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Angelo V.

Plano, TX 75024 USA +1 972 679-2709 ITALY +39 392 913 1358 angelo.ugge@gmail.com Fluent in English and Italian, French scholastic, U.S. and Italian Citizenship CAREER SUMMARY Results-oriented senior executive with hands-on experience in all aspects of Corporate Management Proven track record in sales and marketing management, general management, M&A, and corporate management o Corporate Management: Solid background in all aspects of corporate management with emphasis on Budgeting, Forecasting, P & L management, and Financial management o Business Development: Proven ability to recognize and capitalize on market trends to drive organizations to achieve sustained growth; strong focus on building customer loyalty and corporate strategic alliances o New Product Introduction: Capable of leading teams of design engineers to generate new products in a timely and efficient manner o Corporate Finance/Fund Raising: Capable of deploying strategic tools of financial analysis to optimize ROA. Experience with private investors and VC firms; successfully raised in excess of $16M of VC funds o Corporate Quality: Familiar with TQM deployment in large and small organizations o Corporate Image: Strong ability to interact with Financial Analyst community to present organizations results and strategies Broad international experience with exposure to North American, European, Japanese and Chinese markets Capable to drive and motivate an organization towards growth and profitability PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Sept 2006 Present Eviteck Consulting LLC, Plano, TX President Established a consulting company to promote business initiatives of European based companies into international markets (USA and ROW) o SCE Srl, Modena Italy: Products included industrial and consumer products for home automation and alternative energy production markets Seeking funding in USA to set up manufacturing / marketing entity to promote alternative energy production products Launched an aggressive product penetration plan in Europe, Australia and USA for the controlled subsidiary DOKI Srl, resulting in an extensive market investigation which determined market potential and clear product differentiation strategy based on energy conservation awareness o Prastel Spa, Bologna Italy: Products included consumer products for home automation and access control Assisted client in growing domestically and internationally with revenue resulting in an increase of 15% during the 2006 2010 period Worked in conjunction with the companys president to develop a key strategic partnership with two (2) leading billion dollar OEM accounts; successfully negotiated two (2) OEM contracts for $30M (Euros) Actively participated in the companys efforts to transform Prastel Spa into an industrial group with integrated manufacturing including electronics and finished electromechanical products Brought a strong focus on sales management with the reorganization of the sales and marketing department with sales growing from $1M per month (less then 90% on time) to $1.5M per month (with 99% on time deliveries) Launched strategic manufacturing activities in China achieving a gross margin improvement of 40% on key volume items Introduced new cultural approaches to prevention and analysis of product returns that dramatically reduced cost of non- quality and company image

Feb 2004 July 2005 BridgeCo AG. Zurich, Switzerland CEO BridgeCo is a start-up company focused to the market of home connectivity for digital audio. The company (ISO 9000 certified) developed and marketed an audio entertainment connectivity platform consisting of a family of advanced proprietary ICs and proprietary application software Lead the Round C of financing raising $16M in three (3) months Restructured the company; hired a new management team with broad industry experience and international culture Re-profiled the customer base to attack large OEM in Europe, USA, China and Japan with sales increasing from $4M per year to a run rate of $8M in 2005; won major customers including Philips Consumer Electronics in Europe and China Started a new Firmware Development Center in India Completed transition to reincorporate the company in USA (from being Swiss based) Jan 2003 Dec. 2003 Softin, Richardson, TX Acting CEO Softin was a pre-funding venture that aimed to enter the VOIP market. Managed a team of skilled peole that wanted to perform an acquisition of a local carrier and transform it into a transatlantic VoIP service provider adding a proprietary and unique VoIP technology Developed Business plan Conducted due diligence on the acquisition target Interfaced with VC to get funding Nov 2001 Oct 2002 Mems Optical Inc., Huntsville, AL CEO Mems Optical Inc. is a technology company focused primarily on the production of micro-lenses and micro-lens-arrays. The company originally developed its IP while working on military contracts. Recruited to introduce a commercial mentality and to bring the company offering to the broader market with the expectation to take the company public With the aftermath of September 11th crisis; company had a loss of the key customers due to this tragic event, which the company normally would have focused on in the past; forced to operate with no backlog, under severe losses and excessive cash burn Brought P/L discipline, accountability in the organization, and restructuring to focus all the organization to be more customer-centric; introduced a clear short/medium term market and company survival strategy Fixed costs were reduced by more than 30%; cash burn rate was reduced to guarantee at least sixteen (16) months of survivability; customer base was re-profiled to attack large OEMs in USA and Japan Sales went from practically zero in Q1 2001 to a sustainable run rate of $450K per month in Q3 Contribution margins went from an average of 35% in Q1 to > 60% in Q3 with growing sales 1994 Nov 2001 STMicroelectronics, Carrollton, TX Vice President & General Manager, TPA Group The TPA (Telecom, Peripherals, and Audio & Automotive) Group headquartered in Italy represented the largest product group within STMicroelectronics with total worldwide sales of about $4B in the fiscal year 2000. The TPA-America organization was formed in 1994 to support the expansion in America; comprised approximately three-hundred (300) highly qualified (indirect) professionals covering the functions of marketing, sales support, planning, financial control, product design, product engineering, test engineering and quality. Team evolved rapidly over the years through natural growth and a two (2) M&A. A largely decentralized organization with headquarters in Carrollton, TX and presence at four (4) ST manufacturing plants in the USA and Canada. Marketing and seven (7) design teams were located strategically close to major customers located on the West Coast, Colorado, Texas, and Canada Supported sales growth from $300M in 1994 to more than $1B in the USA during 2000 Supported the marketing teams to establish a local presence and the creation of an American identity Managed up to $55M of expense budget and implemented tight financial control package; consistently achieving profitability targets Obtained a consistent cost reduction in the four (4) STMicro American plants (about 20% year) while achieving the production quotas Deployed the STMicro TQM policy; directly contributed to the 1999 team that was able to win the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for the ST-America organization

1987 1994 STMicroelectronics, Carrollton, TX Vice President, CMBU CMBU was a vertically integrated marketing, sales and product development team whose primary objective was to promote and sell the STMicro product portfolio to a limited number of large OEM customers in North America operating in the communications market Grew sales from nearly zero in 1987 to $160M in 1994 Set in motion design wins to achieve a steady growth of 40% per year Achieved strategic partnership relations with Nortel and Motorola Negotiated a major six (6) year contract worth $600M Groomed successor that is still in charge of this team 1985 1987 STMicroelectronics, Carrollton, TX Area Sales Manager South Geographic sales organization covering the South Central and Southeast of the USA for a total of eleven (11) states and Puerto Rico. Sales approach was multi-level with direct sales representative to cover a few key customers and authorized sales representatives to manage all the other accounts and the distribution channel Rebuilt the organization anew; hired three (3) new authorized sales representatives firms in three (3) states Doubled volume of sales in the first year Won major corporate contracts with Rockwell Intl., Motorola and Stromberg Charlson Implemented customer profiling for more than fifty (50) new OEM customers in the territory EDUCATION AND OTHER TRAINING Doctorate in Physics, University of Milan, Italy, 1974 o Major: Electronics; graduated Summa Cum Laude Degree in Electronic Engineering, ISTIM, Milan, Italy 1969 o Major Analog & Digital Electronics Degree in Electrical Engineering, IT IS Feltrinelli, Milan, 1966 Corporate Strategic Management at the ST University, 2000 Finance for Non-Financial Professional at the ST University, 1999 Stanford University Executive Development Program, 1991 Field Sales Management at the American Management Association, 1987