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Sealing Compounds for Power Stations We have one of the most extensive range of sealing compounds for power

stations in India Here's what we stock: Birkosit Turbine Sealing Compound Birkosit Dichtungskitt (Temp Resistance 900 deg C and pressure resistance 250 bar, Developed in co-operation with Siemens) For any sealing application in turbines, compressors, engines, generators, expanders, flanges, etc where the highest temperature and pressure resistance is required. Approved by BHEL, Siemens, Triveni, MAN Turbo, Ebara and most OEs, Birkosit gives a service life of 10 years, has a shelf life of 5 years, contains linseed oil for better sealing properties, and is packs from Germany. available in imported 1 kg

------------------------------------------------------------------------Arexons Motorsil D (High Temp. Oil Resistant Sealant) A Nuovo Pignone Recommended Product, Used by BHEL Hyderabad for sealing turbine bearing pedestals and compressors When you have a gasketing application that requires (a) thickness (b) oil resistance (c) high temperature resistance, you choose Arexons Motorsil D. 60 gms tube from Arexons SpA, Italy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Refractory Boiler Putty FROSCHMARKE Froschmarke refractory boiler putty is a potassium water glass-based sealing putty. Froschmarke refractory boiler putty is guaranteed to be resistant to open flames and temperatures of up to above +1000 C. Has good adhesion, is non-shrinking, completely seals off smoke and gas. For boilers, furnaces and stoves. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Marston Red High Temperature Gasket & Jointing Compound from Marston Domsel A unique non-hardening gasketing compound for sealing metal-to-metal joints in the presence of oils. Used for pedestal bearings flanges in turbines, gear box casings, pumps, motors, and various finely machined flange sealing applications. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Slic-tite Paste with PTFE Non-toxic, non-drying formula will not harden or crack in the pipe joint. Provides easy disassembly and break out. Seals to high pressures: 10,000 PSI for Liquids, 3,000 PSI for Gases. Sealing temperature range: -50 to 500F (-46C to 260C). Recommended Services: water, natural gas, LP gases, steam, air, gasoline, kerosene, Refrigerants, ammonia, caustics, and acids. pint and pint packs --------------------------------------------------------------------------Hochdruck Fermit Universal Sealing Compound Non-toxic, non-drying, universal sealing compound, pasty putty, heat, steam and high pressure-resistant, does not dry up. Insoluble in water, Non-flammable, Red brown paste based on natural rock dusts, oils and pigments ! Is particularly suitable for sealing threads, flanges and faces on high-pressure Page 1

Sealing Compounds for Power Stations equipment, turbine casings, steam lines etc. Can be used up to a pressure of 16 bar and up to +160 C, briefly also up to +200 C. Threads In order to ensure reliable sealing and preservation of the hemp the latter must be completely impregnated with Hochdruck-Fermit. For all threads according to DIN 2999 up to 2 inches in diameter. Flanges and faces Coat flanges and faces as well as the intermediate shim on both sides with Hochdruck-Fermit and then screw together firmly. The seals produced in this method with Hochdruck-Fermit can be stressed immediately and the connections can be undone again at any time. Application Areas: Thread Sealing, Gear Box Flanges, Pumps Mating Surfaces, Low pressure end of turbine casings, steam lines, all high pressure equipments upto 16 bar, Generator end-shield flanges in power stations, etc Pack Size 650 g tins ----------------------------------------------------------------------------QUIKSTEEL EPOXY STICK An easy to use high temperature epoxy stick sealant for online sealing of leaks in petrol, diesel, solvents, alkalis tanks and transformers. Cures in 60 minutes and has a temperature resistance of 260 deg C, shear strength of 740 psi, Tensile strength of 6200 psi and shore hardness of D-87. 113.6 grams stick, -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Marston High Temperature RTV Sealant Hylosil RTV Silicone Sealant from Germany, 80 ml tubes for form-in-place gasketing at high temperatures upto 300 deg C. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Laco Pipe Thread Sealant, Pipetite Use on metal threads for sealing steam, water, air, natural gas, LPG. 1-1/4 oz stick. Temp resistance 177 deg, Pressure 136 bar for liquids, 24 bar for gas. Plasto-joint for Plastic fittings -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Neo-Fermit Universal is the ultimate thread sealing paste. Advantages include its ease of use, non-toxicity and high temperature rating; Versatile, NeoFermit Universal also works as a long lasting and effective lubricant; Comes in convenient easy squeeze 150g tube. Gas: Temperature range: -20 C to +70 C / Pressure: 5 bar; Suitable for all types of gas including natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas in the gaseous phase. For metal threads use in conjunction with hemp. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fermit Hemp / Flax Use together with the sealing pastes Neo Fermit Universal, Fermit-Special and Hochdruck-Fermit. Improves the stability of the connection under pressure. Temperature resistance : +140C Used in conjunction with Grafitpaste for damaged threads to improve sealing. Versatile material for use with all kinds of sealing pastes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Revolutionary, patented Fermit Pipe Thread Sealant Monofilament made of 100% Page 2

Sealing Compounds for Power Stations P.T.F.E. for sealing metal & plastic threaded pipe joints Fermit PTFE pipe sealing thread is a dynamic sealant which adjusts its state during installation. Creates a perfect seal by calendaring the P.T.F.E. into a film in the exact thickness required between the two pipe ends. Absolutely chemically resistant to the most aggressive chemicals, solvents, fuels and acids. Remains functionally stable in a temperature range from 200 C to +240 C. It is not flammable and does not burn. No effect whatsoever on the process fluids in the pipes. Replaces all other sealants and tapes on all threads. DVGW tested & approved up to 100 bar pressure. BAM tested & approved for use with gaseous oxygen at 30 bar & 100 C. UL Listed Seal Material for use in assemblies handling gasoline, petroleum oils, naphtha, propane, butane, benzene, kerosene and natural gas (<300 psig) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------PSC offers a fluorosilicone injectable sealant designed to be injected into generator end-shield channels to form a watertight seal. It is designed to survive harsh environments where most conventional sealants fail. It is highly resistant to contact with solvents, fuels, oils, and many industrial chemicals. Upon exposure to common fuels, this sealant will swell slightly, tightening the seal during service. Its a non-curing product and can withstand immersion in fuels and temperatures upto 200 deg C. With excellent flow characteristics it can be injected with 223AR-6 Grover Automatic Reciprocating Sealant Gun with Cylinder for 6 - 7oz from Grover Manufacturing, USA. The product is effective in sealing Generator End Shield channels. It has a continuous use temperature range of -55 o C to >200 o C and is not affected by UV or other environmental factors. Approved by General Electric. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------About us: We are Importers, Marketers and India Distributors for a host of high performance gasketing brands like Hylomar, Birkosit, Arexons, etc. used in power plant turbines/compressors and count among our customers original equipment manufacturers like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Siemens, MAN Turbo, Maruti Udyog, Alstom, GKN Driveline, Renk Bearings, Kirloskar, Bombardier, Dresser Rand, and power stations including Lanco, Tata Power, Torrent, Surat Lignite, NTPCs, NPCIL, APGENCO, OPGC, Essar Power, JSW, Tata Steel Captive, Nalco CPP, GVK, GMR, SEPCO, etc. For ordering, please contact importers and distributors of the product in India or a reseller near to you Project Sales Corp, 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam 530020, AP Call +91-891-2564393; Fax +91-891-2590482 sales@projectsalescorp.com www.projectsalescorp.com Page 3