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William Shakespeares

Romeo and Juliet

Narrator #1 In the ancient Italian city of Verona, Lord Capulet was planning a party. He was sure no members of the Montague family would turn up, as the Capulets and Montagues had been feuding for years. The quarrel ran so deep that even their servants fought. But Lord Capulet was wrong. Lord Capulet Go, Sirrah, trudge about Through fair Verona; find those person out Whose names are written there, and to them say, My house and welcome on their pleasure stay. Sirrah The Servant I am sent to find those persons Whose names are here writ.. I must to the learned.

Narrator #2 Romeo, Lord Montagues son, and Mercutio, his friend, did comein disguise. Romeo was infatuated with Lord Capulets niece, Rosaline. Romeo Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, Too rude, too boisterous; and it pricks like thorns.

Narrator #3 However, Romeo forgot all about Rosaline when he saw Lord Capulets sweet young daughter, Juliet. Her beauty stole his heart. Romeo Did my heart love till now?

Narrator #4 Unfortunately, Romeo was recognized by Lord Capulets nephew, Tybalt. Tybalt Uncle, this is a Montague!

Lord Capulet Young Romeo, is it? Narrator #4 Young Romeo gazes at Juliets beauty and says Romeo O! She doth teach the torches to burn bright.

Narrator #5 Tybalt is ready to take arms against the intruder. But Lord Capulet forbad fighting at his ball and made Romeo welcomed. Lord Capulet He shall be endurd. Tybalt Tis a shame. The only son of your great enemy

Romeo (Still gazing at Juliet) A snowy dove trooping with crows. Narrator #6 So Romeo wooed Juliet and soon their love was mutual, despite the feud between the families. Juliet (Gazing into Romeos eyes) My only love sprung

from my only hate! Narrator #7 As the party ended, Juliet ran to her balcony to declare her love for Romeo to the stars. Juliet O Romeo, Romeo, Where for art thou Romeo

Narrator #8 Romeo risked death by climbing the Capulets orchard wall to see Juliet. Romeo Juliet O! It is my love. O gentle Romeo.

Narrator #9 That night, the loving pair agreed to wed in secret, lest their feuding families part them. Romeo ( Kisses Juliet and says) Tis but thy name that is my enemy. Narrator #10 As dawn broke, Juliets nurse finally got her to leave the balcony for bed. Juliet Romeo Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Hence will I go to my ghostly fathers cell. Narrator #1 Romeo raced to Friar Lawrence. Friar Lawrence Wast thou with Rosaline?


Rosaline, I have forgot that name.

Narrator #1 The friar agreed to marry the sweethearts, hoping this would unite the families. Narrator #2 Later that morning, Juliet joined Romeo at the chapel, and the happy pair were wed. Friar Lawrence Romeo Juliet These violent delights have violent ends.

Ah! Juliet True love.

Narrator #2 Then Romeo and Juliet parted, as they knew they must, until Friar Lawrence had broken the news to their families. Narrator #3 On the way home, Romeo met his good friends Benvolio and Mercutio, who were being harangued by Tybalt for consorting with Montague. Tybalt Thou consortst with Romeo


Good Capulet, which name I tender as dearly As mine own.

Narrator #4 Mercutio and Tybalt draw their swords to prepare to fight. Romeo now related to Tybalt by his marriage, tried to prevent a fight, but failed. Mercutio Put thy rapier up.

Narrator #5 Tybalt and Mercutios swords clashed and Mercutio fell dead. Mercutio A plague o both your houses! They have made worms Meat of me.

Narrator #5 Provoked by his friends death, Romeo struck Tybalt a fatal blow. Benvolio Romeo, away! Be gone!.. Tybalts slain. O! I am Fortunes fool.


Narrator #6 The Prince of Verona was tired of the feuding families disturbing the peace, so when he heard of the deaths, he banished Romeo. Prince of Verona Let Romeo hence In haste. Narrator #7 Unhappy Juliet! Her cousin killed by Romeo and Romeo exiled! What could Romeo do but go and beg her forgiveness-and say farewell? Juliet Romeo Juliet Romeo Juliet Romeo Juliet Romeo Juliet Romeo O serpent heart. I must be gone. Stay yet. Tis morn. It is not near. The lark. The nightingale. Daylight! A meteor. Ill stay and die.

Juliet Romeo

Be gone. Farewell.

Narrator #7 Not until morning did the lovers part, hoping that soon Friar Lawrence could secure a pardon for Romeo and pacify their families. Narrator #8 But Lord Capulet, thinking to comfort Juliet after Tybalts death, told her faithful suitor, Paris, that they could marry on Thursday. Paris I would that Thursday were tomorrow. Lord Capulet Prepare her, wife. Narrator #9 Horrified, Juliet rejected the plan, but dared not reveal her marriage to Romeo. Lord Capulet Gods bread! It makes me mad. Narrator #10 Juliet ran to friar Lawrence for help, and in desperation, they agreed to a devious plot. Friar Lawrence Juliet I do spy a kind of hope. And I will do it without fear or doubt.

Narrator #1 Accordingly, Juliet went home and, to her fathers joy, agreed to marry Paris. Juliet Pardon, I beseech you! Lord Capulet Well to church tomorrow. Narrator #2 Before the wedding, Juliet took a drug so as to appear dead for fort-two hours. Juliet What if it be poison?

Narrator #3 When Juliets nurse tried to wake her,

she seemed quite lifeless. Nurse Slug-a-bed. Bride? Lady! Lady! Help! My Ladys dead.

Narrator #4 So, amid deep mourning, the wedding party became a funeral procession. Juliet was carried to the family burial vault, from where, according to the friars plan, Romeo would rescue her. Narrator #5 But the friars letter telling Romeo of the scheme, went astray. A messenger told Romeo the false news of Juliets sudden death. Messenger Romeo Pardon me for bringing these ill news. Is it even so?

Narrator #6 Romeo bought poison and went to the tomb. There he found Paris, who in his misery attached Romeo, who slew him in defense. Paris Romeo O, I am slain. Ill bury thee in a triumphant grave.

Narrator #7 Then Romeo gave Juliet a kiss and drank the poison. Just too late, Friar Lawrence arrived, now aware that his letter had not reached Romeo. Narrator #8 As the friar cried out in horror, Juliet awoke to see Romeo, lifeless beside her. Friar Lawrence Juliet Friar Lawrence What an unkind hour. O happy dagger. I dare no longer stay.

Narrator #9 Hearing voices approach, the friar fled. But Juliet, unable to imagine life without Romeo, took up his dagger and stabbing herself, fell dead upon her husbands body. Narrator #10 When the families of the Montagues and the Capulets arrived upon this tragic scene, they were grief stricken at the consequences of their vendetta. Lord Capulet and Lord Montaque vowed to raise a golden statue to each others child. Thus they buried their feud, along with their precious children, Romeo and Juliet. For never was a Story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Romeo and Juliet Parts: Narrators 1-10 Characters: Romeo Juliet Lord Capulet Sirrah the Servant Tybalt Friar Lawrence Mercutio Prince of Verona Paris Nurse Messenger

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