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Study Guide - Act One Scene One 1. Who are the two feuding families? 2.

What are the servants discussing in the opening of the play? 3. Why is Romeo upset? 4. What does Benvolio vow to do? 5. What suggests that Romeo is a man looking for someone to love? 6. There are references to the mythological god and goddess Cupid and Diana in this scene. What significance do they have for Romeo in this scene? 7. The quarrel of the servants renews the feud. What does this illustrate? 8. Describe Benvolio. 9. Describe Tybalt. 10. What does the color purple mean? 11. Explain dark curtains from dawns bed. 12. What is Romeos obsession? 13. Why is it ironic that Romeo dismisses the idea of a feud? 14. What is a sorrow to Romeo? Scene Two 1. How old is Juliet? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Who is in love with her? What does Capulet tell Paris? Where do Romeo and Benvolio decide to go at the end of the scene? Why is Capulet not eager to renew a feud? What is the main plot of the play? What is the subplot of the play? 8. Where does the subplot begin? Scene Three 1. What does Lady Capulet ask Juliet? 2. What is Juliets response to this question? 3. What is important about her response? 4. Now that youve met Juliet do you think she and Romeo will make a good pair? How do their attitudes about love compare?

5.To what extent do you believe that Juliet is capable of making mature decisions about love and marriage at this point in the play?

Scene Four and Five 1. Most fairy tales suggest that love will triumph in the end and that everyone in the story will live happily ever after. How does Mercutios Queen Mab speech differ from the usual fairy tale format? Is his speech a warning to Romeo? 2. What happens at the party that causes Romeo to forget Rosaline? 3. Why wouldnt Capulet let Tybalt attack/kill Romeo at the ball? 4. What does Romeo call Juliet just prior to kissing her? 5. How do you account for Romeo and Juliet falling in love so quickly? 6. 7. 8. What did she first ask the nurse about two other guys? What do Romeo and Juliet realize about one another at the end of Act 1? Who said the following lines and why? A) "Is she a Capulet? 0 dear account, my life is my foes debt." B) "My only love sprung from my only hate Too early seen unknown and known too late." 9. Define each of the following literary devices and find one example of each used anywhere in Act One. 1. Pun: 2. Alliteration: 3. Oxymoron 4. Allusion 5. Metaphor: 6. Hyperbole: 7. Irony: 8. Comic Relief: 9. Foreshadow: 10. Aside: