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List of emerging technologies

List of emerging technologies

This list of currently emerging technologies contains some of the most prominent ongoing developments, advances, and innovations in various fields of modern technology. Emerging technologies are those technical innovations which represent progressive developments within a field for competitive advantage.[1] Opinions vary on the feasibility, importance, status, and economic viability of different emerging technologies.

Emerging technology In vitro meat Status Potentially marginalized technologies Animal husbandry, livestock, poultry, fishing Potential applications Related articles

Research, non-profit organization New [2] Harvest set up to promote development

Cruelty free, inexpensive and environmentally friendlier meat to consume Crop and meat production

Vertical farming Research, Experiments

Industrial agriculture

Biotechnology and healthcare

Emerging technology Status Potentially marginalized technologies and/or industries [3] Animal husbandry, plant breeding Potential applications Related articles

Genetic engineering

Research, development, commercialization

Creating and modifying species, bio-machines, eliminating genetic disorders (gene therapy)

Genetically modified food, genetic pollution BioBrick, iGEM, synthetic genomics

Synthetic biology, synthetic genomics

Research, development, first synthetic [4] [5] bacteria created May 2010

Chemical industry, Creating infinitely scalable petroleum industry, production processes based on process manufacturing programmable species of bacteria and other life forms replicate the natural process of photosynthesis, converting sunlight, water, carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and oxygen Existing treatments for age-related diseases Ischemic damages Life extension

Artificial photosynthesis

[6] Research, experiments

Anti-aging drugs: resveratrol, SRT1720 Vitrification or cryoprotectant

Animal testing


Theory, some experiments

Organ transplantation, cryonics

[8] Hibernation or Research, development, animal trials suspended animation

Surgical anesthesia

Organ transplantation, space travel, prolonged surgery, emergency care Treatment for a wide range of diseases and injuries Stem cell, stem cell treatments

Stem cell treatments

Research, experiments, phase I human trail spinal cord injury treatment (GERON), [9] cultured cornea transplants [10] Research, experiments

Other therapies

Personalized medicine, full genome sequencing

Orphan drugs

Cancer management and preventive treatment; genetic disorders

List of emerging technologies

Various fields of medicine Brain implant, retinal implant Prosthetics, prosthetics in fiction

Body implants, prosthesis

Trials, from animal (e.g., brain implants) to human clinical (e.g., insulin pump implant), to commercial production (e.g. pacemaker, joint replacement, cochlear implant) Some laboratory trials [11]

Regenerative medicine Robotic surgery

Life extension

Surgeons untrained in robotic surgery Organ printing Other medical treaments, pension, retirement home Biological immortality immortality

Tissue engineering Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Head transplant, isolated brain Nanomedicines Biosomatic cellular engineering Theory some clinical applications Regenerative medicine

Whole-body transplant

life extension

Related articles

Braincomputer interface and neurotechnology

Emerging technology Status Potentially marginalized technologies Potential applications Related articles


Enhance attention span and alertness, and facilitate learning and memory Controlling electronic devices via brain waves Mind uploading

Electroencephalography Brain-reading, Neuroinformatics Neuroprosthetics

Visual prosthesis, brain implant, exocortex, retinal implant

Energy systems
Emerging technology Concentrated solar power includes thermal Nuclear fusion power Status Potentially marginalized technologies Fossil fuels, photovoltaics Potential applications Related articles

Growing markets in California, [12] Spain, Northern Africa

Producing electricity

DESERTEC, BrightSource Energy, Solar Millennium ITER, NIF, CrossFire, Polywell, Dense plasma focus

Theory, experiments; for 60+ [13] years

Fossil fuels, renewable energy, nuclear fission power

Producing electricity, heat

Airborne wind turbine Home fuel cell

Fossil fuels

Producing electricity

Electrical grid

Off-the-grid, producing electricity Producing electricity Producing electricity

Autonomous building, Bloom Energy Server

Nantenna Solar roadway

Fossil fuels Fossil fuels

List of emerging technologies


Fossil fuels Energy storage, more so for transport Energy storage Issues relating to biofuels



Hydrogen economy

Diffusion of hydrogen fuel cells; theory, experiments for lower [15] cost hydrogen production Experiments, prototypes [16] [17]

Other energy storage methods: chemical batteries, fossil fuels Other energy storage methods: hydrogen, chemical batteries, some uses of fossil fuels Chemical batteries

Nanowire battery

Laptops, mobile phones, long-range electric cars; storing energy for electric grid


Diffusion, continued [18] development

Regenerative braking; energy storage: generally faster charging, longer lasting, more flexible, greener Wirelessly powered equipment: WiTricity, resonant laptop, cell phones, electric cars, inductive coupling etc.

Wireless energy transfer

Prototypes, diffusion, short range [19] consumer products

Power cords, plugs, batteries

Smart grid

Computing and communications

Emerging technology Status Potentially marginalized technologies Potential applications Related articles

Artificial brain

Neurological disease's treatments, artificial intelligence diffusion Theory, experiments; limited uses [20] in specialized domains Television Human decision, analysis, etc. Entertainment, education Creating intelligent devices

Blue Brain Project

Virtual Reality Artificial intelligence

Progress in artificial intelligence, applications of artificial intelligence Mobile broadband, mobile TV, Interactive TV, [21] 3D-TV, holographic [21] cameras

4G cellular communication

First commercial LTE networks deployed in Sweden December 2009; candidate systems LTE-advanced and IEEE 802.16m (Mobile WiMAX Release 2) in development Diffusion [22] [23]


Pervasive computing

Machine translation

Human translation of Easier cross-cultural natural languages, in areas communication where misunderstanding is non-critical and language is formalized Biotic vision and perception, including humans Biometrics, controlling processes (e.g., in driverless car, automated guided vehicle), detecting events (e.g., in visual surveillance), interaction (e.g., in human-computer interaction), robot vision Computer vision, pattern recognition, digital image processing

Machine vision

Research, prototyping

Speech recognition

Mechanical input devices

List of emerging technologies

Cybermethodology Machine augmented cognition, exocortices Diffusion of primitive amplifications; working prototypes of more; theory, experiments on more substantial amplification Development, [24] commercialization Libraries, schools, training, pocket calculators

Mobile collaboration

Traditional video-conferencing systems

Extends the capabilities of video conferencing for use on hand-held mobile devices in real-time over secure networks. For use in diverse industries such as manufacturing, energy, [25] healthcare. Making the web machine-readable by annotating data on the web based on its meaning Order of magnitude faster processing of parallelizable algorithms Storing and archiving data previously erased for economic reasons Holographic Disc Ultra HD Sony and other big companies are interested in this technology

Semantic Web or answer machine

Theory, research

Search engines

General-purpose computing on graphics processing units

Diffusion of non standardized methods

CPU for a few specialized uses

[26] Fourth-generation Research, prototyping optical discs (3D optical data storage, Holographic data storage)

All other mass storage methods/devices, magnetic tape data storage, optical data storage

Optical computing

Theory, experiments; some components of integrated circuits [27] have been developed [28] Theory, experiments, [29] commercialization

Many electronics devices, integrated circuits

Smaller, faster, lower power consuming computing

Quantum computing

Electronic computing, optical computing, quantum clock

Much faster computing, for some kinds of problems, chemical modeling, new materials with programmed properties, theory of high-temperature superconductivity and superfluidity Secure communications

Quantum cryptography Radio-frequency identification


[30] Barcode

Diffusion of high cost

Smartstores - RFID based self checkout (keeping track of all incoming and outgoing products), food packaging, smart shelves, smart carts. See: potential uses

Three-dimensional integrated circuit

Conventional integrated circuit

List of emerging technologies

Display technology
Emerging technology Status Potentially marginalized technologies other display technologies, CRT, LCD Potential applications Related articles

3D displays

Theory, experiments, [31] commercialization

Television, computer interfaces, cinemas

Autostereoscopic display, stereoscopic display, volumetric display, holographic display, Light Field display, Nintendo 3DS Swept-volume display Swept-volume display OLED TV, Comparison of display technology Interferometric modulator display, comparison of display technology

Volumetric display Free-space display Organic light-emitting diode Interferometric modulator display Diffusion LCD and plasma displays Other display technologies, CRT, LCD, plasma, e-paper

3-dimensional imagery 3-dimensional imagery Displays, lighting

Development, [32] commercializing

Non-emissive displays with fast response times and potentially the most realistic colors of all display technologies Displays with very wide colour gamut prowess

Laser video displays

first commercial Laser TV in 2008, Mitsubishi LaserVue TV

LCD and plasma displays

Laser TV, Comparison of display technology Next generation of display technology

Next generation of display technology Screenless display (Virtual retinal display, Bionic contact lens) Phased-array optics Theory, experiments

LCD and plasma displays Traditional displays

Better displays

Comparison of display technology Head-mounted display, Head-up display, adaptive optics

Augmented reality, virtual reality


[33] [34]

Conventional display devices (e.g., television) Display technologies

Mass production of 3-dimensional imagery

Holography (Holographic display, Computer-generated holography)


[35] [36] [37]

Multi-primary color display Diffusion

RGB color model in Displays with larger color televisions and gamut cameras HDTV Displays with more pixels


Ultra High Definition Television



List of emerging technologies

Emerging technology


Potentially marginalized technologies Mechanical magnetic hard disk drives [39] Some current integrated circuits, many other electronics devices

Potential applications

Related articles


Working [38] prototypes Working prototype [40]

Data storage



Smaller, faster, lower power consuming storage, analogue electronics, Artificial intelligence Ultra high definition holograpic disc, Metalinsulator transition

Thermal copper pillar bump Immersive virtual reality

Working prototypes in discrete devices

Conventional thermal Electric circuit cooling; micro-fluidic systems, heat sinks, bulk actuators; small-device thermoelectric thermoelectrics power generation Consensus reality An artificial environment where the user feels just as immersed as they usually feel in consensus reality.

Theory, limited commercialization

Virtusphere, 3rd Space Vest, haptic suit, immersive technology, simulated reality, holodeck (fictional) Nokia Morph, Flexible organic light-emitting diode

Flexible electronics

Research, development, some prototypes

Flexible and folding electronic devices (such as smartphones), Flexible solar cells which are lightweight, can be rolled up for launch, and are easily deployable X-ray and MRI scans for Detecting spoiled food, chemical weapons detecting cancer and cancer

Electronic nose Electronic textile



Materials science
Emerging technology Status Potentially marginalized technologies Traditional Insulation, Glass Potential applications Related articles


Theory, experiments, diffusion, early uses

Improved insulation, insulative glass if it can be made clear, sleeves for oil pipelines, aerospace, high-heat & extreme cold applications Components with higher strength to weight ratios, transistors that operate at higher frequency, lower cost of display screens in mobile devices, storing hydrogen for fuel cell [41] powered cars, sensors to diagnose diseases No loss conductors, frictionless bearings, magnetic levitation, lossless high-capacity accumulators, electric cars


Theory, experiments, diffusion, early uses

silicon-based integrated circuit

High-temperature superconductivity

Cryogenic receiver front-end (CRFE) RF and microwave filter systems for mobile phone base stations; prototypes in dry ice; theory and experiments for higher [42] temperatures Superfluid gyroscopes already exist but work at very low temperatures

Copper wire

High-temperature superfluidity

Mechanical gyroscope

High-precision measure of gravity, navigation and maneuver devices, possible devices to emit gravitomagnetic field, frictionless mechanical devices Stronger, lighter materials, space elevator

Nanomaterials: carbon nanotubes

Theory, experiments, diffusion, early [43] [44] uses

Structural steel and aluminium

List of emerging technologies


Classical optics Microscopes, cameras, metamaterial cloaking, cloaking devices Wide range, e.g., self health monitoring, self healing, morphing... Wide range, e.g., claytronics, synthetic biology


Theory, experiments, diffusion

Multi-function [46] structures Programmable matter Quantum dots

Theory, experiments, some prototypes, few commercial Theory, experiments [47]

Composite materials mostly Coatings, catalysts LCD, LED

[48] Research, experiments, prototypes

Quantum dot laser, future use as programmable matter in display technologies (TV, projection), optical data communications (high-speed data transmission), medicine (laser scalpel)

Robotics and applied mechanics

Emerging technology Status Potentially marginalized technologies Other ways to form physical structures and machines Potential applications Related articles

Self-reconfiguring modular robot

Theory, experiments, early prototypes

As a universal physical machine, SRCMR may change the way we make many physical structures and machines Autonomous construction, space construction

Robot, swarm robotics, autonomous research robot

Swarm robotics

Theory, experiments


Distributed computing, complexity in behavior by simplicity in architecture Products and parts production, retail distribution

Swarm intelligence, autonomous robotics, nanorobotics, particle swarm optimization, multi-agent systems, behavior-based robotics

Molecular nanotechnology, nanorobotics

Theory, experiments


Machines (desktop, industrial) that can make anything given the materials, cheap planetary terraforming Heavy lifting, paralysis, muscle related diseases, warfare, construction

Powered exoskeleton

Research, development, prototypes, diffusion, [51] commercializing

Electric wheelchairs, forklifts

Emerging technology Status Potentially marginalized technologies Internal combustion engine Potential applications Related articles

Alternative fuel vehicle

Commercialization, diffusion Research, development, prototypes

Reducing air pollution

Electric vehicle, Hydrogen vehicle Google driverless car, General Motors EN-V, CityCar, MIT Car

Driverless car

Driver's licenses, rules of the road, traffic lights, traffic sign, highway patrols, vehicle insurances

Reducing traffic collision, increasing road capacity, reducing air pollution, reducing traffic congestion Avoiding traffic collision, increasing road capacity

Vehicular communication systems Tweel

Research, development

Research, development, early prototypes

Conventional tire

Safer tires

Airless tire

List of emerging technologies

Early commercialization, prototypes Automobile, road More effective transportation Terrafugia Transition, Moller M400 Skycar, Urban Aeronautics X-Hawk

Flying car

Jet pack or backpack helicopter

Early commercialization, prototypes Early commercialization, diffusion


More effective transportation

Personal rapid transit


More effective transportation

Morgantown PRT, ULTra

Maglev train, Vactrain

Early commercialization Conventional trains

Trains with higher speed

Shanghai Maglev Train, Linimo Arotrain, Duke Hospital PRT Concorde, Tupolev Tu-144 A2, Skylon NASA X-43 Aircraft flight control system, BAE Systems Demon, fluidics

Hovertrain, Ground effect train Research, development

Conventional trains

Trains with higher speed

Supersonic transport

Commercialization existed, diffusion Research, development Research, development Experiments, [52] [53] [54] prototypes [55] [56]

Convetional airliners

Airliner with higher speed

Spaceplane Scramjet Flexible wings (X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing, Adaptive Compliant Wing), fluidic flight controls

Convetional airliners Convetional jet engine Other flight control systems: ailerons, elevators, elevons, flaps, flaperons

Hypersonic transport Hypersonic aircraft Controlling aircraft, ships

Emerging technology 3D printing Status Potentially marginalized technologies Manually making prototypes, some mass production methods that lack ability for customizing Potential applications Related articles

Commercial [57] production

Rapidly prototyping and producing plastic objects and multi-material items, with potential to significantly customize products for individual consumers

RepRap Project, Contour Crafting, D-Shape

Molecular assembler Claytronics

Theory, experiment Theory, experiment Theory, experiment

3D printing, traditional manufacturing methods and tools 3D printing, traditional manufacturing methods and tools

Replicator (Star Trek)

Utility fog


List of emerging technologies

Emerging technology


Potentially marginalized technologies Guns

Potential applications

Related articles

Directed energy weapon Particle beam weapon Electrolaser Electromagnetic weapons Miniaturized satellite

Research, development, [58] some prototypes Research


Research In development

Taser Guns Coilgun, Railgun

Research, development, some prototypes

Conventional satellites

Inexpensive satellites, constellations for low data rate communications, using formations to gather data from multiple points, in-orbit inspection of larger satellites. Levicar High temperature superconductivity, cryogenics, low temperature refrigerators, superconducting magnet design and construction, fiber reinforced plastics for vehicles and structural concretes, communication and high power solid-state controls, vehicle design (aerodynamics and noise mitigation), precision manufacturing, construction [59] and fabrication of concrete structures, maglev car, maglev based spacecraft launch Military and law enforcement, space travel Plasma window

Magnetic levitation

Research, development, Wheels, tires, Commercialization (Maglev conventional Train) transportation systems

Force field Nanofiber Magnetic refrigeration

Theory, experiments



Already used for achieving cryogenic temperatures in the laboratory setting (below 10K)

Conventional refrigerators

Refrigeration without the need for compression and with more energy efficient which may be in refrigerators, air conditioners and spacecrafts

Metamaterial Camouflage Successful experiments cloaking, Cloak of cloaking small objects under [61] invisibility some conditions Domed city NASA develops a geodesic dome for a moon base Diffusion Weather-controlled city, colonization of the moon

Digital scent technology Anti-gravity Space elevator

Smell-O-Vision, iSmell

Theory, Experiments Research, development Non-rocket spacelaunch Space travel

Solar sail

In 2010, IKAROS was the world's first spacecraft designed to use solar sailing propulsion to be successfully launched

List of emerging technologies


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List of emerging technologies

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List of emerging technologies

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