan’s pro- pay out of their pockets and it is
ject in the state schools. Last week, enough to manage our needs. The
MAD bagged the Ashoka Social Entre- volunteers are trained by the Teachers
preneurship Award, the only NGO from Foundation on how to handle classes.
the country to do in the international- We have a monthly orientation class
ly-acclaimed award that had entries for the newcomers apart from regular
from 64 countries. updates through our Orkut commun-
When Ergo caught up last Saturday ities – ‘Make a Difference – Bhumi-
with a group of Bhumi’s volunteers, Chennai’ and ‘Bhumi, Chennai’.
they were elated at being a part of the The ultimate aim of Bhumi volun-
internationally-acclaimed award. E. teers is to reach as many children as
Ayyanar, an employee of CTS and an possible. ■
active volunteer in Bhumi, explained
about MAD: “Make A Difference is sim-
ilar to the Govt’s activity-based learn- Visit Bhumi’s website
ing. www.bhumichennai.org
Through flash cards, match sticks,
drawings and five verbs-per-day meth-
to know more about the
od, we teach English to these kids dur- NGO. If you wish to join
ing weekends. Instead of making them them in their activities,
memorize the words blindly, we make
them understand the meaning and get started by creating a
then learn the word. It is really working user account.
and these kids have improved a lot.”

A few of Bhumi’s volunteers at an orphanage. PHOTO: R.RAVINDRAN

04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, November 24, 2008

SIPly judicious?
PRADEEP YUVARAJ Why is it so great?

Mini quiz
Apart from the above benefits,

want to invest in an SIP.” the best use of an SIP is its ability
We often hear that to produce better results due to
from people who invest Rupee Cost Averaging (RCA). RCA
in mutual funds. But is the ability of an investment to Winner gets a free Personal Finance Health Check up from Finerva.
what exactly is an SIP? And why is overcome the ups and downs of 1. What is the maximum Percentage of Basic pay up to which HRA
it so interesting? the market and thus averaging can be claimed?
First things first: An SIP (Syste- out the returns. Choice:25%, 40%, 50%, 30%
matic Investment Plan) is a fancy For example, if you invested Rs. 2. How many life insurance companies are there is India?
term used for investments in mu- 50,000 on January 1, 2008 at the Choice:45, 16, 50, 21
tual funds. What it basically rate of Rs. 100 per unit, you would Send your answers to finergo@goergo.in or SMS your answers to
means is investing fixed amounts have gotten 500 units. Suppose 90470 91910. For example if you choose A as the answer to question
in mutual funds at regular inter- on November 1, the unit value is 1 and B as the answer to question 2 type it as 1A2B and send it.
vals (monthly), when investing 110 then your investment is
large amount at one go is not worth Rs. 55,000 and if it’s Rs. 90
possible. per unit then your investment is Thus we can see that the mar-
So for a small investor, it gives worth 45,000. SIP gives us a way ket has gone from a start of Rs.
the benefit of investing in the to avoid the second scenario. As- 100 per unit to a high of 110 per
stock market indirectly giving all sume instead of investing Rs. unit and a low of 86 per unit. Still
the benefits of a mutual fund and 50,000 at one go; you decide to the investor has earned more
at the same time not biting into invest Rs. 5,000 every month. So units than he would have done
his monthly income too much. on January 1, you would get 50 had he invested Rs. 50,000 on Ja-
You can join a SIP for as low as units. And so on as shown in nuary 1. At this point we must al-
Rs.500 a month. table. so understand that this might not
hold true during extreme
Amount Unit Value Units We realise that an SIP not only
Date (assumed for gives us to opportunity to invest
invested purchased
example) small amounts but by means of
Rupee Cost Averaging gives us a
1-Jan-08 5000 100 50 chance to get better returns or
correspondingly minimize our
1-Feb-08 5000 103 49 loss in case of negative markets.
So what are you waiting for? SIP
1-Mar-08 5000 105 48 it. I am sure most people have un-
1-Apr-08 5000 108 46 derstood the real benefit of an SIP
in the current market scenario.
1-May-08 5000 110 45 The number of units on your Fo-
lio statement would surely have
1-Jun-08 5000 100 50 shown a rise. Albeit it must be
1-Jul-08 5000 95 53 added that the value might be
less. Be patient. If you have been
1-Aug-08 5000 93 54 investing in a SIP, please contin-
ue doing so as you get high value
1-Sep-08 5000 90 56 units at dirt cheap when the mar-
1-Oct-08 5000 86 58 kets are low. ■
(The author is Director
TOTAL 50000 990 508 –Education and can be mailed at
Monday, November 24, 2008

Websites of the day I’m not sure I knew what an entrepreneur was when I was 10, but I knew that
Read These Top Tips To Avoid Any Hitches On starting little businesses and trying to sell greeting cards or newspapers door-
Your Wedding Day. http://
www.magnetduo.com.au/speeches/wedding- to-door or just vending machine kind of thing is...
entertainment-disaster-stories.htm* There’s just something very intriguing to me about that.
Sign Up Here To Help Save Chimps Held In Steve Case, entrepreneur

Flights of fantasy It is said every good business

starts with two things: a good
idea and a robust business plan.
And these entrepreneurs have
just done that. Ergo caught up
Friends in ‘arms’ ly challenged length can be ad- with the winners of the pan-
struck them justed as per the
Founder: Kumar Loganathan when they visit- person’s comfort. India business plan competition
Team size: 8 ed their friend’s “In short it is an
Email: father working electro-mechanical conducted by LIBA, IDG Venture
lkmrgr_1986@yahoo.com with Mukti Ashram arm (Mechatronics),
and TiE, Chennai
P rofessionals from all the ma-
jor branches of Engineering
and some doctors make up this
in Tambaram.
“We started by liaising
with a team in the US, which is
which can also be used
as an industrial robotic
arm,” explains Kumar.
vibrant young team called EL- funding the Ashram. They said The team has already won
BOW (a Biblical term with an our plan was technically feasi- two other business plan compe-
aim to help others). ble but economically not pos- titions – runner-up of the Best
They are all school friends sible,” says Kumar, the BE Business Plan of India conduct-
(both juniors and seniors) from (Mechanical) engineer from Ve- ed by the Department of Sci-
Janaki Ramachandran Kalalaya- lammal Engineering College. ence and Technology, and
lam and Chettinad Vidyashram They took it up as a challenge another by the Indo-US Tech-
who come with expertise in and have been working on the nical Forum.
their respective areas to design design for the last two years. If the Indian Medical Council
an economically-friendly pros- What distinguishes “their arm” grants them permission, team
thetic arm. The idea to design a from those in the market is that ELBOW should be incubated in
prosthetic arm for the physical- it is only 1/10th of the cost. The six months time. ■

safety of the customer. The

Banking on venture will be carried in
two units – private stem cell
Hope bank and public stem cell
Founder: Mukesh Kumar bank. “We have been work-
Team Size: 5 ing on the idea for the last
Email:mukesh.edge@ya- one and a half years and will
hoo.com be launching our company

I ndia is making leaps in

stem cell research. And
this team promises to add to
soon,” says Mukesh, who is
pursuing management at
Birla Institute of Technolo-
that with their low-invest- gy.
ment business model with a Mukesh’s three-year stint
social cause. with a bio-medical design
Hope (as they are known) firm and team members,
has won laurels for their who come from varied
‘Dual Stem Cell Bank’, fields, should help them car-
where they provide biolog- ry their dream venture for-
ical insurance, security and ward, he says.

years and was into different ven-

We are hiring tures, including running a motor
Founders: Nupur Panjabi and sport business, when the couple
Sumit Panjabi decided to start their own firm in
Team Size: 14 Hyderabad.
Website: TheHiring Tool is an online mar-
www.thehiringtool.com ket place, which connects em-
Email: nupur@thehiring- ployers and recruitment agencies
tool.com from a network of recruitment

“T here are 20,000 placement

companies in the country, but
what makes us different is we are a
agencies. In less than six months
since they launched the firm, they
have won the trust of around 400
central point where everybody can consultants, and they say are going
post their requirements,” explains strong – both with respective to the
Nupur Punjabi, the IIT-Roorke number of employers and consult-
graduate who has worked with Wi- ants.
pro and Accenture before starting With both their experience, the
the start-up with her husband. Su- couple are hopeful of breaking
mit was in the US for the last 15 even by October 2009.
06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday, November 24, 2008

Rattlesnakes gather in groups to sleep
through the winter. Sometimes up
to1,000 of them will coil up together to
keep warm.

Help from god to fight recession Astronauts complete longest

A two-year long yagna, an ancient Hindu fire ritual, is being
held in a village in Gujarat to save the world from the space-walk
economic downturn, news reports said on Sunday. The yagna, Two astronauts on
which involves groups of priests reciting ancient religious verses the U.S. space
and pouring oblations in a ceremonial fire, is being held at shuttle Endeavor
Ramsana village in Mehsana district of Gujara. The ritual completed the third
entered its 16th day and will continue uninterrupted for two and longest
years, the organiser of the event, Dahyabhai Patel, convenor of spacewalk of the
a religious trust, was quoted as saying. He said at least 3,000 mission on
priests from from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan Saturday, nearly
and Uttar Pradesh. wrapping up the
PTI lube job on the
right-side solar
panel joint outside
the International
Obama names White House Space Station, according to NASA TV.
Spacewalkers Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper and Steve
spokesman Bowen reentered the Quest airlock at 0058 GMT Sunday.
US president-elect Barack Obama announced on Saturday Their excursion was completely devoted to additional
that a long-time communications aide would serve as cleaning, lubricating and bearing-replacement of the
White House press secretary after the January 20 massive, jammed joint. During the nearly seven-hour
inauguration. Robert Gibbs held the position of spacewalk, the duo swapped five bearings among a total
communications director in Obama’s presidential campaign of 12. Five others were replaced in earlier spacewalks, one
before becoming senior strategist for communications and was swapped out, and the last one had been cleaned,
message leading up to the November 4 general elections. waiting for replacement during the fourth spacewalk set
He first joined Obama’s US Senate campaign in 2004 as for Monday, mission managers said.
communications Xinhua
director and later
communications in
Obama’s Senate office.
Obama named Ellen Austria may accept Guantanamo detainees
Moran as White House Austria may accept 50 prisoners released from the United States’
director of Guantanamo Bay prison, Emilou MacLean, attorney from the New
communications. She is York-based Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) said on
executive director of Wednesday.
Emily’s List, a left-wing According to the Austrian Press Agency (APA), MacLean said these
women’s political 50 prisoners are from the Middle East and Asian countries like
organisation, and Uzbekistan, Syria, Algeria and Palestine.
previously worked for MacLean said she is visiting European countries to lobby with them to accept the prisoners, but
the AFL-CIO, the she declined to name which countries she would visit except for Germany and Switzerland.
largest federation of She also said certain European countries have already expressed their willingness to accept the
US labour unions. prisoners, but so far none of them has published an official statement on this.
DPA Xinhua

Radicals take on pirates

Somali Shebab fighters warn pirates to free tanker, or face battle

omali Islamist fighters on by November 30. suicide.”
Sunday urged pirates holding The Shebab (youth) armed group Said had earlier on Thursday said
a Saudi super-tanker to free controls much of southern and cen- that his group was demanding 25
the ship or face armed action. tral Somalia, and has positioned million dollars to release the vessel,
“If the pirates want peace, they fighters in and around Harardhere which is carrying the equivalent of
had better release the tanker,” in recent days. Islamist leaders have almost a quarter of top producer
Sheikh Ahmed, a spokesman for the stressed that piracy is a capital of- Saudi Arabia’s daily output. “There
Shebab group in the coastal region fence in Islam and officially con- is a small Shebab vanguard on the
of Harardhere said. demned the surge in acts of piracy ground but we also have a strong
The Sirius Star, a huge tanker car- in Somalia’s waters. presence. Every Somali has great
rying around 100 million dollars A member of the pirate group respect for the holy kingdom of
worth of crude oil and owned by holding the Sirius Star retorted that Saudi Arabia. We have nothing
Saudi Aramco, was hijacked by So- his own men were not afraid of the against them but unfortunately
mali pirates in the Indian Ocean on Shebab’s threats. “We are the She- what happened was just business
November 15. Pirates have since bab of the sea and we can’t be for us and I hope the Saudis will
anchored it off their base in Ha- scared by the Shebab of the land,” understand,” the pirate said.■
rardhere and have demanded a Mohamed Said said. “If anybody at- AFP Saudi-owned oil tanker MV Sirius Star is at anchor off
ransom of 25 million dollars be paid tempts to attack, that would be the coast of Somalia. PHOTO: AFP
Monday, November 24, 2008
Sandwich smack This day, that year
A man in Florida faces an assault charge after It was on November 24, 1859 that Charles
allegedly hitting his girlfriend with a sandwich as Darwin’s controversial ’Origin of Species’ was
she was driving. Police say the 19-year-old man published. His revolutionary theory of evolution
became angry and hit the woman in the arm and had its critics, notably the church, which feared
face with a sandwich, knocking her glasses off. the book undermined religious belief.

Emails ‘waste an hour a day’ worker wastes one hour every day through inefficient use
Researchers in Britain found that of email; most do not filter or organise their emails
correctly; and many of emails sent do not help people
office workers actually waste do their jobs, The Daily Telegraph reported.

an hour a day sending and And, according to a spokesman for communi-

cations consultants Expert Messaging, which
receiving emails – the commissioned the research, this could be be-
cause workers had not been given appro-
obsession has led to a priate training for proper use of emails.
“As a communications tool that we have
culture in which many all grown up with, but seldom if ever given
any formal training on or provided any
process them without corporate guidelines for, it’s no wonder
that email is a significant sources of
even thinking stress, miscommunication and inefficien-
cy for companies and individuals,” he

mails have joined fags and runs for coffee Agreed Nigel Shadbolt, a Professor of artifi-
as the latest threat to workplace productivity, cial intelligence at Southampton University: “I
for a new study has revealed that the popular think we are still working out what is acceptable
online communication mode wastes an hour a and unacceptable email use. Some com-
day. panies have banned their workers from
Researchers in Britain have carried out the study and sending carbon copies of emails, and in
found that office workers actually waste an hour a day extreme cases have banned them from
sending and receiving emails – the obsession has led to a sending emails altogether. There’s a problem
culture in which many process them without even thinking. that with superabundance of information
They have based their findings on a survey of 4,000 employees there’s a scarcity of attention.” ■
from 150 business houses in Britain. The poll found that the average PTI

Beer My blessings with you

A ustralia could change its legal
definition of beer in order to
stop brewers using a tax loophole
brew, a report said on Sunday.
The report follows the govern-
ment’s decision to increase the
to pass off sweet, pre-mixed alco- tax on alcopops – bottled or
holic drinks as the thirst-slaking canned fizzy drinks usually mixed
with rum or vodka – by 70 per
cent to curtail binge drinking
among young people.
Some drinks companies have
sidestepped the tax by producing
drinks brewed using the same
methods as beer but with all the
‘beer characteristics’ removed
and sugar and colouring added,
the Sun-Herald newspaper said.
The products, known as ‘mal-
ternatives’, are also packaged like
a flavoured beverage and sell for
as little as two Australian dollars
(1.25 US) a drink – significantly
cheaper than the ‘alcopops’ that
fall under the new tax regime.
Health Minister Nicola Roxon
Australia to redefine said the government would be
looking to close any loopholes
the legal definition of which allowed drinks manufac- 쒀 Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty along with Akshay Kumar at the prize
beer to beat tax turers to undermine initiatives to distribution ceremony of a TV show ’Big Boss’ in Mumbai on Saturday. PTI PHOTO
loophole curb harmful teenage drinking. ■
08 SPORT ERGO Monday, November 24, 2008

Real win
Wesley Sneijder earned champions Real Madrid a 1-0 home victory
over Recreativo Huelva on Saturday, easing the pressure on coach
Bernd Schuster. The win took Real second above Villarreal whose
17-match unbeaten run in the Primera Liga ended with a surprise
0-3 home defeat by Valladolid. Real, with 26 points from 12
matches, are two behind Barcelona.

Lewis seeks return

Chase is on
tin O’Neill claimed Vidic should
have been sent off. “It was the
Former world heavyweight champion Lennox
major decision of the game,” he
Lewis would be tempted out of retirement
said. “I can understand the refer-
by the lure of a $100 million payday as well
ee not being sure whether it was
as his desire to “save the
a penalty but the foul was a
sport”, he told a British
sending-off offence. “I’m the
newspaper on Sunday.
first to acknowledge how diffi-
Lewis who retired from
the ring in 2003 after
Ferguson confident of catching Chelsea cult it is to referee games, but
that was a big moment and he
beating Vitali Klitschko
chose to ignore it.”
but the 43-year-old said

lex Ferguson insists Man- month to take part in the 2008 Ferguson, though, believed
he could be ready for a
chester United’s English Club World Cup. the official got it right. “Vidic
title fight after six months
Premier League title chal- “We are going to be two clearly got the ball, he was goal
of training.
lenge is still alive despite games behind when we get to side of the player. Agbonlahor
“If someone wants to pay
being eight points off the pace. January. But I think we can make was always going to find it diffi-
me serious money, $100m or so, then I will
The Red Devils missed a glorious it up,” Ferguson said of the gap cult to go around him,” he said.
fight again,” he told the Mail on Sunday. “I
chance to close the gap on lead- between United and the leaders. The point edged Villa up to
don’t have to do this, I don’t need the
ers Chelsea and second-placed “If we can get to within two or fourth place, ahead of Arsenal,
money and my legacy speaks for itself. But
Liverpool to just six points, with three points of the leaders by who they beat 2-0 away at Emir-
boxing needs me. The heavyweight game is
a game in hand. But, after the top New Year’s Day it would be a ates Stadium in their previous
so boring now. All the characters are gone. I
two had earlier both been held great feeling for us. It would put game. But O’Neill continues to
would like to save my sport.”
to 0-0 draws, United turned in a us in with a great chance. It’s not play down suggestions that his
Lewis said the poor quality of the current
subdued performance Saturday difficult, not with our club. We’re side are now genuine conten-
crop of heavyweights was one of the main
at Villa Park – a ground where capable of winning runs as eve- ders for a top four spot.
reasons he was tempted to return to the
they had won on their 11 previ- ryone knows.” Ferguson gambled on the fit-
ring. “Boxers usually come back or continue
ous visits – and were themselves ness of Wayne Rooney, who was
fighting for two reasons,” he said. “Either
held to a goalless stalemate. Close call pulled out of England’s 2-1 win
the atmosphere of the crowd or the money.
United flirted with throwing over Germany in Berlin on
Me? I don’t need either, I’m happy as I am.
Big blow away their 22-match unbeaten Wednesday, but the striker was
But I think the sport needs me and I love my
Beleaguered Arsenal were run against Villa, who created below par and missed United’s
sport. And I don’t like seeing it the way it
dealt a hammer blow in a 0-3 de- the best chances. Villa midfielder best chance when he blazed over
feat at Manchester City, while, Ashley Young twice tested Unit- in the second half. ■
Chelsea endured a frustrating ed’s goalkeeper Edwin van der AFP
home draw with Newcastle Unit- Saar, but the game’s big talking
ed and second-placed Liverpool point was Foy’s decision not to
were also held 0-0 by Fulham at award the home side a 59th min- Manchester United’s
Victoria Bushrangers Anfield. ute penalty after Nemanja Vidic Wayne Rooney (centre)
It might have been worse for brought down Gabriel Agbonla- tries to get past Aston
announce squad for Ferguson had not referee Chris hor. Villa’s Curtis Davies (left)
Foy turned down loud home ap- He was through on goal, but and Ashley Young during
Champions League peals for a second-half penalty. Vidic pulled the England striker the Premier League match
With three players who have played in the Third-placed United could fall back by his shirt before both at Villa Park in
Indian Premier League in their 15-man further behind in the title race players tumbled over just inside Birmingham. PHOTO: AFP
squad, Victoria Bushrangers arrive in India when they travel to Japan next the penalty box. Villa boss Mar-
on Friday hoping for a good show in the
Champions League Twenty20 which starts
on December 3. Victoria, who announced
their squad Sunday, have in their ranks
three players in captain Cameron White,
David Hussey and Brad Hodge who have
played in the inaugural edition of the IPL
this year. The team also has Australia fast
bowler Peter Siddle who toured India in the
just-concluded Test series. They will reach
Mumbai on Friday for cricket’s first
Twenty20 Champions League, with hopes of
a semi-final showdown with Victoria’s
favourite son Shane Warne, captain of IPL
champions Rajasthan Royals, in the USD 5
million eight-team tournament.
Victoria play Middlesex Crusaders of
England on December 3 before taking on
Chennai Superkings on December 4 and
Titans of South Africa
(December 6).

Cameron White (c), Aiden
Blizzard, Adam
Crosthwaite, Aaron Finch,
Shane Harwood, John
Hastings, Brad Hodge,
David Hussey, Andrew McDonald, Clinton
McKay, Dirk Nannes, James Pattinson, Rob
Quiney, Peter Siddle, Matthew Wade.
Monday, November 24, 2008
Watson dropped
All-rounder Shane Watson was on Sunday left out of the 12-man Australian squad named for the second Test against
New Zealand starting on Friday in Adelaide. Watson bowled well in the first Test taking two wickets but let himself
down with the bat, scoring one and five when Australia were in trouble in both the innings. Victorian fast bowler
Peter Siddle will rejoin the 12-man squad after being released from a 13-man squad for the first Test in Brisbane
where Australia beat the Kiwis by 149 runs.

Lopez, Verdasco put Spain in Davis Cup driving seat

eliciano Lopez and Fernando gles against Del Potro – or Acasuso volley on a ball which was going out
Verdasco put Spain in the driv- before Lopez goes up against in any case as the Argentines forced
ing seat in the Davis Cup final Nalbandian. their way back to 4-5.
on Saturday, beating Argenti- That sparked such emotion among
na’s David Nalbandian and Agustin History favours the visitors the home fans that it brought a warn-
Calleri 5-7, 7-5, 7-6 (7/5), 6-3 in the Worryingly for Argentina, in the last ing from the umpire of a potential
doubles to give their country a 2-1 36 years of Davis Cup finals, only penalty unless they calmed down. A
lead in Mar del Plata. three times have the doubles victors Calleri hold made it 5-5 and two fur-
The Spanish, champions in 2000 not gone on to win the title. Both of ther games went with serve to force
and 2004 and runners-up on three the two opening sets were as tight as the tiebreak.
other occasions, had hardly dared the scoreline suggested, Nalbandian This time it was Argentina who
hope of going into the final day lead- and Calleri both producing some pin- threw away the early initiative gained
ing after world number one Rafael point serving – including winning 100 as they streaked 5-1 clear only for
Nadal had to cry off through injury. percent of points on second serve – to Nalbandian to miss a volley before
But Lopez, having stunned number get their noses in front 7-5 in 47min Verdasco produced a clean winner
one Argentine Juan Martin del Potro after Vardasco double faulted in the and then Calleri netted a forehand to
4-6, 7-6 (7/2), 7-6 (7/4), 6-3 after Nal- 11th game. Nalbandian then closed gift the Spanish a 2-1 lead. ■
bandian had thrashed David Ferrer in out the set after he first managed to AFP
straight sets, once again shone as the stave off a triple break point.
visitors overcame an inauspicious But the Spaniards, both lefties,
start to tough out what may prove to came roaring back and pinched the
be the decisive rubber. second by the same margin. In the
third set, it looked as if the Spanish
Fitness worries tandem would rue letting slide a 5-1
While Argentina sweat on the fit- lead. Verdasco strode up to serve out
ness of groin strain victim Del Potro, and a Nalbandian return into the net
who may have to cede his place in the brought up a first set point.
return singles to Jose Acasuso – for But Verdasco produced a double
whom Nalbandian stepped in Satur- fault as the hosts closed the gap in the
day – Spanish skipper Emilio Sanchez seventh game and Lopez then
Vicario was elated. dropped serve in turn, misjudging a
“That was a hard-earned win. All
kinds of emotions were present in the
third set – we thought we’d sunk our-
selves and then we won an incredible
tiebreak,” said Sanchez Vicario as the
Spanish first let slip a 5-1 lead then
came back from 1-5 down in the
breaker before pocketing the final set
Verdasco was equally ebullient as
the Spanish set themselves up for
what would be a famous triumph giv-
en the absence of Nadal. “I’m not
certain if that was the best
match of my career but in
doubles, definitely” said
Verdasco, who could
be preferred to
Ferrer in Sun-
day’s re-

Spain’s Feliciano Lopez (left) and teammate

Fernando Verdasco (right) celebrate after winning
their doubles match in the final of the Davis Cup
against Argentina at Islas Malvinas stadium in Mar
del Plata, Buenos Aires. PHOTO: AFP
10 FLICK ERGO Monday, November 24, 2008

fter 17 years, millions of dollars, Guns N’Roses went on to become one er made,’ estimating its cost at 13 Early reviews of Chinese Democracy
and numerous false dawns, the of the biggest bands of the late 1980s million dollars. Much of the excruciat- have been mixed. Rolling Stone de-
wait has finally ended for fans of and early 1990s, their 1987 album ‘Ap- ing development can be traced back to scribed the album simply as a “great,
Guns N’Roses on Sunday with petite for Destruction’ becoming a the notoriously difficult temperament audacious, unhinged and uncompro-
the release of the rock group’s long- seminal work. At the height of their of front-man Rose, who has had mising hard-rock record. In other
awaited ‘Chinese Democracy’. fame the group were regularly selling enough band members to form a soc- words, it sounds a lot like the Guns N’
The US band’s first album of original out 80,000-seater arenas and album cer team. Roses you know.”
material since 1991’s ‘Use Your Illusion sales to date have topped more than According to Phil Gallo, associate ed- But the New York Times offered a
I’ and ‘II’, the arrival of ‘Chinese De- 90 million. But since the release of itor of Daily Variety, the band remains more withering assessment. While ac-
mocracy’ comes after a tortuous gesta- their last studio album in 1993, the mu- relevant because “there’s an absence knowledging the ‘bursts of remarka-
tion that had become something of a sic industry has changed beyond rec- of hard rock bands with star power, ble musicianship,’ the paper described
running joke in the music industry. ognition. with very charismatic persons in front. the album as the “Titanic of rock al-
Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, 46, is In terms of time and money, ‘Chi- Guns N’Roses still make a difference. bums: the ship, not the movie.” “It’s
the only member of the band’s original nese Democracy’ is already exception- They have lots songs that stood the outsize, lavish, obsessive, technologi-
line-up to feature on the new album, al. A total of 14 studios have been used test of time and get played in football cally advanced and, all too clearly, the
which will feature 14 tracks and is be- to help produce its 14 tracks. The New stadiums and make it on to the radio, end of an era,” the Times said. “It’s
ing hyped as a milestone in rock n’ roll. York Times in 2005 described the al- they’re a key part of classic rock in the also a shipwreck, capsized by preten-
Founded in Los Angeles in 1985, bum as the ‘most expensive album nev- States.” sions and top-heavy production. In its
Axl Rose’s celebrity has still rele- 14 songs there are glimpses of heart-
vance. They were a football stadium felt ferocity and despair, along with
band, “and they could play 60 to bursts of remarkable musicianship. But
80,000 people every single night.” they are overwhelmed by countless
layers of studio diddling and a tone of
curdled self-pity. The album concludes
with five bombastic power ballads in a
row.” ■

The release of ‘Chinese Democracy’ has proved expensive

for makers of the popular US soft drink Dr Pepper, who
promised a free can of the soda for everyone in America
if the album was released before the end of 2008. The
company has proved as good as its word, offering a free
coupon on its website for a 24-hour period from Sunday.

17 years
later, Guns
N’ Roses
are back
Monday, November 24, 2008
“Harris split is temporary”
Gowtham Menon has hinted that the much-publicised split with his favourite music director Harris
Jayaraj is most likely to be a temporary one. “Harris is an unparalleled originator. We started our
journey together from Minnale. He has grown by leaps and bounds. We have worked together to
render several hit songs. I always enjoyed his company. I sincerely feel the split is a temporary phase.
There are chances of us patching up and work together again in future.”

Beyonce-Jay Z most Cine City

powerful couple
d Jay-Z,
eyonce Knowles an

B tog eth er ma de 108 million

d the list of the
pounds, toppe
ten po we r cou ple s released
by America’s Forbes
While act or Wi ll Sm ith and wife Ja-
mb er with earn-
da are on second nu
6 mi llio n po unds, David
ings of 56.
am have been
and Victoria Beckh couple in
the thi rd ric he st
named 6 million
nin g 38.
Hollywood after ear orts dai-
in the pa st yea r, rep
salary of 3.6
David, 33, earned a
fro m Los Angeles
million pounds
bu t mo re tha n do ubled that
Galaxy nsorship
d spo
from merchandis
revenue s. An oth
23. 3 million Suriya meets fans in USA
al cam e fro m lucra- Actor Suriya who is on vacation with his family in
pounds of the tot
do rse me nt de als wit h Motoro- USA, spent last Friday interacting with fans in Bay
tive en
among others. Area. Bharat Creations the distributor of his new
la, Adidas and Pepsi,
34, generated release Vaaranam Aayiram, made arrangements for
Meanwhile, Victoria,
n po un ds thanks to Surya to visit two of the theatres in Bay Area where
another 5.3 millio nion tour
ls reu his movie is running for a successful second week.
her cut of the Spice Gir glasses,
inc lud ing sun Hundreds of Surya Fans stormed the theatres to see
and products an d DVB
thi ng their hero live and they were happy to take pictures
perfume, couture clo
jeans. and interact with him. All his fans, including the
ina Jolie, the ones who came to watch the telugu version of the
Brad Pitt and Angel
ked ab ou t pair, only movie ‘Surya S/O Krishnan’ participated in a brief
year’s most tal
wit joint earn-
h Q&A session with Surya.
managed fifth place
llio n po unds.
ings of 22.6 mi IANS

et another Superstar remake will
hit the floors soon. On December
1, shooting commences for the
remake of Rajnikanth’s super hit
Murattu Kalai.
While Sundar C will don the role
performed by Rajnikanth, Suman will
play the villain role played by Jai Shan-
kar. Sneha will play the
role performed by Rathi
in the original, while
search is on for the oth-
er heroine. Thiyagu,
Sundar C in
‘Cell’ Murugan and Alex
are also in the cast. Superstar
Selvabharathy, who
directed films like Ni-
naithen Vanthai, Va-
seegara and Pasupathy
C/O Rasakkapalayam, is directing the Kollywood queen of ads
remake version. No major changes She may not be the highest paid actress in Tamil
have been made in the script. Srikanth cinema, but with national brands like Mirinda,
Deva is scoring the music, while San- Fairever, Clinic All Clear, Parachute and Tanishq in
tario Tersio handles cinematography. her bag, Asin is the undisputed Kollywood queen
The film also marks the return of Gu- of ads. She is getting close to Rs 1.25 crores for an
nanidhi Amirtham, grandson of Chief annual contract which may include a maximum of
Minister M.Karunanidhi, to film pro- a week’s shooting, few functions. Trisha and Shriya
duction after a gap of 13 years. ■ Saran occupy the second and third position in the
www.cinesnacks.com list of actress getting huge pay packets through
12 ERGO Monday, November 24, 2008

■ Will rejoice thinking of the unforgettable

If the world would be moments of the past and people who made
destroyed within a few a difference in me so far

minutes, what would you R Balasubramanian Wipro Technologies

■ ’Amma kitta nandu varuthu thara solli

like to do within that saapiduvaen .’
time period Sathish Shankar, TCS

■ I will run and hug my friend ■ Will catch a rocket to space with as many
Madhusrinivas because he should not resources and people that the rocket can
escape at any point of time accommodate
Virgil Joseph David, Perot Systems Vimprash, Patni Computers

■ I will kiss my beloved till my last breath ■ Watch Varanam Aiyiram with friends and
and spend time with her. scream and enjoy the last moment.
Ramesh Kumar (Perot Systems), Satish (Ramco Annapoorani M, TCS
Systems), Hariharan (Sify), Ramesh Rajan
(Wipro) ■ Sip a strong cup of coffee and watch
Vadivel comedy with family. You may still
■ I would try 2 spend my last few be laughing as the world caves in Anjitha Narayanan of BCMD, Infosys Technologies has
minutes wit my parents and beloved ones Sridhar R (STG), Loganathan (Perot Systems) nominated ’The Fabulous Four’ as Partners in Crime.
in this world and see that hey are Happy. This snap was clicked at the beautiful Valparai estates.
Bhanupriya, Sathish Babu (CGSL), LakshmiRake ■ Just lie down calmly with my head on my
(Accenture), Dhanabal mothers lap. That’s heaven. I don’t care
Rekha, Ashok, Shanthi (TCS), Kannan (Sify), even if the world is destroyed
S.Lakshmi (CTS) Narendran, Infosys

■ I will kiss my sweet heart if that’s my ■ I’ll first catch up Chandrayaan and go to
last moment ... And, it goes without moon and settle there
saying that my sweet heart forever would Satyanathan, Capgemini
be my dear Mom.
Arunkumar Raja, CGSL ■ I’d like to complete my appraisal and get
a role change, which seems to be impossible
■ I’ll buy a Pulsar 200cc with a credit these days
card. Ride at the maximum speed, I’ll hit Vijayachakravarthy, Infosys
a BMW and kill myself. I hate to see the
disaster. ■ I would write my happy moments and put
MohanKumar (CGSL), Rajeshkumar.P (TCS) it inside an airtight bottle and sit at the
beach waiting for the waves to take away
■ I make a call to Kamal and me and my memories
K.S.Ravikumar. Because, they know how Praveen, CGSL
to save the world. Reference:
DHASAVATHARAM ■ I would like to spend the last few minutes
Jagan, (DELL RR) ALLSEC with my loved one and my kid Satheesh from HCL Technologies has nominated his
Revathy, Sangeetha, Nirmala, Perot Systems office colleague Jeyakumar.S as Partners in Crime. This
■ Odi poi enga boss thalaila NANGU photo was clicked at Munnar.
NANGUNU kottu vaipen ■ I would like to ride with cine and cricket
Ajay, Allsec Technologies, Ergo Pick Thala (Ajith and Ganguly) in one bike
Manikandan (SUDYK data soft)
■ I will sleep.
Jayaseelan (Perot Systems), Maheswar Aitha ■ I will marry a girl who was ignored by the
(TCS0 society to give her happiness at least in the
■ Send a quick SMS saying "Sorry" to all last few minutes.
whose feelings I would have hurt and Santhosh, TCS-SNR
"thank you" to a special few for making
a difference in my life and finally keep ■ I like to go to my boss desk and ask for
praying to God that the world doesn’t leave if he says no then I will give him a
end tight slap on his face
Senthil Kumar P (RR Donnelley) Hariprasad, Wipro Tech
Rakshita Sreenivasan (Wipro Technologies),
Dominic Xavier(CGSL)

■ I will sing "uchi mithu vaan idinthu

vizhukindra pothilum acham illai, acham Today’s Query:
illai acham enpathu illaiye"
Sasi Subbaraman, Perot Systems What post-retirement
■ I would like to meet Sachin and bowl plans will you suggest for Rajesh Vaidyanathan of Technosoft Global Services Pvt.
an over to him Ltd. has nominated his friends as Partners in Crime.
Pravin, L&D, TCS-RTSC George W.Bush?
Monday, November 24, 2008

■ Dear Sathya fun-filled birthday:)

Gopalakrishnan Selvakumar Wish u Many Many Happy Returns of the mSites Team , TCS
of ZNA Ariba team, Wipro day. Let u find ur hero this year and we will
pray for that. Have Fun :) ■ Hey Nels
Technologies has been nomi-
nated as Office Angel by his From ur Dear Friends.. Sing a song of Birthday Full of fun and cheer
team Deepak, Merlina, Harini, And may you keep on having them For years..
Arun, Shivakumar, Priyanka, ■ Hi Subbu With Regards 3rd July 2006 Batch, Patni Computer
Prasanna, Beetha, Balaji,Rad- Birthday Wishes to u. Keep smiling and
wishing u a year full of success, happiness, ■ Dear Sushmi,
ha, Banu & Lily.
He is the super hero of the and may all ur dreams come true this year Belated Happy B’day Wishes. Have a happiest
offshore team. .All he needs to Malini.T, Calsoft year. surprises will continue ;-) UTS Global
make things OK is just 2
■ Dear Hubby (Bunti) ■ Dear Shahila
minutes. With him, even the
most seemingly difficult task is I really thank God for giving me such a Happy Birthday. Many more Happy returns of
possible. wonderful Husband! “Happy 3rd Month da the day.Wish u all success. May god bless u:)
Purusha!” I love u da! With lots of Luv, Geetha,Jeevitha,Gayathri,Uvais
Ur Loving Wife, Bably , Infosys (UAE), Nithyanandan(CTS)&AV018-BOA team, TCS

■ Dear Betty Jerushah ■ Dear Masthan

As its time for us to wish u once again, We Sending you warmest wishes on your special
wish u joy, peace and love to gain. Have a day and everyday! God Bless U my Dear.I am
blessed and blasting birthday. sending all my loving thoughts ur way...just to
The Gang say " Our Friendship is true "
Hearty Wishes from Anand
■ Dear Dinesh
May god bless u on ur birthday. Let the ■ Hey DivSpan
celebrations start. Happy Birthday:) Birthday Wishes to a very special person,
By, HCM BOFA Team,Infosys Special in many ways, May God bless u. It’s ur
day, have a Blast!
■ Dear Santa By D‘ Nuts n Bolts crew, Ramco Systems.
Happy Birthday Dear! Enjoy the day. God
Bless U:) Let all good things come to u:) ■ Dear Jerom Jiiiiiiii
Hearty Wishes Friends, Wipro May this year bring with it all the success &
fulfillment ur heart desires. Happy Birthday:)
■ Hi BVJ Karthika Cheers, Chalz – PSL
Hav a Wonderful day & beautiful year
ahead. Happy Birthday day. ■ Dear Saravanan
CHNTS 23 & 24 Team, Cognizant Happy Birthday:) A simple celebration, a
gathering of friends; here is wishing you
■ Hi Vijay(King of Mokkai) great happiness, a joy that never ends.
Malathy Sasikumar of TCS Wish u Many More Happy Returns of the With Cheers, Senthil, VDSI
doodled this Day.Happy Birthday:)No mokkais today
Cheers...Anti – AssegniCircolori Team , SSIL ■ Dear Bujjuma
Wish you many more happy returns of the
■ Hey Suyash day.
Belated BIRTHDAY wishes:-)Now that we With Luv, Chellu Solomon. Infosys
have wished u specially we rlooking forward
for the treat. Wish u all success:) ■ Dear Lakshmi Narasimhan,
Cheers, Customer World Team, TCS Happy Birthday,With all our Heart we wish u
that all ur dreams come true.
■ Dear Sri Vidhya Wishes from your dear friends AC UAT, Hexaware
Many More Happy Returns Of The Day, May
all ur Dreams Come True, ■ Dear Priyanka
With Regards, friends, BTS(FS&TMT) Wipro Wish u a very Happy Birthday.May all ur
dreams come true. May u have god’s best in
■ Dear Julie... everything.
Wish u a very Happy Birthday. May god With Luv, Sudha, EDS
bless u now and Forever.. Keep Smiling..:)
1.University first vara valigal: with Love, Janet, CGSL ■Dear Karthick @ Mr. Perfect
(i) 4Maniku Yenthrichu brush panitu kulura irunthalum kuli Birthdays r nature’s way of telling us to eat
(ii). 5mani aydum ammava yelupna coffee yo tea yo tharu- ■ Dear Suresh, cakes..So on ur special day,u keep on bringing
vanga. Many more happy returns of the day. home made cakes for us. Happy Birthday
(iii). 5:30 mani ayidum, tv podu, sami paatu kaetu manasa Have a blessed life with your dream girl:) Hearty wishes from, Friends, CTS.
relax panniko, Sweet Wishes...Pre, Divs, Reku & Bharathy
(iv). 6 maniku kelambu, ■ Dear Ramana
(v): 6:30 maikellam univeristy poidalam. ■ Dear Harini We wish for u that whatever u want most in
Nee Thaan Univeristy First... Happy Birthday:) May God bless u with life, it comes to u,Happy Birthday Ramana!!
2. Calendarla thethi kilikrathu mukkiyam illa, kilicha thethi la Good health and Happiness forever Friends, New Age Software and Solutions.
naama ennatha kilichomngrathu than mukkiyam.... Cheers, Friends, Hexaware.
Devendiranm ■ Dear Yuvaraj
Caliber Point Business Solutions Ltd ■ Dear Saranya KS Many More Happy Returns of the day.Let this
Wish u a very Happy Birthday!May god bless year give u more reasons to smile:)
u a prosperous and healthy life. Have a Hearty wishes from, ODC-5 Friends,Amb-3,HCL
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday, November 24, 2008

Car tattoos
A Taiwanese pensioner has tattooed his
four cars with virtuous words from
Buddhist texts. Li Zongxiong, 71, a
workshop owner, started to ’tattoo’ his car,
two trucks and a motorbike nine years ago.


Mohan of
Perot Systems
clicked this
shot at
Topslip in

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Monday, November 24, 2008

iPhone confused
A new voice-recognition search tool for the iPhone has
problems understanding British accents, leading to some
Word’s worth
"Flaffer" (flaff-er) to rustle when moving, to
bizarre answers to spoken queries. The free application,
flutter. The citations in the OED seem to show that
which allows iPhone owners to use the Google search
this word was used mostly about birds, but it seems
engine with their voice, mistook the word ’iPhone’
like a useful word forimpractical dresses.
variously for ’sex,’ ’Einstein’ and ’kitchen sink.’



It is a lucky day for you in general. Ganesha feels
that you will be trying to work on new things. At
office, everyone will value your suggestions. On the
relationship front, you may be very enthusiastic. In
short, a positive day is lying ahead for you.


You are in a slightly different mood today. You may
not wish to take up anything that is very heavy or
serious. Office work may seem slightly boring unless
you explore something new. Relationship front may
remain almost uneventful, says Ganesha.


Your attention is drawn towards worldly matters
BORN LOSER today. You may seek attention of others but may
have lesser consideration, at office as well at home.
Unless you deal very nicely with your beloved, you
have scope of getting into false arguments.
You are likely to feel like working very hard at
office. On the personal front, you need to be
adjusting. In other words, to remain happy with
your partner, you may need to compromise. Briefly,
it’s a good day but requires careful handling.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Ganesha finds this to be energetic and active day
for you. There can be opportunities to learn or
adapt new things at work. You may feel like
developing good skills at personal level. Ganesha
finds you in cheerful mood, throughout the day.
Your attention is divided in two parts – domestic
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT needs and professional front. This split can make
you feel a little confused at the start of the day.
Ganesha feels that you will spend good time with
your partner today. It’s a favourable day for you.
It’s a day to earn credit at work. Important
meetings should go well. On the personal front, it is
day to socialise. Your partner may find you in a
good mood hence romance may also flourish. In
short, you should try to fetch more out of lucky day.
You are likely to be pretty direct while talking to
others. Ganesha suggests you to keep focus on
communications at work. With beloved, you may
not have major issues, unless you are pinpointing
his/her mistakes. Day requires careful dealing.
You may be quite optimistic today. Confidence
evidently appears in your behaviour and actions
today. You may take up challenging tasks and finish
them off in time, at office. Romance may be on the
peak. In short, day may remain cheerful.
You will be philosophical in your thinking but at the
same time, may be focussing on loss and gain at
work. On the personal front, you may wish to
establish more spiritual union with your mate. The
day is Karmic in terms of work and relationship.
PREVIOUS It’s a day to fetch gains through various means at
work. You can be addressing a group discussing
ISSUE’S various matters, by and large yet ’to the point’.
Your life partner may remain in cheerful mood. It’s
SOLUTIONS a day to enjoy parties or go for a long drive.
Ganesha finds you becoming more practical about
work. You may be interested in working out long
term plans. Your love relationships may undergo
serious discussions or contemplation. Ganesha finds
this day quite positive for you.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Monday, November 24, 2008

Obese? Get two

airline seats at
the price of one
Obese people have the
right to two seats for the price
of one on flights within Cana-
da, the Supreme Court of
Canada ruled on Thursday.
The high court declined to
hear an appeal by Canadian
airlines of a decision by the
Canadian Transportation
Agency that people who are
“functionally disabled by
obesity” deserve to have two
seats for one fare.

Bra for boys
Who said bras are only for
women? A Japanese online
lingerie retailer is selling bras
for cross-dressing men and
they’ve quickly become one
of its most popular items.
Since launching two weeks
ago on Rakuten, a major Ja-
panese web shopping mall,
the Wishroom shop has sold
over 300 men’s bras for 2,800
yen ($30) each. The shop also
stocks men’s panties, as well
as lingerie for women.

Fire ceremony to
tackle recession
A two-year long yagna, an
ancient Hindu fire ritual, is
being held in a village in
western Gujarat to save
the world from the
economic downturn. The
yagna, which involves
groups of priests reciting
ancient religious verses
and pouring oblations in a
ceremonial fire, is being
held at Ramsana village in
Mehsana district of
The ritual entered its 16th
day and will continue
uninterrupted for two
years, the organiser of the
event, Dahyabhai Patel,
convenor of a religious
trust, was quoted as
He said at least 3,000
priests from Gujarat,
Madhya Pradesh, Bihar,
Rajasthan and Uttar
Pradesh states would take
part in the ritual which
involved 109 havan kunds
or ceremonial fires.
The ritual seeks divine
blessings to relieve the
world of the economic
crisis that seems to have
no end in sight, Patel said.