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NURSING CARE PLAN CUES Subjective: Verbalizes willingness to enhance family dynamics Relationships are generally positive Objective:

Respect and love for family members is evident Observed desire for enhanced family process Diagnosis: Readiness for enhanced family processes related to developmental transition (leaving home of children for marriage) as manifested by Verbalization of willingness to enhance family dynamics and relationships are generally positive ANALYSIS A pattern of family functioning which is communication is sufficient to support the well-being of family member and can be strengthened. GOAL AND OBJECTIVES Goal: After 2 hours of nursing intervention the client will be able to express feelings appropriately and freely to her family. Objectives: After 30 mins of nursing intervention, the client and its family will be assisted to improve their interactions. NURSING INTERVENTIONS RATIONALE EVALUATION Was the client able to express feelings appropriately and freely to her family? YES___ NO___ WHY?

Establish nurse-family relationships

Promotes a warm, caring atmosphere in which family members can share thoughts, ideas, and feelings openly and nonjudgmentally. Reinforces that some degree of conflict is to be expected in family interactions that can be used to promote growth. Facilitates ongoing expression of open , honest feelings and opinions and effective problem solving.

Acknowledge realities, and possible difficulties, of individual situation.

Stress importance of continuous, open dialogue between family members.

Assist family to identify and encourage use of previously successful coping behaviors.

Promotes recognition of previous successes and confidence in own abilities to learn and improve family interactions. Conveys an acceptance of these differences among individuals and helps to look at how they can be used to strengthen the family. Allows individual family members to realize that some of what has been done already has been helpful and encourages them to learn new skills to manage family interactions in a more effective manner. Relaxation exercises, visualization, and similar skills can be useful for promoting reduction of anxiety

Acknowledge differences among family members with open dialogue about how these differences have occurred.

Identify effective parenting skills already being used and additional ways of handling difficult behaviors.

After 20 mins of nursing intervention, the client and its family will be able to promote optimum

Discuss and encourage use and participation in stress-management techniques.


and ability to manage stress that occurs in their lives. Encourage participation in learning role-reversal activities. Helps individuals to gain insight and understanding of other persons feelings and perspective. When individuals are involved in the decision making, they are more committed to carrying out a plan to enhance family members. Enhances learning to assist to assist in developing positive relationships among family members.

Involve family members in setting goals and planning for the future.

Provide educational materials and information.

Assist family members to identify situations that may create problems and lead to stress/anxiety.

Thinking ahead can help individuals anticipate helpful actions to handle/prevent conflict and untoward consequences.

Refer to classes/support groups, as appropriate.

Family effectiveness, self-help, psychology and religious affiliations can provide role models and new info to enhance family interactions.

Subjective: Objective

Diagnosis: Readiness for enhanced family coping related to

Effective managing of adaptive tasks by family member involved with the clients health challenge, who now exhibits desire and readiness for enhanced health and growth.

Goal: After 2 hours of nursing intervention, the client will be able to report feelings of self-confidence and satisfaction with progress being made. Objectives: After 30 mins of nursing intervention, the client and its family will be assisted to develop or strengthen potential for growth.

Provide time to talk with family

To discuss their view of situations

Establish relationship with family Demonstrate techniques such as active listening Discuss importance of open communication

To foster trust

To facilitate effective communication.

To encourage verbalization of feelings

After 30 mins of nursing intervention, the client and its family will be able to promote wellness.

Provide experiences for the family

To help them learn ways of assisting or supporting one another.

Identify other group with similar condition

To provide ongoing support for sharing common experiences and their way of solving problems To promote individual well being

Encourage family member to pursue personal interest of hobbies. Assist family members to learn new, effective ways of dealing with feelings with the condition

To strengthen coping abilities.