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he rule which is seen in the world is that the strong devours the weak. You

may not like idea that there is so much of violence .But whether you like it or not, it is going on . Nature is not going to pay any attention to our likes and dislikes. It is carrying on according to its own laws and therefore we see that this fact of Jeevo Jeevasya Jeevanam can be very well experienced throughout the universe. The stronger devours the weak. The bigger fish eats the smaller one. The bigger one in turn is eaten in turn by a still bigger one. Human being is the enemy of all the creation and he is saying it proudly. All the other creatures stand in a great danger of extinction by the hands of this 2 legged animal. So it is going on and the same rule is applicable also to the relations of human beings within themselves. Stronger is always desirous of conquering, dominating others who are weak, of devouring them, to make themselves more strong and more prosperous. This has been going on ever since the human history is known and in spite of the best efforts of the best man from time to time; so long as the human remains as he is, there is no likelihood of any change in this particular behavior. Then what is our duty in this state of world? WHAT IS OUR DUTY? Because of which our national life may be undisturbed, what are we to do? Then it has been said in very unambiguous way in our Prarthana that we should have a victorious strength of ourselves. On the basis of that victorious strength only this Rashtra can stand in all its galore. So just before ||Param Vaibhavam Netum Etat Swarashtram||we say ||Vijaytrijanah Samhita Karyashakti ||Lets be always victorious. Strength of our own people. So what are to do then? We say we are to build up this strength. BUILD UP THE STRENGTH. So Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha at very outset saidWe are out to organize the HINDU people. The Hindu people are the Rashtra that is Organize our Rashtra. Make it powerful. so that no one in the world dare to lift up his eyes even at it. That, is a loose translation of a Marathi sentence which

our Param Pujaniya Dr. ji used to speak in trying to give in a nutshell what RSS stands for. We at the very outset said that we want to organize. We want to build up our strength. Invincible, All Conquerable, All Conquering. All these qualification s, adjectives, we shouldnt forget. We did not merely say that our strength should be unconquerable. We have said VIJAYTRI. ALL CONQUERING. IF WE DESIRE WE CAN CONQUER THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. That is TRIBHUVAN VIJETA. If we so desire. This strength we have to build up. Now the question arises how do we build up this strength. HOW DO WE BUILD UP THIS STRENGTH? Can we get any strength for our national life from anywhere in the world? Can we trust only on the help coming from other part of the world? We dont think so. In our own intelligence and our intelligent adjustments of human forces we may be able to use one set of people against other in the world, but that requires our own strength to make use of others. So we dont rely upon only external aids. We say our own strength should be there. Where the strength does comes from? WHERE THIS STRENGTH DOES COMES FROM? So it is said that in the age that we live; strength comes from organization SANGATHAN; which is the source of strength. SANGATHAN so we said lets be SANGATHIT. Well Organized. Well knit together. WELL KNIT TOGETHER. Now for this purpose let us try to understand some more things. As I said just now, persons of bad character can come together and organize, also be strong. Do we want to build up such strength? We have said NO. weve said NO. Sectarianism can help us to consolidate ourselves. Do we want sectarian consolidation? We have said NO. Very positively we have said NO. Do we want to pin our faith upon all the fractional feelings which are present in our country and take advantage of those fractional feelings to organize. Again we have said NO. Do we want to take advantage of other people being hostile to

us and thus create in the mind of our people the spirit of antagonism? And on the spirit of that build up the organization. Do we want this? For this also we have said NO. Then what do we want? We said we want to build our organizational strength on a proper appreciation of our national life, and proper appreciation of relation of an individual to the national life. And on the strength of this we want to build up the organization .ABIDINGLY ORGANIZED STRENGTH OF OUR NATION. Then we have to therefore understand the relationships we said and just now pointed out that the individual has to be dedicated to the national life. Why? Because in the larger interest, smaller interest are included. And smaller interests have at time to be sacrificed. I even say have often to be sacrificed for the larger interest. This is the very first and easy way of thinking. The other thing that I have said is the Permanency in the national life. And individuality in permanence! Just as we said the current of the law goes on and on, centaury after centaury. The drifts which constitute the current are not permanent. They came and go and they break. The new drifts come and older go away. In our nation also how many generations have come and gone. How many people have born and how many have died. And this process continues but nation goes on. It has got his own individuality. It has got his own soul. It goes on. We are only temporary fractions of it and he time in which we do exist as the fractions of time in which WE HAVE TO DEVOUT OURSELVES FOR THE PERPETUATION IN ALL ITS GLORY, IN ALL ITS STRENGTH, IN ALL ITS SPIRIT, AND IN ALL ITS FORCE OF THIS PERMANENT LIFE OF THIS NATION. So from this point of view we say individual life is only for dedication. It is not meant looking after individual self interest. It is meant for being dedicated. Now we say that we want to dedicate our Life. We also have to take a little point into consideration. I dont want to say which will terrify you all or frightening. But lets us try to understand DEDICATION MUST COME WITH THE

SPIRIT OF HUMILITY AND OF SERVICE AND OF DEVOTION OF WORSHIP, AND THEN ONLY THAT DEDICATION IS PROPER. And suppose we offer ourselves as objects of worship to this permanent, eternal, immortal national life then do we not say that every object which is being offered as object of worship should be pure, should be pure, should be good, should be untouched by others. Do we not say so? Suppose we go to a temple to worship and take a bunch of flowers. Will we first smell the flowers? Will we put those flowers in our buttonholes? Will we make the garland and wear it ourselves and then go and worship the GOD? Certainly not! We say now that it must be PURE! UNTOUCHED! UNUSED! So the human life of every individual; THAT IS OUR LIFE MUST BE UNCONTAMINATED, MUST BE PURE, in order to be a proper object which can be offered in worship which can be dedicated. Now in this Prarthana, this explains in a nutshell the whole ideology of our organization. We have said that let every individual be endowed with certain things. Which are the certain things? As soon as we start the Prarthana we express our devotion to the motherland. Express our determination to lay down our life in service of our motherland. We say that we are the parts of Hindu Rashtra and as part of the Hindu Rashtra we are determined to dedicate ourselves for the greatness of this Rashtra. Now that we say we want to dedicate ourselves, we want certain qualifications so that we may be able to dedicate ourselves properly. Now which are they? So first we say lets be strong. I hope you remember. I am going on in proper order. In first shlokam we have worship of motherland. In second that we are the Hindu Rashtrangabhuta and later on we say give us what? We stand before almighty and say give us something? What do we say? We say first give us strength. Let every individual be endorsed with strength. PHYSICAL, MENTAL, INTELLECTUAL! All types of strength. Invincible strength! AJAIYYANCHA VISHVASYA. Every human being of our great nation must stand before world as the tower of strength.

Now I begin to feel many times when I look at many of our young men. How are they? Are they aiming at building a strong body, strong mind, and strong intellectual? Many times we dont? MANY TIMES WE DONT. I dont know why. A thought of misunderstanding is probably playing upon us. And we are not devoting sufficient attention. Why Should We Be Pretty Strong Physically? Why Should We Be Strong Mentally? Why Shouldnt Our Intellect Be Sufficiently Strong To Grasp All The Knowledge That The Universe Is Capable Of Offering Us? Why Should We Not? I say we ought to be strong in all the three ways. To the highest limits to which human being is capable. We must try for it and try to be healthy, strong, free from all ailments and therefore full of enthusiasm. Full Of Energy All The 24 Hours! Never Getting Tired. They said The Arjuna, could do without sleep. Therefore one of the names given to Arjuna is the Lord of Sleep. That he was master of sleep. He could stay awake day after day, night after night without fleeing in any way the need of it. These are our ideals. Lets be NAR PURNA NAR COMPLETE MAN. So this is our ideal. We should be master of our sleep. Master Of

Indolence. Master Of Laziness. This comes out of great energetic

strength of body, purity of body, and fine strength. Why should we not built it up? Our swami Vivekananda used to say WE DO NOT WANT THESE NIL AND WEAK PERSONS. I WANT PERSONS WITH MUSCLES OF IRON AND NERVES OF STEEL. That is what he used to say. Go eat, take your food and have some exercise. Now you will say what a sannyasin has got to do with exercise? He should sit with his eyes closed thinking about GOD and what not. But he said No No thats not the case. Without good body, Sharirm-adyam khalu dharma saaadhanam, without good body we cannot see GOD. It Is Not Meant For Weak Persons To See GOD. A good body, a strong body and a healthy body is required. You want to concentrate on GOD and suppose your head begins to ache and your stomach

begins to ache, and your hands begin to ache and You begin to quail and call and shiver in your own feet. You will see no GOD only Fever. No God. So we said no no lets be strong. Vivekananda swami, there is a story about him. Once he was travelling in the first class compartment and there were couple of British soldiers there. Now swamiji went inside with his saffron cloths; those two gentlemen began to talk in English thinking that he is a sannyasin, who dont know English. So they began talking in English between themselves vilifying the whole sannyasin order; saying that they are all parasites, they are all feeding upon the people. They are all useless, spoiling the whole religion and everything that they could conceive of there talking. Swamiji sat there without giving any expression as though he did not understand it. So on the wayside station when the train stopped, swamiji wanted a little water to drink; he saw a station master and requested him to give him a glass of water to drink. And he said this in English. These two gentlemen, army men sitting there began to look at each other and said that this man knows English. So the water was brought. After sometime the train started. These two had consulted as what was to be done. And one man said to swamiji oh you understand English. Swamiji said Yes, yes I do. Then you must have understood what we were saying to each other about you, isnt it? they said. He said Yes, I have understood. They said, Then why you did not express indignation at what we were saying? Swamiji said, My dear friends it is not the first time when I have met fools. Now when swamiji said this; the two persons were hurt and they said. Look at this fellow, he is calling us fools. And they got up in sort of anger with fighting spirit. So swamiji also got up and caught them both by their neck and said My dear friends, you can see Im more than a match for both of you and I can knock your heads like this and through you out of the compartment. So what do you want? They said, No, No we dont want that?Such was his strength. He was a powerful man. He was a good wrestler, powerfully built man. Then he said I CAN GO RIGHT UPTO GOD. These are our ideals.

WE CANT SAY LETS LEAN AND BE WEAK CARRIED BY OTHER PEOPLE TO SANGHASTAN. This is not something which we should aspire for or even tolerate. LETS BE STRONG (Right down to the very core!). Untiring will, UNTIRING WILL. So that has to be there. THIS INVINCIBLE STRENGTH WHICH IS NOT BEATEN DOWN BY ANY OTHER BEING, WHATSOEVER! This is what we want. GREAT CHARACTER AND THEN GOOD KNOWLEDGE of what is NITYA and what is ANITYA. How are we to devout ourselves? How are we to surmount all the difficulties that maybe in our path? This knowledge and then Fearlessness! That is the quality of The Hero. The hero is the fearless man and it is the Spirit Of Hero which can accomplish the goal of life whether it is accomplishment in this world or in the other world. That is whether we want opulence in this world or supreme happiness in the other world hereafter, we have to be fearless. So it has been said that the path to divinity is very difficult path. It is like waking on the razor edge and an ordinary man cannot dare do it. It requires DHIRA of a fearless person who can take all consequences with equanimity and who is so confident of himself that he will surmount all these difficulties and reach the goal. So the ultimate happiness both here and there, both requires a Hero. The spirit of heroism is required. In our that great Mahabharat , about which it is said that it is giving expression to life in all its totality. Who are the leading characters? The leading character is KRISHNA; the leading character is ARJUNA. These are two leading characters and both are heroes who are incomparable. INCOMPARABLE! Nobody could stand against them. This is the spirit of heroism. They could enjoy the world as the masters of an empire. They could also enjoy the communion with the supreme bliss i.e. supreme happiness hereafter, also on account of them being heroes. This VEERTA; this fearlessness, being free from fear ourselves and therefore not

thinking to intimidate others or frighten others or dominate others. Our Dr. also used to say, ||Na Bhay det kahu ko, Na bhay janat aap||. We dont frighten other people and nobody can frighten us. We are all fearless; we do not care what the other people are going to do about us. We know we can surmount it. So this is fearlessness and all these qualities will be considered to be put to proper use , provided we are devoted to the work in hand, to the ideal that we have placed before us, THAT IS GREAT NATION OF OURS BE THE GREATEST OF ALL IN THE TIME TO COME. So these are the qualities which every individual SWAYAMSEVAK and out of our efforts every individual of our nation is expected to possess. This is all we want to inculcate, within ourselves first and then inculcate in others. So that the whole aspect of our national life be changed. Todays human being as we see is selfish, therefore characterless, weak stooping into any sort of evil. This is what we see. Instead We Want Persons Of Strength, Persons Of Pure Morality; Persons Of Knowledge, Persons Who Are Not Afraid Of Anything In The World, Persons Who Are Wholly Devoted To The Nation, Or Determined To Dedicate Themselves. This will be a great metamorphosis; a great change to be brought about which is essential, which is necessary. And when such persons come together, allow themselves to be bound in well disciplined, well knit unit then UNCONQUERABLE

STRENGTH manifests itself. And it is this unconquerable strength

which in the form of RASHTRIYA SWYAMSEVAK SANGHA we have determined to establish for THE GREATNESS AND GLORY OF THIS ANCIENT AND IMMORTAL NATION. || Param Vaibhavam Netum Etat Swarashtram||